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When one of your brothers is getting yelled at for planning practical jokes and you get stuck in the middle (poor Droidbait 😅 )

I just devoured @meridiansdominoes Dominoes fic and I had to do a quick sketch - that scene in chapter 37 (!) where a whole new batch of shinies has just arrived and Echo knows what’s going through Fives’ head. Trying to focus on brotherly shenanigans instead of IMPENDING DOOM–

Basically, if you ever see Fives with spray paint and hot sauce - RUN.

(didn’t re-check the chapter till after I’d drawn, so i didn’t get placement right and I know like zilch about clone armor but here we go anyway ha ha)

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hey there!

listen imma be honest. i think rise of skywalker was hot trash. it’s skillfully crafted hot trash, and there are a lot of moments i really liked, but as a narrative it’s a massive failure in satisfying storytelling.

my thoughts: force awakens was a lovely shade of golden yellow and skilled painter rian johnson added some vibrant red to make a striking if understandably divisive orange. problem is, JJ abrams always envisioned that whoever took up the mantle would add some kind of blue to his yellow to make a nice ol green and he clearly never shook that mentality, and so we were left with a completely incoherent and muddy gross brown colour of a trilogy.

as far as rey, she’s still the mcfreakin love of my life and light of my world. i will NEVER forget how empowering it felt to listen to john williams’ score for the first time winter 2015 before i ever even saw TFA and feel from her theme that she was the hero of this new story, and then to get to see it on screen for real. that said, her overall arc was sloppily handled at best, but i very much still love daisy’s portrayal of her and what the character represents at her core.

all around though i think every single character is a tragic example of missed opportunities and squandered potential. do i still love em and identify with them? you bet your ass i do.

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i heard j.j. abrams donated 10 million dollars to support the black lives matter movement and that’s all well and good but he still directed the rise of skywalker

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The funniest thing about that kiss in The Rise of Skywalker, was the leak before the movie released. Because Reylos were passing around gifs/screenshots/videos someone clearly recorded in a theatre. Celebrating a confirmation.

And the leak didn’t include that he died immediately after.

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Mitaka: So when did you know Opan was the one?

Hux: Oh, I know the exact moment. It was when we were under resistance fire and he took the opportunity to shoot Kaplan in the back.


Hux: I hated that guy. And then when he dove for cover next to me he said we wouldn’t have been in that mess if Starkiller’s weapons systems weren’t on hold for approval. I’d never been more attracted to a man in my life.

Mitaka: What the hell.

Opan: Not to brag, but I’m a really romantic guy.

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we are living Order 66

Trump is Palpatine:

Palpatine is an old white man who declares himself the senate and then the emperor. Trump is an old white man who declared himself the president of law and order

The Police are the Clones:

The Police/Clones were supposed to be protectors. The people who fought for freedom and safety, but then Palpatine/Trump issued the order for them to attack

We are the Jedi:

The Jedi were supposed to be keepers of the peace but there were some who craved violence over everything else. We are trying to protest peacefully, but there are some who are becoming violent and giving us a bad name.

Because the Jedi had become warriors, they were feared. Misinformation was spread about them and the people began to fear them. That’s why Palpatine had so much support when he overthrew the Republic. Likewise, because there are some who are protesting violently, the media spotlights that, giving protesters a bad name. That’s why there are so many people against us.

But do you know what we’ve learnt from Star Wars? No matter what happens, the Jedi rise in the end.

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Originally posted by thequeenofindie

Requested by Anon from Smut List: C12 “discovering a partner writes smutty fanfiction and reads it together/to each other”

WARNING: SMUT 18+, Oral Sex (Male receiving)

Author’s note: Sooooooo I guess this is me writing about what he would do to me or what I’d do to him ;) 

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star wars ep 3 making me sad so i drew icon of the fluffy space wizard to feel better. feel free to use or edit onto other backgrounds if you want to :)

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