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Suddenly imagines Eren singing Stronger by Britney Spears and doing an actual chair dance whilst singing that song. No in fact picture him singing any Britney Spears song for that matter. His fave would be Toxic for obvious reasons xD. Even better Dick Grayson is a huge Britney fan so those two idiots, Dick most especially would annoy everyone with singing to Brtiney songs and dancing like idiots xD. Ahri and Kory would join in. Circus is literally their theme song. In fact play any danceable song and Eren would do something really insane. Gets worse is Loki and Lucifer get involved xD. Also Eren is a huge Pentakill fan and surprisingly, he and Karthus get along well and often team up against Mordekaiser much to the Iron Revenant’s annoyance. Back in the OG LOL timeline, Eren was the one undead guy that Karthus respected even though he disapproved the fact that Eren was protecting the living.

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could you do some beast boy and starfire friendship headcanons plzzz!!!! 💞

Finally someone’s asking for headconnons! I’d love to!

Beastboy is pretty high energy and tends to talk a lot about the things he’s passionate about (movies, video games, tv shows and books) but he knows it gets annoying for some people to hear him yap on. Thankfully someone who never gets sick of it is Starfire. He often raves about plots in films and games he likes to Starfire who genuinely loves to hear it and is interested. Through beastboy she gets introduced to plenty of new things.

Since beastboy is vegan he often tries out new foods and experiments with cooking. And Starfire loves to try out things with him. She’s one of the only people who thinks Gar is a really good cook.

Starfire isn’t very good at video games but she really loves to watch while beastboy plays. Her favorite to watch is Crash Bandicoot because she thinks the character looks so cute jumping around. She often cheers Beastboy on when levels get especially difficult.

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The Story of The Red Hood

@lilacsandorangeblossoms (if you’re confused why I tagged you read the group chat messages)

(A/N): this is something I wrote a long time ago but didn’t post because I felt like it was too unfactual. This is my version of Jason’s backstory.

Jason telling his story on BuzzFeed Unsolved channel anonymously, not even the staff knew who he was. It was just audio and they put a few diagrams in the actual video to make it better.


“I’m The Red Hood and this is my story. I lived in Crime Alley which was formally known as Park Row in downtown Gotham. It’s the hood or ghetto whatever you call it, there was a lot of projects around there, we lived in some but they have since been knocked down. My earliest memories are of my mom and dad arguing, a lot of times it would end in physical violence against me and my mom. My dad was a piece of shit to keep it short. He was a drug dealer and alcoholic, my mom ended up getting addicted to what he sold. I don’t know what type because I was 4 when I noticed she was changing. It was pills of some sort.

So it was a repeat of yelling, beatings, going hungry and mom being high for about 2 years. One thing is my dad was a drug dealer but he wasn’t a good one. It ended when my father got arrested and sentenced for a very long time. I was 6 and all I knew was that he was gone and that maybe things would get better, but they didn’t. My mom didn’t have a job and I was basically keeping us both alive at the age of 6. I knew how the hood worked, people out there were the only people I’d ever known. So I somehow kept us alive for another year and a half. Until one day I came home from school because I was in school at this time, can’t tell you how I got there. But I called out for my mom and she didn’t answer, I assumed she was high again so I searched the apartment and found her on the bathroom floor. She OD’d while I was at school, she was cold so she’d been there for awhile. So I called the ambulance and gave them the address then hung up.

I already knew I didn’t want to be in the system or an orphanage so I grabbed some stuff in a little backpack and left. I’d rather be a street kid then in the corrupt system. I was a smart kid, I knew not to get mixed up in gangs and drugs. I was about to turn 8 when I first got on the streets. It was rough, I was already small and malnourished because we were broke and didn’t eat often. After the first few months of being on the streets I had to prepare for winter and Gotham winter’s are no joke. But I found out my dad was killed in prison, I wasn’t upset, he deserved it after everything he’d done to people including me and my mom. But that meant I was the last of my family, I didn’t know my Grandparents and I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t have siblings so I had nobody left.

So I was on the streets for just over 2 years. The streets were probably better then my home with my mom and dad to be completely honest. One night I was in an alley and I saw the batmobile, I saw his wheels and in my head I was literally like "those will go for a lotta money down at the shop”. So I started taking the wheels off, I got one off and was going to go for the other one but there was a deep voice behind me that said “what are you doing?”. I turned and Batman was behind me and in my 10 year old brain I thought I was dead because he looked scary. I grabbed the tire iron I had and hit him in the gut to try and get away but it didn’t work. I tried to apologise but he didn’t let me and just asked a question “are you hungry?” Is what he asked me. I nodded and he took me to get burgers and we ate at a random place. He gave me a place to stay and it was scary at first because I didn’t think I could trust him. I found out who he was, obviously I can’t tell you that information, and I got even more skeptical about him. But he ended up adopting me and those first 3 and a half years were amazing.

I became the second Robin at age 12, I was trained by him and he was the father I never had. I truly considered him my dad, still do but don’t tell him that. His somewhat dad was there too and he is like a Grandfather to me, he is the only other person in that family I will admit I love with all my heart. We call him Agent A. He’s awesome. But everything went kinda bad when I turned 14 and was starting to see more of the shitty things people do. I got to reckless and if anyone knows that Batman or any other hero, unless they’re like me, they have a strict no killing rule. So it got close many times with me, Batman and I started arguing a lot. It drove our relationship apart and he benched me from being Robin. So I wasn’t allowed to patrol or do missions anymore because I was getting to reckless.

I didn’t have anything to do and I don’t exactly remember how I found this out but at 15 I found out my mom was alive and in Ethiopia. My mom who was dead wasn’t my actual mom, she was just my dad’s wife but she took care of me when she could. Before all the drugs, I mean I don’t remember much but I have a few memories of her being a mom to me. So it was a complete shock to find out that my mom wasn’t really my mom and that my real mom was in Ethiopia. So I told Bats and he said he knew so we got into another fight. So I did probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. I decided I would go to Ethiopia by myself so I did. How I got there and what I did when I got there isn’t important.

I found my mom and went to her. It was good for a few hours then the Joker showed up. I was familiar with the Joker because I was Robin, I knew how crazy he was. So I was trying to protect my mom but she stabbed me in the back like a lot of people have. She was working with Joker and basically lead me to him. This is where my story gets really complicated. We both ended up tied up in a warehouse with him beating us with a crowbar. Mostly me because he wanted to teach Batman a lesson. I was going through this for months, I was in the middle of a warehouse being beaten to death with my mom by a deranged clown with a crowbar. He killed my mom at some point then he left the warehouse one day because he knew Batman was close. He told me to tell Batman ‘hi’ but he knew I wasn’t going to make it to then. I tried to get the door open but he locked it on his way out and as I leaned up against it I saw the bomb. I knew I wasn’t gonna make it and I didn’t.

I know that’s very confusing and the only way you’ll understand is if you listen. The bomb went off and it burned for a few seconds but then it was cold and peaceful. You’re at peace and it’s nice, especially if you had such a life as I had. But it didn’t last long to me, it lasted for what felt like a few minutes before I woke up underground. I was dead for 6 months, no pulse, no heart beat, I had an autopsy, I still have the scar. I woke up in my coffin at 16, I was calling for Batman but by his real name. I realized no one was coming and I freaked out and clawed my way out of the coffin. I wasn’t all the way there, I was dead for 6 months so I had a good bit of brain damage and don’t remember much from after I dug myself out of the coffin except that I broke a couple fingers, it ripped my nails out and I was bleeding all over my hands. After that I somehow ended up with a whole organization of assassin’s. This woman who is very significant in a few of the bats lives was apart of it and was trying to nurse me back to health but it wasn’t working.

The amount of brain damage I had was to much to fix so she threw me in something called the Lazarus pit. It’s basically a fountain of youth except it can bring people back to life as well. Her father who was the leader of the assassin’s discovered it and kept it secret. Most of them are destroyed now but I think there’s one. The pit was painful, I remember that, it feels like you’re burning alive and it does for a few minutes after you get out. Then you’re extremely disoriented and crazy full of rage and anger. I still have some of that running through me but it’s a lot better than the first few years. At this point in my story I’m 17, I started training with the league and the woman to get my memories back because most of those were still blank. I still have a few gaps in my memory but most of it is from before my dip in the pit.

In this training I was learning about Batman and Nightwing who was the first Robin and is kinda my older brother. We weren’t close when I was Robin because him and Batman weren’t on great terms so we didn’t hangout much. I regained my memory at some point then I was told Bruce had another Robin, who is now currently Red Robin, and the Lazarus made me angry about it. I felt replaced but what made it worse was the fact that Joker was still alive. I was never mad at Batman or blaimed him for my death, the reason I was so angry was because after everything Joker put me through he was still alive. I felt worthless and it was even worse because I felt replaced as well.

I ended up leaving the assassin’s base a month or so later. I was set on tormenting Batman, I was going to try and kill him, Nightwing and Robin. It was definitely the anger because I’d never put a kid in a situation I put Robin in now. I got to Gotham and started killing the bad people, like rapists, murderers, drug dealers, abusers, pimps, just anyone making another person’s life a living hell. The reason I started doing it was because prison wasn’t working for them. The drug dealers not as much as everyone else but I still killed some of them. I never killed the innocent, that’s something I never did or ever will. So eventually I got Batman’s attention and it took a couple months for him to figure out it was me. I wanted it to take longer but I made the mistake of saying his name. So because no one really knew it at the time it made things make sense but it didn’t at the same time, because in their head I was dead.

So about a week later we ended up in another fight but he was holding back because he figured out I came back to life. But I had this whole plan to have him choose between me and Joker. Unfortunately it fell through and he didn’t choose either of us, we were in and apartment building in a random apartment. I had Joker and we had a talk I guess you could say. More of me being angry and having a few choice words to say to him then anything else. I gave him choices but he didn’t really choose. There was a bomb and it had like 10 seconds left and I shot at him. He had his back turned but he’s Batman so he dodged it, with a few seconds left he grabbed me and Joker and jumps out the window so we’re not caught in the blast. It was still kinda close but I left before he had a chance to register.

Let’s just say I wasn’t okay after that. I have PTSD, Anxiety and Depression from what Joker did to me so it was hard to except that I didn’t mean anything more to Batman then Joker did. So I was a wreck, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, all I did was drink, I was about to turn 19 and definitely should not have been drinking. I became a bit of an alcoholic just like my dad and I hated that. I eventually got a grip on myself even though it was only a little. I left Gotham because I wasn’t in the right state of mind to stay there. I traveled all over the place and in my travels I ran into Arsenal and we became best friends. Still are. We started working together as Red Hood and Arsenal, we were broke as hell. Eventually we ran into Starfire and we kinda just decided we’d become a team after hanging around each other a lot. Then The Outlaws was formed.

That was probably some of the best and worst years in my life. Best because I had those 2 by my side and they are still my best friends. Worst because my mental health was at an all time low. I couldn’t sleep, I was having very bad PTSD episodes, my Anxiety was through the roof, so was my Depression. Arsenal had his own problems, so did Starfire and all we had was each other to lean on and it was all we could ask for. Just people who cared and understood. We did missions pretty often as a group and we would get paid by people who requested the jobs but it wasn’t much. We’ve slept in the worst places, most of the time not sleeping at all. But our own lives kinda pulled us away from each other. Starfire went off world back to her planet, Arsenal and I stock together for awhile until he went back to Star and I went back to Gotham. I was in a better place, wasn’t killing as much, the Lazarus through my system calmed down a lot. It still effects me but no where near as bad.

I was laying low in Gotham but the Bats found out. It was only 4 of them at that point, Batman, Nightwing, Robin 3 and Agent A. It was all good until I tried to kill the Joker. It was in another not so good state of mind but I wasn’t able to kill him because the bats came. I was planning to kill him the same way he killed me, beat him with a crowbar and blow him up. I was 22 at that time. They got me away from Joker and took him into custody and I left to one of my safehouses. We eventually crossed paths again but it was awhile before I could actually talk to them again. So me and Nightwing ran into each other we ended up having a talk and we kinda made amends. It wasn’t anything crazy. It took a long time for us to be okay with each other again. But eventually I was able to call them family again and I visit the house Batman lives in to see them.

But as time went on we added new people, we became a bigger family as you can see. Robin became Red Robin, then the current Robin, then Orphan, Spoiler, Batwoman, Signal, Bluebird and Bluebird’s brother who isn’t a Vigilante. I’m pretty much cool with everyone, no one I really have a problem with except Batman because we’ve been through so much together. I’m 25 now and things are better, I still have my struggles and family issues but that’s my family. As much as I pretend to not care they’re my family and I love 'em. So this was a less detailed version of my story and look how long it is. But anyway I don’t really know why I did this but I did so bye I guess.

Oh and before you ask I am not the rapper NF. I actually really like and relate to his music because we’ve been through similar things but I’m not him. I know someone is going to ask that question.“


The NF joke was just that a joke, don’t come for me I love him lol.

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Pairing: Wally West/Flash + Raven

Rating: M

For @xaphrin and other Wally/Raven shippers, no matter what fandom. 

Raven, like Dick and Victor, held him against the medical bed, but it was no use. He kept thrashing and groaning, panting as the virus overwhelmed his system. After only two hours, she was sweating as hard as he was, and her arms ached. Everyone else had run out for heating pads, but they knew it was in vain; Wally, if he had not been the one who had been at the wrong place at the wrong time, would have gathered heating pads and anything else quicker than anyone to increase warmth for whoever was in that tunnel unknowingly exposed to that virus that entered a person via pores and made them will within half an hour. 

Nevertheless, even with his superhealing, he was unable to beat the virus out of his system. Garth and Roy and Garfield and Kori and Donna had brought everything they could, but it took three hours for him to calm down. As Roy replaced the IV, Kori went outside to talk to Linda and the twins. Dick wouldn’t let them in for another hour and warned them not to touch his friend. 

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