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Hi, guys! It’s been ages since I’ve been on studyblr, ironically enough I was too busy studying 🙃 I have officially completed all my classes at uni, now I just need to wrap up my internship and my thesis, and I’ll officially be a chem engineer! I’m back here because I wanted to be a part of this amazing community again, and to keep up my motivation so I can pursue some other interests (like digital marketing, as shown in the notes above), and keep up my German studies (and maybe start learning Italian!).

Anyway, most of the blogs I follow are inactive, please follow me and I’ll follow everyone back! If you already follow me and we’re not mutuals, don’t be shy, message me and I’ll follow you 💕

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So, u guys asked me and here u go!

My school supplies! All bear themed! I love kawaii school supplies!

Forgot to take a picture of my automatic pencil that is bear themed too!

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Day 2 of 100 days of productivity💫

Today I had classes in the morning from about 8:30 to 12:45 and they were actually pretty fun and interactive. Since then I have been completing a notebook and planning next week💫

Check out my IG @junkjournaling to see more!

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Tried another print on demand service. Took 14 days to get these. Printing quality for the price was pretty good. I tried the matte finish. I think I would have liked them better in a smaller size like 6x9. I am will post how it goes with the other services I try. Pricing was reasonable, but you can not get out of paying shipping. I used Amazon KDP.
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Hey hello everyone! 💛

Today was not a lot of but enough of a productive day and I hope the level of studying rises tomorrow, I mean, that hope I focus more and be more productive tomorrow!

Also here’s a pic from today’s Maths study sesh where you can see ample of colorful pens which are a must need for Maths and would definitely make note making and revision much more interesting!

And that’s all I did today, all I would be for the rest of the day is read some short stories and spend some time with my brother!

And lemme know how are y'all doing, just open the comment section and write your heart and tell me how productive you’ve been.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been productive enough or haven’t been focussing on studies or work, it’s high time that we take care of our mental health too, and I’ll talk more about this topic tomorrow!


I also love having those concoctions these days as those are good for the throat and prevent germs from thriving in your mouth throat and all.


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my packages finally came in ✨

hello, friends! this is just a mini haul of things i got online. i finally decided to start journaling, so i bought two 6-ring binders (one clear & one leather). for these binders, i bought some dividers and different types of fillers. i also got a looooot of stickers and two washi tapes — they turned out super cute so i kinda regret not buying more. lastly, i got some lomo cards (for gfriend and nct127) because i’m planning to start a kpop journal! srsly, i love buying stationery from shopee. everything’s affordable, but high quality. i’m so so excited to use these! i hope my journals turn out well ♡

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