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29/100 days of productivity.

My college just announced that we would have exams in July holy sheesh. And my city had just recorded the highest number of cases. Phew I don’t know what to do.

Today I completed the 38 sums in the percents topic.


Onward to new GRE Topics! And I need to practice more verbal, Vocab, and analytical writing.

And I completed around 4 pages of the redrafting of that 30 pages doc…, turns out it is 35 pages long because we forgot a section…

Cool cool cool cool.

I have to get it all done ASAP.

Had a final call with the NGO team and coordinator and we switched on our camera and I wasn’t even prepared ahhhh. It’s so anxiety causing! How do you keep your face normal for like 1 and a half hours on vid calls?

Today’s song of the day: Helium by Sia vs. David Guetta & Afrojack. It’s a very nice song, I love it.

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28/100 days of productivity.

Man today was productive!

I did Percentages and Ratios today for GRE.


Yo simple and compound interest, I see you now.

Then turns out I have to edit my 30 pages document of the paper with my prof…. phew.

Managed to get like 3 pages done and call it a day…

Have to practice another 38 sums on percents tomorrow. And make headway in editing that monster doc.

Good times, hustle ahead.

Today’s song of the day: Somedbody To Love. I just like this song and heard it today.

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