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introverted-scribblings · 7 months ago
"You're going to catch a cold..." || (Shane)
I haven't written anything for Stardew Valley in a while so this was kinda fun once I got into the swing of it.
I hope you guys enjoy!! (wc: 1550)
Tumblr media
It was another day of work for Shane. Another day of stocking shelves at JojaMart. It was a soul-killing job but it helped pay rent. He couldn’t really complain about that. As he left Marnie’s ranch that morning, he spotted the new farmer by the river with a fishing pole in hand.
You heard footsteps on the cobble path behind you. Turning, you saw Shane presumably on his way to work. The two of you caught eyes for a moment. You smile and wave to him, watching as he frowns at you and continues walking. Your shoulders slump and you turn back to the task at hand. Fishing.
As Shane approached the building that was JojaMart, he noticed gray clouds rolling in. Grumbling, he stepped inside before it began to rain. It was just a drizzle, but it was enough to certainly be an annoyance on his way home that evening.
It felt like hours upon hours stocking the shelves of the store. And once the clock hit 5pm and his shift was over for the day, Shane stretched his back and planned on heading to the Stardrop Saloon for a drink or two.
Leaving the building, he was irritated to find that the rain from that morning had only gotten worse. Going from a drizzle to an outright downpour. Cursing quietly to himself, he began his walk through the abysmal weather towards the warmth and shelter of the saloon.
After a few drinks and a stern look from Gus, Shane decided it was probably time to head back to Marnie’s and sleep off his buzz so that he could work the next day. Leaving the saloon, he found the rain to be as bad as it was earlier, if not worse. With a sigh, he trekked through the cold towards home.
As he walked past the river, a figure caught his eye once more.
You were still there, fishing pole in hand as the bobber floated in the rippling water.
He couldn’t help the thought. Had you been there all day? Why the hell were you still out in this weather? And so late at night too. He shook his head and continued on his path back to the ranch.
“Damnit!” You grumble, perhaps louder than intended, as the fish at the end of your line escaped you. With a sigh, you reel in the hook and reach into your bag to grab more bait.
Your exclamation caught Shane’s attention as he walked by, stopping once more despite the rain and looking in your direction. It was hard to see your expression, the light of the streetlamp only reaching so far. The weather certainly wasn’t helping either. Though he could only assume it was a look of frustration.
The thought of you standing there all day crossed his mind once more. Alone by the river out in the rain for Yoba only knows how long. Maybe it was the alcohol, but his mind was suddenly swarmed by thoughts of you. Every time you tried to speak with him, only to have him brush you off. Every time you gave him a gift for seemingly no reason, a smile on your face. A pang of… guilt struck his heart. And he felt the need to… check on you? Apologize for being an ass when you were only trying to be nice? Either way, he found himself approaching you.
You were surprised when someone cleared their throat beside you, nearly dropping your pole. You were even more surprised to see who it was. His expression still sour, yet it seemed to soften at your startled squeak. The two of you stared at each other for a second before you spoke. “Hey, Shane,” you started. “What brings you here?” The confusion was evident in your voice.
Shane opened his mouth and shut it again, trying to find the right words. “What are you doing out here?” He asked. He winced inwardly at his harsh tone.
You look at him and back to the tool in your hands. “Um… fishing?” You say with a sheepish smile.
“In this weather?” He asks.
You shrug before feeling a tug on the line, your attention brought back to the river. Quickly, you attempt to reel in the fish that took the bait only to curse once more as it escaped once again. You hang your head and sigh heavily.
Shane watched your shoulders drop and even through the haze leftover from his drinks he could see the exhaustion beginning to weigh on you. “How long have you been out here?” He asked.
You shrug again as you reel in your line and reach for more bait.
Without thinking, Shane reaches for your hand. Grabbing your wrist before you could open your bag. “It’s fucking freezing out, you should go home.” He says. Perhaps it was the chill of the night or the stinging of the cold rain that was causing him to sober up. Or perhaps it was the growing concern for this kind farmer who he suspected had indeed been out here all day.
You roll your eyes. “It’s fine, Shane,” you laugh. “Catfish only show up when it’s raining, so I have to stay out here if I want to catch one.” You try to tug your wrist from his grasp only for him to hold on tighter.
“The only thing you’re going to catch out here is a cold,” he frowned.
Your eyes widen before you begin to frown as well. “I’ll be fine,” you say.
“Bullshit,” he replies. “You’re going to end up sick if you stay out here. The weather is only going to get worse.” As he spoke, the distant sound of thunder rolled across the night sky. He gives you a look that clearly read ‘I told you so’.
You sigh. “I promise, I’ll go home as soon as I catch this fish. It’s important,” you mumble. You think back to the community center and the strange creatures that need your help. You had to catch this catfish for them, you had to repair the community center otherwise it would be torn down. And you knew in your heart that you couldn’t let that happen.
Shane scoffed. “Important how?” His question was dry. He clearly didn’t believe you.
You look away from him. “You wouldn’t understand,” you murmur. How on earth would you explain that magical sprites need your help and that catching a catfish would repair the community center. Even while drunk you were sure he would think you’re crazy… if he didn’t already.
Shane didn’t say anything, he only shook his head. He hadn’t let go of your wrist, your skin felt like ice. “It’ll rain again,” he grumbled. “Just go home… please…” His voice barely above a whisper.
You were about to argue again when a sneeze overtook you. That seemed to be the final straw for the man as he bent down, using his free hand to grab your bag before tugging you away from the river and towards Marnie’s ranch. You tried to fight his grip, but waves of exhaustion were hitting you like bricks. “Where are we going?” You finally ask.
“Marnie’s,” he replies. “You need to get out of the cold.”
“You can sleep in my room, I don’t need you passing out trying to get back to your farm,” he says, cutting you off. Shane wasn’t sure where this was coming from, but the very thought of you not making it home… the thought of you hurt out in the rain… it made his heart ache.
“But what about you-?”
“Don’t worry about it,” he cut you off again.
You could feel your vision growing blurry, and the thought of a warm bed was so appealing. Even if it wasn’t your own.
Twisting your wrist in his grip, you manage to wriggle it free enough to grasp his hand in yours, lacing your fingers together. “Thank you, Shane…” you whisper, barely audible above the pouring rain.
Shane could feel his cheeks flush at your words. He blamed the alcohol still in his system. However, the thought did cross his mind of how natural it felt holding your hand. He felt the warmth on his face grow. “Don’t mention it,” he mumbled as Marnie’s ranch came into view.
Everything was a blur after that. You were given a towel and some dry clothes, your eyes heavy as you changed in the bathroom before making your way to the kitchen where Shane was waiting for you. By the time he guided you to the bed and your head hit the pillow, you were out like a light.
Shane watched you for a moment, the peaceful state you were in was comforting in a strange way. He shook his head, planning on taking some painkillers for his inevitable headache in the morning and crashing on the small couch in the corner of his room. With one last look at your sleeping form, he left the room to go grab those painkillers.
As he readied himself for sleep, his thoughts were filled with you once again and his heart felt… warm. He’d apologize for being rude to you in the morning. And hopefully, this would be the start of making up for it.
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yeehawbvby · 2 months ago
Oops, I tripped and fell and very quickly/sloppily wrote a super corny Sebastian x reader one-shot based off of this comic:
Tumblr media
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harukaprism · 14 days ago
A little family
Pairing: Sebastian (SDV) x F!Reader
Warnings: None, just straight up fluff.
Word Count: 775
Dawn's notes: If you know Grandpa's Theme that is the song you are playing, if you don't know it, listen to it. I have been playing a lot of Stardew Valley (yay for putting my gaming laptop to work for once) and I just really love Sebastian.
Tumblr media
Days like this were some of the worst, a sick child who could not sleep a full night or a hold food down most of the time, while you were working hard on the farm Sebastian took your son Kai to Harvey. 
“Here is the prescription that he will need to take everyday for the next week, if it doesn’t get better bring him back to me and we can do something more.” The good doctor smiled at him.
Sebastian was tired, Kai was tired and he could only imagine what you were feeling; working outside in the warm summer heat of Pelican Valley tending to the farm, taking care of the animals, helping out the town in what little time you had, raising your son with him. “Thanks doc, we will keep you updated.” With that he made his way out of the clinic, saying goodbye to Maru on his way. 
Luckily Kai was sleeping now as the medicine kicked in with his system, slowly he stepped onto the farm, spotting you in a big sun hat to prevent a sunburn your head shot up as the farm animal ran from your side to his. “What did Harvey say?” You asked making your way over petting the cows on the way. 
“He said that some medicine everyday for a week should help him and if it does not get better bring him back. We will have to get ready for a possible trip to a Zuzu city hospital.” Sebastian was so new to this that it was stressful, he was thinking about the money the two of you would have to save, who would watch the farm during that time for you? 
“Sebastian,” your voice brought him out of his head as you took Kai from his arms making sure to keep him out of the sun. “If we have to go to Zuzu city we will, we have the money, we can ask Sam and Abby to take care of the farm for us. It will be okay.” 
“Okay.” Taking a deep breath as his eyes met yours. “Okay dear.” Seeing you smile holding your kid made him feel better, the three of you were going to be okay, everything will be fine. 
“You are doing great as a father, he is lucky to have you.” With that you placed a kiss on his cheek and started walking to the house. “I’m going to lay him in his bed, I am almost done with farmwork so why don’t you stay inside and I will take a rest day.”
That is exactly what he needed, he followed you inside, sitting down in his chair in the living room. He was a good father, you said that he was. He was taking care of his baby unlike his father, he was present in his son's life, he loved his son. 
It only took roughly an hour before Kai was up and crying again, instantly Sebastian was on his feet running up the stairs taking his boy out of his crib, rocking him. You were inside a few minutes later, quickly getting a cool compress and some warm milk, trying to make him feel better. 
After a few minutes the three of you moved downstairs into your shared bedroom sitting on the bed staying close as a family. Sebastian didn’t know how long this went on with the three of you sitting together before night fell. 
You looked tired, ready to just collapse but he watched as you carried Kai over to his keyboard and started to play a slow smooth medley humming along as the toddler sat in your lap watching as your fingers danced so carefully over the keys. 
“What are you doing?” Sebastian asked curiously as he joined you on the bench. 
“When I was a baby and couldn’t sleep my grandfather used to play this for me and it put me right to bed, said it worked on my dad too.” Your smile was a sleepy one as you played, it seemed to still have an effect on you. 
The three of you sat in silence as the notes went through your house, the crying of your child stopped and soon snoring took its place. “It works on the little guy.” He whispered looking at the young boy with a head full of black hair slumped against your stomach. 
Suddenly your head met his shoulder as your breathing slow and gentle, the medley worked on you too. Carrying the two of you to bed, Sebastian slid in right next to you. “Thank you, for giving me everything I could have ever wanted.”
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hometownbard · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
For this moment, Harvey is prismatic.
I was SO excited to commission a piece from @moonlightfarmsdv from one of my fics, Prismatic. I finished it back in January and I’ve been dying to see Harvey’s journey towards color ever since. Thank you for bringing part of the epilogue to life, Kel! 🤍💙❤️🧡💜💛💚
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buttonso · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Aura leaned forward, squinting as the gentle blue-green glow rippled across the surface of the water. A reverential hush had fallen over the pier, the townsfolk lowering their voices to the softest of murmurs, as if their voices would frighten away the otherworldly creatures drifting in on the waves.
“Don’t lean too far,” Harvey chided, chuckling as his hand closed around her arm. “As hard as you’ve been working, you could pitch right in.”
She opened her mouth for a snappy retort, but the urge left as quickly as it came. “Would you jump in and save me if I did?” The bodies of individual jellies were now visible, tentacles swaying hypnotically with the rhythm of the water. Harvey was right; she was exhausted. Any other night they would’ve gone to bed by now. But she couldn’t stand to miss the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies.
“I’d run to get help from someone more likely to succeed,” Harvey answered, his body warm against her back as she straightened up and leaned into him. She hadn’t even realized she was cold. “I think we’d both be in a pickle if I tumbled in after.” His tone was light, teasing. There was a time not too long ago he would have seriously fretted about the lack of ability to perform a purely-theoretical act of physical prowess.
“Another summer come and gone,” She said as Harvey’s arm slid around her waist.
“I feel luckier every year,” He murmured into her ear as a particularly bright, green jellyfish drifted by.
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frozen-tear · a year ago
how seb shows affection
- biting. a lot of the time when he’s working late he’ll have you straddle him with your arms around his neck while he finishes and without taking his eyes off the screen he’ll just turn down a bit and bite your arm softly. if you put a finger up to his lips to shush him he’ll playfully gnaw at it. however, his favorite thing to do is bite at your cheeks because it always makes blush and giggle so prettily <3
- snacks. he doesn’t really excel at cooking but he can make a mean snack. if he knows you’re going to come over he’ll buy your favorite chips and candy so you can have them. if he knows you’re working on the farm during the summertime he’ll cut up some chilled fruit and get you your favorite gatorade. he knows you’re going to explore the caves? no worries! this man prepped you cut veggies, hummus, some pizza rolls (his last bag), and a canteen of the energy drink his mom uses when she has a long day of work
- nursing you. living with maru he was bound to pick up some medical knowledge. he made you a little first aid kit to carry with you when you’re out monster hunting. if you end up passing out before getting home he’ll make sure you take your vitamins and get extra sleep the following morning. don’t even get me started if you catch a cold this man is singlehandedly buying pierre’s entire chicken noodle soup stock and harvey’s energy tonic.
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ripleylacross · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“A big, strong man like you, reduced to babbles and moans by a little thing like me." Haley’s breath was warm against my face, and I nodded helplessly. "I suppose,” she sighed, “good boys deserve rewards.”
Mmm yes, finally some proper fanart for @tenderhaze's Flannel and Silk; A lovely Stardew Valley longfic, peppered with great smut and quality relationships u_u
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crowfootwrites · 7 months ago
My Sebastian drabbles have been the most popular, so the 29th is another for you Seb stans! Idk why I always write him as pining but it is what it is I guess lol.
Read more Stardew Valley Drabbles if you wanna!
29. Smoke (Sebastian x GN!Farmer)
A trickle of smoke arose from the tip of his still-smoldering cigarette, resting in the ashtray the farmer had given him as a Winter Star present. They’d made it, they had told him proudly at the Feast, as he’d unwrapped it, the ceramic frog staring cheerfully back at him amidst the festive tissue paper. He’d been speechless. No one had ever given him such a thoughtful, personalized gift for the town’s secret gift exchange. Sebastian thought amusedly back to the year Gus had presented him with a complete breakfast, not realizing Sebastian hated eggs.
The farmer was different, though. They were observant and thoughtful and generous. The longer Sebastian thought about it, the more positive attributes he could name. He sat in front of his bedroom window, cracked just enough to let the smoke out into the frigid night, lost in thought. The distant barking of one of the farmer’s herding dogs snapped him out of his trance. Stubbing out the cigarette, he stood and tugged his heavy, black coat on resolutely, dressing himself for the freezing trek down to the farm to tell the farmer how he felt.
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emofrogboy79 · a year ago
Under your umbrella
It wasn’t often Sebastian had crushes. Even less so, serious crushes. When he first realized he might have feelings for the farmer, it hit him like a train.
Sebastian x Gender Neutral! Farmer based off of Seb’s 8 heart event. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it! I’ve changed up some of the lines to hopefully fit the dialogue better but a warning nonetheless.
Words: 872
CW // Light suicidal ideation based off one of Seb’s lines (“If I just disappeared would it really matter?”) and smoking (because it’s Seb)
Sebastian puffed out a cloud of tobacco, his cigarette magically still alight in the dreary rain that fell over Pelican Town. The darkly dressed man let the weather soak him to the bone, wanting to fully immerse himself in the atmosphere. It wasn’t often that it rained, especially during summer, so he took every opportunity he could to bask in his favorite weather.
The clouds hung close to earth with a low rumble, and as the smoke from his cigarette lifted into the air, the boy absentmindedly wondered if he would be able to touch a cloud if he went high enough.
If he did, would he be able to disappear when the rain does? Taking his dreariness with him, like the passing shower over a field of flowers? Would anyone notice? Would anyone care? Some part of him hoped someone would, but that felt as unlikely as finding a fish with a diamond in it’s mouth.
At the peak of his spiral, a creak in the dock pulls Sebastian out of his thoughts.
Irritated, he glares behind him only to see the farmer approaching with the same carefree look on their face as they always did, despite being equally as drenched.
“Oh. Hey, I’m surprised to find you out in the rain.” Sebastian’s expression softens. He hasn’t known the farmer for long, but the eccentric homesteader had wormed their way into his and his friend’s hearts. It seems like they could smile at anything, despite how bad things got. For that reason, they were the rock of their group, and it was an attribute that Sebastian was mildly jealous of, though— he could guess that came with it’s own drawbacks.
“So am I,” A curious look twinkled in the farmer’s soft eyes, “What brings you out here, drenched in the rain?”
Sebastian hummed, “Cloud watching,” he feigned ignorance at his quite obvious brooding.
“Oh?” The farmer lets out an interested hum as they turn to look at the clouds.
“I kinda hope they come this way.” They murmur, just loud enough for Sebastian to hear. He nods, “Same.”
There was a beat of silence before Sebastian lets out a quiet sigh, “I like this weather because it makes everyone disappear, y’know?” The typically reserved man finds himself talking, unknowingly finding himself doing more of it around the farmer, “Being around other people makes me anxious.”
The farmer’s gaze rested on their friend with an understanding look. However, Sebastian keeps his eyes locked onto the sea.
“Though, I don’t feel that way about you.” A small smile tugged at his lips, and he could vaguely tell the farmer was looking at him. He couldn’t bear to return the favor, though, feeling anxious at the mere thought of what expression could be on their face.
That is, until he heard the flustered giggle.
When he turned back to him, the farmer’s hand was over their mouth with a big, goofy smile hiding just underneath, cheeks tinted with a light pink. The sight made Sebastian’s heart clench.
“Really? I’m glad.” Their laugh felt so much lighter to hear than usual, “I’ve wanted to be someone you can depend on, after all.”
Crimson slowly bloomed across Sebastian’s face, and he swallowed, hard. What did they mean by that? Did they mean anything at all? His heart was going a million miles a minute, while his brain short circuited and went blank. He looked away.
…He must have had too many cigarettes today.
Yeah, that was it, this shitty tar stick was messing with his head. He should set up an appointment with Harvey to get his heart checked.
Mentally shaking his head from his thoughts, he let out a sound that resembled an embarrassed, chain smoking cat before mumbling, “We’re getting soaked.”
“Hm?” The farmer looked amused as Sebastian fumbled for his umbrella and opened it, uselessly pulling up his hood in the process to hide his blush.
“Here, there’s uh… room for two.” He half whispers the last part, and thankfully, the farmer hears, who simply chuckles.
“Oh? Thank you.” They lean under the umbrella and the two lightly brush shoulders. The farmer radiated heat like a furnace and Sebastian could feel himself sweat just being near them.
“No problem,” Sebastian replies, hiding a smile. Unbeknownst to him, the farmer’s wide grin turns sheepish as they look down at their shoes, which nearly touch under the limited space under the umbrella.
They stayed like that for a while, their hands brushing every now and again as the pair watched the rain for a few more hours, talking about meaningless things to fill some of the empty air. For once, Sebastian didn’t mind the company— Just hearing the farmer’s voice was enough to make him lose track of time.
It wasn’t until he made it back home that Sebastian realized what had happened and he dove into his bed in shame and embarrassment.
He rolls over on his bed, arm covering his rouge colored cheeks, and he lets out an uneasy, hopelessly enamored sigh.
How did he let himself get this bad?
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lizardfootman · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
A commission I did for the lovely RobyneWren from the Grapefruit Sky discord! 💖 She is under the same handle on A03, and these pieces in particular reference a scene from the latest chapter of her SDV fanfic Larks Still Bravely Singing!
It is brilliant and gorgeous, so please read it! (Especially since there is a new chapter releasing tonight!! 💕👀)
I am so so happy I got to draw out my vision of this scene! ❤️ Thank you so much RobyneWren, and I look forward to enjoying the incredible Stardew content you produce so beautifully! ✨
(more of a deeper kiss below the cut!)
Tumblr media
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pepperdew · a year ago
💕 How the Bachelors Propose to You:
Alex: He would bring you near the bathhouse late one fall evening. After spending some time in the warm water surrounded by each other’s arms, he would take out the mermaids pendant and put it on you. The two of you would stay in the bathhouse alone, listening to the sounds of the water and looking out at the moon through the windows.
Elliott: Elliott would take you to the beach one night, walking barefoot in the sand by the water. He would slowly start dancing with you, whispering how much he loves you and how much you mean to him. He will get on one knee and take out the mermaids pendant, looking into your eyes and taking in how amazing you look in the moonlight. After he puts it on you, the two of you continue to slowly dance by the water.
Harvey: Harvey is extremely shy, he’s scared to tell you how he feels as he fears being rejected. Instead of using his words, he will bring you to his house one night, his apartment decorated with cute fairy lights and flowers everywhere. He will pretend to show you a model plane he’s working on only for you to find the pendant on it. Finding courage, he will explain why he wants to marry you and why you mean so much to him. He puts the pendant on you and Harvey plays calming music while you eat dinner together and talk about how you both feel.
Sam: Sam will invite you to his house one night, bringing you into his bedroom and letting you sit on his bed while he plays an instrumental song on acoustic guitar. You both enjoy sitting in the room and focusing on the music. All of a sudden Sam stops playing the guitar, asking you to go into his bin of guitar pics and get him one. You look in the bin to find the mermaids pendant in there. He laughs, enjoying the surprise on your face. You say yes, hugging him and putting on the pendant. You ask him to play a couple songs for you and he gladly plays them.
Sebastian: He will take you on a ride on his motorcycle while the sun is setting. He loves to watch your hair blow in the wind in his mirror while he is driving, taking in your content and relaxed face as you enjoy the fresh hair. He takes you to a nice spot on top of a hill, looking out to a lake. He will talk to you about how he feels so much happier being with you and how he feels like he has more of a purpose now that you two are together. He talks about how he never wants the feeling to go away, and then proposes to you. He holds you the entire evening, not wanting to let you go. Every so often he will give you kisses and whisper how much you mean to him. He’ll let you wear his sweater to keep you warm. He wants to make sure you are comfortable.
Shane: Shane tries to fall asleep during a thunderstorm but can’t, having a trauma response to the sound of thunder from when he was at the cliffs. His mind goes dark until he reminds himself that you are with him and you made his life so much better. He realizes that the thoughts aren’t enough and he needs you with him. He goes to your farm, knocking on the door quickly. As you open the door, he’s drenched from the rain. He instantly kisses you passionately, then gets on one knee. He pulls out the pendant, trying to find the words to say, and before he could say anything, you kiss him for what feels like minutes. You put the pendant on and kiss him, saying yes with every peck.
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rapha3liii · 10 days ago
Hi I’m writing a cool transmasc Sebastian / transmasc Reader (t4t) fanfic! Come check it out!
I’m writing the fic slowburn but also trying to make it so at least the majority of it could be queerplatonic / non romantic however I do want to have romance later on!
Seb and Reader are also written to more traditional transgender experiences [ gender affirming hormone therapy, surgeries, gender & body dysphoria, cis assuming / presenting, he/him pronouns ] Im sorry if that doesnt fit your personal experience of being transmasc etc but I am writing this self indulgently!
Slow burn | No / little implied NSFW | A tinsy bit of angst | Side plots | Characters sometimes deviate from canon
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myharveyhoney · 10 months ago
“Don’t forget to take two a day, and the pain should subside greatly. Don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions.” Harvey smiled as he held the door open for Evelyn. She stopped in the doorway and looked up at him with kind, thankful eyes.
“Harvey, honey,” she smiled. “Thank you. I was wondering though--”
He held his breath. Evelyn always did this. She would sit through an entire appointment with a sweet smile while greatly downplaying all of her arthritic pain, then on her way out drop some bombshell of a medical concern that required immediate attention. A few years ago she literally had internal bleeding and didn’t mention any of her symptoms until she was halfway out the door.
“When are you going to ask that farmer on a date?”
Harvey’s heart sank into his stomach and his eyes widened. “Oh, I-”
“I see you two taking walks around town together. You always look so happy.”
Harvey let out a nervous chuckle. “Sure, they’re great. A lot of fun, actually, I just--”
“Doctor Harvey, if you don’t mind,” Evelyn sighed. “I’ve been watching people in this small town fall in love since before you were even born. I can see it on your face. You might not know it yet, but I think you know it’s true. You’re a handsome, kind, intelligent young man. What do you have to lose?”
Harvey struggled to find the right words to say. If he tells her he'll consider it out of courtesy, he’ll be confirming her suspicions, and let’s face it, he’s barely come to terms with his feelings for the farmer himself. But if he denies it, he’ll be outright lying-- something Harvey does his best to avoid.
“Thank you, Evelyn. I appreciate that.” was all he could muster.
“I hope you give it great consideration. I think you two would make a lovely couple.” Evelyn reached up and touched his cheek in the same assuring, loving way his grandmother used to do. 
After the door closed behind her, Harvey watched through the glass to make sure she made it home okay. Once she was out of sight, he locked the door, flipped the “open” sign to “closed”, and went up to his apartment to pour a glass of wine. He had a lot to think about.
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ggrrrararrararara · a month ago
send me fanfiction requests!! i will probably solely do x reader but im willing to do ships, very willing to do smut, and here’s the fandoms i’ll write for
Until Dawn
The Quarry
Sally Face
Stranger Things
Stardew Valley
thank u!!
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hometownbard · a month ago
Nothing Comes from Nothing
SDV Harvey x farmer - Play Production AU
Tumblr media
It never felt real until tonight.
You stare into your dressing room mirror, slowly rubbing off the layers of stage makeup. The too-thick blush, the eye makeup that a twentieth-century nun wouldn’t actually be caught dead in, the lipstick staining your lips a rosy red. The lightbulbs surrounding the mirror are too big, too bright, and it makes you feel exposed. Even though you just came off the stage, even though you just took your bows in front of all of Pelican Town and most of Grampleton.
As soon as you walked off stage, Emily ran up to you, beaming. “I think we should take the show on the road! Maybe we could find a venue in Castle Town or one of the burbs in Zuzu! I think we have real star potential here, especially with you and Harvey leading the cast,” she said, the post-show adrenaline pinking her cheeks. You glanced over and saw your co-star standing in the wings, still clad in Captain von Trapp’s traveling costume. He stood still among the swirling post-show chaos, looking at you a little too intently.
He knew.
So you panicked and fled without so much as a smile at Emily. You’d have to apologize to her later.
You reach up and begin unfastening the pins holding the short blonde wig to your hair. You take deep breaths, feeling the air swirl in your lungs as you try to figure out exactly how to explain your slip-up to Harvey. You know he’ll be worried - he is your best friend, after all.
He only agreed to be in this production because Emily twisted his arm, but even you were surprised by how well the shy doctor had adapted to being on stage. When you asked him about it, he just shrugged and said he liked having a script. He worked hard to learn his lines and perfect his (admittedly a little stiff) dances, but the singing came effortlessly. It seemed like years of listening to old records of crooners has taught him a lot, and you never wanted to go back to a world without him singing next to you, whether with confidence on stage or under his breath as he washed dishes. His performance really was moving.
Almost too moving.
Even though you’ve removed the artificial blush from your face, heat rises to your cheeks as you think back to the Ländler. You scowl at yourself. Robin had teased you about kissing Harvey for the production, but pretending he was someone else was easy when you kissed him. In the end, it was the dance that knocked your knees out from under you - the prolonged proximity, the eye contact.
In rehearsals, it was easy to maintain emotional distance: you were Maria, and he was Captain von Trapp. No farmer, no doctor. You focused on your posture, on moving the right limb at the right moment, on falling into the easy three pattern of the waltz. It was all very sterile. Clinical. Safe.
But something had changed tonight. Something changed when you got in front of an audience, when you finally let go of the technical considerations and just let yourself feel.
At some point, Harvey’s arms (the Captain’s arms) were wrapped around you. One hand on your waist, the other meeting your hand above your head. You were inches apart, and you forgot. You forgot about the heat of the stage lights, the heavy makeup, the audience. You forgot that you were supposed to be Maria, and that he was Captain von Trapp.
For a moment, you were just the farmer. He was the town doctor. You had loved him for a long time, and unlike in real life (and just for this moment), he loved you back.
The problem, you knew, was that you usually planned every single movement on stage. You were a professional stage actor before switching careers, and you had learned what worked best for you. Improvisation wasn’t your strong point. Every gesture, every breath, every blink was carefully choreographed. Harvey knew this, had commented on your reliability with a smile during one of your post-rehearsal night caps. You had smiled back, basking in the careful attention he paid to you.
But on the stage, wrapped in his embrace and feeling the warmth of his broad chest through his dinner jacket, you forgot about your method.
Just for a moment, your gaze slipped down to his mouth. You inhaled more sharply than you ever had in rehearsal. Your lips parted ever so slightly, and you stepped mere centimeters closer to him. The steady 1-2-3 pattern of the dance stuttered for the briefest of moments.
You recovered quickly, of course. The audience didn’t notice a thing. You honestly doubted even Emily noticed, and as the director of the production she was intimately acquainted with each of your acting choices.
But Harvey noticed. By the time you returned your gaze to his eyes, his eyes had darkened. One of his eyebrows quirked up, and you inwardly groaned. There was nothing for it but to pretend like it didn’t happen.
You finished the dance and moved on with the scene, but the Captain’s profession of love right before “Something Good” felt… different. His dark gaze lingered a little longer than usual, his voice deepened. Like Harvey was trying to put more meaning in the line, trying to communicate with you, not just Maria. The kisses that Maria shared with the Captain felt less impersonal. Less careful. You shook off the feeling, chalking it up to wishful thinking.
As you took his hand during the curtain call, you felt him squeeze it a little more tightly than usual. You smiled at him, grateful that despite the strangeness of the performance, he was still the same steady, reliable friend who had given you an examination your first season in Pelican Town.
The cast migrated to the lobby to take pictures with fans. You struggled to stay focused on your own fans as you saw him kneel down on the rich carpeting to hug little kids and take pictures with his fans. You always loved interacting with fans after shows, but seeing Harvey do it made something shift inside your chest. Every now and then, he glanced over and smiled at you from across the room. You smiled back, and your heart beat faster every time.
Now, you’re back in your dressing room. You finally manage to remove the wig and change back into your street clothes, carefully hanging up your costumes in the process. There are two more shows to go, and they need to stay in pristine condition.
Just as you’re getting ready to leave, there’s a knock on the door. You open it, expecting to see Emily or maybe even Robin, but instead, Harvey is there, in his street clothes, clutching a bouquet of roses.
“These are for you,” he says with a smile. Bewildered, you take them, your eyes fluttering shut at their sweet scent. You’ve never had a co-star bring you flowers before. “You were transcendent.”
Your worries briefly forgotten, you open the door wider and invite him in. “Harvey, this is too sweet. Thank you.”
You place the bouquet on the table, then turn around to embrace him. It’s so easy to forget how tall he is, how broad his chest is, until you stand toe-to-toe. You smile into the rough fabric of his jacket. “You were amazing, too. I’d never have believed that that was your first time in front of an audience.” You step back, adjusting the lapels on his jacket and avoiding eye contact. He takes a deep breath, stretching the fabric under your fingers.
“Can we talk about what happened?” he asks.
“I’m not sure I know what you mean,” you say, turning abruptly and pulling out an empty vase that you always keep on hand at shows. You remove the plastic from the bouquet, hoping that by busying yourself, you won’t have to confront the reality of the situation. It’s not like you could stop yourself from falling in love with him, but you’re terrified that if he finds out, he’ll pity you. You couldn’t bear it if your friendship changes because of one moment of weakness.
He sighs. “Really? You didn’t notice anything off tonight?” You shake your head resolutely, then catch a glimpse of his crestfallen face in the mirror just before he turns as if to leave. When he speaks, his voice has a note of false cheer to it. “Ah. Well, sorry to bother, then. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
You can’t bear the sad look on his face, the downward slump of his shoulders. “Wait,” you say. “Can you just… tell me what you think happened?”
“The dance. It was different, right?”
A bolt of ice-cold panic shoots through you. “I got a little carried away, I think,” you say airily, adjusting the roses in the vase. “A little too caught up in the moment.”
He pauses. All you can see is the back of him, but his hands slowly curl into fists. He suddenly turns to face you. “Please look at me,” he says softly, and you slowly turn around.
“I need to be honest with you,” he says. “I’m sorry if this makes the rest of the show awkward, or if our friendship suffers.” He takes a shuddering breath. “Playing Captain von Trapp has made me realize that I can take more control of my life. That sometimes, it takes courage to make your mark on the world - whether by rebelling against Nazis or by telling the truth to people you care about.”
He steps closer to you. You recognize the same set of his jaw that he uses when he plays the Captain. “The truth of it is that I have feelings for you. I have for a long time. And I didn’t think it could possibly be reciprocated until the Ländler. You didn’t follow your plan. Right?”
You nod slowly.
“I felt like I was dancing with you, not Maria. Like I was falling in love with you in front of all of those people.” He runs one hand through his hair, mussing it slightly.
“I wanted it to be real,” he says. One hand rises to cup your cheek, a thumb brushing lightly over your cheekbone. “Please tell me it was real,” he says softly, gazing into your eyes.
It is as though he has removed a stone from a dam somewhere within your chest. In the span of a second, the pressure builds and builds until the dam bursts into a thousand spiraling pieces, pieces of rock flying everywhere. The enormity of your love for this precious man, a secret reservoir deep within you, spills out. And suddenly, you can’t remember your fears anymore. All that matters is the truth.
“It was real,” you whisper. You reach up to cover his hand with your own, squeezing it gently. “It was real.”
And when he smiles, you swear it’s bigger and brighter than any light you’ve ever seen on a stage.
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pixelatedfarmhouse · 10 days ago
Title: Does Your Mother Know - Chapter 7
Characters: Caroline, Jodi, Abigail, Sam, Sebastian, Alex
Pairings: Sam/Sebastian, Jodi/Kent
Chapter Warnings: Swearing  
Chapter Summary: Caroline accompanies a friend to the train station, while Abigail encounters a new face in town.
Read on: AO3
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sebastian getting flustered when he looks around after a game of pool because he sees you staring at him from across the saloon with a dopey smile bc you’ve had one drink too many and just can’t tear your eyes away from him :((
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