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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I bought this daily planner in Beijing in January. It’s definitely the most adorable planner I’ve ever used, and I really like the layout! The company is 伊莎儿, for anyone who is interested.


I love the grid portion at the bottom because it’s perfect for little doodles or just notes/reminders.


As you can see, there’s a spot to write in the date and day of the week in the top right corner.


The beautiful cover is why I knew I had to buy this planner. It’s meant to be an illustration of a city, but it also reminds me of a bookshelf.


It says “遗失之城,” which just means “lost city.”


You can customize this planner for any year, which is an interesting feature I’d never seen before.


The same applies for each month–you can write in the dates. The top right corner says “创意感悟生活之美.”  

I definitely want to continue getting Chinese planners in the future. I just have to get better at actually remembering to try to write my to-dos in Chinese!!!

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(via Brown wood background Notebook by tetibright)

Brown wood background Notebook
Finally, Notebooks worthy of your million-dollar ideas, to-do lists, doodles and super-deep journal entries. Printed on high-quality 70lb text paper for minimal bleedthrough. Get one or a set of three, in lined or unlined options.

   Wraparound artwork and design
   Anti-scuff laminate cover with soft matte feel
Buy a Set of 3 and Save!
20% off this item today!

Price $11.99

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— october 21, 2020

first post as a sophomore!!! it’s only my third day of classes but i already have so many readings and lecture vids to go through lol also my notes are kinda messy but i’m trying to do them differently this term and im still trying to figure out what works for me (the style i’m going for rn is inspired by linh truong !!! my fav) ◕ ◡ ◕ i hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

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When you want Akkerman’s Shocking Blue but you didn’t have Akkerman’s Shocking Blue money there is Private Reserve Electric DC Blue.

All jokes aside I have a lot of love for this ink. It was one of the first inks in my collection and I remember being really excited about it because of it being such an intense blue with what I considered at the time to be an intense sheen (of course Organics Studio’s Nitrogen and KWZ’s Sheen Machine have significantly redefined dramatic sheen). In terms of history I believe this ink debuted at the DC Pen show which has tragically lost its founder Bob Johnson to a heart attack last month.

A valued part of my collection for sure

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