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Starscream, have you ever wanted to die and why? If so, why didn't tou?

Considering the fact most of us were wrapped up in a four million year long war I can safely assume a good majority of us have felt like giving up completely at some point or another.

As to why I didn’t, let’s just chalk that up to me being infuriatingly stubborn and not knowing when to quit.

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Cyberverse seekers all being yandere for Starscream please

Starscream awoke to what looked like the inside of the winglord’s tower quarters, but he knew that was impossible. That horrible tower had burned to the ground when the Autobots destroyed Vos.

“Hey Star!” Thundercracker came barreling in.

“Thundercracker, what is going on!”

“Well, the seekers that weren’t with Megatron are coming here, and we’re rebuilding Vos on Earth’s moon! It’s so exciting!”

“WHAT!” Starscream had not approved of that, “why wasn’t I consulted about this! Why would we want our great city next to an organic planet!”

“You were recharging silly! And it’s not the Winglords duty to choose the place where we put the city.” Thundercracker booped Starscream’s nose. “It was getting too dangerous for you anyway! What would we do without our winglord!”

“You can’t keep me here!” Starscream got off the floor and walked towards one of the open windows.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you~” Starscream transformed and tried to fly out, only to be shocked and dragged back to the center of the room, “I told you so~”

“What… What was that.”

“We’re using the Allspark to power the place! Don’t worry though, you won’t be alone! You’ll have me and Warp to keep you company! And When Slipstream returns with Windblade, both of you will stay here until the city is finished!”

“Won’t that be fun.” Starscream turned towards the voice; Skywarp walked into the room.

“Skywarp! Don’t tell me that you agree with their mutiny!”  

“It’s not a mutiny if it’s for your safety,” Skywarp started to walk towards Starscream, “besides we still need to talk about something.”

“About what!”

“How you ran from our safety and into the servos of that science-loving shuttle! Or did Megatron make you forget about that?”

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G1 Sparklings starscream, thundercracker, Skywarp, Bumblebee, and Skyfire meet humans. ( and megatron will probably be a bit overprotective )

“Alright my sparklings, stay here while the other cons and myself get some fuel.” Megatron placed Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Bumblebee, and Skyfire on the edge of the oil rig.

“What do you think Optimus is doing right now?” Bumblebee said aloud.

“He’s probably in the same place the cons left him at.” Skywarp leaned over the edge, “you wanna play tag?”

“We don’t have enough room for tag Skywarp.” Thundercracker sat down in a huff.

“Hey Starscream, what are you looking at?” Skyfire came up behind his best friend.

“We’re being watched.”

“By the coneheads, I can see them watching us,” Skywarp added snarkily.

“Not by those idiots! There are organics on this ship, look!” The rest of the sparklings piled on top of Skyfire and Starscream.

“I wanna see the organics!”

“What do they look like? Where are they?!”

“Will you all get off of me!” Starscream tried to get out from under the dogpile, “It’s over there!”

Bumblebee ran over to where the human was hiding and picked him up, “aww look, it’s so cute!”

“It’s kinda boring.”

“I was hoping for something fluffier.”

“Don’t hurt me, please!”

“Bee I think it’s scared.”

“Let my son go!”


“Look, a fat one.”

“Bumblebee put that down! You don’t know where it’s been!”

“Yes, Ramjet!” The yellow bot placed the human on the ground and watched as the human ran to the one called dad. The sparklings hid behind Bumblebee and watched the two humans embrace in a hug.

“I think you scared them.”

“But…” Bumblebee’s optics began to water.

“MEGATRON!” Optimus and the Autobots flew down and immediately started attacking.

“Why do the adults always fight?”

“They’re at war Bee. They have to fight.” Starscream turned away from the group and looked down at the ocean, “There is nothing that we can do about it.”

“I’m sick of the fighting!” The humans looked at each other as the sparklings talked; Megatron punched the oil rig in half.

“Kids it’s time to go!” Starscream fell into the water; the cons grabbed the other sparklings and flew away with all the Energon they could carry.

“Megatron! Optimus! SOMEONE! HELP!” The seeker flailed in the water, slowly sinking

“Starscream? Where are you?!” Optimus started to panic, if Starscream died, Skywarp and Thundercracker died. The seekers would blame him for their deaths, and the war would never end.

“He fell over the side of the rig!” Optimus dove where the human pointed and grabbed the panicking seeker. When they emerged, Optimus place the small seeker on an unsunken part of the rig.

“Thank you…” Optimus paused.

“Sparkplug Witwicky.”

“Thank you Sparkplug Witwicky.”

“No problem, us fathers have to stay together.”

Prime looked at the sinking rig, “let us help get your crew to safety.”

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Bro imagine if Seekers or Starscream in general like when they’re really angry or really scared or whatever they just kind of fucking split apart at the seams to look really big and I’m like yeah. Just imagine fucking Tfp Starscream just like getting really fucking angry and all of a sudden his seems just fucking split apart and he just gets big

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So, I headcanon that when a carrying mech's sparking gets big enough to start kicking, they sometimes manage to hit a cluster of nerves and make their parents horn go off randomly. Do you think Starscream would have something similar happen?

It’d be just Starscream’s luck that his sparkling would kick him hard enough to blow the ejector seat right out of his cockpit

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Tfp with Optimus and bumblebee where they never have to feel jealous of their human s/o possibly wanting to get with someone else who is human or another bot because they give the most genuine and wholesome compliments to the two bots? S/o thinks they’re bot is just an awesome person and love having them around and it shows. (If someone tries flirting they get ignored). (Oh can we have starscream or knockout too? Be interesting a cons reaction to this).

I’ll do these 4 ‘cause its just 1 more but please read my rules please. 3 characters per prompt.

TFP Optimus

  • After all the trauma he’s suffered how could he have gotten a piece of light like them
  • He happily returns the genuine compliments with his own. Optimus calls them traditional names of affection like ‘my love’.
  • He does have his own insecurities about being in a inter-species relationship but SO is quick to counter any worries with warm affection.

TFP Bumblebee

  • Sincerely flattered that he’s got their attention and has them as a partner
  • Bumblebee is always flustered when they give him these compliments. SO, please stop he’s getting embarrassed.
  • Very easy to tell when he’s flustered and if SO is constant in giving compliments, then his doorwings are fluttering all over the place all day,everyday
  • He’s got insecurities but he talks to them about it and just reassures them by telling SO that he would never take what they have for granted.

TFP Starscream

  • Finally someone who’s loyal to him!
  • Starscream was expecting the usual kiss ass routine that he gives others
  • However he becomes a complete mess when they pay him genuine compliments with a soft look on their face.
  • That can’t be right, maybe its a trick. He proceeds to loss his mind more when they’re out (he’s in holoform) and a stranger flirts with SO.
  • He thinks their intentions are revealed, and they are, when all eyes are still on him.

TFP Knockout

  • He knows that he’s got their attention and absolutely loves it
  • A part of him is eating the compliments up while the other part is quick to deflect them out of knowing that he is just that good
  • Knockout is quick to pay back the compliments.
  • Flirtatious compliments in front of others and heartfelt compliments and soft affection in private
  • Never had any worries when it came to the relationship. He’s Knockout why would they leave him for some ordinary human.
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Skywarp: Tell me who you like, Screamer.

Skywarp: I promise I won’t tell anyone

Skywarp: If I ever tell, I’ll give you one million shanix.

Starscream: Really?

Starscream: Promise, okay?

Starscream, leaning in and whispering: It’s Megatron.

Skywarp: *Nods*

Skywarp: Listen up, everyone!

Skywarp: Starscream likes Megatron!



Skywarp: *Hands Starscream a check*


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