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#star wars the clone wars
queen-breha-organa · 2 days ago
Listen I know C3P0 is annoying, I know.
But the fact that he made a whole Clone squad hate him so instantly, will never not be hysterical to me.
In most groups you always have one or two people who are like “C3P0 is just trying his best, be nice ☹️”
But the ENTIRE Wolfpack wanted to throw hands with that droid the SECOND the saw him.
And honestly valid
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cinno · a day ago
Tumblr media
cw screencap redraw,, when Rex cried we all cried
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zoruui · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HAHA i’ve been very invested in a clone AU for my TF OC Nightraid lately! he’s the commander of a legion called the 82nd, who are, in a nutshell, space ghostbusters, the high school emo/punk table, the absol of the star wars universe, however you wanna put it LMAO. peep his in depth lore on his carrd (041s.carrd)
instagram ( ) twitter ( ) pillowfort ( ) ko-fi ( )
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incorrectswquotes · 2 days ago
Ahsoka : What's a word that's a mix between 'sad' and 'mad'?
Obi-Wan: Disgruntled, miserable, desolated-
Anakin : Smad
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gospelofme · 2 days ago
What needs to happen in TBB season 2
Wolffe: you really put aside everything and came all this way for me? How did you even get here so fast?
Tech: several traffic violations.
Rex: 3 counts of resisting arrest.
Echo: roughly 13 cans of energy drinks.
Tech: also, that’s not our ship.
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ryuucha · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[“What do I feel like?” Cody asked. “In the Force.”
Obi-Wan gave a gentle smile and followed Cody’s gaze to the sky above. That steady serenity surged like a tide.
“Like light, my friend,” he said. “Like light.”]
—Like Light, a clone wars fanfic by @jate-kara
Spot illustrations for Epsilon’s wonderful fanfiction at @untoldstoriescwzine !
Go go check it out along with many other great stories and art in this zine. Digital leftover sales is still open until October 1st 👀
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bad-batch-supremacy · a day ago
now that Tem is voicing Boba in Visions, I’m seeing a lot of hatred and shade thrown towards DBB for voicing the clones….
yes. I too think it is so cool that Tem voiced Boba in visions but THAT DOESNT MEAN THAT DBB ISNT GOOD. Tem voices Jango and Boba and plays them on screen while DBB voices THE ENTIRE GAR! Including the Bad Batch, who all sound different, that’s like six or more characters. Each clone has a different personality and different ways that they talk that make them unique. DBB was hired because he is a VOICE ACTOR and voice actors are so different than on screen actors and each job is incredibly challenging in its own way. I’m sick and tired of seeing some of you go out of your way to make hate posts towards actors. Stop disrespecting actors and actresses rather that is voice acting or on screen acting or whatever other kinds of acting.
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guns-to-a-fist · 2 days ago
Sometimes, I think about Tech. But most of the time, I'm thinking about Tech.
Acrylic on canvas.
Tumblr media
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palprotein · 15 hours ago
Mace: what was the first thing Obi-Wan said when he woke up?
Anakin: he said ‘where am I, Ahsoka?’
Mace: and why did that upset you?
Anakin: my name is ‘Anakin’
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queen-breha-organa · 2 days ago
Wolffe after making Boost & Sinker look after C3P0 because they’re the most likely to loose him: I don’t consider myself to be a particularly ethical person, but I am fair.
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samspenandsword · a day ago
The Coffee House: Commander Fox/Reader (Fem) — Part 2
Summary: In the weeks following your first encounter with Marshal Commander Fox, you find him becoming a more regular customer at your coffee house.  Pairing: Commander Fox/reader; fem!reader with no mentions of her appearance. Rating: SFW Warnings: None — Fluff and feelings, language, mentions of caffeine addiction, tiny bit of horniness (again, it’s FOX people) Word Count: 1.5k
Part 1
Part 3
I’ve decided to turn this into a series, and Beanie, or the reader, is fem/afab. This series will eventually turn NSFW and will have at least five parts. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Hey, welcome! What can I get for you this morning?”
“A small cappuccino, please.”
It was business as usual at your coffee house. Every morning found you opening up early, before dawn. Firing up the coffee pots and percolators and measuring out ground coffee for the day. You put together your early batches of pastries and yawned your way through at least three cups of caf before your customers started to arrive. By the time the sun was up, your coffee house was always hustling and bustling with customers and the smell of coffee, steamed milk, and buttery pastries.
“What can I get started for you?”
“Three large vanilla lattes, one with extra foam, one with whip; four large Yavin dark roast drips, two with room; one small cold brew, no cream; one large cold brew with almond sweet cream; and one medium Moogan tea.”
“Coming right up!”
This was a particularly busy morning, but it wasn’t anything you couldn’t handle. You’d been running your coffee house on your own for five years now. Nothing really phased you anymore. 
“Hi, there! What can I get for you?”
“Large, half-caf, no-whip, peppermint mocha with ten pumps of white chocolate syrup at 145 degrees.”
“Four shots of espresso with seven shots of blueberry syrup over ice.”
“How much espresso can you put in a large cup?”
Though sometimes, it came close.
The morning rush always lasted several hours before settling into the sleepy afternoon. Customers trickled in sporadically after lunch, getting themselves refills or a little treat for the end of the day. You had been customerless for half an hour now. You occupied yourself by taking inventory. 
The bell at the door chimed and you smiled a little giddily at the sight of Fox.
In the weeks following your initial meeting, Commander Fox had been coming into your coffee house more and more often. At first, it was only about once or twice every couple weeks. And he always picked up his brothers’ orders as well. Then he started coming in with his brothers. Hound, who was absolutely shameless in the way he flirted with you. Stone, who was always an absolute darling. Thire, who always came in with new gossip for you. 
Then he started coming in on his own. Once a week. Twice a week. And before you’d realized, Fox was in almost every single day, right at opening, to get his coffee order.
So you were a little surprised to see him this afternoon.
“Hi, Commander,” you called. “What brings you in?”
“I’ve got to do security at a Senate gala tonight.”
“Ahh, large refill coming right up.
Fox sank into one of the armchairs near your counter, melting into the plush material. He removed his bucket and pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Make that two large refills,” you corrected.
His lip twitched.
“You’re too good to me, Beanie.”
You grinned in response. “Yep.”
Fox smiled for real. 
Fox’s smile was a rare treat. One that rushed through your veins like an IV tap of pure caffeine. And you found yourself becoming as addicted to the sight of Fox’s smile as you were to caffeine. 
You couldn’t quite explain it, but you weren’t sure it was something that could be explained. Just... felt.
And you were quite embarrassed to admit, even to yourself, how thoroughly and deeply you felt for Commander Fox.
“You know,” you suggested, bringing him a mug of caf, “you could get yourself a pound bag. Keep a stash of coffee at the office.”
“Tastes better when you make it,” Fox dismissed.
You laughed. “Flattering, but measuring out grounds and flicking on a coffee maker isn’t exactly complicated. I’m sure it’d taste fine.”
The look Fox gave you was absolutely piercing, and coupled with the slightest quirk of his lips and brow, it set fire to your veins. 
“I know what I like.” He paused, as if he were going to simply leave it there, but then he gave a shrug. Indifference seemed to coat his features, but his eyes still twinkled a bit. “And I like your coffee.”
Countless people had told you they liked your coffee, but something about the way Fox said it, something about the look in his eyes, or maybe it was simply the fact that it was Fox who’d complimented you, but the words flustered you. You instantly looked away from the man, trying to find a way to shrink into your shoulders and hair like a turtle. 
Fox shot you the barest smirk over the rim of his mug.
You recovered and shoved him. “Asshole. See if you get that second refill now.”
Fox’s gentle laughter, a deep and rumbling chuckle, hit deep in both your heart and core. Your thighs clenched as you hopped onto the counter, grabbing your mug.
You had a comically large collection of mugs, and you made a point of using all of them. For a while, you’d owned maybe five mugs, tops. Then the clones had started bringing you mugs and coffee cups as gifts. Most of them were meant as gag gifts, but you loved them all. The one you were using today was a simple mug but had been hand-painted with a picture of the single most grumpy wolf you’d ever seen. You’d known exactly who it was meant to represent and you’d almost pissed yourself laughing when the Wolfpack had presented it to you. You’d purposefully used the mug for the first time in front of Wolffe to see his reaction. 
The eyeroll had been impressive. And so had the grumbling.
General Koon had been with him at the time. He’d been far more amused by the mug than his commander.
“Wolffe’s boys brought me this,” you said, noticing Fox’s stare. “I think the resemblance in uncanny.”
Fox’s brow, which had previously been pinched into an odd, severe expression, relaxed and he chuckled again, with more amusement this time. “Has he seen that?”
“Of course he has. It’s hilarious how pissy he gets every time he sees it. And I don’t think Boost has ever been so proud of a piece of art.”
Fox continued to chuckle quietly. “Do all my brothers bring you mugs?”
“Some of them,” you nodded. “Hound had a mug made with a holo of Grizzer on it. Oh, and Rex’s boys make it a point to bring me the absolute worst mugs they can find. They’re absolute monstrosities, I love them. Cody, the asshole, brought me a teacup once. I’ve also got one from Bly, a couple from the boys on Ryloth, and some others too.”
Fox’s brows had drawn together in that odd expression once more, and you couldn’t quite pin down the look in his eyes.
“You know quite a lot of my brothers.”
You couldn’t quite pin down the tone either, but there was something about it... almost as if Fox had purposefully said it as evenly as possible, so as not to give away the meaning behind the words. 
“I do,” you said. “You and your brothers are always welcome here, Fox.”
Again, the pinch between Fox’s eyes eased, and the curse of his lips softened into a smile that you couldn’t help but return. 
“But —” you continued, leaping lightly from the counter, “I expect a mug sometime soon, Commander. You probably owe me at least five from all the free refills I’ve given you, but I’ll settle for one. But it better be good.”
Fox barked out a laugh and flashed a wide grin. He stood, straightening to his full height over you.
“Demanding brat, aren’t you?”
Your thighs clenched again, but you fluttered your lashes innocently at Fox. His gaze darkened and a smirk hooked at the corner of his lips. You had to force your gaze away. 
“Don’t overdo it, okay?” you said, shoving a large cup of Fox’s brew into his hands. “Coruscant needs its marshal commander. And I need the income from your coffee addiction.”
Fox barked a laugh once more, his curls framing his face perfectly in his mirth. He smiled at you, wholly and happily, and you nearly went into cardiac arrest from how beautiful he was, framed by the afternoon sunlight streaming from the windows of your coffee house. The smile went a touch smug, and you knew Fox had seen how flustered you were.
“Yes, ma’am.”
You giggled like a pathetic little loth kitten as soon as Fox left your coffee house, completely caught up in your growing feelings and the subtle flirting that had just taken place. Biting your lip, you forced yourself to start your closing procedures.
The next morning, Fox didn’t come in. You were admittedly a little disappointed until Thorn showed up with a list of orders and a box in his hands.
“Commander wanted me to give this to you,” he said. His tone was both teasing and curious.
The new mug — big, white, and simple — instantly went on display at the very front of your impressive collection, the bright red fox in plain view for everyone to see.
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incorrectswquotes · 2 days ago
Anakin: Well, onto Plan 2.
Rex : Plan B, you mean?
Anakin: That would imply I only have twenty-six plans.
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helpinghanikan · a day ago
Siren Song
The Bad Batch x reader smut.
Sum: Many dangers can be found in the galaxy. Including a psychochemical weapon that raises the primal temptations in your men.
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Tumblr media
It’s not to say that other clone squads and legions are anything less than great, but there was something about Clone Force 99 that made your time with them more enjoyable. This wasn’t just because of their enhancements or talents or even their looks. It was more because of their inherent freedoms that other clones weren’t capable of.
It’s rare for one clone, even a ranking one, to question their superior. It’s only been with clone force 99 that the entire squad was ready to try and tweak your plans. Although, voicing their opinion really just means complaining.
“Hiking the whole way in was a stupid plan, Commander.” Wrecker says some steps behind.
This was how it’s been the entire way in. Each member taking a turn to complain about the hike in full armor and weapons. Even Hunter making a comment here and there about stopping at a stream no one else but he could hear. As if you had a choice in the landing of the Havoc Marauder. On a humid planet, with trees taller than the average Star cruiser, there was little no chance getting the Marauder in subtly. Instead you were to take a day long hike to reach the Separatist base.
At the same time Master Skywalker and his own men would engage enemy forces above the planet. Destroying the separatist communication base would not only disrupt the Separatist but also act as a distraction. In theory you and your men would have disappeared back into the woods before Separatist forces arrived.
For the most part that was what happened. The bulk of the mission going successfully; computer was wiped and collected, every droid Hunter could find was made obsolete, and the charges were set.
Separatist reinforcements made a fly by as the charges were being set. Three starfighters flew overhead, each dropping a payload of dark pink dust over the tree line.
In hindsight you really should have made the order to avoid the particles as much as possible. Instead it was simply assumed that the armor your men wore would be enough. You all only stopped when a mile distance was made between yourselves and the base. Even then, the momentum only slowed to a walk.
“What is this stuff?” Wrecker was the first to say, rubbing the pink dust between his fingers.
“It’s…sweet,” Hunter says, his thumb pressed under his nose to smell the dust deeply.
“It’s everywhere,” Crosshair adds. Falling inline to walk side by side with you. “But I don’t see it as a weapon they’ve used before.”
“Is it a Jedi thing?” Echo asks and four of the five men pause in the walk to look directly at you. Tech still looking at his pad without missing a step, making it a few feet ahead of everyone else.
“No, at least nothing I’ve heard of.” Was all you could say. “If the separatist are using it then there is no way it’d be associated with the Jedi. My credits are on residue from the gun ships during that fly by.”
There was a collective, but silent, groan that could be felt in the Force when Tech says “Actually….” Stopping several feet ahead of the group but making no move to join the rest of you. Instead forcing the audience to come to him.
“Actually it’s a Psychochemical weapon, code named Siren Song. Though there are only two recordings of it used in combat.” He says with an adjustment to his goggles. “General Obi-Wan Kenobi was the first person to come across it when he and a small squad of the 212th attack battalion infiltrated a separatist lab. General Kenobi reported no effects from the weapon on himself, but it affected his men greatly after the battle. The now destroyed lab was led by a disgraced Kaminoan. This was likely the reason the weapon was designed to only effect clones.”
It took a guiding hand to get Tech to walk and talk at the same time. Placing him in the center of the group so everyone could hear. Hunter was the only one not actively listening, keeping his head lowered to watch the trail at the very head of the group.
“So our fearless leader is in the clear.” Echo says, his human hand gently holding the back of your neck in a joking manner. You couldn’t help but smile along with it, but then going straight back to business.
“What exactly does the weapon do, Tech?” You ask.
“Starting symptoms include a raise in heart-rate, temperature and overall arousal. This will then lead to growing adrenaline which could cause cardiac-arrest, stroke or fatal interactions with others affected.” He says, with the same professionalism and enthusiasm he gives anything he explains. “It seems the weapon’s effects can be completely flushed from the body through orgasm release from a third party. It’s only through a mixture of hormones with a partner that the weapon can be overridden and, essentially, cured.”
It takes a few seconds for Tech to realize what he had suggested. It was the same story with the rest of men. No one was saying it, but everyone was obviously thinking it, and no one could make eye contact.
“We can make it back to the Marauder, at least.” Echo says, looking to Tech for a nod.
“It’s unclear when the effects will-.”
“We’ll make it.” Hunter interrupts Tech, his voice gruffer than usual.
It only took an hour for the affects to start showing on your men. At first it was easy to pretend the groans and moans coming from your men were simply from the hike. Then, after a particularly loud Ahh! from Wrecker he slammed his helmet down. Very soft, but very distinct, hissing stating that the internal cooling was activated.
Echo and Tech walked as if they were on their way to an execution. Faced forward, stone expression and absolutely no other movement than was necessary. You know it’s bad when Tech doesn’t even hold his pad while walking, as even that movement seemed to be too much.
The smart thing to do would be to slow down, let them get ahead and away from you, but Crosshair kept that from happening. He always manned the rear of the group, be it from a distance or even for travel. Slowing down away from the others just resulted in Crosshair coming in close from the back.
Usually, when getting close to Crosshair, his hand finds it’s way onto you. This was a trait that the entire batch had. As someone who practically lived deep in the Force it would take physical touch to make you aware of the living world. Instead of a sturdy hand on your back or one on your shoulder, he simply hovered. His fingers grazing lightly but immediately being pulled away.
Like the others he doesn’t say anything when you turn to look at him. Unlike the others he didn’t look away when you searched his face. Even in the dark of the woods it wasn’t hard to see the pale outline of his face, of a thinly pressed mouth, and the pink sprinkles in the white hair. He was never one to shy away from eye-contact, he and Hunter were similar in that regard.
It was only then that you realized your second in command was currently MIA. It’s hard to tell how long he had been gone exactly but it was enough to make you speak up after hours of silence.
“Where did Hunter go?” You asked. It seemed rude to be surrounded by men, all who failed to hide their wants, and ask for the one man not among them.
“He went up ahead.” Tech says, head looking to the ground. “We would have heard if anything happened to him. He would have whistled, he would called, he would have whistled…”
“He knows to get back to Marauder,” Echo interrupts.
“I was getting to that.” Tech is still staring at the ground, but he says it with irritation.
“You never get to it, Tech. You talk and talk.” Wrecker sounds just as annoyed as his brothers.
“Coming from someone who can barely string together a sentence.” It’s hard to tell if Crosshair was annoyed or not, as his voice always seems to have that edge to it.
There would be another hour or so hike back to the ship at this rate. Watching you men shuffle awkwardly just standing still was bad enough, hearing them start to fight was worse.
“Hey!” You snap, raising your voice just above their own.
In that split second you witnessed just how hard they were holding back. From faces down to the ground they all stared to you in the center of them. Wrecker, in his helmet, standing to full height. Tech leaning forward in an opposite reaction of Wrecker, his head tilting slightly to see your next move. Echo stepped forward into your space and slightly to the side, creating the smallest of barriers between you, Wrecker and Tech. Although you couldn’t see Crosshair had come closer from behind you. His restrained hand now loosened to gently touch your hand, a way to say he was there.
“There-we passed a waterfall on the way in. It connected to the stream we landed next to. Go there and get ready to camp for the night. We aren’t going to make it back to the Marauder at this rate.” You ordered, although any authority you once had seemed to have leaked out. The men slowly going back to their restrained attitude as you continue. Scrounging up the last of your confidence as a leader. “Hunter and I will meet you there once I find him. This wasn’t a suggestion, either.”
Taking a few steps off of the deer trail you’ve been following your men makes their way up the path. Albeit slowly, with many glances back towards you. You only stop returning those looks to open your holocomm to the Resolute, specifically to Master Skywalker.
“Someone is late,” Anakin says upon appearing in your palm.
When in a war room or in the presence of other Jedi he was Master Skywalker. When using private channels he was Anakin, the fellow Jedi who was only a few years ahead of you during your Padawan years. He was also the only one you could reach for help.
“Yeah, we’re gonna be really late. My squad has come across a psychochemical weapon and now they might be in trouble.” In the time it takes to say this Anakin’s smug look leaves and is replaced with crossed arms and nit eyebrows.
“What happened?” He asks.
It’s a juggle to walk through the woods while explaining everything that had happened. The symptoms and current state of your men. “Obi-wan faced it before with his own squad but I don’t know who else faced the Siren Song. I’m sorry but you are the only one I can ask.”
“I wasn’t there when Obi-wan’s men was hit with it, but I heard about it’s effects. If your men are truly affected, you need to get away from them. Immediately.” Anakin says.
A flash back to how your men looked. How different it was, yet not enough to make them strangers. It’s an intense feeling that is hard to explain. So intense that you can’t help but say; “I can help them, though. They’ll start falling apart if we wait too long.”
Anakin says your name. He says it the same way he said it to get you to pay attention, to break through your tears as a Padawan and to listen. Knowing Anakin’s reputation it was almost embarrassing when he was the rational one.
“I won’t be able to help you aside for waiting a day before leaving orbit. If you are going to do this you have to be sure, absolutely sure.” He says.
There was no hesitation on your end. “Yes, I am sure. We will rendezvous in the morning. Thank you.”
“You have the implant in, right? And your men are up to date?” He suddenly asks before you could hang up.
It was harder than it should have to not roll your eyes. It was the same question he would ask when you were younger, and boys became more than just that.
“Yes, Anakin. Thank you.” You say, quickly hanging up before the conversation could go any further in that direction.
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notreallybeccab · a day ago
Okay okay hear me out *pulls up conspiracy theory string board and clears throat*
Senator Fives
Now I know what you're thinking:
Becca, are you insane? He hates paperwork and politics and is definitely a thrill seeker who loves battle and is definitely probably a himbo. Cody or Rex or one of the higher ups should be a Senator
Consider the coconut:
Look at the way he's given impassioned speeches to his fellow brother
How he's willing to go the extra mile to get to the truth even if it puts himself in harm's way
AND the fact that he isn't in charge of a battalion/Platoon/unit/etc due to his ARC trooperness, meaning if he was shifted to working as a Senator, while sucky it will be to be down an ARC, there wouldn't really be a power shift in the 501 st.
He also knows Anakin, has seen the way Obi Wan negotiates, has definitely probably i would think? Met Padmé.
He's pretty averagely known while not being too respected to the point of people not willing to tell him if he fucks up
Would absolutely work with every single commander and battalion to make sure everyone is heard
Some Senator: While it is important to fund medical supplies for our army and our affected planets, *1* believe we should divert funding to infuse more business into out economy
Fives: I beg your pardon?! You want people to die so you can have more cash in your pockets? With all due respect, go kark yourself
He's got the bark, but he's also got the bite. He's sassy, but he's also highly determined. And above all else, he's a freethinker and definitely a loyal brother
Case. Closed.
Well I mean you can comment on it if you want dhshhahdhs I wrote this all down originally on a notepad at like 2am so shhh dhshshhs
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peerlesssunshine · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Huge thank you to @purgetrooperfox for allowing me to draw their amazing CG medic OC, Nocte! Fell in love with him instantly when reading their fanfiction, and definitely recommend checking out their writing. 💛
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gospelofme · 2 days ago
The Obiwan series is done filming. Our lord and savior Ewan says it “will not disappoint”. So here are some nice fan posters.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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