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wicked210 · a month ago
Everyone needs to see this scene without the background music. It just hits different.
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Please give love to the talented person that editted the scene. Link to thr twitter attached.
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herewegobacktomoon · a month ago
Here there are some pics I took at the convention yesterday! It was not the best angle, but I tried my best.
Hope you like them🌞
I also posted some more on my twitter acc @notlatetobeme11
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gbtwn · 6 months ago
These simple gestures make all the difference...living in domestic bliss...
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dailystation19 · 8 months ago
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STATION 19 | 5.01 Phoenix From The Flame
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theballadofmemories · 4 months ago
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the smirks.
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oneshotnewbie · 4 months ago
Maya Bishop wants to cuddle Reader on the Couch but when she puts and arm over her shoulder, Reader flinches away because her shoulder is hurting really bad due to an accident at an mission (she is a firefighter too) that she tried to hide the whole day.
It was a long and tiring day you had put behind you and you were glad to spend the evening with your girlfriend on the couch and in front of the TV; burn your common favorite series into your brain and forget the events of the day.
A multi-story building had started to catch fire on the middle floor around noon for reasons that were still inexpliciable, bringing danger to those living there. Many people were able to get out of the house safely on their own, most of the residents were not at home but sadly, two people did not survive.
While searching each floor and putting out the fire with Barrett, you fell down a burned and charred staircase that crumbled into pieces beneath you. Because of that fall and the impact of your shoulder with a ledge, you sustained an injury that you tried to hide from everyone, especially your wife.
"Come here, baby." the blonde spoke softly as she opened her arms for you. Smiling, you fell into her embrace and closed your eyes at the feeling of complete relaxation and calm, but when her hand came to rest on your shoulder and her fingertips started to draw circles on it, your feelings quickly changed to stress and oppressive pain.
Unintentionally and actually wanting to suppress the pain, you jumped and made a stern grimace. Maya immediately pulled her arm away from you and sat up from her lying position. "What was that?"
"Nothing." you tried to assure her, but your voice had other ideas as it didn´t come out as clean as you wanted to. Hissing between clenched teeth, you tried to breathe through the throbbing pain and crushing feeling in your joint.
The blonde looked at you intently and raised her eyebrows sharply. With a quick movement, she bent over your reclining figure and switched on the light of the small lamp on the side table. You narrowed your eyes quickly at the bright that came towards you. "Show it to me."
You rolled your eyes slightly annoyed and pulled yourself up by your elbows. Hesitantly and slowly, you unzipped your jacket and Maya gently pulled the rest down over your shoulders so that the gray fabric was only hanging loose on your forearms.
A single look was enough for her to suck in her breath and widen her eyes. You too dared to take a look in the direction of your aching joint and were shocked to see that your entire left shoulder was already radiant in different blue and violet shades.
"Is that from the fall when you were upstairs with Barrett?"
You nodded and looked back up at her. Maya´s eyes glittered with a dark blue tint that reflected her anger at the silence of your injury, but instead of pointing it out to you and giving you her opinion, she carefully placed her cold hands on the center of your upper arm.
Your distorted but at the same time liberating face from the cold was all she needed to understand how painful it was for you. "Babe, why the hell didn´t you say anything?" the blonde grunted out and you could tell from the dropping corners of her mouth how disappointed she was.
But not at you, rather at herself for not noticing earlier and why she hadn´t checked you out right after the incident.
"Maya, I didn´t wanted to worry you. I thought that it was just normal pain, the last time I looked at it everything was fine, I swear." you explained to take away the guilt. After all, it wasn´t her fault that you got hurt.
Without a word, she stood up and you sadly shook your head. "Maya, please. Don´t be mad." you whispered and were about to dress back up when you heard the squeaky fridge door open and pricked up your ears. With a quick turn of your head, you looked in the direction your wife had been walking earlier and saw her came back towards you with a cold pack wrapped in a towel.
"I am not mad at you but next time let me know right away instead of hiding it from me. I am your wife, I should know something like that. I care." She dropped back into her seat next to you and sensibly placed the ice pack on your shoulder before looking at you intently. "If it doesn´t get better tomorrow, I will take you to the doctor. That looks horrible."
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selenatorsupercorpwayhaught · 3 months ago
Watching Maya‘s and Carina‘s character developed this Season like
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binary-not-found · 3 months ago
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How much has station 19 hurt me in the last few weeks that when I saw this picture I literally burst into tears? 😭
I saw it on twitter
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queermedias · 7 months ago
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STATION 19 (2018-)
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heyfarfallina · a month ago
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remarkingonit · 2 months ago
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wicked210 · 2 months ago
Made a mockery of my lived experience.... AGAIN!
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I have been keeping my distance from the Marina debacle but these tweets really hit home. I'd implore everyone to read the thread 🧵. It just articulated why this feels so personal.
Tumblr media
ETA: I don't watch Legends of Tomorrow nor have I watched the current season of Killing Eve. So what the twitter author has written in regards to that is thr views.
I do agree with what they say about representation and how the cast & crew should interact with fans when thr are hurt feelings involved.
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icantdrawfaces · 2 months ago
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Emmett Dixon & Travis Montgomery
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gbtwn · 6 months ago
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dailystation19 · 9 months ago
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STATION 19 | 5.01 Phoenix From The Flame
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theballadofmemories · 2 months ago
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They did this.
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closetednobody · 3 months ago
Idiot's Guide on how to : Respectfully introduce Jack as a donor (or not) with the same amount of screentime
Scene #1 (5x10) :
Carina : "...finding the right donor, doing the insemination- part of me is always afraid that if everything doesn't line up perfectly before she gets her captaincy back, it won't happen at all."
Jack : "Carina, the Maya I knew would've never even wanted to settle down for someone with the risk of losing her focus on her career. It's a miracle to see how much she wants it so badly with you. You should talk to her and hear it from her but all i can see, there is nothing that could stop the both of you."
Scene #2 (5x12) :
Carina : "...watch you become the man you really are. What I'm saying."
Jack : "You kinda liked me?"
Carina : "No i did not say that."
Jack : "I'm so thankful for you, Carina. Even though the tiny part of you always hate me, but you are kind and matured to even be around me and not judge me for what has happened.
I really thank you for that. And i can't wait for you and Maya to have that beautiful baby together because i am always excited to be a firefighter uncle! I'll teach them about survival, and fire safety, and -"
Carina : *looks at him while he is throwing his awkward gestures around excitedly*
Jack : *clears throat* "All I'm saying is, you are my friend, Carina and Maya is my family. I would love to be a part of your journey if you let me."
Scene #3 :
*Maya and Carina sit down together in the brainstorming session as mentioned in 5x11 and Carina listed Jack as one of the potential donor and THEY FCKIN TALK ABOUT IT TOGETHER!*
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selenatorsupercorpwayhaught · 9 months ago
Marina being vulnerable with eachother 😍❤️😭
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binary-not-found · 3 months ago
Happy Station 19 day 🥰
I really hope today will be a happy day for us 😌
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I wish that today we finally have them back 💖
Season 4 gifs because I miss them like this 😍🤭
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