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beeswithmoss a year ago
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Overgrown fairytale cottage 馃尶馃拹馃憭
Since a lot of people have been telling me that they can't run CITs, I tried to make a cute little cottage using Stay True, which is a very pretty texture pack that doesn't consume a lot of data. I did use Mizuno's CIT for the little tea cup and Ghoulcraft for the picnic table, but the cottage itself is pure vanilla game. I hope you guys enjoy :)
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espiritogato 6 months ago
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junk-drop 10 months ago
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consciousastromancy 11 months ago
The opposite of Love is Indifference, not Hate.
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euesworld 10 months ago
"Give my soul the thunder of your passion and make me truly feel you, I want the uncensored version of you.."
Just be you.. that's what I want, be real with me - eU毛
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unspoken-intuition 2 months ago
I'm disgusted
And I'm looking into the eyes of mankind
We're in a bind
To blind to see the tragedy
I'm tired of living in Calvary
We've lost track of all the casualties
Artificial intelligence
Trying to build bigger walls
Try knocking down an frenzy funded pence
You can continue to stand and pledge
While others fight for their rights to bow their heads
Hollywood Tabloids next to small town eulogies
Nothing here is new to me
Getting swallowed beneath the theory of time
And as the sand falls
i'm drowning on all the Bullshit that surrounds me
To weary to voice an Opinion
Over cancel culturer and political beliefs
You can have your crumpets
While I continue to choke
On all your Hippocratical pleads
Fuck your fictional high running society
When people continue to starve
While you turn the other cheek to feast
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anothergoodtime 11 months ago
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Stay weird. 馃鈥嶁檧锔
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glitchmeharder 10 months ago
3 holy powers
The power of fuck it
You can do anything through the power of聽聽 fuck it.
The power of fuckity bye
Dont deal with shit you dont want to, fuckity bye.
The power of the unfuckable
You have never been fucked, you will never be fucked. You are unfuckable.
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storyofmychoices 4 months ago
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SpreadJoy #417: spreading positivity with quotes and @playchoices characters. Quote in edit by Nikki Banas
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tulipcraft a year ago
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zaydeen a month ago
I鈥榤 soft and I will always stay soft. I鈥榤 truthful and I will always stay true.
If I fall in love again, I will do it again. Write love letters with kisses on them. Be soft. Be cute. Be vulnerable. And all his. This world can鈥檛 hurt me enough to change me, believe me.
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elizabethclemens 11 months ago
How to Stop Breaking Your Own Heart
1. Refrain from checking up on people who no longer hold space in your life.
2. Reduce all expectations. Learn how to let things occur naturally.
3. Avoid thinking about the results and proceed with an opened mind instead. Anticipating something from others may put you at risk of disappointment.
4. Stop depending on others to lead you toward happiness. You can't count on another person to make you happy.
5. Respect a person for who they are, rather than who you hope they'll change into.
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infpisme a year ago
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phantomx1 6 months ago
stay true
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witchyplantmc a year ago
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my base on the peaceful farms server
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consciousnessblog 8 months ago
So do you remember me?
Or do you want to know me again?
Do you want to feel me?
Like you never dared to feel me?
Do you want to meet me?
Where we never met?
Would you like to kiss me?
The way you really want to?
But yourself.
And love me.
Just because.
You love me.
Do you want to know me again?
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minescreen a year ago
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Beautiful map by聽Ragnar le Rouge. I really like volumetric light.
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spiritualseeker77 2 years ago
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cubersims 10 months ago
i hope the mizuno or stay true texturepacks update soon, i need me some cute texture packs ;-;
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tulipcraft a year ago
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the willow tree
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