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#stay positive

Girl got mad skillz, man. Checkout this at-home hip hop concert from Sa-Roc. Celebrate black culture. Spread love, creativity, art, style, strong characters, strong people. Not hate, anger, or negativity. Positive vibes, man. Black is beautiful. Let’s let it shine.

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I’ve been having to remind myself this lately. I am doing my best even when it doesn’t feel like it. I am always pushing myself to my breaking point and I am always drained later. I know my limits and yet I still push myself until I crash. I know it isn’t healthy and I have to do better at really checking myself on doing too much. It is ok if the dishes don’t get cleaned right now. It is ok if I didn’t make out to see a friend or to the store. I’m doing the best I can. So to you, I say this… I know you are doing the best that you can! It is ok if others may think you are not. You know you and what you are able to do. Don’t allow others words make you feel less than. If they can’t understand that you are human, one person and you are doing the best that you can; then they are not your friends. Keep fighting!

Ana ❤🦓💪🏾

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Don’t feel the need to keep looking at the news . Or share posts about everything going on in the world right now. What’s going on right now is heavy. You don’t have to talk about it if it affects you too much. You can take a break from it. Get off social media or news sites so you don’t have to process negative information every few minutes. Take a break from it all. Get off social media. Take a breather. Your mental health is what you should be looking after first. Meditate. Clear your mind. Self care must be a priority. You can still be an advocate without sharing these stories on your social media page.

Take care of yourself. It’s a hard time for everyone.

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“Raise your head higher. Don’t look back. Believe in Yourself.”

stay strong for others to see you as a role they want to become

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Dunno if you need to hear this but its completely alright to take a break from social media. Times are stressful and you should take care of your mental health. You can get back to helping the black lives matter movement in a few. Take care of yourself, warrior.

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keep an eye on your cup of health

a very popular analogy used in the world of mental health support is that of a cup. it’s said, and rightly so, that make sure your cup is full before you try to pour from it for someone or something else.

unless your mental health is balanced and you aren’t feeling your best, it will be difficult for you to render your kindness to the world. it may take a toll on you.

so be sure to keep a check on your mental health balance before you get too involved in caring for others. it’s not a selfish act to worry for yourself before you do for others. it’s, infact, a selfless act, where you want to do everything you can to be able to help others

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2020,Don’t lose hope

Ah,the year 2020.Truly a horrible year indeed, COVID 19 pandemic,Black people right,Australia’s forest fire,etc.This year couldn’t possibly go more wrong…

We all thought that 2020 will be a great year and we all would have a great start! (like we always do with ever year…)But this is worse then we ever thought things could be.This year is truly horrible,no doubt.


but so was 2019,sure not as bad as right now but still pretty bad,as well as 2018 and so on…

Yet we made through those years and we won the challenges that came our way.

Every year is never gonna great or perfect and that’s ok.

We already done so much!Yes,life has been given us a horrible time but guess what!It always been and we made it out! We did so much,things in life do get messed up (and this is probably the worst year in my life.) but we always manage things out!

Life will always bring challengesto us but,we have to stick together and fight back!

I don’t care what your status, race, nation, religious, belief, gender or whatever is! We should stick together and end this S*@€t!

2021 will maybe bring even worse things,But we all are in this together and we will fight,together!

Stay hopefull,don’t give up…

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