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#stardew valley
ur sdv yandere cult made me buy that game and now i'm playing it 24/7. anyways, do u think elliott has a daddy kink or.. 馃憖馃槼

Me personally? I think he may have a small one. I don’t think he’s the type to be a hardcore “daddy” but that’s just the vibes I get from him. However that doesn’t mean I won’t write it for him if requested! He just acts so soft I don’t think he’d be the type to like humiliate unless he’s super super pent up ya know?

I will say that Daddy kinks are hard for me to write for mainly for the abuse and trauma I’ve had with an ex of mine. Long story short I was 16 -17 they were 19 almost 20 and they were just….Persistent to put it lightly.

So if you send an ask with that kink and it takes a while for me to finish it’s because I’m trying to heal and get over it not because I’m ignoring you UwU

-Mommabean (opens up emotion at 2:30 AM cause of low blood sugar )

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because I’m a dumbass I only realized on year 3 in game how to craft clothes……… at least Lily has a pretty outfit now lmao

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i really wish you could activate the ten and fourteen heart events even if you didn’t choose to romance that character in sdv

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