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capturingthecosmos · 2 days ago
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Rings and Seasons of Saturn via NASA
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clawmarks · 2 days ago
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Knowledge - 1908 - via Internet Archive 
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moonianbbyg · 2 days ago
Mercury sign notes
mercury is the planet that shows us how we think, talk, our body language, or mind and things related to that. it is ruled by virgo & gemini.
created by @moonianbbyg on tumblr <3
aries mercury♈️
Tumblr media
(trying not to make this as stereotyped as possible LMAO)
usually aries mercuries hate having to listen to people telling them about things they’ve done that weren’t quite okay¿ their voice starts to sound very passive aggressive and they interrupt them so they can’t talk. (very bad at manipulating might i add) - when flirting with someone they’re straight up and they say what they want.. most of the times they won’t admit their wrongs. they also think very selfishly in my opinion lol, they also hate the popular saying “sharing is caring”
taurus mercury♉️
they really take their time to think about what they want to say. they are overthinkers but not the ones that won’t do anything about it < they prefer getting things off their mind by smoking or flirting around so they can be focused on something else. they are also the type of people to get confused in the middle of the argument bc they don’t know what to really say so they just use weird/corny jokes
gemini mercury♋️
let’s be real now.. who has more hoes than a gemini mercury? NO ONE. they really have their way of flirting - charming like a libra sun with a hint of scorpio 🌚 their way of flirting is also funny (in a good way) like they unintentionally say funny things and it makes people feel more attracted to them i guess? when expressing their emotions/opening up they act like they’re a unbalanced scale or something lmfao, it’s like they don’t have a problem with communicating but at the same they do. you will think “woah they’re really saying a lot” but then the other minute you’ll think “are they okay why’d they stop talking?”
cancer mercury♋️
Tumblr media
DAMN THESE MFS ARE CONFIDENT IN THEMSELF!! it seems like they can always prove a point, you can’t check them cause they will for sure check you first. they always have a really good comeback LOL - when they’re upset they don’t like saying too much (if they don’t trust you) but damn if they do trust you it’s going to be p.a.r.a.g.r.a.p.h.s 💀 also.. i noticed that cancer mercury women have their way with men (doesn’t matter what sexuality they are) they just know how to attract any man while cancer mercury men are.. corny to most girls lmao - another positive trait mercury in cancer people have is when they feel ugly/insecure they’re not the type to make themself feel even worse they’ll make sure they glow up as fast as possible
leo mercury♌️
Tumblr media
they can really get on people’s nerves, they’re the type of person to talk too much they just don’t stop.. weirdly gemini mercuries are so much more quiet than leo mercuries. leo mercuries also talk over people which is why i think they don’t have many friends/can’t find many friends because people can’t handle their energy. similar to aries mercury they don’t take responsibility and sometimes they even “hate” apologizing. CEO of overusing “anyways” but a positive thing about them is that even when they feel bad about themselves they’ll use self love affirmations no matter what. surprisingly leo mercuries also think very negative from what i’ve seen
virgo mercury♍️
honestly if a virgo mercury says they don’t care, they actually and really don’t. they are negative and positive minded - they think life is pointless but at the same time they think they deserve the best life ever & the whole world. certain people may not be able to handle their careless mindset but that’s a good thing.. it’s actually a self care personality trait. they are also very dry texters/they don’t put effort into conversations but when they talk to themself they won’t shut up lmfao
libra mercury♎️
they’re very optimistic minded but once negative events happen to them they tend to feel so helpless.. they isolate themself and don’t accept any sort of advice. they just follow their intuition and mind. they’re the type of person who can’t forget literally anyone. they’re very good at conversations with new people though so that’s a good thing about mercury in libra. ⚖️ they love drama and they love to start it but facing it is a problem lol oops! they also have enough self love imo, they’ll make sure to hype themself up
scorpio mercury♏️
Tumblr media
literally the “don’t talk to me.” person 💀 intimidating af, they have their “signature eye stare” that either gets people off guard or it gets people want to stare deeper into their interesting/mysterious eyes. they also prefer to flirt using eye contact and not necessarily words < but during sex they’ll make sure they express their love for you with meaningful and very kinky sentences 👀 uh they don’t really let people get close to them.. especially if they have a earth influence in their chart too (the earth influence can also make them come off even more bitchy but tbh you just have to know how to handle them. also, - deep meaningful talks > small talks. they also radiate high maintenance energy, you better talk to them with respect
sagittarius mercury♐️
LOL THEY STUTTER A LOT!! < especially if they’re mad or pissed off. they like thinking about the past but not think of bad memories, the positive ones. they’re secretive but at the same time they’re not? when talking about their problems they usually will let you know what’s wrong unless it’s love problems, they prefer to cope with those problems on their own for some reason but them not wanting to worry the people around them is a very nice and positive personality trait !! <3 and damn they for sure remember every little detail, very observational. they will tell you what you exactly did 3 months ago at 1:51 pm sharp
capricorn mercury♑️
Tumblr media
*communication mode OFF* they really dislike speaking.. i feel like they rather prefer just talking to themselves in their head and being quiet. they for sure know how to clap-back though.. smart mouths lol. they’re very ambitious and definitely set some goals for themself that they will follow. i won’t lie they know how to use people and manipulate them very smartly but water mercuries can usually see through them lmao - anyways, capricorn mercuries have this serious quiet voice that can sound/be very intimidating itself. they also have a very hateful, toxic mindset IMO they also might think they’re certainly better than others but again.. as conceited as that sounds it’s another self love trait
aquarius mercury♒️
Tumblr media
positive ass people who just want to live life and enjoy partying. they will always make sure they hype the people close to them up.. they might even think for other people and themselves. mercury in aquarius just wants someone they can openly talk to without getting judged *since they have a unique pov of life* they love talking about food and vacations.. where will we go next? this looks delicious should i try making it? they also hate hate hate conflict in so many ways. they just want nice vibes and fun. they literally hate people full of negativity and negative thinking. aquarius mercuries also have pride in a good way !!
pisces mercury♓️
always daydreaming of going on fun adventures with their friends.. might also imagine a better relationship with their mother too (this sounds so sad i’m sorry) - anyways. they might even express the way they feel using art.. so pay attention to their drawings or the last song they listened to because there’s definitely your answer or they’re trying to tell you something. they have a very sweet voice and when they’re hurt you can really hear it :/ but they still are the type of people who know they’ll get over it regardless of the situation
that’s about it for my mercury notes post guys, i hope you liked it 💟
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