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#stay peachy
katieykat513 · 16 days ago
Banana Boom Boom
These are just three little things that a friend was egging me on, because I always make Banana Noir say, “Stay peachy, mother fuckers!” So now with Queen Banana and her Banana Boom Boom...
His banana was thick and pulsing in her as he released his banana boom boom into her.
"Banana Noir?" Marinette asked, confused as to why the untransformed, yet still suited up, superhero was on her balcony. "It's true princess! It is I, Banana Noir!" He bowed low in greeting, but when he stood up, he had his cock out and he was stroking it with his hand. "Allow me to give you my banana boom boom."
Marinette stirred in bed, the weight distribution in the bed felt off and she reached out to feel her husband's side of the bed, which was empty. She felt the bed shift and a weight hover over her. The first thing she felt was a flat tip of something on her head, followed by the flat tip of something at the back of her knees...followed by a rounded, velvet hard something poking her at her exposed ass cheeks. Annoyance ran through her, "Adrien, if you don't put the banana suit back in the closet, I'm filing for divorce." "Who is this 'Adrien'? it is I, Banana Noir, here to give you the four am banana boom boom!"
So yeah....just some crack exercises XD
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magician-of-esperance · a month ago
Picture This...
You are on a date in the park and it's interrupted by Chat Noir. You either try to avoid the awkward tension by reading a newspaper or by feeding the pigeons.
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peachydollboy · a month ago
here’s a fun challenge: make me blush in a few words as possible
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thesquipproject · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stay peachy bestie
u got lucky and get two because i realized there was a falling down picture which is 1000 times better
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peach-m1lk · a month ago
Hii everyone! I'm sorry for being inactive recently. I've been busy with school work and it's gotten more intense given that it's finals week. Hopefully I'll be back with some more writing! I love you guys and I appreciate your support :)
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thesquipproject · a month ago
queen banana is not chloe being akumatized again. its mr banana
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sundaysundaes · 2 months ago
hmm, im ok with him being blown up in that ep cuz i have a feeling hes alive and if he was rlly gonna be killed off it would have to be in some epic fight or something, no way he would just get blown up like that LOL. and ya i totally love eren too hes a baddie now i used to not like him that much cuz im not a fan of main characters who are cocky but suck ass anyway but now hes a baddie so
anyway i wanted to ask if you have any tips for writing bc i wanna start writing fanfics but im not very good :( i have ideas but idk how to execute them yk?
oh peachy anon, if i had seen your message earlier today before i read the final chapter, i wouldn’t have been this depressed to reply.
“i totally love eren too hes a baddie now i used to not like him that much cuz im not a fan of main characters who are cocky but suck ass anyway but now hes a baddie so“
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i’ll just leave it right there. writing tips below the cut!
i don’t think i’m the right person to be giving tips but i’m very happy and grateful that you come to me for advice hehe i feel so honored.
okay well, what i do is i make a rough draft of things i wanna write. no narratives, no dialogues, just “A is having lunch. B sees A and makes comments on the way A eats.” something like that just to make sure i don’t forget about it. i keep doing that until i run out of ideas, and if possible, make an ending right away too. then, just read it all from the beginning till the end, add more scenes to make their interactions more realistic/believable, and if something doesn’t make sense, scratch it out or fix it.
i also make another draft to put my dialogues. they’re randomly thrown because sometimes i think of a good thing to say (in my opinion anyway) but i haven’t really thought about the scene so i just put that in first and think of a scene to write later on.
after that, I start writing for real.
Idk if this helps but that’s really all i do whenever i write a fic lol. anyway, as a fic writer, you can literally just write anything you want, no one can judge you for the things you write (as long you keep some warnings if needed). make sure to have fun when you write, don’t think about what your readers think too much.
Good luck, peachy! slap me on your taglist whenever you have something posted, i’d LOVE to read your work!
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goldenbluesuit · 3 months ago
Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums on here, UK based and otherwise - here’s some flowers 💐💕
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peaches-and-bouquets · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey guys! So I'm home early cuz ✨mental health✨ but hey, isnt everybody at home
Hope everyone has been staying safe, hydrated, and most importantly, I hope everyone is taking this time to help themselves heal 💕
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stayingpeachylove · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the sky cracked open and darkness poured in through my dream-catcher windowsill. 
the only light was the bedroom light i left for myself when days were seconds still.
books were Narnia doors into happy endings spun out of cotton candy, now every one sealed.
i clawed for what was already gone, afraid of nostalgia. afraid of Time’s checkout till. 
the sky cracked open and light poured in, everything shining anew but for the bedroom light by my windowsill.
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x-silk-x · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
one peach a day, keeps the doctor away
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