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me: “oh my god my hockey boy is so cool. hes such a great player”

the hockey boy:


hes fine you just need to press the reset button longer

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Penguin Avoids

Our hero is ready to show you this in the game Penguin Avoids. He is just about to collect gold stars, which have gone down much lower than usual, there are opportunities to get them, and we ate a good job. Click on the penguin and he will bounce. Skip all dangerous objects to achieve the goal. Pay attention to the sharp edges of the field to the left and to the right, it is undesirable to touch…


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Poem for the Stars

Poem for the Stars

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Sparkles in ink
Perhaps ever changing
Though we will never see
How many have ceased?
And we still receive their glow
Carving pictures
To tell our tales
Or using them to guide
Helpful to our people
Evoking dreams
And calm
From infinities away


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“it was nice watching you fall in love w yourself again!” has got to be the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me in an instagram comment section

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Another frfanart friday!! This week I got my newest veil to show off, Galaxia! While the veils were in hiding, she hid in the depths of the leviathan trenches, being all bioluminescent and cool. She has star breath and I just think that’s neat. shes also a beat poet

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my ideal friend aged 10: funny, smart, likes horse riding like me :) likes cartoons :) will go to theme parks with me :)

my ideal friend aged 12: knows all the hot people, totally pretty, sings all the time, we can do each others nails at sleepovers, loves truth dare kiss promise

my ideal friend aged 14: someone who likes poetry. will text me for hours. i can tell them my deepest, darkest, secrets. someone who truly understands me, who just understands me their very soul, will have philosophical conversations with me, someone mysterious

my ideal friend aged 16, now: someone who will not tell me to shut up while i cry about stars existing

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The presence of divine is amplified when sitting under the night sky adorned with stars while conversing with the moon about the unbounded mysteries of this ever-expanding universe

What I mean when i say that I am a religious person

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stars by the handful

garden pebbles

nicking windows

close your eyes & vibe

or pray for clouds

each tap vital signs

of life you don’t know

not now, no, not yet

destiny pulses

through a hairline crack

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This is the Running Chicken Nebula! 🐔🐔🐔

This nebula should technically look all red in the image but some coloration became weird and it came out really nicely with its c o l o r f u l appearance! This nebula is a powerful star forming region known for its clumps of dark dust known as Thackeray’s Globules. 🌈🌈🌈

Taken by me (Michelle Park) using the Slooh Chile Two telescope on February 26th, 2021 at 3:17 UTC.

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The gate and the tree.
Estancia El Silencio.
#colors #outdoors #light #night #longexposure #tree #cerroazul #misiones #argentina #dark #shadows #reflections #forest #silhouettes #water #tree #sky #stars #starry #astronomy (en Cerro Azul, Misiones, Argentina)

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