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#steam updates
fe--ar · 3 years ago
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pinkuboa · 3 years ago
once again, the entire yume nikki fandom emerge from the cool damp place they were hiding in and scream loudly into the night like cicadas as they do erratically once a year.  
bless you all
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Hmm~! I wouldn’t mind an endless tycoon mode! I’d love to really polish up my pizzeria! And heck, a nicer Baby on my stage would just be perfect, don’t y’all think?
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fe--ar · 3 years ago
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pinkuboa · 3 years ago
the steam icon is so perfect
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it looks like she’s peering out a window pun! and hanging and judging our laptops.  “Sup?”
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gb-patch · 3 months ago
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The Step 3 DLC for Our Life: Beginnings & Always is officially out!
The day has finally come. Thank goodness. Spend even more time in the summer of young adulthood by doubling the amount of Moments available in Step 3.
This DLC will only work with Our Life Build 1.3 or higher. If you're still using build 1.2 or below, please let Steam update Our Life: Beginnings & Always or if you’re on Itch please redownload the base game/other DLCs you own.
-Steam (Windows and Linux) (Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android)
 We have a small sale going during launch week for all the DLCs and the soundtrack. Plus, there’s Steam and Itch Our Life Bundles where you can get all the stuff together for an even larger discount!
Unlocks 5 new Moments: Reflection, Late Shift, Serendipity, Boating, and Happiness
Includes new character sprite art, background locations, and 2 new CG images
Provides even more options for adding custom qualities to your character. Does your protagonist work at a local restaurant, the old public library, down at the mall, or are they unemployed?
Unlocks bonus scenes in the original Step 3 Moments and in the end of the game where what happened in these events is referenced and reflected on
Increases the overall playtime by multiple hours
If you’ve never played the game before, the base version is completely free! You can play it right now through Steam or Itch without purchasing any DLCs.
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Thank you so much for all of the patience and encouragement as we put together this expansion. It’s the longest one yet by far. We really hope it’ll be worth the wait ♡.
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felgnan · a year ago
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Happy Halloween everyone!
I returned with renewed vigor! (Nice back)
Halloween crates will be unpacked soon...
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mytimeatportia · 2 years ago
New Content Available Now! (v2.1)
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Hello Portians!
We're excited to announce that an update containing brand new content is available now! This update includes new side quests for Petra and Dr Xu, a new outfit and a new weapon.
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We have also added support for Korean and Turkish languages.
(Please note: we are still adding the finishing touches to this new language support)
Check out the full list of changes below!
Added an icon for the player's home on the map. The map will follow the position of this
Added ten more levels to the Deepest Ruin
Added a new weapon, 'Golden Staff', as a reward for going through the Deepest Ruin
Added side missions for Dr. Xu
Added side missions for Petra
Added the Monkey King clothing set
Added side missions for the Monkey King clothing set
Added a new hair style
Added initial Korean and Turkish language support
If the player carries out actions whilst holding their baby, the baby will be sent home.
Optimised the interaction distance between buildings and mounts
Optimised NPCs chore actions. They will now fuel machines and add feed for animals before it runs out
Optimised NPCs following the player. NPCs will teleport less often when the player is on a mount
Optimised English voiceover
Optimised some sound effects
Fixed the bug that character's Pa is unable to attend their wedding
Fixed the bug that a date would be interrupted when riding a mount
Fixed the bug that the baby will be dropped while the player character is restoring HP or SP
Fixed the bug that the competition time of Martial Arts Tournament final is not 90 seconds
Fixed the bug where the camera cannot be rotated if Vertical Synchronization is turned off
Fixed issues with the appearance of the map
Fixed the incorrect conversation when fullfilling Sonia's wish
Fixed the bug that voice of The gift from Aadit can't play
Fixed the bug that the player's spouse cannot attend their birthday party if there are too many attendees
Fixed the bug where the carpet in 'Chat Among the Grass' would disappear
Fixed some errors in the skills information
Fixed some map configuration issues
Fixed the bug causing the game to softlock when the player attends the Portia Land Run with a Robopig Rider
Fixed the bug that Ginger will not hold an umbrella on Starlight Island
Fixed the bug that QQ floats in the air while asleep
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ask-sillyvision · 2 years ago
Oki I know haven’t updated this blog in like forever because I will admit to being lazy and unmotivated-
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-Mod Mama
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tomcoletti · 3 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Digital painting commissions are now available for open enrollment!
Head-and-shoulder, waist-up, & full-body portraits start at 5, 7, & 9 hours, respectively, for plain backgrounds; additional hours required for complex backgrounds, multiple characters, or full scenes. Railroad, automotive, aviation, nautical, landscape, and industrial subjects are also available in a number of styles, all with impeccable detail!
To order, inquiries can be sent to Please include a description of your desired piece along with any pertinent reference images. Pricing is $15/hour, price quotes available upon inquiry.
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pinkuboa · 3 years ago
What if when the countdown ends it's just a cease and desist for all yume nikki fangames on that one page
Just one whole page of a legal document. Kikiyama's final joke on us before retiring in Tahiti with the cash they made from both merch and the upcoming lawsuit they'll file on us.
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otomechuchu · 3 years ago
Lost in Secular Love - update, soon
Tumblr media
I hope you haven’t forgotten this game? It’s a Chinese otome game that started being translated to English at the beginning of 2017.
Here’s a small update, so hopefully it will be out soon for those who can’t understand Chinese.
I guess it’s no surprise that I helped with this, but I am not biased in my opinion of the game. I still like it a lot, it has humor and more mature characters (and mature themes). The music is nice, the art is nice, and it’s fully voiced. Oh and the price is really low! There is also an artbook (70 pages of artwork, story and “interview”) and light novel (240 pages), and the theme song sung by the love interests (3 songs).
I’m mentioning the artbook because it is also being translated into English, and artbooks are always nice even if they aren’t translated.
Anyways, it’s almost finished so hopefully the wait won’t be too long. For now there are some technical issues, but translation and proofreading is finished.
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square-enix · 3 years ago
me: (restarts computer)
discord: xD hewwo!!! i can haz cheezburger?
origin: we will hold your family hostage until you update
steam: you’re offline now. you worthless piece of shit
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cosmicwoods · a year ago
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Tumblr media
art cred 2 @green-2-blue thank yew
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