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Could we please get headcanons of Floyd, Vil, Jamil, and Riddle making breakfast in bed or some kind of meal to surprise their S/O when they wake up? Thank you so much 🙏 if you decide to write this Raven!
Whoops, writing two food-related headcanon requests in a row o3o) ~🎵 Guess I must be hungry, or maybe it’s the Master Chef—
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
The meal in bed was meant to be a surprise, but... you immediately take notice of the loud racket from downstairs—that, and the blanket of smoke that’s hanging in the air. You rush to the kitchen in a frenzy, fire extinguisher in hand, only to find a massive mess in the room, and Floyd standing in the middle of it all.
It’s not that Floyd is bad at cooking, he’s just terrible at following recipes and keeping his workspace clean! Floyd foregoes the recipe and just follows his instincts and does what “feels” correct! ... Of course, sometimes that means making a whole hot mess in the process, but the results usually look and taste alright!
Though he’s a bit unkempt and covered in stray splatters of fruit pulp, he’s got a lovely meal plated out for you. There’s a little salad, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (well, guess that explains the pulp), eggs (done just the way you like them), and a nice big bowl of poke (sliced raw fish on a bed of rice, dressed with sauce).
As soon as he spots you, Floyd thrusts the finished food into your hands, declaring with a chirp that he wanted to give you a “taste of home” and that he worked reaaaaally hard on it, so you’d better eat up! He even brags about squeezing the orange juice for you with his bare hands! (... so that’s why they’re so sticky.)
“Aw, man! I was planning on serving it to ya in bed. You’re not exactly in bed anymore, are you?” And it’s not a surprise anymore, either.” Floyd sighs, his mood having taken a hit. “Mmmm~ but I guess it’s alright, cuz I still got to see your cute bedhead and smile!”
Tumblr media
If Vil’s going to make something for you to eat, you can bet that it will both delicious and nutritious. The first meal of the day is the most important, so it’s even more important that you start it off right—that’s Vil’s philosophy!
He’s a busy man, so that carries over into what he prepares. It’s a collection of small, fast grab-and-go type items for someone with a lot in their schedule. You’ll find a cup of skim milk, a yogurt bowl sprinkled with fruit and granola, and a toasted everything bagel with your favorite toppings and spreads (but no mayonnaise, which Vil considers “the devil’s condiment”).
Presented altogether, and with a small bunch of vibrant (but poisonous) flowers, the breakfast looks like a health and wellness ad or editorial. It’s vital to Vil that the food looks as good as it tastes without compromising nutrition. More than anything, Vil wishes for you to be in good health and good spirits!
He attempts (repeat: attempts) to pick up some complex knife work from Epel. The reason? Vil wants to attempt to carve an apple in a heart to crown off the entire meal. After much practice, he manages to produce a somewhat lopsided and lumpy heart at the cost of a small injury.
“Hmm? Oh, don’t you worry about a little nick like this,” he tells you when you point out his bandaged finger. “As if something this insignificant could hold me back. It will heal with some time—but it is not every day when I can see you this content. Well worth the trouble, my dear.”
Tumblr media
For someone as skilled as Jamil, presenting a meal in bed is nothing. He could cook blindfolded if he had to (but he’ll refrain, as he doesn’t want to ruin your kitchen), so be prepared for a feast!
Jamil decides to make you a breakfast with the flavors of the Scalding Sands in mind. He loves nothing more than sharing his culture with you—and so, he sets to filling a platter with as much as he can. Sliced cheeses, jams, pita bread, a variety of spices, and wraps and sandwiches stuffed with tender and delicately stewed meats and vegetables.
You smell the food before you see it. As Jamil steadily approaches your bedroom, you’re greeted by the wonderfully fragrant aroma of spices. While you ogle at the veritable spread, Jamil pours you tea—brewed with sugar and served in a tall glass, flavored with cardamom and a dash of milk.
He sits by your bedside, demonstrating how food is eaten in his home country—with the right hand, scooping the food up with only the fingers. No utensils are necessary; you’re free to lick your digits clean.
“I’m pleased that I was able to share a piece of myself with you,” Jamil murmurs, a corner of his mouth tugged upward as he watches you carefully eat. “Just as you’ve expanded my worldview, I hope that I was able to expand yours. Having a meal can be like seeing a whole new world—and I hope to be with you every step of the way.”
Tumblr media
Riddle’s been practicing for this moment (with help from Trey)! Not only that, but he can put what he learned during Master Chef to some good use—after all, applying what one learns in the classroom to the real world... that’s the mark of a true man!
He likes to cook by the book, so he’ll constantly be referencing his bookmarked recipe to make sure he’s got the exact measurements and steps down! Riddle also likes to clean as he works to minimize the mess and to keep things tidy. You won’t even know he was there by the time he’s finished cooking.
Riddle makes fluffy pancakes with powdered sugar, sliced strawberries, and hand-whipped cream (he insisted on hand whipping to add a personal touch to it, even when bits of cream get on his face and his arms tire out during the intense whisking). To drink, he brews fresh tea. He takes care to prepare your favorite kind, adding exactly the amount of milk, creamer, and/or sugar that you like (or none at all, if that’s what you prefer).
He finishes off his breakfast trey with a freshly picked rose—as red as his hair—in a crystal stem vase. Riddle’s breakfast is picture perfect (literally, it matches the picture in the book), just as intended. Nothing less than the best for his beloved!
He rouses you from your slumber with a gentle knock on the door and a firm call. “Breakfast is served,” Riddle announces, parading into your room as though he is a court official. He gently sets the trey in your lap and bows, ever the gentleman. “For you, the ‘Queen’ of ‘my Heart’.”
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Oh? You wanna kiss me so bad.
Tumblr media
⌗ Summary: Asking them if they wanna kiss you in the middle of an argument.
⌗ Pairing: Manjiro Sano (mikey), Chifuyu Matsuno, Mitsuya Takashi, Rindou Haitani.
⌗ Warnings: none.
⌗ A/N: I’m like Mitsuyas, haven’t text my guy bestie in two weeks cuz I’m giving him space lmao.
Tumblr media
Manjiro Sano Mikey.
It’s not that the argument was too heated, but you needed him to understand your point because he was being a thick head, as usual.
“I don’t care if you’re the leader of one of the biggest gangs, Manjiro, you need to do your damn homework bec—”
“I don’t want to,” You sigh, asking the heavens to give you the right patience to not whoop his ass with his own chancla.
And then you get an idea, since he is so whipped for you…
You walk till you are directly in front of the couch he’s sitting in, then you bend down till you are at his eye level, starting to talk really slow.
“Manjiro, baby, your formation is important, you have the time to do them and I will help…” You smile when all his attention is on your lips. “Oh? You wanna kiss me so bad?”
You blink and now you are under him on the same couch. He’s frowning.
“What kind of question is that? Of course I want to kiss you,” He says and you put your hands on his chest when he starts to lean, his frown more prominent now.
“I don’t want to. I don’t feel like kissing people who can’t even do their homework,” You whisper and he gasps, offended. You pull him to you. “So? Want to go out?”
“I can’t, I have to do my homework.” He mumbles and you smile.
Yes, you do.
Chifuyu Matsuno.
The argument was getting tiring and you didn’t want that anymore. Y’all were arguing because he was stopping to worry about his health because of the sense of commitment with the pet shop, something about trying to make it his full time job.
“You don’t understand, I–”
“I do, I do understand Fuyu’ but trying to get the attention of the owner doesn’t have to make you skip your meals, that’s what I need you to und—”
“I need this!”
“And you’re gonna get it, baby! But your health is also important!” You say, frustrated.
You sigh and wet your lips, trying to calm yourself because you’re not about to start yelling either. But his eyes went to your lips and he looked dazed.
“Fuyu, I’m really worried about you, that’s not… Fuyu?” His eyes were still on your lips, you giggled. “So, you wanna kiss me that—?”
“Yes.” He says without letting you finish, he walks to you and puts his arms around your waist. “I do, I want to kiss you, right now, please.”
You lean and smile, his stare still on your lips. He’s been so busy and, God, he missed you so much.
“Your health is more important than some kisses so you—”
“It’s not.” You raise your eyebrow and he groans. “Okay, I’ll change my schedule so I can eat properly, is that okay?”
“More than okay.”
“Good. Now kiss me before we fight for real,” you roll your eyes and let him crash his lips with yours.
Mitsuya Takashi.
The thing with him is that it wasn’t even an argument, you were just trying not to be annoying. He’s been working really hard on his designs so you gave him space.
The problem in this? Takashi doesn’t want space, he wants you. And that’s why he’s at your house right now asking for an explanation.
“Baby, you were bu—”
“I don’t care, three days without seeing you, that’s a hard no and you know it,” He says with a hand on his hip.
“Why are you mad that I was giving you space?” You ask confused.
“Because by giving me space…” His stare goes to your lips when you wet them. “Uh, when you say giving me space it means not even answering my texts, that’s too—”
“You wanna kiss me, don’t you?” You say in a mocking tone, he raises an eyebrow and chuckles.
He then starts walking to you till your back hits the wall, but he keeps going till his lips are brushing yours.
“I do, I very much choose kissing you till I can’t feel my lips instead of doing this,” He wets his lips. “Don’t don’t that again.”
You gulp.
Rindou Haitani.
Even a simple bickering gets heated with this one because he’s just that petty when he wants to. But you have your trick, and it was to distract him from whatever y’all were talking about.
But now, y’all were arguing -he was because you don’t care about that- because he supposedly saw you too close to one of his members and he didn’t like that shit. Were you too close to damn Kokonoi? Yes, yes you were, was on purpose? You’re not that much of an attention seeker, you were just talking.
As usual when he’s getting a little insecure, he’s looking at you attentively, reminding himself he’s the one that’s yours. And then he looked at your face, focusing on it like he was in the middle of a big deal.
“You want to kiss me, right? Is that it?” You laugh, and you swear you see his eyes twitch from where you were.
He starts walking to you with an emotionless face. When he has you pinned on the wall he puts his hand on your throat and leans till his lips are on your ear.
“And what about you?” He chuckles and you gulp. “Do you want to kiss me, angel?”
“I do.” You murmur and he kisses your cheek.
“That’s what bad girls that like to talk back get, kisses on the cheeks” He says.
Then he turns around and leave the room, no longer angry since he confirmed he’s the one that made you this nervous.
Tumblr media
🔖: @saturnmitsuya @milliumizoomi @melaninnntae @haitanigigi @keimisan @izvana @dai-tsukki-desu @yunho-leeknow @welkinmoongrab
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sunnyjae · 2 months ago
can i please request hoon fingering his seatmate in class then fucking them in the empty classroom after class ends?
this took a while but it's here :) i kind of put a twist on it - i hope this works too!
Tumblr media
again ♡ psh [req]
Tumblr media
MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. I put my smut strictly under the smut tags on here to protect you guys so don't open anything with a warning like this one. Please.
pairing ♡ sunghoon x afab!reader
warnings ♡ dubcon suggestive touching, creampie, semi-rough fucking???, cursing
genre ♡ non-idol!au, smut, suggestive
words ♡ 0.8k
summary ♡ sunghoon fucks the class monitor after lessons
Tumblr media
If you’d try to turn around, you know the situation would escalate. He was staring. Again.
Park Sunghoon was the definition of nightmare, and if that boyfriend image of his wasn’t enough to get people’s hopes up, he knew how to charm whoever he wanted. You, being both class monitor and class president, were the most looked-up-to student in your year. And in his eyes, you were good competition.
He’d taken interest in you sometime when he changed classes to yours, finding himself partnered with you for a project. He invited you to his house, and you invited him to yours. And whoever you told always managed to misunderstand.
Nothing ever happened, of course!
Although you weren’t aware of his subtle advances on you at first, it soon became obvious.
“What are you doing?” you whispered urgently, feeling Sunghoon’s hand toying with the hem of your skirt.
His eyes were on his textbook, not entirely focusing on whatever paragraph he was reading at the time, only focusing on your hitching breaths as his warm fingers found their way under the plaid material resting over your thighs. A soft warmth, a little zap that just electrified the entire sensation tenfold. The way he tugged in his bottom lip before he answered had you reeling. “I’m not doing anything. Shouldn’t you be working?” he murmured.
“You’re distracting me,” your voice came out more breathy than you intended, and by his gentle simper, you knew he was enjoying you in your bout of turmoil. “This is going to come up in the paper.” you pointed to the textbook vaguely, fingers trembling unintentionally.
Sunghoon’s hand quickly slid to the hem of your panties. “Whoops,” A clatter. “Dropped my pen.”
Oh no. No no no no no.
When he ducked under the desk, he allowed himself to take a quick glance at your underwear, moving your legs gently apart. His hand was cupping you by the time he’d sat back up, and his middle finger was resting over your most precious bud.
“Sunghoon. Not here.” you hushed, leaning into his ear.
At your comment, he found himself starting to rub his finger up and down your clothed entrance, listening in closely to your breathy sighs of content as he relieved the ache he caused beforehand. You were stuttering, thighs jumping subtly at every slip of his digit over the wet material, hard little pearl in the middle of your wetness pulsing for attention.
“I think you should get to writing.” he smirked to himself, using his one free hand to make notes on the page he was on (he clearly wasn’t going to be going over them later anyway).
“Park Sunghoon.” your teacher looked up, “I’m surprised you’re focusing on the task at hand. Remind me to put you next to the Class Monitor next time too.”
“Of course, Sir. You know me,” he lilted, the rub of his skin over yours making you whimper under your breath.
You had no fucking clue how anyone hadn’t noticed by then.
Through the material, his finger then pressed into your slit, and you hissed.
Your name was being called, “Huh?”
“What’s wrong?” Miyeon’s eyebrows raised as she leaned over in concern.
“Uh, paper cut.” you returned, glancing at a seemingly (to others) busy Sunghoon.
Teetering on the edge of orgasm, you gripped his wrist and yanked it off you without further hesitation. “Not here.” you whined.
His eyes were dark, but he didn’t protest, at least verbally.
The boy was burning holes into your back with the heat in his gaze. Slacks tight as he remembered the way your thighs squeezed when he moved away from you to sit back in his usual seat after rubbing your pussy through your cotton underwear.
To put it simply, that’s how you came to be bent over your own desk after class with his bare cock pushing in and pulling out of you, gasps escaping your lips as he drilled into you. “Fuck, of course you’re tight.” Sunghoon grunted, eyes meeting where the two of you met - including the sinful-looking ring of cum around his length. The sloppiness and wetness had him nearing his climax.
“Shit, Sunghoon-” you hissed, “Cum in me again,”
“Fuck yeah, I’ll cum in your tight pussy again.” he nodded furiously, the vein in his neck prominent as his hips began to snap into you faster.
The dribbling of your joint slick down your legs made the cool breeze in the classroom chillier and you shuddered at the feeling.
You knees knocked when he pushed in fully, only to shoot his load into you a fourth time. The five pathetic spurts of the last of his seed pooling into your hole with a sticky and gooey warmth you could only describe as so so good.
lmao this took way too much time. I'm so sorry anon!
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primo-prompts · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
First of all I’d like to apologize for leaving Chongyun out of these requests- I really just couldn’t get in the headspace for him on this one for some reason, I’m sorry!
Also, this is my first time for writing Scaramouche and if you couldn’t tell, I’m a sucker for Soft!Scara. 😔 sorry if you were expecting something harsher! I’ll figure out how to write for him as I go since I got a few more req’s with him in it.
And lastly, these got a lot longer than I intended, so whoops.
Xiao, Albedo, Scaramouche Neglecting Their S/O
Waiting for Xiao to come back to the Wangshu Inn after a full day of exorcising demons was not out of the ordinary for you, but that was only under normal circumstances.
You knew Xiao. Or at least, you liked to think you did- Having been in a romantic relationship for several years, and companionship for even longer, gave you the idea that you could call yourself a Xiao expert, at least when it came to all beings except the Geo Archon himself. So when he disappears for long swathes of time without any word or warning, you worry, but ultimately trust him to come back home to you at the end of it all.
That’s not how it’d gone as of recent, however. Xiao would be gone for weeks, and it isn’t until you hear from Goldet that you know he returned for a short amount of time before leaving again, leaving you in the dust. It seemed at every turn you would miss him by the thread of a hair, at one point catching his figure fading away into the night sky as you climbed to the tallest balcony of the Inn. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say he was avoiding you.
...But you knew him, right?
You couldn’t be so sure anymore. Contemplating the reason for Xiao’s consistent disappearances, you gazed down dejectedly at the deflated and now room-temperature Almond Tofu in front of you on the table. You had just tried calling his name, if only to get him to appear for just a few seconds before he was off again- But nothing. He never appeared. He never came at your call the first, second, fifth, eighth time- And with each one the tears welled up more and more in your eyes before spilling over, and with it came the choking feeling in your throat. You couldn’t call out his name anymore, afraid to be met with silence once again.
He said he’d be there when you called, that he’d protect you from danger, but where was he now? Was he hurt, and couldn’t get to you, and you couldn’t even help him? Or was he listening to each and every call, but ignoring them and hoping you’d forget his name eventually? Why couldn’t he just tell you if he didn’t want you around anymore?
Each thought swarmed inside your head, creating a miasma that only you could feel. It consumed you so much that you hadn’t even noticed Xiao walk onto the balcony, hadn’t noticed the worried call of your own name from his lips, or the sound of footsteps as he hurriedly neared you. It was only when he kneeled on one knee and grabbed your shoulder that you registered his presence, sobs silencing in shock. You stared at him, wondering if he was actually here, but all worries were disproven when he spoke.
“You’re crying. Why? Who hurt you?” Xiao asked, looking ready to summon his spear at the possible names you’d respond with. You sniffled, wiping your puffy eyes with your sleeve.
“N-no one...It’s just…” You bit your lip, unable to look him in the eye all of a sudden. “Xiao...Do you...Do you even love me anymore? Did I do something wrong to make you run so far away all the time? Please, tell me the truth.” You pleaded with him, closing your eyes and waiting for his answers.
Xiao stayed there in shocked silence, unable to comprehend you at this moment. Of course he loved you! Didn’t you know that was why he’d been gone for so long, fighting the cursed entities of Liyue so that you may walk it free of worries?
“Wait...You think I’ve been gone...Because of you?” He asked, unbelieving and with guilt already gnawing away at the inside of his chest.
“What else could it be? I haven’t seen you in nearly a month, Xiao- I wait every day for you, and I always seem to have just missed you every time you come back...I called your name, too, and…” You took a deep breath, steadying yourself. “...And you never came. Not even after many times. I thought you’d never come home…” It felt liberating to finally tell him after all this time, but the pain still lingered and stung inside your chest, eyes still red and burning with tears. Why couldn’t he answer you?
“You...Called my name…” Xiao looked as if he’d seen a ghost, realization dawning on him. You’d called his name and he never came, and that fact hit him like a meteor. How had he not heard you? He made one promise and broke it more than he thought he could even mend it.
“S/O, I…I apologize, I didn’t…I love you.” Was all Xiao managed to get out, knowing he wasn’t good with words meant he’d have to show you some other way. He stood and took you with him, arms coming around your waist and tugging you tightly to him. Xiao buried his face in your neck, inhaling your scent- Safe and familiar, but he could also smell your misery. He made you feel like this, and he hated himself for it. “I love you.” He repeated, trying to convey everything into just those three words.
You felt them in your soul, knowing he didn’t just say them so casually, reserving them for special occasions that he felt needed more than just affection or platitudes. Hearing the affirmation released the tension within your body, and you hugged him back just as tightly, never wanting to let go. “I love you too, Xiao.”
With a mantra of the same three words from Xiao, you knew he’d always come home to you from now on.
You sat in the dark of your home, alone and cold, as you contemplated the past few months events.
The Chief Alchemist came to you one day and warned that he was nearing a breakthrough on an old theory he’d had years ago- One he couldn’t pass the opportunity up on finally solving. He warned that he may become rather distant, distracted, curt- You appreciated the communication, and understood immediately how important this was to him, so you let him know you’d give him the time and space he needed.
But Albedo had never been gone this long, had never strayed from you like this...Even if he was busier than ever, he’d always accepted your passing kisses and reminders to take care of himself, often times even mumbling out an idle “I love you” that brought heat to your cheeks and a swell of adoration in your chest. He was distant, yes, but you knew this going into the relationship. It was just a part of who he was, to become engrossed and passionate in his projects of alchemy and science. It’s one of the things that you fell for, among many others.
Albedo tried back then. He tried to see you, tried to plan dates and spend time with you even if all you did was nap together. He tried to reciprocate every kiss, every touch, every effort that you put in. He once told you that it was only fair he made you as happy as you made him. Wasn’t that still true? Or did he finally grow tired of you, tired of maintaining such a high-effort relationship that has seen its use through? Did Albedo still care for you, or was this simply a way for him to get you to break up, to wear your patience and heart thin enough to snap at a single breeze?
Whatever it was, it worked, and here you sat at the dinner table trying not to let the salty tears fall the more you thought about the enveloping loneliness you’ve experienced for months on end. You wanted to be hopeful, you really did- But it was hard when at every turn, Albedo made himself scarce.
This was the 14th date he’d agreed and never shown up to, and perhaps it would be the last.
You made no move to get up when the front door finally swung open, a clearly fatigued figure making its way through the frame one heavy step at a time before closing and locking it. You knew it was Albedo- But what did that matter now when the food and candles had long gone cold, and your heart ever so colder? You couldn’t bear to look at him now, the tears finally falling but still made no sound, no movement.
“S/O? What are you doing awake so late?” Albedo asked, his voice a hoarse whisper like he hadn’t used it in ages. He probably hadn’t, in all actuality.
“Nothing.” Was all you said, miserably watching your tears stain the wood surface of the table in the light of the moon.
You interrupted him before he could even start. “Do you even love me anymore, Albedo? Or are we done here?”
Expecting the silence that ensued for several minutes, you stood from the chair and made way for the bedroom, intent on leaving him to the couch. The silence was all the answers you needed, and thought perhaps you could find a way to pack his things and bring them to him without causing a scene at the Favonius headquarters-
Until a hand around your wrist stopped you.
“Wait- S/O...Where is this coming from?” He asked, hopelessly lost. You almost laughed, if not for the crushing tension in your chest. You turned around, ripping your wrist from his grip and watching his expression turn to one of surprise and...Hurt?
“Where is this coming from? Albedo, we haven’t seen each other in months!” Your voice shook with emotion, but continued. “You don’t talk to me, whenever I come to see you the knights won’t let me in, you come home when I’m asleep and leave before I awake- And when I do finally get a hold of you to ask for some time together, you make a promise and break it just as fast! Yet again I’ve sat at home waiting for you, but you never come home.” You started off strong, but the tears and pain took hold and made you weak near the end, voice tapering off to a broken whisper.
“I just want you to come home, Albedo…” You couldn’t bear to look at him anymore, hiding in shaking hands and vainly wiping away tears. “I know you told me this might happen, but...It still hurts…” What was the point in this? Was he even listening? He still hadn’t said a thing, and it just might drive you crazy not getting any real answers.
Finally, you heard footsteps approach you, before the warmth of his embrace enveloped you fully. You broke, sobbing loudly in his arms as he rubbed your back soothingly, pressing light kisses to your head. You let it all out, clutching his shirt and not even caring that tears and snot stained it. Hearing your agony shattered his heart, but he knew it was nothing compared to what you’re feeling right now.
It took a while to calm down, but eventually you silenced, only a few stray tears and hiccups escaping now. Albedo continued to hold you tightly, not letting go in the slightest. He feels as though if he did, you’d slip through his fingers and he’d be alone yet again. Ironic, isn’t it?
“I’m so sorry, my flower...I never meant to hurt you. I simply...Ah, let me be honest- I had forgotten what truly mattered, and neglected you, allowing you to suffer the consequences of my actions and assuming you’d still be here when I finished my work.” He pulled back slightly to see you, a hand coming up to cup your reddened cheek. You shakily looked back at him, still unsure, but the gentle look in his eyes and curve of his brow was more than you were expecting to see. Had he...Finally listened?
“I put my work above you when it never mattered nearly as much in hindsight, and for that I am truly sorry. I know my promises as of late haven’t been reliable, but...Will you allow me to make one more, so that I may correct my mistakes?” You knew this was his way of asking for forgiveness, and it was still so hard to deny him despite all the pain he’d put you through recently…So, taking a deep breath, you rested your ear against his chest and exhaled heavily.
“Alright...This is the last promise, Albedo. If you break it, I’m not sure there will be much of me left to mend.” As you said that, you could hear his heartbeat’s pace quicken, though for what reason you weren’t entirely sure. Fear, perhaps, at what you’d insinuated? Or excitement that you were giving him one last chance? Perhaps it was both...
“I’ll keep you intact, S/O, my beloved. I promise.”
They always warned you about the trials of dating a Harbinger, but you stupidly ignored them all.
The fact that you managed to capture the attention, and more miraculously affection, of the Balladeer was almost unbelievable some days. You weren’t Fatui yourself, but you’d seen him work many a times, and became familiar with how he carried himself in the presence of literally anyone but you. The drastic change in demeanor almost gave you whiplash at the start of it all- He’d threaten and throw around harsh orders for his subordinates all day long, but as soon as he turned to you, Scaramouche became soft as a slime, and just as pliable to your desires as well.
Sure, he still held a rather gruff exterior as he pined for your attention and touch, but he really meant you no harm. The last thing the man wanted to do was hurt the one good thing he has in his life, the one person who supports and loves him unconditionally. He’d never do anything to cause you to leave, to end the bliss you two had together.
Or so you thought.
Scaramouche’s mood took a wild turn one day after coming home, slamming the door and declaring all of humanity as scum. Having heard this speech before, you came over to offer comfort and reprieve as you always did, only to be roughly shoved off and ignored as he stormed his way to the bedroom, going to bed and leaving you there in the middle of your shared home. Idly you realize he’d never done that before- Never once handled you half as rough as he just did, and that fact shook you to the core. Who managed to affect Scaramouche so horribly that he took it out on even you? Whatever it was, you were sure he’d be better in the morning and maybe even apologize to you then.
Except he didn’t, and the mood continued for days. You tried everything you could think of to help him regain a semblance of the softness he usually displayed with you. Anywhere from his favorite meals to drawing relaxing baths with the products he favored, you tried to alleviate the stress, but nothing seemed to work. It escalated to him outright ignoring you, and after a few more days, he stopped coming home altogether.
It ate away at you, but what could you do, more than what you’ve already done? Slowly you began to have doubts, doubts that you’ve never encountered once before in your whole relationship with Scaramouche- Did he still care about you the same way he once did? Was he fed up with the world and, by extension, you? Why did he seem to have little mercy now for your feelings, little regard for the loneliness and worry he’s putting you through? He hasn’t stepped through your door in weeks. In a way, you wonder if this is how he’s chosen to leave you. Wordless, and without reprieve.
It all comes crashing down on you when he finally does walk through the front door, hat already discarded and in his hands as he hangs it up on the coat rack beside him. He acts as if he never left for days on end, never left your heart in shattered pieces- And he doesn’t acknowledge you until you start bawling right there on the couch. Unable to contain the pain anymore, you curl over and cry, wanting him to say something, anything at all.
You barely hear the stuttered breath that comes from him, but you definitely hear the frantic footsteps in your direction before your hands are pulled from your face, and are met with the concerned gaze of the Balladeer. It’s the first time you’ve seen anything other than rage on his face, and it’s such a relief that you almost laugh.
“Hey, why are you crying? What happened? Tell me already! I’ll kill whoever-“ He starts, but is interrupted by the pull of your arms around his neck, and the presence of warm tears staining his shirt from where you bury your face. Shocked, but not unwelcoming, he tentatively holds you.
“P-please don’t leave me! I don’t know what I can do, I just- Do you even love me anymore, Scara?” You babble uselessly, not even fully aware of what you’re saying, but talking is easing the pain and you’re not about to stop.
“Hey, that’s...Of course I do, what the hell is this about?” He questions, and even though he’s confused, he feels like this has to do with the past two weeks…
No one ever said he was a genius in social skills.
“You...You’ve just been so angry recently, even with me, I...I’ve been scared…Scared I did something, that it wasn’t work that had you in a bad mood but instead me!” You confessed.
“Scared?” Scara mused, unbelieving. He scared you? How had he not noticed that? Was he really so wrapped up in his own anger that he ignored how it affected you as well? “...You didn’t do anything wrong, S/O. I’m...Sorry...I made you feel like that.” You could hear the strain in his voice, knowing even if he could be gentle with you, that didn’t mean he suddenly was okay with verbalizing tenderness just as well. It was still hard.
You shook your head, which just rubbed your face into his shirt again. “Please don’t shut me out, Scara. Not again. I can’t be alone right next to you like that again.” Feeling his hand scratch lightly at your back, a sigh brushed across your shoulder from where his chin rested.
“I won’t leave you alone. I promise.”
After that night, Xiao made good on his promise to come home to you every night he could.
While his job to protect Liyue is hardly contained within the daylight hours, there are some times where he can spare a few hours to see you to bed, but not always to sleep…
The night you broke down in particular, he made a point to make you happy again. He feels incredibly guilty for being a source of sadness for you, that he would do anything to make up for it.
When it was time for bed, he laid with you and cuddled for a while before asking if he could make it up to you in a more...intimate way.
You agreed, and he made sure to worship every part of you. With his tongue, his hands, his lips, eyes, anything to coax those addictive moans out of you.
He won’t cum that night unless you take things into your own hands. He insists on focusing on you, forgoing his own pleasure in pursuit of ravishing you completely. If you hadn’t cum more than 3 times before he even thought about sticking his dick inside you, he wasn’t doing it right.
Xiao made sure that by the end of the night, you knew how thoroughly he loves you.
He promised to keep you intact, but later that night he made you fall apart in all the best ways.
Ever the dutiful scientist, Albedo recalls all the little mental note of the best places to touch you, and abuses them to your benefit. He’s aware of each and every little sensitive spot, of what gets you going faster than anything else, of what words to say to get you to keen so sweetly in his ear.
He does whatever you ask of him, tonight is all about you he says. If you want him to take control, he will. If you want to take control, he’ll oblige without a complaint.
Not that he normally would anyway, but there’s an eagerness in each and every movement that Albedo rarely ever has that tells you tonight is special.
Absolutely overstimulates you into oblivion, and at the end of the night, you can barely even recall why you were crying earlier.
The night fades into morning when Albedo lets you rest, and stays in bed for as long as you want him.
Anything to make it up to you.
True to his word, Scaramouche doesn’t leave you alone for a single second the rest of the night.
In fact, he all but carries you to the bedroom, promising he’d find some ways to make it up to you and ease the loneliness a little faster.
Ease them he does, and with every gentle caress you can feel the nights tensions fly away into the breeze that floats through the open window. He’s more tender, slower tonight than he’s been any other night- You can tell he’s sorry just by the way he kisses you deeply.
Never breaks eye contact as he brings you to orgasm again and again, asking if you want another, and another, and another-
You’ll have to be the one to ask for his cock, otherwise he doesn’t even think about using it that night. But once you do, his thrusts are slow, powerful, languid- Each one hitting spots that make you see stars.
Incredibly meticulous, and calculated. He knows where to touch, and when. He’s got your body down to an instrument he expertly plays, and don’t you dare hide those moans. He wants to hear it all.
Scaramouche wants to hear the loneliness leave your body with every drop of cum that slides out of you.
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leossmoonn · 3 months ago
A Little Cliché
pairing - jess mariano x fem!reader
type - fluff, angst
note / request - angry kiss in the rain and the fair. this is my first fic for the 2K fanfic celebration. enjoy!!
summary - per usual, jess can’t keep his smart ass of a mouth shut
warnings / includes - mild language, good and eating, petty fighting, lots of PDA, kissing, rory and jess never had any relationship in this n tristan never left
*gif isn’t mine*
Tumblr media
a nice date with jess mariano was something you thought could never happen, but here you were, waiting in line for a ride with a stick of blue cotton candy in your hands. jess’s arm around you as he talked about how hazardous it was so have a fountain right next to the eighty electrical cords taylor had plugged in.
“what if we’re on the ride and we catch on fire? how are we going to -”
“the fountain is barley even running, jess. i’m sure we’ll be fine,” you snorted.
“yeah, that’s what you say now,” he scoffed. you nudged his arm, giving him a disapproving look.
“sorry, sorry. i’ll stop.”
“good boy.” you leaned in and pecked his cheek. the corners of his lips upturned, smile lines forming as you pulled away. his arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you flush against his side. you sighed contently, laying your head on his shoulder.
you took a bite of cotton candy, holding up the stick to jess’s face. instead of taking a bite from the stick, he took a bite from the excess cotton candy that was hanging from your lips. 
“jess!” you giggled, closing your eyes and shrinking away. 
“tastes just as good - better, actually,” jess licked his lips. you opened your eyes, setting them on jess’s smirking face. butterflies fluttered in your stomach as you watched his eyes flicker down from your eyes to your lips.
“well, there’s plenty more of that where it came from,” you flirted back. 
he hummed happily, pressing a soft kiss to your temple. you finished your cotton candy just as you were about to get on the ride. 
“keep your phones inside your bags at all times,” the employee instructed.
“you know, i heard that this one girl dropped her phone all the way from the diamondback in king’s island,” jess stated.
“yikes,” you grimaced. “did she find it when she got off the ride.”
“yep, and it still worked,” he nodded. “no way,” you gasped.
“yep,” he grinned. “no, you’re playing with me,” you rolled your eyes.
“i would never,” he smirked. “yeah, whatever,” you muttered. you looked away, scanning all the friendly faces of stars hallow while waiting for the ride to start.
jess intertwined his fingers with yours, bringing your hand up to to his lips. heat rose up the back of your neck and you turned to him, smiling as his eyes sparkled with charm and mischief. he always knew how to make your heart stop.
he held your hand as the ride started. you clutched the seat handles as you slowly climbed up the track. you gulped as you saw the big fall you were about to endure. you braced yourself, your hand squeezing jess’s in fear.
you screamed and laughed as you suddenly were going downhill. you looked at jess, your smile getting wide as you saw his arm up in the air. you both whooped in excitement, enjoying the rest of the ride.
you both got out of your seats, a little dizzy from going upside down. jess made sure you got down the stairs okay, holding your hand and the small of your back.
“thank you, jess,” you said. “of course, babe,” he nodded.
“which ride next?” you asked. “uh, why don’t take a break for a little while?” he suggested.
you giggled, “big bad jess is dizzy, huh?”
he rolled his eyes, looking annoyed, but the ghost smile on his lips showed otherwise.
“no, i just… oh, look! they’re selling caramel apples. i want one.”
“mhm, sure,” you chuckled.
you walked beside him to the food trailer.
“you want an apple?” jess asked as he got out his wallet. “no, but can i get some lemonade?” you asked.
“yes, ma’am,” he said.
you grinned, clinging to his arm as he ordered food. he handed you the lemonade, to which you thanked him with another peck on the cheek. he turned his head quickly so your lips would meet his lips inside of his cheek. you laughed at his sly trick, kissing him slowly and sweetly.
you pulled away as you remembered there were people in line behind you. you smiled at them apologetically, dragging jess to the side.
“can i kiss you again?” he asked. “i don’t see why not,” you remarked.
he smiled, slipping his hand out of yours to cup your cheek. you sighed happily and leaned into his touch. your now-free hand went up to his bicep, your fingers crawling up his arm and feeling over the muscle before settling on the nap of his neck. you tangled your fingers in his raven hair, playing with the little curls.
“get a room!”
you pulled away, shrinking down in embarrassment as you saw lorelei and rory coming towards you.
“that’s how babies are made. trust me, i know,” lorelei grinned.
“ha-ha. don’t worry, it was all innocent,” you said.
“yeah, sure. i could practically see your baby bump forming,” lorelei snorted.
“mom!” rory exclaimed. “ah, it’s fine, ror. at least i have a stable love live,” you smirked.
“uh - uncalled for!” lorelei gasped. “mmm, not really,” you giggled.
you turned your attention to rory. “so, no tristan?”
“ugh, don’t even get me started on him,” she rolled her eyes.
“you two would make such a cute couple!” you gushed. “yuck, no. he’s just like jess - no offense,” rory warned.
“none taken,” jess rolled his eyes. “i think i’m ready to go on another ride now,” he whispered to you.
you hit his chest, giving him a disapproving look before replying to rory.
“i thought you liked annoying boys?” you asked. “oh, she does. she just doesn’t like to admit it,” lorelei nudged her daughter.
“you calling me annoying?” jess asked. you shot him a grin, turning back to rory.
“hey, stop bullying me! i didn’t realize this was roast-rory night,” rory frowned.
“you know we love you, girl,” you smiled. “so, did you guys just get here?” 
“yep. rory was taking so long to get ready, i never thought we would make it out of the house,” lorelei sighed. 
“uh, i was the one waiting for you! i almost ate a whole tub of ice cream waiting on you,” rory scoffed. 
“mm, have any witnesses to prove that?” lorelei asked. “yeah, my eyes,” rory smiled. 
you laughed at their banter, your smile faltering as jess nudged your arm. 
“can we please go? my caramel apple is melting,” he muttered. 
“jess, you’re being rude. the gilmores are my friends.”
“more like rory is you acquaintance, and lorelei is her mom that tags along because she thinks she’s also sixteen,” jess muttered. 
“jess, please!” you hissed. “what? you know i’m right,” jess smirked. 
“what’s wrong? lover boy can’t wait to get back to making out?” lorelei grinned. “more like i can’t wait for you two to leave us so we can have some peace and quiet,” jess remarked before you could get a word out. 
and there, your nice date with jess turned into a shitty date. your jaw dropped, embarrassment flushing on your face. rory scowled at jess as lorelei’s jaw clamped shut. 
“i-i am so sorry, lorelei. i don’t know why he’s being a real jackass tonight,” you apologised. 
“i’m right here!” jess exclaimed. “shut up,” you frowned. 
“it’s alright. must get his moody-ness from his uncle. i’ll see you later, y/n. have fun with luke-the-second,” lorelei smiled.
“yeah, thanks,” you nodded. 
rory shot you a forgiving look before walking way with her mother. you death-stared jess as he was laughing. 
“i hate you,” you spat. you stomped away, sipping your lemonade aggressively. 
“babe! where are you going?” jess exclaimed. 
you ignored him, tossing your empty cup in a trashcan as you made your way to your car. jess caught up with you, grabbing your forearm and spinning you around. you fought him, kicking his calf and continuing your journey to the parking lot. 
“y/n, y/n! c’mon, i was kidding!” he exclaimed. he threw his caramel apple away, running to catch you. 
you kept walking away, pulling your keys out from your purse and unlocking your car. as you opened your car door, jess slammed it back shut. 
“at least let me drive. you shouldn’t drive while you’re angry,” he said. 
“fine,” you frowned, throwing the keys at him. you trudged to the passenger seat, getting in roughly.
you crossed your arms and looked out the window as jess started driving. jess’s eyes kept going between you and the road. he bit his lip in thought, knowing that whatever he said next would determine how many days you would shut him out. but instead of him speaking first, you did.
“why do you always have to be so rude?” you frowned.
jess bit his tongue, trying to think of something nice to say as you continued. 
“you are annoying! god, this was supposed to be a nice day with you, but no - it’s been shitty,” you huffed.
jess couldn't hold it in anymore. “the day has not been shitty because of me, okay? if lorelei and rory would just mind their own business, then -”
“why are you so freaking pessimistic. see, this is why you’re always alone in the attic. you never put in the effort to go out and make friends!” 
“i’m not always alone. i’m with you sometimes,” he denied.
“yeah, and when i’m not there, you’re alone reading, watching movies, smoking. you need to get out there and -”
“at least i’m minding my own business and not bothering people with that stupid, little banter that they think is so cute.”
“you wouldn’t be bothering people, you’d be seen as a friendly guy.”
“bullshit,” jess muttered. you scoffed, turning your head back out the window. you sighed as it began to pour rain. “great, just great,” you grumbled. 
“what? now you’re mad at mother nature?” jess chuckled. “no, i’m mad at you!” you shouted. 
jess sighed, gripping the steering wheel as he made a sharp left. he slowed to a stop as he approached your house. you took the keys from the ignition after he parked, getting out of the car and slamming the door shut. 
“hey, where are you going?” jess yelled. “into my house!” you answered. 
“can i come inside?” he asked. “hell no!” you shouted. “can you drive me home then?” he asked. 
“no, you can walk home.”
“y/n, it’s raining.”
“yeah, no shit, sherlock. now, go away, i’m mad at you.” 
he followed you up your steps, stopping you as you were about to step onto your porch. 
“let go of me!” you shrieked, trying to wiggle out of his grip, but failing miserably. 
“i’m getting soaked, jess. let me go into my house!” you whined. 
“look, i’m sorry. what i said was rude, i’ll admit, but it was true.”
you scoffed, glowering at him. “is that really the best you can do?”
jess laughed, “we both know i’m right. i’m not going to admit to something i don’t believe in.”
“can you stop being so proud for once? you’re worse than tristan, god!” you groaned. “hey, don’t compare me to that punk. i’m better than him and you know it,” he frowned. 
“in your dreams,” you remarked.
jess got up-close to you, staring you down, making your heart skip a few beats. you blinked rapidly, rain water getting in your eyes. goosebumps arose on your skin as you felt his hot breath on your face. your eyes roamed his whole face, admiring his beauty. his hair was flat and sticking to his forehead, his sweater absolutely drenched. his lips were pink and wet from the rain, his eyes wide and clouded with lust. he looked like one of those guys in the movies, as you looked like one of those girls in the movies. 
“still mad at me now?” he asked. 
“oh, i’m furious,” you answered while staring at his lips. 
“yeah, i bet you are,” he whispered as he closed the gap between you two. 
he hands came up to your face, grabbing both sides of your face. your hands slid to his back and you fisted his sweater. you pressed your chest against his as you kissed him hungrily. his lips moved with yours roughly, teeth clashing and biting at the soft skin of your lips. you moaned in his mouth as his tongue slid against yours. your tongue swirled around his. you could taste the sweet caramel and the sour green apple as you explored his mouth. 
the rain ran down your faces, dripping into your mouths and mixing with your saliva. your lungs burned, but kissing him felt so good. if it weren’t for jess pulling away, you would’ve fainted. 
you opened your eyes slowly, smiling widely as you met his eyes. 
“that was the most cliché thing i’ve ever done. oh, my god,” he muttered. 
“wanna do it again?” you panted. 
jess smiled, “hell, yeah.”
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cinebration · 2 months ago
Crochet Headcanons (Cavill!Characters x Reader) [Request]
Hii, how you doing? I hope everything's okay!!
Soo i saw your requests are open, and I had this thought for a while. I started crocheting recently, and I was wondering, how would any of Henry's characters react walking in on you while you crochet? I know it's silly but it just made me curious!! You can choose which one, I don't mind!!
Thank you sweetie, I hope you have a nice day!! 😘—Requested by @daddys-littlewhitegirl
Decided to try my hand at headcanons for this! They turned out less like headcanons and more like quick-and-fast scene sketches. Whoops.
Warnings: none
He hardly notices.
That is, he sees you crocheting, but it doesn’t garner more than a passing glance.
Until you finish the piece you are working on: a vest.
You hold it up to him, trying to see if the general sizing worked.
“I’m not wearing that,” he says.
“You were complaining about the cold.”
“That’s what I tell people to make them feel comfortable.”
“You never want anyone to feel comfortable,” you counter.
He frowns. “How did you even make this?”
“With a hook.”
He grunts and gently touches the material as you press it into his rough hands.
He doesn’t wear it out, but late one night he puts it on to appease you and falls asleep with you lying on his covered chest.
August Walker
His eyebrows arch when he sees you with the crocheted material bunched on your lap and the hook in your practiced fingers.
“What?” you ask.
“No, tell me.”
He frowns, his mustache twitching. “I’ve never seen you like this before.”
“Like what?”
He gestures helplessly at you. “Homemaker-y.”
You snort. “I can’t tell if that offended me or not.”
Striding over to you, he fingers the fabric on your lap. “Let me see.”
You hold up the lap blanket you have been working on for ages. His rough thumb slides over the fabric, catching lightly here and there.
“You’re good.”
“Is this for me?”
He smirks and leans down to press a kiss to your forehead, stubble scratching your skin.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock calls on you unexpectedly. When your housekeeper announces his arrival, you hastily shove your crocheting material into a bag at your feet.
Sherlock, however, the moment he enters the room, takes a quick catalog with one general sweep of his eyes—he can’t help it—so he immediately notices the bag and deduces not only its contents but what they were for.
Why did you even bother hiding it?
“You have taken up crochet.” A statement, not a question.
“You took Mrs. Hudson’s advice, I see.”
“I thought I might give it a try.”
He reaches down to pluck the crocheting items out of the bag, then after a quick survey places them back in your hands. He gestures for you to continue as he sits across from you.
Feeling self-conscious, you fumble with the hook and skein, fingers slipping. He watches patiently.
“Do you like it?” he asks.
“I think so.”
“Mrs. Hudson will be pleased.” With that, he leans back in his seat. “I received a new case today…”
You listen to him detail the case as you continue to crochet.
Saved the best for last…
Napoleon Solo
The minute you see that amused grin on his face, you want to throw the crochet hook at his stupid head.
“Shut up,” you anticipate him.
He shrugs and slowly wanders toward the wet bar in the room. You can feel him gearing up for a quip. He takes his sweet time fixing a drink, deliberately drawing out the silence.
“Spit it out,” you grouse, unable to bear it any longer.
He turns around slowly, the scotch tumbler in one hand, and swirls the amber liquid in the glass leisurely with a roll of his wrist.
Lifting the glass up to his lips, he looks directly at you from above its rim. “Now I know why you’re so good with your fingers.”
Your face flushes. “What makes you say that?”
“How do you think I learned?”
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maybankforlife · 5 days ago
Girl, I have a Rafe smut request 😈
Both reader and Rafe work for Ward, they work closely together and are friendly even sometimes flirty. Ward sends everyone home except them two as they need to finish the business proposal, it goes well until they are in the printing room and they keep bumping into each other. It’s gets all to much for Rafe and he kisses her, they end up fucking on the printer (which is turned on). Make is DIRTY, like bending her over the printer, sitting her ontop of it. Hair pulling, choking. THANKQ
Tumblr media
Part of my Chase Atlantic Masterlist
Parings: Rafe Cameron x reader
Author's note: This one was a lot of fun. I really hope you like it Rach. I needed holy water the whole time while writing it.
Summary: sex with your boss's son (whoops)
Word count: 1.5k
Warnings: Smut, language, oral (male and fem receiving), hair pulling, choking, sex in the workplace
You had worked at Cameron Development for over six months. You worked as Ward Cameron’s personal assistant. His son, Rafe also worked closely alongside you. You guys spent a lot of time together. He was very sweet to you and it seemed like he was being flirty sometimes. But you didn’t want to just assume the boss’s son was hitting on you, so you never pursued anything.
It was a Friday afternoon and Ward had sent everyone else home early. He instructed Rafe and you to stay behind and finish up a very important business proposal. You were a little excited to hear it because you had never been left completely alone in the building with just Rafe. You guys worked fast and everything was done. You just needed to get everything printed off and ready to present.
“I’m gonna go wait on all this stuff to print.” You let him know and he nodded as you headed to the copy room. You were standing over the printer patiently for it to be done with its job. It was an older machine and took forever to do anything. You didn’t understand why the office didn’t buy a new one. You knew the Cameron’s were loaded. You popped your head up quickly when you heard Rafe come into the room.
“You’re gonna hate me but I accidentally printed everything out of order.” You jokingly groaned at him. You knew that meant that you guys were going to have to shuffle through the huge stack of papers erupting from the printer and put it all back together the right way. Rafe started grabbing what was complete and laid it out on the table behind you.
You went back and forth between helping him scramble things back together and grabbing stuff as it came off the machine. You accidentally bumped into him a couple of times as you were both trying to go as fast as possible so you could go home for the weekend. You guys laughed and brushed it off until your hand grazed his when you both went to grab the same page. You saw something change in his eyes.
He quickly reached out to grab your face and bring you in for a kiss. You could feel the neediness in the kiss, you could sense that he wanted to do this for a long time. His lips were soft and you were intoxicated with the smell of his cologne. You pulled away for a second so you could question the situation.
“Rafe..” You looked up at him with a concerned look on his face. “Your dad will fire me.” He laughed and closed the gap in between you.
“What my dad doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” He smirked at you and you smiled as he reattached his lips back to yours. His hands immediately went to cup your ass, rolling your hips into him earning a whine from you. You had dreamed of this countless times but now that it was actually happening, it was like fireworks were going off in your mind. He gripped the back of your hair tightly as he swiped his tongue across your bottom lip, begging for access. You let him have it.
After a while of teasing each other with your tongues, you let your hand trail down the front of his body until it met the hem of his pants. Your hand started dancing around the outline of his cock through his pants and he bit your lip when you finally made contact with it. He was hard as a rock already and you were highly pleased with yourself. You pulled away from his kiss and slid down until you were on your knees.
“I’ve thought about this a lot.” You said to him as you undid his buttons and slowly slid his pants down until his cock slapped up to his stomach. Holy shit, you thought to yourself. He looked down smirking at your reaction, you were definitely fueling his already huge ego. He was huge. This was going to be a challenge but you were up for it.
“Me too Y/N, I’ve wanted to..” He stopped talking the second your tongue made contact with his head. You swirled it around the tip to tease him before hollowing out your cheeks, taking him all the way in your mouth. “My fucking god.” He used his hands to grip all of your hair, making sure it was out of your way as you went to work on him. You traced every vein on his member as you bobbed your head up and down. It was almost too much for you to take when you felt him hit the back of your throat but you powered through. The sounds he was making made you soak your panties. You always got off on pleasing others. “I’m gonna cum.” He gasped out as you felt him twitch in your mouth. And then his spurts of hot wet cum spilled straight down your throat. You sucked him dry before releasing him from the grips of your mouth.
He reached down quickly pulling you back up before picking you up and setting you on the printer, which was still working. He kissed you once before moving his attention to your neck. The fire between your legs burning hotter and hotter.
“Rafe, just fuck me already.” His hand went up under your skirt to grab your underwear and start tearing them down your legs.
“Absolutely not baby girl. Not before I return the favor.” You sighed heavily as he slid down your body and pushed your legs apart. You benched your impatience when you felt his hot breath over your aching pussy. You almost fell off the printer when he sucked on your clit. He used both of his hands to steady you where you were sitting while he ate you like you were his favorite dessert. Your hands tugged at his hair as you felt your orgasm bubbling in your lower stomach.
“It feels so good Rafe, don’t stop.” He moaned into your pussy and flicked your clit even faster, not something you thought was even possible. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you let yourself release, your slick coating his beautiful face. Your whole body was vibrating as you came down from your high. His tongue finally left your heat and he left tender kisses on the inside of your thighs before coming back up to face you.
You pulled him by his collar to kiss him deeply. The sweet taste of yourself still very prominent on his lips. He broke away from the kiss, pulled you off the machine, and spun you around so that you were facing it. He pulled your skirt up out of the way just enough so he had access. He wrapped his left hand around your throat as he pulled you into his chest. He used his free hand to shove himself inside of you. You both moaned simultaneously.
He started fucking into you at a slow pace at first, his hand still tightening around your throat as you begged out for more. He placed a kiss on the side of your head before moving his hand and shoving your body down onto the printer. He gripped your hair as he started pounding into you harder.
“Fuck you’re so tight baby, I’m not gonna last.” He groaned out as he slid in and out of you with ease. He was stretching you out so good, this was so much better than all the fantasies you played out in your head about him. The tip of his cock had found that special part inside of you that had you a whimpering mess underneath him. You gripped the sides of the printer like your life depended on it.
You two hadn’t even noticed that in the chaos of you fucking, you knocked all the freshly printed papers on the ground. A mess you would have to deal with later. You started to feel yourself clench around him and he started to slow down, trying to savor the moment. He was close too, his thrusts were becoming sloppy.
“Rafe, fuck I’m gonna cum.”
“It’s okay baby, I’m right behind you.” He thrusted into you a couple more times before you were pulsating around him, causing him to shoot his load deep inside of you. He leaned over you for a few moments, trying to catch his breath.
“Fuck Y/N, why haven’t we done this sooner?” He pulled himself out of you, pulling his pants back up before finding your panties for you.
“Because I was waiting for you to make a move.” You turned to face him with a cheeky grin.
“Well next time I won’t keep you waiting beautiful.” He leaned down, kissing you gently.
“Next time?” You asked.
“I mean if you want to. I personally can’t wait to fuck you in every square inch of this office.” He winked at you and you playfully shoved him away.
“We’ll see Cameron.” You teased as you both went to work cleaning up the mess all over the floor.
taglist: @anotherdropofnorth @teelagurl558 @lindzaylove @obx-pogue4life @sugarcoatedjj @maybankxw @slutforapsycho @hopebaker @herejustforjj @apogueprincess @jjmaybankspermbank @talkstarkeytome @bvcksbunny @wannabestarkeysgirl @samxslaughter @pankowfruitsnacks @my-baexht-ls @absolute-fcking-chaos @lyn07
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scarlettriot · 3 months ago
Birthday Surprises
Pairing: Eijiro Kirishima x F!Reader
Warnings: SMUT! Minors, go away! Restraints (with a necktie), Choking (with hands), Cum Play, Oral (M & F receiving), Swearing, Pet Names (Baby girl, sweet girl, sweet pea, babe, big guy - I think that's all of them -), Lingerie, Sex where one person is nude and the other is mostly still clothed. Reader does get picked up.
Contains: Fluff and Smut, dinner is practically foreplay.
Summary: The plan you had for your husband's birthday wasn't going so well when he comes home early from work to find smoke coming from your kitchen window. But that doesn't mean the rest of the night has to be ruined. Especially when he sees what you had hiding in your bedroom.
WC: 3,527
A/N: This was supposed to be like 800 words... whoops. I'm also thinking about writing another one. Damn it. Anyway, happy birthday, Kiri <3
Soft smoke vented from your open kitchen window while you sank to the floor in front of the stove. Head in your hands, apron a mess, and doing everything in your power to fight back tears.
All you wanted was to make your husband a nice dinner to come home to. Light some candles, make some caramel corn and watch one of his many favorite movies as a means of celebrating his 26th birthday. He'd never taken off work on the day, claiming each year that you could celebrate on his next day off but that didn't stop you from trying to do something on the day of every year you'd been together.
This year just happened to be the first time you attempted cooking rather than buying take-out or praying his shift would end on time for you to make your reservation at some restaurant.
This year was Eijiro's first birthday in your new home, only moving in a few weeks prior to his big day and you couldn't think of a better way to celebrate both events than by having a lovely home-cooked meal in your new home. You'd even gone so far as asking Katsuki for help preparing one of Eijiro's favorite meals!
Katsuki had sent you the list of ingredients with detailed instructions and yet you still managed to burn the dish almost beyond recognition.
At least you still had a few hours before Eijiro would be home. Enough time to clean the mess you made of the kitchen and yourself and hopefully clear the smoke out completely in the meantime.
Or, that was what you hoped...
"Babe!" The front door burst opened. "Honey, where are you!"
You met him in the hall, panicked that something had happened at work but he appeared fine. Just frazzled when he took your face in his hands, inspecting you closely before wrapping you in a hug. You could feel his racing heart and rapid breathing.
"Eiji, what's going on?"
"I pulled in and, and I saw the smoke- I thought the house- I thought something happened and you were-"
Your arms gave him a little squeeze. He'd always been an easy worrier. "'M fine, nothing happened. Well, nothing I can't clean up anyways."
He rested his chin on your shoulder and a soft oh fell from his lips as he took in the disaster zone that was your kitchen. "Don't worry though! Um, I'm gonna order something for delivery, and get this all cleaned up, and all you, mister birthday boy, have to do is go relax and enjoy your night off." You kissed his cheek, trying not to think about how you'd really dropped the ball, "I'll let you know when foods here."
You meant to walk away from him, to start soaking pans while you ordered dinner, but Eijiro held your arm, tugging you back to him. He caught you by the chin, tilting down to kiss you, "Leave it for tomorrow." He muttered, his lips still on yours. You could still taste the day on him. The sweat from his shift and wondered what he'd gone through. Hoping the day hadn't been too hard.
"Please, I just wanna spend my night with you, it's a birthday request."
"But, if I don't get those pans clean now, I'll be stuck in the kitchen all day tomorrow trying to scrub everything."
"No you won't 'cause I'll help you tomorrow. 'S my day off, remember?"
You certainly hadn't forgotten. It'd been why you planned a movie night knowing he could actually stay up late. But, he could tell you still weren't convinced. "Let's go out. You can soak whatever pots and pans you need to but leave the rest for the morning."
"Alright, okay, only because it's your birthday."
His kiss quickly turned into a wide grin. "'M gonna go take a shower while you do that. Think about what you'd like to eat."
"It's your birthday! You think!" You called after him, watching as he tugged his shirt over his head before even making it to your room.
"I will! But you pick the food, I'll pick the place!"
All you could do was shake your head, laughing and gathering the cookware for the sink. You didn't have to think about what you wanted to eat. It was Eijiro's birthday and that meant you'd defer to his favorite category of food, that being meat.
A steak house sounded good. You'd probably have a wait to get in anywhere, the problems of his birthday falling on a Saturday but that was fine. He'd fill the time with talk of work, stories of something silly Denki had done, or who Katsuki had yelled at today. And then he'd ask about your day, you would tell him all about your plan and the wonderful meal you were supposed to be having if only you weren't a disaster in the kitchen. The movies could still happen though.
"Hey, sweet pea," You looked up from the dishes to see Eijiro standing in just his boxers, hair down but not yet wet from the shower, and he was wearing an impossibly shameless smirk on his handsome face, "I found something in the bedroom."
The pan fell in the sink, bubbles going everywhere, water splashing your front. Dangling from his finger was what you'd been intending on surprising him in when he got home before everything went downhill.
See, there wasn't a lingerie line for Red Riot like there was for Pro Heroes Shoto, Dynamight, Deku. Even Creati and Pinky had their own lines! But, your husband had never been interested in that type of merch. That didn't mean you were ignorant to the way his pupils would dilate when you wore the skimpy little numbers. How eager the man became to rip the flimsy fabric right off your body.
So, you got creative a few weeks ago. Watched so many YouTube videos on how to make your own lingerie you'd lost count and learned more than you will probably ever actually need to know. But, you settled on a style, went to the craft store, and spent hours picking out the perfect shades of satin and lace, walking up and down the isles finding little adornments you could add to make it all the more personal.
By the time you had the three-piece, complete with garter, constructed you were actually really pleased with yourself! Mina was even jealous when you showed it off to her a few weeks ago, claiming that the quality was better than her own professional line! You almost didn't want to wear it for Eijiro, because you knew the bottoms would only last a matter of seconds before they'd be torn off and the top wouldn't fare much better.
Judging by the hungry look in his ruby eyes when he walked around the counter towards you, your assumptions were completely correct. "Baby girl, where did you get this?"
"Made it myself." You whispered and his eyebrows rose looking from the clothing back to you and that desire morphed into adoration.
"You didn't."
"I did. Thought I'd surprise you."
"Well, consider me surprised! And impressed! Look at these little gears and this belt! It looks just like mine!" He gushed. Forever your biggest supporter.
"That was kinda the point, babe."
You lazily draped wet hands over his shoulders, not that he cared. "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." You reminded him, "Are you flattered?"
"Very much so." Eijiro lovingly kissed up your neck, "Can I make another birthday request? Can you wear it to dinner?" Sucking the skin below your ear, "I wanna sit across from you knowing exactly what's waiting for me when we get back." Sharp teeth grazing your ear, "Best gift I've ever gotten all wrapped up for me. Please, pretty girl?"
You squeezed your legs together to dull the ache Eijiro had managed to stir up, "If you keep talking like that we aren't going to make it to the restaurant."
In the time it took him to shower, you'd washed your own face, made your hair look like it hadn't been up in a bun all day long, and slid on your favorite dress and pantyhose. Your towering husband, with only a towel slung about his waist, pouted like a child. Upset he'd missed you getting changed.
The shoulder of your dress easily slid down, exposing the strap of the bra you'd made, and your husband's eyes were quick to zone in on it. Then they traveled to your chest and lower still as if his quirk was x-ray vision rather than... well, speaking of hardness.
The towel was forming a tent and Eijiro's bottom lip was being bitten so hard you were worried he'd draw blood. "Easy big guy, get changed so we can eat. I have a feeling I'm gonna need all the carbs I can get tonight to keep up with your energy."
"Damn right you will." Pulling your body against his, kissing you rough enough to wonder if he even planned on leaving the bedroom tonight. The towel pooling at his ankles, his cock completely solid against your abdomen.
And, just as quickly, he broke away from you, spinning you round by your shoulders and marching you to the door. "If we even want a chance at making it to dinner, I need you out there."
You chuckled, loving the way his restraint never held up well against you and, closed the door lightly behind you to wait out of sight.
By the time you were seated in a corner booth, it was you who was having trouble keeping it together.
Eijiro had picked a lovely restaurant not far from your home. Quiet with dim yellowish lighting and a wonderful wait staff. The candle lit on your table was casting all sorts of wonderful shadows over his features.
The define line of his jaw and sharp cheekbones made it very hard to focus on him recalling the drug busted he'd made earlier in the day. You couldn't stop letting your eyes flick down to the ebony satin tie around his thick neck, your mind imagining him yanking it off and binding your hands, it'd match your lingerie quite nicely.
He drew your attention to the waiter that you hadn't noticed arrived, waiting patiently for your dinner order.
Eijiro chuckled when the waiter left, "A little distracted?" Heat crept up your neck. "What were you thinking about?" And it now settled in your cheeks, "C'mon, tell me, pretty girl."
You chewed your inner cheek for a minute before admitting your thoughts. "I'd be happy to make that happen just as soon as I get you alone." Eijiro leaned his elbows on the table, mindful of the small plate that held a half-eaten piece of bread, keeping his voice low so he wouldn't be overheard. "Tie you up to our headboard, unwrap my pretty little present, make a mess of you as many times as I like because it is my birthday after all. How's that sound?"
His words went right to your core and he knew it. The way your body wiggled, how your hands were clamped between your thighs, eager to inch upward and dip under your dress. "Don't go starting without me." He smirked, bringing his whiskey to his lips, "You wouldn't do that on my birthday, would you?"
You thought about his words all through dinner, while you switched from topic to topic barely able to focus on anything other than how quickly you could get Eijiro's belt off and be on your knees.
It was why you slipped your foot out of your heels once Eijiro had set his fork and knife down, pushing the plate back with a satisfied hum. You watched as a smile settle on his face, his eyes close, and then you ran the tips of your toes up his cafe, continuing to his thigh, those eyes springing open again.
He grabbed your foot before you could reach your goal, his jaw tight but tone oh so sweet, "Sweet pea, I've had a half chub since we sat down, thinkin' 'bout how I wanna lay you out across this table and stuff you full of me rather than that delicious meal. So, if you could not be a little tease right now, I'd be very grateful."
The waiter returned just as Eijiro's request came to an end. "And will there be anything else I can get for the two of you? Dessert, perhaps?"
"Oh, I think we'll pass on dessert. We're getting some at home."
Eijiro had your dress unzipped before you'd even made it through the front door. Picking you up and carrying you through the house while you kicked your shoes off along the way. You were dropped rather unceremoniously on the bed, not that you minded. Watching him greedily as his fingers undid the knot around his neck.
You were already scooting up the headboard when he caught you by the ankle. "Not yet. Gotta do somethin' first." He helped you out of your dress, something he always did knowing how much favored this particular one. And as soon as he tossed in on the back of the chair, you made a move again for the headboard, again being stopped, "Not yet, silly girl."
He rested a knee beside your thigh, sucking your neck, his arm wrapping around you almost like a tender hug when you realized what he was doing. One by one he undid the clasps of your bra, four in total. EIjiro slid the straps down your arms, kissing each of your breasts while he unclipped the garter belt from your black hose, and by the time he pulled your panties off your legs they were completely soaked.
Even the frilly set you bought for your wedding night had only been used the one time!
"My wife made me this amazing birthday gift, do you really think I wouldn't handle it with care?"
He smirked, gathering up the pieces and moving them out of the way.
"Now you may go."
He had tied you up before removing any more of his own clothes, was between your legs with only his top two buttons undone on his shirt and sleeves rolled up to his elbows. If it wasn't the man's birthday you would have been complaining about how entirely unfair it was.
Except, you couldn't really form a complaint even if you wanted to. Not when he brought his mouth to your dripping core. Not with the way strong arms had your ass up off the bed, thighs up on his shoulders, his tongue rolling back and forth while you tossed your head back.
"Such a good girl." He moaned, directing all his attention to your bundle of nerves knowing exactly what to do so you'd cum. Too wound up, too eager this first time around, it took such little effort on his part.
You pulled against the tie, hands clasped together but wishing they were sinking into him instead while you came on his tongue. Clenching around air. "That's my girl." He purred, setting you back on the bed, putting a finger into you and chuckling as you reflexively jerked away. Your walls still spasming, Eijiro working to keep you at that high with this thumb against your clit, his mouth redirected to your nipples.
He was so close, you wanted to hold onto his bright hair, get that damn shirt off him- another finger slipped inside. "Eiji!"
"Yes, pretty girl?"
"Lemme go, please?"
His chin rested against your sternum, fingers coiling inside you making it so very hard to keep your eyes on him while he contemplated. His free hand reached up, your fingers flexed with anticipation but Eijiro didn't go for your wrists. "I don't think so, sweetie, no, no," A third finger went inside. Your gasp was strangled, his hand now wrapped around your throat. "You've gotta wait. You've gotta cum more. Gimme more, please, baby girl,"
When he released his hold on your neck, pressed against your clit, you gave him exactly what he asked for. Squeezing and making an absolute mess of his fingers.
Eijiro dropped kisses along your neck with a hushed, "You alright?" before continuing anything.
You coughed but, "I will be if you let me have your cock."
He smiled into a kiss before sitting up and undoing his belt. He didn't even bother pulling his pants below his knees, he just needed enough to get himself free. Already stiff and weeping, he had you licking your lips. "Wanna taste?" He crawled up your body, letting your tongue flick out gathering his excitement on your tongue.
"More, Ei."
And he lowered his hips, more of him going right into your mouth. Lips closing around him while your tongue swirled running along his veins, it had him moaning and adding yet another crack in your headboard. "Fu-uck, baby. Suck my cock so fuckin' good."
You heard the snapping wood continue, if he kept this up, he was gonna break through the part that had your hands bound. Wouldn't that be fun, you thought.
Hollowing out your cheeks, taking him as deeply as you possibly could, trying to see just how far you could push him. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes when his hips began to move, pushing himself deeper into your throat, breathy moans leaving him while he tried hanging on. You watched the splintering, just an inch or so away now, you could handle it.
He held himself down your throat, neatly trimmed base brushing your nose before pulling out with a choked groan and a huff of irritation from you. He pulled your legs around his waist, lining himself up before dragging you onto him.
Your wrists ached and yet you still fought against the restraints. Fucking hell. He was always so damn big and Eijiro was past the point of going slow tonight. You knew it by his rambling. The mixture of, feel so fuckin' good, that's it, say my name again, and, so damn perfect, it all told you he didn't have much longer.
His hands on your hips, driving you onto him only to pull you back, slam you tight against him while all you could really do was moan, Eijiro just using you at this point.
That's why it came as a surprise when he leaned over, you sliding off his lap while he pulled the knot of your bindings. The satin falling over your chest, your hands clinging to his shirt, letting him still rock you back and forth.
Eijiro's forehead rested against yours. "Can I have one more, pretty girl? Please let me have one more. Wanna feel you..." His hand snaked between your bodies, calloused fingers the perfect texture on your clit. "Wanna have you cum around me again. Hell baby, 'm real close."
You held on so damn tightly to him you heard buttons rip off his shirt. Let yourself go completely, let the feeling of him take you over and fall yet again. You buried your face into his neck when his hips faltered, thrusting with no rhythm now, whining about how tight you'd gotten, how you were gonna make him cum.
He made your toes curl with how deeply he pressed into you, your back now on the bed again. Slowly fucking each thick rope of cum inside you, kissing you with every push. "I love you," He murmured when he came to a stop, "So damn much." Stayed inside while he kissed your wrists, asking if you wanted heat or ice to make them feel better.
When you told him ice, he dutifully pulled out with a muffled grunt. Looking down at your releases before dark red eyes found yours, waiting for permission, "Go on."
He gathered as much as he could and used two fingers to push it back inside of you making you moan, rolling your hips causing even more of a mess.
"I wanna be greedy. I wanna make you cum all over again."
It wasn't a surprise that you were sore and tired but, "It is your birthday, you can be greedy if you wanna."
You could see him struggle with it, heard the low rumble from his chest as he really considered it before pulling his fingers free. "Later. I'm gonna get you that ice." He brought you a towel from the bathroom before leaving the room.
When he came back, he not only had two wrapped-up ice packs in hand and a bottle of water but also the little paper bag you had stored in the fridge for later tonight. "You know, I just keep finding surprises all over the place today."
He sank down beside you on the bed, twisting the top off the water for you and making sure your wrists were comfortable. "So, can I open it?" You nodded and he pulled out the cupcake.
"I stopped by the bakery this morning."
"Hm. Two desserts in one night, whatever will I do?"
Eijiro kissed you, lazily, mumbling a thank you.
"Happy Birthday, Eiji."
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cherios · 5 months ago
HI okay so I WAS THINKING OF A FIC OR HEAD CANON OR WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE WRITING about any or all of the feral boys getting a media share dono of a tiktok their gf or s/o looking HOT ASF. If this req makes you uncomfy or you just dont want to do it no worries!! Please and thank you :) <3333
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
author's note(s): nonnie were you trying to kill me with this request question mark. because i feel like you were. but also ( don't be shy send some more )
cc warnings: not a fem reader but reader wears makeup, bunch of fluff, and other things ig? idk its midnight leave me alone
Tumblr media
*click this to see the tiktok*
It’s his first media share since he’s face revealed and he’s in fucking sweat
He’s sitting in the middle of George and Sapnap with one of your merch hoodies on while your in the discord call doing your hair and makeup for a photoshoot you have
“These suck.” Dream states plainly running a hand through his hair spreading his legs a bit to get comfortable
“Well chat has never been funny so.” Sapnap adds fixing his hat slightly
George snorts shaking his head as the video on screen changes
And to every single one of the boys on screens surprise there’s you
The video starts with you sitting on your bed with your charcoal mask on your face as the song like a boy by ciara plays
You move the camera around in disgust before turning your head
Your hair is now done and styled and you have makeup and your background is a dark blue illuminating as you lip sync the rest
Dreams eyes widen when it comes to an end chat spamming things like “hot” and “omg y’nnnnn”
“Go off N/n” Sapnap whoops and George laughs manically at Dreams reaction
“Wait what do you mean go off what do you mean?” you question finishing your eyeliner as you go to check on the stream where your boyfriend looks like he just saw a ghost
“Wh- I-.. Um.” He lets out a breath “That was hot-”
*click to this tiktok*
George and Jack sit on a discord call as they do a you laugh you lose
( which is not going to well )
“It’s like.. None of these are funny.” George states running a hand over his face as the rick roll sent to the media share comes to an end
In the corner he sees a tiktok watermark as the video starts black before you appear
You lipsync to an edited version of “Need to know” by Doja cat turning your phone and acting very energetic
Georges mouth drops a bit a little drop of drool falls from his bottom lip
As the beat drops and the song connected begins your led lights are on and you have a full face of makeup
“Woah, that was something.” Jack says sipping a bit of water moving on
Whilst george is still in shock he hadn’t seen the tiktok before
*click to see the tiktok*
“Karl, I'm so tired. Why is chat so unfunny!!?” your ginger boyfriend groans and sulks into his brunette’s friends’ shoulder
Karl giggles and shrugs patting the top of his hatted head
And before the two boys even have a chance to blink cannibal by Ke$ha is playing and your face has appeared on screen
You bring the phone up from a downwards angle lipsyncing the lyrics before turning the phone upside down and bringing it over your head
When you bring it back down your licking your lips (in a submissive and breedable way might i addd *wink wink* jk jk… unless)
Trying your hardest not to lick off some of your lipstick rasing an eyebrow and just as quick as it started the video ends
Sapnap perks up eyes wide
“Oh my- that was my partner-”
Karl laughs and nods
“Damn their kinds sexy not gonna lie”
*click to see tiktok*
Your sat on the floor of karls streaming room as he streams a ylyl with the rest of the feral boys
It was his idea, so you sat scrolling through your phone or doing work on your laptop
“Okay i’m kinda tired after these next few then i’ll end.. That alright with you guys?”
He gets a collective group of yeahs before you appear on the screen
Hair wet and smiling widely
Karl takes notice you’re wearing one of his favorite shirts and smiles to himself
But the smile on his face drops when you turn your head and the scene changes
You’re in your shared bathroom hair done and makeup done as well, as karl lays in the background on his phone not paying a single mind to what the heck your doing
You turn your phone to the mirror leaning up against the wall and now it’s only you in frame
Your smile absolutely melts karls heart as the video comes to an end and he can feel the heat rising up on his face
“Or on second thought ill just end it now”
*click to see tiktok*
“This is tiring” the boy in a beanie moans throwing his head back looking over at you desperately as you sit on the chair next to him
“You decided to stream, no one forced you to.” you chuckled turning your attention to the screen before your eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets when your face appears
Starting off your face is clean and your hair is up in a messy bun
You pull the phone over your head giving the illusion the next time you’ll be fully glamed
But instead you still look the same
Once again you do it but this time you let your hair out of its bun and have gone for a purple kinda look
When the tiktok ends Quackity turns to look at you
A smirk on his face
He turns to the camera grinning “i told them to do that transition.”
*click to see tiktok*
“I’m gonna be ending soon guys, I know this was kinda early for some of you but Y/n is gonna be up soon and I don’t wanna be streaming when that happens.”
Chat spams with “awws” “how cutes’” and “i need a man like wilbur in my life.”
He smiles and shakes his head but an eyebrow raises in question when he gets a mediashare of one of your tiktoks
Starting off your in your bathroom wil has seen countless of times in a pair of pjs’ he had gotten you for Christmas and a pair of gold rimmed glasses you had gotten so the two of you would match
He bites his lip when he feels like his smile is getting a bit too big
And then as the beat drops you lower your phone and raise back up in a different scene
Your led lights are turned on red and you’re wearing a black button up shirt with no shirt under
(obviously pg-13 because tiktok is an asshole)
“Do you guys want to see a simp or something?”
Tumblr media
@heyninachumain @inniterhq @basilly @yamturds @dysfunctionalcrab @siriushxney @sqpnap @tinyegg @ttakinou @charnease @i-mmunity @b3l0v3ds @alice-blue-skies @the-swageyama-tobiyolo @mitzimania @joyfullymulti @acidtabletz
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groggyvanfleet · 21 days ago
Something In Your Mouth// J.M.K
Tumblr media
(hi everyone! this is my first published piece so i’m so so so sorry if its bad but i literally listened to a nickelback song and got inspired to write something based on it but please let me know if you want me to continue writing and send in some requests!)
*disclaimer: smut...pure smut 18+ MINORS DNI!, alcohol is mentioned, oral f & m receiving, unprotected penetrative sex (remember folks wrap it before you tap it) 
word count: 3.3k
The smell of cigarettes and whiskey filled my nostrils as the roadside bar in the middle of a random state started to become livelier. The boys had recently finished a show and had a few days before heading off to the next one to perform for their adoring fans, so they decided to see what kind of nightlife the town had to offer. Sam and Danny had found a dart board and decided to test their skills against each other even with copious amounts of shots and different drinks running through their body. How they didn’t end up hitting each other surprised me. Sitting at the bar with a group of girls who you had quickly made friends with (all with the help of tequila) I continued to down the shots they had supplied oh so graciously.  
I could tell the liquor was starting to hit me as I became more confident and much sloppier. I tend to try not to drink a lot as I am, as people would say a sloppy drunk. Either from tripping over my own feet or spilling stuff on myself. I know that no matter how drunk and embarrassing I got Josh was always there to make sure I was ok but, tonight he was too preoccupied with his and Jake’s conversations they had sparked up with the random townies that would approach them. I was pulled away from my inner monologue when one of the girls started whooping and screaming at one of her friends about one of the songs that had just come across the speakers. With that the girl announced more shots as ‘this is totally her song.’ The girls all gathered around with them pulling me into the circle as well handing out the glasses and limes. Downing the clear liquid and then immediately biting into the lime I could feel some of the juice running down the side of my mouth. I scooped up the juice using my thumb as I was quickly pulled into the center of what you could call a dance floor. While being whisked away I passed Josh making quick eye contact with him while my thumb was still in my mouth. He shot me a devilish grin before returning to whatever Jake had been talking about.  
Deciding not to fight the arm that pulled me into the crowd I just went along with it. Dancing to the song playing I began to sway my hips and run my hands from the base of neck and up to my hair feeling the guitar and beat of the drums to take over my body. It wasn’t a bad song, I had to admit defiantly something the boys wouldn’t listen to. Continuing my dances moves that would shock my grandmother and make her feel the need to go pray if she saw me the song soon came to end leading us girls back to the bar for more shots. How these girls' livers weren't screaming for help was beyond me. Feeling my mind become hazier as the more shots of whatever we were doing entered my mouth I could feel most of the drink landing on the sides of my mouth and chin instead of the designated location. Using my thumbs to bring the excesses up to my lips and sucking my thumb till every drop was surely gone from the appendage.  
Listening to one of the girls whose name I never cared to learn tell a story about someone she worked with I felt an arm sneak around my waist and the feel of curls tickle the side of my face I could instantly tell it was Josh. “Hi ladies, I hope you’ve been treating my lovely girlfriend here well.” He said flashing his well-loved smile to them as he turned to press a kiss into my cheek. “Oh my god, this girl is such a wild one!” The leader of the friend group said with her high-pitched voice that made me internally cringe. “Oh, don’t I know that isn't that right mama?” Josh quipped back flashing a smirk before taking a swig of the beer that was in his free hand. “She looks so innocent, but I bet you're a freaky one, aren't ya.” One of the girls on my right said as she nudged my shoulder with her arm. Feeling a blush creep onto my face I shot Josh a look as I was somehow able to telepathically say to him are you serious. “Well, thank you girls for including her in your little party but, I better get her outta here and into bed. Poor girl here is gonna have a horrible hangover in the morning.” Josh said while bringing the hand that was on my hip up to rub my arm. “You two have fun.” One of the girls shot at us with a wink then returned to her friends who decided they needed to do more dancing.  
Walking out of the bar I embraced the cool air that hit my face as I could still feel the heat that had set in from the implying conversation. Josh hailed a cab opening the door for me and helped me inside the car then joined me while telling the driver the address of the hotel we were staying at for the night. Shooting a quick text to the boys explaining that he had left due to me feeling tired and that I just wanted to go back to our room. Putting his phone back into his pocket he then turned to me putting a hand on my knee while leaning into whisper in my ear. “Mama, you looked so sexy out there.” He said then started to kiss down my neck while his hand slowly made its way up from where he had to its new resting place on the inner of my thigh, I could feel the pool start to form in my pants by just the actions that were conspiring. “Would've much rather had my hands running up and down your body though.” He mumbled, continuing the assault of kisses on my neck. Letting small quiet whimpers out of my mouth that only Josh could have heard as I didn’t think the cab driver would appreciate two twenty something year old's getting each other horny in the back of his cab. Josh continued his whispers of praise until we reached the hotel where he quickly paid the driver and thanked him before stepping out of the cab to help me out as well. Leading me quickly through the lobby and into the elevator he pushed the button that would take us to our floor. As soon as the elevator doors closed, he pressed his lips against mine. I could taste the bitterness of the beer he was drinking earlier as he took the chance to slip his tongue into my mouth to deepen the kiss. Using it to explore my mouth like it was the first time even though he has countless times. The kiss was hungry and fueled by desire kissing me as if it were the last time, he would ever have the chance. “God, watching you suck your thumb made me think about what other crafty little lip tricks you could do.” He said pulling away while trying to even his breathing. Leaning up I tangled my fingers into his curls at the nape of his neck I began to lightly bite and suck on all of Josh’s sweet spots. “There’s one.” I spoke while continuing to leave my marks on his neck and making my way down to his collarbones, hearing him moan slightly made me smile as I knew Josh loved when I would leave hickeys on his chest or anywhere near it. He had such a bad obsession with either leaving marks on me or vice versa. The fact he would leave marks that could be viewed by other people turned him on immensely. “Baby as much as I love what you're doing I don’t wanna have people see me fucking you in this elevator.” Josh said as he pulled me away from him. “Joshy please.” I begged looking up at him through my lashes. In prefect timing the elevator dinged and the doors opened letting us know we reached our floor Josh practically dragged me out of the confined space and down the hall to our room.  
Fumbling to get his wallet out, Josh finally retrieved the keycard and slid it in the sensor to our door unlocked and he swung the door open pulling me inside and pushing me up against the door causing it to slam shut. “Josh people are trying to sleep.” I giggled out as he slipped his hand under my shirt to rub my back and he feverly kissed up and down my neck once again leaving marks in his wake. “Don't care just want you mama.” He said in between kisses. Lifting my shirt over my head and tossing it somewhere to be retrieved in the morning he began making his way down till he got to the top of my breasts pressing kisses and biting just enough to make me let out small whines and moans. I could feel him smirking against my skin at the sounds that were leaving my mouth. The man knew what he was doing, and he knew how to use his mouth to get the reactions he wanted out of me. Josh loved using his mouth on me especially when he could watch me squirm and all just because of his mouth. It gave him a sense of pride knowing that only he can make me so needy and whiny with only his mouth. Reaching his arms around me to unhook my bra and letting it fall to the ground he quickly grabbed my left breast and taking my nipple in between his lips while he massaged the right with his other hand. Letting my head fall back against the door I let out soft moans as the feeling of his mouth working my nipple and his hand grabbing and pulling at my other had the mess in my panties growing each second that passed by. “Josh, please no more teasing just want you.” I pleaded while running my fingers through his hair slightly pulling motioning to him that I wanted him to come up from his stance. Releasing my nipple from his mouth as he came up to press another heat fueled kiss to my swollen lips, he began to pull me by the waistband of my pants towards the bed, feeling the back of my legs touch the edge of the best I fell on my back on the bed slowly making my way up to the headboard. Josh made his way on top of me putting his legs on either side of mine while he began to unbutton my pants before gently pulling them down to reveal the pretty pink thong that he had bought me a few months ago as a little gift to use the next time he was home. “My baby is so pretty in pink.” He said, admiring the view for a moment before sliding off and positioning himself in between my legs. Instinctively I spread my legs open for him and peppering kisses on my inner thigh and around where he knew I would much rather have his mouth be. The feeling of his facial hair tickled me which led to giggles in between whines of desperation. “What’s so funny mama?” Josh questioned me looking up at me with a raised eyebrow. “Nothing baby, your beard just tickles.” I chirped back and smiled, letting him know he could continue. He returned the smile and gave my stomach a quick kiss before returning to his excruciating teasing. It was moments like these that made my heart flutter, even though I know in just a few moments that he would be screwing me senseless we still were able to share those moments of sweetness that just made me fall even more in love with him. How I could even fall more truly, madly, deeply in love with him was beyond me.  
“Josh, please want your mouth.” I whined out, letting the desperation and frustration I was feeling coat the words. Josh let out a low laugh before reaching up to pull my underwear off my legs. Feeling the cool air of the hotel room hit my core I let out a small hiss he slowly ran a finger against my slit collecting the wetness that had made its self-known, letting out a low chuckle Josh began to lick in small strides on my slit causing me to loudly moan out before covering my mouth to silence the moans so that I don’t wake the other guests in neighboring rooms. “None of that mama, let em’ hear you. Let them hear how good I make you feel with just my mouth.” Josh mumbled against me before attaching his lips to my clit and sliding one of his digits in and began pumping at a steady pace. Feeling the pleasure his lips and fingers brought me but not enough to I started to grind against his face to get more friction. Josh laughed at me, added another finger, and began pumping in and out faster. Feeling his fingers start to hit my most sensitive spot I let out a loud and high-pitched moan bordering a scream as the feeling was so intense letting him know to continue hitting that spot at the same pace he was going. I could feel the knot in my stomach start to tighten indicating my orgasm was approaching “Fuck Joshy I'm so close don’t stop baby.” I moaned out, securing my fingers in his hair to pull his face closer to me. “Come on baby, cum for me wanna feel you cum on my fingers.” Josh said speeding up his fingers to bring me closer to the edge. Soon enough the knot snapped, and I came undone, my hips jerking away from his mouth and fingers as he kept up his pace helping me ride out the high. “Josh too much please.” I cried out as formed and made their way down my cheeks due to overstimulation. I grabbed his wrist and head trying to push him away. “Baby you look so good coming undone on my fingers. Such a good girl.” He praised me before coming up and planting a kiss on my lips, letting me taste myself on his soft, swollen lips. “You did so good mama.” He pulled away and gave both of my tear-stained cheeks a loving kiss. Finally coming down from my orgasm I whined and pulled at Josh’s shirt seeing it as unfair I was completely naked, and he was still completely dressed. “You know what to do mama.” Josh smirked and changed our positions to whereas I was now on top, and his back was against the headboard. Crawling up his legs and settling myself on his crotch I could feel his hard on press against me, making me even wetter than before. Poor boy is so hard how has he not exploded yet. Removing his shirt, I took a moment to take in his tan chest and his happy trail that led down to the waist band of his boxers. “Like what you see Y/N?” Josh remarked as apparently, he caught me staring for a bit. “Very.” I said before attaching our lips together. Our mouths moved in synchronized movements before slipping our tongues into each other's mouth. Slowly I melted into the kiss feeling as if time had stopped moving and it was just us two in our own bubble. I began to slowly grind against him, the feeling of his pants giving me the right amount of friction causing my moans and his to be muffled by the kiss. Josh was the first to pull away with him looking up at me with blown out, lustful eyes making me want to grind harder and faster against him. “Fuck me mama, as much as you look so cute right now, you'd look so much cuter with something in your mouth.” He said with panting breaths in between words. Taking his words as a sign I stopped myself and moved down to unbutton his pants and pull them down his legs along with his underwear causing his rock-hard cock to spring out and slap against his stomach. The tip was an angry red and pre cum had started to slowly drip down from head to base. I took my thumb scooping up the bead and put it into my mouth sucking till I got it all. I could see Josh’s breathing hitch at the action and eyes widened in surprise. “Oh, fuck me.” He finally breathed out. Smirking I slowly took the tip of his cock into my mouth looking up at him with innocent eyes and I began to take more of him till he hit the back of my throat. Josh let his head rest against the board behind him has he tangled his fingers into my hair gathering it up and away from my face. There was going to be knots in it in the morning, but I’ll worry about that later. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I started to bob my head up and down while hollowing out my cheeks and rubbing what I couldn’t fit with my hands. Lewd sounds and Josh’s grunts filled the silent room making me grow wetter with each sound. “You take me so well mama, like you were made just for me.” Josh cooed while using his hand that was in my hair to push my head down till my nose was pressed against his stomach, lightly gagging around him, the sound making him moan loudly “But I wanna cum with you.” He said raising my head off his cock and flipping us over with him back on top and my back pressed against the soft sheets.
Josh lifted my legs and put them over his shoulders as he lined himself up with my entrance. Giving me a look of approval, I nodded back giving him the go. He entered slowly, giving me time to adjust to his size before he started thrusting hard and deep that made my walls flutter causing him to let out a low groan. “Fuck you feel so good mama, take me so well in your pretty pussy.” Josh said through seethed teeth as he continued his brutal pace. “Just like that Joshy f-fuck I love your cock.” I moaned out as I fisted the sheets beside me. Somehow, he was able to go harder and faster leaving your brain unable to think of words moans, whimpers, and sobs being the only source of communication. The familiar knot in your stomach returned indicating that your orgasm was fast approaching. I could feel Josh’s thrusts start to become more sloppier and uneven letting me know he was close. “I'm close mama, cum with me Y/N.” Josh said as he gave one final hard and deep thrust as he came letting out a growl painting the inside of me setting off my own release causing a sob to bubble out from my throat. Josh flopped down beside me and took his hand intertwining with his as I put my head on his chest hearing his labored breathing. “You did so well baby.” He said kissing the top of my head. I murmured a thank you and let my eyes flutter close as sleep overtook my body.  
“How did they even find your Instagram. I don’t even think you told them your name.” Josh said to me while helping load the bus.  
“Girls can find out anything they're like FBI agents' man.” Sam said walking by.  
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teashopwritingzz · 10 months ago
wAIT WAAIT I GOT THIS REALLY CUTE IDEA, okay so can i request any twst character of your choice meeting their future kid with the reader 🥺🙏 i just think its hella cute hdhdid
YESYES THANK YOU I love these kinds of headcanons!! Super cute and wholesome 🥺 As much as I don’t like kids that much, having my own would be nice! 
And I’m sorry for being inactive on here, a bit of writers block and school ^^’
Since you said any character, I chose Malleus, Floyd, Azul, Jack, and Kalim! I thought they’d fit this request the best! I also chose the gender and a few traits for the children, if that’s alright! And since the kids will have his and your features, the reader will be female.
Here’s your order! Five cups of tea; One Jasmine Green Tea, one Honeysuckle Iced Tea, one True Blueberry Tea, one Apricot-Peach Tea, and one Masala Spice Chai Tea! Enjoy~!
¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
~ Malleus’ gargoyle hunt was cut short when he suddenly felt a tug at his cape, making him look down at whatever or whoever interrupted him, but was surprised to find a child smiling back up at him.
~ “Can I help you, little one?” He asked the child, who hugged his leg instead of answering. The random display of affection surprised him and made him gasp quietly. Didn’t this child know who he was? Wasn’t he intimidated by the dragon fae?
~ But that’s when he noticed the horns on the child. They looked just liked his! Only, he had a different hair color. The color seemed familiar... He asked this child who he was and now it was the child’s turn to be surprised. “Don’t you remember me, father?”
~ Father? Father?! For one of the first times in his long life, he was stunned. This boy really thought he was his father? But... What if it was true? Malleus asked the kid to explain what happened, and as it turned out, a magic practice session sent the boy into the past, before Malleus had the boy with you- Wait, come again?
~ Again, he was stunned! To know that in the future, he’d marry you and have a child with you. Despite how shocked he as, he was also incredibly giddy and happy! He scooped the child up into his arms and started his search for you, cooing at the little boy he held. He couldn’t wait to see your reaction.
Floyd Leech
Tumblr media
~ He was working at the Mostro Lounge as usual, holding two trays of food, when he heard a shrill “Daddyyyyyy!” and a sudden feeling of something small squeezing one of his legs, nearly making him trip.
~ Floyd was slightly confused about this small child randomly running to him and hugging him while he was in the middle of walking and he pulled her off of him, holding her up in front of him. But what baffled him the most was what she called him.
~ Daddy? Was this kid hit in the head or something? But after looking at her a little more, he noticed he had your hair color with one black streak and multicolored eyes; one Gold Yellow while the other was your eye color. She even had his sharp teeth!
~ And after the little girl explained herself and how she wanted to see what her parents looked like when they were young, Floyd’s eyes were as wide as saucers. A kid of his very own! And with you as the mother!
~ He smiled widely and spun the little girl around, laughing and giggling along with her before dashing out of the Lounge to go look for you, piggybacking her with a wide grin. He couldn’t wait to show you your future kid! Maybe he can convince you to have her now, too~?
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media
~ Azul sat at his desk, filling out paperwork and contracts. He didn’t hear the soft pitter patter of feet entering his office nor the little girl creeping over to his desk. It wasn’t until she peeked up at him from the other side of the desk that he finally noticed her, making him jump in his seat from surprise.
~ How’d she get in here?? Did the eel twins let her in? He sighed and looked down at the little girl while pursing his lips. He knew he’d have to escort her out. No one was allowed in his office without his permission, after all. 
~ But he noticed a few familiar traits about her. Her silver hair and the mole under her lip. Didn’t he have those traits? But those eyes weren’t his... As he thought with his hand under his chin, the little girl spoke up. “Papa, when are you going to be done? I wanna play with you and Mama...” This made Azul’s eyes go wide. 
~ Papa? Mama?? Was she referring to Azul? I mean, they were the only two in the room... But who was Mama? You were the only woman he was friends with... Wait, did she mean you?! 
~ Azul was more shocked and a tad bit flustered now when he finally realized. That explains the similarities! After he calmed himself down and tried to hide his flustered state with a cough against his gloved hand, he stood up and offered a hand to the young girl, hoping she’d explain what exactly happened or maybe what life is like with you.
Jack Howl
Tumblr media
~ As usual, Jack was doing his morning run. During the 3rd lap though, he heard a few voices calling out to him and when he looked down, he was surprised to find three kids(two boys and one girl) running next to him, more specifically running at the same pace as him.
~ He was a bit surprised, but after finishing his run with the random children, he awkwardly asked them where they came from or if their parents were around. The kids then bombarded him with “We wanted to see you, Dad!” “Where’s Mommy? Is she back home?” “Daaaad, can you carry me, I’m tired from running!”
~ Saying he was confused would be an understatement. Dad? Where was ‘mommy’? Carry you? Where did these kids come from and were they okay?? Sure they had wolf traits and one of them had his hair and eyes, but the other two have different hair colors! And it looks oddly familiar too- Wait a minute...
~ He saw that hair color before. He’s seen it, you had that hair color! Does that mean... Once he finally realizes, his face feels hot and he can feel butterflies in his stomach! His eldest daughter notices this and awkwardly tries to calm him down, patting his shoulder.
~ Once Jack is somewhat calmed down, he decides to go look for you. He wants you to know about this too, at least! He piggybacks the youngest son and starts his search for you, the other two kids walking next him as he asked them questions. The thought of you being his future mate and wife makes him incredibly happy, and he might not show it, but the wag of his tail is enough proof.
Kalim al Asim
Tumblr media
~ He was napping in his bed, all bundled up in the many blankets and pillows, when two little bundles of energy pounced on the bed and jumped up and down, giggling and laughing as Kalim woke up with a yelp.
~ He, at first, thought they were a few of his siblings who managed to come into the campus. He didn’t really care though and he grinned as he playfully tackled them onto the blankets and pillows, laughing along with them.
~ In the middle of their roughhousing though, one of the twins spoke up. “What is this place, Daddy? This doesn’t look like the palace!” This made him stop and sit up to look at the kids in shock. Daddy?? Did they both confuse him for their Dad? He did have his father’s features after all.
~ But he noticed that the two kids didn’t look like any of his siblings. Their eye colors were different yet familiar. He feels likes he’s seen them before... In the middle of his hard thinking, the other kid spoke as well. “And where’s Mama? She’s always sleeping with you!” MAMA? Wait... Did they mean you?! So that’s why the eye color looked so familiar!
~ Once Kalim realized, his grin widened and he scooped up the twins, summoning his flying carpet and zooming out of his room leaving behind an angry Jamil. The kids whooped and cheered, clinging to his clothes and looking down at the campus underneath them in awe. Kalim felt his heart soar, and not just from the magic carpet ride!
¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
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blownbybakugou · 8 months ago
Just a funny idea that came to mind but let’s say Y/N and her crush are in the middle of a mission and there’s a path they gotta get through but it’s blocked until they notice a hole that should be around Y/N’s size. Y/N looks at her crush with a blank expression for suggesting her to crawl through it and would say “Now’s not the time for jokes, do you really think my ass will fit through that?” And it’s not like she’s wrong, sis has a whole dump truck and thighs to spare for no reason. Thicker than a cold bowl of oatmeal on a Thursday. Just for clarity, she smacks her ass and it makes a resounding clapping sound to further prove she’s too thick for the hole.
I’d love to have Bakugo, Hawks, Dabi, and Shinsou react to that cuz why not? 🌚
a/n: omg is this you short anon? i don't know why, but i didn't see this request until i was literally scrolling through the requests- you should come back to me, you are literally my child- 🌚
warnings: suggestive as FUCK.
genre: crack/headcanons
pairing(s): bakugou x fem! reader, hawks x fem! reader, dabi x fem! reader, shinsou x fem! reader.
Looks at the blocked path, and then realizes he probably can't blow it up without hurting anyone, so he looks around and sees the Y/n sized hole.
"get in the fucking hole, i can't blast this wall without it killing the people behind it."
You look at him likes he crazy, and gesture down to your thighs and ass with a bored expression.
And he just stares back like- 😀 wtf get in the hole woman-
"you think my fat ass can fit in that tiny hole-"
Sees you slap the side of your thigh and just sits there for the longest time, thinking over all his life choices.
"get in the hole."
He deadass wants to see you get stuck now.
Like- get stuck.
See what happens.
Sees the hole and his mind immediately is like- g l o r y h o l e.
Actually points it out first that your ass will probably be too fat to get past the hole in the wall.
Offers to help push you through.
I can hear the pornhub theme now-
When you slap your thigh, his mouth starts watering istg-
"if you need help, i can just, push from this side."
This is honestly just another excuse to touch your ass-
"hawks, stop groping me, just push."
"i need to grope for a better hold, baby bird."
Better grip my ass- use your 2nd hero strength-
You guys are running, because the hero's are on your ass,
And then he sees the blocked path, and he's like,
Welp- we're fucked 🤠
Then he sees this Y/n sized hole.
"come on, you have to crawl through that hole, then get kurogiri"
"i cant you dumbass, have you seen these thighs?"
Literally tried to throw you into the hole. Doesnt even care that you slapped your thigh.
He doesn't have time for your excuses, the hero's are gonna be there in .2 seconds, you gotta hurry.
He was almost positive Kurogiri was on the other side, so you had to get on the other side and get him to make a portal to the LoV hideout.
Turns out, you were right. Your ass was sticking out on his side, but luckily, your head was with Kurogiri, so you could tell him to help you guys out.
He knows that you won't be able to fit you in the hole,
But when you slap your thighs,
His face is so r e d.
Thinks about throwing you over the wall with his captre weapon,
But then his mind wanders to what else his capture weapon could do to you..
Now he wants you stuck in the hole too-
Like actually, crawl in the hole, I'm sure he can find a way to get you in.
"i think i can fit you in if you squeeze your thighs together"
"yeah, now i should be able to push you through."
Whoops, didn't work.
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xixiro · a year ago
Tumblr media
𝘕𝘰 𝘕𝘶𝘵 𝘕𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘮𝘣𝘦𝘳 𝘏𝘊𝘴  - 𝘏𝘢𝘪𝘬𝘺𝘶𝘶!!
➥ 𝙋𝙖𝙧𝙩 𝙏𝙬𝙤
Tumblr media
mixi talks: you guys really liked the other one so here’s part two with more peeps of varying schools!! these also were longer than i meant for them to be, whoops-- and i think these are the last ones that people were requested unless i missed some!
Tumblr media
🥮 Ushijima Wakatoshi
It was Tendou’s fault, he said that Ushijima was going to be his No Nut November buddy and that neither of them would lose.
Frankly, Ushijima had absolutely no idea what the hell No Nut November was. He wasn’t supposed to eat nuts? He could do that easily.
He literally goes the whole month avoiding any products with nuts in them, because Tendou never explained that this was a completely different type of nut, and you honestly thought he just wanted a change in diet.
So, of course, Ushijima doesn’t realize he wasn’t supposed to not cum at all, still making sure he fucked you into the mattress. So when he gets a message after from Tendou, asking how his challenge was going, he said easy and Tendou just went ‘???’ because how was he not struggling.
It isn’t until Ushijima began talking about his diet change with no nuts when he realizes he forgot to explain what the challenge really was.
Lasts: Um. Well, he doesn’t last because poor guy doesn’t know what it is. BUT, if he did know, it would either be the whole month or three weeks, because sometimes all that traveling can get him stressed.
🍒 Tendou Satori
Tendou is SO confident he has this in the bag.
He teasing you the second he tells you he’s doing No Nut November,  asking you if you need him yet or if you think you could tempt him.
Of course, that only spurs you to tease him so he’d break just so you could wipe that cocky look off Tendou’s face. 
Eventually, he gets tired of it, deciding a punishment is in order. But, it’s not that bad of a punishment when his mouth is on you, eagerly tasting you until you cum into his mouth like the good little cutie you are.
But he didn’t expect you to sound so needy and sweet. Were you really that worked up from him not paying you any attention? 
He realizes that yes, yes you are when you grab the back of his head and push him against your sex and cry his name. And that had more of an affect that he expected, pulling away with a dark red face as he avoided eye contact.
All it took was a glance to his jeans to see what happened, and you’re giggling as you poke fun at him.
Lasts: Two weeks. It’s an accident, he swears, and he is embarrassed about cumming in his pants just from giving you head for a while until you convince him it was cute.
🌥 Goshiki Tsutomu
Does it because he found out Tendou convinced Ushijima to do it, so if Ushijima is doing it, he probably can too. There’s just a little bit of that competitiveness still in him--
Goshiki thinks it’s going to be the easiest thing in the world, but by day 4 he is already struggling. Any small thing you do gets him flustered.
You kiss him just a little longer than normal? He’s trying his best not to press you against the wall and kiss you longer and harder. You hug him? He wants to roam your body with his hands until you’re putty in his arms.
It’s so easy to tell he keeps getting turned on by the smallest things you do, his eyes zeroed in on you, his hands getting a little sweaty, and his pants are obviously tighter than they were before.
By the 7th day, Goshiki is so on edge. He’s a lot more jittery and clumsy, and he can’t help but find his hands on some part of you. 
Eventually you bend over to pick something up, and he just loses it, letting out a quiet ‘fuck’ as he grabbed you, his eyes practically begging you to let him touch you. He was so cute, you couldn’t help but say yes.
Lasts: One week. He is too confident to the point where he accidentally gets himself riled up over the small things.
🌧 Aone Takanobu
Doesn’t know what he agreed to until he looked it up, face going red as he silently decided to try it.
He thought it would be difficult but...strangely, it wasn’t. 
Sure, Aone still got thoughts every once in a while about how...good you felt wrapped around him, but he managed to quickly get them to go away.
He at first thinks it means that he can’t have any physical contact with you, and he struggles the most with that. 
You assume, however, he just hasn’t been feeling extremely physically affectionate, so you solve that by giving him space, only doing small touches like linking pinkies with him when you go out. 
The action has him red in an instant as he tries to cover his embarrassment with his scarf. 
Lasts: The whole month. He doesn’t need it that bad, as long as you let him just have some kind of physical contact, even as small as linking pinkies, then he’s set.
🐥 Koganegawa Kanji
Kogane does not last very long because of how clingy he is with you.
He overheard others on the team talking about it, and thought ‘I want to try that!’ but the second he got home and saw you he forgot all about it.
He literally cannot help himself he just loves physical affection and loves to give it to you, especially whenever you tell him how much you love your cute boyfriend.
By the second day he’s getting handsy, the fact he said he was going to partake in NNN already forgotten as he smothers you with kisses and hugs, listening to you coo how cute your Kanji was.
Yes, he was your Kanji and he was excited to show you how much he was yours! 
If you take his face into your hands and squeeze his cheeks, he’s going to go from confused puppy to over excited puppy that can’t stop pressing excited kisses to your lips until he eventually kisses you so deeply that you both fall down onto the couch.
Lasts: About two days. After you two fuck, he sits up in bed with a shocked face as he realized he already failed. He gets over it quickly the second you look at him with that pretty expression of yours.
☕️ Ojiro Aran
The only reason he considered it was because Gao was talking about wanting to try it, and while he laughed it off in the locker room, he thought about whether or not he would last the entire way home. 
He didn’t hide it from you, asking you if you thought he’d last the whole month while you both were cuddled up watching some old cartoon. When you silently nodded against his chest, he figured he’d try it.
What he DIDN’T take into consideration how much he loved showering you in attention. Sometimes he’d see you just sitting there looking pretty and suddenly he really wanted to see you with a pretty fucked out expression. 
Then he realized. There was no rule saying he couldn’t make you cum.
So he’s making you cum over and over again, loving that expression on your face, begging him for both a break and begging for more.
If Aran could pamper you and spoil you this whole month, then he was set. Nothing is better than making   
Lasts: The whole month. Aran gets frustrated, sure, but he manages to calm down easily since he can still treat you like you deserve. But you make sure to make it all up to him the second December begins.
🍋 Suna Rintarou
Suna didn’t actually mean he was going to commit, he expected that you would know that but it seemed like you took him seriously when he said ‘Hey, i’m doing No Nut November’ and all you said was ‘Okay’. 
It lowkey made him a little upset that he didn’t get the reaction he wanted, but he was going to get you to fold. 
So the whole time, Suna’s teasing you, his hands rubbing up and down your thighs when he hugs you from behind, making you sit in his lap, or just staring directly in your eyes, watching how you start to get flustered from his intense stare.
He finally gets you to break when he walks in on you trying to release some of the tension he caused. Instead of telling him to get out or stopping completely, you told him to come help you or you’d make him cook for the rest of the week. 
Who was he to deny his cute needy s/o what they wanted?
Also makes a post on twitter, showing all the marks on his neck with the caption ‘they made me lose.’
Lasts: Four days. He wants to lose. Suna knows that he’s going to lose either way, but he wants you to be the one he can blame for why he lost, bragging to others that his s/o is so irresistible.
Tumblr media
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primo-prompts · 8 months ago
hello! can i request the day after with Xiao, Albedo, Diluc, (and Scaramouch if you write for him) when they wake up to the sound of a loud thud and it's just their s/o having fallen because they tried moving out of bed, their body just couldn't handle it from last night? i love your writing! please don't stop, you're amazing
You bet your ass I write for Scara Boy-
[NSFW] Morning After Accident With Xiao, Albedo, Diluc, Scaramouche
Doesn’t actually sleep that often, but was holding you throughout the night, so he’s aware that you moved to get out of bed to head for the bathroom.
Though, he’s surprised when you try to stand and end up falling. Xiao catches you before you can even hit the floor- And his guilt comes just as fast.
He sets you back on the bed before standing to properly lift you to the bathroom, letting you do your business in silence before wordlessly carrying you back to bed once finished.
You can tell by the tension in his shoulders and the distant look in his eyes that Xiao feels guilty for pushing your body this far.
“Babe, it’s fine, a little more rest and I’ll be okay, I promise.”
“...You mortals are so fragile…I hurt you, I shouldn’t have-”
“Xiao, it’s gonna take more than some rough sex to break me. Let’s go back to sleep, okay?”
He relents, but only once you start carding your fingers through his hair and pull him to your chest.
He still feels horrible for treating your body so roughly as to partially cease functioning- But he tries to make up for it by massaging whatever he can reach throughout the night. And when day comes, he’ll be particularly attached at your hip and doing tasks for you that might be difficult due to the stiffness and pain.
But right now- Right now you’re comforting him as much as he is you. You feel the weight lift off of him as the minutes pass by, stroking his hair, feeling his breathes puff softly against your skin, and for once he actually drifts to a peaceful sleep.
What a soft boy.
He’s actually rather hard to wake, especially if he had a late night doing experiments, but if you made a loud enough thud in the morning then he might just wake up and wonder what that noise was.
Doesn’t realize it was you until he reaches an arm out across the bed to pull you closer and finds that your spot is empty- Where could you have gone this early in the morning?
It’s only when he hears groans of pain that Albedo shifts to sit up and peers over the bed, only to see you lying on the floor.
“Love? Why are you down there?”
“I wanted to go to the bathroom, but I can’t feel my legs…”
He immediately pieces it together. He must have gone too rough last night- Whoops! Well, now he gets to make it up to you.
Albedo picks you up from the floor, helps you to the bathroom and back, and tucks you into bed with him again. This time though he massages your hips and thighs while you drift back to sleep, intent on working out any pain and stiffness you have from last night’s endeavors.
When you wake up again, you can actually feel your toes, and you tease him for going overboard.
The scolding doesn’t stop him from causing this dilemma all over again the next night, though...He actually seems pretty proud and accomplished of himself for rocking your world so hard like that.
Smack him.
Immediately wakes up upon hearing your body collide with the wooden floors of his bedroom. He flips over and looks to see you sprawled out and in very obvious pain, and his heart sinks a little at the sight.
“Dear, I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll be gentler next time.”
“No no, I’m fine, really!”
“Oh? Then why don’t you prove it, dear?”
“Um...the floor is pretty comfortable, on second thought-“
Like the Prince Charming he is, Diluc picks you up and settles you back on the bed, and helps you stretch out the pain.
And by that I mean you do none of the actual lifting because he does it all for you, taking each leg and slowly but carefully stretching and extending your joints to give back some mobility.
It’s actually a pretty intimate experience, as he holds you close and caresses your skin so lightly and sincerely that it almost seems like he’s apologizing with each movement.
You end up falling asleep halfway through the motions, and he continues for a little bit more so as to not jerk you awake. Once sure you won’t wake again, he pulls the covers over you both and joins you in the dreamland.
It probably doesn’t happen again, though. Diluc meant it when he said he’ll be gentler.
Such a sweet boy.
Gonna be honest here: He heard you fall, knew it was you, but just didn’t get up to help or anything.
He figured you could handle yourself- And also, he didn’t really know how badly you were affected until you called out his name and asked for help.
He sat up and squinted sleepily at you, and upon seeing that you weren’t making any move to get up and continued to make puppy eyes at him, Scaramouche finally realized that you didn’t get up because you couldn’t.
He sighed dramatically and helped you back into the bed, practically yanking you up by the waist. It worked, at least, and you settled under the covers with a groan of more pain.
“You meanie, this is all your fault…”
“My fault? What the hell do you mean?”
“You were too rough last night! I can’t feel my legs, weh-“
He really didn’t know what to do about it, but he felt an odd satisfaction in knowing he was able to throw out your back and legs from how good he made you feel. The revelry didn’t last long when you shifted and groaned miserably again.
He hated to see you in pain...So his hand rested on your lower back and started massaging in firm circles, feeling how much tension was there and then being released from his touch.
You sighed in relief- Slowly but surely you could feel your thighs again. But you’re sure he’ll do this to you on purpose in the future, because Scara is a smug bastard.
Smack Him Pt. 2
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joheunsaram · 2 months ago
Hi Mars!! Can I request a Yoongi unexpected kiss for the kisses edition part 2 prompt? Thank you ☺️☺️
big poppa (myg)
Tumblr media
word count- 1k
pairing- Yoongi x Reader (ft. overly excited wingman Taehyung)
rating- PG
genre- fluff, f2l
warnings- none just a grumpy whipped yoonbie
an - this is how i imagine getting yoongi's attention lmfao. ps. the reader did not sing the n-word because its 2021 and idc if its in the original song stop saying that shit.
also @hobisuniverse its finally here hahahaha
hope you like it anon! 💕
Annoyance bloomed through Yoongi at Taehyung’s antics, fuelled by the alcohol running through his veins. The victim of his wrath hadn’t done much, or so he would say. After a long day at work all Yoongi wanted to do was go home and unwind, perhaps watch a movie or listen to the new JPEGMAFIA LP that had dropped, but instead Taehyung had dragged him to drinks at a karaoke bar. All because of you. 
Taehyung met you a few months ago. You had transferred to his department from a different country. Without any friends, the excited extrovert had taken you under his wing, a little because he enjoyed your company and a lot because Taehyung was convinced that you would be perfect for Yoongi. To Taehyung, Yoongi was in severe need of a partner. Apparently he was a workaholic who needed a person to bring him out of his “stupid, overworked brain”. He was convinced that your outgoing nature would mesh well with his best friend and so he had taken it upon himself to invite you to everything, often dragging a begrudging Yoongi along. Much like he had done today. 
The karaoke bar was big, separated into little rooms where groups could have privacy to jam along to their favourite songs. The room Taehyung had booked was fairly large, a giant couch lining the end of it with a screen on the other end. He had invited the whole gang and the fourteen people squished together on the couch made the room seem smaller than it was. As the drinks flowed, everyone slowly paired up, except Yoongi who was sulking in the corner, smashing one soju bomb after another to get himself drunk enough to forget how awkward it was to have Taehyung not so subtly trying to pair you with him. The only thing Yoongi liked about you so far was that you never played along with his best friend’s attempts at matchmaking, rolling your eyes at him and keeping your distance from Yoongi because you could tell he was uncomfortable with you. Even now when Taehyung had made sure to make you sit next to him, you left Yoongi to his own devices instead enjoying your beer and chatting with others. 
Yoongi was tired, one step away from calling an Uber and going home when it was your turn to sing. Much to his dismay Taehyung was rubbing his palms together like a sinister cartoon villain, staring at Yoongi with a grin. He knew there was no way he could escape without having Taehyung throw a tantrum so instead he grabbed an abandoned beer and chugged it waiting for you to begin what would be another sappy ballad or overhyped rock song. 
Except when you stood up it wasn’t the dulcet tunes of some 80s synth that took over, but another synth beat, one that was etched in his brain. He blinked in disbelief as you turned around, opting to look at your group instead of the screen as you started rapping -- actually full on rapping about lacing lyrical douches. All he could do was chug his beer as Taehyung joined you, whooping along loudly and joining the chorus.
I love it when you call me Big Poppa Throw your hands in the air if you's a true player
As you sang his favourite song, Yoongi thought of all the reasons Taehyung had told him you were perfect for him, and they manifested in his head like one of those cheesy movie montages. The way you had refused to call him by the silly nickname everyone used because he asked you not to, the way you once told off Namjoon because you could see him arguing the same illogical thing was pissing Yoongi off, the way you had worn fishnets when you went to the club because he had off-handedly mentioned he liked them, the way you blushed when Taehyung pushed you against him when you were dancing together. But most of all, it was the way you looked almost ethereal the first time Yoongi met you, your skin glowing under the crappy LED lights Taehyung used to light up his living room. 
All those moments cascaded together till they were knocking his heart against his chest, and much like dominoes falling together as you finished the song with a giggle and a little hip bump against Taehyung, Yoongi was standing up. He didn’t know what possessed him, but with two quick, confident strides he was in front of you, cupping your face and landing his lips on yours.
He could feel his face heating up as you remained frozen, his friends’ applause loud in his ears, and all his insecurities came back to the surface, reminding him of the real reason he didn’t want to pursue you -- you were too good for him. You were smart, witty, outgoing, unbelievably beautiful, and to top it all off, you seemed to have incredible music taste. Compared to you, Yoongi was a weird, creepy dude who spent more time talking to his computer when it froze on him than real people. And so, he pulled away, embarrassed at his impulsive actions.
However, he had barely left your lips, his hands hovering near your face, when you held his wrists, pulling him close again and kissing him back, soft and sweet. He couldn’t help the little giggle that escaped his lips into yours, a giddiness taking over him that made him wrap his arms around your waist, uncaring of the audience he had, too busy tasting your watermelon chapstick.
When you ran out of air, you separated and whispered a little “wow”, your cheeks rosy and your eyes full of adoration, and maybe Taehyung was right, maybe the way you made him grin goofily meant that you were perfect for him. Even when the teasing of your friends ended and you sat down together on the couch, Yoongi couldn’t help keeping you near him, his hand firmly intertwined with yours. He liked your silly comments, your little teasing, even your little burp that you tried to hide as you drank too much beer.
And as Yoongi walked you home, watching you get uncharacteristically shy as he kissed you goodnight, he found one more thing he liked -- he liked you.
Check out my masterlist 💕
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notanotherreidgirl · 7 months ago
Omg I need more “look what I did, mommy” from subby baby Spence F*** me 🥵
He’s such a naughty boy
i kinda took your request and ran with it (whoops!)
As an aside, you guys are sending such great concepts! I'm working on another in my inbox that's absolute gold as well! Pls keep them coming!
Warnings: mommy kink, sub!spence, spanking, cum play, oral sex (female receiving)
According to Spencer, it had taken you 3 months, 1 week, and 6 days to convince him to buy a new phone. But according to your calculations, it took him less than one day to figure out how to use his new phone to be a brat. He didn’t know how to change his password or set an alarm but he could send you pictures. At first, you were ecstatic, saving all his selfies to a new photo album. But then his pictures started venturing into dangerous territory. One of him with his dress shirt unbuttoned, another with a loose towel around his hips fresh after a shower, and then this latest one.
Did he know that you’d be at dinner with your boss when he sent it? Of course he did, your boy had an eidetic memory. He knew exactly what he was doing when he sent a picture of his hand covered in cum, gripping his spent cock. Look what I did, Mommy.
You downed the rest of your wine before responding, Stay right there.
You considered making up an excuse to leave dinner early but you decided against it - you wanted to make him squirm. When you finally got to his apartment nearly an hour had gone by. You rounded the corner, dropping your purse and jacket on the couch. He was exactly as he was in the picture -sitting against his headboard naked, cum decorating his stomach. His imagination had run wild as he waited for you and he was already hard from the anticipation. You sat at the edge of the bed and regarded him with a cold expression, radiating disapproval.
“Are you really so fucking desperate that you can’t wait for me to come home? You have to get yourself off like a needy, little whore” you spat. “What’s it gonna take for you to learn your lesson this time?”
He shifted his thighs, unbelievably turned on by the harshness of your words and desperate for you to touch him. “Please, Mommy. I’m sorry. I really am. I’ll take anything you give me”
“That’s what I want to hear. Show me you can be a good boy” You patted your thighs and he eagerly obeyed, laying over you facedown. You softly ran a hand over his flesh before bringing it down hard.
“You look so pretty like this, baby. Too bad you’re such a brat.” You snatched his phone from the nightstand and snapped a picture of his raw ass, a perfect red handprint raised against the skin before.
“Please, I’m going to -” he managed to get the words out between the chorus of moans he was letting out. With every blow his hips rutted against your thighs, applying pressure to where he wanted it the most.
“To what? To come?” you teased, running a hand along his raw flesh before landing another sharp sting. “You’re so fucking greedy. Go on then”
His release was instantaneous, shaking as he covered your leg with his cum. You eased him off you and into a kneeling position. “Now look what you’ve done” you scolded, looking pointedly at the evidence of his arousal decorating your leg. “Clean up your mess"
He dove in, pulling himself closer and lapping at his mess. Again, you fished the phone out from between the sheets and snapped another photo of him. When he finished he started to press sloppy kisses up your inner thigh until he reached your clothed core. He hesitated for a moment, seeking your permission which you gave by parting your legs and drawing him in closer. He dove in, pulling your underwear away and running his expert tongue up your slit. He knew you inside and out, knew just how to stroke you, just how to propel you to your peak and coax you off the edge. You looked down at him breathlessly, pulling him up into your arms. “There’s my good boy”
The next day Spencer ambled onto the jet, tucking himself into his seat before digging his buzzing phone from his pocket. He very nearly dropped it as soon as the screen came to life. You had changed his lock screen to the one you took of him on his knees licking his cum off your thighs.
After a moment a text notification obscured the screen. Look what you made me do
Blurb Masterlist
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jyugosgf · 7 months ago
Could I have some karaoke headcanons for Mikey, Baji, and Draken? 🎤 Love your headcanons 💘
going to karaoke with keisuke baji, sano manjiro [mikey], & ryuguji ken [draken]: headcanons
[𖤐] hello hello, and thank you for requesting anon! i'm glad you like my headcanons! this was a cute idea for them, so it was fun to write! i've never done karaoke, so this is based off what i've seen in anime, so if it's not accurate, i apologize! hope you enjoy these!
❧ masterlist
Tumblr media
baji keisuke:
✂︎ he’s going to be the loudest and most off-pitch mf there ever was.
✂︎ you probably dragged in him there against his will, and he also doesn’t ever sing or go out to karaoke, so he is extremely inexperienced and will possibly blow out your eardrums.
✂︎ his mouth is way too close to the mic, and he’s not even really singing at this point, just talking with a beat that he’s not even following. hell, he’s never even heard the song that he chose, so how was he expecting to know how to sing it?
✂︎ the whole time, he just has a bored look on his face, and the song isn’t even all the way done when he asks you if you were satisfied now that you had heard him sing.
✂︎ that’s the only part that he doesn’t like; the rest was actually really good. when it was your turn, he whooped and hollered to tease you a little bit. he’s actually going to be staring at you the whole time with a sort of soft look on his face, (but if you look at him, it’ll immediately change into a toothy smirk) and it doesn’t even matter if you’re a really great singer or a horrible singer, he just thinks you look cute.
✂︎ because you dragged him there, he’s going to make you pay for food, which is usually how it goes in general, (whoever plans the date pays) and while he’s not going to completely empty out your wallet, he’ll be taking out a decent size because of the amount of food he orders. the person bringing it was probably surprised when they saw just two people.
✂︎ if you ask him to sing another song and actually put in some effort, he’ll absolutely turn you down, but if you promise to spend the night at his place he might agree.
✂︎ when he actually puts in effort and chooses a song that you can sing along to, he’s actually pretty decent. sure, there’s going to be some flaws to it, but that’s what made it more him, y’know? his voice is a bit rough, but it’s also smooth at some parts, and his deep tone offset some of the higher parts of the song. when he’s done, you’re just staring at him because wow, since when could he do that?
✂︎ “hah? why’re you starin’ at me like that, was it that bad?”
Tumblr media
sano manjiro [mikey]:
✂︎ he’s probably the one to drag you to the karaoke place because he’s never done it before, and he wants to try it about because he heard some kids at school talking about it.
✂︎ when you both first enter the room, he’s super hyped about it, and will ask you to teach him about how to choose songs and how everything worked. he had a lot of questions, so you’ll probably spend fifteen to twenty minutes just answering them, getting more exasperated with each one, (he started asking whatever he could think of just so he could hear your voice more).
✂︎ he’s excited to hear you sing, so he’ll make you go first when singing, and if you let him, he’ll choose a song for you to sing, (he might put on a sappy love song to try to make you flustered).
✂︎ the whole time you’re singing, he’s just watching you with a big smile because he thinks you sound so cute, and he just loves to watch you do anything.
✂︎ he’ll ask you to choose a song for him, and he’ll be singing it with his whole heart. you’re definitely surprised that his voice is pretty nice, even if he wasn’t really trying to sing well. to your shock, apparently when he was in elementary school, he had a choir class for a couple years, which explains why his voice control is strangely good.
✂︎ in between songs, he’ll be ordering food to your room, and might chip in on the bill if you ask him, (if he even has any yen in his pocket LMAO). you guys will just talk about your day while eating, and his head will be resting on your lap while you tell him to be careful so he doesn’t choke.
✂︎ he will absolutely choose an opening from a magical girl anime you watch, and will beg you to do the dance while you sing it, (and he knows that you know it, so there’s no avoiding it). he might even join in on the dance with you because he’s seen emma watching it a couple times.
✂︎ mikey will definitely convince you to do a duet with him, and it’ll be so chaotic. he’s next to you, singing his heart out and encouraging you to sing louder. once you do, he might even take a poorly shot and blurry video on his phone and send it to draken, (when you find out, you chase him around to try and delete it off his phone).
Tumblr media
ryuguji ken [draken]:
✂︎ he flat-up just says no, but if you really want to go that badly, he’ll give in and go with you.
✂︎ he doesn’t really understand what’s so fun about singing along with a song with other people, but if it makes you happy, he’ll sing a couple songs for you.
✂︎ surprisingly, his voice is alright, but it would probably sound better if he didn’t keep it within the same three notes throughout the entire song he was singing. he’s very obviously uninterested in singing, and chose the shortest song that he knew, so it was over pretty quickly.
✂︎ he’s pretty encouraging if you’re nervous about singing in front of him, and assures you that he won’t think differently of you if you’re bad at singing. he’s pretty confused though on why you would want to go to karaoke if you were nervous about singing.
✂︎ to be honest, he’s fairly interested in hearing you sing, and when you do, he just smiles and thinks to himself about how much he loves you, no matter if you’re completely off-pitch, (he might laugh a bit though if you are, but all in good fun).
✂︎ food-wise, he doesn’t really care if you guys get food or not, but if you do, you two will share a banana split and might argue about how one ice cream flavor is better than the other.
✂︎ when you’re not paying attention, there’s a chance that draken will replace the song that you’re supposed to sing with some other song, probably an american song because he’s curious about how well you can sing in another language. needless to say, he’s pretty shocked when you actually know the song, and start to sing along with it, (he thinks it’s strangely attractive that you’re singing in another language).
✂︎ might secretly record you so that he can have it in his phone to look at, or to use as blackmail, whichever one works.
✂︎ if you ask him to do a duet with you, he’ll do it, but don’t really expect him to be singing very well, (or with any effort, for that matter). frankly, he’s more interested in watching you sing your heart out, and will take more pictures of you.
✂︎ by the time you guys leave, he has 10-15 videos of you singing, and he’s not going to be afraid to use them in the future if you’re ever doing something, (and by something, it would be like “if you steal my food, i’ll expose you to everyone” type thing, nothing serious”.
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rulaineyu · 9 months ago
I see your requests are open! Hello!
I thought of this when I was reading your hcs of the Genshin boys missing you and I was wondering if you'd like to do something with this idea:
Reader says to Childe "if you really missed me that much, maybe you should make yourself easier to find when I am around?" Bc I think Childe so often disappears at random times to do Fatui business that it probably keeps him away from reader more than he'd like lol
Hcs or scenario is fine! Thank you in advance :D
ahhh my first request! thank you very much! >w<
This definitely seems like something that would happen. Childe’s clingy but alas, duty calls, much to both of your disappointment. 
Summary: Childe leaves you on your date for Fatui business, only to return to a fuming partner. 
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Childe x GN!Reader
Format: Headcanons, fully written 
Genre: Fluff, some angst? (Is this hurt/comfort idk?)
Warnings: None
Childe tries to stay with you as much as he can but sometimes it’s just inevitable 
He could just be walking down the street with you and a Fatui member will pull him into an alleyway, informing him about an urgent mission. 
Tries to finish the mission as fast as he can so you two can go back to your date, but sometimes he’s so wrapped up in trying to complete it that he completely forgets to tell you
The first few times it happened, you were angry but tried to be understanding. Now you know that if he suddenly disappears, he probably got pulled away on a mission.
You wait for him to come back, and he usually returns after an hour so you two can finish up your date.
This time, however, was something of a last straw
You just came back from a quest in Mondstadt, but had to leave for another in Dragonspine. Childe was pouty, complaining that he missed you and wanted to spend time with you. He asked for you to stay in Liyue for a little longer, and you agreed. After all, who could say no to that cute face? 
You pushed your quest so you could stay in Liyue for two days. Albedo was not happy but you told him to paint some samachurls or something. 
The two of you were headed to Feiyun Slope for your lunch reservation at Liuli Pavillion. Your arm was wrapped around Childe’s, but you let go for a moment to pet a dog. 
The next thing you knew, your boyfriend was gone. 
You were annoyed—after he begs you to take a break from work to spend time with him, he interrupts your date for work?—but whatever, you’re used to this already.
You sit down on a bench and wait for him to come back. 
This time, he does not return until the sun was starting to sink into the sea. 
Childe thought everything was alright, since this has happened before and you were used to it
Boy oh boy was he wrong
Childe knows he’s in trouble even before you say anything. He senses he’s gonna get an ass-whooping
“Sorry, babe, I got caught up with some work stuff,” Childe started, trying his best to keep his tone light. 
You crossed your arms, glaring at him. 
“I know we missed our reservation, so why don’t we find another restaurant? Anywhere you want.” 
You rose from the bench. “I’m going home,” you announced. “I’m going to Dragonspine tomorrow after all.” You started walking away. Childe blinked in surprise before following after you. 
“I thought you were going to stay for a few days?”
“That’s before you decided to leave for a few hours.” 
Childe winced, knowing you had every right to be mad, but refused to give up. “You know what they say, don’t go to bed angry. So let’s not leave for a quest angry, hm?”
You ignored him, continuing to walk forward. You quickened your pace, but with his long legs, he had no trouble keeping up with you. 
“I’m sorry I had to leave. But I’ll make it up to you. Let’s finish our date, okay? I’ll see you off tomorrow.” Childe reached for your hand, but you pulled it away. He looked at you with a hurt expression reminiscent of a kicked puppy. “Don’t be mad,” he pleaded. “I was looking forward to today. I really missed you.” 
At this point, you couldn’t keep it in anymore. “If you really missed me that much, maybe you should make yourself easier to find when I am around?” You burst out. “All I wanted was one date, Childe. Can’t we even have that?”
Childe stared at you, stunned. He was expecting you to be annoyed, but not this angry. He opened his mouth to defend himself, but you were right. 
“I’m sorry,” he said, reaching for your hand again. This time, you let him take it. He cradles yours in both his hands, so small compared to his own. “I know I haven’t been fair to you. I’m sorry about that. I’ll make it up to you,” Childe said softly, lightly rubbing circles in your palm with his thumb.  
“It doesn’t matter. It’ll just happen again, won’t it?” you huffed, but you could already feel some of your anger melting away as Childe held your hand gently, as if it was a delicate square of silk that would rip from a careless touch. 
“To be honest? Probably. But I promise, you never leave my mind. The only thing I can think about is how to finish it quickly so I can get back to you.” He brought the back of your hand to his lips, kissing you tenderly. “Let’s finish our date. I’ll make it good, I promise. You’ll have my complete attention.”
You pretended to think for a moment, but you knew you couldn’t say no to him. You sighed. “You better buy me something tasty to eat.” 
Childe immediately beamed, his face lit up by a bright smile that made your heart threaten to leap out of your chest. “Only the tastiest treat for my baby!” he declared. He wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you up from the ground, pulling you to his chest.
“H-Hey! We’re in public!” You squeaked, turning your head to see if anyone was staring. 
“Sorry, sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” Childe chuckled, setting you down. He took your hand in his, giving it a light squeeze. “So, shall we go?” 
You couldn’t stop the smile from creeping onto your face. “Okay,” you finally said. Who could stay mad at such a cute face for long? 
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Bonnie Gold x Female Reader
Requested: Yes, by anon
Word Count: 2208 Words
Warnings: Smut (blowjob), Swearing, Minor Violence
Summary: After watching Bonnie win a fight, Reader decides to give him a reward in the shape of something they've never done before
Author's Note: So this is something I've wanted to do for a while and I am so happy that it was requested! There are parts in this that may seem awkward, but bare in mind that these are two very inexperienced people who are learning together and I hope it comes across as sweet. If you enjoy this, then reblog!
Do not repost my work
You've always hated watching men fight. Needless violence, all caused by alcohol or the male ego, turning into a disturbing sight. You don't care what the fight is about or who is involved, you always walk away. Or at least, that's what you used to do, before Bonnie came into your life with his fists made of lead and his ambition to become a champion boxer. With a heart of gold and his kind eyes, he had you wrapped around his finger from early on. It's no surprise that you two quickly became a couple, but being in a relationship means that you have to be supportive of each other, and in this case, means that you have to watch his fights, which is what you're doing tonight.
You watch as Bonnie takes hit after hit from his opponent, a man much larger than him. He had assured you before the fight that this would happen, that he has to take a few punches, make the fight last a couple of rounds. This is just how boxing works, and people want to get their money's worth.
"I'll still win, though," is what he told you before you left to go to your seat. From what you're seeing now, you can't help but doubt your man. The bell rings, signalling the end of round 3, and you breathe a sigh of relief as the ginormous man backs away from Bonnie, both men backing into their respective corners. You watch as Bonnie drinks water and wipes some blood off his forehead, so it doesn't go into his eye. He has more blood on him, but the other man is the one panting like a dog. Perhaps that's where Bonnie's talent stems from, his incredible stamina.
You don't go over to him, mainly because you don't want to see that blood up close, but also, so you don't distract him from winning. When round 4 is about to begin, he's up in no time with the mouth guard back in. His opponent rises slower, despite taking less hits. He's been moving more, so it's no surprise that he's tiring faster. The bell dings, and Bonnie is like a different man. Seeing his opponent becoming sluggish, he takes the opportunity to strike, and he strikes hard. He lands punch after punch, the other man only managing to block a few hits. Now he's the one covered in more blood.
You hate fighting, you always have, but watching your man pummel this bloke into next week awakens something in you. Bonnie looks so strong, so confident, so sure of himself up there. He knows he's going to win, and you find that so attractive. The heat rising within you is something you try to blame on the surrounding crowd, their body heat increasing yours, but watching the ferocious look in your man's eye, you know that's a lie. You're seeing a side of Bonnie that you never have before, and between your clenched thighs you start to feel wetness gathering.
The other man is starting to look dazed, as if he has no idea where he is, and once that happens, all it takes is one left hook from Bonnie to finally knock him to the floor, where he lies completely still. The referee checks him, and seeing he's completely unconscious, declares Bonnie the winner of the fight, raising his arm up in the air. Bonnie lets out a victorious cheer, and the crowd is on their feet, including yourself. You clap and whoop for your champion as he stands in the ring with a proud look on his face. With his chest heaving, his eyes shining, his smile gleaming, and his body covered in blood and sweat, you can honestly say that you've never wanted him more.
For a second you wonder what that says about you, but then his eyes meet yours, and the world stills. You're no longer in a crowd, you're alone with him, and he's looking right at you with pride in his eyes, making you need him more than ever. You only tear your gaze away from him to trail your eyes to the door to his changing room, then look at him again. His eyes flit in the direction yours went, and a smirk overtaking his face is what tells you that he's figured out what you're trying to say.
He continues to parade around the ring for a few minutes, basking in his glory, before climbing out when he's been up there long enough for his exit to not seem rushed. Several men, including his father, follow him to his changing room, and you slowly make your way through the crowd to get closer, but don't follow them in. If they see you standing there just watching until Bonnie eventually ushers them out, they'll know what you two will get up to, and you don't want to put up with the knowing looks and smirks right now, it would ruin the mood.
You watch as most of the men that went in there exit after five minutes. A head count tells you that Aberama is the only person still in the room with Bonnie, so you wait another two minutes until you see him exit too, and head straight to the Shelby's, to talk money presumably, but you don't care enough to think about it. Instead, you make a beeline for the changing room, avoiding eye contact with every person you pass.
When you reach the door, you give a light knock, just in case you miscounted the people leaving. Your hand barely pulls away from the door before it's ripped open by your champion, a wild look in his eyes that shoots waves of pleasure right down to your core. Before you can say anything to him, he grabs your wrist and pulls you in, trying his best not to be too rough with you. Once you're in the room, he slams the door shut and locks it, pushing you against it. Your lips meet in a frenzy of lust, with you pulling him against you. With him this close, it's easy to feel his erection against your hip. It seems the night has inspired the same feelings in him as it has in you.
While your fingers tangle in his hair, his hands slide down your body until they reach the hem of your dress. When they start to pull it up, though, you pull away and stop his hands from going any further, very suddenly getting an idea of what you want to do to him. Bonnie looks confused, but then apologetic.
"I'm sorry, dove. Do you not want to do this?" He's so sweet to ask that, and you can see regret in his eyes as he thinks that he's crossed a line, so you smile when you shake your head.
"It's not that, Bon," you assure him, "I just want to reward you for winning your fight." Once again, he looks confused, until you sink down to your knees in front of him and place your hands on his shorts, your fingers dipping under the waistband to touch the skin of his pelvis. A look of surprise crosses his features, and you understand why. You two only started being intimate recently, and you haven't done this to him yet, but tonight seems like the best night to start.
"Are you sure?" he asks, trying to hide the excitement and lust in his eyes, "you don't have to do this."
"I know," you reassure him, "but I want to." And you really do. "If you want it too, of course."
"Fuck yes," is all he manages to get out in a shaky voice, making you giggle. With his consent, you slowly pull his shorts and boxers down until they're around his ankles. His cock stands high once it's free of confinement, and when you reach up to wrap your fingers around it, it's rock hard and throbbing. At your touch, Bonnie lets out a low whine, breathing heavily.
This isn't the first time you've touched his cock, but during sex, you've only gotten to stroke it a few times before Bonnie thrusts into you. Now that you can see it properly and touch it, you want to take your time, and make this the greatest night that Bonnie has ever had after a win.
Your hand rubs up and down his length, from the base to the head, feeling the vein that runs under it, and swiping your thumb across the tip. When a drop of precum leaks out, you finally feel brave enough to lean closer and lick it, tasting the salty substance and deciding that it tastes good. Above you, Bonnie moans loudly, hands resting on your head, but not pushing you closer. You make the decision to do that on your own.
You wrap your lips around the head, swirling your tongue around it as you get used to the feeling of having his cock in your mouth. It's definitely not an unpleasant experience, but it is strange. The sounds that Bonnie makes spurs you on further, so you take more of him in, but just when you're close to fitting his whole length in, the tip hits the back of your throat, and you gag around him. Bonnie's hands push you back until his cock is no longer in your mouth. You breathe deeply, coughing lightly when he pulls out.
"Don't hurt yourself, dove," he croons, looking down at you, worried, "don't push yourself too far." You know not to do that now, but you can't help but feel disappointed you couldn't take all of him. From what you've heard from your friends, men like it when a woman can fit a whole cock in her mouth. It doesn't seem like something you can do, though. "You don't have to do this any more if you don't want to."
He's sweet to say that, but you can see the desperation in his eyes, and you know he's probably using all his self-control to not cum too fast because it would make him feel embarrassed. If he did, though, you'd feel proud of yourself for having that effect on him.
"As I said," you even your breathing, determined to not make this any more awkward than you already have, "I want to reward you for winning your fight." With that, you wrap one hand around the base of his cock, and lean forward to take him into your mouth again, this time only taking half of him and letting your hand stroke what you can't fit in. Bonnie lets out the loudest moan yet when you start bobbing your head and sucking. His hands in your hair tighten, and you know he's fighting the urge to push you down further.
It takes a few moments to find a rhythm, but when you do, the gasping and panting from the man above you increases in loudness, and it's no time at all before he's whining the words: "I'm gonna cum."
You appreciate the warning, as when it does happen only seconds later, you're surprised at how much spurts out. Still, you swallow every drop, trying your best not to choke again. Bonnie rocks his hips into your face with a surprising amount of restraint, considering he's never experienced this before, and he certainly seems happy with your performance. His fingers dig into your hair tightly, but the slight pain doesn't bother you.
When he's finally done, you swallow what's left and pull away, his cock slipping past your lips with a 'pop' sound. Glistening with spit, it softens before your eyes. You look up at Bonnie, whose grip in your hair has loosened. Now, he pets your head affectionately, panting heavily as he looks down at you with adoration swimming in his eyes.
"How did I do?" You find yourself asking.
"That was…." he trails off as he thinks of the right word, "fuckin' perfect, love." Grinning in delight, you move to stand, taking the hand Bonnie offers you. Once up, you brush off any dirt from your knees, taking in the sight of your man. He's covered in sweat, eyes wide, looking straight at you, with his mouth open, breathing deeply. You would love to stay and admire him for longer, but you know there is usually a celebration at the Garrison when he wins.
"You should get changed," you remind him, "they're all probably wondering where we are."
"Fuck them, we're not done yet." You giggle at his words, but stop when you see how serious he is.
"Bon, they're all waiting for you," you point out, but he shakes his head.
"I haven't taken care of my girl yet," is his reply, and you smile softly.
"You don't have to. This was about you."
"Yeah, and you're my reward, so I only want you," his arms wrap around your waist, holding you to his sweaty chest. You know you should urge him to go celebrate with everyone else, but you find yourself melting into his arms, and when his knee slots between your thighs, you know you've lost the fight.
"Then have your reward, my champion."
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