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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#stay woke

Too many times I told people how I felt and sometimes I feel like I played myself because right then and there I gave them the upper hand on how to play me. Sometimes US as women we talk too much.

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they cant keep getting AWAY wit h this

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Hello Dear Friend.

There is a lot to unpack here . I will do my best🙂.

I am NOT a submissive, so I can not touch on that aspect of your question .

Firstly , Racism is real. Never allow your success to blind you to the fact❌

Mentally, African -Americans and White Americans think differently.

For the most part White Americans are about the ‘win’. Outward success is very important to them .

My White Southern (somewhat bigoted)grandfather , took a keen interest in me when I was accepted into medical school.

He is a retired physician himself .

There is not much he will not do for me as long as I am a “winner” .

At work and school same thing . I am the only minority person , and a novelty . White men there try to figure me out.

Do you know during a laboratory experiment I was purposefully given misinformation/data to fail?

I did not , and presented my findings to the committee on what I knew to be facts .

Now , I have their “respect”.

I detest them all for their underhandedness , but they do not seem to mind 🤨.

As long as I am “successful ” , I am “safe” and “worthy” of my position .

It is all about the win.

In College (and out), I observe white girls literally throwing themselves at black guys feet. Especially those that are college athletes and success stories .

I went to a Christmas party last year , and stepped into a room where some white girls were spread ass naked on the bed, begging to be fucked by some of the black star football players .

They did not know shit about these guys…except that they were ‘stars’.

It is about the win .

The problem , as it correlates with your situation is this ;

White women often ‘revert’ , back to whiteness , especially when white men discover they have been dicking around with black guys .

They say the black men ‘bother’ them , when actually it is all lies . They pursue them hard behind closed doors

Many Black men have been seriously hurt over this deceptive bullshit (especially in the southern United States , where apparently it is a crime to be black).

Black women know this.

Honestly , you should know it to.

To be clear , I believe firmly in the power of love. My dad was white , and one of the BEST men that ever walked this earth .

He however taught me to observe patterns and people . I analyze everything/one for this reason💡.

Love however is healing .

Treat your submissive with the love and attention she deserves .

As long as she is loyal and truly on your team , fuck everyone else’s opinion .

You appear to be a nice man , and I wish you a safe and happy journey through life.

Best Wishes💫

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