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sinisterlyhan · 8 months ago
06. hwang hyunjin /  9259 words
badboy!hyunjin (kind of), virgin female reader, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, creampie, size kink, corruption kink, overstimulation, fingering, a little fluff
tw: overstimulation, faint yandere themes 
a/n: hello, josie! i might have dragged this out a little but i hope you like it, nonetheless 🙇🏻‍♀️💞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a bolt of lightning cracked through the night, rainy sky. the sound that erupted along with it was heinously loud, echoing through every corner of the city, and thus, startling you.
hyunjin furrowed his brows when you winced, your hands going up to your head so you could cover your ears upon nature's piercing attack against them.
"here, you can wear this."
clutched between hyunjin's fingers was an oversized hoodie, one you humbly asked for when the weather was beginning to get chilly further into the night, and you were unfortunately stuck with a simple t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts because you had not anticipated a thunderstorm tonight.
even with the heavy rain outside, you never planned on staying the night at your best friend's apartment. it wasn't unbearable in any way, you could still get on the bus and walk home by yourself. or, if push comes to shove, you would simply grab a cab and have it drive directly to your apartment building.
it genuinely wasn't anything to feel overwhelming concern about.
but hyunjin was not having any of your excuses when you told him you could still make your way home. the rain was pouring too heavily outside, he'd be damned if he ever let you go outside alone, even if it was to head back home.
it took him a whole lot of persuasion to get you to stay behind. it had started with short, playful threats, something along the lines of "hey, if you leave this house i'll chain you to the bed so you can't leave!" words that you didn't take too strongly to heart because he had been laughing when he said it.
however, when you began to insist against his wish, hyunjin suddenly opted for a much softer approach. he reasoned with you about it, telling you how dangerous it could be to head outside at this time of day and under such horrible weather.
you were already caving in half-way down his argument. his voice was toned down to a hush when he spoke to you, and you could never resist it when hyunjin puts down his stoic and aggressive facade in exchange for softness, all just so he could talk to you more calmly and carefully.
plus, he was looking out for your safety. it was indeed unsafe to head outside with the sky crying waterfalls down your head. the roads were slippery, the night was dark and cold, and the empty streets could be haunting.
hyunjin has a point when he wanted you to stay at his apartment for the night. but, despite all that, despite the logic and the consideration, what really got your heart tugging its strings was when he cooed at you to listen to him.
"come on, (name), be a good girl and listen to me, hmm?"
"thank you so much," you said meekly after putting your phone down on the table, trying to shake off the recollection of his low voice addressing you in such a seductive way.
he probably didn't intend for it to come off that way. hyunjin has always been a handful with his teases and laid-back affection. calling you names like that—this wasn't the first time, and unfortunately, he gets you every single time he shoots you a little "good girl," or a small "baby."
it was just what hyunjin does, he probably didn't mean anything by it. it was your mind that went south, being wishful and delusional that he might have said those words out of genuine affection.
"what did your parents say?" he asked after you received his hoodie. he slumped down on the couch next to you, his knee brushing against your bare one when he got into a more comfortable position.
"my dad offered to come and fetch me, but i told him it's fine since i don't want him to drive under this weather," you said, laughing a little as you spread open the hoodie and reached down to the hem. "they can be a little too worried sometimes, but i understand. especially since it's my first time staying over at a boy's home."
"what's so scary about that?" he commented nonchalantly, "it's not like i haven't stayed over at your home before."
you frowned at him, slightly annoyed by his tendency to refute everything your parents has to say about him or your friendship with him. even though you were two legs down on the same boat as him whenever your parents mentioned how much they didn't want you being friends with somebody like hyunjin.
they knew nothing about him, surely. but the piercings-decorated ears, the dyed long hair, the tattooed arms, and the bruises all over his skin were such dead giveaways of his character. not to mention they caught him sleeping in your room multiple times after he snuck in through the balcony window.
"they just don't want me to do anything stupid," you muttered.
"and what stupid thing can you do when you are trapped here alone with me?" he pressed on, eyeing you sharply. his voice was almost caught in a mocking tone as if he was making fun of you for not straightforwardly saying the word 'sex.'
but to be truthful, hyunjin was mostly disappointed that you would refer to that as something stupid. it was as if you could never see yourself laying in bed with him, at least not in intimate quarters.
"hmm, (name)? is it the same kind of stupid thing we could have done when i was hiding under your blanket the other night when your parents came to check your room?"
"hey, hey, what are you talking about," you nervously laughed as you stood up. lightly kicking his leg, you gave him a short frown. "don't make fun of me."
he didn't reply. he only watched as you busied yourself with wearing his hoodie. you pulled the hem to the side, giving yourself space as you raised your arms to lift the clothing above your head. his eyes traveled from the hoodie to your body, and for a split second, he could see the outline of your breasts through the tight shirt you wore.
shit, you took off your bra after showering and just never put it back on.
the sight was gone as quickly as it came. you pulled his hoodie over your head and down your torso, the end of it falling gracefully past your shorts to expose only the soft skin of your thighs.
"oh, okay, there we go," you hummed in satisfaction, pulling at the hoodie and fixing the cuffs. then you looked at hyunjin, smiling. "this feels really comfortable!"
he hummed with amusement, leaning his head to the side where his elbow was propped up on the armrest to focus on the television. and when you heard his laugh, you could only roll your eyes and gently kick him in the shin, assuming that he was making fun of your appearance.
but the laughter he had hung on his mouth was truly nothing more than an innocent facade used to hide the deep, seething lust masked beneath his bright brown eyes.
starting from something as trivial as the fresh rosy scent you smelt of after taking a shower, and the way his socks engulfed your small ankles, to something as knees-tightening as the sight of your nipples poking through your thin shirt and the shower water that once trickled past your delicate skin.
and now his hoodie, covering your small figure. your small, throwaway, fuckable body.
he has never had to control himself this much before. surely, he has had his fair share of dirty fantasies before, but he would only allow those vile thoughts when he was alone and able to take care of it by himself.
all those filthy things he wanted to do to you; the way he could make you scream, the way you would taste on his tongue, the way you would feel around his much bigger self—he threw them all away, unlike the way he would usually deal with them, which was to simply get his way.
"ah!" you flinched again, a yelp leaving your lips when another bolt of lightning zapped through the air.
hyunjin looked over at you, his brow raising at your curled up body. you had pulled your legs up to your chest in an attempt to appear smaller and tighter, to hug yourself to your body as if that would stop the sky from exploding.
it was adorable, the way your eyes squinted and your hands curled into tiny fists to hide under his sleeve. but what he cared about the most was how you had chosen to fall to his side, your head hitting his arm and your body snuggling up next to his unpredictably.
"they're just lightning, dumbass," he commented, yet still reaching an arm over your body to pull you close. “nothing scary about it. it’s not like they can reach indoors.”
"yeah, but they're really loud," you retorted, looking up at him with wide eyes and casually brushing your legs against his. "i got surprised!"
hyunjin sighed after he glanced down at you. your sparkly eyes looking at him in an almost taunting manner, telling him you have no idea what you were doing to him, with the exposed collarbones and the bare legs and the fresh smell coming from your body.
you were clueless. it was your blatant innocence that pushed all his dirty desires to the back of his head. and he has willed himself not to make any move on you because he wanted to preserve that purity within your heart and your core. at least until it was prime time for him to break you down, that was.
(and oh, how he would completely ruin you from inside out when he gets the permission to do so.)
"how can you get surprised even after it happened twice in a row," he rolled his eyes, then he laughed, pulling you into a playful headlock, "admit it, you just wanna get close to me, don't you?”
with that said, you immediately pulled yourself away. albeit, it did take you a hesitant moment to be able to slip out of hyunjin’s chokehold (hilariously, he was the one unwilling to let you go), but you managed by ducking your head and quickly pulling yourself away. when you were finally free of his grasp, he could see that your face had started to heat up from his words, a faint blush adorning your cheeks.
hyunjin widened his eyes. there was only amusement on his face, not one inch of his mind was taking you seriously when you looked so uptight yet tiny in the process of trying to pull yourself together.
“woah–what, i can’t be surprised by thunder anymore?” you defended, pulling your face at him to try to get the attention off your flusteredness. “you–you try going about one a normal day and being interrupted by that loud, freaking thing in the sky–yah!”
as if the sky could hear your intolerant insult, it countered back with a round of humongous thunderclaps, the flashing of the lighting so bright that it was as if someone took a picture of the living room with flash on.
you let out a high-pitched squeal at the sight, your eyes widening, and immediately your first instinct was to fall forward onto hyunjin to hide away from the intruding weather.
hyunjin was ready to catch you. for a second, he was still able to breathe out a laugh at your reaction. but when you have finally dropped on top of him, your body leaning against his chest and your small hand gripping his inner thighs, the space close to where his hardened cock was, he found his heart stuttering.
to make the matter worse, when your clumsy-self decided to sit up upon hearing the gasp that he has let out, your eyes afraid as you thought you had injured him, you only fell forward with an airy trip, your hand scooting over to palm his cock directly.
"shit–" he moaned when your bodyweight forced the pressure down on him, his eyes glowing a shade of lust as he glared at your red cheeks and widened eyes.
"oh–oh, no! i'm sorry, i didn't mean–woah!"
you opened your shut-tight eyes only after you felt your back hit the surface of the couch. you couldn't move your legs nor your body, having been trapped under hyunjin's weight after he tackled you down with your hands pinned to the side of your head.
his mind blanked out there, he wasn't sure where he got this sudden courage from.
it wasn't the courage to pin you on a surface. oh no. he has been doing that in his head many times now, he would have no problem enacting it in real life. not to mention the way you were always rendered speechless with dazed eyes and drool dripping down your chin in his head. he would be stupid to pass up an opportunity to make you all messy like that.
it was the courage to break through his self-control, to finally let your endearing innocence go and finally give himself the chance to see if you were capable of being fucked until you couldn't think about anything else, of being ruined beyond repair.
it was all he could think about when he caught your eyes.
"are you sure you didn't mean to do that?" he asked in a hiss, his breathing heavy and loud. "you know, you've been teasing me the whole night, (name). i'm starting to think you might actually be a fucking whore."
the soft fringes of his hair tickled your skin, but nothing could have diverted your attention from the proximity between the both of you. his face was so close, so heart-flutteringly close yet so painstakingly far that you still weren't kissing him yet.
"why are you not saying anything, hmm?" he muttered near your ear. "don't tell me you're actually this clueless about sex, are you?"
the tip of his nose ghosting down the side of your neck until he found a spot he could leave a mark on.
it was a hesitant kiss. he waited for you to try and push him away, and he had planned to resist your protest to see if you would have a change of heart and allow him the privilege to finally feel you up. but you didn't, you simply laid there, heavy breaths leaving your mouth and knees pressing together as he sucked a harsh bruise on your skin.
hyunjin smirked upon your lack of protest, his heart simmering with joy as he relentlessly attacked your neck with kisses and sucks until he left you with a short pool of hickeys.
you whimpered at the feeling; slightly painful, but also very new and intriguing at the same time. besides, you knew that hyunjin was sucking marks onto your neck, and oh—how alluring was that? being claimed as his, having the presence of his teeth on your body.
you loved it and so did he.
"you still haven't answered my question, baby doll," he said after pulling away, his eyes briefly admiring the purples on one side of your neck before returning to you.
he raised a brow at your flushed cheeks, his grip around your wrist tightening unconsciously as he imagined the way you would look with this hazy expression and your naked body—sweating, blissful, and completely fucked out of your head.
"wh–what question...?" you asked, your voice small and timid before his enticingly lustful eyes.
hyunjin chuckled. he had a feeling that he might be frightening you with this new side of him, and the ego boost it gave him was immaculate. god, you're so small, so timid, so easy to control—it was exactly the way he wanted it.
"are you this clueless about sex?” he mumbled, letting go of your wrist slowly by sliding his hand down along your arm, going further and further down until his fingers were dancing around your exposed thighs. "or are you just faking it?"
"i–" you cut off with a gasp, your knees immediately pinching together as your body flinched at the sudden brush of his fingers against your clothed core.
hyunjin raised a brow. he moved his index finger, adding more pressure to the middle of your pussy while his thumb blindly found your clit. you sucked in loudly, your eyes casting away from his face as your back arched off the couch at the new feeling.
"huh... you really aren't faking it," he purred under his breath, rubbing circles against your clothed clit to bring out a hefty response from you. "well, it's not like i doubted you or anything. you couldn't even curse properly, let alone being fucked raw."
his hand left your core then, eager and impatient. moving up to the waist of your shirt, he fumbled around with the button and the zipper, his eyes focusing on the way your face scrunched up without a word of denial. you simply laid there, letting him do whatever he wanted, dots of doubt clouding your eyes.
his hand slipped under your denim shorts, his hand rubbing across the surface soothingly first before his finger tugged at the hem of your panties. and he attempted to pull them off your hips finally, wanting nothing more than to leave your lower-half naked for him.
you let out a short yelp of surprise when you sensed that you would have nothing but the hoodie to cover yourself up after he gets rid of them. the thought of that made you shudder. you couldn't even muster up the courage to look at yourself in the mirror, let alone letting hyunjin (of all people) see you, touch you, play you.
noticing your agitation, he furrowed his brows and, for a moment, seemingly wanted to stop what he was doing. perhaps he was taking it too far, perhaps you only didn't protest against it because you wanted to please him, to take care of his feelings because that's what you always do.
you were always so damn nice to him. sometimes he feels like all he does is take you for granted.
"i–actually–sorry, shit," he cursed, his hand leaving your opened shorts as he released your wrist. "i'm sorry, god–fuck, what am i doing?"
"hyunjin," you whispered out, surprised at the sudden change of mood.
sitting up, your eyes chased after his aggressive expression and you frowned. he was blaming himself for something, perhaps for what he had apologized for. "hyunjin, are you okay?"
"yeah, i am. just..." he huffed out in annoyance, not looking at you. "i'm sorry, i should have asked first before i did all that. i don't even know if you are comfortable with something like that, shit."
"oh! no, no, i'm actually–well, yes, it would have definitely been nice if you had asked first, hyunjin. that i do agree with." you nodded to yourself with all seriousness, then you burst out of it and turned to him, your eyes bright. "but it's okay! i–uh, i..."
your hands fumbled about in the air, your face scrunched up with shy embarrassment. you weren't sure how you should go about saying you wanted to try it out, whatever hyunjin was just doing to you, you had wanted him to continue.
"i'm just shy, and i have never tried this before, that's why i might look like i don't like it but i–i promise i do!" you said, waving your hands and laughing awkwardly. "besides, if i am to do this with anybody, i think i'll be the most comfortable doing it with you, hyunjin."
his eyes widened. that was not the kind of response he was expecting to get. it was great to know that you felt comfortable enough with him to go this far with the intimacy, but he hadn't expected you to confess to him this way. and right now, looking at you, all he could think about was kissing you, hard on the mouth.
you squealed when he reached out for your face, his fingers gripping your cheeks tightly as he pulled you toward him. his lips brushed firmly against yours, finally, molding perfectly with the shape of your mouth as he kissed you with an infinite amount of desperation.
he was pushing you down again, his body pressing close to yours this time while he concentrated on the feeling of your lips. he was moving quickly, at a pace you couldn't catch up on, therefore making the kiss sloppy and ugly. but neither of you cared. you two have had your affections for each other concealed for too long to break out of this kiss.
opening his mouth, hyunjin harshly bit on your bottom lip, pulling at it to gain a small moan out of you. his hand roamed down from your face to your legs, his hand raking up your thighs to your shorts, and he finally finished with getting it off of you and throwing it to the ground.
"tell me when you want me to stop, okay?" he pulled away from a moment to speak, his eyes staring into yours quietly while his fingers moved near your naked core. "because i don't plan to stop from here on, i won't be able to."
you looked up at him, your heart beating loudly. the air brushed against the lips of your pussy, a cold sensation awaiting for several digits of warmth that would be welcomed between your tight walls as soon as you give the cue. and you felt weirdly excited; scared and excited, with a perfectly weird mixture of arousal dripping along your heart.
"okay, i will," you told him, and he smiled.
"good girl," he praised, rubbing the side of your head. "this is going to feel great, i promise.”
and he was right. it did feel great. it felt new, weird; you have never had anything shoved into your pussy before, not even your own fingers. your first reaction was to clench your legs shut, your knees wanting to desperately close together upon the feeling of hyunjin’s index finger slipping between your lips. but he had stopped you just in time, a hand holding onto your knee and pushing your legs apart for more access.
your walls were clenching down on him hard as well. the unfamiliar feeling has got your entire body going on defense mode, and hyunjin wasn’t sure if he found it hilarious or arousing. he has not met anyone like you in a long while, most people he encountered before were experienced and polished. this was probably his first time having to hold someone’s hand and walk the process through with.
not that he was against the idea of that, though. you might think being inexperienced would be one of your shortcomings, but the superiority your shyness was giving hyunjin was everything he could ask for from the gods above. and for once, he felt like he could take care of you instead of having it be the other way around.
“it’s okay, doll, just concentrate on my hand,” he whispered against your ear, his finger sliding in and out slowly to give you time to adjust to the sensation, to wait for the feeling to consume you when your walls could finally register the friction. “i got you, doll. i’ll make you feel real nice, okay?”
your voice became more and more confident as they turned from letting out short, whimsical breathes to giving him cute, lovely whimpers. the quicker his fingers pumped, the more you could feel your abdomen tightening with a hurried sensation, something akin to the feeling of needing to release.
“jin–hyunjin–“ you moaned out, your face flushed pink and your small hands tightening around his shoulders. “i–ahh!“
you huffed out a breath, your toes curling when he didn’t slow down. instead, he added his fourth finger, slipping it into your cunt quickly and seamlessly before he started to fuck both fingers into your heat, going in and out at a satisfactory pace that made your inexperienced mind see stars. he smirked at your reaction, the lack of words an indirect approval to what he was doing.
“there we go, baby doll,” he said, your slickness rubbing along his skin and lubing his fingers up perfectly. the squelching sound became louder and louder as he stretched you out by moving his fingers in a scissoring motion, occasionally curling them to hit the top for more pressure. “it feels good, doesn’t it? hmm? don’t be shy, tell me how it feels.”
“ye–yes, hyunjin!” you nodded, your eyes darting everywhere on the ceiling. the weird sensation in your tummy was magnifying with each thrust, you could feel the explosion approaching and you didn’t know how to prepare for it. you could only focus on his hands; in, out, in, out. quicker, stronger, thrusting into your hole as if it was the most entertaining thing to do.
“it feels good, it feels–hyunjin i–my tummy–“
you kept trying to hold it in. whatever it was that would spill out of you, you had no idea if he would like that, and you’d be embarrassed if it wasn’t something normal. hyunjin, upon hearing your incoherent words, furrowed his brows slightly and slowed down his pace, unsure if you were trying to get him to stop.
“what is it, baby?” he asked carefully, kissing your cheek and not letting his lips leave your face.
“oh, it’s gone, it’s–there was this weird feeling,” you mumbled to him. “i felt like… like i wanted to pee, or something.”
ah. the light flooded into his eyes, understanding what you meant and immediately feeling the itch of his cock and the twitch of his fingers. that was what got you all messed up—an orgasm. god, how fucking despicable! you couldn’t even properly understand the concept of it, you naive little doll. how would you be like when he let you have one, hmm?
your first orgasm, given by none other than himself. fuck, just thinking about it made him so excited!
he finally let out a chuckle after moments of self-contemplation. he kissed your cheek, your cute chubby cheek. then his hand got to moving, really moving; his fingers were pounding into you, hitting your insides in a hurried pace because he wanted so desperately to get you back to where you were.
it did not take you long. the surprise overwhelmed you quickly and he has you moaning in no time. the tension in your tummy built itself right back up upon the incredible pace, your eyes flashing brightly as the whiteness consumed your mind. hyunjin focused on your face, his eyes sharp as a hawk as he observed all parts of your precious face.
your eyes shut, your lips quirked down, your brows arched up as bliss took over your body—you looked so pretty, it was unreal. the fact that he was causing it felt even more unbelievable.
a final moan brought your release then, your walls clenching down on his fingers as your essence spilled along your walls, coving his fingers up. you have never felt this wet before. how peculiar, you could feel the essence in your pussy, feeling it coat hyunjin’s finger with bubbles of whiteness.
hyunjin smiled to himself, contentment sprouting within his chest when you slumped onto the surface of the couch after your first orgasm, already looking dizzy and tired.
how adorable. he was barely done with you.
wait until he put his cock in you and you’d be done for.
“good job, baby doll,” he praised, kissing your eyes and your mouth before sitting up.
his fingers slipped out of your pussy, letting your cool down for a moment before he held it up to his face. he smirked at the glistening arousal, all sticky and bubbled up like white glue. he couldn’t stop looking at his fingers and the cum adorning the digits; how pretty, it all came from you, it all came from your insides!
you almost thought he planned to lick his fingers and suck off the juices in front of you. but instead, hyunjin reached down to his sweats and carefully pushed it off his hips. your chest rose at the sight of his member, stuffed beneath his tight boxers and aching to be let out to breathe. and you immediately looked away when he noticed you staring with wide eyes, your face once again getting hot.
“aww, is my baby shy?” he asked out loud, a hint of giggle covering his voice as he pushed his boxers down with one hand, preserving his other one simply because he had other plans with it. “look at me, (name).”
you did as he was told, your head turning slowly until the sight of his red cock came into view. you sucked in a silent breath, feeling shy beyond imagination. that was… that was big, it looked big. that was the only word you knew to describe it—big, and probably unfitting for your small hole.
“nothing to be shy about,” hyunjin hummed as he caught your eyes. he raised a brow suggestively, his cum-filled fingers finally moving down to wrap themselves around his shaft. he spread the arousal all over himself, lubing it up as much as he could while groaning to himself. “it’s going to be in you anyway because i’m fucking you with it.”
fuck, just the smallest bit of your cum on his cock as enough to make him feel so euphoric. he could not imagine actually feeling your walls around him.
pumping himself a few more times to get himself wet, hyunjin finally moved down to get closer to your body. he eyed you carefully at first, his eyes trailing over your covered torso and wondering if he wanted to rip the clothes off your body.
agh! what a dilemma! being able to see you completely naked would be a blessing, truly. but oh, to fuck you when you were dressed in his hoodie, looking so small and so helpless, was a dream in of itself.
pouting slightly, he moved his hand over to the hem of the hoodie. however, instead of clutching it, he only slipped his hands underneath the fabric so he could roam his hands up your warm body. the end of the hoodie bucked up to your stomach, exposing your lower body and a part of your tummy before his hands finally met your bare breasts.
you exhaled when he cupped the rounds in his hand, massaging it eagerly and feeling the softness of your boobs. there was a lost look in his eyes, his head drowning in nothing but bubblegum lust upon being able to feel your body up physically. how long has he dreamt of this? many, many times. and just as his dreams were, your body was soft and small, completely catered towards his liking.
you were made for him; for him to squeeze, for him to fuck, for him to love. you were made for him, you were his.
hyunjin slowly leaned down to your face, his body coving yours entirely as one of his hand left your breast to his cock. he guided himself to your entrance, his tip rubbing along your slit for teasing purposes. the gasp you let out was amusing, because he could feel you subconsciously buck your hip up for more.
so shy yet so damn enthusiastic. ah, hell, he loves it so much, it’s unreal!
“feel that, baby doll?” he asked, pushing himself in slightly just for a taste.
“ye–yeah,” you nodded meekly.
“mmhm? do you want more? tell me you want more,” he urged then, lathering himself over your slit and poking through your hole once in a while. “say it out loud. tell me you want me to fuck you.”
the soreness in your neck burned with hesitation. hyunjin was approaching you with such sudden demands, demands that you were still too shy to fulfill. but you also really wanted to feel him inside of you despite the fear of the unknown.
he was literally at the entrance already. it would only take you a few beg to feel the heavenly bliss like the one he has given you before; the friction against your walls, the stretchy feeling of your hole, the impactful thrusts of his cock—mmm!
“please… plea–please fu…” you pursed your lips, cheeks red and hands covering your mouth until your voice was muffled. “please fuck me, hyunjin.”
“i can’t hear you with the sleeves covering your mouth,” he cooed demandingly, caressing your cheek until he impulsively gave it a light smack. he smiled at you, impatient about having to hold himself back when he was so close to tasting heaven.
“you’re going to have to speak the fuck up, baby doll.”
you trembled at the way his eyes growled. they have darkened with exasperation, desperate and yearning for more so he could satiate the lust-filled in his chest. you wouldn't dare to disobey him, but having to say such filthy words were also so demeaning, you weren't sure if you could proudly do it.
your silence burned his anger. hyunjin cracked under his desire quickly when he pushed himself slightly into you again. your walls engulfed his tip, and the warmth made him realize he has made a grave mistake. now all he could think about doing was to slam himself inside your cunt, fucking you raw and messy.
"fine," he growled under his breath, discarding your disobedience to the side as he slipped his hand out of your shirt and reached out to grab your arms.
he pinned your hands on top of your head, pinning one wrist over the other before his much larger hand tightly bounded them together with a death grip, pushing your wrists down on the couch surface.
"don't say anything then," he muttered, breathing down your neck. "i'll get you begging for more soon anyway."
the second his voice dropped, he spared no time to push himself inside you, stretching you out painfully.
your eyes snapped open, wide with tears as the burning sensation riddled your core. your arms moved, struggling against hyunjin's stronger grip miserably while your legs bent at the impact of his thick girth.
"ah–no! no, no! it hurts!"
you inhaled a choked gasp when he slowed down, seemingly snapping out of his trance from enjoying the way you felt far too much. the tears that once brimmed behind your eyes rolled down your cheeks, the pain subsiding very slowly as he had stopped pushing himself entirely.
hyunjin looked at you, his brows furrowed with concern. oh no, he was not hoping for this. he knew it would hurt you, considering this was your first time having sex, but he hadn't actually thought about what to do, neither did he expect you to cry from the stretch.
god, why did he have to be so sloppy and unprepared all the time? and he wanted to take care of you? what a damn joke.
"i'm sorry, i know it hurts but–i can stop if you want me to, baby," he whispered, running a hand through the side of your face and caressing your cheek to wipe away the tear stains.
you were quick to shake your head, glancing down at him with a soft smile. "no, it's okay, i can–you can keep going."
he stared at you as if giving you time to opt-out if you were to have any second thoughts. but you didn't. you were ready for this, and that was because it was hyunjin hovering above you and not somebody else.
if you were going to have sex, if you were going to lose your virginity, it has got to be him and nobody else.
your determined eyes were the cue he needed to keep going, not before he double-checked and made sure you knew you had ultimate control over whether this session would keep going or not.
hyunjin, very carefully this time, pushed himself further into your heat when you were ready. your walls clenched down on him, adding pressure to his cock and giving him a very tempting sensation. but he reminded himself to hold back for a while, to wait until it was easier to move before he would begin to devour you whole.
it was getting extra hard, though. your walls were pulling him to a stop with how tight you were.
"shh, shh, hey, i know, i know," he whispered in between the peppering of kisses on your face, his free hand rubbing your sides to calm your pained whimpers down as he pushed himself to the hilt.
"you are doing so great, baby doll. you feel so good around me, you're heavenly–mm, fuck!" he cursed, dipping his head to your neck when you suddenly clenched around him. he wasn't sure if that was a voluntary action or not. either way, you were driving damn crazy. "ugh–you make me want to fuck you so bad!"
you forced yourself to take in heavy breathes, letting the calmness flow through your body while you acknowledged the thick shaft stuffed between your private walls. you felt full, you could feel yourself wrapped up around him and you felt stuffed, in the best way possible.
"hyunjin, you can move," you said quietly, eyeing him. "just... not too quickly."
he laughed, fondly. he raked his hand through your hair, rubbing your scalp gently as he brushed the hair out of your face. his eyes were softer now, for a brief moment at least. you could see the lust vanishing to be replaced with warm affection.
"okay, baby," he said, watching you carefully as he pulled out before shoving himself back in, slow and sensual so you could adjust to him. "is this good for you, mm?"
you nodded, finding yourself enjoying the way his cock moved along your walls more and more. it was an unexplainable feeling. there was this punch to your gut every time his tip hit you deep inside, an electric feeling that rained over you each time.
it felt good, really good. and you wanted more, rapidly and hardly.
hyunjin repeated the slow movement, again and again, his sight blurring when he noticed the shift in your voice. your uncomfortable purrs were turning into moans, louder and more dragged out moans, so breathy and hot that he could feel the temptation in his dick burn.
he discreetly picked up his pace, unable to fully hold himself back from intensely ramming into your small body. he didn't want to hurt you again, but goddamn it, he needed to feel more of you, and to hear more, to see more.
much to his delight, the only response you gave him after he started to thrust at a more satisfying speed was to moan louder. his cock brushed against your walls, even if you were more comfortable now, your small hole was still sticking to his skin perfectly and building up the tension in his abdomen.
there was bliss attached to his name when it spilled from your mouth, making him feel over the moon to know that he's made you feel this way, making him snap his hips harder into your pussy to earn more noises out of you.
"ahh–hyunjin, hyunjin i'm–" you moved your arms, your fingers moving against each other above your head, unable to get out of his hold. pursing your lips then, feeling the releasing feeling in your abdomen again, you dipped your head to look at him and you whined, "it's that, again, the feeling–ahh."
and he could tell, he could just tell that you were nearing your second orgasm again when his name started to come in broken sounds. it made him want to coo; you inexperienced little thing, how quickly have you reached your maximum threshold for pleasure already?
he hasn't even let his desires free yet.
"you wanna cum, hmm?" he asked, knowing well that you do. "you gotta tell me baby, or else i can't help you with it."
you blushed, your hands wanting to move to your mouth out of instinct, but they were trapped under hyunjin's tough grip for the time being. the only thing you could do was as he asked of you to—tell him you wanted him to fuck you until you cum.
"i... i want–mm," you looked away for a brief moment, feeling embarrassed. "i want to cum... ple–please, hyunjin."
"see? that's wasn't so hard, was it, dolly?" he grinned, leaning down to your face to bit the side of your jaw out of impulse. when his lips dragged up to your ear, he whispered, "feel free to let go when you want to."
the next second overwhelmed you. he had pulled himself out until his tip almost left your sticky hole, leaving you with an empty feeling. but when he slammed himself in the next second, wordlessly and without any warning, he simply did not stop his advances. he continued with the same quick pace and the same strength, thrusting into you in hopes to chase your high and give you what you wanted.
you squealed at the newfound feeling of his tip reaching deeper and deeper within your cunt. your back arched into his chest, your limbs trembling at the force of his hips ramming into yours and your eyes rolling up upon the tension building up in your cunt.
"ah–fuck, fuck–oh my god!" you huffed out, feeling your release approaching until your toes curled and your voice gave out at the actual climax.
"there we go, dolly, good job," he muttered, planting kisses along your neck.
you breathed heavily, letting the stars fade away from your eyes and calming down for a moment. and when your consciousness finally returned to you, as did the soreness in your joints and your heat, your brows furrowed at the feeling of your hole still being stuffed full of his cock.
hyunjin was still going.
he buried his face at the crook of your neck, moans and grunts letting out of his lips as he rutted in and out of your heat like a dog, feeling the warmth of your essence and your walls all over him. you were still tight around him because of the previous orgasm, and he was taking his chance to feel as much friction as he could.
you laid on your back, your eyes facing up the ceiling as you felt the pleasurable feeling slowly build itself back up in your abdomen. you huffed, unsure if it was supposed to happen that way and slightly overwhelmed with the soreness in your cunt.
"what?" he growled under his breath, continued to snap his hips against yours.
"i feel a little–huh, fuck!"
your body pulsated at the hit against your g-spot. it wasn't like any other thrusts, this one made you want to scream out loud, this one was like butterflies flapping in your stomach but magnify the feeling, this one made you want more even though you felt like you could barely take more thrusts in your used hole.
"ahh–fuck, hyunjin, what is–"
he kept hitting the spot, hard and quick, giving you one zap of pleasure after another. the euphoric sensation rushed over your head, your legs automatically moving up to his back so your walls clench down on him, narrowing his path for a better aim.
it felt good, it felt so good, you couldn’t think about anything else but to anticipate having the spot be repeatedly pounded into.
wanting to look up at you solely to catch the lewd look on your face when he hit your sweet spot, hyunjin found it impossible to remove himself from your rosy neck as he focused on the build-up of his own orgasm. it was approaching quicker and quicker, your walls knowing how to clench around him just fine.
his hand roamed your side, squeezing your breast and finally resting on your tummy. he sniffed your scent, his hand desperately pressing down on your stomach until he could feel his tip poke out from the inside. the bulge made his heart jump with a passionate burn, it made him groan in approval.
god, how was this possible. you were truly made for him—so small and so innocent. he was gonna tear you apart, he swore.
"jin–more, more, please–" you yearned, arching your back off as your eyes widened with lust. his had increased his speed even more, the hip-stuttering kind, making you see spots in whiteness as your mouth spilled the words you once deemed too embarrassing to say.
your legs pushed against his back, trying to bring him closer. you begged, desperately, for more and more. "please, fuck me, fuck me–ahh–"
you words were nothing short of arousing for him. who would have thought he would ever hear you say those things? 
the moans you let out has got hyunjin cuming in no time, his cock twitching in your warm hole before his exasperated release, his cum spilling into your hole and filling you up.
"ahh, fuck!" he grunted loudly, his eyes shutting at the relieving feeling.
you felt the warmth coating your walls, your eyes widening in the realization that hyunjin came inside of you. the thought made you feel hot and dirty, so shy and bothered.
he kissed your collarbones, his lips dragging up to yours before he kissed you. you moaned into his mouth, feeling his hand move down from your tummy to your pussy. his finger pressed against your clit, rubbing it in circles to get you to your climax again.
he pushed into you, riding out his orgasm and helping you chase your third one tonight. you tried to move away from his mouth, wanting to moan freely, but hyunjin remained on top of your lips, finding it extremely alluring to eat away at your desperate noises.
your muffled noises got louder and louder as he became more aggressive, forcing himself inside you and pinching your sweet spot again and again. soon enough, you let out a silent scream upon feeling the knot in your abdomen burst, your essence rushing along your walls again to add more in your already full hole.
your entire body shut down then; your legs slipped down from hyunjin's back and your back falling on the couch. he watched you quietly, a manic gleam present in his eyes as his hand unconsciously gripped your nails-marked wrists tighter.
"dolly...? how are you doing, hmm?" he asked softly, not pulling out of you as he leaned his face down to hover over yours. your eyes found his slowly, and he couldn't find a trace of recognition in them. "aww, no way. have i messed you up?"
he could hear giggles in his head, a crazily satisfied giggle. this was the look, this was it! this was the face he has been dying to see on you! the dazed, lost, exhausted, completely fucked out look; mouth agape, lids trembling, chest heaving, and voice grumbling.
pretty, pretty, pretty! how pretty! you're absolutely broken and you look gorgeous! he wanted to do it again, he wanted to tear you apart again!
pulling out of you, he moved away from you and scooted down your torso. his hands clutched your ankles, bringing your legs up and causing the hoodie to slide down your thighs. spreading your feet apart, his eyes widened in anticipation upon seeing your dripping heat, the gooey whiteness slowly oozing out of your pretty, quivering hole.
looking up at you, he tentatively moved his fingers over your slit. you flinched immediately at his touch, a soft cry leaving your lips.
he raised a brow—very sensitive.
without further warning, he moved closer to you and pushed the hoodie further up your stomach. laid between your legs, hyunjin carefully inserted two fingers into your holes, gathering your cum in his hands and pumping in and out slowly.
your walls clenched at the sensation of being played with again. too sore, your cunt was too sore and your mind was too hazy to register the incoming pleasure that all you could think about was to stop it.
your legs quickly forcing themselves shut. but hyunjin has got one hand curled around your ankle, pushing you open to keep you accessible.
"it's okay, baby doll," he said gently, humming close to your heat. "you can take another one, you will take another one."
"huh!" you gasped out in pleasant surprise, your head perking up when you felt his lips smooch your heat. "jin–hyunjin–what are you doi–ahh!"
he hummed against your cunt, his tongue running a slow line up your slit before he kissed it, taking the cum into his mouth and spitting out the saliva mixed with it. his hand continued to rub your clit, stimulating you and causing tremors along your spine.
fuck, how delicious you taste. this was better than anything he could ever imagine—all the other people he's slept with, all the dreams he's consumed at night. they could never compare to this, having your cunt in front of him and his tongue catching every last drop of you.
not a single drip to waste. he has to have all of you in his system because everything about you belongs to him. your essence, your body, your mind, your heart—everything. you are his.
your moans were starting to get thick and airy, your senses blurring together into one. all you could think about was his tongue, fucking you rapidly with flicks and thrusts; his plump lips kissing your pussy, his teeth occasionally grazing your skin; hist thumb circling your clit, pressing and pinching you.
pleasure, there was only pleasure. so overwhelming that you could feel tiny, soft little pains present in your chest. too much but not nearly enough—you wanted more, the sweet poison, you wanted all of it.
"fuck! hyunjin, please, i wanna cum," you begged, tongue swiping across your dry lips and saliva gathering at the tip to drip down your chin. "hyunjin more, more, please! i wan–wanna cum!"
he smirked. such filthy things to say! you even cursed, and it was all for him! how endearing. he almost couldn't remember how you were like before he completely turned you into his sex-crazed doll.
ah, that innocent little girl you once were. how adorable, how foreign. if he could revert you to that, he would, just so he could corrupt you all over again.
"just cum, baby," he mumbled against your heat. "let me swallow all of you."
your body clenched at the pleasure, the overstimulation pushing you to the edge and shoving you down. your senses fell, rapidly, and you spilled yourself all over his face.
hyunjin kissed your hole up, flicking his tongue and gathering up all your juices into his mouth, cleaning you up with his mouth. your warm juices stained his tongue like fine wine, he gulped down down his throat with ease.
you were trembling during the process. even the smallest feeling of his lips near your core was enough to make you shiver. a moment of relief spread through your chest when you finally saw him stand up, leaving your half-naked body on the couch as he walked to the bathroom.
hyunjin headed out with a towel, wet with warm water. he sat by the edge of your head and gently held your body up, his eyes frowning when you winced at the movement.
he pulled you to his chest, letting you lean on him to rest. one hand going around your waist, his other hand reluctantly brushed at your leg. when you shrunk away, he flinched as well, but he was quick to bounce back to his senses to comfort you.
"hey, it's okay, i'm just going to clean you up, okay?" he informed softly, kissing your temple to distract you while he gripped the back of your thigh to pull your leg up.
his hand went down to your exposed cunt, the warm cloth in his hand turning before he slowly wiped you down, cleaning you up carefully. you laid there in his arm, breathing out quick pants and keeping down your sensitive flinches so he could take care of you easier.
"you did such a good job, baby," he whispered, continuing to pat you down. "you have no idea how well you took me. you did so well, and you made me feel so happy."
sweet, sweet words flooded your ears. you blushed at them, acting as if they were just your daily compliments and not about how great you have been, laying there and taking his cock like a stupid toy. either way, you were beyond delighted to know that you have made him feel good, as he did you.
"thank you for making me feel so good as well," you mumbled, bringing his hand up to kiss the back of his palm. "it wasn't as scary as everyone says it'd be. and i like it, it feels..." you hummed, "good. it feels good."
"i'm glad you liked it." hyunjin giggled. "may–maybe we can... do it again... some time."
that was a blind shot. even though he just had sex with you, he wanted to be sure where you two were.
"oh, sure, i'd... i'd like that...?" you laughed, feeling shy as you played with his fingers. "hmm, how are we gonna tell my parents about this..."
"about us having sex?” he asked incredulously, although not much opposing the idea. to have your parents know how he has ruined their little daughter’s mind and filled you up? god, he wondered how they would react knowing that their little girl loves him enough to let him do that.
"no! about you being my boyfriend, please!" you waved your hands at him, amused. "i mean... unless that didn't actually mean anything–"
"it did! it definitely did–oh god, yes!” he exclaimed, his hands fumbling suddenly as he dropped the cloth in his hand. his mind went into a frenzy, not quite sure what he could do except kissing you all over your face. “thank god!"
the smile on his face was dazzling to look at. you felt your heart pump excitedly upon his enthusiasm. seeing him so happy about being in an official relationship with you was surprisingly fulfilling and reliving, perhaps it was because you have spent so long thinking you didn't deserve him only to realize you have been wrong the whole time.
"oh, i love you so much," he muttered, hugging you close to his chest as he kissed your cheek, rocking you two from side to side.
you laughed. it was amusing to see him act all mushy like this. nobody outside would believe it if they see him now, all loving and clingy.
turning your head away from his incoming kiss attacks, your eyes caught sight of the window and the scenery outside.
oh, how peculiar. the thunder has stopped.
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starryseung · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
bang chan + somnophilia
◜05 kinktober◞
Tumblr media
! : 1k , somnophilia (consented!) , penetration , unprotected sex , nipple play , implied cockwarming(?)
Tumblr media
chan increases the pace, pumping his length faster in his fists to reach his high. you’re sleeping soundly, too caught up in deep slumber to notice what’s happening right in front of your eyes. the whole act of him fucking his hand as you’re sleeping peacefully right next to him just drives him closer to his orgasm, and he’s pumping his length until he’s covered his hand with his thick white juices.
you turn slowly in your sleep, gaining his attention and he sits still as if a deer caught in headlights, hands still awkwardly holding his dick. he regains himself, calming himself down when he looks at you, lips slightly apart as you push the blankets away from your legs, exposing your thighs through the too-short dolphin shorts you were wearing. the shirt you were wearing (that belonged to chan) is ridden up to your stomach, giving him just a peak of your breasts. that’s what has chan double-taking about what’s going on in his head.
his head was filled with how pretty you would look under him, still groggy from just being woken up, his thick cock pushing into you waking you up fully. obviously, you two had talked about fucking the other while they slept, and obviously, you both consented to each other, since you both trusted in each other too much to believe either one of you hurting the other. heck, you had already given chan the suck of his life as he slept off after an exhausting day, so him doing the same to you to relieve the problem at hand wouldn’t be much of an inconvenience to you.
he carefully sits above you, resting on his heels so you’re sleeping between his legs. pushing your shorts to the side, he whines softly at the sight of your pussy, fingers running to toy with your folds softly as he spreads your outer labia open with two fingers, biting his lip to hold back a moan. he quickly shuffles to the nightstand next to the bed, hurriedly taking out the bottle of lube; not even caring to close the drawer back. he pops it open before dropping two blobs around his fingers hastily, slicking you up by rolling his fingers between your cunt. once he’s done, he takes the extra step, pushing the same two fingers in you before scissoring you open, moaning again as he feels your tight walls around his digits.
he leans back, wiping off the excess liquid on his shirt before leaning in closer to you, kissing you softly on your cheek before holding his length between his hand and giving it a few quick strokes and lining himself against your entrance. he pushes in slowly, eyes never leaving your face as he slides in with ease thanks to the lube.
a quiet mewl leaves your lips, and he looks back up as his mind goes blank for a few moments, the frown above your eyes and pout on your lips driving him further over the edge. he slowly pulls out so just his tip is in you, and pushes back in as he continues rubbing soothing circles on your thigh, the other hand propping himself up above you. rolling his hips into you, he curses under his breath as he starts slow thrusts into you, feeling your walls clasp tight around him.
his cold hands move under your shirt, fondling your breasts before flicking his thumb over your nipples, resting the pad flat on your sensitive bud. just when he does the same thing around the second time, his hips increasing in pace as he continues thrusting in you, you whimper under him, and at this point he’s too far gone to even care if you’re awake or not— he just wants to feel the heavenly sensation of your cunt clenching around his thick cock as you spasm around him, your juices spilling out of your hole as he pulls out of you.
it takes some time for you to actually realize what’s happening, your eyes and mind still cloudy with the peaceful slumber you were in, but the pleasure spreading out from your bottom half paired with chan's rapid breathing from above you as his fingers continue their ministrations on your nipples, you let out a whine before your legs automatically wrap around his waist, pushing him deeper inside you.
“fuck chan, f—faster,” he grunts at your words, riding your shirt higher up so your breasts are in clear view for him, before latching his lips on one of your nipples, rolling his tongue around your nipples as he pistons his length into you, fingers moving up from your thigh to ghost above your clit. your hands thread in his hair, tugging at his scalp and his hips falter before a loud whine reverberates across the room, chan's seed spilling in you. it was as if he was growing in you, the way a little dripped down your hole and onto the sheets bubbling a moan from your throat.
when you feel his tongue press flat on your nipple, his lips sucking harshly on the bud, you raise your chest up against him, moaning loudly as you come around his dick buried deep in you. your warmth covering him makes him groan, his thumb continuously rolling against the soft of your belly.
“fuck. that was… mind-blowing.”
chan chuckles at your groggy words, flopping on top as his length shifts uncomfortably in you, the wetness in your hole making the feeling even worse.
“uh, channie, do you mind moving?”
a soft snore leaves his lips, before an annoyed whine leaves yours.
Tumblr media
a/n; “how to end a fic in the worst way possible,” a guide by starryseung™
taglist; @joengni @cherryeol04 @bruh-changbin @yooniversalstudios @ann03254419 @yourdaddychan @nightshade-minho @yangomangos @yunhoesss ​@sonnensplitter @soya-zz @chanswhore @notbeforelong @vinnieluv (message me if you want to be added!)
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nyctophilin · 11 months ago
Fake Affection | III
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Epilogue
Description: Han Jisung has been rejected by the girl he likes one to many times. He decides that he has had enough and is set on making her want him back. What could possibly make her want him more than seeing him with her rival after she boldly assumed he can’t find anyone better. That way Jisung and Y/N are stuck in a fake relationship until Jisung’s crush falls for him. Or he falls for someone else.
All rights reserved © nyctophilin 2020. Re-posting, copying and translating any of my works is prohibited.
Pairing: Han x fem!Reader, Hyunjin x fem!Reader
Word count: 5.1k
Genre: College!AU, Fake dating!AU, Angst, Fluff, eventual Smut
Warnings: swearing, mild groping, mild violence
Pearl note -> This got long. Yeah, things got interesting in this part. :)) Also, I realized I forgot to add something so I had to come back last minute and edit it. Yeah, sorry for the delay. :/ I hope y’all enjoy it! Feedback is very much appreciated.
Tumblr media
      The sun was shining brightly despite it being almost 6 PM. The temperature outside reached unusually high numbers for that time of the year, and Y/N decided to take advantage of that. Dressed in a forest green spring dress that reached her mid-thighs and offered a modest view of her cleavage, she was waiting for Jisung in front of her apartment complex. The dress she was wearing had short sleeves, but she decided not to take any jackets with her thanks to the weather forecast that predicted the temperatures to be high until later in the night.
      She was clutching the strap of her purse tightly and impatiently checking the time on her phone every few minutes. It has been such a long time since she went on a date. Just because she was going there to make Mina jealous didn’t mean she couldn’t have fun. What better way to convince the other girl that she missed on a lot of fun than have fun?
      Coming from the left side, she heard the sound of an engine approaching. Soon, a black Range Rover came to a gradual stop right in front of her, the front wheel almost climbing the sidewalk. From inside the car, Jisung gestured her to get in. She opened the door and climbed in, placing her purse over her knees before fastening her seatbelt.
      Without much of a word, Jisung turned the steering wheel and started driving to a destination unknown to Y/N.
      “I didn’t know you had a car.” She spoke, trying to get rid of the awkward atmosphere.
      Jisung threw her a look before concentrating on the road again.
      “It’s Chan’s. He let me borrow it for today.” A long sigh left his mouth. “After a long talk where he told me that if I hurt his baby, I’m dead.”
      Y/N let out a chuckle, and Jisung smiled as well, as the memory of the silly conversation he had with the older man flooded his mind. Another minute passed, and the silence in the car was being filled by the pop music coming from the radio.
      “You look pretty!” Jisung complimented, stealing another glance at her.
      A bright smile invaded her facial features at his words. 
      “Thank you! I didn’t know where we were going, but I figured a dress would be appropriate for many activities.” She chirped, the tiniest bit of excitement rolling off her tongue.
      “What if we are going hiking?” Jisung said, and a smirk appeared on his face when he noticed her rolling her eyes from the corner of his eye.
      “Then you can turn the car. I’m not coming!” Y/N crossed her hands under her chest and her mouth formed into a small pout.
      “I’m joking. We are going to an outdoor cinema.”
      She gave him a side look and raised an eyebrow.
      “No offence, but how do you know when outdoor cinemas are happening? They don’t seem…” She eyes him up and down on the driver’s seat. “...your style.”
      Jisung resisted the urge to roll his eyes at her comment. After a moment of silence, he sighed silently accepting her words.
      “Mina told me about it three weeks ago. She said it was a rom-com she really wanted to see. We planned to go together.” He explained taking a right turn.
      “Then how do you know if she’s going to come if you planned to go together. I don’t know if you realised, but you are supposed to be dating me, and she’s dating no one. Girls don’t usually go to this kind of thing without a boyfriend or a potential one.”
      “There’s this guy from Theatre and Film that she used to hook up with when I wasn’t around. I know from someone that they are coming together.” 
      Y/N let a pitiful smile involuntarily invade her features. It was kind of pathetic how he knew about her whereabouts and still didn’t say anything. She understood that they weren’t together, but they were heavily flirting and behaving like a couple, hence why she and a lot of other people thought they were actually in a relationship.
      She let her teeth sink in the flesh of her bottom lip holding back from telling him a piece of her mind. He was old enough. He knew what he was doing. Or at least she hoped he did.
Tumblr media
      The rest of the way to the outdoor cinema was spent in silence. The only audible sounds being the radio and Jisung’s soft humming from time to time. When they reached, their destination Y/N got out of the car and let Jisung find a parking spot somewhere further away from the location of the cinema due to the parking there overflowing with vehicles.
      Checking her phone, she noticed the time indicating 7:17 PM, and only then she realised how much time they spent in the car. Walking lazily on the pathway to where space was designated for blankets and chairs she saw a sea of people. Maybe not really a sea but there were enough people to fill two of the auditorium in their university.
      For a second she thought she'd lay out the blanket, but then she remembered the only thing she had on her was her purse. On top of that, they needed to ‘accidentally’ bump into Mina and her date and hope they end up sitting next to each other.
      Just as she was thinking about that a squeal deafened her and a pair of delicate arms wrapped around her. When the girl let go of her, and she met Mina’s face, she grimaced, but she regained her composure fast. She smiled at her and her date, a guy she had seen occasionally in some of her classes.
      “What a coincidence you are here!” Mina’s fake excitement was pissing her off. Coincidence her ass. Y/N was sure she knew they were going to be there.
      “Yeah, what a small world.” She gave the two a visibly fake smile and prayed for Jisung to hurry.
      “Are you alone?” The girl asked, moving her head in different directions as if she was looking for the person she came with.
      “No. I actually came with Jisung.” As if on cue Jisung appeared from behind the two, a blanket in hand.
      “Are you looking for me, princess?” A jolt of surprise went through her at the new nickname he used, but she didn’t let it show.
      Observing the angry expression on Mina’s face at his words, she figured that was how he used to call her before they broke up whatever they had going on. She surpassed a smirk from painting her lips.
      “Mhhm.” She extended her hand, which he gladly held and went in for a short kiss. “Look who I found. Isn’t it lovely seeing your friends here?” She sarcastically said, smiling up at him.
      “You guys should come sit with us!” Mina’s date said, and a victorious smile spread across her face.
      “We’ll love to if that is okay with Mina, of course. We wouldn’t wanna disrupt you!” Y/N faked concern and gave Mina doe eyes.
      Mina’s jaw slightly clenched before immediately relaxing and letting out a forced giggle.
      “Of course you can. Why wouldn’t I be okay with that?”
      After that, the four of them went and found a place at the back of the crowd where they could sit. It wasn’t exactly the back of the crowd since there were some more people behind them, but they were reasonably behind. 
      Jisung spread the blanket on the fluffy grass, and Mina’s date, whose name she found out was Jay, did the same as Jisung. Their blankets were almost touching, the distance between them millimetric. 
      There were still 20 minutes before the movie was supposed to start. They sat down on the blankets, and Y/N stretched her legs, finally relaxing for not having to stand on the platform shoes she was wearing.
      “So, are you guys dating or…” Jay asked, fixing his body position so he could see them better.
      Y/N rolled her eyes at his question. The guy wasn’t the best at reading the room.
      “Of course we are. Why would we be here together if we weren’t?” Annoyance was dripping off her tongue. She only wanted to relax for a bit before having to spend two hours watching some boring rom-com.
      “Oh…” His voice sounded almost disappointed as his gaze lingered a second too long on her exposed legs. “Mina and I are not a couple. And since she and Jisung have had a thing before, I thought...” He bit his bottom lip while looking at her thighs that were pretty much bare thanks to her dress riding up when she sat down. “Never mind!” 
      Y/N shifted uncomfortably and placed her hands on her thighs in an attempt to cover them even a little. Mina wasn’t aware of her date’s actions as her eyes were concentrated on Jisung and on the way he looked under the golden rays of the sun that was preparing to set.
      Jisung, however, was burning holes with his eyes into the other man’s head. Upon seeing him biting his lip while looking at Y/N in a less than appropriate way, he felt an unexplainable feeling of rage penetrate his body. What he wanted to do at that moment was to get up and punch that pig into next week for daring to look at her like that. But he kept his composure and decided not to make a big deal out of it. 
      There was literally no reason for him to get that angry. Besides the apparent reason that it made her uncomfortable and he shouldn’t allow something like that, especially when he is playing her boyfriend. But the sudden feeling to rip his head off filled him with turmoil.
      Jisung decided to ignore it for now, and he took his jacket off and placed it over her legs. Her head shot in his direction, confusion and at the same time relief present in her eyes.
      “What is that?” She asked, trying to act unaffected by Jay’s actions.
      “I just thought you might sit more comfortably with this over your legs. It stops unwanted attention.” He subtly glared at Jay, but he didn’t seem to pay him any mind as his eyes were now fixed on Mina’s chest.
      “Thank you!” She said, bringing the jacket further up to cover her thighs better.
      Jisung inched just a little bit closer to her and cupped her face. Placing his lips on hers, he forcefully pushed his tongue in her mouth, taking her by surprise. He made sure their heads were positioned in such a way that the two on the blanket next to them will be able to see the exchange of their mouths. 
      Mina was watching Jisung drag his tongue inside Y/N’s mouth, his eyes closed in satisfaction. The exchange wasn’t rushed, and the way his thumb would caress her cheek so gently had her bursting with jealousy. Jisung had never kissed her like that. Their kisses were always rushed and sloppy, driven by sexual needs.
      When she first heard about their little relationship, she laughed. She thought it was some kind of stupid joke. But then she saw how they behaved. The kisses, the hugs, the hand holding, how he would always have a hand around her shoulders. In the three days, they dated he showed Y/N more love than he showed her in a year and a half.
      Her initial plan was to tease him a little bit, then finally accept to be his girlfriend. She didn’t think he'd go and find himself a girlfriend. And especially not her. From all the people he could choose it had to be her. Looking at them now, Mina regretted her decision.
      Jisung broke the kiss and looked into her fluttering eyes before placing a peck on her nose. Y/N was sitting there dizzy from everything that happened. His sudden boldness left her speechless and burning hot from the embarrassment of being seen doing something like that.
      She wanted to question him. Ask him why he suddenly did something like that. However, a loud sound erupted from the speakers surrounding them, signaling the start of the movie. So she focused her vision on the big cloth in front of her and decided to ignore it.
Tumblr media
      She shivered discreetly as a wave of cold hit her body. The movie was only half done, and with the midnight approaching slowly, a chilly air adorned their surroundings. The weather forecast predicted high temperatures, but at that moment she was far away from her city, and so the weather was different.
      Y/N rubbed one of her arms with her hand, regretting not taking a jacket with her just in case something like that was to happen. From the corner of his eye, Jisung noticed her actions, and he leaned in close to her to whisper in her ear.
      “Hey, are you ok?” His hot breath on her ear made the hair at the back of her neck stand up.
      “Yeah, I’m just a little bit cold. I’ll be fine!” She whispered back giving him reassuring eyes.
      Jisung thought for a second of what he could do. He didn’t have another jacket, and he didn’t want her to uncover her legs. At least not when Jay was around. An idea finally struck him, and he softly called her name, catching her attention again.
      When she turned to look at him, he tapped the space between his spread legs. Y/N raised an eyebrow at his gesture.
      “What does that mean?” She sounded a little bit annoyed.
      “Come sit here. I’ll cuddle you so you won’t be cold anymore.” Y/N threw him a weirded out look. “We are ‘dating’. No one will find it weird. Or you could just stay there and freeze to death.” The man explained his voice a little bit louder than before.
      She pondered his offer for a bit before getting up and making her way between his legs. She let herself fall backwards until her back hit his chest softly. Jisung put his arms around her, and warmth started enveloping her almost instantly. Y/N let out a purr at the newfound comfort, and her eyes shot open at the realisation of what she just did.
      “Hey, don’t get too comfortable, you hear me? I’m doing this just because Mina might be watching.” She warned, her voice stern hoping he missed her last action.
      Jisung rolled his eyes but decided not to bring up the sound she just let out. For now, he just wanted to enjoy the newfound proximity. Only so they can make Mina jealous. Right?
      They sat like that, none of them daring to move. For some reason, Jisung found the position really comfortable. A few days prior at the start of their relationship he found skinship really awkward but now it wasn’t like that anymore. It felt almost natural. Like they have been doing it for a long time.
      Some more time passed, but Jisung wasn’t sure how much. The movie was approaching its climax, and the man felt bored out of his mind. Was it really worth going through that only to get his dick wet? But then he remembered who he was doing it for. He was doing it so he and Mina, the girl who he has been in love with for the longest time, could finally be together. And when it happens, he will be able to slide his hand through her silky hair, and feel her smooth skin and kiss her soft lips without having to call it a friendly gesture.
      His trail of thoughts was interrupted by a quiet mumbling coming from Y/N. Her voice was so small that Jisung couldn’t hear her.
      “What?” He leaned his head down in order to hear her when she talks.
      For a minute, there was silence. Thinking that she didn’t hear him, Jisung wanted to repeat the question when a puff of air left her mouth. Right after, she turned slightly to the side, pushing her head more against his chest, and that is when he realised that she fell asleep.
      An involuntary smile tugged at his lips, and his heart started beating faster. He couldn’t explain why he was so happy about it. It was going to be a pain in the ass. Having to wake her up and wait for her to recover from her dazed form. They were going to be the last ones to leave after the movie was over.
      A whistle-like noise left Y/N’s nose when she expired the cold air of the night, and his smile turned into a grin. Jisung moved a few strands of hair from her face before wrapping his hands better around her to keep her warm. He placed a kiss on top of her head and rested his chin on her head, swaying slightly while continuing to watch the movie.
      If you were to ask Mina what has happened so far in the movie, she couldn’t give you an answer. As much as she wanted to see the film, the girl’s eyes seemed to be more interested in whatever was happening on the blanket on her left. 
      She watched as they were cuddling and whispering to each other things she couldn’t hear. Then Y/N fell asleep, and Jisung seemed to be even more loving, hugging her even tighter and kissing her. She was wondering if he has ever done that to her on the many nights they shared a bed.
      Mina never thought she would be that affected by the fact that Jisung has found himself a girlfriend. After all, he was just one of the many boys she was hooking up with. She never thought she would have feelings for him, but here she was, being jealous of the last person she ever thought she would.
      She had to somehow get the boy back. She wanted to see it as a challenge, but she couldn’t. It had barely been two weeks since they ‘broke up’ and scarcely four days since he started dating that perfect little missy. Love doesn’t fade away that fast. She’ll have him back in no time.
Tumblr media
      Y/N felt someone shaking her arm gently, and she mumbled some incoherent words, pushing the hand away. She was sleeping so well, she didn’t want to wake up. A hand pushed a hair strand that was ticking her nose out of the way before grabbing her shoulder and shaking it again. She groaned in annoyance.
      “Wake up, Y/N! You have to go home. Unless you want me to take you to my place.” Someone whispered close to her face, and her eyes fluttered open, trying to make up her surroundings.
      The first thing she saw when she finally managed to blink the sleep away was Jisung’s smirking face. God, he was so annoying. Ignoring him and looking around, she noticed she was in his parked car in front of her apartment complex. She vaguely remembered falling asleep, but she doesn’t remember waking up to get to the car.
      “How did I get here? Did you wake me up?” Y/N asked, straightening her body and inhaling the cold air of the night.
      Jisung held her hand and helped her out of the car before slamming the door closed. He let her lean against the front door and opened the back door to fish her purse from the back seat.
      “I didn’t. You were way too cute when you shut up. Like a little obedient kitty. I had to enjoy the moment a little bit longer.” He teased, putting a hand around her waist and making their way to the entrance in the complex.
      Y/N scoffed at his childish remark but decided to ignore it. She didn’t have the necessary energy to argue with him.
      “So you carried me to the car? What about the blanket and the other stuff you had there? Did you go back for them?”
      “No, I had Jay get them for me, so I don’t wake you up.” 
      Stopping in front of the elevator, Jisung pushed the button, and they waited a few seconds for the doors to open. Stepping inside, Y/N pushed the button for the third floor before leaning back against Jisung.
      “Talking about Jay. Thank you for today!” The man threw her a questioning look, acting as nonchalant as he could.
      “What do you mean?”
      “Don’t act dumb! I know you didn’t give me your jacket just because you are nice like that. You saw how he looked at me.” She wanted to sound more aggressive, but her voice came out soft and calm since she was still sleepy.
      Jisung found that adorable but surpassed a smile. Adopting a disinterested expression, he spoke.
      “He did? I didn’t notice. I just thought that, as your boyfriend, I shouldn’t let everyone see your underwear.” Y/N punched him in the stomach lightly, and Jisung dramatically bent down, letting out a fake grunt.
      “You are such an asshole!”
      A loud ding echoed in the restricted space, and the doors opened, revealing the dirty wall of the third floor. They stepped out of the elevator and slowly walked down the hallway to where Y/N’s apartment door was. Taking her purse from Jisung’s hand and finding her keys, she unlocked the door and opened it.
      She leaned against the door frame and looked up at Jisung, giving him a bright smile.
      “I'd like to say that I had fun, but I fell asleep halfway through the date.” She giggled, trying to mask her embarrassment. “But it was nice getting out of the house. Thank you for today!”
      The man put his hands in his jean’s pockets and scoffed.
      “You are lucky Mina got upset by you sleeping on me. Otherwise, I would have gotten angry. My shoulders are so stiff from having to support your weight. I might not recover for a few days.” A fake pained groan left his throat, and Y/N rolled her eyes.
      Lifting herself on her tiptoes, she placed one hand on his shoulder and brought his head lower. She connected her lips with his in a short kiss. Breaking the kiss, she stepped inside her apartment and kept the door open enough for her head to be visible.
      “See you on Monday!” With that, she closed the door all the way and made her way into her bedroom.
      She wasn’t sure what was the time, but it must have been well past 11 PM. Taking off the dress, she discarded it on the floor before grabbing the oversized t-shirt from the back of the desk chair. She put it on and threw herself on the bed, letting the sheets envelop her body before falling asleep.
      Y/N’s eyes shot open, and her mouth fell open as the realisation of what she did only moments prior sank in. Putting the back of her hand over her forehead and exhaling deeply, her eyes closed and her brows furrowed. Why did she kiss him? She’ll never interact with anyone while she’s still drunk on sleep.
      Meanwhile, Jisung that just exited the complex couldn’t contain his smile. He couldn’t understand why that was happening. They kissed before to make Mina jealous. But maybe that was precisely the reasons such an insignificant gesture brought him so much joy. Mina was nowhere near. A spark erupted in his stomach at the thought that the girl might have a crush on him.
Tumblr media
      “Do it again! With more love this time. Come on. You want me! You desire me!” Y/N ordered to Jeongin.
      The man let out a frustrated groan, using the script to cover his eyes from the brightness of the sun.
      Both of them, Hyunjin and Jisung, were outside, in front of the university. They had a free period and decided to practice the script for the short movie they were playing in. Hyunjin, although not part of the film itself, was always with them thanks to Mrs. Bae’s affinity towards him. 
      Jisung, however, was new in the picture. Ever since they went on that date a week and a half ago, he seemed to be spending more time with her. She felt mildly suffocated by that but decided not to question it. As long as he wasn’t distracting her from her usual activities, she didn’t mind him tagging along.
      “You don’t make desiring you really easy. We’ve done it four times already. We will start filming in three months. I don't have to be perfect right now!” Jeongin exclaimed letting his body fall on the bench on which Jisung and Hyunjin were seated.
      “Hey! Be careful of what you say. My girlfriend is very, much desirable!” Jisung said in a jokingly offended tone earning disgusted groans from the other two men.
      “Really dude? I could have lived my life without knowing that information.” Jeongin started fanning himself with the script. It was a sweltering day.
      “I don’t understand why you are here. You are only four-wheeling us.” Hyunjin remarked, earning himself a dirty look from Jisung.
      “A car needs all four wheels to be functional.”
      “Yeah, babe, but we are a tricycle.”
      Hyunjin, Jeongin and Y/N erupted into laughter at Jisung’s dumbfounded expression. From behind Y/N, they heard even louder laughter and Hyunjin scoffed at the scene unfolding under his eyes. 
      “I swear to God! Mina has been so annoying lately. Much more than when she used to hang out with Jisung. It’s as if she’s following us around.” The man rolled his eyes as he remembered how many times Mina ‘coincidentally’ happened to be in the same place as them the past week.
      “Tell me about it. And how she is always with Jay from our major. If I wanted to watch live porn, I would have signed up on one of those porn sites.” Jeongin seemed as annoyed as the other man.
      “Don’t stress about that guys. I’m pretty sure these are just coincidences.” Y/N tried telling them, even though she knew everything they said was right.
      “No, I’m pretty sure they are not. There’s someone between us whose attention she’s trying to catch.” Hyunjin gave Jisung a side look.
      “You can’t be sure of that.” She played dumb, wanting more than anything to change the subject.
      “ Oh, please! She’s always watching him. In the cafeteria, when we are hanging around on our free periods, when she’s kissing that loser. It’s like he’s a good movie she can’t tear her eyes from.” Jeongin snapped, tired of the whole situation.
      “Then let’s give them something to look at!” Jisung smirked smugly.
      “What do..”
      In the next second, Y/N has been pulled on Jisungs lap, and he captured her lips in an urgent kiss. One hand was on the nape of her head forcefully holding her in the kiss, and the other one was on her ass cheek, squeezing it. 
      She heard someone awkwardly clearing their throat from her right, and all her senses heightened. Y/N placed her hands on Jisung’s shoulders and tried lightly pushing him away while uncomfortably shifting in his lap. As a response, the man groaned lowly and slid his hand from her neck to her chest, cupping it.
      Her eyes widened in shock at his action and mustering all the force she had in her, she pushed him away, finally breaking the kiss. A loud bang ringed around them as her hand made contact with his cheek. Jumping off his lap, she gathered her bag from the leg of the bench.
      “You are a fucking asshole!” She shouted in his face before storming off inside the university.
      The stomping of her boots was echoing in the empty halls, and the few students that were around decided to make her space to pass. Her thinking was clogged at the moment, and all she could feel was rage and shame. She was angrily making her way down the halls, but her destination was uncertain. She just wanted to be as far away from him as possible.
      Y/N heard quick steps from behind her, and a hand pulled at her shoulder. Without turning around, she shrugged it off and started walking faster. The person behind her also increased their walking speed, but this time around, they grabbed her wrist.
      Just as she was preparing to scream in their face, she was pulled into a hug, her face forced into a firm chest. Y/N felt herself calm down as the smell of a cologne she grew accustomed to in the last week invaded her lungs. His hand was gently rubbing her back, and she relaxed under her touch.
      “Are you okay?” Hyunjin whispered softly in her ear.
      She hid her face more in his chest, feeling shame overcome her.
      “I’m sorry you had to see that. I swear it’s not what you think! We’ve never…” Her voice was shaky, as if she was about to cry. Hyunjin cupped her face forcing her to look in his eyes. She could see concern and sadness hiding behind his brown orbs.
      “Why are you apologising to me? You are the one who’s been wronged here. I just wanna make sure you are okay.” His soft voice was acting as a calmative for her racing heartbeat.
      Y/N felt her insides flip at his caring words. His hands on her cheeks were hot, and she decided to blame them for the blush that acaparated her face.
      “Hey! Step away from my girlfriend, you motherfucker!” Jisung’s voice filled her ears, and she saw Hyunjin roll his eyes.
      The warmth of his body left her, and he crossed his arms as Jisung finally arrived in front of them. Hyunjin was looking down at the other man, and both their expressions were filled with anger.
      “I was just making sure she’s fine. It looks like you took your time deciding to do the same.” The taller man spat venom dripping off his tongue.
      “It’s none of your business how I handle my relationship!” Jisung adopted a louder tone bringing his face closer to Hyunjin’s.
      “But it is when you decide to act like a bitch in heat and make your girlfriend uncomfortable. This is why Mina never dated you and why you and Y/N won’t last long!”
      Jisung clenched his jaw upon hearing the other man’s words, and before anyone could register what was happening, he plunged his fist into Hyunjin’s face.
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jeonqqin · 11 months ago
man up. [m] | pt.4
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
h. jisung x reader | netflix rom-com au
Tumblr media
— ❝Even with classes, annoying brothers, and an unrequited crush, you still figured your first year of college was going pretty well. Until you managed to get your first boyfriend, and suddenly your brother and his stupidly attractive best friend were attached to your hip for the whole damn ride.
or alternatively;
Why did Jisung care about you so much, and had his eyes always been that pretty?❞
CONTAINS: brothers best friend au, teen rom-com au, sorta crack fic, love triangle au, college au
WARNING: future smut, language, reader being followed at night, not much, Chan’s sexy ass arms?
A/N: the big day!! also there’s a little scene for binnie’s birthday (even though it was yesterday)
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CHAPTERS:  01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 +
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© jeonqqin 2020
Tumblr media
Your mind was running circles around you, everything a blur.
Talking on the phone with Chan lifted your mood exponentially, but there was still something that ticked in the back of your head. With the way your conversation with Chan ended, you weren’t sure if you should’ve been jumping for joy or hiding away under your covers in hopes that no one would ever find you again.
Tumblr media
“So, I was wondering,” His voice drawled over the phone.
You held back the urge to shiver in order to hear exactly what he had to say. Granted the wind had stopped, but the night air was slipping through the thin fabric of your clothes and making up for its absence.
You heard Chan chuckle—surprisingly enough it sounded nervous.
“Would you ever date a guy like me?”
And just with one question, you almost fell forward off of the swing.
“What are you saying?” You uttered, eyes staring out at the bright red slide in front of you that had been dulled by the darkness.
Chan cleared his throat, “Do you want to go on a date with me, Y/n?”
Tumblr media
You had said yes too quickly, not just in the sense that it was embarrassing, but also because after you hung up, it really occurred to you that you would be going on a date with Bang Chan.
A date.
Had you even been on a date before?
You wrapped your arms around your body as you contemplated the whole situation. It was dark outside despite the street lights, and even then, they were too dim to really be doing their job. But you hardly noticed, too immersed in your own head to worry about the dark or the possibility of meat-heads roaming around looking for their next meal.
Your skin prickled, your subconscious attempting to warn you about the shadow that lurked only a few feet away.
The date. It should be easy; smile, talk to him without vomiting, and be sure not to make a complete fool of yourself in front of the single most attractive man you had ever seen. Piece of cake.
You mentally cursed Minho for possibly scaring you for the rest of your young life. Could you hold it over him if his years of desensitizing you turned you into a lonely cat-lady?
No—he’d already taken that title, and you weren’t sure if the universe was ready to support two financial tragedies within the same family.
The sound of footsteps fell to deaf ears, the lights of the dorms were able to be seen from your place on the street, and there wasn’t a shred of dread in your naive body. Not even when the sound of sneakers padding against tar got closer—too close for comfort had you been paying any attention. Maybe you were too tired, or your head was too preoccupied to focus on the approaching body behind you.
Not until there was a hand wrapping around your mouth and another pinning your arms to your sides. In your shock, you could feel the flex of your aggressor’s biceps—he was strong, and it had your heart stopping in your chest.
You wiggled the best you could in his grip, but the man’s hold was too constricting, and you suddenly wanted to cry. How stupid could you have been to let something like this happen?
Your heart pounded in your chest as you plead against the calloused hand, your legs shaking like jelly. He leaned closer, his lips brushing your ear—mint, the one thing you could focus on was that his breath didn’t reek of alcohol like you would’ve assumed.
“Wow…” He released a breath with a small chuckle, and your brows furrowed.
The voice was familiar—
“You really are stupid. Do you realize that you would’ve been so dead if I wanted to like—take advantage of you and dump your body in a river, or something?”
You squirmed out of the stupid stupid strong arms of your stupid stupid ex-friend, you eyes set in a harsh glare as you brought your fists down on his firm chest.
“You fucking pig!” You screeched with rage, fists clenched even when he grabbed your wrists in between fits of laughter. You actually wanted to stab a knife into his eye. “I can’t believe you did that! I thought I was going to die, asshole!”
Changbin snickered with a mocking coo, “I know. Poor baby...”
“You’re a sadistic bastard.”
“Just think—” he released your hands, only to block the oncoming smack that you sent. “You won’t make this mistake again, stupid-head.”
You huffed, wrapping your arms around your body again and continuing forward, your pulse more intense than it had been before. “What if I had gone into cardiac arrest or something? You would’ve been fucked in more ways than one. Do you know what they do to rapists in prison?”
“Y/n,” Changbin chuckled under his breath, meeting your stride easily. “I didn’t rape you, in case you didn’t notice.”
“But if I died, that’s what it would’ve looked like! And suddenly you’re in concrete hell.”
Changbin shook his head. “God—just be more careful next time you decide to walk alone in the middle of the night. Call one of us or something.”
Guilt nawed at your skin, and you sent him a sulky pout. He was right. If something really had happened, you would’ve been fucked. Unless the guy was thinner than a twig and had a shit center of gravity, your chances of getting out of that kind of danger was unlikely. Damn Changbin and his infuriatingly true points.
You let out a groan as the boy beside you casually slung his arm around your shoulders.
“Fine. You’re right. Happy?”
Changbin’s head turned to you and he released another coo, his forehead pressing against yours and successfully annoying the shit out of you. How everyone else dealt with him was a true mystery.
He was supposed to be older than you?
The pitch of his voice raised, “Of course I am.”
You wrenched out of his grip, swatting away his reaching hand and stepping out of his range.
Perhaps there would be a murder tonight.
“Stop being a creep and act like a normal person for once, Bin.”
Without even looking back, you could feel the pout on his lips. But he only let out a quick whine before following after you, his hands stuffed into his jeans.
You had hardly noticed before, but he was dressed strangely—he was in a torn to shit grey t-shirt, multiple splotches of something black plastered across his torso just above the ragged seam of where the shirt ended, holes scattered everywhere exposing glimpses of his firm chest. The jeans weren’t any better, almost completely colored black by the same substance on his shirt, baring rips at the knees and not the ones you get solely for fashion.
“By the way…” You drawled, twisting around to rake your eyes over him one last time. “What were you even doing before this?”
Changbin glanced at his attire and shrugged, the smallest glow of red covering his ears. “I’ve been working on cars for some extra money.”
Your eyebrow raised. “At night?”
“It’s the only time I have free between producing new songs and school.”
Nodding you faced back towards the dark street in front of you.
Changbin had never sparked you as a manual labor kind of guy, let alone someone who could fix cars and get paid for doing it. But after taking a moment to think about it, it made sense. He fit the scene, so to say, and it somehow added to the edgy look he already had going on for him.
You didn’t know as much about your friends as you probably should’ve.
“So you guys actually got the recording room done? Are you and Chan using it now?” You asked nonchalantly, a terrible attempt to slide Chan into the conversation. Changbin must’ve known a few things about Chan that could help you quench your nerves for the upcoming date.
Changbin sent you a sideways look, letting you know that you weren’t as slick as you thought you were.
“Ah, Chan…” He hummed, the two of you finally getting close enough to the university to discern the different buildings. “What’s up with you two?” He asked hesitantly, a hint of a frown on his brow.
“Well—I mean, I like him a lot.” You fumbled for the right words, though you knew that Changbin wasn’t one to rush you. As annoying as he could be, he was a good listener. “And he just asked me out—”
“He did?”
Well, you thought he was a good listeners
“Yeah,” you shrugged. “Earlier he asked if I wanted to go out on a date or something—”
“Or something?”
You shoved him to the side, though his heavy body barely moved an inch.
“Would you stop interrupting me? I’m serious.” You huffed, frustrated.
“I am too.”
You froze—huh?
Your eyes searched his for a moment, his words not as comforting as you wanted them to be, instead his questioning only made your stomach twist in more knots than they had been in before. You really didn’t know anything about Chan, and talking to someone who did only made you hesitant about continuing with this first date of yours.
Sure, you weren’t one to believe rumors about people you barely knew—but it was the fact that you barely knew Chan that made you so nervous.
“Well I’m a little surprised that Chan asked you out.”
You frowned. “Why?”
“Uh…” Changbin paused, searching for his next words carefully with a contemplative hum. “It’s nothing bad. I mean, Chan’s one of the best people I know.”
He stopped to wait for you to run your student ID along the sensor, listening to the automatic click of the door and using it as a stall for time. He was trying to find the right way to word what he wanted to say. He didn’t want to blindside you, nor did he want to sabotage his friend by telling you something that might steer you away.
He waited for you to take a step inside the dorms before continuing with a hushed voice.
“Chan is… very selfless let’s say. He doesn’t really take the time to date per se. He’s work oriented. Not to say he hasn’t had girlfriends before, but they never really—”
“Became anything?”
That was what you had been contemplating. If the date went wrong, could you talk to Chan afterwards? Would he still be that person you could call if you wanted to step away from the world? You couldn’t find yourself feeling upset if that happened to be the outcome.
But with the small look of suspicion that Changbin sent, his brow curling upwards, you quickly backpedaled.
“He mentioned something about it while we were on the phone.” You rushed to save yourself.
Taking your answer without question, he stopped. You were both standing outside of your room, the quiet hallway encasing the both of you and chilling you to the bone more than the night air had. Changbin bit his tongue.
“Chan is an amazing friend. But I’ve never really seen him as a boyfriend before.” He sighed, scratching his cheek. “And as much of a little shit you are… I care about you enough to want you to be happy.”
“Is this you warning me?”
“No.” His mouth formed a thin line, he really had no idea how to word anything. It was beginning to frustrate him. “Just be aware that he isn’t the most observant guy when it comes to himself, so be patient with the guy.”
Okay, that helped you none whatsoever.
You sighed, pushing your dorm door open and nodding finally for Changbin.
“Well, thank you, Bin. For walking me and all that…”
Your gratitude was pitiful, but Changbin smiled wide nonetheless, glad that he could help you out despite his advice being absolutely terrible.
“Anytime, Y/n.” He ruffled your hair before you could stop him. “But next time, call me before you decide to be stupid and walk alone agian, okay?”
You smiled.
“Yeah. I promise, Bin. Thanks—seriously.”
As you closed the door, you missed the way Changbin’s lip quirked, his ears once again shining a red in the dim lighting of the hallway. He chuckled, shaking his head.
He wished both Chan and Jisung luck—you really were a handful.
Tumblr media
“So this is a date?”
You had absolutely no idea what to say, your nervous gaze on the road in front of you as Chan glanced over at you from his place behind the wheel of his beloved Subaru Crosstrek—he had gone on a cute spiel about how he managed to scrounge up enough money from producing his tracks to afford the down payment on the car. It was cute only because he giggled every time he mentioned some miniscule detail that wasn’t necessary for the development of the story.
He always apologized when he got off track, but those were your favorite parts.
And you still had no idea what to say.
“Yeah, Y/n. A date. Have you ever been on one of those before?” He joked, taking another turn into yet another neighborhood.
He had to have gone down at least four streets already—
“Does a slow dance at a mediocre prom count?”
“A what?”
You snorted, feeling the telltale heat of your cheeks reddening. You were such a loser, the best you could do was tell him about your failed relationships?
“I mean, Jung Wooyoung was pretty hot, so I guess it could count. Granted, Minho stepped in before he could kiss me at the end of the song.”
“You’re kidding.” He looked close to ripping his cheeks with how wide his smile was stretching.
His eyes flickered to you and a shiver ran down your spine at the way he took one hand off the wheel and leaned against the center console. You were either terrified of him crashing or really turned on by the way his biceps bulged at the movement.
You cleared your throat, “Minho was always really adamant about keeping me away from all the funny business.”
“You’re kidding.”
“Unfortunately not. My brother sucks.”
Chan burst out laughing. “That’s why he pulled that, ‘what are your intentions with my baby sister’ act?”
“He didn’t.”
“He did. But he backed off so quickly, I was convinced that it was a joke.”
You nearly choked, your eyes widening as you suddenly threw yourself around to look at him, unable to feel surprised at the way he was already looking at you with a charming smile.
“He did what?”
“Yeah,” Chan shrugged, shifting back to look at the road. “I asked him why it mattered and he just kind of backed off.”
That was right—Minho was scared of Chan.
You would never forget that fun fact for as long as you lived, and it was all thanks to Bang Chan. It really had you rethinking the whole reason why you were nervous in the first place. Chan was the only person in your life that had managed to get rid of stress rather than add to it, and you were obviously worried over nothing. Chan was amazing.
And you were crazy.
You laughed, catching Chan’s attention, his eyes flickering between your eyes and lips without you noticing. How you had managed to have him whipped within a matter of days was a complete mystery to him. But there he was, staring at your lips and risking his damn life while doing so. Chan was hopeful, he wanted things to go well this time, and he was going to do everything he could to make sure of that.
“Where are you taking me, you maniac?” You giggled in exasperation as he took yet another turn into a neighborhood, house stacked upon house.
Sure, it was nice to drive around with him, but you were beginning to get antsy. Even more so as Chan continued to look over at you and smirk, his smile as infuriating as it was attractive.
“We’re almost there, hold on.”
“That doesn’t tell me where—”
Turning down a dead-end, Chan lifted his hand to your mouth with an emphasized “shhh”.
Maybe he was a maniac and he was planning on killing you as soon as you reached the end of the street. You definitely wouldn’t be able to find your way back to the main road if he tried, so it was definitely a possibility.
“Don’t worry about it.” He hushed.
With a small scoff, you puckered your lips in a pout and they briefly brushed against the palm of his hand. With the action, your eyes widened as his head snapped your direction. Immediately, your lips pulled into a tight line, your stomach tying up in knots as he dropped his hand and let it fall to your thigh, causing your whole body to go ridged. What was wrong with you?
Chan chuckled, patting your thigh in an attempt to dissolve your tenseness, but it only proved to make your clothes feel much tighter than they had been before. You were physically going to melt into the seat with how hot you were getting, and you sure as hell hoped you weren’t sweating as much as you thought you were.
But the feeling of his hand wasn’t unpleasant—it was warm, but not so much that it was uncomfortable, which was surprising considering how your skin was close to melting off the bone. It simply rested there, occasionally he drummed a nonexistent beat against it with his first two fingers, though you suspected that he hadn’t even noticed that he had been doing that.
Without you realizing, he pulled the car into park, his eyes amused as he watched you stare at his hand for a little longer.
Something else—you definitely were.
“We’re here.” Chan said, lifting his hand away from your thigh to pull the key from the ignition.
You weren’t upset that he had moved his hand, but you couldn’t deny that disappointment had started to bubble up.
Looking out your window, you noticed that you were, in fact, at the end of the dead-end road. But instead of a dense thicket of trees or a mountain of concrete blocking it off, there sat a decrepit and grey building. The maroon of the bricks had been worn and chipped, and the large barn looking doors were rusted and close to falling off their hinges. You can tell that it had once been beautiful with the large stone bird watching over on a centered pedestal.
Chan opened his door to get out and you followed, despite how strange it might’ve been that he took you to an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere.
“What is this?” You asked, almost shell shocked at the sheer size of the building as you both stepped closer.
“It’s an old fire station.”
Old didn’t do the place justice—every new fire station you had seen was pristine and white, large open door garages lining the first floor. The one in front of you was nothing like the ones in town.
“I used to live in this neighborhood before I moved to Sydney. I was very young and don’t really remember much about it, but I do remember this place.” He smiled, looking up at the two storied building. “When I came back I never expected it to be still standing after fifteen years. I thought the two would’ve torn it down and built a convenience store there or something, but nope, it’s still here.”
It was nice to see his face light up while talking about something he cared about. It was endearing.
He then grabbed your hand with a small wink and dragged you forward, though you didn’t put up much of a fight at all. Every part of you screamed about how nice his hand felt around yours, how his palms weren’t too calloused to be rough but enough to want them all over the rest of your body. His pale skin pretty with the contrast of his raised veins. Veiny hands were nice… You really were just reverting back to your horny high school self, weren’t you?
You cleared your throat.
“But why did you bring me here?” You questioned, looking warily at the back of his head.
You weren’t scared, but you were almost certain that a building that was decades old wasn’t a normal date site.
“Why not?” Chan shrugged, hoping to god that you couldn’t see just how terrified he was.
“Maybe because I was expecting to go watch a movie or go to a restaurant?”
He glanced back with a raised brow. “Do you want to do those things?”
“I’d rather chew off my foot,” you admitted, catching him off guard for a moment. “But I’m trying to make you feel like the weird one here.”
Weird one indeed. He had spent the entire night before without sleep, not coming up with a new track, but thinking of where exactly to bring you. He contemplated how to explain to you the reason why he was so exhausted and jittery was because he didn’t want you to leave the date thinking that he was some average guy. Chan didn’t want you to think he was boring. So he could be weird if it meant you wanted to see him again.
You shared a smile, both of your nerves fading away with each passing second. Of course, Chan had nothing to worry about.
He proceeded to pull you through the old rickety door of the station, completely ignoring the way the visible slivers of his chest flexed when he tugged the door open with one good yank. Now that you were actually thinking about it, his outfit was one of the best you’d seen him in; a simple black muscle tee topped with a heavy denim jacket, and his jeans whitewashed and ripped.
It was simple but effective considering you couldn’t keep your eyes off the strips of flesh that peaked behind his jacket. If only the autumn breeze had taken a day off.
The further the two of you got into the building, the more excited Chan looked. His eyes lit up and there was suddenly a bounce in his step. Not to mention the way his grip on your hand tightened to the point where he was nearly cutting off the circulation. But it was nice nonetheless. You didn’t have the heart to be upset with him.
Your eyes flew around to all the different old contraptions that must’ve been shiny in their prime. With torn hoses all over the place, and precariously placed pipes, you had no idea whether to be amazed that they hadn’t succumbed to the elements or terrified that if you took one wrong step you would fall and get impaled.
Looking over at Chan, you giggled as he began to unravel a wound up hose, momentarily releasing your hand to act like a complete child.
“So what was your plan when we got here? Get me in a secluded place so you could tie me up and kill me?” You teased, offering him a smile.
Chan wanted to do two of those three things—that was for sure.
“What? You don’t want to explore this magnificent building with me?” He asked despite himself.
“So you didn’t plan some elaborate picnic with candles and fancy homemade French food?”
Chan paused for a moment, lips fighting a smile. You had built up quite the impression on him from the very moment you two met. The hours of preparation was for naught, and Chan could care less.
He hummed, “Well if you mean a blanket on the floor and take-out, then yeah. No candles though. I have a bad feeling that if we were to light any fire within ten miles of this place it would turn to dust. Which would be pretty ironic considering it is a fire station—”
“Are you rambling?”
Chan froze, mouth open to deny your question, but found that it wasn’t completely false and shut it.
“’s probably cold too.” He added lastly.
You smiled.
“Sounds good to me.”
You then proceeded to struggle your way up a flight of unstable spiral stairs with Chan close behind—so close that his arms were almost completely around you. He assured you that it was only so he wouldn’t be at fault if you fell. But it felt nice whenever his chest brushed lightly against your back, so you let his lame excuse slide.
The food was, in fact, cold. But it was still good since you really couldn’t go wrong with traditional Korean food.
And so the rest of the evening played out, the two of you sharing pleasantries and learning about one another, with many cracked jokes about your brother and his friends, only strategically avoiding Jisung all together.
Chan went on about his story, how he had two younger siblings back in Australia and a set of loving parents that believed in each and every one of his dreams as he grew up, and supported his pursuit of becoming a producer. You bit your tongue, keeping your questions of “do you miss them?” and “do you still see them?” to yourself. Still, Chan seemed happy enough, you thought. Considering you would be miserable if you had to spend your time with someone who complained and sulked the whole time. You were glad he could talk about his family without falling into a pit of missing them.
That date was pretty perfect, despite its oddities.
Who knew someone could be a by-the-book romantic and an original dork at the same time?
Your own thoughts had you chuckling into your water, almost making you cough, but thankfully Chan hadn’t noticed, his attention too zeroed in on all the food in front of him.
“Oh shit—I forgot all about that thing!” He suddenly exclaimed, his eyes locked on a rusty fireman’s pole that ran up into a hole in the floor. Chan hadn’t even finished his (second) bowl of food when he jumped up and ran up to the death trap. The thing didn’t even have any padding at the bottom to protect someone from breaking their legs, and he was excited about that?
Suddenly, you let out a laugh—it was the kind that comes out unexpectedly and makes a loud, unattractive noise and it surprised you both. Your hand clamped down over your mouth on impulse before your shocked expression broke, a swarm of giggles leaving your covered lips and forcing a pink tinge over your cheeks. Chan could only stare at you in awe, trying to think of everything else that could beat your laugh in the most beautiful sound he had ever heard, but he came up blank.
“Come down the pole with me.”
His words had you freezing mid-laugh, eyes wide.
“What? No way am I doing that. What if I get pole burn?”
“Here,” Chan threw his jacket over your shoulders, surprising you with the flood of warmth cascading around you. “Now you can’t get pole burn.”
You pushed your arms through the arms of the jacket, silently relishing in the warm weight.
“Ah, look at you Romeo. I see that you’re trying to make up for all the years I missed going on dates. How romantic.”
“I try.”
With a wink, he was grabbing onto the pole all of a sudden and wrapping his legs around it. You barely had time to stare at the image of his thick biceps curling around the pole before he was descending down it with a laugh of his own. You leaned forward to watch him hit the floor, his knees bending to absorb the impact. He smiled up at you, the sight blinding.
“Your turn!”
“Did I ever mention that I’m kind of allergic to bad ideas?”
Chan snickered, leaning his hands on the pole and shaking it to show you just how “sturdy” the thing was. The wiggle and creak didn’t set you at ease, that was for sure.
“Oh, come on, Y/n. You just watched me do it!” Was his genius response.
The night was beginning to just become you counting how many times Chan said or did something that made you think he was a child.
“Okay, I just don’t understand why you want me to go down this damn pole! Is it some right of passage or something? Do you only go out with the girls who have the balls to do something this stupid?”
“Slide down here and find out.”
He got you there. You really did want to find out.
So you bit the inside of your cheek and wrapped your shaky hands around the rust crusted pole. How Chan managed to do so so easily without sleeves was baffling and a little sexy for whatever stupid reason. You had a thick layer of denim protecting you, and you still felt like you were going to be filleted open.
“Don’t think about it,” he encouraged with a soft voice. “Just jump. I’ve got you.”
And at the words of a poet, you squeezed your eyes shut and held your breath, taking a step off the wooden floor and letting gravity pull you down. You could hear the rust tug and catch on the fabric of Chan’s jacket, but only for a second, because it only lasted a second before you felt hands grab your sides and pillow your impact. A surge of adrenaline had you breathing heavy as Chan cheered lightly in your ear.
“There. You did it.” He poked your forehead with a chuckle, getting you to open your blown eyes. “You have successfully completed the initiation.”
Your heart felt heavy and beat hard against your ribs as he straightened you out, hands finding purchase in his jacket. Subtly he was admiring how you looked in his clothes, but he would never admit that sappy fact to anyone.
You smiled; admittedly shakily. “Ah, yes. Validation. My favorite.”
Chan admired how you could keep releasing quips despite your fear. You weren’t one to be deterred, that was for sure.
“You have an unlimited supply of sarcasm in you, huh?”
“I don’t know. It hasn’t run out yet.”
He smiled and you smiled, it was a good moment—the best of the day. A moment where you were glad you listened to him and literally took the leap. Ready to take another one, your eyes dropped to his lips and his dropped to yours.
And he finally leaned forward, pressing his lips to yours.
You weren’t completely caught off guard, but you definitely were. His hand that wasn’t preoccupied with fiddling with your fingers found your face, palm cupping your jaw and urging your head to tilt to meet his kiss better. It was gentle, as you had expected from Chan, and you were thankful for that.
His lips were softer than you expected and you prayed that the hand that held your cheek wouldn't be able to feel the way your face was burning. The way he intertwined your fingers was more intimate than the kiss itself and you couldn’t help but feel yourself getting light-headed. You lost yourself to the way your shared breaths echoed around the large room every time your lips separated only to reconnect again immediately.
Your first kiss—well, your first real kiss. Surely that one you had shared with Kang Chanhee back in your first year of high school didn’t count. You had only gotten away with it since Minho was home sick that day, anyway.
It was much warmer than your last kiss, that was for sure. His jacket kept you shielded from the cold air and his body secreted a natural heat that had you pressing closer, which in turn sent him a signal to push forward as well.
Suddenly, his teeth bit down on the sensitive flesh of your lip, pulling a taut gasp from your throat.
The noise had Chan withholding a groan, pushing him to break the passionate exchange, his hazy eyes meeting your wide ones.
“What’s wrong?” You asked, voice small and unsure.
He could see the way your lips shined with not only your spit but his own. In some sick and twisted way, he was pleased to see the redness that the kiss brought to your puckered lips. It was satisfying. It was a sort of claim, and he was proud to hold it.
"Nothing. Just admiring my work." He grinned.
You hardly had time to register his words when the hand wrapped around yours was used to yank you forward, Chan’s mouth finding yours once again in a quick peck, leaving you just about a hundred degrees warmer than you originally felt.
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starryseung · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
bang chan + dry humping
◜19 kinktober◞
Tumblr media
! : 0.9k , dry humping , thigh riding , chan is angy again >:(
Tumblr media
“yeah jisung just one sec — babe, do you mind?” chan pauses his game, looking at you with a slightly annoyed expression. you were curled up next to him, nudging his leg to gain his attention. he was on a break he rarely gets, so the fact that he was spending it playing with his friends instead of… well, playing with you, it ticked you off.
you shake your head in response with a pout, prompting him to sigh and put his headphones back in place as he slumps back, calling back the other members to continue his game. you huff under your breath, rolling your eyes as you sit back on the couch too. you look down at your hands in your lap, fingers tangling with each other as you look back at chan’s hand on the controller, his quick fingers moving around the buttons, his eyes trained on his character on the screen. you whine softly again, rubbing your thighs together before looking back down, biting down on your lip.
this was getting hard.
you turn to face him and he spares you a glance in confusion but moves back to his game and you sigh, shifting so you’re in his lap. his eyes widen further before he relaxes under you, focusing back on the game. you loop your hands around his neck, nuzzling your head on his nape. his skin feels warm against yours, and you hum in content as his cologne hits your nose. this felt nice; nicer than nothing, at least.
your head turns to look at chan’s side profile; his jaw clenched, bottom lip worried between his teeth as his leg bounces at the intensity of the game. a shaky breath leaves your nose, and you reach out to press a kiss on his jaw, a smirk lingering on his lips.
you smile softly, pressing another kiss, and another, and another, moving lower on his jaw and down to his neck. latching your lips onto his shoulder-blade, you suck at the skin softly, teeth sinking into the pale skin, while chan hisses into the headset. tilting your head, you peck his bobbing adam’s apple, before moving your palms to rest on his shoulders, straddling his thigh.
he tilts his head subconsciously, and your mouth goes back to his neck, sucking and nipping at his skin while slowly moving your hips against his tensed thigh — while chan was completely absorbed into the game, not knowing what exactly you’re doing.
but when your nails fist into his shirt and you press yourself harder against his thigh, a soft whimper leaving your lips, chan moves to action, muting himself quickly before eyeing your movements. your eyebrows knit together, head dropping down when you shift to a better position, his bare thigh pushing right over your cunt, the lace of your panties rubbing against your folds.
it feels good, you won’t deny, the warm build-up in your lower half prompting you to move quicker, and you angle your hips just enough so your clit comes in contact with his thigh, a loud moan leaving your lips at the shivers running all over your body. it feels so good, that when chan clenches his thigh, you double over into his chest, his thick muscle providing just the right sensation in your cunt as you rut your hips faster on him.
you push your legs further on him, grinding yourself against his thigh while you bite your lip, mouth hanging open as you feel your high approaching; whines growing louder and higher. chan pauses the game on his end, dropping the controller beside him as he holds your hips. guiding your movements, your hand drops down to clutch his wrists as your nails dig into his skin and he pulls you forward, his leg bouncing subtly as you throw your head back, squirming in his hold.
“you like disturbing me, hmm? do i not give you enough attention?” you whine at his words, small gasps leaving you as you feel him rub his fingers on you through your panties.
“do i not come home between practices just to fuck that little pussy of yours?” he taps his fingers over your clit and you let out a choked moan, breathing getting heavier and heavier as every second passes by. you could almost taste your orgasm, and chan pulls you closer so you’re above his crotch, and he hisses harshly as you mindlessly start rutting over the rock-hard bulge in his pants.
“but seems like my cumslut is never satisfied with what she gets, right?” he spits out, hips rising to meet your own as he pushes you down on him, your folds pressing over his clothed dick. your vision turns hazy, and just when your sensitive nub comes in contact with his bulge again, your eyes screw shut, stars forming in your vision as you let out a strangled moan, your high washing over you as chan’s hands move your hips over his.
he brings your hand up to his shoulder, grabbing the controller as he hits play, resuming the game where he left off.
“go ahead, make yourself cum now.” his eyes flick back to the screen before he eyes you.
“but don’t make a fucking sound.”
Tumblr media
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nyctophilin · 11 months ago
Fake Affection | IV
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Epilogue
Description: Han Jisung has been rejected by the girl he likes one to many times. He decides that he has had enough and is set on making her want him back. What could possibly make her want him more than seeing him with her rival after she boldly assumed he can’t find anyone better. That way Jisung and Y/N are stuck in a fake relationship until Jisung’s crush falls for him. Or he falls for someone else.
All rights reserved © nyctophilin 2020. Re-posting, copying and translating any of my works is prohibited.
Pairing: Han x fem!Reader, Hyunjin x fem!Reader
Word count: 7.6k
Genre: College!AU, Fake dating!AU, Angst, Fluff, Smut
Warnings: swearing, mild description of wounds, dom!jisung, oral(F), fingering, protected penetration, heartbreak
A/N: This got so long, Jesus! Once again I am really sorry for not posting this on time. Thank you for understanding! I’m not going to say much about this chapter. But here’s a fun fact. I wrote the smut part last. Literally, everything that happens after the smut part was written before the actual smut. Just enjoy it! Feedback is not an option anymore!!! If you read the whole story you are forced to give me feedback. Please! I really want to know what y’all think about THIS chapter.
Tumblr media
      “Stay still!” Y/N murmured, tapping the cotton pad on Jisung’s busted lip.
      It had been around ten to fifteen minutes since Jisung decided that it was a good idea to engage in a fistfight with Hyunjin. After her ‘boyfriend’ landed the first punch everything escalated in a full-on fight where, unfortunately for him, he was the loser. Not only was Hyunjin taller than him, but he also turned out to be a lot stronger and faster, barely giving Jisung time to fight back. 
      He did manage to hit the taller man a few times but he got hit three times more. They finally got separated when a group of male students passed in the hallway and Y/N begged them to help her stop the two. That way they took Hyunjin away and she dragged Jisung outside to the back of the university, to the same bench they sat on a few weeks back.
      “I can’t. It stings!” He once again jerked his head away when the rubbing alcohol made contact with his fresh wound.
      “Then you shouldn’t have fought!” Y/N held back the urge to shove him. He was injured enough. “Why did you even hit him in the first place?” The question that bugged her since he threw the first punch was finally out.
      Jisung grabbed her hand, stopping her from disinfecting his wounds further. Exhaling noisily he looked her in the eyes, an uncharacteristic seriousness present in them. Y/N looked back at him with expectant eyes.
      “You were in front of the window over the bench we sat at. Mina and the others saw when Hyunjin hugged you. I felt like doing that would make our relationship look more realistic and show that I’m a great boyfriend.” The confidence with which he said those words made her let out an incredulous laugh.
      “What?” Narrowing her eyes she tilted her head to the side.
      “What kind of a boyfriend would let another man console his girlfriend? I had to show her that I’m possessive and I don’t like sharing what’s mine.”
      Unable to control herself anymore she shove him hard and the man let out a wince. Y/N got up from the bench and took two steps away, trying to calm herself down. 
      “Mina, Mina, Mina! This is all you talk about!” Her voice was calm but her tone was stern.
      Jisung couldn’t see her face but he already knew how she looked.
      “I’m confused. Isn’t this whole thing about..”
      “IT’S NOT! It’s so not!” She burst, turning towards him abruptly.
      “How is it not?” The boy looked genuinely confused and that stirred Y/N on even more.
      “Are you serious now?” Jisung opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but closed it after taking a moment to think. “It is not, because it wasn’t her ass that you groped. It is not, because it wasn’t her chest that you touched. And it is definitely not, because it wasn’t a line that she drew that you crossed. This whole incident wasn’t about Mina and would not be even in a thousand years.” Her tone became harsher with each word she let out, turning into full-on screaming by the end.
      Y/N ran a hand through her hair trying to contain herself. She could not believe what just happened. The fact that he was confused as to why she was mad didn’t help her disposition at all.
      Jisung was watching her mannerism with blown pupils. He has never seen her this mad. She scared him in a way he could not explain. Maybe it was the fact that he just got beaten up and in her state, she could easily land him some punches that he was bound to remember. However, he had a very unsettling feeling running through him at the moment.
      “I never thought it would be such a big deal.” He let out but immediately regretted his words as he saw her lift her eyebrow.
      Letting out a breath and crossing her arms under her chest she fixed him with her eyes. In a voice that was so calm, it made the hair on Jisung’s neck to stand on end, she started talking.
      “Do you remember when you kept me awake until 1 AM to talk about the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of this whole fake dating thing we are doing? Do you remember how you made me agree to so many stupid things that we were supposed to do? I had one condition. Only one! Can you tell me what it was?” A smile so fake on her face, even someone from the other end of the university could tell it wasn’t honest.
      Jisung swallowed the lump in his throat, moving his gaze on the ground. He did not dare look her in the eyes anymore. Letting his tongue wet his bottom lip he opened his mouth to speak.
      “Don’t touch you.” He sounded embarrassed and ashamed and that pleased Y/N.
      “Exactly! I agreed to kissing, I agreed to hugging, I agreed to sitting in your lap if the situation asks for it. I only asked you not to touch me in any inappropriate way.” She took a short break to breath. “If I remember correctly when I told you that you texted me back ‘As if.’. What happened? Did I suddenly become worth fucking?”
      Jisung’s eyes widened at her words, the unsettling feeling from earlier growing. He could not explain to himself why he was feeling that way. Was it because of the way she was acting or because his behaviour pushed her to act like that?
      “What? No! It’s just…”
      “Just what?” She yelled, interrupting him.
      The man bit his bottom lip and slowly raised his eyes to look at her. 
      “I thought we were becoming closer, like friends. I didn’t think it was going to bother you so much.” In all honesty, he didn’t think much before acting. 
      He wasn’t sure why he did it in the first place. Maybe it was the fact that Mina was watching and he wanted to make her remember what she was missing out on. Or maybe it was the way Jay would look at Y/N every time the smallest gust of wind would make her skirt slightly flutter. He wanted to force himself to believe it was the first option, but deep down he knew he was lying to himself.
      “You are fucking right! We were becoming close. Compared to what I was thinking about you when I first accepted this deal, I really started to think that you were a nice and funny guy to be around. But you know what? Scrap that! You proved to be the asshole I always thought you were.” She let her head fall back as a headache started setting in. Letting out a frustrated moan she brought her head back up looking at Jisung.
      “And don’t even get me started about how upset I am that you punched Hyunjin. He was just trying to make me feel better after what you did. What is this going to do to your friendship?”
      “It will definitely be awkward when we’ll see each other at home.” Jisung murmured more to himself than to her.
      Y/N’s eyes widened in surprise. Taking big steps, she closed the space between them grabbing the boy by the collar. The man froze, stunned by her action. Bringing their faces close, she looked at him with demanding eyes.
      “You are roommates?” Her voice bewildered, as her eyes travelled to every part of his face.
      Jisung nodded slowly, swallowing the lump in his throat. She pushed him against the back of the bench, knocking the air out of him. Her hand shot where her back was resting next to him and in a swift motion, she swung it over her shoulder. Taking a few steps away she turned around and looked at him with accusing eyes.
      “I can’t believe you risked your friendship with Hyunjin for..for. For a bitch who you are not even sure likes you back! How stupid are you? Do you want to know what you showed her today? You showed her that you are a nymphomaniac and a bogeyman.”
      Y/N ran her hand through her hair, annoyance pumping through her veins. She could not believe the audacity the man in front of her had. Sucking in a sharp breath, she continued talking.
      “Right now I should be with Hyunjin, not with you. He actually cares about my feelings. I should be there to nurse his wounds and thank him for caring enough to start a fight with your sorry ass. You don’t deserve me and my help! I should just leave and never see you again. Leave you to deal with your little crush by yourself but compared to you I actually care about other people. It’s so pathetic how after a year and a half you couldn’t make her your official girlfriend so I’m giving you another week. If by next Wednesday she didn’t fall head over heels for you, I’m out!”
      Looking for her phone in her bag, she took it out when she found it and dialled someone. Turning on her heels, she left Jisung alone on the bench. Following Y/N with his eyes, his heart sank when he heard the worried tone she used when calling Hyunjin’s name.
      Jisung remained sprawled on the bench from the way she pushed him and a deep sight left his chest. He had fucked up big time and he wasn’t sure if he could do anything to fix things. 
      The man couldn’t help the feeling of jealousy that settled inside him when he remembered that she was on her way to see Hyunjin. She was supposed to stay with him. She was his girlfriend. Y/N was his girlfriend.
      He repeated that to himself for a few minutes knowing full well that it wasn’t true. They weren’t together. It was all just a game.
Tumblr media
      Y/N watched him with attentive eyes as the spoon disappeared inside his mouth and his Adam’s apple bobbed when he swallowed the soup. His face contorted in discomfort when the spoon touched the corner of his mouth that was cut. One of her hands instantly gripped his bicep while the other was awkwardly moving in front of him with no exact destination.
      Hyunjin held her hand and carefully placed it on the table, not letting it go. With a bright smile, he rubbed his thumb over her knuckles.
      “I’m fine, Y/N! Please, don’t worry. Eat or you’ll starve.” His voice was soft and loving, trying to show the girl that he was truly okay.
      Minho watched the scene unfold in front of him and a scoff left his lips. Besides that little cut in the corner of his mouth and a bruise on his neck, the man looked as good as new. He didn’t need the babying the girl was giving him.
      Shifting his eyes to Jisung, he felt an uncomfortable shiver run through him. The man had his lip busted in two places, a bruise under his eye and on his jaw and he had a cut on his forehead. And that was all only on his face. God knows what was hiding under his clothes. Hyunjin really didn’t hold back.
      Looking down at his tray, Jisung only had a protein shake that he brought from home on it. He was most probably unable to chew things properly thanks to the wounds on his mouth. He was sipping from the shake while watching with sad eyes how his girlfriend was almost glued to Hyunjin, making sure that he’s as comfortable as he can be. Minho was looking at him with pitiful eyes.
      “Jisung is more hurt, but I guess it doesn’t matter.” He muttered to himself, giving Y/N side-eyes.
      In an instant, the girl’s eyes were fixed on him, a cold look plastered on her face. He felt his bones freeze inside himself, and embarrassment washed over him when he realised how scared he got. 
      Y/N moved her eyes between Minho and Jisung before finally rolling them and shifting her attention back on Hyunjin.
      “Jisung is a big man that makes his own decisions. I’m sure that when he started the fight he thought of the possibility of getting beaten. Now he has to endure the consequences of his actions.” She said, finally taking a bite out of her sandwich.
      “That doesn’t change the fact that he was the one that got hurt more. You as his girlfriend should be caring about him, not about the guy that put him in this state.” Minho said feeling the bit of confidence he had in him leave his body once her eyes darkened with rage.
      “I don’t know if you knew that, but Jisung knows how to handle himself. Look at how well he’s handling this relationship!” Sarcasm dripped off her tongue showing Minho there were parts to the story he wasn’t aware of.
      A heavy silence fell upon the table after she spoke and no one dared to say anything for a couple of minutes. The only sounds were coming from the cutlery hitting the plates and bowls. Chan finally let out a sigh attracting the attention of a few people.
      “Maybe he had his reasons to start that fight.” 
      The older man tried resonating with her. All they knew about the situation was what Jeongin had told them. Y/N got really mad after Jisung touched certain parts of her body and she left them, Hyunjin close behind her probably wanting to console her. He agreed that Jisung had absolutely no business starting a fight after what he had done, but he was his friend and he felt obliged to take his side.
      Silence. For a minute Chan thought she wouldn’t answer him. 
      “Oh, he did. I know his reasons and I can assure you they were all shit. He has absolutely no justification for what he did.” Voice calm while looking the older male in the eyes.
      “They were still reasons..!” Felix said in a careful tone.
      She rolled her eyes exasperated. Who the fuck did they think they were questioning her like that. Is not like she was mad for no reason.
      Letting the sandwich fall into the plate, she got up and swung her bag over her shoulder.
      “I have something to prepare for Miss. Park’s class. Jeongin, I will see you later to go to rehearsals, okay?” The man nodded in her direction and she got out of her seat, taking a few steps away from the table.
      Abruptly stopping in her track she let out a sigh. They were right. She wasn’t like that. She was way better than that. Just because he was an asshole didn’t mean she had to be one as well.
      Turning towards the table, she walked behind Jisung’s chair. Resting her palms on his shoulders she bent down carefully placing a kiss on his bruised cheek.
      Jisung jumped slightly at the contact, taken aback by the sudden proximity. His cheeks became a faint rosy colour and he felt a knot forming in his stomach.
      “Make sure to disinfect your wounds when you get home, okay?” She whispered in his ear, her voice soft and he nodded slowly. He didn’t dare turn his head around to look at her. 
      “Take care!” 
      She straightened her back, but not before placing another kiss to his cheek. Waving her hand to the other people, she finally made her way to the double doors of the cafeteria, leaving the room.
Tumblr media
      “God, this movie is so boring!” She exclaimed in the empty room.
      Y/N was currently sprawled on the couch in her living room watching some film Hayoon recommended to her. It was another Friday night without any plans to go out so she ordered some pizza, bought some snacks on her way home from university and opened a bottle of wine some of her friends gifted her a few months back.
      She wasn’t big on alcohol. In fact, she hated consuming alcoholic drinks but if that was going to help her with her boring night, she was more than willing to endure the sickening taste.
      Covered with a blanket pulled up to her neck, Y/N felt the heat suffocate her in a comfortable sort of way. She almost felt annoyed when she heard the familiar ring of her phone indicating she got a message.
      Letting one of her arms escape the confines of the blanket she shivered slightly when the cold air hit her skin. Grabbing her phone from the coffee table she brought it close to her eyes reading the notification on the screen. ‘Jisung has sent you a message’ Y/N rolled her eyes wondering why he couldn’t let her alone on weekends.
[Jisung,22:48]A guy from my major is hosting a party tomorrow night. Come with me?
      Y/N read the message a few times before scoffing. Was he really inviting her to some lame college party where people were only going to drink and have sex?
[Y/N,22:50]Parties aren’t really my thing…
      She really hoped he wouldn’t push the subject further. Every time she went to a party she ended up looking for her friends, that weren’t engaging in the most Christian of activities, everywhere to take them home. She had to drive each and every one of them home and help them walk into their bedrooms resulting in her arriving home two hours later than intended. 
      If that was not happening then she had to endure the advances of drunk boys and girls and protect herself from getting groped or rubbed on. That was the last thing she needed to end a week that was already shitty.
      Another ringing indicated she received a response.
[Jisung,22:51]Mina is going to be there. We’ve been texting the last couple of days and I think she might finally accept to be my girlfriend if I ask her tomorrow night.
      Y/N let her head fall on the arm of the sofa, a groan leaving her mouth. Receiving that message only meant she had to go. That might be his only chance to make a move on Mina until Wednesday when the whole fake dating thing was going to end.
      Then out of nowhere, a thought hit her and she started typing on her phone.
[Y/N,22:52]Then why do you need me there?
      If Jisung was going to make a move on Mina wouldn’t it be smarter for him not to want his so-called girlfriend there? Wasn’t she going to be an obstacle withs so many people that were aware they were dating around? Wouldn’t Mina be hesitant in accepting his advances if she was there?
      Y/N laughed loudly at her own thoughts. Of course, Mina wouldn’t care. She’s been actively trying to ‘seduce’ Jisung since their not so unexpected encounter at the outdoor cinema two weeks prior. Still, she was confused. How possibly can she be of help in that situation?
      She unlocked her phone upon hearing the familiar ring and read the message.
[Jisung,22:54]Make her more jealous. The chances of her accepting my proposal are bigger if she sees me with you.
[Y/N,22:54]Okay, fine. Text me the address and I’ll be there.
      She locked her phone and placed it back on the coffee table. Her phone went off a little bit later indicating that he responded but she didn't care enough at the moment to check. Wrapping the blanket around herself again, she continued to watch the movie that wasn’t paused during her talk with Jisung.
      “Oh my God, I should have asked him for more details!” She screamed a few minutes later when the movie got particularly boring.
Tumblr media
      The moment she stepped out of the elevator loud music invaded her eardrums. Even if Jisung wouldn’t have told her the number of the apartment, she would have been able to find it. The door was wide open, coloured lasers getting out of the room and falling on the carpet of the hallway. 
      Numerous people were scattered all over the hallway, drinks in hand and Y/N was wondering if the guy that was hosting the party was the only one who lived on that floor. How was no one disturbed by the vibrant music and chatter of the dozens of students?
      When she came close to the door of the apartment a strong smell of alcohol hit her nose and she felt her insides turn upside down. This wasn’t going to be a fun night for her at all. She could sense it.
      Stepping inside the apartment she was met with the faces of some people she knew visually from university but most people there were strangers. Checking her phone to see if Jisung responded to her message she exhaled angrily when she noticed that he hadn't even seen it yet. This was absolutely great. She was in a house full of horny drunk young adults with absolutely no one familiar around her.
      ‘I’ll take a look around until he responds.’ she thought to herself. Maybe that way she will be able to find someone she knew. If Jisung was there, his friends were most probably there as well.
      The apartment was fairly big for someone who was supposed to live alone. A big living room, a separate office, a big bathroom, a bedroom which she thankfully didn't manage to see, loud female moans alerting her to stay away if she didn’t want to see live porn, and a big kitchen. 
      Stepping inside the almost deserted kitchen, she leaned over the island and placed her elbows on the cold surface. She was scanning the drink choices the host had displayed on the counters and disappointedly noticed how none of them was missing alcohol from their ingredients.
      “Can I offer you a drink babe?” A voice suddenly whispered in her ear.
      Her eyes went wide and all her senses heightened. Y/N almost fell down when she abruptly turned around but the owner of the voice secured a strong arm around her waist. A cheerful laugh she knew far too well filled her ears and she angrily hit Hyunjins chest, who only started laughing harder at her action.
      “You scared the shit out of me, you asshole!” She yelled over the loud music wanting to get out of his grip but he didn’t allow her.
      “That was the whole point.” The man chirped happily, knowing that his little prank worked.
      Y/N rolled her eyes at his childish attitude and slightly pushed his chest. Looking away from him to hide her smile, her gaze fell upon the other two people in the room. Insistently staring at her, they were whispering between themselves. She recognised them as being from Jisung’s Major. Their eyes were burning holes into her head and she awkwardly got away from Hyunjin’s embrace. What was up with them?
      “Seriously now. Can I offer you a drink?”
      “I don’t drink.” Came her short answer that left the boy surprised.
      “I don’t want to sound rude, but why did you come then?”
      “Jisung invited me. Speaking of him, have you seen him around?”
      Hyunjin’s expression turned into an apologetic one before nodding his head. Y/N threw him a questioning look signalling him to continue and the man chewed on his bottom lip before letting out a long sigh.
      “He’s with Mina somewhere around here.” Y/N’s expression brightened involuntarily before quickly going back to a neutral one. 
      This must have been the reason the two boys were staring at her so insistently.
      “Oh.. Well then, do you want to talk?”
Tumblr media
      “I really missed you! It was so lonely without you this past month.” Mina yelled over the loud music and Jisung swore he almost went deaf.
      He was currently leaning against a wall with Mina pressed against him. Her palms were pressed on the wall behind him, breasts pushed against his chest and one of her legs between his, teasingly close to his crotch. At that moment Jisung could think of only one word to describe her.
      She was so annoying. He noticed this ever since they started texting again a couple of days ago. She was mean, self-centred and really vulgar. The jokes he used to laugh at were not funny anymore, seeming more like straight-up bullying. She was talking about herself so much. Every time he said something about himself she would brush it off and go back to talking about herself. And when reminiscing the ‘good old times’ she would bring up only their sex life.
      Looking back at the year and a half he has liked her, Jisung could not explain to himself why that happened. There was really no reason to like her platonically, let alone romantically.
      “Really?” He asked, trying to seem interested in whatever she was saying.
      “Aham. There wasn’t really anyone able to satisfy me the way you did.” She winked at him and Jisung held back a grimace.
      Was that supposed to make him feel flattered? He felt like it should have, but for some odd reason, he only felt disgusted by the information. Was she really incapable of having a conversation without mentioning sex at least once?
      Averting his eyes from her, Jisung’s gaze landed on the pair sitting on the couch for the nth time that night. Y/N was lying against the back of the couch and Hyunjin was leaning towards her, whispering things in her ear that made her giggle. Jisung couldn’t hear her, but he bet she sounded so cute at that moment. And all because of Hyunjin.
      For the past few weeks, he has been feeling really weird around Y/N. His stomach full of butterflies, face covered in pink, the desire to hold her hand and rage filling him every time he’ll see her with Hyunjin or Jeongin. And that was exactly what he was feeling at that moment.
      Jisung has recently accepted that he has a crush on the girl. He thought of it a few times before, but somehow his mind would wander back to Mina and he would dismiss such a possibility. However, at that moment looking at how Hyunjin was so close to her, he was certain about his feelings.
      As if they have talked about it beforehand, Hyunjin’s hands rested on Y/N’s thigh at the same time Mina pressed her knee against Jisung’s crotch and he felt something inside himself shift. Carefully pushing Mina away from him as to not hurt her and murmuring an apology he made his way to the couch. He didn’t know what he was going to say. He just knew he had to take her away from him.
      Y/N’s eyes looked up at him and a smile appeared on her lips. Hyunjin’s gaze followed hers and he retracted his hand from her leg upon laying his eyes on Jisung. He felt a small weight being lifted from his chest as Hyunjin’s hand left her body.
      “Y/N, can we talk?” He yelled over the music, making sure she hears him.
      Yes, that was a good idea. They were supposed to be a couple. There was nothing weird in wanting to talk.
      Her head fell to the side and her brow raised in confusion. Looking at Hyunjin, he gave her an awkward smile.
      “Sure. What is it?”
      “Not here. Let’s go somewhere quieter.”
      She threw Hyunjin one last look before sighing and getting up from the couch. When Y/N got next to Jisung, he held her hand and intertwined their fingers together. The man was leading her out of the apartment. They walked down the hallway in silence until they reached the door at the end of the corridor. 
      Jisung pressed the handle pulling the door open and Y/N’s eyes widened in shock.
      “Jisung, wait! What are you doing?” She pulled his hand, stopping him from entering the apartment.
      “Don’t worry. I and Hyunjin live here as well. This is our apartment.”
      She calmed down at his words and let the man pull her inside. Once inside, she took a few steps away from the door looking at the way their apartment was furnished. Hearing the door close behind her with a small thud.
      “ this the part where you break up with me because you and Mina are so in love with each other?” She chuckled and turned to look at him but was met with serious eyes scanning her up and down.
      “Hey, is everything okay?”
      “Let’s date! For real this time.” He said in a pleading tone coming closer to her.
      Y/N’s eyes widened and she took a few steps back, startled by the man’s sudden demand. She studied his face for a few seconds looking for a sign, anything, to tell her he was joking but his expression remained unchanged. She gulped visibly and gathered her courage to speak.
      “W-what?” Y/N stumbled over her words letting her nervousness show.
      Jisung came closer to her, putting his hands on her arms, holding her in place. She didn’t back away this time, letting the boy come as close as he wanted.
      “Over the last few days, I realised that I don’t love Mina like I thought I did. I guess I was confused. She was the first girl that approached me when I entered university and immediately after we started hooking up regularly. I never interacted with other girls with the intention of dating them and I didn’t realise what a bad person she was. I don’t want to date her. I want to date you!”
      His eyes were staring into hers with a newfound sincerity. Y/N was taken aback by his words and didn’t know if she should believe him or not.
      Leaning her head towards him, she sniffed loudly making Jisung pull his head back, his brows furrowing in confusion.
      “What a-”
      “Are you drunk? I can’t smell alcohol coming from you though.” Y/N said inching her head even closer to his and taking another sniff.
      The man was dumbfounded by her question. This is not what he expected. 
      “I haven’t had alcohol in a month.”
      Her expression turned into one of realisation and a sympathetic smile appeared on her face. Jisung smiled back at her, relieved that she finally understood him.
      “Did Mina reject you? This is why you suddenly want to date me? Listen Jisung, I unders…”
      “Damn it, I love you Y/N!” He cut her off, cupping her face with his hands and pressing their lips together.
      His sudden confession made Y/N freeze. For a moment she lost sense of reality and couldn’t think straight.
      When she regained her composure she had the urge to push him away but as his tongue was exploring her mouth she found herself unable to. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck and melted into the kiss, savouring his taste.
      Their lips were moving against each other in perfect unity and the kiss wasn’t too slow or too rushed. Jisung started walking, forcing Y/N to move backwards until they reached the living room. 
      Without breaking the kiss he crouched down and placed his hand on the back of her thighs. Taking the hint, she jumped lightly and let Jisung put her legs around his waist. Carrying her as if she weighed nothing, he walked into what she assumed was his bedroom and carefully placed her on the bed.
      Jisung broke the kiss, a single strand of saliva still connecting them. In a swift motion, he took off his hoodie revealing his surprisingly well-built body to her. Pushing her back against the mattress, he used one hand to prop himself up hovering over her and the other one snaked around her waist keeping her flush against him.
      Peppering light kisses from her ear to her jawline he let his teeth sink softly in her delicate skin. His mouth was sucking on the sensitive skin while the hand around her waist went further down, groping her cheek and squeezing.
      A gasp left her mouth at the stimulation and Jisung felt his shaft twitch inside the confines of his black jeans. Moving his hand from her arse to the front of her pants, he unbuttoned her pants and slid the zipper down with a quiet noise.
      Kissing and nibbling on her neck to distract her, Jisung slid his hand inside her pants brushing it over her clothed slit, not touching her properly yet. Y/N whined louder than he expected her to and bucked her hips up, connecting her heat with his hand.
      Smirking against her neck, he let his palm rub her, ripping a series of quiet moans from her. Getting his tongue out and leaving a wet trail from her neck to her ear, he bit her earlobe.
      “Want me to touch you, princess?” Whispering hoarsely into her ear, he moved her underwear to the side, tracing the outside of her heat.
      “Yes Jisung, please!” Her loud voice strained.
      Jisung hummed, satisfied with the response and connected his lips with hers again. The kiss was slow and passionate but his wounded lips were rough against hers.
      Hooking his thumbs in the hem of her panties, he slid them down taking her pants off at the same time. Letting his middle finger explore her pussy, he sank his teeth into her bottom lip softly when he felt how wet she already was. Sliding a single finger in with ease, Jisung started pumping it in a steady rhythm. 
      Adding another finger, shortly after he felt Y/N tighten around him and he twitched again at the thought of her pussy around his dick. He increased the speed of his fingers forcing her to moan louder. Soon the room was filled with moaning and squelching sounds.
      Breaking the kiss and licking his lips, he connected his nose to her skin dragging it down his body until it touched her pubic bone. The faint touch of his nose tickled her and she chuckled between breathy moans.
      Connecting his eyes with her pussy for the first time he felt his mouth water at how wet she was. Without losing any more time Jisung dove in placing an open-mouthed kiss on her clit. He groaned lowly against her slit sending vibrations through her body. Y/N whined and threw her head back at the unexpected stimulation, bucking her hips up against his face.
      Jisung was running his tongue through her labia, lapping at her sweetness while moving his fingers restlessly. He curled his fingers upwards inside her and flicked her clit with his tongue. 
      “F-fuck...Jisung!” She cried out fingers instantly tangling in his brown locks.
      Jisung took it as a sign to increase his speed, fingers curling up from time to time and tongue abusing her sensitive bud.
      Y/N felt the knot in her stomach become impossibly tight and she tried to no avail to push the man away from her. She finally felt the tension inside her unwind and a world wrecking orgasm hit her, a string of curses and moans erupting from her throat.
      Jisung continued to move his fingers inside her for a bit, helping her ride out her high. When Y/N calmed down he took his fingers out of her and watched in awe as her juices entirely coated them.
      Shoving his fingers inside his mouth and licking them clean, he got up from the bed and walked up to his desk. Opening the bottom drawer and rummaging through it he pulled out a silver package. 
      Y/N was watching him through hooded eyes still swimming in the aftermath of her orgasm. On his way back to the bed he took the liberty to take the rest of his clothes off, remaining completely bare in front of him. Y/N gulped visibly when she noticed his cock standing tall against his abs, the tip slightly curved red and leaking precum. She squeezed her thighs together, the need to be filled again unbearable.
      Jisung climbed into the bed and captured her lips into a short kiss. Y/N could taste herself on his lips and she gasped.
      Ripping the package of the condom open he rolled it on his length. Jisung spread Y/N’s legs and forced them to wrap around his waist. 
      With one hand he was holding hers, fingers intertwined and squeezing lightly and the other one was on his cock holding it next to her opening. Jisung stared into her eyes to find any form of restrain and when he found none he pushed inside slowly.
      Both of them moaned loudly as he entered her, walls stretching around his rigid length. At that moment all Jisung could think about was how much more better Y/N felt around him than he imagined.
Tumblr media
      A strand of light made its way between the light curtains in Jisung’s room and fell over the bed, tickling his arm where it touched it. A raspy hum left his mouth and he turned to face the other way from the window, throwing his arm on the other side of the bed with the intention to snake it around Y/N’s waist. The only problem was that she wasn’t on the other side of the bed and the sheets were cold, signalling that she was gone for at least some time.
      He lazily opened his eyes and scanned the room for any signs that she was around but there were none. Turning his head to look at the digital clock on the nightstand, big bolded numbers read 13:34. It was already afternoon. Maybe she got up and was in the kitchen or the living room.
      Groaning loudly, Jisung got up from the bed and stretched his stiff limbs. Dragging his feet against the floor lazily he made his way into the living room only to find it empty as well. 
      ‘Maybe in the kitchen.’ he thought to himself. Jisung walked the small distance between the living room and the kitchen, hope filling his heart, only for it to be gone when he found it the same way they left it the night before, not even a speck of dust moved from its previous position.
      Making his way to the table in the middle of the room, he placed his elbow on it and rested his head in his palm, an elongated sigh leaving his chest. Did Y/N really leave him? After everything that happened?
      Then, out of nowhere, something in his brain sparked and he remembered that Sundays she usually met up with Jeongin to practice the script. This must have been the reason she was not there. She wouldn’t leave him after what they did the previous night.
      Jisung’s face brightened at the memory of her underneath him. The way they loved each other with so much passion and desire. He could feel it. It wasn’t just plain fucking like he used to do with Mina. Last night he made love to her for the first time in his life. 
      An involuntary smile crept on his face. He could not believe it was real. Falling in love with someone that also likes you after so many failed attempts to find love. It felt almost too good to be true.
      As he was sitting there, fantasising about his relationship with Y/N, the apartment door swung open and a cheerful Hyunjin entered, humming a bright melody. Jisung ignored his roommate, too caught up in his daydreaming to care about his presence.
      When Hyunjin noticed Jisung sitting at the table his smile widened even more. With big steps, he reached the other man and pulled him into a chokehold ruffling his hair with his fist.
      “Jisung, you big tut! Really made me think that our friendship might be over.” Hyunjin chirped happily, letting the other man, who was struggling in his grasp, go. 
      “Yo, what the fuck? What are you talking about?” Jisung snapped at the taller man the moment he was free.
      “Why haven’t you told me that you and Y/N were just fake dating. I wouldn’t have given you such a hard time. But then again, I guess it made the whole thing more realistic.”
      Jisung stopped in his track at Hyunjin’s words and a confused expression adorned his face.
      “How do you know that?”
      “I met up with Y/N today. She told me everything before she confessed to me. Damn, and I wanted to be the on..”
      “Wait, slow down! What do you mean she confessed to you?” His eyes narrowed and suspicion was growing inside of him.
      Was Hyunjin lying to him? Did he want to tease him for having to resort to fake dating to try and win Mina? It was impossible for Y/N to have confessed to Hyunjin. She liked him.
      “Y/N confessed to me when we met today. She said that she liked me since last year but didn’t have the courage to come talk to me. Isn’t that crazy? How we both liked each other but never talked?” Hyunjin continued rambling on about his crush on Y/N but Jisung couldn’t hear him.
      All sorts of thoughts ran through his mind at the moment but he couldn’t organise them. Jisung could feel his heartbeat inside his head and a loud ringing in his left ear. He was so disoriented at that moment. Was it real? Did Y/N really confess to Hyunjin? He hoped that any moment now he would wake up next to her in his bed and discover that he was having a nightmare and that what was happening was not real.
      “If you stay and think about it, we wouldn’t be together now if it weren’t for you asking her to fake date. I should thank you, shouldn’t I?” The man chuckled but was soon cut off by Jisung, who grabbed him by the collar and harshly pushed him against the table.
      Hyunjin’s pupils were blown from the shock. Looking down at Jisung he noticed his darkened and angry gaze and he could not understand what caused that.
      “Don’t you thank me! Don't you ever give me credit for bringing you two together.” He yelled in the other man’s face.
      He paused for a moment to make holes through Hyunjin’s head with his eyes and clenched his jaw. Giving his roommate a last hard push that caused the table to move from its place, he turned around and stormed into his room slamming the door shut.
      Jisung’s blood was boiling. He didn’t know what to do at that moment to calm himself down. Y/N hadn’t left because she was busy with the movie. She left to meet with Hyunjin. Because she didn’t like him back.
      In a spurt of anger, he ripped the blanket from the bed throwing it on the other part of the room. Looking back at the bed, the place where he proved his love to her, he noticed a neatly folded paper resting in the middle of it. How hadn’t he noticed it earlier?
      He bent down to pick it up from the bed and carefully unfolded it to start reading what was written on it.
“Dear Jisung,
It’s me, Y/N, but you probably know that already. I’m writing you this because I won’t be here when you wake up.
What happened last night was a mistake on my part. Maybe ‘mistake’ is not exactly the right word to use. I don’t regret what happened between us last night. You are a nice and smart guy and I had a lot of fun with you the past few weeks, ignoring your fight with Hyunjin. This is why I feel like I took advantage of your feelings for me.
I don’t feel the same about you… I’m really sorry! I should have pushed you away when you kissed me. I don’t know why I didn’t. Probably because I haven’t had sex in so long. I feel like I gave you fake hope by doing that and I’m so sorry.
All this time, the whole fake dating thing was exactly that for me. Fake dating. If some of my actions made you think I might be returning your feelings, I’m really sorry! 
I did start liking you a lot in the past weeks but not in the way you would like me to… I really hope we can still be friends but if not, I would not blame you.
I’m really bad at this kind of things. I hope my feelings managed to reach you through this letter. See you at school on Monday if you still want to be friends.
Another thing. I’m going to confess to Hyunjin and tell him about our fake dating today. I was already scheduled to meet him today to talk about that since last night at the party. I felt like I should let you know.
And If I do end up dating him, like I want to, I hope you will be okay with that.
Take care of yourself!
Much love,
      Jisung lowered his hand and let it dangle next to his body. Letting the letter fall from his hand and hit the floor, a maniacal laugh left him.
      “Of course she doesn’t like me back. This is what I get for choosing an actress as my fake girlfriend. This was just another job for her.”
      In his mad chase to get Mina, he hasn’t realised that he was losing what was next to him. But maybe Y/N wasn’t ever his. After all, all the love and affection she showed him was fake. 
      And like a fool, he fell for her fake affection.
Tumblr media
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sinisterlyhan · 11 months ago
05. hwang hyunjin /  5813 words
stoner!hyunjin, softdom!hyunjin, female reader, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, cream pie, size kink, reader is quite obedient here, fluff
tw: mentions of drugs
a/n: i wrote the first part of this drabble on my sfw account but decided to expand it and wrote the smut part for it. i doubt you’ll see something similar, but if you do, that’s most likely me. / please do envision this hyunjin to look exactly like ta!hyunjin.
Tumblr media
the smoke stopped bothering you as much as it used to.
starting from burned up cigarettes to block-shaped vapes to dried up marijuana—you were no expert when it came to drugs but the ones you can name from the top of your head, you have likely seen hyunjin smoke it, whether it was under the bleachers during the weekend football matches or at a secret corner of the school’s backyard where teachers rarely head to check for students.
well, he did stop smoking at the backyard ever since you told him not to because that was where the school bunnies were taken care of. that was the only one of many advice he has taken from you ever since you found out he was half-way down his path to becoming a chronic smoker.
tonight was no exception. the smell of cigarette smoke wafted before your nose as you stirred on the bed hyunjin has laid you on after you fell asleep on the floor. you were reading a book, he didn’t pay attention to what it was but he dumped it on the edge of his desk so you could find it in the morning.
the moon was bluer than usual this night, making the blue sky look darker than ever. hyunjin’s long hair appeared to be a shade of blond and brown mixed together, framing his pretty face as it fell over the black headband he started wearing to keep his hair from bothering his eyes.
he was leaning against the balcony fence, completely unfazed by the cold despite wearing a sleeveless shirt. he got one elbow propped up on the vinyl rail while the other arm held up with a burning cigarette stuck between his slender fingers, smoking his unsaid sorrows away as he observed the vast city before him.
hyunjin looked more ethereal than ever like this. enticing, even. every move he makes, each inhales of his chest and each puff of lips felt like a revelation. he was spilling secrets to the gods above, with elegant smoke circulating his features, thus adding seduction to his overall being.
he was unbothered, melancholic, graceful—he was himself.
and no matter how many times you told yourself he was not your type of boys, you found yourself picking those brown creamy eyes over all others, you found yourself falling for the same witty smile all over again, and you found yourself melting against his surprisingly tender touch.
you fall and you fall, and all of a sudden, he was who you wanted him to be, and he was who you have always wanted.
shifting his weight, hyunjin spared a glance into his room and his heart skipped a quiet beat when he saw you staring back at him.
just having anyone on his bed was a miracle to him, not to mention the person was you, whom he has been in love with since the teacher demanded him to tutor you in order to raise your academic grades and to eliminate his bad conduct grades.
crazy enough, he never thought he would fall for someone like you. slow, clumsy, bad at spelling and can’t figure out simple math equations—not his type whatsoever. but he thought of you one night when it was all quiet and the wind blew his horrible memories away with the scent of smoke, he thought of you. how determined you were, how faultless and understanding you were, how you were always so kind to him.
and he fell, too, much earlier than you did for him.
hyunjin pushed himself off the balcony rail and took a few steps only to stop at the glass doors. he leaned against the frame, taking in a breath of smoke and blowing it out into the room, causing you to sit up with a grimace, whining slightly at the smoke.
“did I wake you up?” he asked, crossing his legs.
“yeah,” you nodded, rubbing your eyes, “it is cold without you here, hyunjin.”
he cocked a brow. “and?”
you huffed out a gentle sigh. “come back to bed with me.”
his sweater was threatening to fall off one side of your shoulder, exposing your collarbones that were littered with fading purple spots he found himself smirking at. the hoarseness of your voice dripped with velvet seduction and the drowsiness in your eyes were pure liquid gold; the way you just make him crave for your skin was nothing like he has ever felt.
he brought the cigarette close to his lips and inhaled deeply. he held it in as the threw the burning roll into the sky before he headed back into the room. the blue hues were making him feel more needy and loving than usual, and he just felt the need to kiss you.
your breath hitched when he tapped your chin with his finger, bringing your head up to look at him. He leaned down to your level after getting on the bed as well, the lights in his eyes curved with a kind of magnetism you couldn’t explain. and he smelt of smoke, obviously, but the scent you found much more appealing when he was the one wearing it like a fragrance.
when hyunjin thought he was close enough to you, he opened his mouth and exhaled the smoke. with fog trailing out his lips, stained with his taste, he breathed the smoke down your lungs.
like the wind and the stars from beyond the window, the smoke overwhelmed you, as did the way hyunjin’s fingers curled beneath you chin at the base of your neck, massaging your throat until they reached the back and cupped it gently to bring you forward to him.
he pressed his lips to yours, sealing the misty vault, and suddenly he was all you knew how to breathe.
he has always kissed you in such a way—thorough as a delicate painting, sensual as a plead for serenity, rough with desperation but also with so much familiarity that you could find your heart calming at the touch of his lips. and he leaves you breathless, with an edge that makes you want him more, every time.
your hands found their way to his shoulders when he pushed you back, a light whimper of his name bumping against his teeth when he nibbled on your lower lip for permission. hyunjin groaned at the sound, pushing you further down onto the mattress unconsciously so he could hover over you to take more control of your movements.
god, if there was one thing hyunjin was addicted to, it wouldn’t be nicotine, it would be you. unlike cigarettes and poisons, you were a permanent antidote and he would never burn you out.
your hand moved up to caress the side of his face, shifting through his silky hair you have run your hands through hundreds of times in the past. hyunjin was kissing you hard, causing an ache below your abdomen in the wake of his tongue tracing across your bottom teeth. and when he pulled away, still nudging the bridge of his nose against yours, you were unable to open your eyes for a moment, still drowning in and out of your own consciousness.
“hyunjin…” you whispered, whimpered almost, at the loss of his warmth. opening your eyes, you found his eyes hazy with desire, the thirst to mark up the map on exposed body evident with each trail of his gaze along your features.
the hand behind your neck squeezed benevolently, skillfully as well, while his other hand that had wandered down your side tugged at the hem of his sweater. he was waiting for permission, his sharp eyes pleading for a breathless demand from you so he could begin to satiate his own craving, so you both could experience a new way to give your souls to each other.
you moved your legs, your inner thighs brushing past his hips ever so tenderly, trapping him on top of you. hyunjin’s eyes glistened with eagerness when you nodded, immediately diving back down to capture your lips as his hand felt up your warm torso, bringing his sweater along with each dainty touch of his fingers.
you inhaled automatically as he stole the oxygen from your lungs, and you found that hyunjin still smelt of the cigarette smoke he was breathing in just a while ago. that would probably stay with you for a long while, especially with all the mist he just blew down your throat.
his hands had snuck beneath the sweater instead of taking it off, and they wandered along your bare skin slowly. his fingers were taking in every inch and every bump of your torso, squeezing the delicate size of your waist and gently pressing against the bone of your ribs.
you felt warm. so, so warm. like the smoke that clogs his lungs at night and the poison that suffocates corners of his room. it was dangerously fulfilling and he could never get enough of it; his hands keep gravitating towards you and his lips keep touching your skin.
hyunjin physically could not keep anything off you, not his mind nor his body. it was the only way he knew how to survive the night.
"ahh–hyunjin!" you gasped when his fingers closed around your breasts, squeezing with might and rolling his palm against the roundness.
he didn't say anything. his lips were too busy moving down your neck to find the time for words. you shut your eyes, concentrating on the wonderful feeling of his hands fondling your breasts while you angled your head to give him more access to your neck.
hyunjin settled with a soft spot on your skin and he sucked on it. he sucked on it hard, adding more pigment to the litter of elegant purples from the previous session. you whimpered at the pain from his teeth, and he quickly ran his tongue over the spot to soothe you down.
"i'm gonna eat you out," he said lowly when he moved back up to your face.
his mouth hovered over your ear, his teeth nibbling at your earlobe. you couldn't focus on anything else aside from the way his hand snuck down to your legs and started dancing along your inner-thighs, taunting what was between your legs.
"is that okay?" he asked, a hint of seductive mischief laced in his deep voice. "do you want me to tongue-fuck you, baby?"
"i–i..." you closed your mouth when your voice gave away, your chest heaving in anticipation.
fuck—why does this always happen? it was like being with him simply drains your sanity and knowledge. you were rendered useless around him all the time; you couldn't speak without being spoken to, you couldn't use your tiny voice properly, and you couldn't think with that stupid little brain of yours.
that was not at all like you. you had no idea you could be that way until he fucked you for the first time during a study session.
hyunjin has one hand in your hair now, his movement gentle with just the right amount of roughness in it. his fingers ran through your scalp carefully as he kissed the side of your face, his lips practically pinned to yours, and he would pull at your hair occasionally to earn a needy moan.
"ye–yes, hyunjin, please," you said finally, feeling your head being pulled to the side. "please fuck me with your tongue, i want it."
"of course, baby.” he smiled. it is always nice to hear you beg for him, it makes him feel wanted.
you could hear the smugness in his voice. it didn't use to affect you that much, he had been using it ever since he first met you.
it started with the normal day-to-day conversation, where he could speak triumphantly after scolding you for not understanding a science concept. and then it was much friendlier chats where he had said the words "i told you so" on multiple occasions.
and finally, when you two hooked up for the first time. it was when hyunjin discovered just how whiny and submissive you could be under the mercy of his touches. it was one hell of a discovery, alright, and he has got you wrapped around his fingertips since then.
your hands found their way to hyunjin’s shoulders when he went down. you were pushing him down with faint impatience, but with the meek strength you had, it barely felt like anything much to him. your abdomen had started aching the second he whispered to you what he planned to do, and your cheeks blushed at how much you were looking forward to it.
his hands went down the side of your body to push up the hem of your sweater until the fabric barely covered your breasts. as he moved down, he planted tight kisses to your skin, carefully worshipping your heavenly body as he should. his fingers moved down below your waist before they started to fiddle with the waistband of your pantie. he smirked; no shorts, hmm?
you could feel his breath fanning against your clothed core and the anticipation rose within your chest. your legs unconsciously spread just a little farther for him, silently showing him how much you wanted him, as if the little wet patch in the middle of your underwear wasn’t enough indication.
“my pretty girl is wet,” hyunjin muttered under his breath as he cupped a hand over your heat. his finger dipped against the fabric, ever so slightly poking into your hole to slick up your pantie even more. his thumb found its way to your clit, adding pressure to it before he gently rubbed circles at it.
you let out a string of breathy gasps, your knees pushing together but stopping when his torso blocked them from meeting each other. it was the way things he said and did that made you all riled up like this; the way he so casually called you his, while simultaneously teasing your wet cunt like he does it every day. it made you feel hot all over, and your natural reactions to it never fail to make hyunjin smile.
“let’s get this off of you,” he said after a while, seeing that you were starting to squirm restlessly simply from his fingers.
moving his head down to your waist, his eyes rolled up to look at you and a lustful smirk made its way to his face. his messy hair framed over the sides of his face prettily, attractively falling over the corners of his features like a match made in heaven. your heart pumped at his teasing smile and the desirable glimmer behind his eyes; he planned to make you feel really good.
and he would. you knew he would.
hyunjin tugged at the hem of your pantie with his teeth, pulling at it slightly before pulling it down past your thighs and finally down to your ankles. you moved your feet to help him out, letting him loop the piece of fabric away from you before he sat upon the bed. he looked down at you, your undergarment snuck loosely between his front teeth, and he raised a brow at your blushed eyes.
he couldn’t see it clearly but he knew your cheeks were red. and he loved it. he loved making you all flustered and embarrassed. he loved how timid you could be until he commands you to be louder for him, then your voice would be clear as crystals, shattering in the smoke-filled air despite the pressure his hand adds to your throat.
dropping your pantie to his hand, he discarded it on the corner of his bed before leaning back down to you. he kissed your tummy again and let his warm lips ghost down your skin, your back arching at the itchy feeling. when he almost met your entrance, though, he moved his head to the side so he could pay attention to your thighs. it was everywhere but the middle.
your legs stretched when hyunjin bit down at your skin, creating a wet bite mark as a punishment for you trying to buck your hips up to his face. you whimpered as your muscles relaxed, your eyes blinking at the sharp sting of pain from his grip on your thighs.
what an impatient little thing you are, couldn’t wait for a second more to get fucked by him.
thank god he has a soft spot for you, or else he would drag this teasing out forever.
moving his head over to your heat, hyunjin carefully tested it out by planting a kiss on your lips. you shuddered, your moan sucked back into your throat when your lips sealed shut at the feeling. he hummed, knowing fairly well your mouth would open itself soon, so he continued.
sticking his tongue out, he gently licked a harsh line up your slit. your essence stained the tip of his tongue deliciously, and he repeated the movement to gather up more of your arousal before his plump lips met your throbbing clit. he lightly kissed it before reaching his lips around the bud to give the bundle of nerves a sudden suck.
you moaned, your back arching and your sweater paws curled tightly to your chest. your legs curled at the knee, scraping across his head just barely when your knees met each other above him. it was a habit of yours to shrink yourself into a ball when the pleasure hit you. you do that to cope with the feeling instead of grabbing his hair or clawing at his skin.
you never touch him first unless he permits you to do it. and something about it was endearing to hyunjin. the way you're so obedient without needing to have it edged into you.
perhaps the student and tutor relationship you guys had gave you the impression that he has more authority over you, and it got stuck until now.
he didn't stop his assault on your clit, his tongue flicking across the protruding bud and his teeth pressing down on it lightly to stimulate your nerves. your moans increased the more he sucked on you, the slurping sounds of his mouth an embarrassing yet blissful sound to hear.
hyunjin could feel your body shaking above him. your feet were hitting his shoulders and back, moving aimlessly at each of your jolts, so his hand flew to your thigh and gripped it so he could pull one leg down on his shoulder, forcing you to stop squirming around.
his other hand moved up your body meanwhile, shifting under your sweater to cup your breast and twist your nipple.
you hummed contently at the feeling of his soft hand. your hands had moved away to your shoulders, your fists clenching as your free leg moved up and about with each stroke of his tongue along your slit.
after lapping the juices that dripped down your cunt, he suddenly brought his tongue past your lips and poked it into your hole. it elicited a loud moan from you, your walls and your fists clenching when he flicked his tongue in an up-and-down motion.
hyunjin hummed in satisfaction, enjoying the way your leg trembled under his grip. and when your hand pounced onto the bedsheet, he moved away from your heat for a moment to look up at your whiny eyes.
he arched a brow knowingly at you. "you can touch me."
"o–oh, okay–okay!" your quiet voice turned into a squeal when hyunjin wasted no time to dive back down to your cunt, his tongue poking its way back into your dripping hole once more and spreading his saliva all over your walls.
your hand found its way to soft blond locks, grabbing a fistful of it but never pulling at it. your other hand moved to your chest where hyunjin caressed your breast, and you removed it so you could grab onto his much larger palm instead.
he let his hand loose, allowing you to maneuver it however you wanted. you squeezed and pressed on his hand with each hefty whine, the feeling of his tongue shoving in and out of your cunt a wonderfully filthy sensation.
"ahh–mmm, hyunjin, i'm–" your toes curled as the fiery feeling burned at your abdomen, your eyes slightly rolling up to your head when he stopped to pay more attention to your clit.
you started to pull at his hair then, his scalp feeling a light sting ever so often when you couldn't help yourself. your leg jolted around as the sucking sounds got louder, and your ankles were hitting his back harshly with the trembling of your leg.
hyunjin hummed in amusement. it gets like this every time; you start with not touching him, and when given the permission you do it carefully until the pleasure becomes severe and your subconscious forces you to hurt him a little.
when you start thrashing about mindlessly, it means he is doing a good job. and he always wants to do a good job for you, to make you feel like you've ascended someplace else beyond the earth.
"hyunjin, i—ahh, i want to cum," you whined, holding onto his hand tightly as the stars slowly faded into your eyes.
and then he moved away.
like sunlight being filtered through the cloudy sky, your climax vanished as quickly as a rainstorm could stop. you were left hanging on the edge of an orgasm, your hole clenching to savior the previous feeling his tongue has given you.
you didn't whine out loud, you were too obedient to be blatantly impatient. but your pretty eyes spoke all the words for you, from the disappointment to the neediness, they sparkled under the dim room and hyunjin could only smirk at your hopeless expression.
he hovered over you, his face directly above yours as his hand moved to caress your heated cheek. you adorable thing, so small under his tall body and so weak compared to his strength.
and you knew that, didn't you? you knew he has authority over you in almost every aspect. it made you so susceptible to his every move, and possibly the reason why you were such a submissive little whore for him.
it was just the way he likes it.
the back of his fingers ran down your cheek slowly and you shut your eyes to the feeling. his touch—they are so addicting, something about them brings you solace no matter the occasion.
you were surprised when you first allowed him access to your naked body. everything about him was careful, and still, he gave you a kind of pleasure nobody has ever given you before. and your fear vanished in seconds when it hit you that hyunjin could never hurt you on his own will.
it was the way he would hold you ever so softly, how the weight of his hands lightens on your skin unless prompted otherwise by you, how even without the straightforward roughness he could make your stomach churn euphorically.
and you wanted him now, so fucking badly.
hyunjin tilted his head to the side when you opened your eyes. confusion flooded his head when you suddenly raised your hand to his jaw, and when you finally grabbed a hold of him, you brought him down to you so you could kiss him.
he welcomed the kiss, your lips brushing together passionately. heavy breathes and needy moans filled the air when you stated to buck your hip up against his, and he reciprocated immediately by grinding his hardened cock against your wet heat.
you could feel yourself getting wetter, and the burning in your chest yearned to be satiated by him, so you forced yourself to pull away. you kept his face close, your eyes rounded pleadingly at him as you squished his cheeks together slightly.
"can you please fuck me, hyunjin?" you asked timidly, your pussy aching for him. "i need your cock, please?"
god, he couldn't be sure if he softened or hardened, really. his dick twitched under his sweats upon your delicate begging, but his brain could only admire what a good baby girl you were for asking him so nicely like that.
who would have thought the clumsy, innocent, cheerful girl sitting at the front of the class would turn out to be so dirty for such an annoying, rebellious boy like him? nobody knows, and nobody will ever know.
hyunjin intended to keep this side of you hidden away from public eyes forever because you belong to him as much he belongs to you.
it started with you scolding him about smoking in class and him wacking your head for cheating on a mock test. now he hovers over your half-naked body, desperately pulling his pants down so he could collide with you under the night-blue sky.
all it took was one innocent look and a couple of breathy words from you to get him crumbling from inside out.
finally getting rid of his boxers, he lowered his body to press against yours. his hand reached down to pump his length before he positioned his tip at your entrance. he ran it along your slit, your hands moving down to his shoulders and gripping it as he gathered your arousal at his tip and teased your hole for a while.
"do you want my cock? you want me to push it in?" he asked first, then he looked at you, his gaze intense yet quite vulnerable as he awaited your answer. "do you want me?"
"yes, hyunjin," you replied in a hush, a hint of fondness seeping into your shy voice. "please."
his heart wavered. he loves you. it just hit him again, but he loves you. he loves the bruises on your collarbones and what they indicate, he loves the endearment in your voice when you beg for him, he loves the warmth of your limbs when they touch his body.
talk about being susceptible. hyunjin is the one who's wrapped around your pretty fingers, he is the one stuck in the middle of your palm, not the other way around.
he leaned down to capture your lips when he decided to finally push himself inside you. your moan was muffled when his length stretched you out slowly, your walls tightening around him at the big intrusion and your nails digging into his shoulders.
hyunjin's brows furrowed in concentration. it was hard to move inside you, your walls were clamping down on him, fitted closely and almost pulling him to a stop. it felt both suffocating and phenomenal, the pleasure mixing in with the discomfort and creating the most interesting ensemble.
how was this possible, he wondered. you two had sex just last week, it has not been that long, yet you had reverted to your virgin tightness again.
"ahh–no–" you pulled away from his mouth to gasp when he tried to move, the scorching pain suddenly flaring up inside your cunt. "it hurts–"
hyunjin paused immediately, his hand flying up to your hair and tugging a piece away from your face. he spoke with concern, his voice a whisper, "do you want me to stop?"
you hummed lowly with a shake of your head, your legs moving to go around his lower back. "no, just–just go slow."
"okay, baby, we'll move slow," he cooed, moving to kiss all over your face as he moved his hips at a much slower pace. "you are doing so good, baby girl. you're already making me feel so nice."
he hoped to help you adjust as much as he could. his hand laced through yours to give you assuring squeezes, his mouth gently leaving butterflies on your face to distract you from the painful stretch, his voice leaving lovely praises here and there to make you feel loved.
you opened your soul to him and placed your vulnerability in his hands when you let him loom over your tiny body. the least he could do was be patient with you, hyunjin thought, to listen to what you want and give you what you desire.
the pain was subsiding gradually, and his slow thrusts were becoming more pleasurable than painful. as your heavy breaths finally ceased to an end and the moan he longed to hear finally surfaced, hyunjin waited for you to give him a cue before he started to move.
"you can move now, hyunjin," you told him. "please move."
and then it was just ecstasy—the way he rolled his hips into yours, his length brushing past your slick and sensitive walls with each heartfelt thrust; his hands moving to your waist and the base of your neck, steadying you for better access and to apply pressure for more stimulation on your senses; his lips sloppily kissing your jaw and your chin, the hot breaths of his grunts a solid reminder of how good you were making him feel.
hyunjin was lost in the way you feel, but his mind was somehow still sane enough to process his sight and touch.
his body leaned against yours, closely with the fabric of your clothes touching. your sweater was lifted to your breasts still, exposing your tummy which he occasionally ran his hand over. your legs hanging on and off his back, tightening and loosening depending on how hard his thrusts were.
and you two were face to face. he watched the euphoric scrunch of your face, how your eyes shut tightly and your jaw hung open to moan. and sometimes your eyes would gaze into each other when you two felt like it, and it wouldn't be embarrassing at all.
this position allowed for a lot of intimacy, a lot of closeness. you two were essentially hugging each other through it, his big body engulfing your tiny one entirely as you clung to him with your hands.
and he loved it more than anything.
"ah, fuck, hyunjin," you huffed, circling your arms around his shoulder as you felt your high approaching. "you feel so good, oh god."
he smiled faintly, the sudden motivational boost causing him to pick up his pace. he fucked into you faster, your breasts bouncing with each snap of his hips. he shifted his legs to support himself better, angling his hips to lean on you a little more.
"i feel good, hmm, baby?" he asked, leaving wet kisses over the side of your cheek and circling your ear.
you nodded enthusiastically. "yes, you feel really good, you feel goo–shit!" you widened your eyes as a choked moan escaped your lips loudly. your legs moved toward each other automatically and your back arched off the bed when he hit your g-spot. "fuck, hyunjin, right there–ahh, please!"
his hand moved from your waist to your stomach to keep you down. he continued to pound into you, repeatedly brushing against your sweet spot and bringing you waves of pleasure. there was not a moment of rest until you could feel your peak arriving.
"hyunjin, i want to cum," you said—begged—with a hoarse voice looking at him with round, expectant eyes. "please let me cum, can i please?"
ugh! you're such a good little girl! hyunjin just—god, he couldn't even find the right words. they way you constantly make him feel so in control but not threatening, so dominant and unafraid of affection. it was like he could be the best, he could be everything.
"cum around me, it's okay," he said, tapping your chin.
and your climax washed over your body. your toes curling, your legs tensing up, your eyes rolling back, and your back arching as you came undone around his cock. you continued to pant even after you were done, watching hyunjin as he moved to chase after his orgasm.
your walls gave him an unbelievable clench when you orgasmed, and hyunjin could feel the pressure building up at his abdomen solely from the tightness of your pussy and the lewd moan of his name you let out.
"baby, i'm gonna cum in you, okay?" he asked, thrusting faster into you.
you whimpered with a small nod. "yeah, okay."
"good girl," he sighed out, his hand going up to your hair to caress your head.
you were staring right into his eyes, almost daringly as if taunting him to release in you quickly, daring him to feel you up so he could feel his cum ooze out of your used hole.
"oh god, i'm close, i'm–"
"cum in me, hyunjin."
"(name)–fuck!" he whined, his face pressed to the crook of your neck as he sprouted all over your walls, coating your insides with a shade of sticky white.
he pumped himself in and out of you a few more times, riding the orgasm out and just to relish in the feeling of being all warm and soft inside your cunt, then he finally pulled himself out completely.
you sighed contently at the feeling, your insides filled with hot liquid slowly trailing along your walls. and your legs dropped to the mattress, exhausted and sore all over.
hyunjin laid down next to you, his legs tangling with yours as he turned to his side and brought you close to his chest. you snuck an arm around him, comfortably leaning close to him.
"do you want me to clean you up? i can help you shower," he suggested, patting your back slowly.
"no, i just want to sleep. we can just wash the sheets tomorrow." you shook your head, wanting nothing more than to fall asleep. you snuggled up to him, your head arching up and poking his chest with your chin to get his attention.
hyunjin glanced down at you, his hair covering his eyes slightly but his soft smile was visible. you looked adorable like this, drowning in his sweater and safe in his arms.
oh, you're his baby. he loves you so much.
"what?" he asked, rubbing your neck with his thumb.
"don't leave me to go smoke this time," you warned, reaching up to poke his nose. "or don't smoke at all, that's good too."
he huffed out a short laugh, rolling his eyes in the know that it would take him a long while to get rid of the addiction. but he just might do it for your sake, if you nag him enough.
"why? do you still hate the smell?" he asked, leaning down to kiss your lips.
you laughed into the kiss. there was still an aftertaste of cigarette smoke lingering stubbornly on his lips, you just now realized.
but you knew, the smoke had stopped bothering you as much as it used to.
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starryseung · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
bang chan + mirror sex
◜02 kinktober◞
Tumblr media
! : 1k , mirror sex (surprise!) , fingering , unprotected sex , chan is angry >:( , for @neptune-xuxi​ !
Tumblr media
“go to the bedroom, undress, on your knees on the bed.”
you didn’t need to be told twice, especially with that tone chan was using. you knew he was pissed, his jaw clenched, vein prominent on his neck down his chin. you knew better than teasing chan while he was in the recording studio with the rest of his producing team, giggling whenever changbin would make a dumb joke, poking his biceps with a glint in your eyes chan could clearly distinguish, leaning over the younger male as you scrolled through social media.
chan had told you to be comfortable with them, but maybe you didn’t know the limits.
a shiver of excitement spread through you and you nodded, biting your lip before turning back to the bedroom. placing your bag on the ground, you quickly remove your tank top and jeans before taking a breather, because you knew chan wasn’t going to give you a break anytime soon until the next morning.
you lie comfortably in your underwear onto the soft white sheets, fixing your hair in the mirror across the bed. palms placed right above your knees, legs folded under you making you look so small and vulnerable in the mirror across you. 
chan drops his bag with a soft thud on the wooden floor and you gulp, brain flooding with what was about to come. he pushes the door open and your body automatically tenses as he walks in. clicking his tongue when he looks at you, his eyes squint to glare at you for a split second before closing the door shut behind him. 
"baby, you can't follow orders now, can you?"
you look up at him questioningly, opening your mouth to ask him, but he's quick to hold your jaw between his thumb and index, grazing his fingers on your chin to make you face yourself in the mirror you were adoring yourself in not minutes ago.
your black lacy lingerie at which you smiled at a few minutes ago, made your eyes go wide in shock. fuck, you hadn't removed your underwear.
"it's alright, babygirl," he starts, unbuckling his belt before tossing the leather and his pants away, climbing onto the bed to sit himself right behind your frame. he brings his hand down your shoulders, tracing your bra strap before reaching down to your breasts. "good that you know what’s gonna happen," he hisses, lips touching your ears as his hot breath fans over your neck. 
he cups the flesh between his fingers and squeezes it, his long slender digits toying with your nipples through the lace fabric. your breathing hitches in your throat, eyes closing at the pleasure the rough texture of your bra provides on your sensitive nubs. you curse under your breath, head resting on chan's shoulder behind you as he works his fingers on your breast.
he holds you by your jaw, grip tight enough to bring your attention back to what he was trying to make you do. he makes you face the mirror you were admiring yourself in not minutes ago, tracing the flowery pattern on your bra as he leans in to whisper in your ear;
“i need you to keep your eyes on the mirror, i want you to see how much you’ve fucked with me today, and i want you to see how much you’re going to take. do you understand?”
you nod meekly, hypersensitive to his hot touch as he dips his hand into your panties, fingers instantly finding your wetness as he draws his fingers around your vulva. you melt into the warm feeling of his fingers slowly pushing into your hole as more wetness leaks out of you, scissoring you while pressing the base of his palm on your clit. he doesn’t give you time to adjust as he starts gyrating his hand against your pussy, and you can only clutch his shirt harder, moan louder.
he smirks while bringing his hand back to your face, pulling it up so you’re back to looking at yourself, how his fingers push in and out of your hole, how you’re clenching around him uncontrollably, how wrecked you look when he’s just started. he increases his pace, pumping his fingers quicker so you’re just so close to cumming, but he pulls out his fingers expectantly, pushing them between your lips before you start sucking on them, rolling your tongue over them as if it were his dick.
he groans, using his free hand to push his pants and boxers down, and he pumps himself before lining himself with your entrance, pushing in up to the hilt in one go, leaving you a crying mess. you can see through tears in the mirror how your cunt envelops around his thick length, meanwhile chan grunts behind you at how tight you felt around him, eyes on you as he holds your hips up, sinking down as he fills you up again. your walls flutter around him as he moans into your ear, shivers running up your spine as he makes eye contact with your in the glass ahead.
“you like seeing how good i fill you up, baby?”
you moan when he brushes his fingers over your clit, the added stimulation sending you over the edge.
“or are you already too dumb to reply now, hmm?”
he traces his fingers around where his dick met your folds, and he feels you clench and unclench around him as you spasm in his hold, throwing your head back on his shoulder as you come around his length, thighs trembling from the intense orgasm. chan continues his movements, kneading your breasts while thrusting in you deeper, riding out your orgasm.
you know it’s a long night when chan manhandles you on the bed so you’re lying on your back before he leaves to get something from the drawer next to the mirror he just fucked you in front of, coming back with a vibrating dildo and a blindfold.
“you’re right, babygirl, it’s a long night,”
Tumblr media
taglist; @joengni @cherryeol04 @bruh-changbin @yooniversalstudios @ann03254419 @yourdaddychan @nightshade-minho @yangomangos @yunhoesss​ @sonnensplitter @soya-zz (message me if you want to be added!)
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nyctophilin · 10 months ago
Fake Affection | Epilogue
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Epilogue
Description⤀ Han Jisung has been rejected by the girl he likes one to many times. He decides that he has had enough and is set on making her want him back. What could possibly make her want him more than seeing him with her rival after she boldly assumed he can’t find anyone better. That way Jisung and Y/N are stuck in a fake relationship until Jisung’s crush falls for him. Or he falls for someone else.
All rights reserved © nyctophilin 2020. Re-posting, copying and translating any of my works is prohibited.
Pairing⤀ Han x fem!Reader, Hyunjin x fem!Reader
Word count⤀ 2.3k
Genre⤀ College!AU, Fake dating!AU, Angst, Smut
Warnings⤀ swearing, riding, voyeurism, mention of masturbation 
Pearl note⤀ Look, I’m sure there’s still Friday somewhere in the world. This is finally the last chapter of Fake Affection. Originally it was supposed to be under 1k. What do y’all think, did I do a good job in respecting that limit? It’s kind of shitty, ngl. I hope y’all like it! Feedback is very much appreciated!
Tumblr media
      “Babe, you have some sauce left on your face.” Hyunjin giggled, looking at how Y/N was happily chewing her food.
      Using her ring finger, she tried wiping at the corner of her mouth and groaned lowly when she didn’t manage to clean it. Swallowing the food inside her mouth, she turned her head to the side looking up at her boyfriend.
      “Right..” The man used a hand to cup her cheek, slowly leaning down until he noticed Jisung looking at them from the corner of his eye. He stopped his movement and instead used his thumb to wipe away the sauce on her cheek. “”
      Jisung observed Hyunjin’s awkward demeanour as he moved away from Y/N and quickly moved his gaze away from the two. He cursed himself internally as he tried paying attention to his food. He has been doing it so much the last two months. Staring at the couple so much it made them uncomfortable.
      Y/N didn’t notice him starring that often and if she did, she didn’t let it show. However, Hyunjin noticed every single time and every single time he was bothered by it. Jisung knew it was his fault. If only he stayed in his room that day and dealt with his own hurt feelings instead of trying to hurt Hyunjin’s as well, the older boy wouldn’t know about his more than friendly feelings for his girlfriend.
Tumblr media
      Jisung was walking around his room. Was he hurt? Maybe feeling played? Or maybe he just felt stupid. He was experiencing so many emotions at the time, none which he could define properly.
      It had been around twenty minutes since he read Y/N’s letter and realised that all the time they spent together meant nothing to her and that the feelings she was nurturing towards him were not exceeding friendly ones. He wanted to accept that. He so wanted to accept that, but he simply couldn’t.
      All this time while he slowly changed for her and because of her, she had her eyes on Hyunjin. The time he took to become a better person, she had her eyes on a better person. And he hated himself for not being able to blame her for that. Because Hyunjin was better, damn it, and Jisung wasn’t even going to deny it. 
      Hyunjin was better than him in every possible aspect and Jisung was so painfully aware of that, it hurt him even more. Because it told him that he had no chance from the start. He has lost against Hyunjin like he does every single time.
      Jisung couldn’t believe he let himself get fooled by the fact that they made love. Just because it was lovemaking to him doesn’t mean it was to her as well. For her, it was probably just sex.
      Sex. He and Y/N had sex. This was perfect. This was exactly what he needed. 
      With hurried moves, he exited his room and crossed the narrow hallway to reach Hyunjin’s room. Jisung swung the door open with a loud bang causing the man on the bed to jump in fright at the loud sound. When his eyes landed on the older man that was looking at him with wide eyes his mind went blank. For a second he lost all of his thoughts and his head was completely empty.
      Did he really want to do that? It was not Hyunjin’s fault that Y/N didn’t like him back. Jisung has done it to himself. He didn’t have the best behaviour towards the girl and his constant whining about Mina didn’t help him either in winning her heart, he knew that. Was it worth jeopardising his friendship with his best friend and ruining his happiness for his own personal reasons? After all, he and Y/N were just fake dating, nothing more.
      But then it struck him. Hyunjin wasn’t aware that he and Y/N were fake dating. Until two hours prior he didn’t know that their relationship wasn’t real and he still tried stealing her from him. 
      All the times he not so discreetly flirted with her and told him how their relationship is bound to fail. The times he would ‘jokingly’ threaten to steal her away from him and make allusion to her about how much of a better boyfriend he could be. All those times came flooding back to Jisung and he felt his anger levels spike up.
      His expression visibly hardened and he clenched his fists in an attempt to calm himself down. Hyunjin didn’t give a shit that they were supposedly together and tried breaking them apart so he could get her. He didn’t care about Jisung’s feelings, so why should Jisung care about his feelings.
      “Dude, are you okay? You’ve been sitting there for the pas…”
      “We’ve had sex.” Jisung interrupted Hyunjin’s worry-filled question.
      Hyunjin’s expression turned from a worried one to a confused one. He tilted his head to the side and opened his mouth to say something before quickly closing it. After a few seconds, he finally raised an eyebrow and straightened his head.
      “What are you talking about?”
      “We’ve had sex. Y/N and I. I. Fucked. Her.” He accentuated every word as if Hyunjin was stupid and couldn’t comprehend what he was saying.
      Jisung didn’t know what reaction he expected from Hyunjin but to say that he was surprised when the other man just sighed apologetically and nodded his head was an understatement. Hyunjin formed eye contact and let his tongue wet his bottom lip.
      “I know. She told me.”
      “And?” Jisung asked far more aggressively than it was necessary.
      “And what? What do you want me to say?” Anger started to grip him.
      “I don’t know! Get angry? Start shouting. Punch me. Say you’ll break up with her. How can you be okay with this?”
      Hyunjin’s mouth fell open at his roommate’s outburst. He let a breathy laugh escape his lips and rolled his eyes.
      “I am okay with this because it happened last night when we weren’t a couple. Did you forget that for a month I thought you were actually dating? Of course, I thought that you might be having sex but it was none of my business. What she’s done and whoever she’s done it with before dating me is none of my business! That won’t make me love her less!”
      The man’s voice grew in intensity until it turned into screaming. He was getting seriously angry. He has had such a good day but Jisung had to act like a douche and ruin it for him.
      “What did you just say?” Jisung’s voice was weak and his pupils blown.
      “What the fuck did I just say?” Hyunjin was getting fed up with this whole charade.
      “Do you love her?”
      Jisung’s question took him by surprise. He didn’t even realise when he said it. He took a moment to think. Were those words that he said unconsciously true? Did he love her?
      After a silence that seemed to be hours long the man finally shook his head and looked Jisung in the eyes once again.
      “I..I do. I love her! I’m in love with L/N Y/N! She makes me feel all fuzzy when I’m with her. I’m always thinking of her, if she’s good, if she ate or if she’s stressed. I find myself wanting to protect her and always be with her. Is that what you call love? If yes, then I love her.”
      Hyunjin had a dumb smile on his face. He looked at Jisung’s bewildered expression and puffed. 
      “What? Don’t tell me you do too!” He started laughing softly but stopped when he noticed Jisung’s panicked eyes. “You don’t, right?” His face shifted into a serious one almost instantly and his eyes were demanding, waiting for a response from the younger man.
      Jisung, however, wasn’t prepared to give an answer. Without thinking twice he turned around and stormed outside of the room making his way towards the entrance door. Hyunjin followed him, shouting for him to stop but he didn’t listen. Putting a random pair of shoes on, he stepped outside in the hallway closing the door with a bang. 
      He didn't know where he was going and he sure as hell didn’t care that his attire was not appropriate for going out. He needed some time alone to process everything that happened in the last hour. He needed to think.
Tumblr media
      Jisung felt someone nudge him in the ribs and he shook his head regaining a sense of the surrounding world. Turning his head towards Felix, he raised an eyebrow questioningly.
      “Are you okay? You were out of it for a moment.” The man’s expression was more curious than worried, wondering about what his friend could think about to make him zone out.
      “Yeah, I’m cool. Just thinking about some assignment I have to do.”
      You liar!
      At the mention of the word ‘assignment’ Felix lost interest and nodded his head, going back to talking to Seungmin.
      Jisung expired relieved. He found himself thinking of that moment several times a day. Every time he wasn’t busy doing college work or working on his music his mind would wander back to that moment as if it wanted to remind him how stupid he was.
      What Hyunjin said was essentially right and he could not understand why he thought for even a second that that information would be enough to make them break up. But this is what people that are in love do. They make stupid decisions.
      Maybe if he thought more before storming inside Hyunjins room, the things between them wouldn’t be so rocky now. But life doesn’t always work out how you want it to. He did something and he had to deal with the consequences.
      If someone was to ask him what’s his biggest regret in life at that moment his answer would most definitely be confronting Hyunjin that day. Not only he had to deal with his feelings of sorrow and detest towards Y/N but now the atmosphere at home was stressing him out as well. 
      He really did it to himself this time.
Tumblr media
           Jisung moaned softly, throwing his head back at the feeling of the tightness around him. He was sitting on his bed leaning against the headboard while she was riding him. Bouncing up and down on his length, her soft breasts jumping with each of her movements.
      Her soft skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat and her loud moans were filling the room. Her expression was contorting in pleasure every time his cock would stretch her out. She leaned forward putting her hands on his chest and starting to move her hips at an erratic pace.
      The sound of skin on skin was heard in the background and Jisung groaned. He could feel it. The sweet release he craved so much. Chasing his high, he started bucking his hips up meeting hers and she clenched hard around him.
      “I’m close. I’m so close, f-fuck. Don’t stop!” He whispered to her and she started moving even faster if it was humanly possible.
      It didn’t take him long after that to reach his climax. 
      “Fuck! Y-Y/N!” He came, the explosive orgasm making him lose sense of reality for a few moments. 
      “Hyunjin! M-more. I need more!” Her cries for pleasure knocked him out from his state of euphoria and a bittersweet taste rested on his tongue.
      Jisung finally opened his eyes and took in the dimly illuminated room. It was cold. On a June night when there were almost 30 degrees outside, he felt colder than ever. Y/N was not there with him. She wasn’t in his room or his bed and most definitely she didn’t just have sex with him. It was all a product of his imagination.  
      His hand that was wrapped around his cock was now covered in his cum and he sighed loudly in shame. Jisung got up from the bed and walked to his desk to look for some tissues to clean himself up. When he found what he was looking for, he took hold of a few of them and started wiping away the cum on his hand.
      “Hyunjin, ‘m so close!”
      “Who’s making you feel this good?”
      “You Hyunjin! F-fuck. Please! Please, please…”
      Jisung tried blocking the sound of the couple in the other room. He knew what he was doing wasn’t right. He should have told them he was there. He should have gone out of his room when he heard them entering the apartment and let them know that his weekend trip with Chan and Changbin got cancelled. After all, his absence was the only reason they were here in the first place.
      He was invading their privacy. They have been so nice to him all this time. Acting like his feelings for her were nonexistent and treating him like any other friend, keeping the PDA on low around him and basically just trying to protect his feelings from getting hurt further. Hyunjin would give him snarky comments from time to time but Jisung couldn’t blame him. After all, he was in love with his girlfriend and he didn’t really try to hide it. Around them, at least.
      He felt so childish. The fact that they were treating him like that proved to him that he was too childish. He needed to get over his feelings and stop being a burden in their relationship. He had so many things to work on on himself but he was profiting off of their kindness. He knew that and he hated himself for it. No one was to blame for her not falling in love with him but himself.
      As the sound of sex in the background grew louder with the couple’s approaching orgasms Jisung felt a laugh took over him. He remembered the first day he presented Y/N as his girlfriend and the talk he had with Hyunjin. His words seemed painfully ironic in that moment.
      Looks like he was the one masturbating to the thought of her like a fucking virgin this time.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @qxkwu , @hoodlesspizza, @avisahoe, @just-let-me-go-sweetheart, @hyunooh, @iluvlix, @hwangful, @pointlesscoconut, @yeppeodale, @dyosatalaga, @braveshin, @u4eeuh, @hyunjinsdoll, @hannie-squirrel00, @stayymel(Taglist info)
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starryseung · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
hwang hyunjin + corruption kink
◜20 kinktober◞
Tumblr media
! : 1.3k , fingering , first time , protected sex , corruption kink , size kink , virgin!reader
Tumblr media
“you good princess?”
hyunjin’s voice did nothing more than stimulate you further, his groggy morning voice making him sound so cute yet so fucking hot. he brings you closer to him by the waist, his bare warm chest touching your back, nuzzling his head in the crook of your shoulder. his soft black bed hair tickled you just lightly, his soft lips grazing over your exposed nape.
“you look so pretty with my clothes baby,” hyunjin groans once again. “so small...”
you huff a laugh through your nose, wiggling in his grasp. his hand rubs against your waist, and you realize his intentions when you feel his hand reach lower, fingers fiddling with the waistband of your underwear. you don’t need to move much to feel the morning wood straining against his boxers, blood rushing to your cheeks as his boner pushes against your ass.
his index and thumb trace the cotton of your underwear, his even breath getting heavier and warmer on your shoulder as he kept tracing his fingers. he reaches lower, hovering the pads of his fingers over where your folds should be, a breathy chuckle hitting your skin when you jolt in front of him.
“h-hyunjin,” you whine at his teasing touch, attempting to take matter in your own hands and pushing your hips over his fingers, and hyunjin simply laughs again, bringing his fingers up under his t-shirt, ghosting over the warm skin of your stomach. you sigh when he rests his hands under your breast, moving to cup you entirely. you feel his calloused palm rub against your hardened nipple, making you nothing but squirm again.
“stop teasing hyunjin,” a breathy moan leaves your lips when he starts squeezing the soft flesh, plush lips pressing against your neck as he trails his hand back to where he started, hovering his digits above the slowly-forming wet patch on your underwear before nudging the thin fabric covering your heat aside. your breath hitches in your throat, the feeling of his long, nimble fingers almost prodding at your entrance making you squeeze your thighs shut.
hyunjin pushes your hips back so your ass presses further against his growing bulge, and when he slowly inserts a finger in your tight wetness, it’s all over for you. your walls feel soft around his finger to him, and you have no idea the amount of self-control he’s putting himself through just so he doesn’t push on two more fingers and finger the living hell out of you. your sensitivity clenches around his finger, your hips squirming against his while you move against his crotch without knowing.
he peppers quick kisses all over your shoulder and neck as if to ease you, and when he pulls his digit out just to nudge it back in your hole, you let out a strangled whine, thighs rubbing against each other as to soothe the growing need between your legs.
“relax, y/n,” hyunjin groans against your skin. but it’s far from relaxing, especially when his raspy voice adds fuel to the fire going on down there. he pulls out his finger, rubbing it against your folds. dragging them from the bottom all the way up until they’re hovering above your clit, and he slicks two fingers up before prodding them at your hole, rolling them around your skin before pushing them in knuckles deep in one go, while you moan loudly, eyes screwing shut.
he takes his time, scissoring you open, spreading you out, making sure you’re prepped enough to take what he has packing. the wetness leaking out of you dripped down to his knuckles, his digits slowly pumping in and out of you as his lips move against your skin, teeth tugging at the skin.
pulling his fingers out entirely, he subconsciously puts them between his lips, tongue rolling around his own fingers to taste your essence as he groans softly, getting up to his knees to lean over you. he open the drawer on the bedside table, closing it shut after pulling out a condom from it. you turn to rest on your back, facing him as his eyes train over your frame, mind drowning under the only thought about what was going to happen in the next couple moments.
hyunjin has been having dangerously unholy thoughts these days, especially when you started wearing his shirts with nothing else, nuzzling up against your knees as you stuck your nose in a book, pastel panties on full display for his mind to turn into complete chaos.
his hair falls down to his eyes, lips bright pink and breathing rapid as he lowered himself, pecking your jaw before latching his lips onto yours, his hand reaching down to push his boxers, stroking himself a few times before rolling the plastic over his length. his hips buck into his fist as his jaw hangs open, warm breath falling right on your skin as you look up at him, eyes blown out wide with lust and want, breath uneven as you lock gazes with him. he reaches out a hand to rub his thumb against your jaw, smiling softly at you give him an affirmative nod.
his hand guides his length to your entrance, his tip prodding against your hole as you wince at the unexpected stretch, tears brimming your eyes when he pushes in a little further, a quiet moan leaving his lips.
it is painful, yes. but you knew hyunjin was going to take his time with you, no matter how tempted he was to fuck you senseless.
“just a little more baby, you can take it, yeah?” he groans, looking down at how he was almost fully inside you. your eyes shut tight, a single tear trickling down your cheek as he pushed in completely. he stayed there for a couple moments as you both focused on your breaths, hyunjin’s hand resting on your hips as he rubbed soothing circles on your warm skin.
when you’re finally comfortable with the feeling of his length filling you up, you crack your eyes open slightly, wrapping your hands behind his neck weakly before smiling and nodding again, signalling him to move.
“b-but go a little slow...” you squeak out, wincing when his head snaps up back at you in worry.
“of course princess, i wouldn’t dare to hurt you,” he nuzzles his head in your shoulder, slowly bringing his hips out, pushing himself back in again, cursing under his breath at the feeling of your walls clenching around him.
“fuck, princess, you’re so tight,” he moans, while pulling out of you again at the same pace, tubbing his tip against your slicked folds again before pushing himself back in you.
“you’re too big,” you groan, fingers threading in his hair as he continues his tantalizingly slow pace.
“could you… you can go f-faster,” you breathe out. and when your words finally process in his head, he’s over the moon, smirking.
“but, you wanted me to go slow,” he snaps his hips the rest of the way in, hissing as your warmth flutters around his length. “,right?”
“fuck,” is all you can get out, his dick filling you up to the brim, slowly emptying you as the process repeats, each thrust getting sharper and hitting harder than the previous one. he’s thrusting in you quicker, your legs trembling as he digs his fingers in the flesh of your thighs to hold them up, pushing deeper in you as you let out a whine.
“jinnie— gonna cum,” you tug at his hair, bucking your hips to meet his, as you feel your high wash over you, like a wave that had finally crashed over the shore. it felt heavenly, maybe even better— the way he filled you up so deliciously, your juices pushed out of your hole as he rode out your high, slowing his pace as you feel hyunjin pull out, making you feel empty all over again.
he pumps himself a few times, cumming inside the plastic while his head is thrown back, chest heaving from the intensity of it all. 
the plastic is soon trashed out, and hyunjin is soon nuzzling next to you, head on your chest as you comb your fingers through his hair.
Tumblr media
taglist; @yourdaddychan @joengni @cherryeol04 @childish-dreams1204 @bruh-changbin @yooniversalstudios @ann03254419 @nightshade-minho @yangomangos @yunhoesss ​@sonnensplitter @soya-zz @chanswhore @notbeforelong @vinnieluv @watermelonlovermark @imnotokaybutihavekpop @linophoric @hatdogyyy @multi-fandom-kpop-stan @kpopswitchbot @itskpopular @lovesjenmoong @justinseagull (let me know if you want to be added!)
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jeonqqin · 11 months ago
man up. [m] | pt. 6
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
h. jisung x reader | netflix rom-com au
Tumblr media
— ❝Even with classes, annoying brothers, and an unrequited crush, you still figured your first year of college was going pretty well. Until you managed to get your first boyfriend, and suddenly your brother and his stupidly attractive best friend were attached to your hip for the whole damn ride.
or alternatively;
Why did Jisung care about you so much, and had his eyes always been that pretty?❞
CONTAINS: brothers best friend au, teen rom-com au, sorta crack fic, love triangle au, college au
WARNING: language, eventual smut, heated kissing, minor groping, a wee bit of angst 
A/N: sorry this one was late... like all the others. but hey you can’t blame me for trying lmao
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your head began to spin as your eyes dropped to the text sent to you, the number attached to a name that you least expected. You would never admit to how fast your heart pulsed in your chest as you skimmed the words over and over. Had Jisung said anything to her about what happened?
Was she upset with you for sending her precious boyfriend into a panic attack?
Tumblr media
Maybe you were walking straight into a bear trap but you couldn’t bring yourself to decline or ignore her message. The guilt of hurting Jisung was too fresh, so you had a hard time doing anything against him—and in a way, ignoring Hyunae’s messages was just that. You just hoped it wasn’t an elaborate set up where she jumped you and scratched your throat out with her excessively polished fingernails. But even if she did, it was pretty fair to say that you deserved it. 
So after your first class, you were able to hop on the bus for a quick trip to Haven, the thought of your next class lodged in the back of your mind. After the incident in Minho’s apartment, you hadn’t stepped a foot back inside. Granted it had only been twelve hours at the most, but it felt like days when it seemed like everyone was mad at you. Word of what happened traveled fast, and despite no one in your group of friends asking you about it specifically, you knew that they knew. You suspected that Changbin was the culprit, but you really couldn’t blame him. He didn’t exactly know the extent of the situation. 
But it was hard when even Felix seemed hesitant to talk to you. 
Chan was still there to text you every hour, even after you explained most of the situation to him. But he remained understanding and sweet. 
As he was all the time.
When you walked into the diner, a burst of warmth enveloped you and your nose turned up at the scent of comfort food and coffee. It was nice, and eased some of the tension in your muscles. 
Hyunae sat along the inside booths where most of the diners traffic was, close enough to the door that you could run if you needed to. She had her eyes cast down on her phone and your arrival hadn’t been noticed—you could’ve turned around and left then and there, ending all of your messy doubts and fears for the day. But you couldn’t. Your feet continued forward without your consent, dragging you those last final inches to her table. 
With the new presence, she looked up.
Hyunae’s eyes widened for a second, darting over your form as if to double check that you were really there. 
“I kind of didn’t think you were going to come.” She exhaled a small laugh, motioning towards the other side of the table where a still hot cup of coffee sat. 
You took the cup in your cold hands, “Thanks…”
You didn’t know what to say—the ball was in her park and she was in control of where things headed. 
She sighed, leaning back against the booth, her pretty skin flushed with the nip of the air. “I’ll just cut to the chase… I wanted to apologize for what I did—for everything that I did. I’ve been a bitch for a while, and I only realized it now.”
With her avoiding eye contact, you could openly gape at her confession, because—what?
The Hyunae was apologizing to you?
“I don’t—I don’t really understand why you’re suddenly apologizing.” You said, voice hoarse. 
Hyunae tugged her sweater closer to her form, arms curling around her waist as someone else walked through the door, sending a blast of cold air through the diner. 
“You know, for being a complete bitch to you while Ji and I were dating. It was all a jealousy thing to be completely honest. I didn’t actually—”
You blinked, waving your hand out to stop her rambling. You weren’t sure that you could process the first half of her words, let alone the endless ramble that she was capable of spewing. 
“Are…” you swallowed. “Are you guys not together?”
She frowned, brows furrowed.
“Jisung broke up with me, Y/n. Did he not tell you?”
The scratch of a broken record echoed through your head as you nearly dropped the ceramic cup of coffee all over yourself. 
She nodded slowly, “I thought you would be the first person he told, considering…”
“Considering what?”
Her briefness and dodging was only making you frustrated, your hand waving in front of her face to finally gain her eyes. You had no idea that Jisung broke up with her, and you had no idea why. Some part of you hoped that the reason had something to do with you, but you just pushed that load of feelings away. It wasn’t fair to think of such things while the girl who had recently been broken up with sat directly in front of you. 
You really were a god awful person. 
She laughed a little, her eyes taking in your complete disbelief. 
“Well I’ll be damned. You two really are perfect for each other, huh?”
Before you could ask exactly what that was supposed to mean, you watched as her cheeks flushed a bright red—this time not at the fault of the air. Again she laughed, all humor aside, and her hands lifted to her face as tears leaked from her eyes. 
“God,” she sniffed, frantically moving to wipe her face with her sleeve. “You both really suck.”
You leaned forward awkwardly, passing her a napkin from the holder with a small tilt of your head. “I’ve come to realize that recently.”
She gave you a look that read, “don’t agree with me” and it managed to pull a laugh from your own throat. Hyunae might’ve been a little bit of a bitch, but it wasn’t without reason. She was insecure and jealous and those two things are away at someone like a virus. It was almost impossible to not feel such things at your age.
You always forgot that you were barely out of high school, the years of petty emotions and fake relationships hadn’t quite yet been erased from your minds. You were all in the same boat.
Just trying to learn along the way. 
“You know what’s funny…” Hyunae smiled, her eyes wet. “I always kind of routed for you two. I didn’t really know it, but it was always in the back of my head.”
You felt your lip wobble, but you bit it down, clenching your jaw. There was no way in hell that you were going to cry. You weren’t going to do that—you had no reason to. Hyunae was the one who just lost her boyfriend, and she was the only one who was supposed to be sad. 
“Every time you and him were together it just looked so right. I don’t know…” She swiped her hair over her shoulder with a sigh. “I honestly couldn’t believe it when he asked me to be his girlfriend, I thought you two had been a thing for a while—” right, you nearly forgot about the time when Hyunae was simply a friend. “—but then he came bounding up with a goofy smile on his face and that was it. It was over.”
Hyunae and Jisung had some math class together back in high school, he didn’t tell you much about her, but you knew enough to think she was a decent person. Back in those days, Hyunae was much different; sporting a thick pair of glasses and dark hair. But still just as gorgeous, as everyone with two eyes could see. 
She followed Jisung around like a lost puppy, and even had to be shooed away by Minho a few times. You were just glad that she listened, since Minho’s temper had been much worse then. You didn’t remember the details but you did remember the day that Jisung jumped back to your house with a big smile and flushed cheeks. It was a time when you were still an angsty teenager and listened to terrible love songs when you were in emotional distress. So that news was a real punch in the face. 
“I’m sorry.”
You didn’t know what else to say, she wasn’t exactly your friend, so you didn’t know how to take in and process the information that she just threw at you. 
Hyunae shook her head.
“Don’t be sorry. I had a feeling before that it was going to happen sooner or later. Who knew it was going to be so much later?”
You sent her a small smile. She wasn’t half bad when she wasn’t completely ignoring your existence and sending murderous glances your way. 
The waiter rounded up to your table—unfortunately, not Jeongin—and proceeded to ask you what you wanted to order. After Hyunae promised to pay for your meal as well, the two of you talked for what seemed to be hours. You didn’t talk about anything at all—going on about classes and professors that you couldn’t stand. Your mind was clear for the first time in weeks and it was beyond refreshing to talk to her about things that only another girl would understand. Being around boys every day of your life had taken a toll on you and you hadn’t realized it until you were laughing as Hyunae ranted about how obviously sexist your communications professor was. 
You could be yourself around the boys, of course. But with her, you could be someone you hadn’t been in a long time. 
With a fry between her fingers, she hummed, leaning her chin on her hand. 
It was only a matter of time before she reverted to what she came to talk to you about, and you tried your hardest to redirect the conversation each time it looked like it was going to be lead down that spiral of absolute hell—
“I think you guys would be cute together.”
You deadpanned, flicking your empty straw wrapper in her direction. 
“Are we really talking about He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named right now?” You quirked a brow, not at all happy with the way she snickered at your question.
“If it makes you feel better, Y/n… I think I’ve had feelings for Hyunjin for a long time as well.”
“Oh yeah, my guilt is cured.”
She nearly snorted her water, sputtering a little bit around her mouthful. You took a bit of pride in that. 
“I actually missed your sarcasm, believe it or not.”
Sighing, you threw all of your remaining trash onto one plate, your belly finally full and happy. “Wow, you actually remember when we didn’t hate each other?”
“You really hated me?”
“A little bit. Your whole lovey-dovey act was a bit sickening.” You shrugged. 
“Because you’re in love with Ji?”
You froze immediately. 
Hyunae couldn’t just drop it? Her constant mention of Jisung was really putting a damper on your mood, and the itch of fight or flight was really beginning to kick in once again. 
And to think things were going so well. 
“No,” you said, shaking your head quickly. “No no, I have a boyfriend. Sort of... I’m not in love with anyone—”
“Y/n, look at me. Please,” she reached over the table to tap your chin with her pretty manicured finger, her face pulling into a soft smile. “Darling, it’s been almost two years since we graduated high school, and nothing has changed between the two of you since then. Even while you were dating other people. He still looks at you like you hung the damn stars and you still blush whenever he calls you those stupid little pet names he has for you. You’re both whipped.”
Your face softened under her stare. Her words hit a cord inside of your chest, but it was just something that made your head hurt when you thought about it. You didn’t want to think about it, let alone talk about it. 
“Jisung and I have only ever been friends. Yes, we’ve been good friends for a long time, but he has never told me anything about liking me. If he can’t tell me something as simple as this then I don’t think I can—”
Suddenly her eyes were hard set, piecing fiercely into yours. It stopped you in your tracks immediately. 
“Don’t make me get any more upset with you, okay?” 
Hyunae was definitely a force to be reckoned with. 
“Listen,” She sighed, her eyes fluttering shut. “Jisung is the best guy I’ve ever dated and that probably won’t ever change. I want him to be happy, and I want you to be happy too. So please just think about things. I’m here telling you that this boy is head over heels in love with you—that he has been for years. His fault here is the fact that he’s so oblivious to his own feelings that he can’t see yours. He just—” her hands flailed in front of her, searching for her next words. “—doesn’t know how.”
You sighed. “I always liked Jisung when I was a kid. Hell, even earlier this year I could turn to you and say—yes, I am in love with Han Jisung.” 
Hyunae blinked. 
“But who the hell am I to say that I’m in love with someone? I’m not—I’m definitely not.” You sighed, mind wandering back to when things barely crossed your mind for longer than a minute. Things had been tossed around so lightly. “It was frustrating because it was so easy to like him when I was young. There wasn’t this huge word hanging over my head like there is now.”
Hyunae pushes her empty plate to join yours, speaking without a care. “You know that you don’t have to love him, right? You could simply like him.”
You felt the weight behind what she was saying in your chest, you didn’t have to label what you felt for him if you still weren’t sure. The only problem with that was that you knew what you felt for Jisung, and it was stupid. Because how could you look at someone and know how you felt when you hadn’t even seen every side of them? 
You couldn’t remember when he had last been serious with you. Never once had he looked at you with the eyes of an adult and told you about his inner thoughts. That wasn’t who Jisung was, he avoided those thoughts. 
He was only ever happy around you, and whether that was a good or a bad thing, you had no idea. 
“Was Jisung ever serious with you?”
Hyunae was momentarily stunned by your out of place question but she recovered with a small hum. “Well, a little bit. Whenever he was upset or tired he’d get a little snippy, but serious? I’m not really sure.”
That was just how Jisung was.
“Oh,” she chirped suddenly, her lead raising as if she remembered something. “There was a moment when he was always serious.” 
Your head quirked to the side in question, eyes wide with curiosity. Despite knowing him for years, there was still plenty of unknowns to Han Jisung, and you were curious to know more.
“What is it?”
Hyunae’s mouth opened for a moment, then closed. Many things flashed over her face at once, but it was safe to assume that she was rethinking her words. Your chest fell. 
Her eyes darted away from yours, guilt flashing over her features. “I don’t think I can tell you that.”
“Not fair,” frowning, you pouted. “That’s the worst cliffhanger ever.”
She tisked, small smile pulling to her lips. “Well,” she shrugged. “You could always move forward to find out.”
She was right, you could. 
There were many things you had to move forward with, many people you had to have a conversation with; Jisung definitely being one of them. With a mental list of all the people that you had questions and answers for, everything only just began to clear themselves up. It was small, but it was something. Your head was always busy anyway, having things clearing out was like a breath of fresh air that you could barely reach. 
But it was still something. 
“You’re right. I think I just have to start with someone else.”
Hyunae smiled, “Get on with it then. Hurry your ass out of here.”
Tumblr media
“Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting this,”
Maybe you shouldn’t have listened to Hyunae. 
Your heart was pounding radically in your chest as you sat straight as a board on the spinning office chair of the notorious recording room. You hadn’t seen it since that day it all began—honestly it had seemed so long ago. The room was cleaned up and organized, all the wires neatly tucked into the back instead of sprawled all over the floor, and you found yourself focusing more on that than the person in front of you. 
You almost had to force yourself to your chair, everything feeling way too heavy for your liking. 
“What do you mean?”
Chan ran a hand through his messy curls. It was only a few days ago that you had wanted to run your own fingers through his dark hair. 
“You and Jisung aren’t very subtle, but uh, I was just hoping you could like me—” he paused for a moment, filing through his mind for the right words. “—as well, I guess.”
“Hey, it’s fine. Jisung’s a good guy, you guys will be good together.”
Had you stepped into a parallel universe where every ex was supportive instead of filled with rage?
“But—well, I don’t even know if we are going to end up together or anything like that. My head has just been all over the place lately and I definitely never intended to drag you into this mess. I feel awful, god I’m a terrible person, aren’t I—?”
“Y/n.” Chan said, voice firm. 
Your cheeks heated at the realization of your otherwise embarrassing ramble. 
“Sorry…” You squeaked. 
Chan sighed, leaning more weight against his desk. “Don’t be sorry. I just don’t want you freaking out here. You need to know that I’m an adult too, none of this is all your fault.”
You froze for a moment—one stupid moment just looking into Chan’s pretty brown eyes and realizing how weak they made you feel. 
Chan’s mouth curled into a sympathetic smile as a tear rolled down the apple of your cheek. His hand reached forward to swipe the intact droplet with his pointer finger, and a small giggle rippled through his chest. 
“God—Don’t cry, stupid,” he suddenly brushed his hand over your face, an attempt to raise your spirits to the very end. “You’re making me feel bad.”
“I hate you…” You sniffed, swatting his hand away with a quiet sob. 
As his finger ran over your wet cheek to collect the little drops that leaked down, you weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry so you did both, once again crumbling under his touch.
“Hey,” he smiled. “You can’t hate me. I should be the one hating you.”
Your lip jutted out into a pout, one that he wanted so badly to kiss from your lips. 
“Then we can hate each other.”
Chan hummed, watching as your jaw clenched in an attempt to keep your emotions from falling down your cheeks. You didn’t want him to see just how conflicted you were, he knew that much. 
“Okay. We can do that.” 
And he leaned down to place a soft kiss to the top of your head, careful of the affection he gave you. 
But it only made your stupid heart hiccup in your chest, opposed to the way it would’ve raced had it only been days prior. 
With Jisung it was warmth that spread over your body, but with Chan it was like floating in a pool of water with all your clothes on; encasing and safe and just a little sticky. 
You were sure if you wanted to chase after the brief relief that Chan brought to you, it was difficult to tell with the way you were trying to find your answers. Was one more chance unfair to Chan? Even after explaining your inner (and slightly unknown) thoughts and feelings to him about Jisung, could you still salvage anything if you tried one more time?
“Can I… kiss you please?” You asked, neither looking in his eyes or at his plump lips. You really liked his lips. 
Chan smiled, eyes darting down to your little pout. He liked your lips too. 
“You want to?”
You hummed, a small nod to tell him that you were too embarrassed to confirm his words with those of your own. But Chan was understanding and patient. He didn’t push you to do anything as Jisung did—Chan was so perfect, why the hell did you think about Han Jisung?
What was wrong with you?
You didn’t want to answer that question. You wanted it all to go away—the fear, the confusion, everything. And the way Chan was looking at you made you feel it all simmer down to nothing. His eyes were so soft. 
You were backpedaling, you knew that. But it was hard not to when Chan felt so safe.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” His lips quirked up. 
You felt bad for not liking Chan the way you liked Jisung. He was better to love and he showed you everything you had missed before. He held you when you were sad, cooed into your ear that everything was going to be alright when it was him who was taking the loss. Why did he do that?
Leaning forward, you all but collapsed into his embrace, finally feeling his soft lips again. 
One thing you loved about Chan was his arms. You loved how they felt around you, and how strong they were. A lot of people liked his arms for those reasons too, you supposed. He may have been your first, but you certainly weren’t his. 
How long were you going to go back and forth?
Reassurance was what you had with Chan, but with Jisung there was time. You took your time with him unknowingly, watching him with your brother as they played video games in Minho’s room. You were yelled at, pushed, and locked out, but you still got back up and pushed back. As uncool of a sister you were back then, you persisted. 
Minho and Jisung would tease you and pick on you all they wanted, but you were still there at the end of the day. Tear stained cheeks and dirty clothes, and you were still there carrying your silly crush on your big brother’s best friend. 
There was time spent building something to stand on, years of pining and banter lead to a feeling that you couldn’t just replace with a kind heart and a kiss. 
No matter how nice the lips you kissed were. 
Chan knew this too. He knew you were thinking of so many different factors at once, and he was still pulling you tight to him, aware that your kiss would be his last from you. What he felt with you was terrifying. 
You both meant to forget. 
His arms held you tight, hands respectfully placed on your waist as you pushed and pushed into the embrace. The kiss was all new and too intense, but there was something screaming at you to just keep going. 
It grew more heated and your emotions mingled as a small voice began chipping away at the back of your mind; telling you that you didn’t deserve it, that you didn’t deserve him. Even as you found yourself lifting to your knees and straddling his waist, the voice persisted, not even silenced by the soft words that Chan spoke. 
“I feel like you’re going to break if I touch you.” He admitted, voice unstable. 
You shook your head in a daze, “I won’t, I promise.”
You wanted the thought of Jisung out—the thought of him touching another girl the same way Chan was touching you. Did he hold Hyunae like this? Did he kiss her like she was the most precious thing to him? Was there a chance that he would with you? Did he even want to? 
You wanted no part of that thought so you pushed further. 
“I’ll be okay, Chan. If it’s you, I’ll be okay.” You murmured.
Chan’s heart thudded in his chest. 
And in that moment, he almost forgot that you were in love with someone else. 
“Okay, I’ll take care of you.”
You smiled, a small burst of heat running over your cheeks. 
Chan nearly responded with, “but I’m your sap” but he managed to bite his tongue, distracting himself by slipping one hand under the hem of your shirt. His hand was cold but not unwelcome as it felt along your stomach, and for the first time being with Chan your thoughts slipped—his hand was too strong, too rough. It wasn’t soft and pretty like Jisung’s, it wasn’t warm and comfortable like Jisung’s had been around your waist that morning. Chan’s hands were veiny and cold to the touch. Of course ther was nothing wrong with that. But they weren’t Jisung’s.
All it took was one hug from Jisung to stir up your head, huh?
But he had felt so nice against your back, his with but muscular build feeling like it was meant to be there all along. He had hugged you from behind back in high school many times, his chin resting on your shoulder and his breath fanning over your neck. It was hard to focus then, and it had been hard to focus that morning as well. How did you not know it was Jisung?
Sure, he and Chan were similar in height but Jisung just fit differently. 
And when his eyes landed on your neck, it had been the feeling of panic that crossed you. You didn’t want Jisung to see you like that—with another man’s markings over your throat. 
A sudden thought crossed your mind as Chan slowed his lips journey on your neck…
Was it really Minho that was preventing you from dating? 
The look in your brother’s eyes had been one of disappointment, but he hadn’t done anything, and deep down you knew there was no way he would really hurt the person you were in a relationship with. Of course he would scare them away and make it clear that he wasn’t a fan of you dating, but there you were, watching him do it, barely giving your big brother a slap on the wrist—
“Y/n,” Chan called, and you hadn’t even realized that he had taken his mouth off of your shoulder. “Babygirl…”
He tested the name on his tongue.
But his doubts were confirmed as you frowned. The nickname would’ve once sounded like heaven leaving his lips, but now...
He sent you a small smile after studying your features for a moment. 
“Do you miss him, right now?”
Your eyes widened at his words—you did. 
“No. Of course not,” you said, shaking your head with shaky inhales. “Why are you asking me that?”
There was an internal battle behind Chan’s eyes as he watched your face morph into discomfort. He was a little frustrated. 
Chan removed his hand from underneath your shirt. 
“If we’re going to be friends, Y/n… I don’t want you to lie to me anymore, okay?”
The shock that his words gave you made your eyes well up. It was like a punch to the gut to hear Chan scold you. He had never done such a thing before and you knew—you knew for sure that you couldn’t keep lying. 
When you cried, Chan didn’t wipe away your tears, he simply kept his eyes on yours as his hand rubbed small circles on your back. You needed to cry, and of course Chan knew that. 
He was Chan after all. 
“I’m so sorry—” you hiccuped, swallowing air as your palms lifted to cover your eyes. “—this sucks. This really really sucks.”
Chan sighed, feeling the sleepless nights catch up to him as he watched you break down. It was the worst feeling. It wasn’t that you were very obviously in love with someone else despite how his own chest aches for you to sink back into him and kiss the tiredness away, no—it was the fact that it was tearing you apart.  That was what hurt him the most. 
“Go see Ji.” 
Chan topped your head up with his finger, leaving one last peck to your tear covered lips. 
“He’s probably still upset.”
You nodded, laying your head down on his chest with a shaky sigh. “You’re a good guy, Chan…”
“Yeah, I know.”
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starryseung · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
bang chan + spanking
◜07 kinktober◞
Tumblr media
! : 0.9k , dom!chan , size kink , unprotected sex , vein / hand kink , daddy kink , choking , chan is angy >:(
Tumblr media
“chan~ you’re taking too much time babe,” you whine into the phone, fingers tracing your folds as you bite your lip to hold back another moan. chan groans on the other end, and you can hear the very familiar sound of a zipper opening, and you realize how chan must be looking right now, his plump red lips caught up between his teeth as he palms himself through his boxers.
“you know you’re breaking so many rules right now, right babygirl?”
chan growls over the line, hissing as you moan while pushing two of your fingers in your pussy to scissor your hole open. chan pulls out his hard cock, pumping himself a few times before grazing his thumb over his slit, pressing over it as he moans into the phone in his hands, screwing his eyes shut. you quickly shift the phone to speaker, dropping it down on the bed as you massage your breasts, moaning louder as chan's voice echoes through the phone and head straight down to your core.
you gyrate the base of your palm against your clit, whining as you feel yourself get closer to your high. chan doesn’t hide himself either, moaning shamelessly on the call as he tightens his grip on the base of his cock, pumping harder and faster.
“f—fuck daddy, i’m so f— close,” you whimper, adding in a third finger and pinching your nipples softly, and chan can only growl at the name you call him. the death grip he has on the phone which might almost break to pieces doesn’t worry him, his orgasm so close he can taste it. he bucks his hips into his fist, coming around his fingers as a little dribbles down onto the dirty bathroom floor.
“you’re in so much trouble, babygirl.”
chan doesn’t even breathe for a second as he steps inside the house, rushing straight to the bedroom; justifying now how he was fucking into you from behind. you were supposed to be on all fours, but the way chan held you by your hips shoving his cock in you, but you’re face first into the mattress, fingers clawing at the sheets beneath you as your drool leaks out onto the cloth. 
and you couldn’t care less, especially when chan lands a harsh slap on the flesh of your ass, making your walls clasp tightly around him, making his movements harder. your breathing hitches, and you bite your lip when chan slows down his thrusts, rubbing his palm across the reddened skin.
just when you think he’s gonna start thrusting into you, a harsh spank across the same side makes you tear up; he wasn’t even close to nice today, and it was too evident. he lets out a guttural growl when you clench around him, and he pulls out abruptly.
your mind goes blank for a few moments, partly wondering what was going on in chan's head, partly still in the headspace of the way his cock was drilling into you, driving you to the edge of the bed.
he pulls you back so your bare back rests against his covered chest, and he rests back against the headboard before pushing you down on his length. he doesn’t wait before thrusting his hips back up in you, one hand busy on your breasts to fondle with your nipples, while the other snaked up your neck, varying the pressure applied occasionally. you felt tears spill down your cheeks, the lack of oxygen driving you further towards the edge. but you know if you cum now, it’ll be your last time for the next month.
you’re holding his hands as leverage, bouncing up and down on his cock. every time you go down on him, it feels as if he’s growing bigger and bigger and you, your folds quivering around his cock as he thrusts up into your tight cunt. your eyes roll back when he’s practically holding you by the neck, his rings leaving an imprint on your skin.
he’s breathing heavily against your neck, signing his nearing orgasm. you heave in air when he loses his grip on your throat, holding you down by your thighs as he pushes his dick up in you, until you feel his warmth fill you, leaking down on your thighs. you moan above him, squirming in his hold until he fills you up, moaning lowly in your ear. 
“i'd rather fuck you while looking at you, doll”
Tumblr media
taglist; @yourdaddychan @joengni @cherryeol04 @childish-dreams1204 @bruh-changbin @yooniversalstudios @ann03254419 @nightshade-minho @yangomangos @yunhoesss ​@sonnensplitter @soya-zz @chanswhore @notbeforelong @vinnieluv (let me know if you want to be added!)
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sinisterlyhan · 7 months ago
03. seo changbin /  9211 words
sugardaddy!changbin, virgin! sugarbaby!female reader, faint daddy kink, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex, fingering, romance
tw: none, except for a small disclaimer that this is pure fiction and hyunjin would in no way disrespect anybody in real life, he is a very good boy. 
cw: body image (reader is on the skinner side)
a/n: this took me so long and the smut isn’t even that good, i’ll unfortunately admit 😭 and i’m sorry i couldn’t fit everything the request asked for in a oneshot. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
changbin found it absolutely endearing that you went out of your way to research how to properly behave in an extravagant business party after he invited you to one. yet, even then, you still trailed behind him timidly as he threaded through one big name after another, throwing out company finances and business plans in between all the courtesy talks.
that was disregarding the fact that you looked stunning in the silk dress and diamond jewelry he prepared for you beforehand. the curves of your body further accentuated through the tight-fitting material, and your skin glowed under the old money hung around your neck.
he almost wanted to ditch the party so he could spend the rest of the evening with you back in his apartment, specifically at a spot where the big windows stood overlooking the vibrant city of seoul.
but it was an important party he has to attend, out of business purposes, so he had no other choice but to keep his lust (and possessiveness, as everyone seemed to be undressing you with their nosy fucking eyes) hidden in the secret glances, the suggestive whispers, and occasionally grabby hands.
besides, you still haven't quite agreed to the sex part of the contract yet. you were still a little anxious about it, he supposed. after all, it would be your first time if you agree to do it with him. either way, the farthest he could go was a make-out session with roaming hands, and that seemed to be enough for him.
"ah, shit."
you heard changbin curse from next to you, his low voice hidden under his breath so nobody would hear him. you glanced over, surprised. he has been so calm and collected this evening, with all his time spent speaking eloquently and intelligently. this sudden outburst completely deviated from the atmosphere he was carrying tonight, and you wondered what got him so agitated.
moving your eyes toward where he looked at, your brows raised at a familiar face standing in a circle of people. you were never extremely invested in the business field, as your brain was diving headfirst into the art field (one which changbin has shown to fully support, with both his money and his heart), but you still knew that face.
hwang hyunjin—the young and outrageously successful entrepreneur whose face was plastered all over the media because of his underdog story and womanizing tendencies.
and who, also, as you knew, has unfortunately grown to be very arrogant and condescending after his lucky success. and if there was one thing he has made clear during interviews and conferences, it was that he despised old money.
or, simply put, the kind of people hyunjin liked to fuck around in the head with was changbin.
"do you have to talk to him?" you asked, scooting closer to his side and taking your eyes off the blond-haired man.
"i would look petty if i talk to everyone but him," he muttered back, leaning toward you without tearing his eyes away from the man. "i just... i was hoping we can have a one-on-one conversation instead. that way i can be a piece of shit without any witnesses."
"huh..." you frowned, not understanding the logic going in his head.
it wasn't like everyone was sweet and polite in here, especially not hyunjin, out of all people. why not be blatantly rude as well if it was to return to favor? this wasn't an 'employee and customer' situation, like in the coffee shop you worked in where you always had to blame yourself for the customer's wrongdoings.
changbin is a rich, powerful man. he shouldn't have to be forced to take the heat in if he doesn't want to.
"if you're thinking i can do whatever i want just because i'm rich, you're... well, you are partially correct," changbin hummed, shifting his weight to the side. "but not in this situation."
"really?" you crossed your arms, your naked breasts pushed up with the action and luring his eyes to cast down, but he kept his gaze at your face, amusement lingering at your curious expression. "care to enlighten me about it?"
"hmm..." he pursed his lips, pretending to contemplate before he shrugged. "i will, if you will talk to me about your artsy things."
"why do you want to know what i'm learning!" you asked, happily exasperated as you took a small step back, laughing.
"what? i'm super curious!" he exclaimed incredulously, a smirk growing on his lips. "i see those paintings on your lecture slides all the time but i have no idea what those are!"
"would it make you happy if i tell you about it?" you asked then, having calmed down lots after learning that he has been paying attention to what you do on the dining table in his apartment. "it might be a little abstract for a businessman like you."
"abstract? baby, please, you underestimate me," he cooed, pinching your cheek playfully before his hand soothed out over your face, gripping your jaw. he smiled, fondly. "come on, give me a kiss before i have to talk to blond boy over there."
"boy? he's an adult," you laughed, and instead of letting him reply, you leaned in to press your lips against his.
changbin smiled, the words falling off his tongue upon the taste of your sweet lips.
it has taken him a while to be kissed by you. you were such a shy girl; when he so much as suggested the idea of it during his offer to become your sugar daddy, your face immediately flushed red, and he had been reluctant to talk to you about the more... sexual aspect of the contract.
but you had grown to be more comfortable around him now. kissing him hasn't come naturally yet, but you were willing to do so when he asked for one, whether it was around the apartment or in public places.
he could still remember the first time you pressed your lips against him—it was like he became a high school boy again, all giddy and excited on the inside but having to act calm and confident on the outside.
but you could tell he was satisfied with it as he had impulsively bought you an array of art supplies the next day. he didn't know what you wanted, so he went ahead and got whatever he heard was good. and now you've probably got semesters' worth of paint stacked in your dorm room.
"ah, well, i am still years older than him," changbin said after pulling away, his hands settled on your waist despite the public eye. "which i reckon you have a thing for."
"what? older man?" you joked, giggling with your hands flat against his broad chest. "hmm, maybe just you."
christ—where did that confidence come from? the giggling, the hands, and the words. you were driving him nuts, alright! was it the clothes, or even the atmosphere of this extravagant setting? ugh, either way, he loved it! he loved seeing you all giggly for him.
"you're gonna make me melt, baby," changbin whined under his breath, causing you to laugh a little louder.
"thank you, it's what i aspire to do in life," you commented, patting his chest in comfort before your hands roamed up to his collar. you carefully tightened his tie, keeping the warm smile on his face. "do you want me to join your conversation with mr. blond boy?"
he hummed, his eyes squinted as if he had to think, which he didn't. he knew he wouldn't want you in any part of his work, not even the casual chatters of it. besides, having hyunjin stand within your vicinity might not be the best idea for him. after all, no matter what, hyunjin was still a young, youthful, and wealthy man. and he likely knew a thing or two about snatching unavailable women.
not that changbin didn't trust you. but you two haven't gotten far in terms of a relationship yet, and it wasn't like you were already taken by him. he was your sugar daddy. you were stuck in a situation where you could always leave for a better option, and hyunjin might just be the better option for you, he was afraid.
"definitely not. you can join the snacks table at the side until i come to find you, and no flirting with anyone unless you're trying to talk me up, okay?" he said, sternly but with a hint of mischief. his eyes cast to the side, and his brows furrowed for a brief moment before he turned back to you. "and kiss me again, because i think the blond boy is ogling you."
he had no idea how he kept his voice so calm. hyunjin was blatantly staring at the curve of your hips wrapped in the tight, silk dress. whatever was going on in his mind, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out after seeing the smirk that arrived at his face.
oh, how changbin wanted to hide you from his sight. what dilemma—he both wanted to shield you and show you off. as if you were an art piece in a museum. and you most definitely were one in his eyes, one that he could auction his life for and still be unworthy for.
"really? this dress is doing more numbers on people than i expected," you said before leaning in, sealing your lips in a sweet kiss.
changbin laughed at your comment.
no way, it was definitely your face that was doing numbers on people. the dress simply accentuated the effect.
"okay," he nodded, "time to go to hell."
"good luck, binnie," you cheered quietly, waving your hand as he left your side, his rough hand slipping away from yours until he was too far out of reach.
you watched him approach the group of people, your eyes lingering on his back before they shifted up to meet eyes with hyunjin. your heart shuddered when you found him staring straight back at you, intrigued and curious, and you found no trouble in tearing your gaze away.
Tumblr media
changbin paced around in his room, agitated from the commotion he just caused in the business party he impulsively left.
it wasn't so much about the way others would perceive him after tonight's unfortunate event. he had faith that everyone in the room knew much about hyunjin's tendency to step on nerves, and that he wouldn't be the irrational type simply because of one mishap. especially not when it was made very blatant that hyunjin was, once again, going after a 'taken' woman.
what changbin was concerned about was the fact that his actions tonight spoke millions of words he has been trying to suppress for months. the fact that you saw how protective he was of you when he saw your uncomfortable expression, how angry he got when hyunjin so much as looked at you the wrong way, how hard he had shoved the young boy when his fingers brushed past your waist.
those were all obvious tell-tale signs that he might just care about you over the extent of just being your sugar daddy. and he was panicking because he had no idea how you would react if you pieced it all together that he has fallen quite hard for you. not just as a sugar baby, not just someone who provided him company because he was a lonely, rich man.
he has fallen for you as yourself, as an equal partner, as a close friend. everything about you he adored—your passion for art, your shy personality, your bad jokes on dates, and your unforgettable gratitude toward all the money he could never wait to spend on you.
changbin almost wanted to laugh. he has probably heard you say 'thank you' more than he has ever heard you say anything else.
he loved you, every aspect of you, and he didn't know how to deal with it aside from hiding the truth.
your meek voice paused him in his tracks. he turned to look at you, his glare harsh until he saw you move away from the half-opened door. you were drowned in one of his white dress shirts, the sleeves going over your palms and the hem overflowing to your upper-thigh. you wore nothing else but undergarments, he knew, because you knew he liked it that way.
he won't see what's underneath, but he liked the idea of it, and it was good for him that you were willing to wear so little in front of him despite your initial awkwardness.
christ, you knew him too well, and you were far too considerate. even at a time like this, you remembered to do something that would lift his sour mood. and many other times, whenever he was upset or stressed or frustrated, you always knew to put down your task at hand and console him with your lips all over his face.
what has he ever done to deserve that?
"hey," he muttered, looking away with a defeated sigh.
you frowned, deducting that he must have been very ill-affected by the previous incident. that simply made you feel even more guilty than before. you were so sure you have got the situation under control, but it wasn't every day that a rich, handsome, young man comes advancing toward you like hyunjin did. you were caught off-guard, and the next thing you knew he has your small waist squeezed in his hand.
it wasn't your fault that changbin had to jump in, but you sure felt like it was so. and now he was suffering from what he did.
"are you upset...?" you asked softly after approaching him. you stood before him, head up and eyes round as you looked at him.
he gave himself a moment to soak you in, letting the sight of your face consume him. then he sighed, his hand reaching up to caress the side of your head, an act much too gentle to be casual. "yes, but not with you, baby."
leaning against his hand, you gave him a short melancholic glance before you carefully walked closer to him with your arms held up. they went around his neck, pulling him into a genuine hug where you buried your face to his shoulder and spoke with a muffled voice.
"i'm sorry. thank you for standing up for me back there, even though it risked damaging your image."
you had a thought about it when you were alone in the guest room of his apartment. it has partly become your room if you could say so yourself. living in the dorm alone could not compare to having someone's presence around when you were about to fall asleep, and changbin always stayed up late enough for you to sense him until you drop into slumber.
but you were thinking, as you changed out of the silk dress and put on something you fished out of the closet in the room, about everything that went down tonight and how it had made you feel.
for sure, you had a sense of guilt because what changbin did was definitely going to be deemed as unprofessional in others' eyes. but a part of you was quite giddy and warmed that he cared enough to step between you and hyunjin. 
and it wasn't out of possessiveness; not because he didn't like to share you, or because you were strictly his to touch. simply because you obviously looked uncomfortable, because he saw that you didn't like the proximity hyunjin closed on you both, and he was annoyed that the boy didn't choose to respect your boundaries.
not for you to applaud a man for doing the bare minimum, but in the face of someone who didn't even meet the bare minimum line, changbin sure was attractive in that fleeting moment. not to mention, your heart was already wavering for him anyway. rather than making you fall in love, the act merely magnified your feelings.
"of course," changbin said, patting his hand against your head. "no one should ever touch you when you don't want them to, okay? and it's not your fault when they do."
you nodded, a hum of agreement going directly to the fabric of his shirt before you slowly moved away from the safe spot where you laid on your head on. your eyes searched for his face then, your affection for him hinted all too obviously on your face. and when your hand moved away from the back of his neck to his jaw, you couldn't wait for a second more to kiss him on the mouth.
changbin reciprocated immediately, his eyes shut tight as he melted into the sweet taste. the hand that went around your back shifted to your waist, holding you securely as he brought you forward to him, your breasts pushing against his chest more prominently than before.
your mouths moved together perfectly, sparking up a sensational heat within your chest that even the sun couldn't rival. it wasn't the first time you two have kissed with such passion lingering in your movements, sometimes just a casual make-out session would go for long because neither of you knew how to stop, but you could never bring yourself to get enough of him.
unconsciously pushing him backward, changbin continued to stumble upon the strength you added when you leaned your weight on him for more. when could feel the back of his legs touch the back of his desk chair, he moved a hand over to turn it around so he could slump down on the seat.
you chased after him, your torso leaning down to catch his lips as your legs moved to climb on top of his lap. your knees met at the side of his hips and his hands circled your small waist, holding you in your place carefully as you kissed him without a care.
changbin's heart was thumping quickly. mostly from the fervent way you were sucking on his lips, making him feel swollen and red. you always felt so eager, making his lonely heart feel appreciated and wanted. it was times like this, or just any moment he spent with you, when he was able to stop self-isolating.
but the more overwhelming feeling laid beneath his body. the fact that he could trace the curve of your bare skin underneath his thin shirt, and your lower body sat weighted closely against his erection was making his heart wage war against his conscience.
all he could think about was how much he wanted to go further than just making out with you. he wanted to touch you, intimately; he wanted his lips all over your beautiful, scorching body; he wanted to make you feel good, really good.
lord, he wants to fuck you so bad. he wants to fuck you so, so, so damn bad.
"oh, there is something i want to show you. don't make fun of me, okay?" you giggled after pulling away, your hands fumbling with the button of his shirt as a blush crept up your cheeks.
you began to slowly pop open the buttons, revealing more and more of your naked body until you finally shrugged the shirt off your shoulders, pulling the hem behind you to reveal the set of lacy lingerie you wore underneath.
lord have mercy on his soul—what was happening? the first time you found the set in a box shoved in his closet, you had thought they were art supplies he got you again, only to be dumbfounded to see undergarments that probably cost you your year's worth of paycheck at the coffee shop.
"i thought it might make you happy since you seemed like you wanted to see me in it the time i found it in your closet," you muttered, fiddling with your fingers as you looked at him through your lashes. "oh, wait! don't–don't stare at me like that! i feel like you're judging me!"
changbin shook his head, still in complete awe but he found it in himself to snap out of it.
he had bought that without the intention of asking you to present yourself in it, he simply got it because (a) he has the money, therefore why not? and (b) he thought you would look amazing in it, which you have proved him right, you do look spectacularly enticing in the set of lacy lingerie.
your perky breasts sat prettily under the floral-patterned pads, the roundness pushed up perfectly with the tightness of the bra. the black, lace garter belt cinched in your waist and draped over your panties, little ribbons handing around the hem of the clips.
and, of course, his dress-shirt falling off your dainty shoulders, adding a hint of adorable innocence in the face of absolute sex.
he held your waist, his calloused hand quite a contrast to the softness of your skin, and he eyed you up and down before taking a deep breath. you were both exposed and not entirely naked, your barely visible body urging him to just tear the lingerie off of you so he could worship your body right then and there, so he could finally let loose and fuck you senseless.
control. he let out a shivered breath. self-control.
"do... do you like it...?" you asked meekly then, fully meeting his eyes with small and shy gestures hanging off your hands.
"oh god, baby, please," he replied. "of course i do, you look stunning."
you smiled, beaming in relief, and you leaned forward to shut his eyes with an excited kiss. changbin moaned a little at the force, feeling your hip rub against his clothed member when you pushed toward him.
he figured it was just a mistake, perhaps you were as shocked at the friction as he was. but instead of pulling away, all you did was continue to grind down on him, trying to meet his arousal out of rather needy attempts.
oh, he couldn't do this. too much, too much. he has to get inside you, he couldn't even think.
"oh, actually–wait, hey."
snapping his eyes open, changbin gently pushed you away from his neck when he realized you planned to move even further down, your lips planting kisses so calculatingly he almost got lost in them. he swore he thought his heart would rip him apart and jump out right there.
you looked at him, bewildered. "what...?"
he stared at you, unsure. if you wanted to go further, he surely would comply with you. lord knows how long his cock has been aching for your permission. but if this decision was made out of the fleeting guilt you felt because of what happened tonight, he didn't want it. he wouldn't want your first time to be out of the need to provide compensation, he needed it to be special for you, and he was well-prepared for the person to never be him.
"hey, look at me," he pressed his palms to your cheeks, "i know how you are about sex, and i know you feel like you don't give me enough because you won't go to bed with me when i–uh, when i obviously wanted to."
you furrowed your brows, your eyes rounding innocently at him as he squeezed your cheeks together.
"i'm sorry if i have ever pressured you into feeling like you have to. you absolutely do not have to do anything of that sort for me, okay? your first time should be with somebody you love." he rubbed your cheeks, pressing his forehead against yours with a faint smile. "i will be just as entertained if you want to sit here and tell me all about frida kahlo."
you watched him, unblinking and unmoving.
one of your favorite artists. you never even mentioned it but she was all over your room. he must have noticed.
see, this is the kind of man he is. you have seen him through and through.
starting from the unbelievable tip of a hundred dollars he left you at the coffee shop, to your awkward first date at an expensive restaurant where you used his hundred dollars to pay for the meal, to the first time he held you in his arms because you got overwhelmed by his support of you choosing art as a career path, to the millions of times he has ensured you that you could just stand around in his apartment and he'd be happy to just feel your presence,
he has only been gentle and considerate, generous and patient—so, so patient—with you. and you could see him, thoroughly, not just as somebody who paid for your tuition and brought you to pretty places.
changbin was someone who kissed you goodnight after a nightmare, who took time out of his work to visit your university art exhibition, who was willing to sit through a ramble of things he couldn't care less about, because he loves you.
changbin was someone who loves you, and you loved him with just as much soul you could give.
"who said i wasn't trying to do it with someone i love...?" you whispered, looking into his eyes as your hands moved up to cup over his own. "who says you aren't the person i love?"
changbin took in your words. wavering strongly was his beating heart, uncertain and hoping that you meant what you said.
you sealed his confusion with another kiss—a much tentative one; careful, slow, and confessing. you were imprinting your affection for him with your lips, leaving a mark in his mouth he could never forget.
and there was only one thing in your mind when you brought his hands away from your face, your head moving lower to his neck, and his collarbones, until finally your feet touched the ground and you were kissing him through his clothes until you knelt at the floor between his legs: you were to make changbin feel good, you were to give him all the love you could offer, to both his heart and his body.
changbin stopped breathing at the sight of you kneeling before him, your hands slowly caressing up his inner thighs until they met at his belt. the permanent pout on your face as you undo his belt made him go batshit crazy imagining how those pretty little lips could wrap around his cock.
you popped the button open and unzipped the fly, not bothering to slide his pants down as your fingers tugged at the waist of his boxers, pulling it low enough for his cock to spring out from underneath. you flinched, startled, and your eyes widened in surprise at his size. it was only how you remember you have never actually sucked anyone off before, and neither have you watched a lot of people do it.
oh hell, you would have to wing this.
suppressing the urge to laugh, you let the curiosity overwhelm you and, finally, moved your hands up to wrap themselves around his thick shaft. he sucked in a breath, the warmth of your hands engulfing him as you slowly pumped up and down. your movement irregular but solid, your palm squeezing around his tip whenever they meet, adding pressure to his nerves and causing pre-cum to leak from his tip quicker than he thought.
your hands got sticky really quickly, the whiteness coating between your fingers as you continued to pump his cock until you saw that his tip of red and protruding. bringing yourself closer to him, then you brought your face toward the tip and, before you put your lips on him, you looked up to catch his eyes.
changbin's head rattled at your gaze—so naive-looking yet so affecting. you held more control in this situation, in every situation, even though you were always the more shrunken one.
"may i?" you asked, your breath hitting his angry tip.
he hummed, groaning at the welcoming sensation, and he nodded. "yes, baby, please."
the gate in his chest opened when you finally put him in your mouth, releasing him of his suffocation and all the hidden stress he never let out. your gentle lips sucked on his tip, your tongue licking across his slit to taste the bitter pre-cum, and the whine you let out in distaste gave him shivers.
throwing your mind off the liquid on your tongue, you pushed yourself further down, taking more of him in you as you suck your cheeks carefully, hoping it was enough stimulation for him. whatever you were doing, it was all from hearing people talk about it and mirroring the little of what you've seen, and you could only hope that it was good enough for him.
and it was. it was so, so good, you wouldn't have any idea. your mouth felt so warm and soft and wet around him, your teeth just barely grazing against his skin, and your tongue flat against his visible veins. not to mention the occasional look of uncertainty you would flash him, your pretty eyes wide with your mouth stuffed full of his shaft as you asked him for approval.
he could only give them in grunts and moans. the stimulation was too magnificent, he was at a complete loss for words that he got the privilege of feeling you suck him off.
"ah... ahh, fuck–" he threw his head back, the back of his neck leaned against the soft cushioned headrest. when you hummed around him, acknowledging the pleasure he was feeling, he immediately hissed upon the vibration. "fuck, keep–keep going–ahh..."
you bobbed your head irregularly, your inner-cheeks hallowing to touch his shaft and to given him suction. your tongue continued to flick on his skin, adding a gentle sensation to the overall wetness. it felt weird to have something stuck between your teeth, but hearing the grunts above was nothing more than satisfying to you.
a short gurgle escaped the gaps of your lips when you suddenly went beyond the length you were already taking, letting his cock reach further into your mouth and stopping when his tip brushed against your throat. changbin let out a louder moan then, the softness of your uvula poked by his tip and making his mind shatter.
"shit, baby, ugh!" he groaned, his hand flying to your hair and grabbing a fistful of it. he tugged at your scalp, unable to control his movement when his dick was engulfed by the warmth of your mouth.
you pulled away after a quick second of deep-throating him, but you didn't let yourself pop away for air. instead, your lips sucked at the skin of his tip when you reached dangerously up, and before you continued by taking him in your mouth and bobbing your head along his shaft again, you let the droll hanging by the tip of your tongue roll out the mouth.
the wetness dripped down his cock, a feeling changbin never knew he would take such notice of, but he has grown as an obsession for you that he'd memorized the feeling of your saliva on his skin. and he certainly would have this moment memorized as well—your mouth taking most of him while your hands stroked where your mouth couldn't reach, and your eyes getting all wide and teary whenever your nose hit the base.
he was bucking his hip into you soon, wanting to go at a pace he liked. his hands spread across your head, pulling your hair out of your face while semi holding you in place, but still giving you the freedom to move as much as he could. he knew he wasn't going to last much longer, the tension in his abdomen was building him up to an eventual release he wasn't sure if he was to empty himself in your mouth yet.
you could sense his silent impatience. anytime you were to pull your lips to the tip, he would thrust his hip up to your face, wanting you to take him back in. and each time, after you quickly swirled your tongue around his soft tip, you'd listen to his pleas and take him in your mouth again. it was all rinse and repeat—suck and lick, up and down. until his grip on your hair tightened with a hoarse groan, and you felt immobilized under his hands.
changbin squeezed his eyes shut at the feeling, his head thrown back slightly as he lightly thrusted into your mouth to chase after his release. his cock pulsated, his skin moving as he shot his hot cum into your mouth with an uncontrollable moan.
you coughed at the taste, finding them unpleasant to swallow. when he finally pulled out of you, you coughed, and his cum trailed out with your saliva, dripping down your chin alluringly as you looked up at changbin as an instinctive response.
his chest heaved as his eyes flashed with a sex-crazed affection. he couldn't even care whether you swallowed all of him or not. the view of your lower face covered with white wetness—his cum—was so devastatingly sexy. and the way they dripped and rolled down your breast made him insides twitch.
he felt like he got a recharge, and he could go on and on, he could stay inside you for the entire night.
changbin moved his hand up from the nape of your neck, caressing the side of your head with a much gentler approach, almost in a praising effort. he smiled at you, endeared. "such a good girl... such a good girl for me."
you held down a beam, but the quirk at your lips still flashed shyly upon his praise. changbin watched you with care, his eyes hazing out as his lids dropped in a tender manner. you have always been such a sight for sore eyes, he knew, but he had no idea he could love looking at someone so much—just looking and nothing else. no hands, no words, just the eyes and the glorious view of you.
and it was enough for him, it really was.
you turned your head to kiss his palm after a moment of silence. and your body swayed for a bit, side to side, until your head laid itself on his inner thigh. you looked up at him, your eyes yearning as you glanced between his face and his glistening cock. the pout on your face, and the slow gliding of your hands, were suggesting something, something big.
he shivered out an exhale, anticipating what you had in mind.
standing up slowly, you returned to your previous position where you straddled him on the chair. changbin helped you navigate around, keeping you ground on his lap as you found a better position. you kissed him in the meanwhile, your hips moving awkwardly as your lips kept the weak man occupied. until you could finally grind down on his length, you kept his busy with the swipes of your tongue.
changbin gasped when he felt the shape of your heat against his shaft, rubbing for friction and warmth, asking to be pounded and abused. he pulled away, his eyes wide at your pink cheeks, and you could only hug him closer by the neck, a slight grin escaping your lips.
"i can keep going..." you said, laying your head on his shoulder and burying your face to his neck as you ground against his abdomen. a moan left your lips, high and whiny, and you begged. "i want to be fucked, daddy, please."
woah. where the hell did you learn to say something like that? not that he didn't enjoy it, he was just very shocked to hear such words leave with your sweet voice attached to them! and also very, very turned on. unexplainably turned on.
"did you just call me daddy?" he muttered out, pushing your away so he could see your face.
you pursed your lips and nodded. you never knew the term could be used in a bedroom before. albeit you found it quite fascinating at first, but after digging a little deeper into it, you started wondering if changbin would be one to enjoy the use of that title. it was a slip of the tongue, you didn’t plan to say it, but judging by the look on his face, he didn’t seem to oppose it either.
“yes… daddy."
he could only laugh.
big mistake.
you yelped when he stood up, his hands clenching your waist to hoist you up with him. he reached one hand over this desk, impatiently swiping the papers and books off the floor so he could sit you tight on the surface. he pushed your back against the table, his chest pressed against yours and his hands on both your waist and your arm, holding you down.
you couldn't find a trace of softness in his eyes now. they have gone dark and lidded, the way you have never seen him look at you before. his hand snuck through your body, trailing along your torso and meeting at your neck. his hand fit around the bone perfectly, giving you just a good enough squeeze to make you gasp.
"now where the fuck did you learn that, baby girl?" he whispered close to your jaw, a smile on his face.
you wanted to answer, but his hand was dancing down your body, quickly and energetically, and your mind simply vanished when it met at the hem of your lace pantie. changbin watched you carefully, with a hint of anticipation, as he slipped the tip of his fingers beneath the soft fabric. you pursed your lips, heart beating excitedly as his hand inched further and further down until his hand was cupping your pussy.
his curled his middle finger, making the tip trail along your wetting slit and dipping into your hole just slightly out of tease. your hand flew up to grab his arm, your eyes rolling down to stare at him; you weren’t stopping him, but you always couldn’t do anything but wait for his next move, so you just looked ahead, unmoving.
“ever been fingered before?” changbin asked suddenly, his cheek leaning against your covered breast as his fingers teased your entrance. 
“not even by yourself?” 
“just once–“ you gasped at the stretched out feeling when he slowly slid his middle finger inside. your legs trembled at the sudden intrusion, surprised, but changbin made sure to keep them open by pushing himself between your legs. 
this was not a new feeling—well, not new per se. you have fingered yourself once before, out of plain curiosity after changbin suggested the idea of sex to you when you two were discussing your give-and-take  relationship. but you could barely get past the first several shoves of your fingers before you had to pull yourself out and wash away the filth sticking to your hands. 
you had been too shy to do it yourself, and thus never once felt the true pleasure of having your walls rubbed with the delicacy of the human hands. therefore, when changbin began to pump his middle finger in and out of your wet heat, you could barely contain the shocked whimpers he was eliciting out of you. and the quicker they did it, the more he began to stretch you out with the insert of his fourth finger, his thumb rubbing circles on your clit, the more you shivered at his touch.
he laughed to himself at the way you gasped when he spread his two fingers inside you, stretching you out and gathering your juices on his skin. he was getting you prepped and ready for his cock, making sure you were all wet and slippery before he could safely slide himself inside you. yet, even though it was still just simple foreplay, you managed to give him such lovely reactions. 
“you feeling okay, hmm?” leaning up to your face, he asked in a huff before kissing your lips, muffing your incoming moans as he sped up the pace of his hands.
the squelching sounds became more audible from beneath your hips, making your ears perk up when you realized how wet you have become. changbin smirked at your expression, so hopeless and weak, and he asked, “daddy’s making you feel good, isn’t he?”
you nodded, focusing on the way his fingers moved in your, thrusting against your walls and adding pressure to your weak spots. "yes–yes... daddy is making–ahh!"
he placed a hand in your hip, forcing you down when your body jolted from the sudden head-rush of an approaching orgasm. he watched your face scrunch up, moans leaving your lips in splits and ragged breaths, and all he could feel was satisfaction. for how long has he yearned for this sight? for how long has his mind been infiltrated with the imaginary image of your naked body?
it was all under his fingertips now, everything about you.
he could feel your release approaching with the tightening of your walls, and that excited him, but instead of bringing you over the edge, he paused his movements and pulled out of you instead.
you went down from your almost high, your eyes snapping open at the ceiling and your head lowering to look at changbin. his fingers glistened with your essence, causing everything you wanted to say to him to fly out of your head. you watched him, wondering what he was planning to do with it as he raised it to face level.
"sorry about that. i promise all i want to do tonight is to make you cum," he said, bringing you closer to the edge of his desk with one hand harsh against the lower side of your ass. "but if you're gonna do that, i'd rather you do it around my cock."
your faces were close once again, but instead of kissing you like you thought he would do, he moved his hand up to your face and tapped your bottom lip with his wet fingers. you reluctantly parted your mouth for him, and he slowly slipped his fingers between, reaching in for your tongue and resting his fingers there.
"suck, baby girl," he demanded softly.
you listened to him, your lips wrapping around his fingers and you began to lightly suck on them. you hollowed your cheeks, tasting yourself on him as you let out tiny, silky moans between the action. changbin gave himself a second to watch your blissful face, the rounding of your lips a replica of when you had them wrapped around his cock.
his arousal twitched, horny and impatient. taking notice of it, he finally broke away from looking at you and stood forward. his hand left your ass to move to your lace pantie, and after giving the hem a few gentle tugs, he grabbed a firm hold of the weak fabric and tore it down in a swift motion. it broke at the side, the coverage dropping off your body and the front half of it falling off the edge of the table.
changbin looked down at your naked cunt, his eyes flashing with red lust immediately. leaving the broke undergarment underneath you, he moved his hand down to his cock where he pumped his length a few times before he positioned at your entrance without any notice.
when you felt his tip against your hole, you gave his fingers an abrupt suck, surprise ridding your body. changbin gently pulled his hand out of your mouth then, his face getting much closer to yours where he could judge his nose against yours gently.
he kissed the corner of your mouth, his dry thumb stroking your jaw. "are you sure you want to do this?" was all that he asked.
you scrunched your nose up into a smile, bumping your forehead against his when you nodded in agreement. "yes."
"okay," he took a deep breath, "this is going to hurt, so tell me to stop if it's too much."
you grinned, laughing your playful laugh that he adored. "yes, daddy."
he smirked—adorable. just when he thought he couldn't love you more. "good girl."
with that said, he carefully laid you on your back, pushing away anything that could be in the way before he moved down to you just for the sake of keeping you close to him. and he slowly and surely tried to ease himself into you.
you felt the tremor from your chest increase when your hole greeted his cock, finding the stretch unfamiliar and uncomfortable due to his astonishing size. your grip on his clothed arms tightened as he moved, pushing himself further inside you with suppressed groans of pleasure.
he thought he could control himself and wait, but you have proven to him time and time again that his self-control may not be as good as he coined it to be. especially now, when your tight walls suffocated his cock with such delicious pressure, he couldn't help but let his mind wander to a territory where he abandoned his sanity and allow himself to fuck you immediately solely to satisfy himself.
oh, but he could never do that. he could never prioritize himself over you. everything he does was for you now, from the workplace to the bedroom, everything has to cater to you now.
"are you okay? does it hurt?" he asked after he has himself stuffed inside you. placing his hand on your cheek, he hovered closely over your face and smooched your eyes. "are you feeling okay, baby?"
"yeah, it just–" you laughed, moving your head to shake off the breathlessness. as painful as it had been, the stretch was fascinating to feel, and it felt strangely good to be so full. "it hurts a little but i'm fine, you can keep going."
changbin moved slowly from the start, wanting nothing more than for you to adjust to him. he knew that if you wanted more, you would ask for it, and there would be tell-tale signs from your face and your actions that tell him exactly what you wanted. it hasn't been a terrible lot of such intimacy happening between you both—actually, this was the first time, but he has got you down at the back of his palm, from the scrunch of your face to the hiss from your throat.
changbin has got you memorized, like everything else he has ever cared about, like your paintings and your coffees. and being inside you now, hearing as your discreet pants slowly turn into loud, euphoric moans, feeling as his cock rub sensually along your walls to scratch up a heat that could never rival that of his affection, he knew he loved you.
he has learned to love you, just as you have learned to love him. and he wanted to continue to do so for as long as you allow him, he would be ready to do that whenever you are.
your hands began to fumble around his body, unsure of their duty and therefore aiming for the one thing you wanted the most. your fingers worked clumsily, popping the buttons of his shirt one by one, two by two, until most of his chest was exposed. you let out a giddy laugh when you could see the traces of his pecs and the smooth skin of his tummy, feeling rather drunk on the pleasure and more so on fascination.
"you have a little tummy, bin, haha!"
he looked down, not realizing you had opened his buttons. when he looked back up at you, there was laughter on his face and he reached up to pinch your cheek as he bit lower lip in embarrassment. "when did you do that, hmm?"
"like... a second ago...?" you replied, "but awe, that's very cute. i'm gonna kiss your tummy later."
and you would blow raspberries on his skin, and he would laugh, and you two would just be on the bed as any other lovers would.
changbin felt more than just adored at this point. growing up focusing on his father's business and expanding his studies to keep up with his father's expectations, even though he has always been a friendly one, he was never able to gain the romantic life he always longed for. the people he likes either don't like him for who he is, or he doesn't have feelings for those who do.
you were a miracle. you were his miracle. how did you land on his hands so delicately?
he kissed you when he decided to pick up his previously slower speed. the spur of sudden endearment made him want to give it all to you, and he wanted nothing more than to feel you quiver around him in a haze. moving his lips down your neck to give you space for your sweet noises, his hands moved to fumble with your bra, slipping them off below your ribs and exposing your round breasts to him.
you moved your legs with a jolt when he wordlessly began planting bruises across your breasts, but something told you he was beginning to a deeper part of you and spreading such electrifying flow across your body.
the scrape of his teeth was a frighteningly joyful sensation, the thought of him sucking hickeys in your chest for both of your to see also was a newfound thrill you never thought you'd enjoy.
everything he was doing brought you over the moon and back. his strong thrusts built up tension at your abdomen, and his kisses adding to the pleasure you were already feeling from his cock hitting against your sweet spot. your moans became shameless, your hands longed for more to touch, and your words were bold as you asked him for more, more, and more.
"oh god, changbin–changbin, right there," you squeezed his arms, "please, more, give me more."
your feminine, sultry voice made his head swoon, and he could do not anything else but to oblige you. he couldn't even bring it in himself to care about the sudden loss of his bedroom title, his name sounded awfully lovely in your voice.
a curse flew past your lips when he placed his elbow next to your head, his body leaning down for leverage so he could better utilize his lower body. he snapped his hips into yours, listening to your pleads and increasing his pace as you asked. you moaned and moaned against his ears, and your body hugged him tightly to you, making him feel engulfed and warm.
"bin, bin, i feel close–ahh!" you patted his shoulder, your breasts moving against his chest.
"good," he hummed, holding your hands down to your side as an instinctive response. "cum around me when you want to, just let go."
the taste of your skin etched against his lips as he kissed your neck during the last of your endurance. his pounded into you, his strength immeasurable along with the tightening of your walls, and you were falling apart in seconds.
changbin groaned, his eyes rolling up when you pulsated around him. the euphoric scream of his name went straight into his head, repeating and repeating itself to get him off. he snapped his hips into yours, feeling his own high approaching as your walls continue to tighten down on him as the aftermath of your first orgasm.
"oh, fuck–" he cursed, feeling a ting on his tip so he pulled out immediately.
your cum slipped out at the action, a watery noise accompanying the slip of your cum trailing out your pussy. you watched as he pumped himself, his length glimmering with your filthy essence and staining his hands once again. knowing what he wanted to do, you quickly sat up and gently pushed him a step back.
changbin looked at you as you got down on your knees in front of him, your hands replacing his own to rub along his length for him. your hands were slippery as you watched him with wide, blazing eyes. and, the more he breathed with heavy exhales, you finally picked your time to reach up to take him in your mouth again, the bitter taste of yourself more permanent this time as you had just came around him.
he cursed out loud at and tilted his head sideways at the feeling of your warm mouth around his cock, his hands meeting at the back of your head while he slowly rocked his hip into your mouth. you focused on his tip, swiping your tongue along his slit and hallowing your cheeks around the sensitive bud. it didn't take long before he emptied himself in your mouth again, his cock going limp against your tongue as you swallowed around his tip.
you pulled away with a pop, a saliva string stretching between your mouth and his tip, only disappearing when you wiped your mouth to clean yourself up.
changbin slumped against his chair then, exhausted from the high he felt. his eyes moved to your knelt form, and he softened. opening his arms, he nudged his head toward you and said, "come here, baby."
you stood up, feeling the faint soreness between your legs but continuing to walk toward him anyway. he pulled you to his lap when you were close enough, your legs straddling his hips once again, but this time without the arousal interrupting the moment despite your bare skin touching.
you laid your cheek on his shoulder, with your face turned toward his neck and your arms around his waist. changbin stroked your hair despite the drying wetness on his hand, his eyes hazy as he stared ahead of him.
"you did so well, baby," he praised after a moment, "thank you for letting me be your first."
you smiled, shaking your head slightly. "i should thank you for taking care of me, just then and for so long."
"you don't have to," he mumbled, tilting his head so he leaned against you. "i wanted to do that."
you pursed your lips to let out a hoarse hum. the sleepiness was taking over you slowly, and despite your burning desire to talk more, you could fight the urge to fall asleep against his chest and his protective arms. therefore, rubbing your cheek on his shoulder, you looked up and mumbled, "i want to sleep."
"oh?" he chuckled. "are you sure you don't want to take a shower first? i can run you a bath."
"sleep first," you yawned, adjusting your position before fully letting yourself slump against his figure.
he caught you in his strong arms by wrapping them around your small figure. his chest heaved along with yours, feeling your breath in silence with him, and he gave you a very tiny nod in agreement.
"okay," he said, caressing your arms. "rest well, baby."
and he would be here when you wake up.
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jeonqqin · 5 months ago
man up. [m] | pt. 9
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
h. jisung x reader | netflix rom-com au
Tumblr media
— ❝Even with classes, annoying brothers, and an unrequited crush, you still figured your first year of college was going pretty well. Until you managed to get your first boyfriend, and suddenly your brother and his stupidly attractive best friend were attached to your hip for the whole damn ride.
or alternatively;
Why did Jisung care about you so much, and had his eyes always been that pretty?❞
CONTAINS: brothers best friend au, teen rom-com au, sorta crack fic, love triangle au, college au
WARNINGS: angst, language, domestic problems, yelling, rebellious teens, sibling love(?), sad changbin :(
A/N: almost four months since I updated but hey it’s here now!
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CHAPTERS:  01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 +
Tumblr media
blog masterlist | ⟲ fic song
Tumblr media
© jeonqqin 2020
Tumblr media
The fabric of your jeans irritated the skin of your legs as you walked down the street, your arms wrapping tightly around your middle in order to conserve as much heat as you could. You couldn’t remember the last time you took an impulsive stroll, but you knew for sure that the last time it wasn’t freezing. Perhaps it made you thankful that the surface of your skin felt numb, at least you couldn’t feel the cold prickling your skin. A shower—you needed a shower.
Maybe if you scrubbed off the lingering touch that Jisung left behind, you would be able to sleep peacefully. Maybe you needed someone else to replace the constant reminder of his hands. 
Or maybe you were simply being a big baby, and whining over something miniscule. 
As you walked down the street, the familiar feeling of regret creeped up your spine. While you were blinded by rage and shame, you had walked a whole block before realizing that you were crying with your jeans in your arms, so you quickly—and shamefully—slipped your uncomfortably tight pants on in the middle of the street. You were just grateful that no one had driven by while you were in the midst of your tantrum. 
You passed the same swings from before, your eyes briefly flickering over the black seat before retreating back to the pavement. That night was simple, it just felt so much easier to call Chan and talk until your mind was blank, but you couldn’t do that anymore. You would feel too guilty to pull him back into your life, simply because you knew he would come without a second thought. Of course you missed him—you missed how easy it was to confess to him. 
You knew you would in the end. 
At the sound of your name, your foot slipped off the edge of the sidewalk, causing you to stumble into the road, watching as the pavement in front of you lit up with the piercing white of headlights. You spun around, your balance still tilted and your head suddenly spinning as the thought of being hit by a car ran through your mind. But instead of feeling the impact of the car, you noticed it parked at your side. 
“What the hell are you doing?”
The sound of the engine turning off had your heart rate spiking, but not in the same way it did when you thought you were getting run over. You knew he wasn’t happy, the harsh slam of his door being your main clue since his face was void of any emotion. But you’d known Changbin long enough to recognize his anger. 
“I’m—Why’re you here?” You asked hurriedly, casting your gaze down at your bare feet. 
Damn, leaving your favorite sneakers at Jisung’s place definitely wasn’t your smartest move. 
“Fucking God, Y/n,” Changbin took large strides to you, his fingers clasping around your upper arms and tugging you forward. His brows creased in a unique way that only Changbin could manage, and his eyes darted around your form, taking in everything before zeroing in on the mess that was probably made along your neck. “Tell me what happened. Now.”
And the way his eyes grew soft had you finally melting, your eyes sore and suddenly overflowing with tears once again. But you didn’t care if Changbin saw them, because you knew he wouldn’t pity you or make you feel disgusting. 
Changbin always knew exactly what to say—but this time, he didn’t say anything. 
You never knew how safe Changbin’s arms were until they were holding you to his chest. He was mostly muscle, but he was warm and his shirt felt soft against your wet cheek. You held him as tight as you could and focused on nothing else, never even noticing as he hoisted you up and wrapped your thighs around his thin waist. Changbin somehow could make you feel both secure and small at the same time, he always had. And in that moment, you needed his comfort desperately. 
You pressed your heated forehead against his neck, adding to the list of things you soaked with your tears. 
“Bin, I—”
But you were stopped by his shushing, his hands squeezing your thighs. So, you shut your mouth and let your heavy lids fall shut as well. He wanted you to calm down, and you knew it was in your best interest to do so. But there was something heavy pushing against your chest, and you were very afraid of what it was. 
You could feel his muscles shift as he carefully maneuvered you around so he could slide into the driver’s seat with you perched on his lap. Granted it wasn’t the most comfortable position, but you needed the warmth of his chest against yours so you opted to stay put. You rested your head on his shoulder and he easily reached around you to take the wheel, it was a dangerous position to drive in but neither of you cared in the slightest. 
With one hand on the ignition and the other stroking your back gently, Changbin started the car. 
“Where to, sweetheart?”
Sweetheart, huh?
Changbin only paused for a second before you felt a sigh against your chest. “You know who's there, right?”
Humming, you nodded against his neck, quickly pushing away the feeling of your rapid heartbeat increasing. 
“Okay, then…”
The car accelerated and for the rest of the ride, Changbin said nothing. But the ride was smooth and his cologne was warm, keeping the beating of your heart steady. You had ridden this path many times, so each turn was familiar, but it was still vague in your mind. 
Changbin shifted at the halfway mark, his lap moving from under you and somehow bringing your bodies closer and allowing you a more comfortable perch. His thighs seemed restless, but his head leaned against yours and a breath left his lips. You could physically feel his stress leaking out with the warmth of his body, and you immediately knew what he was so jittery about. He was anxious to hear what happened from you, and he was holding himself back from asking. 
He didn’t want to push you like last time. 
You turned your head to look at the shadows against his neck before sighing, “Hey, Bin?” 
Changbin hummed, almost too quickly. 
“Don’t worry, okay?” You paused to gauge his reaction, feeling his chest tense from under you. “I’m fine.”
And again, he hummed, but then he dragged his palm up your back, and that was all you needed to know that it was really okay. 
It didn’t take much longer to get back to the appartement, but you still felt yourself drifting off to the steady rumble of the tar beneath the wheels. It was only when Changbin put his car in park and the above lights shined in your eyes that you stirred, tugging Changbin even closer in an attempt to avoid the intrusive yellow glow. 
He chuckled, squeezing your side. “Come on, sweetheart. Let’s get inside.” He proceeded to open the door, sliding you out first—much to your childish protesting—and then following behind. Though, even after putting you down, his hand remained on the small of your back, gently pushing you to the overall destination. 
Every movement was taken as a blur in your eyes, familiar things passed, but you couldn’t see them. You knew the feeling of the stairs under your feet, despite not remembering going up them, all you could focus on was the touch of Changbin’s hand. Which you figured was better than overthinking everything again and ultimately hating yourself, ultimately you were glad that it was so easy to let go of it all. Eventually, the two of you made it inside the apartment, and everything from before started to be forgotten.
Until you took one step inside and locked eyes with Chan. 
“Uh…” he hummed, eyes flickering between you and Changbin. Even though he was only wearing his typical sweatpants and a sweatshirt, he looked nice. He also carried his laptop against his hip, and held a bowl of whatever was made for dinner. “Y/n… A-Are you okay?”
With a watery smile, you looked to your feet. Changbin then gently nudged you forward. 
“Yeah, Chan. I’m okay.” 
What else was supposed to be said? You couldn’t change what happened, and you were too emotional to have a real talk with him. Besides, you knew what he really was asking—
What happened with Jisung?
He could tell by your puffy eyes and shaky legs that something was wrong. But him being Chan, he didn’t pry. Even when he so badly wanted to know if he needed to kill his friend or not. 
“She’s tired.” Changbin aided, sending Chan a sympathetic smile. “I’ll explain later, okay?” 
You wanted to cry again. 
Here you were, being coddled and treated like a little doll that needed to be protected. Everything you had said to Minho about being able to handle yourself was all suddenly a lie, and you absolutely hated it. Your brother was right all the damn time and it wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t you be competent enough to handle your own dumb feelings? Of course they were going to be there for you—Changbin, Chan and Minho were just waiting on the other side of a door to help you at all times. Even after hurting them and ignoring their heeding advice, they were still right there. You should’ve been happy to see that you always had a “safe place” no matter what. So, why did you feel so suffocated? 
The slam of a door paused your thoughts, the sting of tears in your eyes was relieved as a few slipped through and down your cheeks. 
Minho stood at the end of the hall, the door having swung open with so much force that you wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a hole in the wall behind the handle. He looked angry, his deep eyes watching you carefully as he took quick strides towards you. You felt Changbin tense, but his hand never left your back. 
Your brother sent his friend a quick glare before leaning to your height, his eyes searching yours. 
“Tell me what happened.” 
God, you really hated breaking down so much, but how could you stand there with a straight face while your big brother looked so inviting?
“Lino, I—” you choked, vision cloudy once again. Your head was starting to hurt due to the amount of crying you had been doing, only adding to the stress of the night. You were such a cry baby. “I’m sorry, I—”
“No.” Minho then grabbed you, tugging you harshly against his sweater covered chest. “Do not fucking apologize.” He growled, the vibration of his words ringing against your cheek. 
Minho had always loved taking care of you. He wanted to be your knight in shining armor that raced to your defense at any sign of danger, and he had been while you were growing up. But the older you got, the less you needed your knight, and the more he missed his baby sister. Minho used to love feeling you run into his arms, your arms wrapping tightly around him as you sobbed against his chest. 
But there was something about the way you cried this time that had him feeling sick. 
Changbin sighed before tugging Chan by the arm, guiding the elder into their recording room as Minho practically scooped you up and brought you into his room. No matter how many boys fell victim to your smile, nobody would ever love you more than Minho already did. The day Changbin met you, there was always something special between you and your brother, but he knew it was consuming. Minho was definitely obsessive as the result of his blistered childhood, and that caused him to desperately cling onto you. 
There was something dangerous about how much Minho involved himself in your love life—Changbin tried not to think too hard about it. 
Tumblr media
You scrubbed violently at the skin of your thighs, the scorching heat of the water burning off the regrets of the night. 
After pulling you into his room, Minho tried to stuff you into his clothes immediately. But you paused his attempt in favor of taking a shower—you needed to rid your skin of the layer of filth that made you want to squirm. Though he was pouting, Minho let you go with a kiss to your temple. 
But the time alone felt strange, you just stood under the poorly pressurized spray of water with nothing but your thoughts. Your head wasn't where you wanted to be in that moment, so despite the hot water feeling nice, you rushed the shower. Even when you wanted to remove your last layer of skin with soap, it wasn’t worth the anxiety that was going to take over the moment you let your mind wander. 
You just watched the water go down the drain, nothing more. 
“Y/n? Are you almost done?”
Feeling panic run up your spine, you peeked around the shower curtain to see your brother standing at the door with an innocent look on his devious face. You squawked, “Minho?! Get out!”
He faltered for a second, eyebrows raising as he held up a set of clothes. “Come on, Y/n. We literally used to bathe together, calm down.”
“When we were little!”
Minho scoffed. “It’s not like you’ve changed since then.”
Huffing, you closed the curtain and turned off the water. “Whatever. Just leave the clothes on the counter.”
He did as he was told, snickering in victory as he placed the nicely folded sweatshirt and sweatpants on the sink. Minho tapped the shower curtain, smirking when you yelped, swatting at his hand and making the curtain rustle. 
“Get out!”
Minho shook his head at your whining, a fond smile slipping onto his lips. 
“I’m going—I’m going.” He hummed, closing the door behind him. The humidity of the bathroom left his skin slick and hot, but it was worth making you lighten up, so he ignored the stifling feeling and returned to his bedroom. 
He practically fell back onto his bed, relishing in the softness of his comforter. Minho had just gotten back from practice when you showed up, and thankfully he had enough time to take a shower and change out of his sweaty clothes, but he was dead tired. Maybe that was why he wasn’t raising hell about you coming to his house looking messy with tears dripping down your cheeks. Of course he was angry, but he couldn’t muster enough energy to yell and hunt down the person who made you so upset. All he could do was comfort you, and it burned a painful hole in his chest to think that he couldn’t do more. 
He turned his head, watching you shuffle into the room wearing his clothes that nearly swallowed you. You looked so soft, and Minho suddenly felt twice as tired. 
He smiled, holding out his hand for you. “Come here.”
You slowly stepped forward, closing the door behind you, then took his larger hand in yours. It was comforting to hold your brother’s hand, his palm was warm and enveloped yours entirely. With a content sigh, Minho pulled you into his arms and tucked you securely between him and his bed. He was heavy, but the weight was somewhat nice. 
“Sleep here tonight.”
Your head tilted up to look at Minho, his head rested on the same pillow that yours was on, his eyes already watching you. The breath in your chest halted at the piercing look he gave you, it was almost scary how deep it looked like it could cut. Minho was still angry. 
You sighed. “Yeah. Okay, Lino.” 
Your words seemed to placate him, his arms pulling you even closer as he shifted to lay on his side beside you rather than continue to crush you. But that didn’t mean the point of contact lessened, his arms made sure you were securely glued to his chest.
“Stop dating.” Minho grunted, shoving his face into your neck. “You don’t need a stupid boyfriend when you have me.”
His comment made you heat up. How could he say something like that so casually? 
“Gross. You’re my brother, Minho.” You said, followed by a nervous laugh. 
He pulled away and you gulped, his eyes were drilling into you again. “So? What’s so amazing about having a boyfriend anyway?” Minho asked, face void of any of his usual mirth. “All they do is hurt you and make you cry.”
Looking away from him, you processed what exactly he was saying. He wasn’t completely wrong after all. 
“I don’t know,” you whispered, eyes searching the ceiling. “It just feels nice to be wanted by someone, I guess.”
Minho stayed silent for a moment, his expression impossible to read. You hadn’t had a conversation with him about such deep things for a long time, since usually your interactions were fleeting and full of jokes. To be honest, the two of you hadn’t been very close since you were kids. Nothing outside of your little world mattered to either of you, but after high school began, both Minho and Jisung drifted down their own path as you found your own friends.
“Wow,” Minho laughed humorlessly. “Hearing you say that… actually makes me angry.”
Shooting him a confused expression, you couldn’t help but analyze his conflicted expression. “What do you mean—?”
Your voice dies in your throat at the sharp glare he sent you. It was hard to forget that Minho had spent a good chunk of his childhood holding up his fists—whether it was for your sake or not. 
“You’re telling me that you have no idea how many people are absolutely obsessed with you?” Minho’s brow raised, shifting his weight onto his forearms. 
You gaped, cheeks burning. 
“Wh… what?”
His stern glare was only inches away from your face, and you could practically feel his breath. You really didn’t want to make Minho any angrier, but you also really wanted to know more about this everybody being absolutely obsessed with you thing. So you looked back, eyes confused but not yet scared. He would only stop if there was no reaction given, as you had learned by watching his interactions with Chan over the past few weeks. 
There was a deep grumble from Minho’s throat as his eyes burned harshly into yours, and you almost felt yourself letting up.
He was very close.
Minho’s jaw clenched. Just when you thought he was going to call your bluff, he sharply sighed, flopping onto his back with an unmistakable furrow to his brow. 
“You’re an idiot.”
You finally glared back at your brother. “And you’re an asshole.”
Minho smiled, watching the ceiling as you had before. You joined him.
“They love you, Y/n.”
You blinked, but you didn’t look away from the ceiling. “Who?”
He chuckled. “Everyone, dummy.”
Finally, your frown relaxed, a somewhat self indulgent idea coming to your head. Maybe you knew what he was saying, but how could anyone ever assume that?
“I didn’t know…?” You asked, unsure of your own words. “It’s really everyone, though?”
Minho scoffed. “As far as I know.”
“Felix? Changbin?” You felt lightheaded as he nodded, the shift of the blankets around him creating the only ambiance. “God… Seungmin?”
You paused. It was far-fetched and there was a lot of wistful thinking that came with the idea, but you could only wonder… 
“Even y—?”
“Don’t let it go to your head.”
For a moment, you didn’t know how to react. Since Minho was never someone who expressed his real feelings openly, it left a strange ache in your chest to hear him admit just how much he loved you. He didn’t say it directly—he never did—but it was just as powerful. No one could understand that like you could, and that was exactly why Minho loved you so much. You knew who he was, and that was all he ever wanted from someone. 
It was why he could never love anyone more than you.
“The tin man really does have a heart.”
“No.” He flicked your forehead, his cheeks turning red. “Die.”
Giggling, you nudged his shoulder, feeling the slight vibration of his laugh. “Okay, whatever you say, Lino.” 
The two of you laid there for what felt like hours, and at one point you were even convinced that Minho had fallen asleep. But then he began to play with your fingers, and you couldn’t help but smile. He used to do the same thing when the two of you were younger, it was his way of grounding himself. Naturally, Minho was a very physically affectionate person, and you learned that the small touches were everything to him. 
You cleared your throat, feeling it crackle with overuse. 
“So… you’re afraid of Chan huh?”
He snorted, pinching the skin of your hand. “Say that any louder and I’ll have to kill you.”
“You’re nothing without me.” 
Instead of a quip back, Minho stayed silent, a slow breath leaving his lungs. 
“That’s true.”
“Minho, I didn’t mean—”
“It’s okay.” He hummed, tucking you further into his side. “I’m here for you tonight, so let’s not talk about all my problems.”
“You’re always there for me.” You snapped, your tone catching him off guard. 
“As a big brother should be—”
You broke, all of the pent up emotions and exhaustion finally catching up to you. It wasn’t fair. “Minho you’re only two years older than me. You don’t have to be The Big Brother all the time.”
Minho froze, his eyes wide as he watched lights dart across the ceiling from the occasional passing vehicle. Neither of you could see each other’s faces, and it was acting as a wall. You could say everything you wanted as long as you didn’t look into his eyes, and Minho could wear his heart on his sleeve without worrying about someone witnessing it. 
“You never tell me if you’re upset.” You choked, voice raw. “When you broke your leg last year and couldn’t go to your dance competition, you were upset about that right?”
“Well, sure. But—”
“You never told me.” You interrupted, silencing him. “Or when your girlfriend broke up with you because you were ‘too detached’? You never told me you were upset then.”
“How did you even—?”
He still had no idea. 
“You never tell me how you’re doing or what’s going on in your head.” Then you turn to him, lifting yourself up on your forearms to look down at him. His eyes widened when they met yours. “You never tell me anything, and I want to listen to you. I want to hear you scream and yell about how life fucking sucks, and I want to be there to agree with you! I want to hug you while you cry and tell you that everything is going to feel like shit for awhile… I want to have a chance at being a sister, Lino.”
Minho wanted to curse and scream when he felt the disgusting sting at the back of his eyes. He hated crying—he hated people seeing him cry even more so. But with the way you sweetly took his hand in yours and stared at him with your pretty round eyes, it was almost impossible for him to hold it in. He couldn’t cry in front of you. 
He couldn’t. 
But then you smiled, and it was like he was seeing the sun for the first time. 
His lip wobbled for a moment before he sniffed, tugging you into him. But it was different from earlier when you needed him to hold you. This time, his head was shoved into your shoulder, his heavy breath hot against your neck. His embrace didn’t feel like it had before. 
For the first time in your life, you were seeing Minho break away right in front of you. 
In that moment, your big brother was small in your arms. 
“I’m sorry, Y/n—I’m so sorry.”
You ran your fingers through his hair as the feeling of wetness seeped through your sweater. Minho’s body shook. “I know, Lino.”
Tumblr media
You urged yourself to go deeper into your homework as you heard another bang from downstairs, shouting automatically following. Your eyes rolled, but you still felt discomfort sizzle against your skin. It was routine whenever your mother insisted on bringing someone home. 
After years of the same result, you had no idea why she continued to bring new men to the house. She changed nothing about her approach or her treatment of Minho, she just kept dragging these poor unsuspecting men into a trap whenever she felt hopeful. Nothing was going to change magically, and you knew your mother wasn’t stupid enough to believe that your brother’s trauma would resolve itself so easily. At least, you hoped she wasn’t. 
“We don’t want you here! Cant you fucking read a room, dude?” Minho screamed at the newest man, his tone just as demeaning as it always was. 
“Sweetheart, please…” Your mother started, her voice calm and pleading. But you knew it wasn’t enough to stop Minho—it never was. 
Minho scoffed, ignoring her completely. “Look, if you just want to use me and my sister to get closer to mom, you’re out of luck. You don’t need anything here.” 
There was a pause in the muffled voices, so you lifted your gaze from your homework and strained your ears. It was never good when it went quiet.
“Seriously, kid, don’t—”
“What? Too pussy to hit me?”
You sighed. Minho sure was good at instigating things. 
Standing from your bed, you masked your rush with a big inhale and quickly made your way downstairs to your mother’s rescue. You padded down the wooden staircase, eyes adjusting to the dark, and when you finally laid eyes on the scene, you weren’t surprised. Your mother was on the verge of tears, Minho was eye to eye to the man with a nasty glare, and of course the man looked ready to blow. Your brother always had the power to break even the most patient of men. 
“Minho, let’s go.” You beckoned in the softest voice you could muster. Over the years, you managed to master the art of calming your brother down and neutralizing the situation. 
Minho glared at you. 
“Please?” You hummed, batting your eyes. 
And with a frustrated huff, Minho stalked away from the two adults, leaving neither of them with a parting glance. He was quick to get to the stairs, his arm hooking around your shoulders and dragging you back upstairs. Minho’s act was a cry for attention, you knew that. But unfortunately no one else did, and they just chalked it up to be hormones. He didn’t want your mother to need anyone else but the two of you, and whenever she brought someone else in, that was exactly what Minho thought. He really had nothing against those guys—until they stepped through the threshold of your front door. 
Passing your room, Minho turned the light off and shut the door as he always did when he was upset. It was in his nature to clean and organize in order to settle his mind, but he would have to settle for the small things. His grip on you was tight as he led you into his room, it was much smaller than yours but it also had a skylight and you figured it was a fair trade. 
“Here,” Minho grabbed one of his few clean shirts from his drawer and tossed it to you. Even though you were already settled in your pajamas, Minho made a habit out of putting you in his clothes if he was upset. “I cleaned the sheets yesterday, so you can put away that face.”
“What face?” You scowled, holding the shirt to your chest. 
“That one.”
Rolling your eyes as Minho laughed, you shoved him out of his room and slammed the door. You could still hear his muffled snickers from the other side as you quickly changed. He would forever be a little bitch. 
“Hey, Lino!” You shouted as you straightened his shirt over your shoulders. “You can come back in!”
But he didn’t, and you heard nothing on the other side. 
You quickly opened the door, eyes darting around for Minho, but not being able to see anything in the dark. You whispered, “Minho?” 
Again, there was no answer. 
You quietly padded down the hall, peeking into your room and your mother’s, but still not seeing him. It was only when you made it to the end of the hall and glanced at the stairs that you saw him sitting at the top of the stairs, his eyes trained through the wooden bars. He was watching your mother and her new boyfriend as she consoled him with a hushed voice. She held his cheek and cooed soft, persuasive words while trying to calm the blistering man down. 
Your father was a good man during his life, but good men always held a few bad qualities—your father had a very short fuse. Over the years, your mother perfected the art of placating someone who was burning with rage. 
“Just breathe, honey. Minho will come around to you eventually.” 
He most definitely would not.
“Of course.”
You watched Minho as he grimaced at your mother’s words. He scoffed, “Of course, my ass…” 
There was nothing you could do. You couldn’t convince him. So you simply laid your head on his shoulder, tugging his arm into your grasp and just holding on. 
You were there for the long haul.
Tumblr media
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