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“People are standing up.”
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I need to ask before I'm alone, what it feels to rest on your patient lips
Crosshair in 1.15 Return to Kamino
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Wrecker: Whaddya call a fish with no eye?
Tech, not looking up: Myxine Circifrons
Wrecker: …fsh
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A thing I just noticed 👀🫠
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WHY DO I PUT SO MUCH EFFORT INTO THIS TF- I hope the fandom appreciates my dedication HA- But yeah hope you enjoy my monstrosity- GOODNIGHT 😀👍🏼
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Epic Tech girlboss moment LMAO
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@exceptionally-minded ✨ this one is for you
My love for Tech is like dividing by zero cos it can’t be defined
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My brain needed a break from work-related art things so it wandered back over to Star Wars, as it is lately wont to do.
I just love these two.
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does this fandom accept poorly made memes?
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“You weren’t loyal to me...I was one of you. You may have forgotten, but I haven’t.” 
Gazing down at a holopad with the image of his squad all huddled together, it all comes flooding back to him. Not that he ever really forgot. They were...’Happier’ times...Right? If he truly cared as little as he claimed, why does it hurt so much?
You’ve seen Rex cry. Now it’s time to see this grumpy twig cry. (I’m actually very emotional towards him and making this deeply hurt my soul.) Newest painting that I’ve had so much fun making. I love TBB, and so I had to dedicate something to the most complicated and love-hate character in the series. 
I am suffering and now you must as well. 
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Every time Tech pulls one of his spin maneuvers
Tumblr media
This is what I imagine is going on inside
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There’s a severe lack of Rex with beard and hair
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Tech: ...and there is no large nutritional value in this food source, meaning that it is an overall infeasible investment that I will not allow our credits to be wasted on. Further more...
*Hunter walks into see Tech pacing infront of Wrecker and Omega*
*Leans over to Crosshair who is in the doorway*
Hunter: What is happening??
Crosshair: Wrecker and Omega asked for fruit loops on our next shopping trip.
*Wrecker slams head on the table*
Crosshair *smirking*: He's been going for 10 minutes now
Echo left about 2 minutes into the lecture to buy food
He will definetly be buying fruit loops
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Got the Message
Tech x F! Reader
Summary: You want to get Tech’s attention and in doing so, you may just be in for a lesson or two.
Relationship: Tech x F! Reader
Tags: FILTHY SMUT, 18+, oral (f receiving), fingering, slight degradation, praise, PiV sex, Master/Apprentice role, overstimulation, Recording, masturbation, whole lotta teasing, creampie, aftercare.
Word Count: 9.4k 😮
Notes: Ahh this was so much fun to write! I honestly went back and forth on this for a while before I finally figured out what to do. This monstrosity is all based around this smug screenshot of Tech.
Tumblr media
:3 thank you to @scarlettroseog and @skyyguy for the help and proofreading. You are the best!! <3 and thank you to @djarrex for the awesome dividers! Go to their page to find some amazing ones.
Tagging my lovely tech simps: @oneshot-one-kill @in-the-crosshairs @neon-junkie @tech-aficionado @skyyguy @zoeykallus @eyecandyeoz @robustmyaft @nahoney22 @pankeki-25 @chocolatecustarddanish @space-b33 @thedomesticatednerd @captainmrsbridger
Tumblr media
You were sitting alone in the barracks typing away on your Datapad like you had a file to report in less than a minute. The sound of your finger pads aggressively hitting the keys were overshadowed by the frustrated sighs you would huff every ten clicks before erasing what you just wrote.
Anyone who walked in would think you were annoyed at the fact of having to write such detailed logs of your missions.
However, your typing woes were for a… different reason.
“I want to suck your cock until you pass out? Gah..too simple.” You erase the message and type again.
“Hey Tech, want to enter my cockpit? UGH, this is so frustrating!” You want to throw your Datapad halfway across the room at this point.
You don’t know how long you’ve been typing away, but you can tell it’s been a while with how cramped up your hand is getting. You set the pad down to massage your hand and think about what you were going to send to Tech.
Honestly, the whole idea of sending a dirty message wasn’t even yours in the first place…
It was Crosshairs.
Crosshair knew about your big crush on Tech ever since teaming up with the Batch. Not that it mattered anyway. Tech was always too preoccupied with his own Datapad and work to even bother looking you in the eye half the time.
You didn’t even know if he noticed when you would scoot closer to him while in the cafeteria. Making sure to brush your elbow against his when cutting your meal. Or how you would always volunteer to help him with maintenance on the ship, or a device. Even when you had no knowledge of what you were doing.
Crosshair, on the other hand, was the ever-observant fellow who could immediately tell how much you ogled his goggle wearing brother. He was the only one who felt like this unrequited love story was as annoying to him as it was to you.
Watching and poking fun at you every time you would leave Tech’s side, slumped from being shooed away, or snicker when a well-timed pun of yours is met with “My apologies, but I do not see how that is relevant to the issue at hand.”
“Rejected again I see.” Crosshair mocked, his frame always leaning in the corner like a snarky vagrant. His tongue flips the toothpick to the corner of his mouth.
“Shut up! I know I can get to him. I just got to find out what will make him actually look up at me for once!” You quietly snort, trying to keep your voice low so Tech couldn’t hear your unyielding efforts.
“If you really want to get his attention,” Crosshair leaned down a bit to your eye level. “You really only need one thing.”
You glare at him but with a hint of curiosity in your mind. Hoping that this wouldn’t be a joke or just a way for Crosshair to get the upper hand on you.
“Okay, I’m listening.” You dryly respond. He pulls the toothpick out of his mouth before responding.
“You just have to send him a dirty message. If his face is glued to his Datapad all the time, then use that to your advantage.” You look back at Tech who was doing exactly what you figured.
Staring at his Datapad completely oblivious to the world around him.
“Tsk tsk, poor Tech, so engaged in his own little world, he fails to see that someone else wants to join him.” He winks at you before walking away, leaving you speechless.
Could a dirty message really work with him?
Better yet, would you even have the courage to do so?
You lean over the table; hands clasped in front of your face and try to think of just how you were going to do this. Should you add a picture too for a more enticing draw, or just stick with a flirty message you hope he will understand?
“Still grumbling over your little man problem, sweet-cheeks?” You jump out of your skin when you feel Crosshair’s breath on the back of your neck.
“Holy shit Crosshair! How long have you been behind me?” You stammer, watching him grin wickedly at your startled response.
“Long enough to know that Tech isn’t getting any younger as you sit here fumbling around.”
“Well, I would have this ready to go if I had any idea what to say!” You fume at him. Moreso at yourself, but you couldn’t let Crosshair have the final sneer at you.
"It doesn't matter what you say, your message will get across to him." Crosshair gives you a wink, a deeper meaning behind his words, but you couldn't care less at the moment.
"Ugggh, fin-ne." You huff, "I'll make something up, but how do you know he will understand what I want from him?"
"Oh don't you worry your pretty little head about that kitten." Crosshair whispers, lightly patting your head like he would a young cadet. "He'll...get the message."
With that Crosshair leaves the barracks and you alone to stir in your thoughts.
You keep searching for ideas in your brain, noting that maybe a more scientific approach could get through to Tech’s complex mind. In that moment you use your own quick wit to search your Datapad for any kind of scientific material you could absorb within a short period of time.
You find a particularly interesting article about Simple Mechanics and other components that are used in transportation vehicles. Not only was this a useful tool to learn for helping Tech out with the ship, but now you had a pretty good idea on what you were going to send him.
However, you knew that just sending a sexual pun in text wasn’t going to be enough. Crosshair made that clear as day that Tech is not exactly the most up-to date with innuendos on their own.
So, the matter at hand was now sending a Holovid of yourself as well.
But what were you going to do?
You look around the barracks to find anything remotely to what your message was centered around and find a peculiar tool that Tech frequently had in his gadget belt. You examine the size and shape of the tool and scratch your chin inquisitively.
“Hmmm, this could work well, not exactly how big I picture it, but it’ll have to do.”
You set up your Datapad so it’s standing against a small footlocker on the table. You made sure to lock the door to the barracks before stripping out of most of your clothing and into only a lacy pair of panties.
Crosshair did mention ditching the bra for possible pictures because in his words “Tech has a thing for titties, but any revealed skin will work for his nerdy appeal.”
You roll your eyes at the crass language Crosshair used, but you agree that revealing more taboo skin would get his blood running down South.
You grab the tool in your hands and wrap your fingers around the long end, being mindful of where to place it against your body. In this case you choose to do a small vid of you stoking the tool in hand, being sure to bring it up to your mouth to slowly dart your tongue out and lick to top of the tools point. Staring intently at the recording light on your Datapad.
You felt entirely stupid in this moment because it’s not something you ever would have thought to do, but you keep your composure and give your best sexual expressions for the recorder to pick up.
Slowly you bring the tool down to rub against your breasts, and lower until the end of it reaches your clothed Womanhood. Letting it press lightly into the fabric, making you squirm a bit from the cool metal, almost touching your hot skin.
You can’t help but let a small moan escape your vocal cords as the tool is still rubbing against your folds. You feel your panties become slightly damp at the thought of it being Tech’s cock brushing against you. The thick and reddened tip of his cock begging to break through your clothed barrier and into your silky folds.
You huff out his name like a strangled prayer, your head turned down to see that it was in fact, just the tool and not his beautiful body being pressed against yours before looking up again.
You see the red light is flashing which means the video time is almost expired, and you finish your recording. Walking up to your Datapad you watch the holovid and adjust a few things in the lighting and framing of your body before feeling content in your vid.
You add the final touch and make the actual text message pop underneath the vid with the caption as followed:
~“Hey Tech, why don’t you come and piston your rod inside me?”
You feel proud that you used Tech’s area of expertise to your advantage. However, you had a slight worry that your lack of knowledge would make him go into full Information Mode™️ and just completely gloss over that you wanted him to fuck your brains out.
“Actually, a piston would not act in such a way because…yadda yadda.”
You raise your finger like Tech does when he gets in the zone, which you always admired watching. Pretending to be the brains of the batch, you laugh at yourself for even attempting to sound intelligent.
You hear a familiar chime on your Datapad and see that it’s around the time that your boys head to the cafeteria for lunch, so you quickly put your clothes back on, tuck away your Datapad into your shirt and hurry off towards the mess hall.
You can tell it’s a bit slow day for the GAR, judging by how many clones were all in the mess hall at one time. However, among the sea of similar faces and white armor, you spot your boys at their usual back table all huddled together in their pack. Once you grab your food, you stride your way to their table.
“Hey y/n! About time you showed up!” Wrecker bellows from across the room.
His voice cuts through the various chatter easily. Echo clutches his ears and gives Wrecker a grimace for his bombastic voice.
“Yeah, you almost missed out after Wrecker went through the line.” Echo sarcastically jabs, already halfway through his meal. You giggle at the little playful quips amongst the boys, observing how Tech is completely absorbed in his Datapad to even care.
“What took you so long to get here kitten?” You feel more than hear Crosshair purr next to you as he passes you to sit next to Tech. You always hated that nickname, but you were more surprised that none of the others seemed to notice that he did it.
“I was busy catching up on logging our missions, something you don’t seem to ever help me out with.” You snip back at him, walking around the table to sit directly across from Tech.
“My mistake, I’m sure whatever else you were doing was…important.” Crosshair winks at you like he wanted everyone to know what he knew. You only gave him a sarcastic thumbs-up before eating your meal.
You can’t help but feel sick looking at your food though. Not sure if it’s because it’s the normal ration diet or the buildup of nerves as you realize what you’re about to do.
You look up at Tech who is now at least conversing with the others, talking about the Regs again and their programmed behavior or something like that. To be honest you can only focus on Tech's face. Watching his expressions change with every word like he was a master thespian, his body moving along with his theories and explanations in fluid dance.
He looks at you quickly which makes you sit up at full attention, the hair on your back standing on end. A puzzled look lines his face until he hears Wrecker blurt out his love for explosives and returns to the conversation.
You take a second to look at Crosshair who is unbothered by Wrecker’s usual outbursts and cocks an eyebrow at you as if to say, “what are you waiting for you di’kut?”
You feel a lump in your throat when you grab your Datapad from your hip. Shaking a bit, you almost chicken out, having self-doubt that Tech would even appreciate that you went this far.
“What if he thinks I’m hideous and gets turned off and never talks to me? I’d have to leave; jettison myself from the GAR and off into the far reaches of space!”
Finally, you swallow the lump in your throat and hit “SEND” waiting in fearful breath to see what Tech would do.
You try as hard as you can to lower your heart rate, noticing that Hunter is giving you a questioning glance. You know he can tell you’re nervous, but he doesn’t bother walking into that minefield.
You hold your breath when you see Tech straighten up and look down to reach for his Datapad attached to his hip. Crosshair is eyeing you with a mischievous glint in his eyes., every now and then glancing at Tech to see if he was indeed reading your message.
You suddenly hear a cough come from Tech, and not just a standard “I’m feeling unwell cough”.
No, this was one to re-adjust the other possible sounds that were to come out of his throat.
You pretend to eat your food in peace, as Crosshair suggested, and stare at your current meal before taking a quick peek at your possible next meal.
Tech’s face is bright red, and you swear you can see a wisp of smoke coming from his ears. His eyes, though framed behind his goggles, were as big as saucers. You finally made this man crack, or for now you did.
Looking up at you for real this time, Tech suddenly catches eyes with you and you almost choke on your soup. You swallow hard and try to look blank but are failing spectacularly at it.
Your face is just as bright red as Tech’s and a thin line of sweat is lining your forehead.
Crosshair is watching this little staring contest go on with a stone face like he had no part in this.
That Cheeky weasel.
After an uncomfortable amount of silence has gone by, you see a shift in Tech’s gaze. His partly open mouth now closes into a small smirk. His eyes become half-lidded, and you swear they darken as his pupils dilate. You feel a new rush of blood from your face to your core, as you gulp hard at his intense shift.
You watch Tech slowly get up from the table and walk around until he is standing right behind you. You feel an extremely dark presence when he puts his hand on your shoulder and gently squeezes it. Leaning down to your ear he shifts his tone to sound as refined as he always does.
“I believe we have a scheduled maintenance tutorial for the ship’s diagnostics, if you would join me y/n.” Tech pats your shoulder a few times before walking off.
You watch as his gait is slightly faster than normal and finally get it through your head that he wants you to follow him.
“Well, boys…it looks like I am needed for some specialty repairs. If you need us, we’ll be in the cockpit.” You casually explain, not very convincing to Crosshair however, who is doing amazingly well stifling back his laughter.
“Yeah, you go and take care of your much needed business sweet-cheeks. I’m sure it’s extremely important handiwork.” He mocks, giving you a quick wink before going back to his much-needed meal.
Hunter and Echo give each other a curious look before shrugging and not bothering to ask questions. Wrecker can’t be bothered with food in front of him.
You sigh and turn to quickly follow Tech, who has now disappeared past the corridors to the hangar.
You walk through the bay doors and find your team's ship, still in its loading station. However, the door is now propped open like someone was inside.
You climb up the ramp to the Marauder and notice how dark it was in the hull. And very quiet,
almost too quiet.
You walk into the cockpit expecting Tech to be there but find that also empty.
You were completely puzzled since he mentioned the ship, so where would he-
“You believe that sending me a message like that wasn’t going to rile me up, Mesh’la?”
You yelp at such a high pitch you think only Hunter could hear it, turning around to see Tech, in nothing but his blacks, and his Datapad in hand. The look on his face is that of a hungry beast, finally in the presence of their most prized meal.
How did he even get out of his armor that fast?
Your breath hitches when you look down to see how hard he was inside his undersuit. A small darker patch forming right where the head of his cock would be poking out.
Stars he was bigger than you thought, hiding his endowed member behind that confining codpiece.
“Do you see something you like Mesh’la?” Tech growls, stepping closer to you with a meticulous stride. His slender, yet tall frame towering over you.
You gulp loudly and try to talk, but no words can come out. Your eyes are glued to his and you can see how far his pupils have blown out.
“I believe your message had some inaccuracies that I need to properly teach you. How does that sound, my dear? Do you need me to show you how it’s done?”
The promises he’s making are causing a pool of your arousal to soak through your panties and leggings. Your blood is running hot making your whole body flushed.
So, he did understand your message after all. Now you had his full attention.
Even without Hunter’s heightened senses, Tech can tell how aroused you are, and he takes advantage by pulling you into him and kissing your lips hard. Your slightly chapped lips colliding into his luscious ones.
Maker, why were his lips always so plump looking to you?
“It appears that first, I must go over the fundamentals of lubrication with you, Mesh’la” The dark tone of his voice makes you shiver. Knowing that he was going to turn this into an interesting lesson.
You almost fall backwards at his bold approach, letting him hold you in place with his hand on the small of your back as he assaults your lips with his own. His tongue prodding your mouth open to dance along with yours.
With Tech being this dominant and confident, you can’t help but moan into his mouth, feeling his grip tighten when you do.
“I must know before we continue y/n,” Tech huffs. “Do you truly want this?”
You look at him questioningly before he asks you again with a more commanding tone.
“Do you want this cyare? I require a thorough answer from you."
Your face is flushed over, feeling dizzy from this change of tone, but you let out a soft "yes."
"That's a good girl." Tech leans in and capturers your lips once again. His hands now trailing down to your hips, kneading the soft flesh underneath your shirt. His tongue licks a stripe around your lips before you open your mouth to intertwine your tongues.
Tech wraps his fingers around your shirt and slowly lifts it up while your lips are still connected, only breaking when he pulls the shirt off your head. Your breasts are fully exposed to the cool air.
“Not wearing a bra, I see, did Crosshair tell you to do that too?” Tech smirks at you, taking a long peek at your nipples, hardening with the temperature change.
“Wait, how did you know Crossh-Mffph!” Tech cuts you off with another fervent open kiss. His low moans escaping his mouth and echoing through your ears.
The kiss becomes more heated when your tongues once again find each other to dance passionately. His arms now trailing up to your breasts and fondling them, lightly pinching your nipples between his fingers.
“Mmm-ahhh Tech more..I need more.” You moan against his mouth, feeling his rough hands expertly play with your soft mounds. Rolling your nipples with his fingers.
“It would seem so judging on the needy sounds you are emitting.” Tech coos, moving his hands to lift up your breasts from the underside, and letting them bounce a little as he lets go.
“Perhaps another lecture in physics would be beneficial for you later. Wouldn’t you agree?” You can’t help the sound that you garble up when he leans his head down to take one of your pert nipples into his mouth. His tongue swirling around it.
“Y-Yes, anything you want to teach me Tech, I’m yours.” You sigh, too engrossed in his suckling of your breast to try and stop him from his educational approach. Smiling, he lets your breast go, a string of saliva connecting the two before gently pushing you down into the pilot’s seat.
Tech wastes no time in getting your leggings off, pulling the fabric off your ankles and throwing it halfway across the ship. Now focused on the small thin fabric that separated him from your bare soaking cunt. He takes his gloves off to wrap his dexterous fingers around the band and without much force, rips the panties off, revealing your shimmering folds.
Tech grabs hold of your inner thighs and gently pries them apart, allowing your folds to open like a blossoming flower. He licks his lips, able to faintly smell and taste your arousal, making his cock twitch against the fabric.
“Ah-hah, it would appear that you have already done some research on proper lubrication cyar’ika.” Tech proudly coos, “Are you ready for your first lesson darling?” Tech asks, his fingers close to your aching cunt.
“Yes, yes please Tech, just teach me for Maker’s sake!” You squirm in the pilot's seat, wanting to grind against his dexterous digits.
“Patience, needy girl, let’s begin with the basics then. I’m sure your little brain can handle that, yes?” Tech, doesn’t give you a chance to answer when he takes two digits and lightly slides them up and down your folds, making your breath hitch.
“What I am doing here, Mesh'la, is a form of controlling friction. With your arousal lubricating my hand, I can prevent friction or grinding from my movements.”
He gives an example by dipping one of his digits partially into your hole, letting it become more coated in your juices before returning to his teasing motion. Avoiding contact with your clit to make you wiggle in place.
“Isn’t - ah - isn’t friction something I would want though?” You question, trying to buck your hips forward to get some stimulation on your throbbing pearl. Tech notices your little jump and pulls his fingers back, making you whine loudly at the loss of his expert ministrations.
“In practical mechanics no, you want to avoid friction to prevent any overheating in the joints.” You feel hot yourself from his explanation, but you know he’s holding off from giving you the full answer.
“For you, however, the friction I believe you are referring to is what you need for sexual gratification. Which I am currently not going to give to you.”
The audacity of his tone as he teases you with his words makes you roll your eyes in annoyance. Tech’s fingers are so close to your needy folds that you try to buck your hips towards them.
“You may earn it back if you answer my question correctly.” At this point, you are so desperate to feel him inside you that you barely try to fight him. Biting your lip you nod your head furiously, hoping he would see how much your body was heating up from his words alone.
“Alright my little apprentice, here’s your first question.” Tech coos, both his hands are now massaging your hips, sliding to and from the valley of your thighs and avoiding your dripping core.
“What made you decide to send that little message hmm?”
“Wait..what?” You were not expecting that as a question.
Was he doing this to mess with you?
Or did he really not know?
“Mesh’la…do I need to repeat myself?” Tech sounds slightly stern when he questions your confusion, in retaliation he lowers his head down to your thigh and bites on the soft flesh.
You yelp in surprise, not expecting such a blunt punishment from him, but you don’t mind the slight sting from it. Especially since he is currently soothing the same bite mark with a soft kiss to it.
“I asked what made you send me such a filthy little message earlier.” Tech repeats another kiss to your thigh with his words, waiting patiently for your answer.
“I, I wanted…I wanted your attention Tech. You’re always so ingrained in your work - Ah, I just.. wanted you to notice me.”
You want to hide in embarrassment from your confession, covering your face with your hands to keep him from seeing the timid way you bit your lip.
Tech marks another kiss on your thigh before he speaks hotly against your skin.
“Is that why you’ve been cuddling up to me while I work, Mesh’la? Saying such provocative things?”
He trails the line of kisses closer and closer to your abandoned cunt, his fingers following suit. Taking his sweet time in teasing you.
“Hhhnnn-yes Tech, I’ve been thinking about you for a long time.” You huff out your words as he edges closer to your leaking center, nipping at the skin just beyond the reach of your folds.
“I-I liked you since the day I met you!” Your little outburst caught Tech by surprise, lifting his head up to see your embarrassed expression, he smirks and pats your thigh lovingly.
“See, was that so hard to do cyar’ika? Since you answered the first question to my liking, I will continue with my seminar as such.” Tech makes it his point to reward you by carefully inserting two fingers into your lonely hole.
The sensation of his long digits effortlessly slipping through all the way makes you moan out in relief. Your hips follow in kind with his motions, feeling the digits slide inside your clenching walls, stretching you ever so slightly for his next lesson.
“Alright now, this is technically considered a reciprocating motion, however I am also applying a bit of rotational force as well to the inner nerve endings of your clitoris.” He demonstrates by taking his two fingers and curling them upwards to your g-spot, and back towards his palm. The added sensation makes your toes curl.
Tech uses his other hand to undo his own undersuit, pulling down the lower band to reveal his hard cock in hand. The mere sight of it has you groaning, his cock was average in length, but the thickness is what made your body tense a bit, nervous on how he was going to fit that inside you.
He wasn’t kidding about proper lubrication.
The head of his cock is swollen and silky with pre-cum seeping from the tip. He quickly switches his hands, pulling out his soaked fingers from your cunt so that your lubricant was now being used to aid in his painful erection. His other hand effortlessly slid back into your opening.
“Ah- so now, you’re using lubrication to prevent unwanted grinding on yourself…is that right T-Tech?” You can see his eyes glazed over and his eyebrows knitted in concentration from his simultaneous attention to you and himself. His pumping action on his veiny cock matches the pace of his fingers thrusting inside you.
“Yes, excellent response Mesh’la.” Tech praises between huffed breaths “Although my experience with this is for the benefit of our mutual copulation rather than just teasing you.” He grunts after a particularly strong stroke of his cock making him buck up against your thigh.
So, he was just doing this partially to get back at you. Still, in Tech like fashion, he uses it to teach you real life mechanics as he has learned.
“You are...hahhhh - such an adorable nerd.” You giggle, smiling through half-lidded eyes looking right into his own.
“Why thank you my clever girl, however, I believe that you are the one who is quite adorable at this moment. Considerably, when I do this.” Tech reciprocates your compliment by lowering his mouth to gently suck on your clit, making you suddenly buck your hips and cry out. His fingers still knuckle deep inside you.
His lips make a perfect “o” shape around the swollen pearl, and while adding suction he uses his tongue to lap broad strokes, the double stimulation forces a high-pitched moan to escape your lungs.
“Ah-K-Kriff Tech! Hhaa-mm!” You are barely able to form words with his assault on your pussy. His methodical tracing of your lips and your clit getting faster with the rhythm of his fingers.
Your taste on his tongue drives his brain wild, his hips rutting against the chair while his hand still frantically pumps himself. The lewd sounds he’s making slurping your arousal are overshadowed by the deep guttural moans he’s emitting. The vibration reverberates through your whole body and causes you to tremor in place.
“Ah y/n, could it be that my voice allows some kind of stimulation for you too?” Tech moves his mouth from your pussy, ghosting his hot breath against you, making you buck upwards hoping to catch his mouth once more.
“Perhaps that could be something I exercise with you another time.” He teases you by very lightly flicking his tongue against your folds. The mischievous look in his eyes peering through the fog behind his goggles as he continues.
Your body is on fire at this point. So close to feeling that needed release, but just far enough away that you cry out in protest when he leisurely pulls his fingers out of you.
“Tech, please..I - I need you.” You’re panting hard, watching his hand slow down his movements on his cock to then completely remove his hand and grab the junction of your thighs from under your knees.
“I know dear, I am making sure you are thoroughly prepared for the next step.” Tech acknowledges your pitiful sounds.
Pushing your legs back until they are folded over your stomach, giving him full access to your well lubricated cunt. Your body sliding down a bit on the chair to accommodate your pretzeled form.
“Tech what are you-Ahh!” Tech wastes no time in diving his head back into your pussy, wrapping his mouth around your swollen lips and plunging his tongue deep into your hole.
The feeling of his tongue working inside your walls was beyond anything you have ever felt before. Squirming in his strong grip, you could feel the embers of your climax begin to fan into flame.
His nose brushes against your clit with every push of his tongue, rolling the muscle against your spasming walls. With your legs pinned over you, you reach to the back of his head and tug on the soft brown curls of his hair. The sensation of your nails lightly scratching his scalp causing him to moan loudly, and squeeze your thighs tight enough, you were positive he would leave bruises.
Your whole body is burning, the overwhelming ministrations and ambience of Tech eating you out is a glorious mixture. The sloppy sounds of his slurping and lapping at your weeping cunt, and the toe-curling reaction of every flick of his tongue against your sensitive clit teeters you closer to the edge.
Your whole body is convulsing and needs one final push. Tech, being wise to your build-up, takes his hands to spread your lips wider for his mouth to wrap once more on your drowning clit and suck hard.
That was all you needed, the sheer force of your climax rips through your body violently. Your body trembles in the seat and your vision goes dark for a split second as you feel Tech still lapping at the endless flow of cum seeping from your trembling cunt.
Your grip on his hair tightens from the oversensitivity and you instinctively try to close your legs around his head.
“T-too much…Ah-Tech..It’s-“you feel Tech smile against your folds before hearing one last obscene slurp from his mouth.
When Tech finally moves his head away you can see how soaked his whole face is. From his nose all the way down past his chin is covered in a glimmering shine from your release.
And yet he has the biggest shit eating grin you have ever seen from him. His goggles completely fogged over so you can’t see the lustful look in his golden eyes.
“Ah Mesh’la, I must commend you for allowing me to prepare you for our continuation.”
Tech gushes praise while he grabs his goggles and wipes them off, putting them back on, you can now see the half-lidded expression that got you into this frenzy to begin with.
You are completely out of breath from what just transpired. You pant heavily, your body feeling like a soaked blob of jelly in the seat as you give him a puzzled look.
“Ahh my dear Star pupil, did you think we were done?” Tech purrs, rubbing your thighs around his previous bite marks. “There is still much more to teach you.”
Of course, you knew that.
You knew that this was technically the preface before the main lecture.
You’re still catching your breath, but you shake your head to his question. Wanting Tech to continue from where he left off. And judging by the twitch you see from his cock, weeping a small bead of pre-cum, you can tell he desperately wants to as well.
“Yes, yes Tech please-” you beg, watching his eyes roam over your body and his hands gripping your thighs to spread them apart once more. “Please teach me more!”
“As you desire, my dear. I will continue with my tutoring.” Tech affirms before standing up and stepping fully out of his clothing. Grabbing his cock in his hand, he lightly slaps your clit with the tip making you wail out from the sensitivity. Lining himself up with your hole, he grits his teeth when he finally slips his cock in through your slick folds.
“Tech ahh fuck, s-so… so big.” You can feel the head of his cock push through you slowly as you adjust to his size. The thick rigid veins pulsing rapidly against your fluttering and sensitive walls. He holds on to your hips as he sinks even more into your welcoming heat.
“Oh-Kriff you take my cock so well Mesh’la, Such a perfectly designed pussy.” He moans deeply, his cock is so far buried into your tight warmth that he can’t physically get any deeper. He tries hard to though, pulling himself out all the way to the base of his head before slamming back into you.
“K-Kriff Te-ech, Oh Maker!!” You can feel the thickness of his cock slide upon your walls deliciously as he thrusts long and hard. The brisk tempo he was taking made your back arch and buck back into his strong hips. Your hands gripping tightly to the sides of the chair.
“Unnnnf, as you can see Mesh’la. Reciprocating motion is what is allowing me t-to fuck your lovely pussy like this, however there is something else in play that allows me to do something like this.”
He demonstrates by angling his hips slightly upward and glides his cock against your g-spot, the very motion of feeling the bulbed head of his cock brush against it makes your eyes roll back.
“If this is not just this motion that allows this kind of stimulation, then what would it be?” Tech asks you a question, but in your state, you barely have any words left to speak, much less answer a complex question.
He “tsks” with your silence, his thrusts beginning to slow down, making you groan at the loss of-
”F-Friction!” You belt out! “It’s friction that needs to be applied for- ah- stimulation!” You feel proud that you were able to answer him but was it correct?
“Excellent cyar’ika, it is indeed friction that allows me to stretch you out nicely and feel my cock rub against your exquisite walls.”
His response is as lewd as it is informative. The tight feeling of his cock burying itself with every thrust in is making your body heat up again.
“Since you answered that correctly, I will reward you in kind.” Tech makes a daring move by lifting you up into his arms, making you yelp in surprise.
You get startled by the fact that you're now suspended in the air, so you hold on to Tech’s shoulders while his hands shift to cup your ass. The new angle however is doing wonders for the both of you, and you cling to him by wrapping your legs around his taut waist.
Tech growls lowly when you shift slightly to settle yourself from falling, your walls clenching like a vice around his throbbing cock.
“Ahhh-Mesh’la, I’ve got you, do not worry.” He lightly nips your ear while you settle your weight into his chest. Feeling unsatisfied from the lack of movement, you shift your hips to rub your clit against his pelvis, the friction making you bite your lip.
“Ah-Kriff Tech, just fuck me already!” You can hear Tech groan into your ear before he takes one of his hands to slap you ass. The sting making you squeal and rut against his stomach, the sensation of your walls fluttering in response forces a deep growl from his chest.
“Do not forget my dear pupil, who is in charge here.” Tech makes his point abundantly clear by gripping your ass hard and pulling his cock almost all the way out before thrusting back in hard. The force of his jerk upward in the standing position makes your breasts bounce slightly, and your head almost falls back.
“Gfffa f-fuck!” You cry out, hoping no one was in the hangar to hear you scream as Tech punishes your overstep.
Tech picks a relatively fast pace to pound into you, having to wait long enough to have your wrapped around his cock. The fact that he was effortlessly holding your entire body up into his chest while he was fucking you hard proved to you just how strong of a clone he was.
“Alright dear, are you ready for your final lesson today?” Tech huffs into your neck, biting and licking the salty skin while furiously spearing his cock deep inside you.
“Ahh-y-yess…g-go on Tech.” You sputter, attempting to hold on to him for dear life as he fucks the soul out of you. Your nails digging into his back, making him groan.
“Very well, What I am going to teach you is a bit more complicated, but I think you can handle it.”
Tech’s thrusts are keeping a fast but consistent rhythm, holding you up by your ass. He walks slowly away from the chair heading towards the hallway to the bunks, but does not let you down yet, still content on keeping you hoisted up against his slender frame.
“I am... I am going to demonstrate a universal fundamental law in physics that we call Conservation of Momentum.”
Tech is panting heavily, the choking grip your walls have on his cock is forcing him to rethink this whole situation and just ravage you here on the floor of the ship.
He shakes his head to clear his mind before pressing on.
“Ah-in this case, I am utilizing the Third Law of Motion here. Do you know what that is?”
You shake your head furiously, trying to focus on his words but the sound of his groaning and his hips wetly slapping against yours is deafening.
“Hhhha- It- It’s when two bodies exert forces on each other, these forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.” The blood is rushing quickly through his body. Tech can feel the expanding pressure of his release building up inside him as he persists with his brutal pace.
“How I am currently ravaging you, my dear, the force of my thrusts into your waiting form, is causing you to bounce and slide back against my cock so - Oh! - wonderfully.” His statement, as lewd as he makes it sound, is demonstrated almost perfectly.
With every sharp thrust against you, you feel your body move away from his, allowing your pussy to effortlessly glide up and down on his cock.
“However, for the second point of my demonstration.” Tech huffs, holding you close to his chest as his brows knit together in concentration.
“It is the conservation part that I will show you.” You give him a confused look, before he takes one of his hands that was on your ass and places it higher up onto the small of your back.
The change in position gives him leverage to angle his pelvis so now every thrust is brushing against your clit. The added pressure to your clit is forcing you to bite your lip, holding back the feral cries bellowing from your lungs. The intensity forced Tech to slow his movements down slightly to prevent his release too soon.
“F-fuck y/n, this change in angle is obviously doing wonders for us both, and yet I still have the energy to keep our session going. Do you know why?”
You shake your head to his question, your mind is so fogged from the push and pull of his tempo, and fire that grows in your belly, that you can’t even process half of his words anymore.
“Th-this is the conservation -ahh- part in play-” Tech is huffing in between every other word now, his body moving separately from his brain as he fucks your own brains out.
“The output of energy I’m giving to you, is -Unnf- equal to the energy you are providing me.”
You can feel Tech’s cock pulsing violently inside your pussy. The sheer determination on his face to keep from spilling himself inside you is erotic and you instinctively wrap your hands around his head to pull your lips to his in a blazing kiss.
He doesn’t falter from your emboldened moment of clarity. Choosing to hold you closer to him and allow his tongue to wrap around yours, as the bounce of your body on his cock is driving him to the brink of madness.
“Can you tell my dear? How your body is beginning to feel the same build-up of energy as you approach your climax once more?” Tech continues his ramblings between passionate open-mouthed kisses.
“Hmmm, cyar’ika? Are you paying attention?” You feel a concerned aura from Tech as he peers past your flushed face and into your scrambled mind.
You can’t even speak at this point. The pressure building in your core is so familiar and yet still being ebbed away as Tech slows down yet again, forcing a choked sob from you.
“Unfortunately, it seems like you are too far gone to contribute anymore to the lesson at hand, so I’ll just end it here and fuck you back to your senses.”
You are completely amazed at how he can keep his composure, or at least most of it at this point. Seeing a fragment of his calm façade faltering with his gritted teeth and knitted brows.
Tech proceeds to briskly walk towards the blank wall of the ship, not even bothering to let you down and hurriedly presses your back against the cool metal.
You don’t even realize the difference in temperature against your bare skin. The force of Tech’s pounding has turned your mind into goo, similar to how your insides are feeling with every deep ball slapping thrust.
The added support on your back has allowed Tech to take his free hand and rub firm circles around your oversensitive clit. The stimulation forces your back to arch and buck your hips into his calloused hand.
You cry out, but no sounds are coming out, to which Tech is giving you a smug glance before he speaks.
“Ahh, are you now so cockdumb you can’t even make a sound? Have I undone you this much, my filthy little pupil? The satisfied look on his face says it all.
He’s proud how much he’s made you completely unravel, so close to your second climax that even before the final push hits, you are so stimulated and teased that you can’t even think to push back. His fingers are still rubbing around the hood of your clit.
Letting Tech fully take the reins in how he’s holding you up against the wall, the overwhelming sounds and sensation of his throbbing cock sliding in and out of your weeping cunt is edging him closer to his own climax.
“K-kriff Mesh’la, I am close myself, and yet I can still talk to y-you.” Tech teases, he bends his knees a bit to aid the trembling that is taking over his body.
Every thrust is sending a wave of heat through his shaft and into his stomach. His abdominal muscles are tightening, and his body is covered in a light layer of sweat.
A gentle flick of his thumb against your clit brings forth a burst of sound from your lungs.
“T-Tech! Ah- f fuck I’m-” You can’t ignore that similar fire in your belly that is edging you closer and closer with every flick of his thumb. Having the energy to let him know what he was doing to you. Your nails are digging into his back as you can’t hold back any longer.
“It’s okay Mesh’la, you’re doing so well.” Tech coos, eyes fogged by his goggles, staring passionately into your own. “You can let go, let go and cum for me.”
His praises and one more firm stroke of your clit tips you over the edge for the second time. Your legs spasming around his waist, body going rigid and your pussy strangling his cock from his continual thrusting as you soaked him with your release.
You can barely form any coherent sounds at all, only garbled whimpers and sighs escape your vocal cords while Tech is currently fucking you past your second orgasm. You can tell he’s close to his own by how much his thrusts have lost their rhythm.
Tech can feel his balls ready to explode, the sheer momentum he’s keeping as he continues to pound into you relentlessly is tingling his brain. The vice grip your clenching walls have on his cock, as your release continues, is too much for him to keep going.
“Huuuu- y/n!” Ah, I’m going to cum, F-fuck… where do you want me to pretty girl?” Tech asks in between thrusts. His own words sounded incoherent and rushed.
“Ah, inside me Tech…Please!” You practically scream his name, your body on the brink of collapse.
That’s all he needs to hear before he slams his hips into yours one final time, wrapping one arm around your back, he pulls you from the wall to hold your chest to his. His legs buckling slightly and his stomach fluttering as you can feel him spill his cum into you. Hot thick ropes coat inside your walls until you feel entirely plugged up.
Tech is panting heavily, the feeling of his cock, still within your warmth, going soft as he steadies his legs while still holding you up.
Utterly exhausted, you feel limp in his arms, but you try your best to cling desperately to him, afraid of falling onto the hard floor below.
“Good girl. It’s alright, I’ve got you.” Tech coos softly against your heated skin, still dribbling his seed into your spasming hole.
He places soft kisses to your forehead and cheek before walking back to his bunk, letting you down gently onto the soft mattress.
Pulling out slowly Tech is in awe at how beautiful you look as he does. Your body twitching at the slightest movement of his cock slipping out of you. Limbs strewn out across the bunk and chest breathing heavily, watching his excess cum slowly leak out of your abused cunt, staining the sheets below your ass.
You try to move and get yourself propped up when you feel Tech’s arms wrap around your waist and upper back.
“Here, please allow me Mesh’la, I made you this tired, the least I could do is help you in your needed aftercare.” Tech smiles warmly, lifting you up to a sitting position before walking towards the fresher and returning with a towel and a canteen of water.
“Here y/n, drink this to replenish your electrolytes, I will take care of this.” Tech hands you the canteen and you take a good swig. While you do, Tech takes the towel and lightly wipes around your thighs, running the warm damp fabric slowly upwards to your sensitive cunt.
You watch how tender he is with you, making sure to not rub against your folds too roughly as he wipes away the cooling remainder of your mixed orgasms.
“Thank you, Tech.” You murmur once he finishes cleaning you up. Leaning forward and reaching your hands up to grab his face and pull him in for a chaste kiss.
“It is the least I can do to make sure you are well taken care of my dear.” He states, smiling while he pulls back from your face and softly caresses your cheek.
He turns away to place the towel down into a small bin after he cleans himself off. Returning to the bunk to sit next to you, Tech grabs your waist again and pulls you down on top of him to lay down. Your bodies chest to chest with your heartbeats echoing each other.
Tech rubs small light circles on your back, your own hand rubbing similar circles on his chest. Comfortable amount of silence had gone by before you spoke up. Having an actual thought process now that you were back down from your sexual high.
“Well Tech, I’d say that was a lesson well received, yes?” You giggle at your own quip, watching Tech silently chuckle himself, grabbing your hand in his, he brings it to his lips and presses a soft kiss to your knuckles.
“I would say so indeed y/n. I am impressed how far into my lecture you were able to reciprocate the words of my ramblings.”
“Well, reciprocating motion is one of the terms you taught me, right?” You give Tech a wink at his verbiage being used from earlier. The shy flushed appearance on his face is adorable to see, a stark contrast to his earlier smug and lustful expressions.
“Ah, I see that my teachings were not in vain after all.” Tech squeezes your hand in his as a small thank you, he starts to speak again while you both lay on the bunk.
“When you sent me the message, I was a bit shocked at the…particular vernacular you used. However, I do have a confession to make to you.” You cock your head slightly at his words.
“A confession? For what exactly?”
“Crosshair did approach me about this earlier, or at least he mentioned your admiration of me in passing.” Tech scratches the back of his head nervously, thinking that his confession would mark the end of your exuberant rendezvous.
“Ahh, so that’s why you reacted the way you did. You already knew I was going to send something naughty.” You smugly giggle, now realizing what Crosshair meant when he said Tech would get your message.
He was helping you out, in his own Crosshair like way.
“Yes, and even if he did not let me know of your admiration, I-I must confess that I have..I do harbor a romantic interest in you y/n.”
Tech’s face is as red as Hunter’s bandana, occasionally glancing at your agape mouth only to quickly look away out of embarrassment.
You found it positively adorable, the fact that this man could go from a feral growling and horny beast who spits out such filthy language, into a flustered puddle of nerd when he finally confesses actual romantic feelings.
You giggle at the bashful man next to you and place a smiling and warm kiss to his cheek. His expression changed to a content smile.
“You’re such an adorable man Tech, even when you’re in full work mode. I just find you so attractive in your confidence.”
Tech’s face is steaming now from embarrassment, his goggles fogged up he takes them off to wipe them, giving you the chance to see his eyes without the barrier.
Leaning forward you kiss the bridge of his nose, watching it slightly crinkle from being tickled.
“Th-thank you dear, however I must counter by saying that you are the one who is adorable to me.” Tech stutters a bit while he repeats your motion of kissing your nose. The tickle makes you sit up and turn to sneeze.
“I guess we should get up and head back to the barracks then huh?” You ponder, getting up you walk around the ship to find your pile of clothes by the cockpit. Tech follows behind you, collecting his blacks and putting them on before heading towards the ramp of the ship.
You wiggle yourself back into your leggings and fix yourself before walking up to Tech who is now frozen in place, looking down past the ramp with a horrified expression.
“What’s wrong Tech?” You sound worried that he might have seen something horrific just outside the ramp when you peek around the corner and catch the eyes of a 6’4” silver haired sharpshooter.
“Well well, I hope your little lesson was worth it, judging by how long you’ve both been in there.”
Crosshair sneers, the look on his face is that of, smug disgust you want to say.
Standing with a slight canter in his hips, Crosshair pulls his toothpick out and pokes fun at Tech’s slightly disheveled state. His hair was still a bit messy and the faint hickeys on his neck were starting to form.
“As a matter of fact, it was Crosshair. Sucks for you that you didn’t get to join in the fun.” You sarcastically bite back, hoping he would just leave it be.
“You’re right, but maybe next time you could allow me to show Tech over here how it’s really done.” Crosshair is always ready to one-up you, and in this case, he’s made you utterly speechless.
“Would be nice to get a thank you for all that I did to make this happen.” He uses his toothpick in hand to point at you and Tech, making the gesture of you two in love, or whatever he was implying.
“Whatever Crosshair, just go back to your… whatever it was you were doing!” You get flustered at your words, wanting him to just leave you and Tech alone.
“Fine, I’ll be waiting for your answer soon enough sweetcheeks.” Crosshair smirks and gives Tech a subtle wink before turning to leave.
“What was that all about?” You question in annoyance, now turning to face Tech you see he has not moved an inch since he saw Crosshair. You were afraid his brain had either fried or melted so you gently squeezed his shoulder.
“Tech, what's wrong? You look like a Bantha caught in the headlights.”
“Ah, y-you see y/n-” Tech starts to stammer out his words quietly like he was afraid someone would hear. “I did say that Crosshair told me about your admiration of me…in the midst of it I left out another crucial detail.”
“What Tech? Spit it out!”
You were nervous about what he was going to say, did Crosshair somehow think that you two were not compatible, or that this was technically a taboo relationship?
“W-well, he asked that if this worked out between us, if he could join for our next, how should I put this…. Sexual rendezvous.”
Oh, so Crosshair wasn’t just doing this to tease you.
He actually wanted to join you?
Oh my.
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tattycoram · 9 days ago
Crosshair: There's no need to be afraid of me
Crosshair: I don't bite
Echo: But do you stab?
Crosshair: I don't bite
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clone-whore-99 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Imp! Hunter x Rebel f!Reader
Warnings: Soooo much smut. Dirty smut. Very, very much smut. Minors I will yeet you into the ocean if you interact. Pred/prey kink, dom!Hunter, unprotected PiV (wrap it irl), sex pollen, oral sex, sex in the forest, orgasm denial, teasing, chasing, bondage and gagging, porn with little to no plot LMK if I need to add anything else
Summary: Hunter's chip activated, and he works for the Empire. Reader is a rebel who had to gather some information. You can figure out the rest.
Authors Note: So, we may or may not have had a very horny discussion in a certain Discord server, that led to the creation of this.... And the main reason for me writing this may or may not be @wolveria Please remember to hydrate, it's a lot
Also, if you like this, please like and comment and maybe even reblog, it means a lot to me, okay, thanks, bye 🥺👉👈
Oh shoot. Shoot, shoot, shit, kriff, kark, fuck, karabast, dank freaking farrik. You did everything right, so how in twelve hells did you trigger that alarm?
As soon as the alarm sounded, you shot the door panel to keep it from opening. That would buy you some time. Under no circumstances could you get caught. You had to get this information to the rebel alliance, lives depended on it. There had to be a way for you to get out of there. Another door, a window, or a... Bingo!
You had just managed to close the vent, when the imperial troopers had blasted the door open. A part of you wanted to stay and watch the confused men look around for you, but the longer you stayed, the higher the risk of you getting caught. Instead, you began worming your way through the rather small space, hoping to find some way of getting out.
"They're gone!" you could hear being yelled from the room, you had just escaped.
"They couldn't have gone far. Get the Hunter!" Get the what? Nevermind, no time to find out.
Faintly, you could hear the sound of nature traveling with the air through the vents, and knew that had to be the way out.
Turns out, there really is light at the end of the tunnel. And a lot of fresh, foresty air. And a huge drop to your certain death, if you were not careful. Luckily, you had the right tools for this in your utility belt, so you could climb down to the ground safely. Man, you really thought of everything, didn't you?
Though, you didn't have much time to pat yourself on the shoulder, as the sound of heavy boots and shouting was already closing in on you.
On one hand, heading towards your ship would be a good idea so you could get as far from the imperials as possible. On the other hand, there was files on that ship that the Empire just could not get their hands on. And if you got caught heading towards the ship? Game over. Your ship was well hidden. It was in an underground cave, about half a rotations walk away from the base and had enough of the worlds flora covering it, so that it wouldn't show up on any scans. You made sure of that, when you landed.
Your best odds was probably to find some place in the forest to hide. Probably somewhere with a lot of flowers or moss or something like that to hide your scent, just in case. Then you could find your way back to your ship, when things had calmed down a bit.
At least, that was when you were gonna say, when someone asked why you ran in the exact opposite direction from your ship. You definitely didn't do it because of the adrenaline taking over your body and the pure panic of being caught.
The forest was thick. In some ways, that was more than ideal for your escape, since chasing you would be harder. In other ways, you would scratch yourself on several branches and you could barely even see where you were going.
As you were getting further into the forest, further away from the sound of soldiers and further away from the rays of sunshine, you stumbled into a ditch. Great. At least you landed in a flowerbed, of sorts. The pollen from the flowers began to glow from the impact, which was the last thing you needed. You couldn't try to hide from the empire, while glowing like a neon sign hanging in a dark alley.
You looked desperately around. There had to be some kinda river or anything of that sort, that you could use to wash this pollen off of you. And maybe even cool you down a bit. It had gotten oddly hot, all of sudden.
Desperately, you reached for your water canteen. The sudden change in temperature hadn't only made you sweat. You were thirsty. Frantically, you let the remainder of the canteens content not only fall into your mouth, but drizzle down your body in the hopes that it would cool you down. It did, but only temporarely.
The empty container hit the ground, as you began walking again. You knew that you needed to run, but you just couldn't. You were feeling so weak, so feverish, so thirsty -
Before you knew of it, you were pinned to the ground by a man in black armor.
"Thought you could escape the Empire, rebel scum?" The modified voice taunted behind a helmet.
Kriff, what was happening to you? You were squirming beneathe this stranger, gasping for air and you weren't entirely sure if it was in an attempt to escape.
"You know, you almost managed to get away." He continued, his hand caressing your cheek and you had to cover your moan with a struggling grunt instead. "But then you had to go and do something stupid like this."
You finally managed to wiggle one of your hands free from his grasp, and you reached up in a pathetic attempt to punch his face. Your muscles felt like jelly, and though you couldn't get enough momentum to do any actual damage, you did manage to tilt his helmet off of him and dammit, he was hot.
The soldier had loose locks hanging down the frame of his face, with only a bandana to keep them from falling into his eyes. The entire left half was tattooed like a skull and his lips looked so soft and kissable. His eyes though, his eyes were filled with lust as they found their way back to yours. This time, you couldn't cover the moan that escaped your lips.
"Those flowers you landed in?" He grabbed the wrist you had managed to free and with jusy one hand, he pinned your wrist over your head - an action that made your back arch. "They're poisonous to humans. But not only can they kill you - they also happen to make you very, very horny."
The soldier brought his free hand up towards his mouth and with the help of his teeth, he liberated the hand from it's glove. Your walls clenched around nothing at the look of this and somehow, he looked like he noticed - but that was impossible, right?
His hand found it's way down the rim of your pants, a motion that made you writhe with anticipation. His fingers barely even made contact with your sex, before your toes started curling and you had to bite your lip to keep yourself from begging him to take you.
Seemingly satisfied with your reaction, he pressed his forehead against yours, forcing you to look him in the eyes, as he spoke his next words. "And it was the oh so sweet aroma of your arousal that gave you away." He paused to take in a deep sniff. "If only you knew what it did to me. I should just take the files and leave you to die, but," At last, after what seemed like forever of his fingers teasing around any other place but where you needed them, he finally pushed two digits inside of you with ease. "You look so delicious like this, all helpless and desperate, allowing your enemy, to finger-fuck you in the middle of the forest. How could I let this option go?"
You could barely even comprehend what was said to you. The way he managed to just exactly avoid the spots you needed him to hit was torturous. You did accomplish to make out some of the things being said, though. "Yo-hng-you're the hunter?" you strained yourself to ask.
"Not 'the' Hunter, mesh'la. Just Hunter. You've heard of me?" he had moved down towards your neck, letting his lips ghost over the sensitive skin, while he inhaled in your scent.
"Nnno - THERE!" He finally hit the spot, he had so purposely been avoiding. "Right there, please!" you begged, all the dignity you had left going out the window.
Hunter chuckled deeply, the sound going straight to your arousal. He had added a third finger by now, and was rapidly moving them in the most incredible way. His thumb was rubbing circles around your clit and as your orgasm was about to hit it's peak, you grabbed onto his shoulders in an attempt to ground yourself.
"Ah-ah-ah." Hunter tutted disapprovingly, instantly removing his fingers before you could hit your peak. You moved your hands to cover your face and muffle your frustrated scream, while your hips were grinding against nothing but air, desperately trying to regain some friction.
Wait, when did he let go of your wrists? You moved your hands down just far enough to uncover your eyes - and what a sight you were met with. The soldier was sitting upright on top of you, licking his fingers clean from your slick, while looking down at you with the sexiest look you had ever seen.
You gasped loudly at the sight, while your hand automatically reached down to give your pussy the attention it needed, before you'd go insane.
But Hunter was quick. Before your hand could even reach half way there, he had already grabbed it and forced it back up over your head together with your other hand. This time though, he used his bandana to tie your wrists together. Odd, since he had handcuffs hanging right there by his hips.
"If you want to cum, you gotta keep your hands right above your head, understood?" he asked, as he unsheathed his knife from it's place on the gauntlet.
"Please..." You were on the verge of tears, desperation to be relieved from this tension inside of you being almost too much to handle.
"Understood?" His voice was more stern this time.
"Yes, please, just, fuck me, please." Stars you sounded pathetic, begging the enemy so desperately to fuck you.
"Now, that wasn't so hard now, was it?" and just like that, the blade of his knife cut through your shirt, leaving your upper body exposed. Hunter licked his lips hungrily, his gaze fixated on the way your breasts bounced with each frantic breathe you took.
Next, he moved onto your pants. Fortunately, he decided to just pull them off you, instead of cutting them off. That way, you at least had some chance of covering yourself once all of this was over.
With one swift motion, you were left completely bare for the galaxy to see. If you hadn't been so turned on, you might've been embarrassed by this. But right now, you just needed to be filled.
Hunter pressed his nose against your groin and inhaled deeply. You whimpered at the sensation.
"So wet, mesh'la. So needy. Are you sure this is all because of those flowers?" He took a broad lick across your folds and you nearly screamed at the sensation. "Because you taste like it's all because of me." He teased, before taking another broad lick.
Normally, you would've used your hands to muffle your sounds of pleasure, but you didn't dare to move them from the spot over your head. Instead, you dug your nails into the dirt to keep them in place.
Hunter was lapping up your juices like a starved man. His arms were wrapped around your thighs, keeping them seperated for him and keeping your hips in place, no matter how much you tried to buck against him. And although you couldn't see him, you knew his eyes were fixated on you, making sure you didn't disobey his orders about keeping your hands over your head.
Your eyes rolled into the back of your head. Wave after wave of pleasure overtook your body, as his tongue worked wonders inside of you, while his nose rubbed against your clit in the most magical way.
"Pl-ease," You begged once again, your voice now hoarse from moans and screams of pleasure. "Nee... Need more. Please fuck me."
"Well, only because you've been such a good girl and followed orders." He moved up your body again, his face covered in your release. "But first, we gotta do something about that screaming of yours. Can't have anybody find us like this, now can we?"
Quickly, he grabbed your arm and forced your still bound hands around his neck. As he picked you up, he took your cut up shirt along with him and moved so you were pressed up against a tree.
Hunter kissed you, deeply, passionately, forcing you to taste yourself on his lips and tongue. He then broke away, shoving the ruined shirt into your mouth to keep you quiet.
"There, that's better, isn't it?" he looked so damned satisfied with himself. If you hadn't been so desperate for his cock, you might've tried to tease him back.
With a swift motion, Hunter had your legs resting on his arms, giving him full access to your thrubbing cunt. And with a loud thump, his codpiece hit the ground and his dick was released from it's restraints.
Even with the gag in your mouth, you still managed to gasp loudly at the sensation of his silky head rubbing through your folds. Hells, you nearly came again, just from that feeling alone.
"So needy for my cock, aren't you?" He whispered into your ear and with one swift roll of his hips, he was fully buried inside of you.
Stars, he was bigger than you thought. He really filled you to the brim and if it weren't for the effect of the pollen, it would definitely had hurt you.
Hunter instantly started thrusting into you, wasting no time at all. It was almost overwhelming how he handled you. How you were completely helpless against him and how he had managed to turn you into a sobbing, begging mess in no time. You wanted to tell yourself that it was all the pollens fault, but deep down you knew it was only a small part of it.
"Kriff, how are so fucking perfect?" Hunter mumbled through gritted teeth against that very sensitive spot on your neck. "Your smell is so intoxicating, it's driving me crazy."
He moved a hand down to rub rough circles on your clit, igniting every nerve in your body with nothing but pure bliss.
"You taste sweeter than the greatest nectar juice. And your pussy is gods. Damned. Perfect." Hunter thrusted harder into you with each word of that last part. "I might just have to take you in anyways. Keep this pussy available to me at all times."
You couldn't hold it anymore. The way he was drilling into you, reaching that particular itchy spot hidden deep inside of you over and over. The way he was spewing such lewd words while his mouth was roaming your body. The way his thumb was mercilessly attacking your clit. You just couldn't take it anymore.
You threw your head back, as your vision turned blurry and the dark forest turned brighter than hyperspace. Your nails was desperately grasping onto the back of his armor in a helpless attempt to ground yourself, before you truly descended to heaven.
Hunter took one of your nipples in his mouth, sucking and biting it, accomplishing the impossible that was, making you feel even better than you already did. You wanted nothing but to experience this feeling forever.
As you were slowly coming down, your stomach was starting to cramp up for how much you had cum. Your release was not only dripping down your own cunt and ass, it was going down Hunter's armor, staining it and creating a small pool on the ground beneath you.
You pressed your forehead against the crook of his neck, when you felt the hot ribbons of the soldiers seed, filling you completely with him. "Now you got something to remember me by."
None of you moved for a while. Well, you didn't have much of a choice, but still. You were just standing still, gasping desperately for air, coming down from the most mindblowing orgasms you had ever experienced.
Slowly, Hunter let you back down on your feet, though he kept supporting you untill you could regain your balance.
"The pollen should be out of your system now, right?" He asked, grabbing your face so you were forced to look at him. The look in his eyes were oddly caring, nothing like they had been when you first met.
You nodded slowly in response.
"Good." He removed your gag. "Join the Empire. We could use someone on the inside of the alliance and I could use more of this perfect cunt of yours." with a finger, he pushed some of his seeds back into you. "And you could get my dick as often you'd like. All you gotta do is swear alligence to the Emperor."
You'd be fooling yourself, if you said you didn't consider it. The way his eyes were looking so somberly into yours and how he seemed to care so much about your wellbeing right after having given you the best dicking of your life? Of course a part of you wanted to throw everything away to spend the rest of your life with him, but alas...
"You know I can't. It goes against everything I stand for."
Hunter moved your arms over his head again and released your wrists from his bandana. "You know, I can just take you in. Make you my prisoner and have you as often as I'd like." He threatened, while making his way back over to your pants.
"You won't, though." You were overly confident in this statement, but the way he had looked at you and seemingly cared for your wellbeing, you were certain it was true.
"Such a shame though..." He said, in a way that sounded more like he was thinking out loud rather than talking to you. While doing so, he started looking through the different compartments of your utility belt.
"Wait, what are you doing?" You tried to run over to stop him, but your legs were still weak from everything that had just happened, and you fell to the ground instead.
"How I was too late. The poison had already overtaken your body, there was really nothing I could do." He found the datadisk you had just stolen from the Empire. "But at least I managed to retrieve this."
And with that, Hunter picked up his helmet and started walking back towards the base.
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The Bad Batch is slowly growing on me.
I still find the stylistic choices for their design kind of grating, but I wanted to try drawing them with at least something of a passing resemblance to one another while staying sort-of within the bounds of that design. Surprisingly fun exercise! 
I wonder if it’s apparent who my favorite is?
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The bad batch as little cadets 💀👨‍💻💥💢
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Who’s your favorite Clone?
The only correct answer is all of them!
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May I offer some soft clone comfort this Bad Batch Eve in the form of a Little Golden Book?
(Part 1)
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