hey-there-hunter · a day ago
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happier times
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thechastefreeballer · 2 days ago
i just need to let the people who make the plethora of absolutely incredible gifs and edits and screencaps know that y’all are making me go HHhhnnggNNGGGnnnggGGNnnNNGggngNG and grind my teeth so intensely it sounds like a construction site inside my skull for anywhere from two to six (2-6) hours a day and that i am kissing you all lovingly on each beautiful cheek after i unlock my jaw (particularly the collections containing touching gifs, longing gazes gifs, and especially the kiss gifs!)
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sweetsofmay · 2 days ago
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I saw this post and it got me thinking
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idk-anymore-dude · a day ago
Ed: You know, when you said you were magic in bed, this isn't what I had in mind.
Stede: *pulls out a card* Is this yours?
Ed: Holy shit!
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livelydiver · a day ago
Hi, I just read your fic 'such as they may be' and I think it is truly amazing and I just had to come here to tell you what an amazing time I had reading it. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us! (I also adore 'if sometimes in the haunts of men', the arc from liking to bottom to maybe what he likes even more is to be seen and loved really got to me)
And then I scroll through the notes and read this: 'I think the moral is this: that the essence of true love is friendship.' and I wanted to quote it here cause that's one of the things that make fanfic so very special - you read funny stories, sad stories, love stories, sexy stories, thoughtful stories, kinky stories, all kinds of amazing stories - and then sometimes you come across some deep words of wisdom that stick with you for a very long time, and that's so wonderful.
So yeah, sorry for that long ask. Thank you for sharing your writing, you rock <3
First off thank you so so much for this - your message was a gift <3
I'm really glad to hear that resonated. This is perfect:
that's one of the things that make fanfic so very special - you read funny stories, sad stories, love stories, sexy stories, thoughtful stories, kinky stories, all kinds of amazing stories - and then sometimes you come across some deep words of wisdom that stick with you for a very long time
YES. That's it, that's the essence of what's so beautiful and kind about OFMD and its fandom, the universe of things it can contain. I love hearing what it is about this show that makes someone feel seen, because the feeling seems universal, but the reason it feels that way is so varied and personal.
For me it's love as being fundamentally a perfect fucking friendship.
Sometimes friendship is used as a term that diminishes or contradicts romance--"they were just friends"--queer love in particular, of course, is so often dismissed as "just friendship."
But isn't it crazy, to frame friendship and love in opposition, when friendship is what it's all about? I fucking LOVE Stede and Ed's friendship. Those are the things that makes me say I know that story:
how it feels to meet someone and feel like you've been waiting for them all along
how it feels to crave them all day and night and realize your sexuality is this maniac, right here
the way even painful or boring work becomes fun and worthwhile, so long as you get to be with them
I could go on for ages - I want to sing it from the rooftops, sometimes.
And that's why my favorite line of the whole show is "Want to do something weird?" because YES, yes yes yes, that's it, that's true love! A friend who smiles and says yes to doing weird shit with you!
So many gorgeous works of fan fic and art capture that sentiment beautifully, but I particularly recommend the works of afterism (@onlylostphysics) and alsaurus (@ofmd-alsaurus) who are both writing earth-shatteringly sexy, funny, getting-weird-with-your-best-friend erotica of EXQUISITE caliber - because what's more gorgeous than the sex you can have with your best friend who always wants to do something weird with you??
If anyone has recs in the same vein, lay them on me, I beg you. Or if you're reading this hit me up with whatever other fan art/fic/meta/whatever you've been vibing on!
Thanks again for the love, friend.
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wanna-b-poet31 · 2 days ago
imagine in season 2 ed and stede are dueling “to the death” (or until the homoerotic emotional climax) and it’s juxtaposed to stede learning/teaching how to dance. 
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randomfandomss · 4 months ago
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cordiallyevicted · 4 months ago
"that kiss was awkward" "it has a bad angle" "they look so off" my brothers in christ they are two emotionally repressed middle aged men who had never known what romantic love is, did you think they would immediately be experts at making out 😭😭😭😭 this is actually perfect 😭🙏🏼🏴‍☠️
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valc0 · 3 months ago
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The unexpected intimacy of having a scar in the same position as your crush.
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trewepenny · 2 months ago
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I had to expound on my own post lol
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anarcki · 3 months ago
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very-feral-lesbian · 2 months ago
in honour of pride month i will once again say that it is always more realistic to have a group of queer friends with the token straight then the other way around
we flock together
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fourdogsinatrenchcoat · 4 months ago
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I watched Our Flag Means Death just like everybody else and I am of course obsessed
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hohnoni · 4 months ago
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tender pirates!!
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rhysiedarbs · 3 months ago
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Wait, wait, so you’re saying Blackbeard’s head... is made of smoke?
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nuizlaziart · 4 months ago
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anyone else thinking about lighthouses and suffering?
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namelesslegion · a month ago
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