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writethatdown · a year ago
if you woke up late, your morning didn't go well, something unexpected happened at the beginning of the day and you are now sad and worried your day will be wasted, don’t worry. take a deep breath and start with where you left off. you can always start at any point of the day. you can start getting your life together at 5PM in case you were too tired and sleeping all day long. please don't give a bad 20 minutes or so of an incident the power to dictate the rest of the day. you dictate the energy you want. start wherever you want. rest when you need to. you got this ♡
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injuries-in-dust · 12 days ago
It's time for some good news.
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life-through-my-eyess · a year ago
Reblog if you wouldn’t mind some curious anons right now❣️🤫
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becomingthatgirl111 · 3 months ago
things you can do this sunday
sundays don't have to be boring, it's the perfect time of the week to reset your body and mind and get ready for the next week. here's a to-do list that you can do perfectly this sunday (or whenever you want) 😉
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short 5-minute meditation, upon awakening
set an intention for your day, for example relaxation
journal about the things you have to do today or how you are feeling
morning skincare
have something different for breakfast, e.g. avocado toast, smoothie, etc
a lighter exercise routine, yoga or pilates
organize your space, deep clean your room, use some incense to eliminate residual energies and purify
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for lunch, prepare something healthy and tasty to eat.
rest for a while, a nap is fine.
go outside for a while, alone or accompanied, find a plan, have tea in a nice place, or spend time in nature
spend time with your pets or loved ones (family, friends…)
if you decide to stay at home, time for you!
read a book or browse the internet for information on a topic that interests you.
listen to quiet music in the background (or your favorite)
get inspired! look for inspiration, on pinterest, tumblr (this will raise your vibration)
for dinner, eat something light but at the same time healthy, you can look for healthy recipes for dinner (and I could write about it)
more self-care and skincare! take a warm bath, use a mask, take care of your body with a special cream/oil
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start preparing for the next day, journaling about how your day went, what inspired you, to-do list for the next day
to-do list for the next day
leave ready everything you need for tomorrow
time to go to bed, light incense, a candle, or dim light to start relaxing
meditate again at the end of the day and give thanks for today
note: you should not follow this as a guide, they are just ideas! you can incorporate these things into your day! try these things and incorporate some of them into your day to make it more productive or create a habit (eat healthy, skincare, exercise whatever!) 💕
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positivelypositive · 5 months ago
here to remind you...
...that you are not alone.
you are not alone in your wins, your successes, your happiness, and your good times.
you are also not alone in your troubles, in your struggles, in your rough times and your sadness.
if nobody else, then you have me. all you need yo do is reach out to someone, anyone. you may be lonely at times, but you're never truly alone ✨
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chayanana · 4 months ago
Manchmal weint alles in dir, außer deine Augen.
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needtobeehealthy · 3 months ago
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books-and-cookies · 2 months ago
i'll just sit here quietly and drink my silly latte and read my silly books and listen to my silly music and pretend the world doesn't exist. it's called self care 😌
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thisissteggy · a year ago
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Hey you 😘 This tiny dino, Steggy, wants you to know if you ever need a hug or support - he will be there❤
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inaworldwherecoffeexists · 4 months ago
standing ovation for surviving the week
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taking-care-of-you · a year ago
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the-hurt-soul · 2 months ago
I wish I knew how to forget you.
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queenmoriarty · 2 months ago
idk who needs to hear this but be unapologetically yourself
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sunset-xx · 5 months ago
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don't believe everything you think.
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positivelypositive · 5 months ago
answer this truthfully
were you kind to yourself today?
if you said no or even if you hesitated then remember that you are being unfair to yourself.
you are doing the best you can in the situation that you are in. this 'best' can vary from time to time. go easy on yourself. it's okay. you're okay.
it'll get better soon. show yourself kindness. you deserve it ✨
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chayanana · 4 months ago
Selbst starke Menschen brechen zusammen, der einzige Unterschied ist, dass sie keinen Lärm dabei machen.
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