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Did I hear someone say they needed cute dinosaur-Starlord fluff to see them through the quarantine? Yes, well here you go!

Maybe Peter hadn’t thought this through. There was no way he was going to be able to drive his motorcycle with one squirming dinosaur shoved in his coat. Cat was pressed in close to his chest shoved in his zipped up leather jacket. He had one arm wrapped around her to make sure she didn’t wriggle out of the bottom and his other arm steering.

“Come on Cat!” He muttered, desperately, “I can tell you’re tired of my trailer you can only terrorize my sheets so many times. You’ll like this new place, it’s bigger and there’s some dinosaurs you need to meet. Trust me they’ll be a way better pack than that gang of scavenging losers from before.”

Cat didn’t choose to settle down and instead butted her skull against his chin. He cursed softly under his breath and slowed his motorcycle down. Ow. Okay, that one was going to bruise.  

“You know you better be grateful when all this is over,” He muttered to the dinosaur and rubbed his chin. Well, there was always one thing that always seemed to get Cat to settle.

“Oh baby, baby it’s a wild world.  It’s hard to get by just upon a smile.” He started singing loudly, Cat didn’t settle immediately but she did perk her nose up and seem to be listening. “Baby if you wanna leave, take good care. Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there. But just remember there’s a lot of bad and bewareeeeeeee.”  

Cat curled her tail closer to her and began to chirp.

Peter grinned, “I knew you knew this song by heart. Damn you really are the biggest Cat Stevens fan I know. Come on sing it with me now! Ohh baby, baby, it’s a wild world!”  

Cat let out a half chortle half chirp that was slightly off rhythm but Peter could tell her heart was in it and that’s all that mattered in music.

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“And when he does, that’s when you… ”

“No! No, Peter. I’m not giving him anymore time than he’s already taken.” Knife in hand, you stood up, wishing he would move out of the way of the door. Your father, supposedly so caring, so giving and open to all creatures through space, was the reason your mother was dead. He was goddamn murderer! You couldn’t stand to listen to one more adventure he shared with you or your brother, one more tale of his heroism when he was only a coward. You were going to stab him, kill him, show him exactly what he deserved after ruining countless lives.

“Think about what you’re doing,” He sighed, needing you to listen to him. “Just wait, okay? There’s more time to come up with a plan, figure out how to get out of here. Then you can do whatever you want.” Peter was just as hurt as you were, but he knew better than to become blind to his emotions. Ego was smart, he would see it coming. Peter knew if he could kill your mother, the love of his life, there would be no hesitation when it came to you, someone he hasn’t seen in years. It didn’t matter if you were his child, he was selfish. Peter couldn’t lose you, too. The father you pictured, imagined as a child, was just that: imaginary.


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Interactions I wish we had in the MCU

Gamora x Nat

Two badass assassins 100% done with their teams? Yes please.

Thor x Peter

I would love it if Thor saw Peter’s cosplay as him from Homecoming.

Bruce x Peter

Science family hehe

Steve x Stephen

Kinda wanna see them argue over Tony ngl. But I can’t believe they haven’t met?

Valkyrie x Carol

They haven’t even met and they’re still a ship. I love this fandom.

Peter x Shuri

This has also been accepted as fanon which is great.

T’Challa x Star Lord

They had this little snippet in EG so I wanna see more of that.

Pepper x Peter

Again, I don’t think they’ve “met-met” but I wanna see more of that.

Tony x Shuri

Yes please?

Wanda x Stephen

It’s gonna happen so yayyy.

Wanda x Loki

Two sorcerors? Yes.

Feel free to reblog/add more!

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• Cornered and outnumbered, PETER QUILL makes a desperate stand against GLADIATOR and the brainwashed forces of the UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF TRUTH!
• Good thing there are still some toys left in the Wastelands…like the HULKBUSTER armor!
• Quill is mad as hell, and he’s not gonna take it anymore!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

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You said it yourself bitch, we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.“ Gamora is finally a part of something. But the past always follows you, eats at you and she must come to grips with her deeds as she tries to build a future. Meanwhile Rocket has never cared much for anyone or anything. Together the two of them discover they are more alike than different and try to heal themselves by befriending the other.

*Content Warnings: Mentions of child/animal abuse, trauma, character death, physical torture/pain*

Title of this fic is taken from the book of the same title "The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma,” by Bessel van der Kolk

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