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pepperdew2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Proposing to Shane in the rain 馃導 sweet boy
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purplemushroom216 hours ago
How they react to you scaring them by Randomly screaming.
Sebastian: *unbothered expression as he looks over at you* Really?
Sam: *flails around* JEEEEEEEZ LOUISE! why the HELL did you do that?!
Alex: *shivers from being startled but tries to play it off* Is ya brain smooth or somethin? *chuckles* Don't yell like that you weirdo.
Elliott: *his cup of tea goes FLYING out of his hands* HEAVENS TO MURGATROYD!!! Farmer?! Goodness me, what is it?!
Harvey: *gasps loudly and goes on high alert, before realising you were just being silly* Farmer please *chuckles* That's not good for my anxiety.
Shane: *SCREAMS BACK, then gives you an unamused expression* Fuckin little idiot.
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strawduea day ago
so my friend guessed some stardew characters based off appearances
i dont know what i was expecting it went terribly
So anyway, I decided to draw them!
I鈥檒l be posting these one at a time cause art motivation low but starting with local emo boy one and only, Sebastian:
name: zane from aphmau
- "kill me" energy
- sk8r boi
- goes into hot topic on the weekends THE WEEKDAYS
- goes to poetry bash and writes poetry
- works at a candy store
- if you romance him he'll probably give you a gift of like- a broken heart and be like "this is my heart. but you can put it back together."
- twink
- submissive and breedable
Tumblr media
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synthionic11 months ago
Stardew valley said trans rights
Tumblr media
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foldingpaperflowers11 months ago
I know the cyberpunk epilepsy thing has been talked about a lot at this point. We, as epileptics, tend to focus a lot of energy on the "what was done badly" since it has such a drastic effect on our health, and strobes are such a big problem.
I was thinking about Stardew Valley, and kinda wanted to talk about the one tiny thing that made it accessible, and why it makes this game my favourite.
It seems surprising, thinking about it, that stardew valley could trigger seizures. I didn't think it would the first time I played it, and it wasn't until I got to winter that I actually had any problems.
You see, with photosensitivity its not necessarily about flashing so much as it is the sharp contrast and the change between colours. As well as how much of your vision is taken up by that movement speed.
While the storms during the other seasons didn't cause me issues (blue raindrops on a grey blue background) the snow storms did (white on a dark ish background)
The first time I saw the snow my heart completely shattered. I'd been watching stardew as it was developing and wanted to play it so badly. It felt so unfair that I played multiple hours before even finding out the game wasn't safe. I spent the rest of the night crying about it, which may sound stupid, but photosensitivity means you can't get excited for video games, and this was one of the few I let myself be excited about.
My ex gf was the one who pointed out the snow transparency setting after looking into it themselves. This one slider bar in the settings. Something I didn't think to check for since I rarely see them.
That slider made this game for me, and it was there when the game released. I can't tell you how much that single setting has made me cry over the years because one man decided it may be useful to some people.
When epileptics make posts about a specific video game or a movie or whatever its because we have examples of how easy it is to put in these settings! My bf's modded 3 games for me so they don't give me seizures and all he had to do was like change a timer? Or set images to static????
Keep your flashing lights if you need them for your "artistic vision" just give us the settings so we don't need to be scared
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hilltopfarm9 months ago
so when will lewis stop telling me about how bad the town is. mf its ur town
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snowneana3 months ago
Tumblr media
Diving deeper into the mines鈥
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rae-g7 months ago
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sploinky9 months ago
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purplemushroom220 hours ago
Shane: *walking into Marnies after work*
Marnie: *quickly wipes away a tear* O-oh! Shane, Hello..How was work? *smiles*
Shane: *narrows his eye's* Are you ok?
Marnie: Yes? Why wouldn't I be?
Shane: Puffy eyes, tissues on the desk, You've been cryin'
Marnie: I'm fine Shane.
Shane: ...Its Lewis isn't it
Marnie: *tears up again*
Shane: *angry expression and he clenches his fists* I dont know why you bother with him, he's an asshole.
Marnie: *chuckles through sadness* Shane!
Shane: *also laughs* What?! He is! He doesn't deserve you Aunt Marn, I hope you see that one day. *walks off*
Marnie: ..Shane.
Shane: *Turns his head* Yeah?
Marnie: ...Thanks.
Shane: *smiles and walks off*
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3elias11 months ago
Tumblr media
befriend sam by gifting him filthy joja cola fished from the bottom of the lake
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pepperdewcomms2 months ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to hop on the 鈥済iving Shane a gift dialogue鈥 trend. This caught me off guard when I got him a gift for the first time lmao
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wattse3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
100% Great friends a fast as possible .
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