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#stay safe

So glad that the mission wasn’t scrubbed. Weather was a little rough in the beginning but hey! They made it through! Safe travels to Bob and Doug; the ISS awaits Crew Dragon 🐲🦕


Crew in orbit for the next 18 hours till they reach the next stage 

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I wanted to draw something regarding the country’s current situation with the murder of George Floyd and the riots.

I am disgusted that police are shooting rubber bullets and throwing tear gas at peaceful protesters and if i find out that the police were shocked when the protests turned violent,I’m gonna fucking snap. As a POC this past week has been horrible,on top of that the president has the AUDACITY to threaten the lives of protesters is sickening. How are we supposed to put our trust into a police force that kills innocent black men,women,and children and aren’t prosecuted. How are we supposed to put our trust into a president that is willing to kill the people in this country because he can.

We’ve been rioting in this country for hundreds of years,my community has been oppressed for too damn long. We. Demand. Justice.

In the words of Dr Martin Luther King, “The Riot is the Language of the Unheard.”

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So with pride month coming up in a couple of days, I kind of wanted to address something I’ve been hearing a lot about; operation pridefall.

I’ve heard so many people talking about it, mainly queer people telling others to be safe when it happens. From what I’ve heard, it’s going to be a mass social media thing on June 1st where a bunch of homophobic people are going to attack queer people for being queer, spamming comments, Twitter feeds, ask boxes.

And honestly, I don’t know how serious this is, I don’t know if it’s actually going to happen, or if it’s just another internet scare like that 4chan raid post from 2014 that sometimes gets shared. Whatever the hell this thing is, I’m not going to let it stop me from being me, from being proud.

But if it does happen, stay safe. Remember that you can go in and block anons. Stay off social media if it gets really bad. There is no shame in that. Your mental health is more important than showing a bunch of assholes that you’re not wrong for being queer.

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This is a tough time for us all. Corona among other things, and now a terrible flurry of racist crimes. Please know that my blog is a safe space for EVERYONE out there. If anyone needs to talk, get something off their chest, or just feels a little lonely, message me. And if I can’t offer any good wisdom or advice, I’ll send as many memes as it takes to make things a little better. I love you guys. You are strong. You are beautiful. Just keep on keepin’ on. For now, here’s a rose for you: 🌹

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So everybody by now should know about pridefall but for anyone who doesn’t, it’s something happening on Sundsy where anyone presently queer will be attacked on any social media. This has happened before yes but it is still terrifying and so here’s some tips

Private your account on Sunday even if it has a small following so they can’t send anything or dox you(being able to get your private info like an address and leak it)

If you do see someone being a victim of this report it to the app’s HQ. The “operation ” is incredibly illegal and highly violates the Equal Rights Act. These people can go to jail for hate speech, threatening to harm you,and if they do send out child porn(to ofc perpetuate the predator stereotype) will be in prison. Not all social media is as tolerant as they should be but if they don’t do something about it they can and probably will get sued.

Lastly, don’t click on any links sent to you if you don’t know the sender bc it could contain an array of horrific things. What’s about to happen is horrifying and absolutely disgusting but we can and will survive it. Stay safe my loves

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HELLO!! I’m opening sketch commissions to go towards the black lives matter movement!! ALL proceeds will go directly to BlM and helping George Floyd’s family or riot support to help all the people putting there lives at risk!! IF you have already donated to ANY organization or signed HMU and I’ll draw you something! If you can’t donate that’s ok please spread and share!!

Stay safe ilu all! 1312

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A ramble about what I’ve seen being out there and heard from people. Please don’t let the media lie to you Minnesotans are actually distributing the looted goods from the riots to the people in their community that need it. Even the arsonists stayed away from connected buildings that would spread fires far. Big corps are looted for the most part. Minority owned businesses are being attacked by groups of people trying to make the protesters look gross. The only reason places are actually being cleaned out is because people are taking all of the damaged product that would get thrown away anyway so nothing is going to waste. Yes some people are being selfish about it. The national guard has actually been pretty nice to the protesters, its swat with tear gas and bean bags… Hurting people and damaging personal property. Protesters moving obstructions for cars getting people out. People handing out snacks and drinks. People going into partially burning stores to grab anything that could be used to help sheild themselves and others from bean bags. Save live streams from Minnesotans. If you’re going/are out there stay safe.

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23/100 days of productivity.

Was I really gone a week?🤯 I thought it was two days people! 48 hours?!

Man time is so relative right now…

Alright so this week wasn’t too productive, not proud of that.

But I finally got the courage to say I am done to my NGO intern work and have been approved to join back later also if I have time which to be honest is the best!

Next thing I did right was today, when I buckled down and registered to take the GRE test. Yup. Imma take the test on June 26. It’s happening and man am I glad I finally took the initiative to lock the date. Now no more distractions. Imma make this my ultimate goal and walk and breath and sleep this!

Any of ya interested in accompanying my HRE journey? Do like this post maybe we can get together and be Vocab buddies or keep each other accountable!

And today was blessed cause I saw bird murmurations near my home day whaaaa

It’s just so cool!!!!!

Today was also good because I played badminton with my fam and did this 30 min aerobic exercise following a video, which I wasn’t really for initially but hmm it’s ok I guess as long as I’m able to do it on a daily basis that’ll help, then cool.

Which brings me to the fact that I’m using Habitica to track my schedule! Woohoo. It’s supposed to be really good and I hope I can keep up with all the work I have with the help of this tracker, And I’m also planning on tracking my food and sleep and water goals to you know, take care of myself… I should do that regularly to understand what’s going on…

Today’s song of the day: Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller. My favourite no word song.

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