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#stay at home

It’s been almost three months since I entered quarantine. Around March 9, the CDC started advising that pregnant women remain in isolation because they were immunocompromised and potentially more susceptible to catching COVID-19 and so I have been quarantined since that time. I haven’t been to a store since March 8, my husband has been doing all the shopping and the picking up food. The only places I’ve gone have been medical facilities (the hospital to give birth, the pediatrician’s office a handful of times since the baby was born, my OB for my six week check up) and socially distanced house hunting (I’ll write a separate post about this in the next few weeks). Even though I haven’t been anywhere and am taking all of the appropriate precautions, I am still really anxious about this virus and its prevalence in the world. I really don’t understand why people aren’t more afraid. 

I do understand that you can’t live in fear, I really do. But people are dying. People of all ages. People without underlying health conditions. People of faith who have trusted in God to spare them. People who had plans for what they were going to do when this is all over. People. Viruses don’t discriminate. That is scary whether you choose not to live in fear or not. 

One of the things that bothers me the most is that people seem to care more about the inconvenience placed on their lives by having things closed, having to socially distance, being asked to wear a mask than they care about the greater good of humanity. It really breaks my heart. It’s not that it’s surprising, I know that people are selfish… I just always try to assume that people are good. And to see the truth about people come out during a crisis is just really heartbreaking to me. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are things about the world that I miss. I haven’t had a haircut since Valentine’s Day, I am in desperate need of a wax, cutting my own nails is harder than I remember… and Disneyland - we had such big dreams of taking our daughter to Disneyland from the time she was an infant. But I don’t miss any of those things enough to disregard my fellow man. I’m happy to stay home for as long as it takes. 

It probably doesn’t hurt that I am about as introverted as a person can be. I get overwhelmed by humand interaction just by walking through IKEA. So being home, where I feel safe, is my ideal place anyway. I am really leaning strongly into my Enneagram 5 during this season, and that is definitely to my benefit. So I get that my views about a prolonged quarantine are going to be different from others’. Still, I understand how my decision to stay home is a service to the world around me. 

I look forward to the day when things look like they used to - when I can just pop into a store to look around, try on clothes, and take my time. But today is not that day and I am happy to keep waiting.


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for anyone homebound who can’t attend protests IRL but wants to show solidarity, especially if you stream Animal Crossing or know someone who does, please share this, have your islander wear it, put it in the Able Sisters shop for your other islanders to wear.

I know it’s not nearly as helpful as actually getting out and physically protesting, and this isn’t intended as a replacement for protest or providing more tangible support, but it’s just a little thing to show solidarity after curfew or for those who can’t attend

also, I know Hong Kong protesters have been using Animal Crossing to organize protests to avoid surveillance, thought it might be an idea for protesters to consider here in America as well

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As Needed:

  • One load of laundry: clothes
  • Food prep: hard boil eggs


  • Change calendars


  • Added weekly receipts to monthly ledger
  • Change out kitchen & bathroom towels


  • Made the bed
  • Made meals & ice
  • Refilled Berkey water filter
  • Washed dishes & wiped counters/stovetop
  • Cleaned convection oven & crumb tray
  • Descaled tea kettle
  • Prepped coffeemaker & tea kettle for the morning
  • Set-up morning dishes & vitamins
  • Pet the cats & put food out
  • Cleaned out litter box & vacuumed litter off floor
  • Social media, online puzzles, research & writing, watched movies
  • Relaxed with my husband: enjoyed weekly pancake breakfast, discussed future plans, watched ’90 Day Fiance & Pillow Talk’

What I Did Today 5/30/20:

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You know what?

It’s 2:45 am on June 1st of 2020. I am still awake thinking of nothing lol just kidding!!! HAHAHA yeah! I am still awake I drank one glass of iced coffee but it hits me so much to the point that it took my feelings not better because I experienced palpitation a while ago, I just keep calm to cool down and eliminate the bad feeling of being what was I felt.

June 1st but some people there are still suffering from our current situation wherein the fcking virus does not have a permanent vaccine to be a cure and give a solution for this situation.


  • Trust God, pray every day, a better concern of ones feeling, giving advice, open eyes, and ears for the good news and respect of the decision of whos in the higher positions.
  • Online classes are ongoing to end my semester this year. And does not have any assurance for the class 2020-2021.
  • Work was still pending. Plans are still complicated.
  • Missing friends, loved ones, and beautiful places.
  • Money for food everyday.
  • The hot weather.
  • Missing delicious food.
  • Cuddle and kiss of my boyfriend.
  • Going to church.

Those are some current problems and losses that we are encountering right now due to the fcking virus.

But here I am still believing and thinking of positivity every day. Hoping by the grace of Lord. Looking for good progress every day. Never give up on plans. Continue loving the individuals surrounds me.

We don’t have a choice : (

This pandemic is not a joke! Care about others.

Aiming that it will be healed by this month until no one will get hurt and give peace for everyone.


stay at home, save lives!

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Hasil kegabutan selama Di Rumah Aja. Emang akutu dari kecil seneng banget ngegambar (tapi nggak dengan mewarnai haha). Tapi jujur aja, aku gambar gak sering. Gak dijadiin hobi rutin. Terakhir sering banget gambar2 sih pas masih TK dan SD. Rutiiiin banget sampe kalau mama papa mau pergi, pasti aku bekalin gambaran aku 😂

Sebenernya selama SMP dan SMA juga masi suka gambar, tp nggak sering. Kuliah pun begitu. Dan pada akhirnya, kuliah tingkat akhir dan hestek Di Rumah Aja ini lah yang menyebabkan aku pengen cobak watercolor (karna watercolor itu indah banget huhu dan kebetulan nemu barang murah di kampus hehe dan malah jadi pengen beli yg mahal TT) dan coba2 gambar lagi. Dan yah. Jujur aja aku masih kurang puas, karna belum bisa gunain imajinasi sendiri. Kebanyakan latihan masih pakai referensi dari internet so.. yah. Wkwkwk. Sepertinya ini bakal jadi hobby aku setelah masak 😋

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I’ve been campaigning for work at home since March. I have chronic bronchitis, autoimmune disease, and heart disease. I do not need to be at work in a building with 200 other people, breathing recycled air. I wanted to be home. I needed to be home. I fought to be home. It’s been a week and I’m going insane. I need people who have been doing this for longer than I have to tell me how to handle this.

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Worked on a pair of palazzo pants, I like the pattern but I’m not 100% sure about the print, I’m not sure if I’ll keep them for myself or sell them.

Tootee was much happier with this lot of grass and hay, I can’t tell the difference, but I’m not a horse. Today was quite hot so it was good to take his rug off. We’re at that odd stage where some nights are too cold to be without a rug but some days are too hot to be with one, so some days I’m needing to go out twice. He is very disappointed that this doesn’t mean twice the peppermints, grass, or hardfeed.

Did some weeding in the garden and picked all the remaining basil. Made basil pesto. It is nommy.

FINALLY found yeast. Tried it in some breadrolls. They came out a bit crusty, but still tasty, so it’s an improvement.

Played some more tiny dungeon, the goblin tried to steal an entire mine. It didn’t work out.

Exercise - Core day.

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Jadi hari ini gatau kenapa pengen nulis, simply buat mencurahkan isi kepala aja dan keresahan yang kesel banget sama orang-orang dimasa pandemi ini. Mungkin yang jadi trigger dari postingan ini adalah pas ga sengaja scrolling twitter trus nemu tweet yang share berita dari NY Times tentang kondisi covid-19 di Indonesia.
Berikut link dan cuplikan beritanya.


Perhaps it is right.

“it’s too late.”

Jadi dari situ bikin aku mikir kalo kirain diem di rumah dan stop mikirin whatever that’s been happening (re: covid-19), it would slowly fades atau seengganya ku kira curvanya udah landai. Terus beberapa hari ini, mulai lagi ngikutin berita dan ternyata kasus covid-19 masih di angka 400-500/ hari; sadly, isn’t it

Dan hari ini per tanggal 29 Mei 2020, kasus nya masih menginjak angka 600-an. Indonesia juga udah berniat mau menerapkan konsep “the new normal” dengan beberapa tahap dari 1-5, meanwhile hari ini juga muncul berita bahwa Korea Selatan gagal dalam penerapan “the new normal” bahwa terjadi lonjakan kasus sampe sekitar 70an kasus di Seoul. So have you ever thought that  ini Korea Selatan yang negaranya tanggap dan rakyatnya aware, penerapan konsep new normal gagal which forced them go back and do the social distancing all over again dan berencana menutup public space lagi. Apa kabar Indonesia yang rakyatnya aja bebal, kalo tetep dilaksanakan new normal dengan awareness dan kesiapan yang kurang what we might call it? Genocide party?

Lalu muncul pertnayaan seperti:

“yaudah kan covid urusan pemerintah”

Iya, mereka dah lagi ngurusin nih, although perhaps ga semaksimal negara lain but we had one job, one damn job to stay at home eh malah masih keluar rumah dengan alasan “bosan”. Pemerintah udah baik-baik menghimbau, melarang, menginfokan tapi tetep aja ga didengerin, eh nanti giliran dikerasin dikit baru deh teriak otoriter. Rakyat kaya gini delete aja; you are the real virus.

“ya tapi gue gabisa diem mulu dirumah. Gue stres butuh udara segar, butuh nongki”

So you think that you’re the only one? Well, news flash fella, we are all suffering. Yang stress, yang lonely, overthinking mikirin duit/kerjaan/sekolah ngga cuma kamu saja, sob. And there you are bragging about being in a very hardship because you feel like “rindu ini berat”, what a waste of flesh called brain. Delete.

People be like “ini kapan covid selese sih, ya ampun cape gue yada yada”

Also people:
• ngumpul
• hangout/nongki
• ngantri beli baju lebaran di mall
• salaman pas lebaran
• party, party, party sampe rindu ini mati


(credit to the creator)

Ironic, isn’t it? You know what? RIP LOGIC.

At first, awalnya mikir kalo pandemi ini seengganya bakal udahan di Juni, that would be 3 months since the 1st case appear back in early March, dan setelah liat kelakuan rakyat +62 yang masih bebal, berkerumun dan ga peduli, it made me realize that I guess it would be the whole 2020.. imagine being home for the rest of the year, not being able to do whatever you used to do with your family and friends. I knew that covid-19 ini ga akan fully disappear in few months dan pastinya kalo curva nya udah datar, social distancing bakal terus dilakukan for at least two years ahead sampe seengganya ada vaksin/obat atau ada cara penanganan yang lebih tepat; again I obviously knew that but the realization that this whole year we are going to do the stay at home terus dan cuma ngandelin antibodi, well… for exactly how long?

May 29

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