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onoha-arts · 23 hours ago
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Maul with Kiroranke's Outfit
Already watch 3 seasons of Golden Kamuy anime, the story is good and love the spice of humor. Anyway, my favourite character is Kiroranke, I like his appearance wearing Ainu traditional clothing and wears an unique spiral earring.
Btw, I try to make a collab imagining Maul wears Kiroranke's outfits and it fits him so much :''3
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incorrectskywalker · 2 days ago
Anakin, as a Master teaching a class of younglings: Alright you little shits-
Anakin: -not you Leia, you're an angel and I'm glad you're here :)
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axinite15 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Inspo for a fic I'm writing
Left - Yelena
Right - Kate
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chadism-101 · 2 days ago
HERE is the fix-it fic where Fives meets the Bro Squad and everything is ok. Chapter one is up. More on the way. Go wild.
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tomicaleto · 2 days ago
" don’t scare me like that. i thought i lost you." whoever says that has has won me as a fan, it's destiny.
Hi anon!
Hero x Villain prompts
I came up with another raised as sith Anakin AU during the clone wars lol
Here, Obi-Wan was hurt during the whole Mandalore arc and Vader managed to save him, taking him to a secret place to heal :)
Hope you enjoy!
“Don’t scare me like that. I thought I lost you.”
Obi-Wan woke up in an unknown place filled with light. The bed, while not uncomfortable, was unfamiliar and it put him on edge. The weather around him was hot, and he realised he was sweating. 
The last memory he had was of him fleeing Mandalore, not even managing to contact the Council after his failed attempt to rescue Satine. And finally, just when he was about to jump to hyperspace, a lucky shot got to his engine and he quickly lost control, crashing on one of Mandalore’s moons. 
Which, if he recalled correctly, was freezing cold and not this almost oppressive heat that surrounded him. 
The sounds of steps approaching made him turn his head to find a woman with simple clothing approaching him with some food. And behind her, something that made him try to sit up. 
Darth Vader was faster, though, reaching him and pushing him back to the bed, and that’s when Obi-Wan noticed all the bandages he had been put into. The woman left the food on a nearby surface and hurried away from the room without a word, but didn’t seem scared of Vader at all. 
“You should eat, it’s been weeks since your crash.” Vader said then, almost sounding like he had been worried. 
“Weeks’” That was not good, the Council probably thought him dead and Obi-Wan couldn’t even start figuring out how to escape Vader. “That’s no good.” 
“No, it isn’t.” Vader agreed with him. He brought the food closer with the Force and scowled. “What were you even thinking, going after Maul like that?” 
Obi-Wan shrugged at him. “I was thinking of saving an old friend who had asked for my help.” 
Vader rolled his eyes. “Well, it was stupid. Maul is obsessed with you.” 
“I’m aware.” He simply replied. It should have been obvious to him that Vader would know about Maul, all Sith seemed to know one another, but there was something in the way he talked about Maul that hinted that he perhaps knew more than he was saying. 
Nothing new was said as Obi-Wan ate, the food spicy in its simplicity. He finished and told Vader to thank the cook before closing his eyes to rest. It was clear Vader didn’t seem inclined to fight or harm him at the moment. 
Seconds went by as he sunk deeper into meditation, but Vader must have thought he had fallen asleep, because he rose from his seat and Obi-Wan heard him reach the door. 
He stopped then, and Obi-Wan guessed he had turned back to stare at him. “Don’t scare me like that. I thought I lost you.” He whispered, before swiftly leaving the room. 
Obi-Wan opened his eyes and stared at the place he knew Vader had been standing on. Confusion and surprise battled inside him at the words. What had just happened?
Thank you for sending this!
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willowcrowned · 8 months ago
time travel fics where it’s Luke and/or Leia who goes back to the prequels as opposed to prequels characters going back to the prequels are incredibly funny because instead of emotional tension you could cut with a knife and horrible grief overlaying every action it’s just one (or two) ridiculously powerful people running around with absolutely no idea what’s going besides (a) that the chancellor everybody loves is pure evil and plotting the downfall of the republic and (b) that their dad (with whom they have a VERY complex relationship) is, at best, old enough to be barely out of space college. who needs complex and carefully rendered plans based on a million different remembered factors when you can have one of the space twins seeing Palpatine and trying to kill him with their illegal laser sword on sight
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pappadu · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
twins role reversal has to be my favourite sw au
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eggdrawsthings · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Grogu gave it another attempt, and this time, it was as successful as it was going to be. “Luboo,” he said. As Din’s mind pieced the jumbled toddler word together, he came skidding to a jarring stop on a blade that could pierce beskar. If he didn’t know the kid so well, he might not have ever figured it out. That phrase was something he left behind in his parents’ nonexistent graves, smothered in ash and dirt and tears to remain forgotten. Its tender echo did not belong to him, as he had scraped anything good from his heart when he was a mere child so that he could don Mandalorian armor and survive. It was something he heard sparsely in passing between naive mudscuffers who had only each other to cling to, stupidly getting attached to someone they were bound to lose to the galaxy’s treachery. If his hazy memory was accurate, it was the last thing his mother had cried before she was blown to pieces by a battle droid.
Tumblr media
Soft, green ears twitched up when Din let slip an authentic smile that reached the warm brown in his eyes. Grogu had wanted to see it, even if his Force signature was bursting at the seams with enduring pain. Overwhelmed and inconsolable, Din brought him in closer, tucking him against his shoulder with a hand cradling the back of his head. “I love you too,” he choked, his eyelids clamped shut. To the edge of the galaxy and beyond, pure and unending. More than you could fathom. The foreign words abraded his tongue raw, yet they were so right that he repeated himself. “I love you, Grogu.”
Doodles of a scene from Mando’ad Draar Digu by theunacknowledged (x)
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notsomeloncholy · a month ago
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Padmé Jo’oballe Naberrie Amidala, Amulu Bairé, our sister, daughter, and queen of tigers.
Quick sketch comic based on the fic linked above because I love, and I mean this full chest, LOVE the idea of Vader being tormented by Padme's ghost. Excellent stuff.
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laelish · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
The local frog population is about to have terrible associations with the sound of bells. But at least they’ll have warning.
My favorite part of this comic is Luke in the background going “Why is that child ringing?”
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nevertheless-moving · a year ago
inspired by the ‘your afternoon was already ruined’ post
Death Star Stormtroopers: “Freeze!”
Han: (panicking, trying to come up with a lie): Woah there don’t shoot, uh, you can’t shoot us because—because this guy is Darth Vader’s son! You don’t want to be responsible for shooting Darth Vader’s own flesh and bone do you?”
Luke: *glares incredulously*
Stormtroopers: “That is the dumbest thing—”
Leia: (done at this point, absolutely done with this rescue, better than Han at lying) “Exactly! Why would we tell you something so phenomenally insane if it weren’t true! Why do you think Darth Vader is so obsessed with finding Rebels, huh? Call him he’ll tell you!”
Luke: (also done, much better than Han at lying): “Or you could just shoot us; I’m sure my father, Darth Vader, inventor of the lightsaber, would be thrilled to meet the men who killed his son and his son’s friends.” *waves lightsaber arrogantly*
Stormtrooper 1: “Maybe we should call this in. I mean—he’s got a lightsaber, so that’s—that’s Vader stuff anyway.”
Stormtrooper 2: “are you kidding me right now?”
Leia: *shoots them while they’re distracted*
Han: “...We’re friends?”
Tarkin: “The rebels said what? You incompetent fool, how could you buy such an absurd stalling—”
Vader: “My...son...”
Tarkin: Oh fuck THIS.
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anabimelo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Look at this commission I made for @strwbrrytiramisu and @0-scorch-the-earth-0 
I absolutely loved making this, thank you so much! I really liked how it turned out <3 
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buggeeold · 3 months ago
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ourple saber ezra,,, hi,,
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oonaluna-art · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
A Patreon-sketch commission by an individual who has requested to remain anonymous.
I think that real tragedy of Star Wars was that Leia was so limited in her opportunities to harass her dad.
In a perfect world, Anakin's kids would have taught him a lesson in humility about how annoying it probably was for Obiwan to raise him.
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silmaspens · 6 months ago
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Yooo I got a lightsaber at comic con, so now all I can think about is KidnapFam StarWars AU
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blue-sunshine-mauve-morning · 2 months ago
AU: Anakin turns on Palpatine when he reveals himself as a Sith so Palpatine tells him that Anakin will be the cause of his wife's death. Anakin, because he's in a terrible state, feels this is true and so after he kills the Chancellor he runs away to Tatooine because he's convinced he should suffer.
He becomes Beru Whitesun's problem, when she finds him crying at his mothers grave one morning.
Meanwhile - by the time Obi-Wan comes back from Utapau the Chancellor is dead, Padme is in labor and Anakin is in the wind.
Both the Jedi and the Senate still have to finish and clean up the war( since the Separatist leadership is still alive) deal with the Clones rights and roles post-war, and basically try and put the huge mess of the Republic back together.
Plus Obi-Wan has to help Padme with her suspiciously powerful Force-Sensative twins while the Senator refuses to stop trying to work while in a state of Force Exhaustion from giving birth to said babies as a non-Force-Sensitive (because why not?)
Beru Whitesun, meanwhile, has a highly skilled and very miserable Jedi Knight on her hands, and she decides that she may as well put him to Work.
Anakin had a dream once, that he came back and freed all the slaves.
And he tends to solve a lot of his problems with his lightsaber. So. Anakin goes on a very swift and violent rampage and the slaves overthrow Tatooine and make a treaty with the Tuskens over their ancestral lands and in a way this is how Anakin makes reparations for the slaughter of that Tusken village. Now, Anakin is not suited to lead a government, so his job after - when he's not moping on Owen and Beru's farm, is fending off attempts by the Hutts to retaliate or reclaim Tatooine.
Anakin learns things about the sheer span of his power, fighting alone, not all of them good. He learns things about himself too, kneeling at his mothers grave. It becomes a sort of meditation, sitting there in the sands, confessing everything to Shmi Skywalker's ghost.
Obi-Wan, deputy Head of the Order, semi-co-parent to Luke and Leia Nabberrie, eventually tracks reports of conflicts near Hutt Space to his Padawan and finds Anakin on Tatooine, alive if not entirely well.
It takes months of trips back and forth to Tatooine to convince Anakin to at least come to the Temple.
Anakin refuses to meet Padme, still terrified and convinced that he will be the cause of her death.
He has no choice about meeting the Twins, who heard Obi-Wan found their father and snuck across Coruscant to see him.
Luke is very shy, actually meeting him. Leia beats him with a couch pillow for making her mother sad.
Anakin just cries, which makes Leia very awkward and Luke tries to console him.
Anakin feels too far from what a jedi should be to stay, but Obi-Wan convinces him to at least call Padme - which Anakin does, once he's half the galaxy away again.
They have to get to know each other again, and this is different than the first time, harder and slower and so much more real than their frantic, desperate feelings at the start of the war.
Ahsoka eventually returns to the Order and rises to Knighthood. She spends most of her career thereafter specializing in rescue operations and finds a little bit of passion for teaching classes at the temple.
By the time the Twins are ten, Leia's favorite Jedi is Master Windu, who knows very little peace because of this. Luke is definitely his mothers son, and while he finds a great deal of peace in the temple when they visit Uncle Obi-Wan, and he's good at meditation, he spends most of his time in Senator Amidala's office, and shadowing her in diplomacy.
They work a lot with Senator Fox (who knows over half the Senates dirty secrets, not that anyone dare accuse him of blackmail) on Clone Rights and Resettlement, and Luke's unofficial occupation is to be very cute and innocent and hold Senator Fox's hand when it seems like there might be a murder to prevent.
It's a devastatingly effective tactic.
Tatooine is a free, established world, and there isn't much trouble there now - especially not with Trooper Town just beyond Mos Espa, ready and willing to defend their little bit of peace.
Tatooine needs a Representative, and Beru makes Anakin do it. He's still not entirely sure how, by the time he's landing on Coruscant and there is Padme, welcoming "Ambassador Skywalker" and there is a little of that fear, still, but he also feels so, so foolish for ever running away from her.
Anyhow, Leia becomes a Jedi (apprenticed to Master Windu) and spends a good deal of her adolescence and early adulthood trying to beat the snot out of her father with her lightsaber. By the time she's good enough to actually win, the desire has largely gone away.
Luke succeeds his mother as Senator Amidala of Naboo, with special permission from the current queen to borrow his mothers royal title.
Anakin and Padme re-wed, this time with all their friends in attendance, this time knowing really what love is, and what it takes to make something of it.
Anakin eventually follows his wife into Retirement, though in truth neither of them really settle. They're barely middle aged and there has always been a bit of fire burning in both of them.
It's not ever trule easy, life after war, but it is good.
Obi-Wan visits their home in the Lake Country at least once a year. He trains a new padawan every decade and there isn't a single one of them that Anakin didn't save from a spot of trouble at least once, in spite of insisting he didn't like any of them for one reason or another. There also isn't a single one of them that doesn't inform him that Obi-Wan always talks about him, and there isn't a single one of them Anakin doesn't provide with "secret" advice on how to handle being Obi-Wan's padawan.
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willowcrowned · 6 months ago
AU where Vader joins Luke at the end of ESB but all of Vader’s underlings are too scared to tell Palpatine that he deserted so they have to pretend Vader is still on their ship and hunting down rebels like Palpatine told him too for as long as they possibly can
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suncity6 · a month ago
Tumblr media
@scuttlebuttin Jedi AU Maul. Your Jedi AU Maul is so awesome!!! Your Jedi costume reminds me of 'Hanbok', a traditional Korean costume. (If it's not the author's intention, and I'm mistaken, I'm sorry.) Anyways, it's so cool!!! Sometimes I want to draw a Jedi Maul in this awesome costume. It's such an attractive character set. I just couldn't get past it! I dedicate fan art to you.
I'm not good at English, so I used Google Translate.
scuttlebuttin님의 제다이 AU 몰 입니다. 당신의 제다이 몰은 정말 멋집니다!! 당신이 그린 제다이 의상을 보면 한국의 전통의상 '한복'을 떠오르게 합니다. 그래서 이 제다이 몰 설정이 너무 매력적이고 끌려요!! (만약 작가의 의도가 아니고 제 착각이라면 죄송합니다.) 가끔 이 멋진 캐릭터 설정을 가진 제다이 몰을 그려보고 싶어요. 그정도로 매력적이라고 생각합니다. 그래서 scuttlebuttin님에게 팬아트를 선물합니다.. 제 마음이에요=//= 멋진 설정 고맙습니다! 덕분에 재미있게 그렸어요!!
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eggdrawsthings · a month ago
Tumblr media
Heavy imprints of tactical boots and faint, waddling tracks of three toes followed them up the shoreline, the evidence of the pair soon washed away by the foamy sea. On to the next adventure, with sacred serenity, with rare and precious good left on the shores of Sesid.
Found by theunacknowledged (x)
The background is a study of a painting done by this artist: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aBWxX
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notsomeloncholy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vader but what if babies
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