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#stardew valley farmer

Shane, looking at the Farmer: That person is really cute

Emily: You should go talk to them

Shane: Noo


Shane: Odds are they don’t like guys, taken, or doesn’t like chickens

Shane, about to take a sip of beer: I just can’t

Farmer: [smiles and winks at Shane from afar]

Shane, spits out beer in surprise and points at himself: Me?

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“Youre a fool to think to try and outwit a baleful, fallen goddess.”

Trickster Elliott has met his match…

This au has a bit more angst than the usual in say, Ascended

Evil Kalu does NOT treat him well.


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“Howdy!! Your name’s Lloyd, right? Well, I’m Pip, glad to meet ya! I’m new ‘round these parts, so I’m goin’ around to meet the other farmers! This might be a bit odd, but I have a gift for ya!” Pip pulled from their backpack a small jar of jelly, handing it to Lloyd in a grand gesture. “That there’s blueberry jelly, from my finest crops! Hope ya enjoy!” Pip offered a large grin, bouncing on their heels happily. (@pip-star-blossom)

“That’s right I’m Lloyd, nice to meet you Pip. Unfortunately I just came back from Zuzu city so I don’t have much goods to offer right now, but I sure can box up some pancakes, they’re fresh I promise.” Lloyd gently took the jar offered to him with a kind smile. “ It won’t take two seconds, and thanks to you I can enjoy some jam with mine, it’s a wonderful gesture. I hope that we can be friends.”


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Hey Mina! How's it going in town so far? Met any of the locals? :) - Elijah from @ask-hatchetfield-farm

“ Willy and Evelyn are the people I’m closest to but the rest of the town seems plenty kind to me! Haley often stops by to take photographs of my sheep too. Oh, but I hope that we can be friends as well!”


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[ My three Stardew Valley farmers on different save files!

Art Wegmann runs a fruit orchard where he produces wine, mead, and jelly. He’s a cheerful, happy-go-lucky guy — the sort who will always volunteer if it looks like someone needs help. Despite it all, he’s sharper and more opinionated than he lets on, especially about his former employer (the Joja corporation).

May “Mayday” Godwin lives on the wilderness farm and underutilises the land. Most of it is still covered in debris, and she resents both the farm life and the seeming incompetence of the residents around her. She’s joined up with Joja in the hopes that the profits will come back to her and eventually float her back home.

Mogens Knudsen is a gentleman scholar who’s moved to the Valley in search of a simpler life. A former academic, he can often be spotted staring upward as he mechanically wanders town, lost in his own thoughts. His land is more of an endless field of wildflowers for visiting bees than a proper farm, and he keeps up with all the latest developments in beekeeping technology and technique. ]

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