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Review of Jango Fett:

This was a great comic that shows the father-son relationship between Jango and Boba. You see him teaching Boba how to think and respond in situations. He gives him his foundation of what justice is and how you treat those who stab you in the back. There’s still a father-son relationship there despite his also being Boba’s mentor. Jango’s ruthlessness is apparent in Boba’s treatment of the bounty hunters. He lets the final one go but only because it serves his purpose. It establishes his reputation. The kid is ten here and building a reputation. One that we know will surpass his father. The betrayal angle was expected. These are bounty hunters, after all. They tend to stab one another in the back. Vilest scum in the galaxy here.

Jango’s thoughts on the clones are also not unexpected. They’re a means to an end. His way of obtaining the son he cannot have otherwise (a perfect clone of himself). He’s not going to waste sentimentality on clones bred for war. For cannon fire, essentially. He’s been paid a handsome fee for his genetic material and that’s all. In that way he’s no different from the Kaminoans. The clones are merely scientific creations to them. They don’t see them as living, breathing and emotionally functional humans. That coldness is reflected in the sterility of Kamino, the lack of infliction in the voice of Taun We, the very design of the species. They are scientists, nothing more. Jango is also a bounty hunter, nothing more.

Highly recommend this for the look into who Jango is and what his relationship is with Boba. The art is stunning and reflects the world and the characters being illustrated, perfectly, submerging the reader into this seedy underworld. 5/5

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“Lost a planet Master Obi-Wan has. How embarassing. How em.barassing.”

*younglins giggles*

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my favourite part about the ahsoka vs. vader fight in rebels is that this is the only time we see ahsoka choosing to fight with the intent to kill

other time’s we’ve seen her kill others out of necessity, as a last resort when she is primarily fighting to subdue/disarm

I think this is the only time we ever see ahsoka fighting to actually kill her opponent and tbh that makes it so much more heartbreaking

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A non-exhaustive lists of Good Tropes in fics about Luke and his Garbage Cyborg Dad:

  • Luke allows himself to be captured by Vader in order for his friends to escape.
  • Luke gets captured by someone else who, possibly not knowing who he is, treats him badly. Vader shows up in full rage mode to Save His Boy.
  • Luke gets captured by someone else who, knowing exactly who he is, tries to hold him for ransom. Vader shows up in full rage mode to Save His Boy.
  • Vader already has quarters on the Executor ready and waiting for Luke, obviously right next to his own. Bonus points if he also has an all black wardrobe ready and waiting.
  • Vader trains Luke and is really Proud of his accomplishments. Luke is bothered by how much this means to him actually.
  • The crew of the Executor are really confused about why this notorious rebel is suddenly wandering around their ship, in theory he’s a prisoner but he’s sure not being treated like one, but Lord Vader says it’s okay so.
  • Luke’s Force presence is Warm and Bright. Vader’s Force presence is Dark and Scary but also Luke starts to find it weirdly comforting.
  • Luke and Vader talking to each other with the Force.
  • Luke eventually being able to sense Vader’s emotions with the Force and realizing he’s a complete wreck.
  • Luke gets hurt and Vader is worried about him.
  • Vader gets hurt and Luke is worried about him.
  • Luke finding out about the extent of his father’s physical trauma and being like :(
  • Luke finding out about the extent of his father’s psychological trauma and being like :(
  • Luke asking Vader about his mother.
  • Vader telling Luke about his mother.
  • Luke sees Vader without his mask and/or sees an old holo of Anakin and realizes their eyes are the same color.
  • Vader says something very blunt to the effect that Luke is the most important person in the entire galaxy.
  • They’re stuck somewhere cold and Vader gives Luke his cape to keep warm/use as a blanket.
  • Vader accidentally reveals that he also grew up on Tatooine. Bonus points if podracing comes up.
  • Luke getting to fly alongside his father and having a blast.
  • Luke and Vader fixing droids or fighters or something together.
  • Luke and Vader finding out about the Leia plot twist together.
  • Piett is not paid enough to deal with any of this.
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Tried to get some Star Wars-inspired civilian coords together. I was hoping the hair color and styling could simulate Lekku, but..ehhh. OTL

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Thinking back to the time when I asked if literally any of the Jedi weren’t secretly having an affair in the clone wars, and immediately someone asked if I’d “reached the Mace Windu/Jar Jar arc yet” and kind of destroyed a little bit of my soul

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☀️- Was there symbolism/motifs you worked in?

Oh definitely! There’s a lot regarding Obi-Wan and nature, more specifically storms. And of course, there’s the overarching theme of loss and how we cope with it.

🎵- Did you have a playlist/piece of music that went with this story?

Yes, I do! The “theme song,” per se, that I associate with Dead-ception is “In the Embers” by Sleeping at Last. That being said, I also have an entire playlist of songs that I felt fit the mood of the story/songs I wrote Dead-ception while listening to. You can find that HERE!

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Sabine: *the aunt that whistles super loud in the middle of the event* “GO JACEN!! WOOOO!!!!!”

Zeb: *the uncle that gets way to into it* “COME ON!! YOU CALL THAT AN OUT?! ARE YOU BLIND?! HE HIT IT!!” *climbs over the bleachers and talks with the coach*

Hera: *the mom who takes way too many pictures* “Okay just try to stand still-”

Ezra: *the uncle who accidentally goes to the wrong event* “Uh…”

Kallus: *The uncle that gossips with the other parents* “Yeah Kassy’s mom, she’s having ANOTHER kid! Can you believe it, and guess what? It’s a DIFFERENT GUY! I KNOW!

Kanan: *The dad that truly does care but honestly never knows what’s going on* “WOO!”

Hera: “Dear why are you cheering? Jacen’s team just lost”

Kanan: “Oh…”

Chopper: *the uncle that sabotages the other team(s)/competitor(s)/opponent(s)* “Oh poor Timmy tripped and broke his leg…what a shame…”

Kanan: “What did you do?!”

Chopper: “NOTHING!” *rolls away as fast as he can*

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god whenever i see that scene from chapter 1 where din first lays eyes on grogu i’m just like…that’s your son, din!!! that’s the one, the one that’s going to change your entire outlook on life and let you be the soft, warm soul you always were deep on the inside!!! that’s the one you will eventually want to uproot the whole galaxy for!!! that’s the one whose happiness and safety you will fight for until the very end!!! but then i look at grogu and i’m also like…that’s your dad, grogu!!! that’s the dad that’s going to let you be a child for the first time since order 66!!! that’s the dad who’s going to make you feel safe enough to use your powers again!!! that’s the dad who’s going to cry for you when you say goodbye!!! that’s the dad who will take his helmet off for you just so he can get a chance at saving you!!! you guys are gonna take care of each other!!!

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The Great Spelling Fiasco of the Galaxy

Cobb: *aiming blaster* Isn’t this supposed to get right in his eye and he’s like, “Oh shiiiit! I fucked uuuup!”

Din: Like EYE fucked up, like e-y-e?

Cobb: E-y-e? That’s “ewe”

Din: … Are you fucking serious?

Cobb: Yeah.

Din: E-w-e is “ewe”, Vanth.

Cobb: E-Y-E is- Oh, my bad! Yeah, I was thinkin’ of that.


Cobb: I- WHATEVER, man! I just- I misheard you and I misthought it.

Din: You did NOT mishear me. YOU REPEATED WHAT I SAID!

Cobb: NOOO!! I don- I just-

Din: And then you spelled it wrong!



Cobb: I KNOW! I- I’m embarrassed!

Din: *laughing* You wanna try spelling “the”?

Din: What’s this word? “Tuh-heee?” “Tuh-heeeeeee?”

Cobb: I- I- I’m sorry, I just- I got- I got all flustered and I was-


Cobb: Fightin’ the Krayt Dragon and-

Din: * laughing* I will NEVER let you live this down!

Cobb: NoOoO! Dammit!


Cobb: Din

Din: *laughing*

Cobb: You’re ‘a asshole.’

Din: Can you spell “Din”?

Cobb: I-

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Again, the art is spectacular in how it reflects the characters. Dook is gritty and shadowed, reflecting his role as a sith. Also, Jango is dark in his armor to reflect his status as a bounty hunter but notice the difference on Kamino? He’s brighter, lighter, drawn in a softer way to reflect the man under the armor. He has a specific morality and view of life. The clones are not something he finds pride in. They are just a means of how he acquires the son he desires to carry on his legacy. The clones are expendable to him. Cattle essentially. Bred for slaughter. It’s a cold attitude to have but he’s a man who deals in harsh realities and truth.

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Please. Im looking for my brother

character intro: N A T A L E N E  C H O R

| she/her | 17 | jedi in hiding | oc |

➞ appearance: 4’8, east asian, tan, shoulder length dark hair, muscular build, looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you

➞ backstory: daughter of ai-an chor, a jedi knight with a secret family, and alnolla chor-nadari of coruscant. she was one of three children, but only she and her infant brother, kaniko, survived order 66. forced to fend for her and her brother at the age of 12, natalene fled to tatooine where they have lived in the shadows ever since. 

➞ personality: natalene is hard-headed, nearly impossible to reason with. having lost everyone else, she is willing to go to the ends of the earth for kaniko (or, as she calls him, niki). she holds love about all else and is willing to sacrifice being a jedi if it means safety for her and her family.

➞ wip tag | ao3 profile

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lots of people call us crazy, naive, stupid, et cetera, for really loving the enemies-to-lovers trope. 

Maybe. But I like to think that it means we believe anyone is capable of redemption - and that we are capable of seeing good in the world. 

Sometimes, where no one else can.

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