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#stardew valley abby
zetobiia month ago
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Uhm uh whoops here鈥檚 Abigail in some kind of wedding inspired look..?
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plasticartona year ago
Tumblr media
Abby is using her planchette as a weapon, and the monster is designed after the one that attacks during the 14 Heart event 鉁岋笍
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cam-me-boi8 months ago
Tumblr media
I actually like Abigail a lot! She鈥檚 a pretty cool character plus I love her design, it鈥檚 very cute.
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Abigail: oh, so it's "do what makes you happy" until I start crawling on people's rooftops dressed as a gargoyle and shrieking, then suddenly it's "not a useful skill" and "illegal", I see how it is.
Abigail: you call batman a "hero" for "saving the city" when he dresses up as a bat and does parkour, but when gargoyle girl does the same suddenly it's "disturbing the peace"? I'm so sick of your double standards. I'm going to become a super villain.
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imdoingstaff4 months ago
This game shows me happy life of my character and it's make me feel very bad about my own.
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queerofrock10 months ago
listen at ten hearts i should be allowed to take Abigail with me to fight monsters okay
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stardew-help-wanted9 months ago
Tumblr media
Abby wants to try out the hot pepper challenge :/
(submitted by @tobiasisthechaos)
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kohakusato8 days ago
Tumblr media
A little, dump ass doodle about Abigail asking me to practice sword fight. Damn long time no drawing on Tablet XD
And NO I don't like purple that much
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drabble-bundle9 months ago
abby + a socially anxious s/o!
鈫 she understands the farmer not feeling comfortable around groups of people and tries her best to make sure they don鈥檛 spiral
鈫 even though she feels too guilty to admit it, she is thankful that shes able to use the farmer as a crutch to lean on when she herself was getting sick of the townsfolk
鈫 shed invite them to hang out with her and the guys during the town events, or if need be just herself if the farmers having a particularly tough time
鈫 that is of course if the farmer actually decides to attend whatever event was going on, if not shed make sure to swing around to the farmhouse afterwards to make sure they were alright
鈫 more often than not making plans that support the farmers mentality never interfere with Abby's idea of fun; whether it be snooping around the forest or the mines, practicing her sword fighting or best of all staying inside to play video games, the two rarely need anyone else but themselves to enjoy their time together
鈫 if however the farmer has a bout of anxiety, which at times is impossible to avoid regardless, her protective instincts overtake everything else
鈫 she leads them away to a calming area, most likely by the water or to their farm depending on where in the town they were
鈫 she assures them that they're safe and offer them a drink of water, holding their hand if they're okay with it which they almost always are
鈫 she would sit for hours if they needed in order to calm down, making small conversation and cracking the occasional joke so the farmer feels comfortable
鈫 oddly enough it was during a moment like this when she realized her own feelings towards the farmer, having someone be so comfortable around her and depend on her to keep them safe while they were most vulnerable, it made her feel a way she had never felt before
鈫 she makes little trinkets for the farmer to fidget with during social situations where they may feel stressed; a small wooden ball with little divots, a latex balloon filled with un-milled rice, a tiny knapsack filled with lavender that Evelyn had been growing and a small bag of gemstones she had gotten from Emily
鈫 just by being around them, Abby herself feels her own social anxieties melt away, and much like she knows the farmer can rely on her to keep them safe, she feels the exact same way about them
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cam-me-boi9 months ago
Tumblr media
I decided to mix to of my favorite things. I thought Abigail would be perfect as Sailor Mars and Clover would be sailor Jupiter since she鈥檚 on the taller side. I thought it鈥檇 be a perfect fit. I could imagine her running around cause all sorts of stuff to happen dressed up as Sailor Jupiter!
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