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Hello there, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted, but better late than never.

So… I started bullet journaling a few time ago, and I have to say, that I reaaaaaally love this. It helps me deal with stress, anxiety, and it helps me be more organized and responsible. I know a lot of people fall in the believe that journals have to be pretty and colorfull and really artistic, I used to believe that too, and that made me go insane, because I thought I wasn’t good enough or creative enough, but, you know, everyone is unique, so every journal is unique and awesome. You don’t need to have the best notebook, or the best pencils or the best stationery in general, you just have to be true to your own self. Love you all~


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Tuesday 31.03.2020 // work it

Spend most of my days on doing some exercises in Vectorworks, which i will need for my master thesis. I worked with it before but since i usually do the visuals in our designs my vectorworks skills are a bit rusted. 

Last week i applied to a new landscape architecture office and i had an interview there. Someone else applied too, so I’ll have to wait till friday, That’s when the boss will let me know if i can start working there. 

Meanwhile my ideas for my Master thesis basically got wrecked by the corona virus. Can’t really do a design with a social focus when people aren’t even allowed to go outside (unless they’re going to work, the store of actively doing sports) Hope I’ll find a new idea, that i’m passionate about, soon. Wish me luck :D 

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03.31.20 🧶

Two life achievements I am incredibly grateful for and proud of right now: this amazing buddy and the fact that I need a whole separate box for my past journals 💗And this current journal is on its last day, so it gets to join the others on the shelf of honor very soon

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Just stumbled across your blog. I'm currently in a frustrated search for narrow ruled off-white fountain pen paper, preferably A4 or A5. Quite specific, but just in case, any ideas?

Hey @skullfrog7960 sorry for the late reply.

My favourite paper to use for class notes is Maruman spiral note in B5 format. Generally speaking though, Japanese paper tends to be the most narrow lined, though not everything is as FP-friendly as it seems. Life notebooks are very inconsistent I’ve found, Oasis Profolio is not that FP-friendly, Kokuyo tends to feather mildly to a lot within a single page. Rhodia is good, but pricy and not that narrow-lined, but I’ve found that the grid notebooks were a good compromise.

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It’s been really difficult trying to maintain a work-life balance. I’ve always tended to be obsessed with work and putting in the long hours and sacrificing my physical and mental health to get stuff done, but now that I’m working from home everyday I’ve found it to be particularly bad for my anxiety. The current climate has impacted the sales for my categories and left me feeling unsure of how well I can do my job - even moreso now than before.

I’m trying my best not just at my job, but also to maintain my personal health. I’ve been sleeping well, eating more, playing games, reading books, watching Netflix, and talking to my friends and boyfriend whenever I can. I’ve been trying to read the news less often. I’m trying not to think about losing my job.

Wishing you all the best. Things could be better, but they could definitely be worse. I’m hopeful, even though fear is currently driving me.

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