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Changbin as your boyfriend
Tumblr media
His love language
This man is needy for skinship 25/8. He'll become a whiny baby if he didn't hug you in the last hour. He loves hugging, kissing, holding hands, everything. He looks really intimidating and tough, but the moment you walk into the room he becomes a softy 100%. Also a part of his love language is quality time. It doesn't matter what you guys are doing, if you're together it doesn't matter.
It was late in the evening as you were waiting for Changbin to get home. When the door opened, you didn't have a second more to rest before you heard a familiar voice scream: 'JAGIYA!~'
Changbin fell onto you and hugged you tightly. He hid his face into your neck, kissing the skin softly.
'I missed you.'
Favourite moments
His favourite moments are surprisingly very quiet. Changbin is LOUD af we all know this, but his favourite moments are when he's cuddling into you on a late night, or early morning. Damn- he even loves doing it in the early or late afternoon. As I said ✨skinship✨. If you're doing homework, he will plant his chin on your shoulder and watch you make it. Looking up at you with pouty lips and wide eyes, basically begging you to pay some attention to him. You're reading a book? Changbin is reading with you. With his head on your chest, arms wrapped loosely around you as he tried to read along. Only you were flipping the pages too fast, so he eventually rolled his eyes and closed his eyes to nap.
If he's still awake he loves it when you play with his hair, he will and shall turn into putty in your hands. Just twirling the strokes around your fingers and scratching his scalp. Drawing shapes on the back of his neck, he loves it. He loves the fact that even if you're doing something for yourself, which he understands, you still let him embrace you and give him some attention.
Favourite pet names
For some reason, I think he'd melt the moment you call him something with "my" in front of it. Doesn't matter what it is. "my baby", "my darling", "My love", "my idiot", "my boyfriend", "my partner", and so on and on.
For you it's more basic; "baby", "babe". Just the classic's since he loves it so much <3
Favourite kind of skinship
As I mentioned two times before, cuddles. Yes. But besides that, holding hands and having a hand wrapped around your waist or placed on the small of your back would also happen often.
It's just simply how it is. Cuddles. Hugs. Just touches everywhere anytime.
When he needs you
Whenever he feels bad and emotional, he doesn't show it. You won't even be seeing him. You would look at the clock, worrying once you saw it only got later and later. He should've been back by now, he should've been long back. That's when your phone lit up.
Felix: He isn't coming out of the studio.
It is what you should've expected. It was busy, Changbin was worrying that his tracks weren't good enough, he wanted to prove that he could do so much and how good he was able to do it. Forgetting his own health. You got up and travelled to the studio.
When you knocked, you could hear the music get paused. When Changbin opened the door, his eyes widened.
'Hi darling,' you said. 'Do you have any idea how late it is?' He would glance at the clock and sigh, running his hand through his hair.
'I'm sorry...'
'It's okay, love. Will you be closing up now? Or do you need five more minutes?' Changbin bit his lip, glancing at his set-up.
'I-' he sighed again. 'I'll come. Give me a minute to save everything and close it.' You watched from the doorway as he closed down everything.
When you two were back in the apartment, he'd melt against you, exhaustion washing over him.
'Thanks for getting me out of there.'
'Hmh, I would have dragged you if you didn't want to come.' Changbin giggled.
'I know. That's why I came along.'
'Good.' you kissed his cheek. 'Now, go get ready for bed. You need sleep.'
Random fact
Changbin loves going on walks. Walks through the park, especially. He likes the atmosphere and loves going everywhere with you.
Why does he love the park so much? Because whenever he finds a pretty flower, he will tuck it behind your ear. <3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stray Kids Fansign - Hyunjin | ©dding_hj 🥟
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i wanna ask skz pack how they would react if y/n got into a physical fight with other alphas! (kinda similar to ur fic, but i mean if some ppl tried to throw hands with y/n when they were alone)
"Well first off, we know she's shit at fighting. So there's that." Minho drawls smugly, and you immediately shoot him a glare as Chan reaches out to lay his hand on your thigh, as if he's worried you're going to jump up and try and prove Minho wrong right then and there.
"Hey! That was one time and I was unprepared!"
"And I was thankful." Jisung interjects, beaming you a heart shaped grin and batting his eyes. "Thank you for defending my honor, noona."
"You're a perfect angel, Jisung, and I would gladly do it again." You quip back without even looking at him, fury still directed at Minho, as you hold out a hand, finger raised, as if to make a point. "And I'll have you know, I've been practicing boxing at the gym with Changbin lately and I'm getting pretty good."
Changbin nods thoughtfully. "She's not bad actually."
"See? See?" You point at Changbin now, eyes fiery.
"Hate to break it to you, sweetheart," Minho smirks, sharp teeth flashing, sitting back in the couch beside Felix as if he hasn't a care in the world, hands behind his head. "But 'not bad' is not the same as 'pretty good.'"
Chan's fingers tighten around your thigh, as if he's seriously considering having to hold you back at this point.
"Bring it then. I'll kick your ass right here and now."
"I'd love to see you try, sweetheart, I really would."
"Anyway-" Seungmin, always the pragmatic member of the pack, interrupts, raising his voice, as he shoots a warning look between the two of you. "-let's actually answer the question, shall we?"
"Well, we all know how hyung would react." Hyunjin points out, shooting a smug look in the lead alpha's direction now. "He gets pissy."
"I was not 'pissy.'" Chan sighs, already done with this conversation. "I was disappointed. There's a difference."
You glance sidelong at him.
"You were kind of pissy."
He sighs again.
"Listen, as pack alpha, I have to protect all of you-"
There are immediate protests, from all angles of the room.
"Woah, woah, woah. I can protect myself!"
"Please. You protect us because you like it, not because we need it."
"I could kick anyone's ass on my own, hyung!"
"Oh my god." Chan visibly rolls his eyes, raising his voice. "Okay, okay! I get it! You're all big, bad wolves. I'm still gonna keep an eye out for all of you. And that's never going to change."
"Back to the question." Felix clears his throat and glances at you. "I think regardless of subgender, all the members of the pack would instantly be protective if one of our mates got into a fight with someone else."
"Yeah." Jeongin nods in agreement. "I'd punch a guy for any one of them."
"Ahhh, Innie." Minho coos theatrically, leaning over to rub the top of the omega's head as he squawks in protest.
"I'd hunt them down." Changbin supplies simply, and Chan glances to him, seemingly at war with himself.
"I don't necessarily condone violence, but in a situation like that-if (Y/N) got hurt or anyone else for that matter-yeah, I'd probably do something drastic."
"Ahhh sweet." It's your turn to sweetly smile at the head alpha, leaning over to squeeze his cheek between your fingers as he rolls his eyes again.
"Anyway." You straighten back up. "I think it's safe to say that any one of us would die protecting the others."
"Eh, that's kinda drastic." Jisung hums, making a show of thinking hard. "I'd risk my OOTD for you all, maybe even my pretty face, but my life? That's asking a little too much."
"He is very pretty." Changbin shrugs beside the beta in question, biting back a grin.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
My little star ⭐️
gouache, 2020
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
– You're my, my, my, my...Lover ♡
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just a compilation of lixies freckles… 🥺
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am inside you - I am you, and you are me
1. Stay alive, Jung kook 2. Intro: Serendipity, BTS 3. Illustration by Daniel Horowitz 4. My Universe, Coldplay X BTS 5. I am you You are me, ZICO 6. With you, Jimin and Ha Sung Woon 7. Metamorphosis by Titian (2012) 8. Maria Amaral (1950) 9. To the desert, Benjamin Alire Sáenz 10. Self-recognition through the other 11. A self portrait in letters by Anne Saxton 12. The Castle by Franz Kafka 13. Belle Fiamme by Denholm Berry 14. ratsandlilies.art (Ilaria Ratti) on Instagram 15. I am You, You are my by 6 Day Riot.
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Tumblr media
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Stray Kids for 1st LOOK Magazine 2021 & 2022 😍😘💘
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
stray kids: maniac (2022)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- 🎻: le plus bel art qui puisse exister 저장하면 좋아요 또는 리블로그✧*。 🪴
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TikTok Challenge- Felix 💌
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hi!!! i was wondering how the pack would react to alpha y/n getting their nipples pierced!!!! thank you!!!!
Tumblr media
"Oh my god. So hot." Jisung immediately replies, and Jeongin readily nods in agreement.
"Yes. 100 times yes."
"Listen." You laugh, waving your hands at your overeager pair of boyfriends. "I'm scared of needles. So that shit ain't happening."
"We can still dream." Jisung bemoans, going through the five stages of grief in the span of five seconds. "Hyung thinks it would be hot too. He just won't say it."
Jisung elbows Changbin in the ribs and the alpha's ears are already turning a deep shade of pink as he splutters out, "Okay, wait, don't throw me under the bus-"
"Wait, wait, wait." Hyunjin interjects, saving from Changbin from any further embarrassment at the hands of Jisung. "Let's tweak the question a little bit." A wicked look comes into his dark eyes. "How about you guys guess which of us already actually have piercings of some sort? And not in our ears."
"Oh shit." Jisung cackles now. "I can't wait to hear the answers."
"The pack asks you." Hyunjin looks proud, as if he's just turned something on its head.
"It isn't a trick question either." Minho rolls his eyes, looking slightly disappointed now. "Some of us legitimately have body piercings."
"Hey, hyung. We're only young and dumb once." Jeongin shrugs, and Felix ruffles his hair affectionately. "No time like the present."
"I bet Chan-hyung would be into it if noona got her nipples pierced." Jisung speaks up again, chin cradled in his hand, as he shoots an innocent smile at the head alpha expectantly.
Chan promptly chokes on his water.
"I refuse to either confirm or deny that, Han Jisung."
He would, you mouth across the room to Jisung with a wink and the beta looks absolutely gleeful.
"I'm gonna get a Prince Albert." Seungmin speaks up suddenly, expression unreadable, completely serious.
Now it's Changbin's turn to choke.
"No the hell you're not."
Seungmin shrugs, a smirk tilting the corner of his mouth.
"It could be hot."
"I think we should all get tongue piercings." Jeongin adds, arms looped around Felix's neck, chin resting on his shoulder as he thoughtfully considers the room. "I hear they're great for oral."
Minho looks like a scandalized grandmother, clutching his pearls, before reaching out to smack the youngest omega's head with the palm of his hand in a sharp, instant reprimand.
"Who the hell taught you that?" He turns an accusing gaze to the room. "Who the hell taught the baby such naughty terms and ideas?"
No one is going to fess up, not when Minho looks absolutely murderous, so instead, Hyunjin turns to Seungmin with keen interest and asks curiously, "Wait, tell me more about this Prince Albert thing-"
*Reblog with your guesses on who has what piercings in the pack or put them in the comments! I'll reblog this post with the answers soon!*
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Maniac in Seoul 
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Recommendation List  💛
Tumblr media
~ Heyo my loves! I just wanted to make this list to put all of my favorite works from the amazing creators I found into one place, also so you guys can read them too!!💛 (if you want to of course) I’ll of course update this list anytime I stumble upon more beautiful fics! OOH and if you have any recommendations you’d like me to read slide them in my asks PLEASE and I’ll give them a read and they’ll end up here too!! (Also reblog their fics too so the creators can get even more exposure, because just liking isn’t enough to get their work out there to more people!!!!!!!!) I genuinely love every single fic in this list and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!!💛 (Also some fics may still be ongoing! and have mature content!)
Tumblr media
Stray Kids💛
~ Bang Chan
        ✧ wolfsbane ▸ @healinghyunjin
        ✧ the color of water ▸ @lixesque
        ✧ unconventional ▸ @lixesque
        ✧ curtain call ▸ @lixesque
        ✧ prompt fic ▸ @ppiri-bahng
        ✧ what’s yours is mine ▸ @rachalixie
        ✧ rainsong ▸ @yedammi
        ✧ guest ▸ @kim-seung-mo
        ✧ shadows ▸ @macaroonff 
        ✧ finding you asleep on the sofa after an argument~ ▸ @barely-lino
        ✧ stars aligned ▸ @seospicybin
        ✧ the most beautiful thing ▸ @seo--changbin
        ✧ hoodies ▸ @chvnnie
        ✧ amadeus ▸ @farfromsugafanfic 
        ✧ sixth sense ▸ @dalamjisung 
        ✧ ease ▸ @fizzydrink698
        ✧ the chance of love ▸ @maatryoshkaa 
        ✧ [11.11] pt.2 [3.21] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite 
        ✧ [16.40] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite 
        ✧ [8.58] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite 
        ✧ hot chocolate ▸ @sulfurcosmos
        ✧ •06.05• ▸ @sulfurcosmos 
        ✧ opposites attract ▸ @sulfurcosmos 
        ✧ for reasons wretched and divine ▸ @noramoons 
~ Lee Minho
        ✧ written on paper ▸ @starseungs
        ✧ euphoria ▸ @cherrydumpling
        ✧ cursed  (happy ending to cursed) ▸ @lotus-dly
        ✧ by my side ▸ @noramoons
        ✧ can’t get you off my mind ▸ @rachalixie
        ✧ consort ▸ @fizzydrink698
        ✧ and yet ▸ @nightlychans ‣ recommended by @svtsunshine
        ✧ his home ▸ @swaneffects 
        ✧ let’s meet in the next lifetime ▸ @dreamescapeswriting 
        ✧ it’s high tide, baby. ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite  
        ✧ [1.32] pt.2 [2.31] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite 
        ✧ [15.54] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [14.56] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite  
        ✧ •19.27• ▸ @sulfurcosmos
~ Seo Changbin
        ✧ disclose. ▸ @seospicybin 
        ✧ we were wrong ▸ @streetlight11
        ✧ [23.15] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [10.40] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [17.25] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
~ Hwang Hyunjin
        ✧ death do no part ▸ @kpopmatrix​
        ✧ words i want to say ▸ @starseungs
        ✧ let’s give them something to talk about ▸ @lotus-dly
        ✧ reverence ▸ @lixesque
        ✧ only fools fall for you ▸ @hyunjinspark 
        ✧ a cinderella story ▸ @blossom-hwa
        ✧ hotter than ur ex, better than ur next, pt.2 ▸ @i4lixie
        ✧ sparks ▸ @fizzydrink698
        ✧ watercolor ▸ @hyundinary
        ✧ high society ▸ @pikapikapikaachuu
        ✧ broken thread and lost beads ▸ @cherrydumpling
        ✧ what’s stopping you? ▸ @eskayzee0325 
        ✧ the duke and i ▸ @chanluster
        ✧ undercurrent, pt.2, pt.3, Finale, prequel before the tide ▸ @multifcndoms
        ✧ covered in crimson ▸ @multifcndoms
        ✧ maybe it’s not our fault  ▸ @cosmic-railwayxo
        ✧ sunshowers in spring ▸ @sulfurcosmos
        ✧ rent an oppa ▸ @dreamescapeswriting
        ✧ [8.03] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [8.45] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [14.23] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
(even though evidence says otherwise Hyunjin is not my bias, everyone just illustrates him so beautifully🥺💛 definitely a clear bias wrecker though🤧)
 ~ Han Jisung
        ✧ start of something new ▸ @plutominho
        ✧ sky cries, lovers kiss ▸ @chogiwow
        ✧ the interview with the exes ▸ @chogiwow
        ✧ late night bite ▸ @fizzydrink698
        ✧ an introverts dream ▸ @dreamescapeswriting 
        ✧ [2.22] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [00.00] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite     
~ Lee Felix
        ✧ should i stay or should i go? ▸ @sachifukyo​ 
        ✧ lexicon ▸ @under-and-over-the-moon 
        ✧ the recruitment officer ▸ @jichangminenthusiast 
        ✧ prompt 6 ▸ @lix-ables
        ✧ aster ▸ @skzmix
        ✧ charmer ▸ @sungbeam
        ✧ freckled classmate ▸ @hyunsuks-beanie 
        ✧ i love you with all the flowers bloom in spring ▸ @starlostseungmin
        ✧ cookies ▸ @blueberry-chan
        ✧ dirty blood ▸ @dreamescapeswriting
        ✧ [ 7:35 pm ] ▸ @hwangyeonjun 
        ✧ undercurrent, pt.2, pt.3, Finale, prequel before the tide ▸ @multifcndoms
        ✧ love drunk ▸ @tinyyzz
        ✧ [14.20] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [2.33] pt.2 [3.32] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [9.00] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite 
~ Kim Seungmin
        ✧ stopwatch ▸ @violixs
        ✧ a dose of you (is all i need) ▸ @rachalixie
        ✧ cat and mouse for a month (or two or three) ▸ @rachalixie
        ✧ [4.55] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [20.55] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [8.50] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
~ Yang Jeongin
        ✧ black swan ▸ @iinnie 
        ✧ dean’s list ▸ @gyuphorias 
        ✧ love language ▸ @plutominho
        ✧ by the blooms ▸ @macaroonff
        ✧ countdown to love ▸ @imagine-a-life-like-this
        ✧ dandelions ▸ @tinyyzz
        ✧ my knight in shining armour ▸ @dreamescapeswriting
        ✧ loving the monster ▸ @dreamescapeswriting
        ✧ under the old oak tree ▸ @dreamescapeswriting
        ✧ forget me not ▸ @dreamescapeswriting
        ✧ [20.18] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
        ✧ [17.59] ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite 
~ ot8 or (nonspecific member x reader)
        ✧ skz as flower languages ▸ @kim-seung-mo
        ✧ the little things ▸ @eskayzee0325
        ✧ skz when you ask to borrow their hoodies ▸ @iluvchanniesposts
        ✧ hours of fondness and intimacy ▸ @starlostseungmin
        ✧ online dates with skz~ ▸ @barely-lino
        ✧ winter falls ▸ @dreamescapeswriting
        ✧ how skz cuddles you ▸ @iluvchanniesposts
        ✧ their crush sits on their lap ▸ @cieluvity
        ✧ would i lie to you ▸ @xiaotingluvs
Tumblr media
        ✧ do you believe in fate? ▸ @lettersfromaphrodite
(heyo bby atiny here🥺 plz send me fics of any member I’m ot8, and have not found a bias yet!) 
Tumblr media
Tomorrow X Together💛
~ Choi Yeonjun
        ✧ platform nine and three-quarters: run away ▸ @blossom-hwa
        ✧ till’ the end of summer ▸ @ah-ga-seven
~ Choi Soobin
        ✧ dress ▸ @yawnzznhours
        ✧ lipstick hearts ▸ @koishua
~ Choi Beomgyu
        ✧ the color red ▸ @joyofkinoko 
(pls ignore how little txt fics there are ;^; I’m a bby MOA plz feel free to recommend some! Soobin is my bias and Beomgyu and Yeonjun are my wreckers! ) 
Tumblr media
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concealthefeelings · 11 months ago
Despite it all, I still believe the fragments of our souls were molded of the same star
nothing collapses your lungs more than watching your soulmate let go. 
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whendidmythoughtsgocrazy · a month ago
I don't believe in forever but I want to believe in eternity with you.
k.b. // kim seungmin from stray kids - maniac 2nd world tour
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liquidlightandrunningtrees · 2 months ago
'Never trust a survivor,' my father used to warn me, 'until you find out what he did to stay alive.'
Kurt Vonnegut, Bluebeard
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