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I’d like it if more people understood that we have free will when it comes to entertainment. You’re not being tied to a chair by showrunners and being forced to watch a show you don’t like, or characters that you don’t like (for petty reasons).

If you don’t ‘like’ Kory or Jason or Rachel for some weird or personal reason, simply tune out. Or don’t watch Titans altogether. You’re actually FREE to do so.

But don’t come on in creative, constructive spaces to hammer the show, or other fans for liking or supporting various characters. I suppose you all know people are FREE to like whichever character they like.

Stop being crybabies over things you have no power or authority over. Take up your fights with showrunners if you must. After all, it’s they who are in charge. But I doubt they will care to bow to every whim or emotion you have about so and so every three seconds!

Let’s just be decent people. Love the characters you love, but don’t use that as an opportunity to be nasty to other fans or actors. Be constructive with how you consume and appreciate media. Love you all.

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The lack of taste and brain cells y’all are displaying by still being upset about Anna Diop being cast as Starfire is ridiculous. She beat out multiple actresses of different races, she earned that role and it’s hers. So all this crying you’re doing in the tags about a beautiful black woman playing a literal alien that doesn’t exist in real life is unnecessary. Go watch the cartoons and read the comic books if it means that much to you. You have material to consume, leave the show and most importantly Anna Diop out of your temper tantrums.

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The Master List

This is a place where I will link all my works. To request a work please read the rules first then make the request in my ask box. Thanks for showing your interest in the rest of my works :)


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Steaming sleeping K9S on twitch at 8AM CST. 10/30/20. Bring your faces I wanna see them 😊

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