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Jai’s crying in Semper Fi is sad, even though he’s also drunk; but in Stateless is truly heartbreaking. I think this is one of his best performances… if not THE BEST.

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I told @jaicourtneyforever (who was so kind to pass me the links so I can watch Stateless) that I was enjoying the show but I just finished watching episode 5 and I’m not so sure anymore because I cried (and I hate crying for something on the tv), it was such an impact. It says inspired on true events but I bet this is as close as what happens and keeps happening to all those people that want to live free, and the things they are put through… nobody deserves it. And I know I sound like a crazy girl who doesn’t know what she’s talking about but I do know that that suffering is real and us as human race do nothing to stop hurting each other; we don’t know shit we just brag we know everything but we don’t know how to use our hearts and brains to be good. I wish we knew better… especially with everything that’s happening these days, it’s a call for attention and we have to take the chance and see what we’re doing wrong and change it.

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