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Tw: A/b/o, noncon, punishments, breeding benches, kinda dark!tony

Omegas are very rare and thus alphas collect them. Tony has many omegas, the reason behind that is simple; only an omega can milk his knot and he’s looking for a perfect one. He’s added a new omega to his collection just a few days ago. His name is Peter and he’s a little shit. Screaming, clawing, talking back. Acting like an omega shouldn’t.

Tony didn’t touch Peter yet, he has a thing he does; he waits for the omegas to beg him for his knot. And he knows Peter will get there eventually. It doesn’t take long. When an omega is in a room full of omegas in heat, it mess up their hormones. But Peter’s a bad boy. When his heat hits, Tony ties him to a breeding bench. Ass high in the air. And then he waits. Peter’s biting his lips, slick running down his ass, his hole clenching and unclenching over nothing. He doesn’t ask for a knot, no matter how much his body needs it. And Tony waits. He feeds Peter, gives him water, helps him to a toilet and then he ties him again to a breeding bench. And he waits some more.

The first night that was yesterday, Peter was strong. He cried and his hips were fucking the air, trying to find something that could penetrate him. Tonight it’s even worse. Tony’s fucking an omega right next to Peter, when he hears it. Soft and quiet: please. Tony pulls out of the omega and runs his fingers down Peter’s back. He asks him what’s wrong. “Please knot me.”

And Tony does.

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Hi, a small update on multiple things.

  • My current psychical health and mental health.
  • A touch of talk to addiction, relapse, and other things.
  • Current works in progress, starting new videos, and things of that nature.
  • A small message.

Feel free to scroll on if you’re not interested and just wanna wait for when I do finally post something new. I totally understand. I do wanna however just note that yes, I’m aware I’m using the fandom tags, because some of this pertains to the fandom. I would grateful appreciate that if you have any issue with this that you just hold your tongue, or fingers on the keyboard, and just let thumb past it. I would really, really appreciate it.

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Day 28 - Power Imbalance (Peter/Tony)

I hope everyone enjoys, this one accidentally went a bit darker than my normal stuff 🧡

Warnings: a bit of a dubcon situation (its power imbalance, I feel like that’s a given), Peter is 19


Peter had known Mr. Stark for years now.

Ever since that fateful day that he came to his and May’s apartment and confronted him about Spider-Man. Recruited him.

Eventually it led to an actual job and not just a lie.

Tony had done so much good for Peter, helped him through all kinds of rough times (with a bit of tough love when needed.)

There was nothing that could happen that would cause Peter’s trust in him to wane.



God, Peter Parker. If there was one person that Tony couldn’t get out of his head, it was Peter Parker.

At first he denied it to himself. He was like a father to the kid. And he was just that. A kid. Fifteen when they met.

Then sixteen.

Then seventeen.

Tony was more aware than he cared to be that Peter had become of the age of consent in their state.

Then he was eighteen. Nineteen.

Still clinging to Tony and singing his praises no matter what.

Tony just couldn’t take it. A pretty little thing, barely legal, constantly fawning over him? He was only human. And it had been too long that he’d denied his own desires for the young man.

So he decided to finally do something about it.


It was a Thursday. They always met up in the garage on Thursdays and worked on and tweaked each other’s suits. Tony was long retired, but Peter still enjoyed the iron man suits and how they worked. So they were always pulled out.

Peter was rambling about god knows what. And it wasn’t that Tony was bothered, he wasn’t. He loved to listen to the young man speak. He was just a bit preoccupied with other thoughts.

“So, Peter,” Tony started suddenly, completely cutting off whatever he was saying.

Peter looked up, eyes wide in surprise. “Yes, sir?”

Tony could almost taste the sweetness that filled just those two words. He wished that the man wasn’t so eager to please. Maybe that would make him feel better. “I was just thinking. You just had a birthday, right?”

The younger man nodded enthusiastically, eyes turning back to his work. “I did,” he confirmed. “Just last week. The big one nine.” He laughed softly.

“And…forgive me if this is too blunt, but…are you a virgin?”

Dead silence for a solid thirty seconds of shock and mortification.

Then Peter cleared his throat. “Uh…yeah. Yeah, I am.”

His cheeks were flushed bright red, burning as he answered. Because what kind of a random, inappropriate question was that?

Tony nodded a little. “Is that just…by choice? Or has no one ever…” he glanced over again as he trailed off.

Peter looked mortified, staring so hard at the table he was almost surprised that holes weren’t burnt into it. “Just…haven’t really thought too much about it, to be honest.”

The older man nodded slowly, completely pulling away from his work and turning to face Peter. “You haven’t? Pretty…young thing like yourself? I thought all your age did was think about sex.”

“I…” the young man felt like his face would melt off at that point. “I mean, I think about it. Just never really had the right person…ask.”

Tony nodded again, humming softly. “So, hypothetically, who would the right person be?”

Peter bit the inside of his cheek, slowly turning his eyes to the other man. “I mean…I don’t know. I haven’t thought too much about that part. I’ll just know when I know. Yknow?”

Nodding, Tony raked a hand through his hair. “Yeah. I know.” He took a deep breath. “Peter, I’ll be blunt with you. I think you’re very attractive. And if you wanted…” not that he gave him a whole lot of choice…”I could try to be that person for you. Even if it was just the first time.”

Peter looked at him, blinking slowly. He wouldn’t lie, he was confused. He hadn’t seen anything like that coming. Had he misread their relationship entirely? “Sir…” he chewed his lip.

It wasn’t like he had never thought about Mr. Stark in a sexual way. Of course he had. But it’s not like he figured that it would go anywhere. So he was very taken off guard.

He had absolutely no idea how to answer.

Tony waved a hand. “No, no, it’s alright. Don’t want to force you or anything. Just an offer.”

It was silent again and Tony was internally cursing himself for even bringing it up. He knew that he was horrible. Dirty.

“Maybe…maybe not all the way?” Peter finally said quietly. “I’ve never…I mean, I haven’t done…Anything. With anyone. Other than, like, kissing, of course. Who hasn’t had their first kiss by the time they’re nineteen?” He rambled, flustered.

On some level he knew that he wanted it. But at the same time, there was something in his gut telling him that it wasn’t right. The situation was all off. He felt…forced. Despite being told he wouldn’t be forced.

So, apparently the only choice was to sleep with Tony. His boss. Someone he almost saw as a father figure. His mentor. Someone he’d looked up to for years.

Maybe that was why it felt off. He felt like something was being held over his head.

But no matter what he felt like, he was still doing it. He was suddenly pressed against the table, harsh edge digging into his back as Mr. Stark kissed him.

It wasn’t hard to get into, he easily relaxed and kissed the man back. His hands slid up, fingers tangling in the grey-streaked locks.

He felt the gentle nip of teeth on his lower lip and slowly parted, allowing Tony’s tongue to slide in and meet his.

It was passionate, once he got into it. Messy and unsophisticated and it took his breath away.

Tony slowly pulled away after a bit, tongue sliding over his slowly swelling lips as he met Peter’s eyes. “Still want this?” He asked. One hand slowly slid downwards from Peter’s hip, making its way to the swelling bulge that he knew would be there.

Peter nodded a little, breathing hard. “Yeah,” he whispered, hips pressing into the touch. He knew he got hard too fast. He couldn’t help it. But at least Mr. Stark seemed into it. “Please, sir. I want you to teach me.”

“Teach you?” The older man sounded confused.

“Teach me how to make someone else feel good,” the young man said softly.

Tony couldn’t get over how innocent those beautiful Bambi eyes were, even when talking about filthy things. “Of course, honey. Let’s start…”

He couldn’t believe that Peter actually wanted him.

And Peter was slowly getting into the idea of it.

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little 👏 spoon 👏 tony 👏 rights 👏 now 👏


Usually, when Tony and Peter go to sleep at the same time, they’ll both read a little before going to sleep, sitting on their respective sides of the bed. Peter will usually play a game on his phone, and Tony will go over his plans for the following day, until they decide that enough is enough, and shut the lights to go to sleep together.

It doesn’t happen that often, as their schedules don’t always line up, but the times it does happen they have a little routine they’ve fallen into, unbeknownst to the both of them. Besides what they do before the lights go out, the second Peter reaches over to his side of the bed to turn the bedside lamp off, Tony always turns over with him and drapes his arm around Peter’s waist, and like that they settle in.

It’s comfortable, and it’s familiar, and he doesn’t even know why he does it. Maybe it’s because he’s always the first to turn his light off. Maybe it’s because, although barely noticeable, Peter is a little bit shorter than him. Only a little bit. But it just fits.

Tony doesn’t notice they’ve fallen into such a routine until one night, he’s still puzzling over notes while Peter has already turned his light off and is watching him from just over the covers. Tony blinks when he realizes he’s being watched, and mumbles a small apology, gathers up his notes to put them aside, and reaches for the lamp on his nightstand.

This time, it’s Peter who rolls along with the motion, and Tony finds himself with Peter’s arm around his waist pulling him in toward Peter’s chest. It’s… a little strange, perhaps. But Peter is incredibly warm, and on a cold night like this it’s more than welcome. Without thinking twice about it, Tony allows it to happen, and within minutes Peter is asleep behind him, breathing softly against the back of his neck.

Tony is awake for much longer.

He twines his fingers with those of the hand around his middle, and holds it. He focuses on the warmth Peter emits, and the soft sighs against his neck, warm and a little bit humid, but welcome. Peter’s breath smells of his toothpaste, and it’s more pleasant than Tony had imagined. He realizes that this – all of this – could put him right to sleep, but he’s too wired for the time being.

It takes a while for him to stop actively registering everything that is happening. The way Peter’s knees are tucked just behind his own, making that their bodies are aligned perfectly. Tony’s ass sits against Peter’s groin, and in any other circumstances he might have taken advantage of that kind of position, but right now he didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize this special little moment.

Tony eventually wears himself out thinking too much, and wakes up refreshed and warm and comfortable and cozy the following morning. Peter looks groggy and sleepy when he wakes up, but happy, a soft smile on his face that Tony absolutely has to kiss.

“That was nice,” Peter comments softly, and only then does Tony realize just how different last night was.

“Yeah,” he sighs, “Yeah it really was.”

He’s already thinking about how he can stall turning off the lights on his side of the bed until Peter’s turned his own off, tonight, but if the way Peter is looking at him is anything to go by, he might not need an excuse.

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One Pepterony drabble with a tiny side of daddy kink coming up :p


Tony and Pepper are engrossed in reading an article on Tony’s phone when Peter comes in. Pepper is half in Tony’s lap, Tony’s one arm around her waist and the other holding up the phone for the both of them to see, their position suggesting that Tony just pulled Pepper into his lap and she allowed it to happen.

“Hey guys,” Peter calls, dropping his backpack somewhere halfway toward the couch and shrugging out of his jacket to drape it over a nearby chair, “What’s up? What are you looking at?”

“Not sure yet,” Tony mumbles, and scrolls down the article a little farther, eyes still glued to the screen. Pepper, however, looks up and holds out the arm not slung around Tony’s neck to beckon Peter closer. The younger man approaches and practically falls into her embrace, sending the three of them deeper into the couch.

When Peter has given Pepper a firm hug and received a kiss on the head in return, he twists around so that he, too, can look at what Tony’s still scrutinizing.

“Sounds cryptic,” Peter comments as he scans the webpage as Tony scrolls through it, trying to discern any important information.

“It’s an article about us,” Pepper clears up for him, combing a hand through Peter’s hair. With a smile in her voice, she adds, “They think you’re our son.”

Peter frowns at Pepper, and then looks back at the phone again.

“Or that you’re going to be, anyway,” Tony adds. He seems to give up, because he drops the arm with the phone in it to his thigh and lets his head fall back. Peter would have taken the opportunity to kiss his jaw in greeting, if he hadn’t been so taken aback.

“They really think that? I mean—why? Because I’m younger? That’s bull—”

“Pictures from last Friday. Don’t you dare finish that sentence young man,” Tony says sternly, but the look on his face immediately has Peter cracking up after a moment of almost tense silence. “See? It wouldn’t work!” Tony says faux despairingly to Pepper, who chuckles fondly.

“I think this is good,” Pepper suggests with a small shrug, “Let them think what they want to think. They always will, anyway, and at least this way we’ll get away with doing much of the things we would otherwise do anyway without any sort of potential backlash.”

Peter, thinking that Pepper’s words are very wise, looks at Tony. Tony looks from Peter to Pepper, and back again.

“If it works,” he finally agrees with a sigh after a moment’s contemplation. He lifts his head and drops it in between Pepper and Peter this time.

Peter grins, and nuzzles his nose into Tony’s hair.

“It’s okay Tony. You won’t notice the difference. You’ll always be our Daddy.”

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We are so excited to reveal the first few works of the Marvel Spooky Scramble! Go shower these fabulous authors with some love!


Originally posted by thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain

“Play Date” by winter_angst

Characters: Gamora & Darcy Lewis

Prompt: Masquerade ball where two characters flirt, not knowing each other and they find out the next day

RATED: Mature


Originally posted by fakefanofmarvel

“Through the Glass” by ABrighterDarkness

Characters: Bruce Banner & Bruce Banner

Prompt: Trapped in a Haunted House trying to escape ghosts

RATED: Teen and Up


Originally posted by linknloki

“This Trick’s All Treat” by WillowTailBreeze

Characters: Thor Odinson & Bruce Banner

Prompt: “Don’t worry boo, this trick’s all treat.”

RATED: Teen and Up

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Does anyone have any ideas/prompts for very short little drabbles? I’m talking really just a specific scenario or mood or something else that can be written in 500 words or less. I’m really trying to get back into writing but it’s hard when my mind’s all over the place and I can’t work on any of the prompts I have because they’re all 3k ideas ya feel?

Anyway if anyone has any please send them over and I’ll try to have a crack at it!

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by Anonymous

Special Agent Peter Parker was assigned to work on a new assignment – instructions from F.B.I. Director Fury himself. But how will he handle straddling the line between colleagues and maybe something more with Special Agent Anthony – call me Tony – Stark and his project, the X-Files, while actually doing his damn job. Aliens? Cryptids? Gore? Peter’s main concern is keeping the sexual tension low and his reports flawless. Thank you very much.

Words: 2443, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of des_is_writing

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Oh that’s pretty lame :( I don’t have an instagram so I can’t really do much. I didn’t see anything of mine but I can only scroll a little bit before it makes me log in. But I definitely saw art I recognize from other blogs and that’s not okay.

If you’re a starker artist definitely go check out this account cause they have a ton of stolen tumblr content on there! Idk what you can do about to get them to take it down but they need to learn that this isn’t okay.

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Thank you sm for the notice, Anon! ❤

I’ve taken a look, and one of my recent manips is indeed uploaded. While its extremely flattering that my work was enjoyed and they wanted to share it; I do ask that viewers do not take my work and re-upload it to Tumblr or to other sites, even with credit.

(Fanfiction translations are permitted provided the original work & my blog are clearly linked to the translation 💕)

You may:

  • Use my manips/edits in moodboards.
  • Use my manips/edits as wallpapers or lockscreens.
  • Use my manips/edits as your icon or header.
  • Reblog the original post.

Thank you for the notice ❤

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So I finally got the writing bug again. This is pretty much PWP. It’s decent, I hope those of you who are into this stuff are into this fic. lol

Trigger Warnings: blood, implied cannibalism, non-con.

The FBI has been after Anthony Stark, serial killer-slash-mob enforcer, for a long time.
Peter, special agent and analyst, dips into places he shouldn’t.
There are consequences.

And away we go…


“Good morning, Starshine.”

Peter tries to swallow, his mouth and throat fuzzy from whatever had been used to knock him out, his head stuffed up and aching. 

He opens his eyes, winces at the light. Shuts them. 

His wrists are secured together high above his head, and everything is cold, chilly air on bare skin–bare. God. He’s naked; stuck in stirrups, strapped down. But, aside from the headache and the discomfort of waking up in bindings and completely exposed…he doesn’t hurt.

He lifts his head, forces himself to squint in the light at the figure standing off to the side.

“What did you give me?” he asks, voice thick.

“Standard knock-out cocktail. Painless,” says that familiar voice.

Peter swallows again, drops his head back against the headrest of the chair and shuts his eyes. “Thanks for that, I guess,” he rasps.

A soft, familiar chuckle issues from the right side of the room. He’s too tired to look. 

He drifts in and out for a little while longer in the wobbling in-out of slowly returning consciousness. 

Footsteps click behind him and then further back. A quiet humming lilts through the air, and then the rush of water–a sink–and the sound of something being filled. More footsteps, this time growing closer along with the humming.

Something pokes at his lips, and he opens without thought.

A straw.

He sucks, moans at the cool rush of water down his parched throat.

“Good boy,” the figure says.

Peter shivers involuntarily at the praise, heat curling lazy-sweet in his gut. Danger, a deep part of him whispers. 

He takes another pull of water and then the straw slips from between his lips.

He opens his eyes.

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Day 27 - A/B/O (Peter/Tony)

I went totally overboard with this (2K+ words), I hope everyone enjoys! 🧡 I had a request a while back for omega Tony and alpha Peter, so here you go!

Warnings: intersex omega, genital language such as ‘pussy’ (regarding Tony, the omega), breeding kink, pregnancy talk (briefly), heat/rut cycles


They both knew it was coming.

It was marked on their shared calender. They had discussed it more than once, making sure they knew what they were doing. They were prepared.

They really were going to spend a cycle together.

It had been pure luck that they had finally lined up, Peter’s rut and Tony’s heat hitting at almost the same time. So everything just seemed perfect that they finally spent one together.

Then the day finally came.

Tony’s preheat had already been a bit of a mess, being around an unmated alpha who was close to rut couldn’t have helped. So they were prepared for his heat to be worse than normal.

When the pain started first thing when he woke up, the idea was just confirmed to him.

But Peter was still asleep, so he’d have to do a couple things to distract himself. He knew that the alpha would need his sleep. They likely wouldn’t get much in the days to come.

So Tony got up, pulling a robe loosely around him and slowly crept to the kitchen. He just really wanted coffee. Not that he needed any help being awake.

The sharp, radiating pains in his abdomen caused him to grimace, but he pressed on. He was determined to get his coffee. And he could fix some for Peter, too.

As he poured his cup, humming happily, he felt his body heating up slowly.

He had already had a low fever previously, it almost always happened in the days leading up to his heat. But just in the couple moments, he was panting and pulling the robe away from his chest in a weak attempt to get some cool air to his sticky skin.

Iced coffee it was, there was no way he was consuming anything hot.

It didn’t take him long to fix his drink, then one for Peter. He made his way back to the room, still panting slightly.

And the alpha was still asleep. It seemed that he had not liked Tony’s absence and had taken to curling around a pillow instead.

Then Tony noticed the ever so slight rock of his hips into said pillow and he smirked.

He felt himself start to slick at the sight. Sitting on the bed again, he gently nudged Peter.

“Hey, alpha,” he cooed, grinning.

Peter was instantly awake at the calling of his presentation, pupils wide and dark. “Hi, omega,” he said sheepishly.

He took notice of the pillow between his legs, cheeks flushing and pushing it away.

“Apparently you needed a little help,” Tony commented, sipping his drink and holding out Peter’s to him. “I’ll be right on that. Just let me…finish…”

His brain fogged up for a moment and his thoughts were lost as Peter’s rut scent hit him for the first time. It was deep, richer than normal. All sharp smoke and rich dark chocolate. Usually the scent was lighter, like a campfire where s’mores were present. This was different. Darker.

Peter seemed lost in the same way, lips parted as he took a deep breath. “Omega, please,” he breathed, squirming as he sat up.

Tony eyed the tent in the alpha’s shorts, nearly drooling. He wanted that in him immediately, coffee be damned.

His submissive side, the side of him that only came out during heat, wanted to present and let the alpha do what he wished.

But the more commanding side still had a bit of control.

“Undress,” He told Peter cooly, setting the drinks on the nightstand.

The young alpha instantly complied, nearly tripping over himself as he kicked his shorts off and pulled his oversized tshirt over his head. That left him completely bare, showing off the fact that he hadn’t worn boxers to bed.

Tony looked over him, seeming like he was sizing him up. It wasn’t like it would be the first time they saw each other naked. It really wasn’t a big deal.

But he was dramatic, so everything had to be a big deal.

He felt more slick gush out of him, ruining the sheets surely, as his eyes dropped to the alpha’s cock. Standing proud, flushed red, and gorgeous. It was perfectly thick and long and he knew from personal experience how good it felt inside of him.

And there, barely visible yet at the base, was the star of the show. Peter’s knot.

A weak whine bled from Tony’s throat and he unconsciously started moving towards the younger man.

Peter watched him, still seeming a bit overwhelmed. But he relaxed, biology taking over as Tony and his delicious heat scent got closer.

It was like Tony could see when the instincts kicked in. And he wished he had a video of the exact moment because it just made him wetter.

The alpha practically jumped on Tony, pinning him to the bed with his strong thighs bracketing the older man’s. One hand worked furiously to undo the tie of the robe, quickly getting it off and thrown as far away as possible.

There. That was much better.

Tony’s face flushed lightly as he was completely undressed. It wasn’t that he was shy about his body, it was just that the look Peter was giving him was so much more intense than anything he’d seen on the young man before. It was hot.

One hand slid gently over the omega’s stomach, then dipped lower. The alpha gently stroked Tony’s cock, purring happily at the moan he received. “Can I…can…” he stuttered, chewing his lip as his rut-fed confidence broke.

Tony purred loudly, hips rocking up into the touch. “Can you what, honey?”

“Can I…can I finger you?” He asked shyly.

The omega groaned at the simple question, nodding quickly. “Yes, baby. Yes. You can. Please,” he babbled.

He felt the press of Peter’s eager fingers against his hole, biting back an embarrassingly loud moan. He had barely been touched, he didn’t need to be so vocal. But he just got that way with heat.

Peter slowly slid his fingers in, amazed at the complete lack of resistance.

The omega’s body eagerly accepted the two fingers, clenching down around them once they were far enough in.

“Alpha,” Tony gasped, biting the inside of his cheek. “God, no, I can’t wait. I really can’t wait. You can do this later, I need your knot now,” he demanded.

Peter looked surprised, but laughed softly. He was used to the bossy behavior, he was just under the impression that Tony would be more…submissive in his heat.

Not quite.

He slowly pulled his fingers out, sneaking them in his mouth quickly. He moaned softly at the taste of the sweet slick.

Tony smirked as he watched him, but impatiently nudged him. “Come on. I thought that practically begging for your knot would get it inside of me already. I don’t want to wait, Peter.”

“Sorry, omega,” the young man said sheepishly. “Can you…turn over maybe?”

“Are you asking me to present for you?” Tony asked dryly.

Peter’s cheeks burned and he chewed his lip. “You don’t have to!” He clarified. “I was just thinking maybe, because it’ll be my first time…yknow, with an omega like this,maybe that would be…nice,” he finished lamely.

Even in his rut, which was supposed to make him primal and dominant, he was still shy and eager to please.

Tony laughed softly. “I was just teasing.”

He slowly flipped over onto all fours before dropping from his hands to his elbows. Perfect presentation form.

Peter was able to look over him, eyes focusing on the omega’s dripping pussy. The inside of his thighs were wet with slick as well and Peter so badly wanted to lick it up.

But that could come later.

He felt impossibly hard, cock leaking and knot aching. He needed to be in the omega. He couldn’t wait.

Peter was panting, rut fully kicking in as he finally mounted the omega. The head of his cock slipped in easily, not requiring any sort of movement from either party.

The alpha gripped the older man’s hips tightly as he fought to keep himself still, just for the moment.

The omega’s hole was warm and dripping wet and Peter couldn’t help the moan that escaped him.

Tony moaned, head dropping forward. “That’s it, honey. Don’t wait, I need it. Need your knot, baby, give it to me.” He growled lightly, breathing hard.

The young alpha nodded quickly, hips fucking forward without much plan. He had no rhythm. Only the screaming instinct of ‘fuck. Knot. Breed.’

And that was good enough for him.

And Tony didn’t mind too much either. He was lost in his heat, body craving an alpha’s knot and not caring much about anything else.

So he let Peter sloppily fuck into him, knowing there were bound to be bruises on his hips from how tightly he was being held.

And he loved it. He couldn’t wait to have the reminder of his alpha imprinted on his skin.

They both knew that Peter wouldn’t last long, the alpha had never been with a partner during a rut.

This was actually a pretty good thing because then Tony could get what he wanted faster.

He began feeling the swollen knot against his rim every time Peter thrust in. It wasn’t big enough to tie them together yet, but it was big enough to simultaneously make him feel amazing and like he was being split open (as if Peter’s cock didn’t do that already.)

So he started pressing his hips back, spearing himself on the alpha’s cock in an attempt to get him there faster. He was impatient and burning up and so badly wanted to be filled with his alpha’s cum.

His alpha.

He moaned out loud, both from Peter’s continuous movement and the thought that suddenly filled his mind.

Peter was his alpha. And he was Peter’s omega.

“C’mon, honey, I need you to fill me up,” he breathed, resting his forehead against the bedding. “I need you to breed me. Knock me up, I know you can do it. Young stud that you are, I know you can breed me,” the omega babbled.

He barely registered anything that he was saying, but he knew that on some level underneath all of the heat speak, he did want that. So he didn’t hold back.

Peter moaned, thrusts getting faster as he chased his high and listened to his omega speak. “I’m- oh, omega, I’m so close. I’m so- fuck,” he groaned. His expression was fighting between pain and utter bliss.

“You can do it,” Tony encouraged, biting his lip. “I know you can, just gotta knot me. I know you want to do that, just knot me, alpha!” He practically sobbed, pain flaring up deep in his abdomen again, fighting with the pleasure.

It’s like the alpha could sense that he needed more in that instant. Because his knot swelled further until Peter’s hips fucked forward one more time and they were tied together.

Tony cried out as he came, pussy spasming around the knot and cock spurting useless cum onto the bedspread under him.

His release was all that Peter needed to finally trigger his.

The alpha went ridged as he finished, cock pumping cum deep into the omega’s body. And his knot was there to keep anything from escaping. He shuddered through the orgasm, collapsing weakly against Tony was he was mostly finished.

He slowly turned them onto their sides, getting them both into a position where they could be more comfortable while tied together.

Tony closed his eyes, breathing hard. He felt so much better. All of his pain was gone with a full knot inside of him and a thick load of his alpha’s cum filling him up.

Peter nuzzled against his neck almost shyly, despite what they had just done.

The older man chuckled, leaning back into the touch favorably. “Thank you. That…wow, I didn’t think you had that in you.”

The alpha’s cheeks flushed a soft pink. “I’m glad I could help. And thank you for helping me.”

There was silence for a moment, both of them taking the moment to catch their breath.

Peter was the first to speak again. “Did you mean it?” He asked quietly.

“Did I mean what?”

“When you…you said to kn-knock you up.”

Tony smiled weakly, sighing softly. “Yeah, I meant it. I did,” he admitted.

Peter’s hands slowly snuck around them, resting on the omega’s stomach. It was slightly swollen with the amount of cum filling him, but that made it that much better. “Well…maybe it will happen,” he said hopefully. Then he yawned.

The omega chuckled, setting his hands on top of the alpha’s. His alpha’s. “Maybe,” he agreed. “Now don’t fall asleep on me. I’ll need you again sooner or later.”

But of course, he was talking to himself. As Peter had already fallen asleep.

He chuckled. “Right. Okay. You can have five minutes or so. Then we’re back at it.”

All he got was a snore in reply.

That was fine.

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Well My Name is On It

@starkerfestivals ‘s day 27 Whumptober list: Branded | Tar and feather | “I’m sorry.”

Summary: Peter is kept by SIM!Tony

Warnings: gaslighting/mind-control, SIM!Tony, branding, I don’t know how to describe this but it’s kinda like master/slave kink but it’s dub/non-con. Take that as you will.

(The title is like when someone says “that’s mine” and the other person is like “well your name isn’t on it” yes it’s lame don’t be mean to me pls)


Peter is kneeling at Tony’s feet, just as he always is, naked and chained by his collar to his master’s throne.

He has been living under Tony’s rule for a year. All of this is his fault—he should have left well enough alone. But he was so distraught by this world’s Tony’s death, he had to go and fuck with the multiverse. Which lead to this Tony, the one currently sitting above him, moving to this world and taking over.

So now he’s here, Tony’s personal slave and trophy, waiting for the next order.

Usually, during the day, his master just sits at his throne, talks to his goons, sometimes he’ll go out and commit violence to keep the people of the world in their place.

Nights are filled with one on one time with his master, sometimes fun and sometimes torture. Peter has been trained to be a good boy no matter what, though.

But today…today is different.

Peter looks up in shock as he hears Wanda’s voice. He hasn’t heard from her since his fuck up three years ago…

“Stark,” she drawls, and the lack of honorific makes Peter cringe. “I have spent a long time getting to you.”

Master hums, petting Peter’s hair like one would a cat. “But you’ve made it, Ms. Maximoff. The first Avenger to do so. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Wanda steps closer, sending a goon flying when he tries to stop her. “I want the boy. That’s all. Peter belongs to us, and we want him back.”

Tony laughs darkly, twisting his fingers in Peter’s hair.

The boy cries out in pain, knowing master loves the dramatics. Deep down, the boy is happy to see Wanda. Grateful to know the Avengers never gave up on him, that they love him as much as he loves them.

But that part is deep down, beaten to a tiny pulp in the boy.

Tony tilts his head to the side. “He’s mine, Ms. Maximoff. I spent all this time training him, I’m not giving him up.”

Wanda’s eyes glow red, but she remains calm. “No, he’s ours. You manipulated him, changed him. We want him back.”

“He doesn’t even want to go back. He does everything I say, he loves me. Isn’t that right, pet?” Tony soothes the boy’s hair out.

Peter leans into it and nods, eyes drooping shut. He loves when master is soft to him. He isn’t hurting him.

Wanda scoffs. “I don’t care what he wants. I’m taking him home, he belongs to me.”

Tony stands up, walking over to the fire place. He takes off a ring on his finger, examining it. “He belongs to you, does he? How? In what way?”

Wanda is nervous, Peter can tell. But she doesn’t move again. “He’s an Avenger. Our Tony made him one. He will fight with us, and die with us if he must.”

Peter winces at the harsh words, whimpering softly.

Tony tsks, grabbing a fire stoker and putting the ring on the end, holding it to the fire. “Your Tony is dead. But I’m not. I am superior; in every single way.” He makes his armor cover his right hand, and pulls the ring out of the fire, before grabbing it by the band.

Wanda’s hands light up. “I don’t care. Peter isn’t yours, and you can’t keep him! I’m leaving here with him today!”

Tony walks over to his throne, and crouches to be eye level with Peter. “He isn’t mine?” Tony asks. He presses the ring into Peter’s chest, right over where his heart is.

Peter screams in agony, the hot metal searing his flesh and making him want to pass out.

Tony pulls away, showing off the TS now branded on Peter’s chest. “Well, I put my name on it. That makes him mine.”

Wanda stares at Tony in horror. “I’ll kill you.”

Tony waves his hand, there are dozens of guns aimed at her. “Not today you won’t. Try again next time.”

Peter stares down at his chest, sobbing in pain and wishing it would go away.

For the millionth time since that fateful day three years ago, Peter finds himself asking what did I do?

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