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mmmmm guardians of the galaxy critrole au

fjord is starlord (vandren is yondu)

nott/veth is rocket

cad is groot

caleb is gamora (astrid or eodwulf is nebula)

yasha is drax

molly and jester are thier own flavors of space pirates

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Guardians of the Galaxy Preference “How they react to you having a crush on them”


Originally posted by imyourloverboy

Yondu-As he’d hear others tease you about your crush on him, he’d be all ears about it and would want to know exactly the quirk that you like about him and how you feel, increasingly curious over you and wanting to try and catch onto your actions that might hint to him you really do like him. Once confident in himself, he’d flirt with you openly and would always want to catch your attention with the way he comes to your rescue, loving to see how impressed you are and practically getting you to confess to him as you thought you might’ve never see him again.


Originally posted by erule

Peter-As he’d hear others tease you about your crush on him, he’d be the type to constantly annoy you into admitting it to him and would casually mention how he heard about what you like about him and would even imitate you just to tease you. He’d also spend his time flirting with you back and do anything just to spend some time alone with you, clearly wanting you to admit to him your feelings yet playing around with you just to see at what point he’ll get you to say it.


Originally posted by dailymarvel

Drax-As he’d hear others tease you about your crush on him, he’d be confused and would ask you bluntly why is it that you have a “crush” on him, insisting that it’s impossible since he’s so much stronger than you, only to make you blush and try really hard to keep your feelings hidden. It would really take the others to tell him about your feelings for him to catch on, only to then surprise everyone and you as he mentions all the countless of actions he thought it was strange you only did for him or around him, making you blush even more.

Rocket-As he’d hear others tease you about your crush on him, he’d brush it off and would only see them as messing with you to make fun of how nice you are with him, not realizing how serious you might be. He’d constantly get happy at how much you spend time with him or how you’d remember things about him and such, deep down thinking about what they said but remind himself it’s just a joke, really needing you to tell him about your feelings for him to understand.


Originally posted by laynias

Gamora-As she’d hear others tease you about your crush on her, she’d scoff and would try to not take things so seriously but deep down she can’t help but notice every of your actions towards her that she heard them mention about you. Soon enough, she’d start to realize how serious they were about you and she’d just be kinder to you and do things to you to cheer you up and probably hint to you she likes you back.


Originally posted by marvelheroes

Nebula-As she’d hear others tease you about your crush on her, she’d get annoyed at them and would tell them to cut it out, not wanting to believe them and thinking they’re just messing with you to bother you. She’d take long while to realize how serious they were about you, practically needing you to come to her rescue for to finally click and she’d ask about it bluntly, forcing you to admit to her.


Originally posted by rubysharkruby

Mantis-As she’d hear others tease you about your crush on her, she’d always ask what’s so funny to them about you liking her when she walks on them and you, she’d admit to be quite happy that you like her since she at first she thought you disliked her. She’d be curious about your feelings and would just have to ask all the questions she has in mind, whether it be why, when or what that made you like her she’d want to know and would trust your words as she’d keep herself from using her powers.


Originally posted by dixon-udonta-love

Kraglin-As he’d hear others tease you about your crush on him, he’d feel quite confident in himself and would want to appear even more confident and brave just to impress you, totally relishing in seeing you blush before him as he talks to you afterwards. He’d want to be the one to really sweep you up your feet so he’d do everything to treat you right and make you fall for him before surprising you and asking you out, admitting then that he knew about your feelings.


Originally posted by strikereurika

Ronan-As he’d hear others tease you about your crush on him, he’d scoff and find it ridiculous of them, telling them to mind their own business as he doesn’t want you to think he has a soft spot for you but actually enjoys hearing what they’re saying about you to him. He’d constantly remind himself of their words and would subconsciously act the way that you like him more to get your attention, ending up finding you quite to his liking and asking you to be his.

Stakar-As he’d hear others tease you about your crush on him, he’d go right to save you away from them, putting his arm around your shoulders and telling them to mind their business, actually enjoying to tease you and get a reaction from you in front of them. He’d then always remind you to be more careful with your actions towards him and be less obvious, teasing you even more as he’s practically telling you he knows about your feelings.


Originally posted by dailyavengers

The Collector-As he’d hear others tease you about your crush on him, he’d be too curious and would sneak around way more just to figure out what’s true or not, and he’d also always see more in your actions than before, fascinated by your feelings for him and wanting to return them of course. He’d shower you in gifts and compliments, insisting that he offers it all to you as you deserve it and relishing in how you’d blush and would seem speechless over him, only to finally give you the biggest surprise as he pulls you in for a kiss.

Garthan Saal-As he’d hear others tease you about your crush on him, he’d always clear his throat around them to remind everyone to be professional, actually doing so to protect you and impress you. Nonetheless, whenever he’d bump into you as you’re both alone, he can’t help but actually be nervous, realizing about your actions towards him and the fact that he actually liked you just as much, needing you to express yourself first before he can be more comfortable.


Originally posted by animusrox

Thanos-As he’d hear others tease you about your crush on him, he’d be more attentive to you and your actions, finding it interesting that you’d like him and noticing how you’d blush more and how your voice changes slightly when you talk to him and such. At a certain point, he’d be the type to point it all out to you and admit he’s been keeping an eye on you to see if their words were true, only to surprise you as he asks you about it finally to hear you admit to him.

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apparently chris pratt is going to be in thor love and thunder. and while i hate that man and his stupid homophobic self, i am low key excited.

cause y’all know tessa thompson and taika waititi are going to give valkyrie a girlfriend and make it as gay as possible, and that rude ass man is gonna have to sit there and be a part of it. i hope they fuckin destroy him and the wlw reign supreme with val and her queen

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Name of the Game Chapter Twenty Eight Is Up!

@woozletania @grootiez @trashpandaorigins @enigma731 @netbug009 @rr4901 @cherrycoloredsoot @jillianspina @mattchewystuff

Kylam makes an offer to Stakar and Aleta.

The First Line

There was a kind of dead silence as they made their way up to the control deck to find the co-captains of the Jotarasitahn. It made Rocket slow his pace, looking around. There were no Ravagers in sight. “Where is everybody?”…

Read the rest here!

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@adamwarlock​ oh man! im just gonna ramble about a few lol.

particularly his short lived dynamic with captain universe, gabriel vargas, who was the book ex-military guy with low self esteem issues though (due to his powers). mix that with cynical, detached and pre-ish annihilation peter and you had yourself a back and forth of battle of reasoning.


i love the dynamic between gabriel questioning peter’s morals and methods, ultimately learning from him about his own reluctantly to let go. so much good stuff with peter and the dirty-half dozen (which i consider his actual first guardians team). i personally think his relationship dynamic with any other characters then the now popularized guardians of the galaxy line-up are more impactful.

example, him and adam warlock. no one ever mentions their odd friendship. jack flag! mantis even carol danvers later on. i’d prefer more of a dive into those and appreciate them far more then the kinda misinterpreted: “family,” dynamic fans place on drax and gamora with him. his dynamic with rocket runs deep since his blue uniform days so i always exclude him from any list.

i cant believe i actually refrained myself from rambling about a few. cause this is a starting essay already. thanks for the question! had to answer on a post since i reached the limit T-T

send me a ask about peter quill

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Guardians of the Galalaxy #11 (2021)

Al Ewing (W) • Juann Cabal (A) • Cover By Rafael Albuquerque
• The Olympian gods are returning to our universe - and they’re taking their exile at Peter Quill’s hands very personally.
• To stop them, the Guardians return to the place the team was born… but will facing their past in the Annihilation War help them survive their future?
• Everything changes in TWO
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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