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trek-tracks · 9 hours ago
The Enterprise bridge crew has a social media account that’s very popular ship-wide, which simply posts whether it’s a Bones Day or No Bones Day. The designation is determined by whether Bones visits them at least once during Alpha shift, even if (especially it) he has absolutely no reason to be there.
Everyone, particularly Jim and Spock, who aren't getting their daily support/debate, is very sad when it's a No Bones Day. Few important decisions are made.
McCoy himself never uses the ship’s social media system, and has therefore never caught on. Jim once accidentally said, “Heads up, it’s a Bones Day, people!” very loudly when McCoy showed up, but nothing came of it except that his coffee rations on his meal card were mysteriously cut in half for a couple of weeks.
The actual reason No Bones Days tend to be worse is that if Bones is stuck in Medbay or too grumpy to visit the Bridge, something very bad is generally happening. But don’t tell the crew that.
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kirkodiletears · 2 days ago
The thing for me, that saves the role of AOS Spock is Zachary Quinto's acting. He seems to be putting too much queer subtext in the role to consider this just done by accident. His interaction with Chris Pine-Kirk is filled with so many feelings and emotions: they are unmistakably there. And the nature of his feelings change and evolve: in every movie it's different.
In the first one it's a very powerful initial mutual pull, but is still raw: it's like a supernova explosion, when they meet: it has a huge potential, but also can kill (what nearly happens).
In the second - Spock is basically falling in love with Kirk. I am sorry, but I cannot see it any other way: with all the mixture of jealousy, caring, turning into his "shadow" and sticking to Kirk "like glue" practically all the time, being all touchy-feely around him, eyeing him nearly CONSTANTLY, worrying about him, and the emotional outbursts that Kirk and his loss evokes in Spock, that he cannot possibly control - that's what falling in love looks like, people! "Love is..." and you can describe Spock's behavior in STID: it will fit perfectly.
And in Beyond Quinto's acting is very subtle: it's all about nuances. Their mutual screen time is very limited, so it's all in his mimics and intonations, which are handles masterfully. But the light of love is there, but it looks like he is hiding it, probably even from himself. and nevertheless his face "lights up", when he talks about jim. And when he looks at him, there's so much pining and pain in his gaze - it's palpable. And this is precisely why I don't like Beyond: they are both too depressed in it: from the start till the end.
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Bones: Hey Spock, you got a second? Spock: I sincerely doubt it. Bones: It's about Jim. Spock: Then yes, I have ENTIRE MINUTES!
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quasi-normalcy · 2 days ago
In retrospect, I think that they should have just made the AOS movies a completely alternate timeline, rather than trying to explain how it spun off from the main Star Trek universe.
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shyravenns · a day ago
T’pring is the soon to be queen of New Vulcan. Her people have been scattered and displaced, and it’s only thanks to the gods that the princess and her ill mother survived the fall of Vulcan. Her mother is sick, and the remaining nobility on Vulcan are either to old or to young to be an eligible partner. At her mother’s request (an order, actually) T’pring is set to be engaged to the newly elected ruler of Terra. A woman whose intelligence is feared, and who many have sought after for her hand in marriage. 
Spock is the personal body for Princess T’pring. He’s quick, silent, and dangerous. But he’s also her only friend. He’s the shadow she never sees, and as her personal guard it is his duty to lay down his life for her if necessary. Spock has already lost everything, so what’s his life compared to the death of his mother and his planet? 
Uhura is the newly elected ruler of Terra after a long and tiring four year campaign. She’s surrounded by her enemies, and feels increasingly isolated as the stress of her job beings to mount. It’s a position she’s never wanted, but she refuses to back down from it. She (or her advisors) have arranged for her to marry the displaced future queen of New Vulcan. She leaves in a few weeks, and only hopes her bodyguard won’t embarrass her. 
Kirk is an Section 31 member (or so he says) who does everything in his power to make sure Uhura doesn’t get killed. Or hurt. Both. No one really knows much about his backstory other than the fact that his father used to be a captain of Terra’s most treasured starship before he died. He’s more like a little brother than a bodyguard, but in a sea full of enemies Kirk is the only person she trusts. 
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trekcore · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
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spocktheestallion · 4 months ago
tbh though if i were mccoy i’d be pretty fucking fed up with spock too. imagine you’re a doctor, you dedicate your life to learning how care for hundreds of different life forms and species across the galaxy, and then your wife divorces you, which leads you to enlisting as a doctor for starfleet. this is WAY outside of your comfort zone, you hate adventure and you’d rather be sittin on a porch in the sun with some sweet tea in hand and your daughter on your knee, but you ain’t got nowhere else to go, and who are you if you aren’t a doctor? you’ve dedicated your whole life and so much more to healing. so you enlist, you get assigned to a starship. not your dream job, but if there’s one thing leonard mccoy knows how to do it’s treat patients. and then THIS MEDICAL MARVEL MOTHERFUCKER comes in with his fucked up gene spliced half human half vulcan biology and the rarest most obscure blood type even among vulcans with ZERO precedent for his existence or medical baseline and also happens to be THE WORST PATIENT IN HISTORY. REFUSES to sit still and follow instructions. always making smart ass comments about your silly human emotionalism. you’ll get insane fucking readings and be like “spock i think you’re dying” and the bastard will answer with a straight face “yes. that’s just pon farr.” “can you tell me how to treat it?” “no.” and then just walks out of the fucking sickbay. you’re constantly busting your ass trying to figure out how to keep this human-alien catboy mix’n’match medical nightmare from hell alive and healthy and all you get in return is backhanded compliments from an emotionally stunted fruit. and you can’t even complain about it to your best friend because he’s too busy doodling this obstinate motherfucker’s name all over his notebook while eye-fucking him on the middle of the bridge. hell i’d be an alcoholic too.
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kirkodiletears · a day ago
This is one of the best love scenes in cinema. I mean it. No, not friendship - love. Spock says: "Because you are my friend". In Vulcan language there's one possibility for "friend": t'hy'la, and it incorporates a combination of meanings: "friend", "soul-brother", "lover". According to Roddenberry, the kind of bond, that those two shared, is considered the most treasured of all: "...theirs had been the touching of two minds which the old poets of Spock's home planet had proclaimed as superior even to the wild physical love which affected Vulcans every seventh year during pon farr. (TMP novelizations, ch.17). Poets(!) were writing bloody poems(!) about their kind of bond! As about the most treasured form of bond that exists! Seriously, it doesn't get more romantic, than this! Simply not possible. POETS, people!!! Also we can see, that Spock fails "not to feel" when around Jim: he simply feels and cannot help it. This is the unmistakable indication of "being in love": when you cannot "choose" to feel or not to feel: you are not in control of your feelings and emotions. You just feel and can't do anything about it. And their hand kiss through the glass... Emotional overload for the viewer.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Jim: I love sleepovers.
Bones: This isn't a sleepover, you're in sickbay.
Jim: Then what is this sweet party drink?
Bones: That's a blood transfusion. I'm giving it to you so you don't die.
Jim: Truth or dare?
Bones: Dare.
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haveashran · a year ago
Reverse Vulcan learning pit
Tumblr media
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beloved-harrykim · a month ago
the use of “man” instead of “no one” in the quote “to boldly go where no man has gone before” is not sexism and is actually the Star Trek writers’ way of telling us that women are more advanced than men and have in fact already explored strange new worlds and sought out new life and new civilisations. In this essay I will-
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