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#starker fanfic

Take me back to the night we met

Pairing: Peter Parker/Tony Stark (Starker)

Rating: Teen (T)

Notes: This has been sitting in my drafts for literal ages, so I decided to post it to give me motivation to write chapter 2… here’s hoping that happens soon y’all!

Warnings: None, meet-cute/awkward Starker. More to come in chapter 2!

Word count: 7k


Peter and Tony are both hesitant to head back to their small town for a close friend’s wedding. Little do they know they’re from the same town, and little does Peter know that Tony Stark knows who he is. Awkward boys flirting ensues.

Or, Peter works for Stark Industries and is beyond shocked when bumps into Tony on a trip home.

Read on AO3

Peter sat at his desk, looking out the floor to ceiling windows, still unable to fathom how he got to this point in life. From his desk in the open floor plan of Stark Tower, he had a panoramic view of New York City. Every day he looked out on the skyline that people would travel thousands of miles to catch a glimpse of just one time. Thinking back on how he got to this moment, he remembers being one of those people - eager and hopeful for something more, something greater. 

He glanced down to his desk, eyeing the invitation he’d been steadily ignoring for a few too many days. Any reminder of his hometown was a bittersweet one and, for some reason, this one was particularly tough to swallow. Having left home immediately after graduating high school, Peter cut ties with too many people and burned several bridges. He didn’t regret a second of it though; he worked hard to earn his scholarship to NYU and would have never let that opportunity slip through his fingers. In the years since he moved to New York, his trips back home became less frequent and his ties to the town dwindled more than they already had. Sure, he was still close with MJ and Ned, and obviously May was still the most important person in his life. But otherwise, there was nothing left for him back home. 

With those thoughts swirling around his head, Peter looked down at the wedding invitation with a twist in his gut. May’s best friend was getting married and there was no way he could miss it. He may not be particularly close with Pepper anymore, but at one point, she was like family to him. He knew she would want him there, and so would May. There was no way he could disappoint either of them. Besides, it would be a good excuse to spend some time with MJ and Ned - he knew he didn’t get back to see them enough. 

With his mind made up, Peter quickly filled out the card indicating that he would be attending by himself. Who doesn’t love attending a wedding alone, he chuckled to himself. Yes, he’d have May and his friends with him, but that didn’t replace the longing he had for someone else by his side. Peter had worked hard and tirelessly through college and to get his foot in the door at Stark Industries. For years he told himself that he didn’t have time for anything too personal, always prioritizing himself and his career. Now that he was settled in his job, he allowed himself to want other things, other people. He had a few close friends in the city, but never sought out anything romantic. There had been a few fleeting flings here and there, but Peter always ended things before they could get serious. 

The shrill ringing of his desk phone brought Peter back to his surroundings and he shook off the lingering thoughts about his loneliness. As he chatted with someone from the developer team, he slipped the RSVP in an envelope and placed it in his stack of outgoing mail. He pulled up his group chat with Ned and MJ to let them know he’d be in town for the wedding.

Peter: Welp, guess who’s coming to Pepper’s wedding?


MJ: I’ll believe it when I see it, Parker.

Peter smiled to himself. Maybe this wouldn’t be as awful as he was expecting.

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Eee, so this is definitely not as smutty as you probably hoped it would be, but thank you so much, I had a tonne of fun writing this and imagining different ways it could go 🥰 We so need more pet play in this fandom ❤
If you enjoyed this please consider giving it a reblog!

Lightly NSFW.

“Sit”. The word was accompanied by a downward hand gesture and Peter, who’d been mid-way through talking about his day, sat immediately, still happily chatting. “Stay” Tony added when he paused for breath, and Peter powered on through his tale as Tony began to move around, working on his latest big project. 

“He’s not a dog, Tony” Steve Rogers (and, seriously, how cool was that?!) frowned from the doorway, and Tony scoffed where he leaned over a rotary converter. 

“You think I don’t know that? A dog wouldn’t talk half as much” but he winked at Peter as he said it, and the teen flushed and grinned before he switched to telling them about winning top mark in the physics test. 

He didn’t really think about it until much later in the evening when Tony scoured his workbench for a tool he needed, spotted it on a rack across the lab and gestured to Peter then the tool, an idle and thoughtless go fetch passing over his tongue. 

He was halfway across the lab when he realised  the connotation the words had; the tingle they sent down his spine, and he was struggling to analyse it as he took hold of the tool and brought it dutifully to Tony, sitting on the stool besides him and studying him as he worked. 

Sit. Stay. Fetch.

He’s not a dog, Tony. 

The sudden mental image of being collared and leashed in Tony’s grasp, on his knees and wriggling in delight as Tony murmured good boy in his ear shot through him like a bolt of electricity and he gripped the edge of the table so hard it creaked threateningly, garnering a raised brow from his mentor (and sort-of-secret-boyfriend!!).

He wasn’t sure what to do with the realisation or idea, didn’t know how to deal with the surge of heat that went through him each time Tony uttered the relevant phrases, be it in the lab or the bedroom. 

Tony was less forthcoming with the specifics outside of the lab or in the presence of others, but here and there it slipped through like water, cracks he couldn’t plug fast enough. They were at a press gathering for the domineering tech brands of that years when Peter lagged behind in the crowd, distracted by a toddler who’d dressed like Tony, fake beard and all. 

Tony was midway through talking when he noticed the lack of chatter at his side and he turned, heart in his mouth for a moment before he caught sight of Peter. 

“Hey, shortstack! Come, heel!” He motioned for Peter to join them, a two-fingered beckoning somewhat like one would do to bring a dog to their side. Peter scampered after him without a second thought but Happy frowned as they stepped through the security, looking between them. 

“A little less Lassie and a little more official intern, boss” he suggested gruffly as they took their panel passes from the table. 

Tony cast him an unreadable glance from behind his shades and continued wordlessly into the panel room, a hand low on Peter’s spine. 

“Does it bother you?” Tony rumbled in his ear later, midway through an admittedly intense making out session in the penthouse, Peter perched atop his thighs and shuddering in his grasp when he rasped his stubble along his jaw. Peter paused in where he’d been moaning in his ear. 

“Does what?” 

“When I talk to you like that. When I tell you you’re a good boy or to do something”. Even as he said the words Peter twitched in his grip, and then the kid rearranged himself, slinking down until he was sat on Tony’s thighs before he ground forwards, dragging their hard cocks together.


Well then. 

“That’s something we should explore more of, sweet thing” he purred with a smile, nipping at Peter’s ear and relishing in the soft whine that followed.

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I loved this one! Gosh, there were so many ways I wanted to take this. Thank you so much for the prompt, Non! I hope that this satisfies you. I was so tempted to make this a two parter 😅
If you enjoyed this, please consider giving it a reblog! 

TW: Mentions of grief | Grief processing | Allude to depression 

This time of the year always rolls around quicker than he can prepare for it. Her birthday is hard. Their wedding anniversary is harder. But this…The death date…It hits like a freight train, an unstoppable force of grief and nostalgia that if not for Morgan would render him useless. As it is, dates outside of Halloween, Christmas and her own birthday don’t really mean much to her at this age, so where he wakes up immediately wanting to go back to sleep for the next week, she wakes up and begins bouncing on his head, shrieking about cereal and flowers. 

“Wh’was ‘ah ‘bout flowers?” He grumbled, rolling away out of the danger zone of her spindly little legs. This was a day of shit-pot luck, though, and no sooner had he settled on his side away from her did a flailing elbow strike him across the temple. 

Flowers! You left a note on the fridge that said we needed flowers today” she chirped, planting her tiny hands on his bare shoulder and shaking him with strength no six year old should possess. When his brain had stopped rattling around like a marble in a bean can he grumped and groused his way into sitting upright, rubbing at his temples. 

After Morgan had gone to bed he’d stayed up, drinking the whiskey he’d promised himself he wouldn’t buy and looking at the photographs he’d promised he’d never unbox. It was the same every October 11th, a habit harder to break than being addicted to crack. It left him worse for wear each time, doubling his misery. 

“Alright, bug. Go make yourself cereal. Daddy’s gonna shower and get dressed”. Her bony little heel caught him in the kidney as she scrambled off the bed and he wheezed as he pulled himself upright, staggering into the bathroom. Not for the first time, he considered enrolling her in a martial arts class. She could be a champion by the time she was ten, if not just for the fact that all her opponents would be in the accident and emergency room.

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Against my better judgement, my prompts are never closed! Thank you so much for this super sweet/angsty prompt, Nonnie! I realised after finishing this that I never directly included Peter asking for forgiveness, but I hope this feeds you just the same! ❤

TW: Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Self-worth issues | Jealousy | Alcohol mention


Harley Keener is two years Peter’s senior and nicer than Peter could have ever imagined. When Tony had first started to talk about the ‘the first one he pseudo-adopted’ and how Harley had grown into more of a ‘mini me’ than he could’ve imagined, Peter had felt an uncomfortable twist in his gut. 

What if Harley was better than him?

What if Tony liked Harley more?

What if, with Harley around, Tony didn’t want Peter around anymore?

He needn’t have worried, though. Harley wasn’t as ‘outwardly’ nerdy as he was, but he was more than happy to gush over the latest Star Wars LEGO offerings, and Tony snarked them both in equal measure. It was surprisingly like having another Ned around, and it took less than a week for Peter to feel stupid for having worried about his place besides the two of them. 

Tony even joked that Harley was the ‘prototype’ and Peter was the ‘updated model’, to which Harley had just rolled his eyes, knocked Tony’s spanner off the table like a cat and gone straight back to talking to Peter about ComicCon.

They became fast friends, and Peter supposed that was somewhat why he tended to forget there was a second person in the lab with them here and there, starkly (heh) reminded of it when Harley flopped down next to him on the penthouse couch one evening and said “so how long have you been in love with Tony?” 

He could have cried. The Avengers he was around almost every other day for the past two years brushed off his doting as a hero complex and ‘mentor crush’ and it had taken Harley Keener less than three weeks to call him out on its true nature. 

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@starkerfestivals kinktober - 7. incest

parent-child incest, omegaverse, alpha/alpha, top!Peter x bottom!Tony | the characters are +18

Tony knows it’s wrong. His boy is, well, his son and also an alpha. None of them was biologically made to satisfy anyone but omegas and maybe female betas. Still, he’s with his face pressed down the bed and with the kid fucking his brains out.

And he’s loving it.

It burns and hurts and it’s so good that he doesn’t know why it took him so long to be the fuckhole of a fellow alpha. Peter isn’t as big as him, but still an alpha with a respectable size that hits every right spot inside the older man. And everytime he bottoms out, Tony feels the hint of inflation that his knot has. Bein young, Peter has a huge tendency of knotting every time he has his dick inside any hot hole.

Since when you’re an alpha who wants to be knotted? By your son of all people? He doesn’t know and he doesn’t care. 

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@starkerfestivals kinktober - 6. lap dances

F/F, butch!Penny x femme!Toni, implied dom/sub | the characters are +18

Penny gulps, she’s nervous about it. Ms. Stark asked her to sit on the chair and just wait. Just sit and wait instead of asking for her to be undressed like they usually do. So she’s still wearing the clothes she wore when they went to their date. 

(She likes these three-piece-suits Ms. Stark giver her, the price of one is probably worth six months of Penny’s salary, but they’re very comfy.)

Then Ms. Stark steps in. In one of those super-expensive lingeries and with a wicked smirk on her face. She knows very well what she’s doing. Penny needs all her self-control to not drool at the sight. 

“Like what you see?” Penny nods like an excited puppy. “You can see closer, but you can’t touch.”

As much of a bottom Penny can be, she want’s to touch any inch of that perfect smooth skin. Toni places her hands on Penny’s shoulder before just sitting on her lap. 

“If you behave, I’ll let you have a little taste.”

“A l-litle t-taste?”


She purrs and Penny is pretty sure she already ruined these very expensive pants. But it’s hard to care as soon as Toni starts to move. She has no idea where Toni learned - she takes mental notes so she can immitate another day - but she’s sure that this woman will be the death of her.

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@starkerfestivals kinktober – 02. fisting

genderbending, ABO, beta!Toni x omega!Penny

Penny knows Toni could just grab a knitting dildo and solve her problem. But she also knows the beta is an evil bitch sometimes. A lot of times actually, maybe there’s something fun about not giving what an omega in heat wants immediately. Maybe it’s her own fault, really, falling in love with a beta. A female beta, even less biologically made to satisfy omegas.

She doesn’t really mind most of the time, but Penny is not in heat most of the time.

“Toni, please,” she whimpers and begs, the omega voice doesn’t really work on anyone but alphas in rut. “Please, please, please.”

She rocks her hips and tries to get more of a lonely finger buried deep on her: “You’re really desperate, aren’t you, my pretty omega?”

“Y-yes, please.”

Toni keeps a hand placed on her stomach, pressing her against the bed and easily keeping her still. With a very slow deliberate motion, she adds a second finger. Penny keeps whining and begging, her body not happy from having no signs of a good alpha cock or alpha knot. No signs of breeding the heat is for.

The third finger easily slides in, it usually hurts, but not now. Now she needs more. The fourth follows quickly and Toni takes time fucking her like this.

“Do you think you can take it all?” Toni asks, her thumb dangerously close to the leaking pipe that Penny’s fuckhole is now.

“Y-yes, please. Please.”

Both of them know Toni should just get a knotting dildo and making it easier. A whole first still isn’t an alpha’s knot. But Toni doesn’t move away, she carefully slips her fist into the needy omega. The omega that usually doesn’t take more than two fingers well, but needs more and more than just a hand when she’s like this.

“Such a good girl, I promise I’ll knot you later, my little omega.”

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Pairing: Starker
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 2668
A/N: This was written for the @starkerkink Kink Exchange, for @iammagicfishhook who asked for some monsterfucking. I really hope you like it!!

Tags/TWs: explicit sexual content, werewolf Tony and human Peter, werewolf sex, werewolf anatomy, belly bulge, knotting, rimming, bottom Peter

Read it on AO3 here!


It had taken them a little while, but they had finally figured it out.

Before they had gotten together, Peter had one day found out that Tony wasn’t like most people he knew. It had been entirely by accident, had happened only because Peter had been up later than usual working on a project. By chance, his extra sensitive hearing had picked up on something stalking the compound and he’d gone to investigate, only to find a large beast roaming the compound grounds.

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@starkerfestivals kinktober – 01. dirty talk

daddy kink, explicit language, bottom!Peter x top!Tony | the characters are +18

“Do you like daddy’s cock?” Tony says, his voice hoarse against Peter’s ear, jackhammering his hips into the young man.

“Y-yes, daddy,” Peter whines, out of breath, since he’s being pinned down against the bed and being pounded mercilessly like a little slut.

“Good boy, taking daddy’s cock like a whore,” he snuggles his nose against the back of Peter’s neck. “I’ll fuck you dry.”

Peter moans, moving his hips back, trying to get Tony deeper. Each thrust poke hard against his prostate, his dick has become a content leak of pre-cum half an hour ago. But Tony changed his angle here and then so he isn’t poking that spot.

“Come on, little boy,” Tony grabs his hair. “Come for daddy, I know how you like a big cock on your useless fuckhole.”

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Only one thing ever made Tony Stark think twice about fulfilling his full potential.
Two little words on the inside of his wrist, where his soulmark sits, ghostly, waiting for him to recognize his soulmate in some unredeemable way.
He always knew he’d hurt them. But when he discovers his soulmate is none other than the feisty little Spiderling swinging around his streets, he realizes things are a lot worse than he ever could have thought.

Notes: So this just hit me in the middle of the night while reading fanfiction and avoiding hw the other night. I’ve got several ideas for it going forward, so this isn’t a one shot, but with midterms right around the corner I can promise nothing. Sorry. But I love you all and I’m hoping to get the next part out soon. <3 Enjoy, and I’d love to hear what you think!

This is unbetaed, so sorry for any mistakes.

Also, if anyone is interested, I realized while titling this that the song I took inspiration from is actually a lot more relevant to this story than I thought, and even more so the play itself. You can consider it the theme song for this story. The song is called “All That Matters,” from the Broadway cast of Finding Neverland. If you ever get the chance to see it, you most definitely should, or at least listen to the soundtrack. So listen to that if y’all get a chance, and do with that what you will.Okay, now enjoy! 💙

Only one thing in the world had made Tony think twice about fulfilling his full potential.

It wasn’t his friends. Or family — not that he really had any to speak of. Not his position at SI, not fear for his life, his work, his legacy, or anything of the sort.

It was the last thing someone would expect, honestly. Even for a man like Tony, an alpha with such power, who commanded such respect, had to have a soulmate. One he was expected to love, cherish, and yes, even a man like him craved that. He hadn’t met them yet, though, his soulmate, but the two words branding him, marking him with the words from his soulmate that will seal their bond, are there, have always been there, carefully hidden away from the public eye… and terrifying him in a deeper way than anything else could.

Please don’t.

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Oh, honey 😔 I’m so sorry for your loss. I can absolutely put together a list of fanfiction for you and I hope it helps to soothe your mind a little. My inbox is also always open for whatever you need ❤

To Build A Road (That Leads to Your Heart) | @starkerscoop
Velvet Elvis 
Leftovers | @
Take Me (Off Speaker) | @starkerisendgame

I tried to keep them sweet and fluffy for you, I hope these help sweet Non. If anyone has any other fluffy, sweet fics to share please don’t hesitate. 

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Here you go, precious! I hope this hits the spot, and thank you sm for sending this in. 

TW: Slight angst | Slight jealousy.

I’m too busy, kid. I’ve got things to do. I’m an adult with responsibilities, I can’t just lay around all day. 

Tony hadn’t said it meanly, but it had still stung a little. He knew Tony was an adult - Was frequently reminded about that fact, in all honesty, but…He couldn’t help being a little clingy, sometimes. This was all new to him and he’d always been a pretty cuddly kid regardless, and now that he was around amazing people like The Avengers? How could you not want to hug them? 

He kept his head up as he walked, knowing Tony’s refusal wasn’t personal, and he headed for the common floor. Nothing cheered a man up like a snack and the world’s singular most HD television.  He was slightly surprised to find Steve Rogers slouched on the comfortable couch facing the TV, long legs sprawled out across the cushions with a punnet of strawberries and cherries tucked up against one hip. 

“Hey, Queens” Steve greeted as Peter approached, smile warm and sleepy-soft. Ever since Bucky Barnes had been brought back into the fold the man had been visibly more relaxed and calm, soothed by the knowledge his long time best friend and suspected secret lover was safe with them. 

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I honestly could’ve taken this and written a whole multi-chaptered work, but I tried super hard to condense it. I hope that you like this, and thank you so much for the interesting prompt! 

TW: Non-descriptive pretend injury.

He’d never quite felt at home with the high society. He’d always felt too home grown, too lanky or too fast-spoken. An Eggsy Unwin surrounded by the likes of Harry Hart and worse. He tugged at his tie again and stepped out of the way of a woman breezing past, her eyes laser-focused on where her husband was flirting with another socialite. 

Parker Exploratory was on its fourth year of being a million dollar company, and Peter was on his fourth year of feeling like a tiny little worm on a big fucking hook, writhing in the crashing tide and desperately trying to avoid being eaten. He’d dodged a lot of competition, betrayal and trial and error to get where he was, and though he was proud of his achievements, sometimes he wished he was still a nerdy little kid sat in his dorm room, accidentally dissolving his bedsheets with tensile acid. 

He’d been here long enough, right? Of course he had. He set his champagne flute down, fixed his gaze on the exit and was four steps towards it when a hand slipped into his own and he was swept off course, twirled around until he found himself nose to nose with a smirk wearing dark, red shades. “Running away at midnight, Cinderella?”

Tony Stark, looking absolutely devastating in an Armani three-piece, rich black with a gold waistcoat that would look tacky on anyone else. Peter huffed out a breath but allowed the older man to glide them across the dancefloor, letting go of Tony’s hand to reach out and slide those shades up his face and into his hair. Rich, dark eyes blinked across at him, one of which was outlined in smudged purple. 

“Nice bruise” he remarked. He knew what it was from, of course. The maniac fool who’d last tried to take over New York had also put a tender bruise on Peter’s jaw a few days prior. And, like Tony was reading his mind, his gaze dropped down to where Peter had carefully layered concealer over the reddened mark. It was fading fast with his healing ability, but not fast enough to have been gone by the time the Gala came around. 

Tony smelt like expensive aftershave and whiskey, and this close Peter could count the barest hint of freckles that dusted his nose. Tony Stark had always been handsome, and the object of Peter’s heart since he’d first seen the man’s face on a Forbes magazine aged ten. Tony’s smile grew, baring one little canine as he man leaned in closer, enough that on their next step the man’s artful stubble scraped along his jaw. 

“Likewise, darling. A word of advice; if you’re going to use makeup to cover a bruise, you should apply it to the rest of your face, too. It rather stands out otherwise, to those who know what to look for”. 

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so fair warning, I wasn’t sure where to take this so it ended up being pure angst. It doesn’t have a bad ending necessarily, but not a good one either. Could be hopeful depending on how you look at it. I hope you enjoy!

TW: homophobia in omegaverse themes


Peter laughs at something that Tony says as they walk together, fingers twined between them. It’s late at night and they have just been out to dinner together, keeping their distance all night, which makes it that much more freeing when they can finally be close again. The streets are dark, the alleys even darker, and they can’t stop smiling.

But footsteps sound in the near distance, drawing closer even though neither of the Omegas have seen the source of the sound yet. It has to be around the corner, and yet already, their fingers untwine, and they take a little step away from each other as they approach the mouth of the alley.

A stranger passes them by without giving them a single glance and they stop in their tracks, smiles gone, expressions wiped clean if not tinged with the slightest hint of nerves. Tony looks at Peter, and Peter looks at Tony, and then they both look away as they continue on their way home.

At least behind closed doors they won’t have to worry.


Tony is going away for a couple of days, a few states down. Business. He has to take the train there, and Peter has enough time before he has to go to work to go see him off.

The train station is already bustling with people on their morning commute to work. Peter and Tony keep their distance.

They find Tony’s train, but they have another minute before they leave. It’s only a couple of days but Peter knows that he’ll miss Tony incredibly. After all, he’s almost always there for him, working from home a lot, sleeping on the other side of their bed just an arm’s length away, if not closer. It’s going to be weird not to have him there at all for a couple of days.

Tony promises he’ll be just a phone-call away. They already said goodbye plenty last night, and then again that morning. Still, Peter hates not being able to just lean up and kiss his lover on the lips before his trip.

They’re standing close, talking quietly, making sure no one overhears the promises they make each other, to call and to text and to see each other again very soon. Tony catches an Alpha nearby staring at them, not looking away when their eyes meet, and Tony takes a self-conscious step back and straightens up.

He says he’ll see Peter in a week, tips his head a touch, and boards the train.


Peter heaves a deep sigh, and reaches over to the remote to turn the television off. Tony carries two mugs of hot chocolate into the living room and sits down next to him, making a confused little sound when Peter sags against him.

An all-Alpha couple exited a club last night and was cornered by a group of traditionalists. One ended up in the hospital, and the other managed to escape.

Tony promises that if that ever happens to them, he’s not going to run.

Peter hopes that if (or when) it does, he will. But Tony is a stubborn man.


“I told you to run, Tony,” Peter murmurs tearfully, sitting by Tony’s bedside, clutching his hand, “Why didn’t you just fucking run?”

It doesn’t matter that anyone can walk in and see Peter by his partner’s bed, crying, holding onto him for dear life. If he gets beaten up again at least he’s at the right place to get treated for whatever happens. If they’ll even treat him at all.

The only thing that has Peter take a step back and put some distance between them after all, is the realization that Tony is a sitting duck. If they really wanted to hurt him, they could. Especially their doctors.

So he walks away, and dries his eyes, and waits for him to wake up so that he can take him home. To safety.

That’s all he can really do.

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Read here on AO3!


Chapter 5: Glitter and Gold

Peter groans at the sound of his alarm. The loud, blaring tune is pulling him back into consciousness after a good night’s rest. He grabs his phone to turn the alarm off and ponders sneaking in an extra five minutes just because he’s so comfortable within these soft, thick sheets. However, the amount of notifications has him frowning. He only needs a few seconds of skimming through them to feel the blood drain from his face.


No, no, no!

There are too many missed calls. Too many texts about him and Tony, and when he opens one of them, his heart sinks. Tony and he have been caught kissing.
Peter sinks into the sheets a little more to trick his nerves into settling down. Obviously, they don’t. His fingers dial MJ’s number almost automatically. He knows he should call Tony too, but MJ is honest and objective, and she always knows what to do. She’ll tell him how bad the situation is.
“Peter Benjamin Parker, what the fuck have you-”

Bad. The situation is bad. 

And right at that moment, Peter can see his career crumbling before his very own eyes. Everything he’s worked for. Everything his parents worked for. The legacy they left behind for him. None of that matters anymore. He’s done.
“MJ,” he chokes out, tears threatening to blur his vision. His voice is small. It’s a wonder MJ even caught her name falling from his lips. She quickly catches on to Peter’s clear panicked state and quips a quick ‘stay right where you are; I’m coming over’ before she ends the call. Peter stares at his lock screen. He ignores the notifications that are still flowing in- wave after wave after wave.

Tony. He has to call Tony.

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I brought in Harley as the Other Omega because ;) So minor harley/peter in this one, but ultimately it’s starker


“Move. Move, move, move.”

Tony looked up when a flurry of people came by, urging people to step aside so that the Alpha amidst the mess could freely hurry toward the medical tent set up in the middle of their camp. Tony couldn’t see much but he could smell the putrid scent of worry coming off Peter in waves, so the Omega was on his feet and going after the crowd of people in an instant.

It was difficult to see what exactly was going on but Tony caught the scent of an unfamiliar Omega, a stranger to their pack, and the tangy smell of blood that followed. It couldn’t be good.

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Tony stands up from where he was sitting at the top of the bleachers, watching Peter practically tumble down the steps in his hurry to leave.

“Pete, where are you going?” He calls after him again, but Peter is already at the bottom and makes a run for it, almost as if he just realized that he’s late for class. But classes have already ended. Tony took Peter up there because classes had ended. And, because he wanted to ask him if he’d come watch his game on the weekend, but that seems so unimportant right now. In the face of what just happened.

Tony watches Peter disappear into the school building in the near distance, still looking like he’s in the biggest hurry. And honestly…Tony doesn’t feel great about it.

Maybe he shouldn’t have kissed him. Should he have?

The moment was just so…right. Tony had to. He’s had plenty of opportunity before, on several occasions, but always backed out even when he was so very certain that Peter was wanting him to lean in and just do it. But now he’s not so sure if he ever read his signals right.

The last thing he wanted to do is ruin their relationship. But it seems like maybe that’s more out of his hands than it ever has been, now.

The only thing Tony can think to do is text Peter that he’s sorry if that was rushed, and that he hopes that he’ll still come to his game that weekend. And if he does, although he doesn’t say this to Peter, then he’ll find a way to make it up to his best friend – and maybe, if he allows him to (which Tony fiercely hopes for), he’ll actually get to kiss him again.

Now wouldn’t that be an absolute dream?

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