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#star wars legends
Han Solo, to his children: You guys are not making my life easy right now.
Jacen Solo: Do we ever?
Han Solo: Good point.
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wanderinginksplot · 4 hours ago
Alpha-17 Comics
I've gotten a few comments about people being reluctant to read Gar Cabur because they aren't familiar with Alpha-17 as a character. That's understandable, but I have three pieces of advice:
1. Learn about Alpha. He's an interesting and complex character who fills a very specific role in the Clone Wars. Yes, he was the original Rex before George Lucas got fiddly about the alliteration, but they are two different characters. Alpha is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, and I wish more people knew about him!
2. If you don't want to do #1, try looking at just a few of the comics featuring Alpha. Specifically, Star Wars Republic #50-55, #60, and #62. You can find most of the pages online if you want to see what you're getting into.
3. If you don't want to do #1 or #2, everything you need to know about Alpha-17's personality can basically be summarized by this comic page:
Tumblr media
Like I said, Alpha is great!
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hellyeahpancakes · a month ago
@penguinkiwi and @nibeul's sw height headcanons are killing me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
referencing this (link to the original post)
Tumblr media
(ik that the referenced togruta is, most likely, shaak ti, and not ahsoka, but. i gave her a foot extra too. for fun. and to assemble the family)
take a second to appreciate this kit. jeez louise. does anyone else really love this body type. not that it's my business but
Tumblr media
plus the height chart i went with lol. my drawings are probably not exactly to scale but it's really hard doing that while also posing them interestingly aaa
Tumblr media
Etags @vanilla-chip-101 @sleepdeprivedstuff and penguinkiwi who is already tagged <33
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yukipri · a month ago
Tumblr media
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. To share, please reblog! Reblogs and comments greatly appreciated!!!
❀ You can see the rest of my art through the Masterpost pinned to the top of my blog!
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phoenixyfriend · a month ago
Question: Who wants a stupid AU idea?
Answer: Presumably you, since you're on my blog and that's about the only thing I write.
This AU contains references to sexual activity and not-quite-cannibalism, as well as attempted child murder (Obi-Wan's canon early padawanship)
So you know all those "Stewjoni are valued as sex slaves because they're dual sex and possibly mild empaths" AUs?
I want "Stewjoni are carnivorous species who are very attractive human-seeming individuals, but specifically as a hunting mechanism to draw in and trick prey, like mimic spiders."
(Someone on discord said 'like succubi?' and no. Nope. Succubi fuck to death. They gain energy from the act of sex. Stewjoni just fucking eat people.)
(Well, not anymore. It's impolite.)
(They have animal alternatives now.)
Obi-Wan is a very, very attractive man and all those things about his genitalia and sexual proficiency are true! But try to enslave a Stewjoni at your own peril, they're more disarming then a Zeltron and, unlike the Zeltron, their first instinct will be to eat you.
Does he eat people? Well, not usually! There are some close calls on Bandomeer and Melida/Daan, but he's not old enough to really be at full sexy yet, and "cute enough that nobody will hurt me because I'm baby" doesn't work on Xanatos (because darksider) or the Melida/Daan adults (because they're already killing so many kids).
He comes very, very close on Rattatak.
I want to say he rips someone's throat out with his teeth while undercover as Hardeen and Dooku is just very ?????????? about it. He thought this was undercover Kenobi but now he's not so sure because Kenobi would never be so uncivilized, right?
(It does put a different spin on him threatening to eat that shark dude.)
Anakin: You don't know what it's like to struggle with the Dark, Obi-Wan! Obi-Wan: Every time I have sex my hindbrain is whispering to me that I should eat my partner. It's not the same thing, but I can relate on it a bit.
Obi-Wan: My natural prey is humans. Anakin: ...what. [some time later] Ahsoka: I'm a carnivore! Obi-Wan: Ah, you're in good company. Ahsoka: ...? Anakin: He eats people. Obi-Wan: I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT.
Obi-Wan: I am naturally inclined to eat people but I have never in my life done so on account of having been taught the innate value of life, and particularly that of a sapient beings, since toddlerhood. Anakin: I remember you ripping a man's face open with your teeth and eating the flesh you tore off as a power play when I was fifteen. Obi-Wan: I WAS IN HANDCUFFS AND HE WAS TRYING TO KILL YOU.
(Anakin 100% did not know that Obi-Wan wasn't human when Obi-Wan bit the dude's face off.)
Gelpenss: Obi-Wan very much wants to eat humanoids and unfortunately they ping his brain BEFORE the alternatives. He has NO innate dissuasion at the thought of eating human.
Atagotiak: Like, Anakin had realized Obi-Wan is more carnivorous than the baseline human, but... this is new. Anakin: Why didn't you tell me before? Obi-Wan: You were tiny! And Anxious! I didn't want you to think I might eat you!
I have no idea if Obi-Wan managed to distract Maul with the sexy. I assume he tried but did not succeed, just because that would be too much power, but it would be very funny if he did. Probably failed, though, and Qui-Gon's still dead. 😔
Qui-Gon insisted on Obi-Wan doing lots of meditation on the innate value of life throughout the entire padawancy.
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I'm extremely into REVENGE... May not work for YOU but it has ALWAYS worked for me... It's like a Christmas present.
Darth Bane
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ollovae3 · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Jedi!Glitch!! I love this lil guy!! His story is amazing and I'd really love to see his story continued!! Even if he's just a lil force-user emulating the Jedi after the rise of the Empire, that'd be EPIC.
SO. Here's a bit more of a happy AU of him, getting to explore worlds as a Jedi, with pieces of his armor to honor the memory of his vode and where he came from.
Also a pretty bird. 🐦
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oonaluna-art · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have several reasons why I prefer interpretations in which Revan is a woman. This, however, happens to be reason No. 1. 
[My Ko-Fi] [Patreon] [RedBubble]
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juani-de-molina · 11 months ago
Okay but what if someone tells Din that, until his death, Jango had the clones be taught about Mandalorian culture by himself and other Mandos? Because everyone before Domino Squad was taught the songs and the stories and the tactics, and even then you know older clones passed down some of that to the younger ones.
Knowing Din, he'd most likely just go, "So, they're Mandalorian too"
Just imagine how Bo Katan would react seeing Din Djarin–the man who in her eyes is nothing but a cultist zealot, but who in the eyes of their culture is Mand'alor, a warrior king, the man who defeated Moff Gideon (man responsible of the Night of a Thousand Tears) on hand-to-hand combat protecting a foundling, the man who reclaimed the single most valuable relic in Mandalorian history, the man whose every waking moment he works towards the wellbeing of other Mandalorians (because Yodito, as a foundling, is also a Mandalorian)–just imagine how she'd react when The Mandalorian just goes and says that the clones, whom she despises, are true Mandalorians, specially now that Din already recognised the Fetts as true, real, bona-fide Mandalorians
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iisabelinski · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
He grimaced. “You’re not going to make this easy for me, are you?” he growled. 
“Oh, come now,” she said, mock accusingly. “When have I ever made anything easy for you?” 
“Not very often,” he conceded. Visibly bracing himself, he reached over and took her hands again. “Mara...will you marry me?” 
Birthday commission of this iconic scene ❤
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phoenixyfriend · 2 months ago
Bant and Obi-Wan being stepsiblings in modern AUs is an underexplored dynamic
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nadlyj · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Mo’ Blubes. This time the brilliant blube and a bebe blube.
Che'ri made friendship bracelets
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lostgirlsgrave · 3 months ago
Leia’s Ruby Lightsaber From legends My BELOVED
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This has been a Leia’s Ruby Lightsaber from Legends Appreciation Post. 
You May Now Resume Normal Blogging. 
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