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#starter call

mutuals can like this for a starter from tenel ka djo ( she is the princess / queen mother of hapes, daughter of the prince of hapes and a witch of dathomir, a student of luke skywalker, and friend of the solo children. )

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Kyana is a wannabe heroine with the ability to summon and manipulate  fire. Her parents after discovering her power that she was born with  encouraged her to become a hero and use it for good.

She is a tad hyper,  is a fangirl for famous heroes, and quite cheerful until she screws  something up. Then she becomes really sad. Tends to rush into fights out  of excitement. Kyana can be fandomless or fit in any hero setting! Has a My Hero Academia verse!

Like or reblog (if side blog) this post to be tagged in a roleplay starter with Kyana! Roleplay blogs only please!

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okay but new idea with those ‘popular text post’ memes. like this and i’ll make a starter for you using one of those sentences! comment a muse (or muses) you want the starter(s) from and who they’re for! no cap on this either because those sentences are too fantastic not to use omg.

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