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50der · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🏳️‍🌈Let me be your personal cheerleader for this pride month🕺🏳️‍🌈✨
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leressajaden · 2 days ago
If the Stardew valley thing is still open:
8 with a gender neutral farmer, nsfw with elliott?
Swearing is ok
I was thinking something along the lines of exibition (however you spell it.. it's early for me brain no want to work) or some form of teasing at either the library or saloon?
Hello!~ Thank you so much for the request, I appreciate it so much!~ I hope this is to your liking! I had a lot of fun writing this one, Elliott's flowery language is up my alley lol. ✧ "Just a glimpse?" Warnings: exhibitionism, public groping, public display of affection, non-verbal consent/dubcon, groping, flirtatious banter
Elliott gingerly stepped into the library, elegant strides allowing every lock of ginger hair to bounce and flow as he walked. He was hoping to scour the bookshelves for inspiration for his current manuscript. Romance…? No, no, he had plenty of those in his repertoire. A mystery? Hmm, a little too canned and ham-fisted for the mood he’s aiming for. What about…
That’s when you appeared out of the corner of his eye. A new muse, the windows above the bookshelves illuminating every strand of your hair, beautiful skin hue, and your enchanting eyes. Seemingly sensing eyes on your visage, you turned towards Elliott, your face blushing as he gazed in your direction. Putting on his award-winning smile, he approached you with grace.
“I couldn’t help but be fixated on your beauty,” he flirted, natural romantic charisma oozing through. “I hope you don’t mind?”
You begin to babble, apparently taken aback by this forward gesture. Wow, how charming and…adorable. “I-uh-um-haha…Um, it’s, okay? I think…?”
Elliott chuckles in a fascinated and elated way. You were the most interesting person in town to him now, the ineloquence at his banter quickly inspiring him more than a book ever could. “I have come to this humble bibliotheca to seek a new breakthrough in my writing work, and I believe I have found it in you.”
Flattery isn’t something that you’re used to getting it seems, that or Elliott is hitting the weak spot for you. In exchange, he begins to smile at you gently, attempting to put you at ease. His eyes begin to travel down your body, fixating at the loosely buttoned collar of your shirt. Due to its low number of buttons closed, the shape of your chest is clear to Elliott’s wandering gaze. A flirtatious (and rather lewd, if he was to be frank) idea crossed his mind, his normally brilliant brain-to-mouth filter failing in this moment.
“I’ve been needing to have a…visual…for a new character in my manuscript…” His eyes rose to yours, batting his long lashes in order to seduce you as much as possible. “And…I must be honest…I believe your physique is perfect for what I’m needing to write. May I…see more?”
Your face is (cutely) burning with embarrassment, so much so that steam could waft off of your face at any moment. It was adorable how frozen you seemed at this moment, unable to verbalize and form a response to Elliott’s request. You truly were the perfect muse, and he wondered how much more of an inspiration you will be…
“Just a glimpse?” Elliott winked in your direction, and it appeared to be an arrow to the heart, or possibly sexual organs. Potentially both. After glancing around to see if the two of you were easily visible, and determining it was safe, you unbuttoned your shirt, revealing what was underneath for the lustful author. How inspiring, how beautiful, how…provocative. A smirk grow across the man’s face as his eyes meet yours once more.
“May I…?”
Either out of eagerness or due to oxytocin-laden nerves, you nod feverishly. With a gentle hand, Elliott begins to trace around your chest, attempting to memorize every feature. Stepping closer, your breathing alerts him to your current state: you’re full of lust. And, admittedly, so is he.
“How about a short lived…rendezvous…?” Lowered lids indicating his intent, encouraging you to play along with his plan.
Enchanted, enthusiastic, and heavily, oh, is it “turned on?”…You agree to Elliott’s proposition, allowing his hands to travel anywhere they wanted on your body. What a thrill, what a treat…You, a true deity made human, within this mere author’s lustful hands…First, the man begins by placing his hands under your shirt, tracing every muscle, every natural line of your beautiful body. Enticed, he lifts your shirt a bit to allow his eyes to enjoy what his hands have. Satisfied, he returns his gaze to your flushed face, breathing heavily with the affectionate touch. Traveling hands trace your spine before spreading out into a wing-like formation across your shoulder blades. Feeling more adventurous, Elliott’s hands retrace your spine before groping your ass as much as his large hands can grab in each hand. A small “mmph” escapes your throat, causing Elliott to chuckle in response, leaning in to see if, wordlessly, he can ask your permission for a kiss. Closing your eyes and parting your luscious lips slightly, the red-haired man assumes that you are consenting to this gesture.
Lightly touching lips, trying to not make a lot of noise, you two kiss, an intoxicating effect on his psyche, he thinks. It’s been quite a long time since Elliott felt this enchanted by a person, and this increased his lustful drive. His hands continued to travel, but this time, inside of your pants, hands directly on the skin underneath underwear and trousers. You were so silky, soft, perfect. Elliott’s elegant hands were about to travel to your genitals when the sound of the library door bell spooked the both of you, knocking you back into the present and surroundings.
As the two of you return to browsing the shelves, Elliott murmurs to you.
“If you so desire, at another time, maybe you could stop by my seaside cabin for more…?”
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qushiboe · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a bit of Nicole and Elliott 💐
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bluebird-past-farm · 2 months ago
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Goodnight, handsome.
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tamatosss · 4 months ago
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They’re dancing :)
Violette has two left feet but Harvey may or may not have a few moves up his sleeve
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Here’s a cropped version because I like how it looks
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farminmono · 11 months ago
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posting one of the oldest art i have on my farmer cause i’m still trying to sort out the mountain of wips i have on SDV-related art i have in my files :”^)
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ginger-luya · 7 days ago
some very old men and woman
far right is my sdv oc Anathema
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imagine sdv but u date the old people
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purpleandgreen13 · a month ago
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Good lord! @pug-png is a GENIUS! I haven't written this scene yet, because I've only written a bit of year 1, (I started the series'Harvey and Jerusha in Yr 2) So I needed some inspiration to write it, and pug came up with the goods and then some! Harvey's 4 heart event, with Farmer Jerusha getting decidedly hot under the collar. I love everything about this, and have to applaud pug for their beautiful, beautiful work! They were so easy to work with, lovely throughout the process and 10/10 would definitely commission again! Thank you so much for this, I'm completely in love with it!
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artzypaw · a year ago
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Get someone who has romantic rain scenes with you
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itsgwem · 20 days ago
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Ran away from home in the city to live with his BFF on a farm. Usually does the mining duty, so he spend most of the time in the cave and mine.
Jake isn't good at relationships, and he being a passive aggressive person sometimes, so that's why he has only few friends. Maybe moving here will change things for him?
Meet my OC "Jake"! and his bff "Danielle" (character belongs to @Sandy_100_000 on twitter)
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shortstackwithaviolin · 2 months ago
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Protective Sebastian
The idea of my farmer hurting her feet because of the boots came from my own experience. We’ve been wearing boots for nearly a week now because our place is flooded, lol. And my feet are hurting.
Faustine got pregnant with her first child during summer and Sebastian just wants her to rest ever since they found out about it.
📌Seb Headcanon: He doesn’t wear his piercings when he’s at home.
I also changed my farmer’s hair color because her old one made her look like poop.
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50der · 3 months ago
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Turning my boy into a teifling, and his flamecat Dudley.
Specifical thanks for Azu for letting me use their cat as reference.🥺💕💕 and Nohra for designing Leo’s outfit!
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unnocturnal · 2 months ago
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qushiboe · 2 months ago
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something fast (sorry not sorry)
Nicole got some good big booba, which is a problem for her sometime
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abyssanthia · 2 months ago
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“Yes.. could I refuse that soft, kind face? The touch of spring time’s sweet embrace?” ❤️
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narf-so · 3 months ago
Meet Andrés! (I change their name) (Commissions open!)
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So I have been playing a lot Stardew Valley and let me tell u, I make an oc named Elliot (first, now I change it) and well, this is Andrés. He used they/he pronouns and it's a sweetheart that loves Leah okay I'm surprised by how beautiful she is 🧍🏻‍♀️💞 they love, loveeee Leah so do I HAKDJA so yeah, cute drawww, homework is killing me.
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rotten-lqsagna · 5 months ago
Why can't spouses actually get you dresses/suits for the Flower Dance?? ToT
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Transcription: "Shane shaved and I got a dress for the Flower Dance ♥︎"
Do I love something more than I love drawing Shane and Colline? No, no I don't.
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buns-char · 9 months ago
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my farmer Jade and Sebastian on the farm :)
(click to see in higher quality!)
my art instagram
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icecreampizzer · a year ago
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Harvey’s out here giving my farmer a well-rounded meal while Mary harvests her 2374234238627 coffee beans and brews the shit out of them all day every day
I’m still figuring out how to draw him, he changes a lot skdsjfh
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6wash9 · 9 months ago
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My gameplay in game Х) I went to Shane at 8:00 PM
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