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Star and Janna’s Twitter bios

Star Butterfly

Star | 15 | Bisexual and Nonbinary | Steven Universe fan | Rebel Princess | I love my girlfriend @JannaOrdonia | /-| | Bubbline shipper | Game Grumps fan | “It’s cool to be different and just be who you are and shock people in a good way.” -Brendon Urie | My Chemical Romance please come back

Janna Ordonia

Janna | 15 | Author Of My Own Weirdness | Lesbian and Nonbinary | Love my girlfriend @RebelPrincess | I hate Jake Paul and Team 10 and So does my girlfriend | MCR will come back

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More Split Diamonds talk

  • Again, when Star is sent to Earth Festivia visits physically every so often, at least once a week. She hasn’t been hovering and half of this is just her going out to gossip with the Diazes.
  • She chats with the principal about setting up a both ways exchange program but isn’t able to follow through because Hekapoo won’t let her and she’s unaware of how to set up a permanent portal.
  • When we get around to Season 4, Festivia pre and post amnesia is actually being pulled in the direction of becoming queen again by both Eclipsa and the Commission; Eclipsa because she already abdicated, she really wants to just focus on her family and Festivia at least had an idea of what she was doing, and the Commission mostly because they thought either they could convince her while her memory was gone to return things back to how they were and even afterwards thinks she should see that this is bad.
  • While she’s selling pies on Pie Island technically she’s keeping home base at Septarsis but a Mewman Queen even one without memories isn’t the safest over there
  • Most of the Mewmans don’t realize she has amnesia and keep deferring to her as Queen or seeking her help because Festivia is more than happy to use magic to make their lives easier because she doesn’t realize they didn’t need all the extra help.
  • Again, she’s a very happy babysitter for Meteora and relieves Marco of that duty since she keeps making his life miserable.
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Meeting Janna headcanons

  • probably at Emilio’s Pizza
  • you’re waiting for your pizza
  • she’s waiting for her pizza
  • Pretty much a match made in heaven!
  • She notices a STRANGE ÆONS notification pop up on your phone, and realized that if she wanted to be your friend she was gonna have to make a move.
  • Of course she couldn’t talk to you about STRANGE ÆONS because then you’d know that she was looking at your phone.
  • “Okay Janna, just think. What else do you two have in common that you can use as a conversation starter?”
  • t h e p i z z a
  • Janna: “Hey”
  • You on the outside: “Oh, hey.”
  • You on the inside: “Oh no she’s cute.”
  • Janna who clearly didn’t think this through: “So I uhm noticed, that you are also here, waiting, for a pizza.”
  • flabbergasted
  • shook
  • thrown of your rhythm
  • A cute girl who looks like she has a great personality wants to talk to you?
  • lots of obvious flirting
  • “Pizza for (L/N)?”
  • you: “Oh that’s me.”
  • you pay Emilio and take the pizza
  • You: So uhm, it was really nice talking to you.
  • Janna: Yeah so uhm. Here’smynumberifyouwannagimmeacallthenmaybegimmeacallokaybye-
  • straight up leaves without her pizza
  • She’s sitting in her room eating chinese takeout that evening, when she gets a text from an unknown number.
  • “Hey this is (Y/N) from the pizza place, you wanna maybe meet up some time? :)”
  • mission accomplished
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Heroes always get remembered / But you know legends never die

So this totally isn’t the BIG collab i teased ;) i speedran painting this in procreate and i’m not sure it was a good idea, but in the end it was worth it, whiskey’s art is so pleasing to color. it’s almost like therapy :)

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