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reallyghostlydinosaur · 6 days ago
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We NEED more content of them. Sorry if the first frame looks weird lmao, had a hard time trying to fit these to just 10 images :)
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sofiaruelle · 10 months ago
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This is I guess are the looks that I think are "close" to their Canon fits and this is what I think height would be like if they were to stood next each other.
Stardew Valley BachelorMasterpost:
And thats it. That was the fashion series!!!! Thanks joining me on this long as journey. Thank you for patiently waiting. Men's fasion is difficult. But i am pretty proud of this lol.
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Shane, Harvey, Sam, Sebastian, Alex, Elliot
✨Bachelorettes Masterpost✨
Am i going to do the npcs? *SHRUGS* but i do wanna draw Pam with Jennifer Coolidge's face hahhahaha
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cocoacake · 6 months ago
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elliott 😳✒️📕🦀
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banhbeotim · 8 months ago
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Gives you a Cheese if you get what Shane is getting at. 
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lord-ozymandias · 3 days ago
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more elliot’s
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ricekrispbee · 9 months ago
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Did some Six Fanarts on Instagram, but Stardew Valley edition! These were the bachelors + bachelorettes sent to me, had a lot of fun with this one! C:
Since I did 4/6 of the bachelors, I’m gonna do another Bachelor only version with Alex and Harvey soon! (Harvey really grew on me, so now I need to draw him too, hehe)
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swagdewvalley · 29 days ago
in my recent play though i just got 3 lobsters early early game… elliott will be mine
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transmasccastle · 8 months ago
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my gay little farmer after waking up at the ass crack of dawn to go get lobsters for elliot the tenth day in a row
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duckie-saurus-valley · 28 days ago
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Darling, I miss you terribly. I pen this letter in the middle of the night hoping that you’ll come home from the island sooner than expected.
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I miss you, in every sense of the word. I miss the whir of the sewing machine as you magic new clothes for our daughter. I miss the sound of you going through the many chests that line our farmhouse looking for Yoba knows what. I even miss the way you would play around on the piano, making sure to hit the wrong keys for the wrong notes, just to lure your husband into sitting and playing along with you.
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My loneliness has caused me to make a nest of pillows on our bed for Calli to sleep in instead of her sleeping in her crib.  Everywhere I look, in each part of our little home, there is an imprint of you. 
From the mismatched colorful mugs and the handpainted sunflower murals on our walls to Calli’s crocheted blueberry dress, all I see is you. The love of my life, The home in which my heart resides.
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I shamefully admit that you are stronger than I. You survived a week of my reading tour, while I can’t even last three days without your presence. 
Come home, my love.
- Elliott
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megandrawsathing · 3 months ago
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I married Elliot in my latest play through. I have to admit: as sweet as he is, I miss Harvey. 😋 Anywho, pomegranate + junimo blanket snuggles.
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under-the-spectral-gaze · 4 months ago
While Vday is nearing, I couldn't help but picture Sam trying to woo @carpsurprise oc Mallard singing Dean Martin's "Thats Amore," except he forgets the lyrics. I didn’t think such a song would perfectly encapsulate their relationship dynamic then a typically overused romantic song. And yes that is Elliott's boat that he stole, what a gangster. Mallard doesn’t sound the least bit amused.
Tumblr media
The pissed off mariner, Mallard belongs to @carpsurprise
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dreemurr-skelememer · 10 months ago
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oh yes i doodled elliot today
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sofiaruelle · 10 months ago
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Finishing up the fashion seriesy with our fave trustfund kid who moved to Stardew Valley to write.
Shane, Harvey, Seb, Alex, Sam
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leeleelikestoart · 3 months ago
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Glissando - Page 98
We have a plan! Harv seems a little less than thrilled though 😂
Previous Page / Next Page
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
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banhbeotim · 9 months ago
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SHE trio, right to left.
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prismatic-shard · 11 months ago
ayo ,,, ahaha,,, what if-
u did a hc of the reader’s first time being with shane or ellliiioooootttttttt im a hopeless romantic who prefers fixing ppl rather than myself
Tumblr media
pictured: me @ shane
bro what if I did,,, 😳😳
Shane and Elliott First Times
Elliott is a hopeless romantic, he fantasises about the perfect night with his love. Candles, rose petals, and music playing softly in the background..
So romantic~
But he’s not smooth in the slightest, he’s actually really flustered at this situation. He loves you and wants to give you the best of care! He’s a gentleman.
I think he has some experience but not too much outside of casual relationships.
He wants to give you the world and to make you comfortable, he doesn’t want to harm you in any way..
He whispers sweet nothings into your ear, while gently caressing your body. He just stares at you in awe.
He doesn’t judge body types, he likes whatever he likes. A bit chubbier? Hell yeah. A little skinny? Hell yeah! He doesn’t care.
He is so slow with you, he cares so much that every touch every kiss is so soft and loving. Which can get annoying but he’s trying his best..
Big on foreplay, he will tease the hell out of you. He wants to feel every part of you and savour all your noises.
You can tease him back if you want to, he surely won’t mind.
He just blushes at hearing you breathe. He’s a mess when he hears you whimper and moan.
He holds your hand the whole time, no exceptions!
His dirty talk just makes you squirm alone. Praising you and mumbling soft words of affirmation.
He always makes sure you finish, you usually will finish right before him.
Whatever his farmer needs he will do.
If they want to bathe or shower together, Elliott is all for it, if they just want to cuddle, that’s fine too.
Big sentimental after a scene, he just wants to hold you and tell you how amazingly you did.
It’s your first time with him, of course he has to be cheesy.
Shane is literally in disbelief, he still thinks it’s some kind of cruel joke on him.
Who would ever want to date him, let alone sleep with him?
He’s really nervous about the whole thing. He doesn’t know what to do or when to do it, he doesn’t know what to say, what to look at.
You have to reassure him that you want to do this and that you love him.
He has like no experience doing this stuff, he’s not a virgin he just doesn’t get too much action.
For his first time, he’s at a rather medium pace. Not too slow but not too fast.
He gets flustered easily and gets impatient but will hold off. He wants to show he cares at least.
Not exactly smooth at dirty talking but he tries his best, is more like playful banter and teases.
He looks over your entire body, how are you so good looking?! He feels insecure about his body but he doesn’t want to ruin the moment.
You two will just spend time together breathing and touching each other softly.
He’s so red faced just by seeing you like this, wether it’s on top or bottoming out. He just adores you.
He loves your body so much, nipping and kissing at your skin. Loving all the little noises you make.
He’s more embarrassed about making noise himself, but he lets out a few groans.
He speeds up more near the end with foreplay, he’s really impatient by the end of teasing.
He squeezes at your body, always wanting to touch you no matter what you two are doing.
He always finishes you off, wether he finishes before you or not.
He likes showering with you but he’d rather just sleep and clean up in the morning.
He just holds you and nuzzles into your neck, he gets really tired after a scene.
He makes breakfast in the morning to his best ability for you.
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undedturtle · 7 months ago
Rating Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates Again but I’m at 8 hearts this time
Ok so it's been like 6 months, I've dedicated the past yearish of my life to this game (mostly just doing projects on the farm). I officially got all 8 heart events so this time I know the characters.
Alex: 8/10 - I don’t see why the fandom doesn’t like him. He’s sweet and he has a heartfelt storyline and he’s a himbo who plays whatever gridball is with me.
Abigail: 20/10 - she still eats rocks and i would still die for this alt bi gamer girl with cool hair.
Elliott: 7/10 - huge chaotic/flamboyant bi energy. He wrote a romance novel dedicated to me. He’s fun. I still like him.
Emily: 6/10 - she still can’t see the Juminos, who are the real MVPs of this game. But she has bird friends, which is pretty cool. She’s cute but just not my type I’m sorry. Unrelated can someone keep Clint away from her?
Harvey: 3/10 - He’s still too old for me and still kind of boring. This is my rating so I make the rules.
Haley: 10/10 - why do you guys not like her? She’s no more mean than Sebastian and Shane. She’s so cute and takes photos and has such high femme sapphic energy. I want to give her flowers and hold her hand.
Leah: 9/10 - huge sapphic energy I love her. She made me a statue! We don’t stan her ex. They suck.
Maru: 12/10 - i love a sapphic black woman in STEM.
Sam: 8/10 - He’s nice!
Sebastian: 7/10 - He’s fine. I see why you all like him. And I totally relate to the “you’re not my dad thing” but it still feels weird that he hates the only black guy in town. I can’t be too mean to a fellow emo programmer though.
Shane: 6/10 - Ok I agree he has a good story-line but that same story-line was also kind of triggering so I really can’t bring myself to rate him any higher than this. He’s the second most popular character on ao3 so you just have to deal.
Penny: 6/10 - she’s sweet but in a kind of boring way? Her two heart event felt... weird. Pam is a kind of shitty mom.
Krobus: 42301/10 - I would die for him. How do I get a void pendant? I want to be in a QPR with him and give him void eggs in the morning.
coop players: 1000/10 - we go mining together and give each other flowers and it’s just nice.
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lizardfootman · 4 months ago
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The trio came out exactly how I wanted!! 💕
Harvey is super duper tiny, but also super cute-- Shane looks like a titan next to him. 😂
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lazy-ghost-zzz · 3 months ago
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That trend meme thingy but it's Elliott bc i love him
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princehavocknife · a year ago
Elliott, Alex, Sam, and Sebby at the Beach
10/10 would make a sand castle
Would eventually find a crab to live in the sandcastle
Also gets sunburnt lmao because he forgot to put on sunscreen
10/10 upsetti spaghetti if someone ruined his crab home
Would definitely call farmer over to flex about his sandcastle
“Look what I did, now the crab has a home :)” “that’s nice Ellie, can you teach me how to make one?”
Beyond excited to show farmer how to make the best sandcastles
Would definitely bring ice cream only for himself and a ball of some sort to play with
Ends up arguing with Sam over the ice cream
Accidentally steps on Elliott’s sand castle when he wasn’t looking and blames it on Sam
Also gets sunburnt lmao
Trips and eats a mouthful of sand whilst doin somethin with the ball he brought
Has farmer help him out then ask them to join him
Sits with Sebastian under the umbrella tryna to convince him to go play with him
Eventually settles for tossing Sebastian over his shoulder when he doesn’t budge
Puts on sunscreen first because Sebastian reminded him
Throws Sebby into the water and soon regrets it when he gets yanked into the water right after
Lots of splashing and forcing Sebby to move if he tries to stay submerged in water
About to throw hands with Alex after his stolen ice cream gets snatched back
Farmer stops the fight though and forces Alex to share with them so they can share with Alex
Had fun and didn’t get sunburnt like those two suckers >:)
Didn’t even want to go lmao
Went to spend time with Farmer because they asked him to and bribed him with a frozen tear
Dreads the half hour Sam was bothering him and was about to give in when Sam just tossed him over his shoulder
You bet your ass he didn’t let Sam step one foot into the sunlight without making him put sunscreen on the both of them
Not about to get his pale ass burnt because of Sam lmao
Get angy when Sam throws him in and yanks him in as well then laughs when he gets a mouth full of salt water
Looks for sea stars and maybe crabs if Elliott lets him
I hope this was fun to read 👀 Tell me what you think :)
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