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#steering wheel for boat
cecret-with-c · 9 months ago
Me: Fork, I forgot how this was said in English. I’ll just have to translate it.
Me: Wait, how was that said in Spanish?
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scalesandswords · a year ago
Tumblr media
Hey so uh here’s Captain Seebs. I just want him here cause I get way too attached to my little virtual pets in stuff. 
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captainkirkk · 2 years ago
I'm really sorry if this a dumb question - I've only followed you for a little while now and I keep seeing you answer asks about 'YouTuber!Midoriya' AU and 'OFA is known' AU, but I've read all your mha fic on ao3 and there aren't any stories about it, is it from a post or on a different platform?? Again, I'm really sorry if this is a stupid question with a very obvious answer that I should've known about. (I really like your fics, your writing style and sense of humour are so cool!!)
I haven’t written fic for either AU, they’re just fun AUs I speculate about with other people.
That being said, ‘OfA is known’ AU is special as a few people have written stuff for it. You can find some of those drabbles in the tag, and there have been a few fics published to ao3 that were inspired by my AU. First one that comes to mind is Future's History by Neelh on ao3.
But you can see how some of these AUs formed by finding the end of the AU tag, where the post or ask that Started It All exists. I don’t plan these things, they usually just spiral out of control.
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inmortavilizado · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Attractive blond female skipper navigating the fancy catamaran sailboat on sunny summer day on... by kasto80
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primarybufferpanel · 6 months ago
“The bank effect and the big boat blocking the Suez“
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
text version under the readmore
By Brendan Greeley.
The hardest thing about teaching someone how to drive a boat is that it’s not at all like driving a car. To steer a car, you turn the wheel until your nose is pointing where you want to go, then you straighten out and go there. This works because the car is attached to the road. It’s when the car itself is no longer attached to the road that things get weird. When you turn too hard, for example, the rubber in your tyres loses purchase on the street, and you are “in drift”. The normal rules no longer apply.
When you drive a boat, you are always in drift. You are attached to nothing. Stuff happens in the water beneath you that does not make any intuitive sense. Sometimes your stern (your tail) moves faster than your bow (your nose), and in a different direction. Sometimes both stern and bow are moving in the same direction at the same speed, but it’s not the direction the bow is pointed. On a boat, you don’t always go where you’re pointed.
On Wednesday, the Golden-Class container ship Ever Given made an unplanned berth in the sand on both sides of the Suez Canal, stopping trade between Europe and Asia. Evergreen Marine, which operates the Ever Given under a Panamanian flag, told the Financial Times in an email that the ship was “suspected to have met with a sudden gust of strong wind, which caused the ship’s body to veer from its course and accidentally run aground”. At press time the ship was still where it came to rest, tended by several tugs. It may be there for a while; you can check for yourself on VesselFinder.
It’s hard to describe what happened as a “grounding”, though. Container ship groundings are not unheard of in the Suez Canal. Sand comes up from the canal floor at a 4:1 ratio; if a ship drifts out of the fairway, it’s most likely to dig a shoulder into that sand and wait for a tug. Last March the OOCL Japan, a container ship about the size of the Ever Given, had a mechanical failure in the Suez Canal, lost steering, took the ground, was refloated in several hours and continued on its way.
[image:  Changes to the cross-section of the Suez Canal over time © Suez Canal Authority]
That’s not what happened on Wednesday. The Ever Given had been part of a northbound convoy, still at the southern end of the canal. That section is lined with riprap — stacked boulders on the side of a waterway. Riprap is supposed to catch waves and protect sand and mud from erosion. It is not supposed to catch boats.
But the Ever Given has punched through the riprap at a steep angle, and wedged its bow bulb in the soft sand beyond it. This was not a grounding. It was a walling.
It certainly was windy along the Suez Canal. According to Meteoblue, which provides weather data to apps and corporate clients, winds peaked above 30mph at the Suez Protectorate on Wednesday, not far from the Ever Given. Most harbours would fly a small craft advisory at that speed. But it wasn’t unprecedented. Wind peaked above 30mph twice in 2020 at the same location, in March and again in May.
A gust of wind is by definition an accident, an act of God we all understand. It makes sense, in a car-like way: you think you’re pointed one way. Then something hits you, and you’re pointed another. But the initial explanation offered by Evergreen steps gingerly around another possible reason: Ever Given is a very large boat. And very large boats in confined channels do not move in car-like ways.
On Wednesday afternoon Alphaville spoke to Evert Lataire, head of the Maritime Technology Division at Ghent University in Belgium. He had spent his day looking at a VesselFinder video of Ever Given’s track through the canal for the same reason Alphaville went digging: honestly, what is more exciting than a major shipping disaster with no reported injuries or oil spilled? Lataire studies hydrodynamics, the science of how liquids exert forces as they move.
Sailors talk about hydrodynamics the way CEOs talk about macroeconomics: they either treat it with mystical reverence, or they claim to understand it and are wrong. Unlike with macroeconomics, though, if you know what you’re doing you can test the propositions of hydrodynamics on actual, physical models in a lab. As in: you build little boats and then you drag them through the water, in a towing tank. Hydrodynamics is what a five-year old would do, if a five-year old had a PhD.
Lataire works with Flanders Hydraulics Research at what he calls the world’s most accurately constructed shallow-bottom tow tank. He’s currently helping build an even bigger tank, to generate more data for a ship simulator to certify pilots. The tanks are shallow-bottomed, because hydrodynamics in shallow water are different. When a boat moves through the water, it pushes the water out of the way — it displaces it. “Where the water needs to be displaced, in a deep ocean it can go under the ship and that’s not a problem,” says Lataire. “But if it needs to go into shallow water, like the Suez, the water simply cannot go under and around.”
The Suez Canal is basically just a 24m-deep ditch dug in the ground to let the ocean in. When a ship comes by and displaces the water, the water has nowhere to go; it gets squeezed in between the ship’s hull and the floor and the sides of the ditch. A ship in a canal can squat, for example — it can dig its stern into the water. When water gets squeezed between a ship’s hull and a sand floor, it speeds up. As water flow speeds up, its pressure drops, pulling the hull down to fill the vacuum. The effect is more pronounced at the stern, and so the ship settles into a squat: bow up, stern down.
Lataire wrote his dissertation on a similar phenomenon as a ship passes close to a bank: the bank effect. The water speeds up, the pressure drops, the stern pulls into the bank and, particularly in shallow water, the bow gets pushed away. Stern one way, bow the other. A boat that had been steaming is suddenly spinning. It’s a well-identified phenomenon; in 2009 Ghent University’s Shallow Water Knowledge Centre put together a whole conference about it. Clever pilots on the Elbe, according to Lataire, will use it to shoot around a bend.
However: the more water a ship displaces, the stronger the effect. And the closer the side of the hull is to the shore, the stronger the effect. The bigger the ship, the faster the bow shoots away from the bank.
Most of the research and design on ship hulls goes into efficiency and stability at sea. But at sea is not where the Ever Given got stuck. And ships have gotten big, fast, which means the consequences of shallow-water hydrodynamics are changing by the year. In 2007, Lataire points out, the biggest container ships carried 8,000 containers. Some ships are now close to 25,000 containers. The Ever Given, finished by Imabari Shipbuilding in Japan in 2018, carries just over 20,000 containers.
By any historical standards, the Ever Given is a monster. But it’s a monster in a specific way: it’s fat. The more containers you can stack on a single ship, the cheaper the marginal cost of each new container. But the specific engineering of container ships mean that they can’t get longer; they have to get wider. An oil tanker is a shoe box with a lid: hull on the bottom, oil in the middle, deck on top. But a container ship is a shoebox without a lid: hull on the bottom, then containers all the way up. It’s not as strong without the lid.
There are definitely hydrodynamic forces in the open ocean, it’s just that the ocean is usually in charge of them. And the biggest stress on a ship’s hull in heavy weather happens along the longitudinal bending moment — lengthwise, between the bow and the stern. The longer a ship gets, the worse the stress gets when a wave pushes up in the wrong place. As far as length goes for container ships, “we are at the limitations of welding and steel quality,” says Lataire. “I will not say that it is impossible to weld thicker plates, but in a way this is the economic limit.”
So container ships can’t get longer, and they can’t stack any more containers fore and aft. Instead, they stack them taller. And wider. Container ships haven’t become monster long; they’ve become monster beamy. Ever Given, for example, is too beamy for the Panama Canal. This is why we need big towing tanks in Belgium dragging tiny models of container ships through the water to figure out what happens: we keep making bigger ships, but we’re still learning how big ships work.
So now you understand why Evert Lataire spent the morning looking at a YouTube video of Ever Given’s location on VesselFinder. The trouble starts around 0:10. The ship is moving north, with westerly winds — they are coming from the ship’s left, pushing it to the right. To compensate, the ship has adjusted its heading to the left, into the wind, to make sure the combination of screw and wind continue to push it at the correct bearing, towards the Mediterranean. Sometimes in a boat, if you are getting pushed right, you need to head left to go straight.
Then, around 0:14, the ship lurches left, into the wind. Lataire thinks there might have been not a gust, but a temporary lull, meaning the Ever Given was overadjusted to its left, moved to the left, and its beamy hull began to hug the windward bank. Then everything happens quickly, in a way that looks a lot like the bank effect. Bow shoots away from the bank. Stern continues to hug the bank and move north. Ship spins. Bow bulb punches through the riprap.
Trade comes to a halt. Wind definitely played a role, but there was probably something else happening, too. The ships keep getting bigger. But everything on Earth stays the same size.  
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shrimpboat · 4 months ago
i cannot stress how important it is that sambucky (a) work very hard thwarting espionage, running surveillance, going undercover, taking out superpowered thugs, and jumping out of exploding buildings but also (b) don’t do shit on the weekends
the one with the mercenary espionage? they basically had to take out a decentralized hacker/spy mill that was recruiting high-level juvie offenders. Take a smart kid with no compass, and make them an undercover freelance spy. (Like what if espionage tapped into that sweet sweet gig economy.) If your agents die they get handsome life insurance paid out to their families, and if they don’t die...they get money. Access. Favors. Sam has to talk to so many jaded gen Z and alpha kids to convince them that this is not the path they should go down. Bucky stops a few dozen bullets with his hands and pulls the steering wheel out of sports car. Sam: Aw, it’s sorta like when we met 🥰 Bucky: cap, wing’s on fire Sam: wha—AH Sam eventually finds the ring leader who is like, a 17 year old influencer/hacker at U Chicago who built an entire network of very smart young people with very valuable skills.  Bucky: (standing outside a dorm room like a bouncer) Girl: Uh Girl: I need to go in my room? Bucky: Oh jeez. Can you wait like 10 minutes? Captain...Captain America’s in there. Girl: Why is Captain America in my dorm room??? Bucky: He’s meeting with Vanessa. Bucky: You know about her app? Girl: no? Bucky: Oh. Girl: Bucky: You want a selfie Sam figures it out. Essentially, he had to call in another favor to the Wakandans. Shuri: Ooooh sounds smart and edgy. Perfect. Of course she can intern for me. Sam: You’re not worried about her stealing Wakandan secrets? Shuri: (laughs) I mean, she’s smart but... Sam: Not as smart as you? Shuri: (winces) Probably not even close. Found her spotify playlist! Lots of Donna Summers—okay she’s smarter than I thought. That gig lasts like all of August, and afterwards they spend a week in Delacroix doing nothing. Like literally it’s bad they are sedentary. Sarah: don’t y’all get bored of sitting around all day Sam & Bucky: (someone’s head is in the other’s lap totally zoned out in complete monotone) not really Sam: I jumped off the Chrysler building last week and took out an aerial task force what you do Sarah: Made cornbread from Big Mama’s recipe Sam: comparable AJ: Uncle Sam what do you do if you have to fight underground? I mean, you can’t fly under there. So do you just not do anything? Is that why Bucky comes with you everywhere? In case you have to go underground? Bucky: (wheezing) Sarah makes them take the boys to soccer and pick up groceries but they truly don’t do anything but work on the boat and watch TV and sit on the porch. Out on the porch Bucky: holy hell is that a gator Sam: hm. probably. Bucky: Bucky: i’m gonna touch it Sam: (puts arm out) Buck, wait Sam: Sam: lemme get my phone i’ll record it
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dontworrysunflower · 3 months ago
Rocking the Boat | h.s.
a/n: @harrysbeanie this is your fault. you reblogged a post of those new pics of harry in the boat and your tag was “please fuck me in that boat” and now i can’t stop thinking about it.
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, this is my first harry smut so i apologize, i also don’t know boat or camera stuff so idk what i’m calling these different things so…my bad
word count: 2,743
god he’s so hot sorry
anyway please let me know what you think! reblogs are really appreciated! <3
Tumblr media
You and Harry arrived in Italy merely a day ago. You had one night's rest before he had to get up and work again. It seemed like he never stopped. Over the past several months he has been constantly working and you could tell it was taking a toll on him. Slowly but surely. You tried to help as much as you could, being by his side the entire time as a form of comfort and familiarity. It seems as if it worked sometimes, but at the end of the day he dragged his feet to bed more and the dark circles under his eyes turned a deeper color.
You thought Italy would be a good change in scenery. Sure he still had to work, but he was always calmer and happier in Italy.
He had woken you up with kisses on your bare shoulder. The bright golden sun peeking through the curtain even though you had drawn them closed the night before. His fingertips dragged against your warm skin, bringing your body to life as you slowly woke up.
He had a childish little grin as he told you good morning, his dimples digging deeper into his skin, his bubblegum pink lips kissing you on the corner of your mouth. “Ready to go out on the water?” He sleepily slurred, his fingers halting on the underside of your breast, massaging the skin, enticing a moan from your lips.
You answered his question by stretching under the sheets, your arms and legs spread as you woke your body up before lightly kissing his nose and leisurely getting out of bed.
You turned around to glance at him and see him leaning his lead on his tattooed arm, a cheeky smirk playing in his lips, his eyes not so subtly raking across your body, admiring every dip and curve and scar on your body. The sunlight flowing through the curtains makes his hair look shiny, almost like golden thread, and makes his green eyes look like actual emeralds. You envy how effortless he is.
“Harry, wanna take it out for a spin?”
He squints behind his glasses, his ring less fingers playing with the low back of your flowy dress, the chipped nails dragging along the hem, his pinky playing with the zipper.
“Sure” he answered, his hand falling down to your hip and lightly squeezing, grabbing your attention. “Come with me?”
You nod, looking around the wooden dock to see if you need anything. “Need anything, H?”
He slides his phone in the pocket of his brown corduroy shorts before smiling at you. “Just you and my camera.”
You try to hide your blush by leaning down to grab his camera bag from by your feet, your other hand finding his and lacing your fingers together.
You walk to the edge of the dock near where the boat sat. “Let me take that, baby.” Harry bends down to grab the camera bag from your opposite hand and puts it down on the wooden dock. His hand that was intertwined with yours tightens as the other hovers over your back, carefully helping you step into the boat.
You walked along the side to get to the back of the boat, sitting on the white cushions benches lining around the back, your hair free from any clip or hair tie dancing in the italian summer air.
“Okay,” Harry breathed out walking along the same side you did and ducking down to the hooded area to get to the front where the wheel was.
Your eyes were closed when he started up the engine, a small smile appearing on your lips when you heard him whine. “Baby…”
You took that as your cue to move near him, soon staying neck to him as he slowly turned away from the deck, mumbling a small “bye” to the people you left in the deck.
It’s quiet between the two of you as he steers, water droplets softly spraying your chest and face, cooling you down under the warm sun.
You turn to look at him, his eyes trained on the sea before you. He looks so…ethereal. His beauty was indescribable and frustrating at the same time. You couldn’t believe he was real and you got to wake up next to him every day, hopefully for the rest of your life.
“Take a picture, it'll last longer.” He teased, his gaze never turning to you, but you see his lips tug up into a smirk, like he knew what you were thinking and why you were staring at him.
You chuckled softly, looking away for a quick second. “Okay, I will.” You bent down to dig into the bag behind him. carefully taking out his camera and taking the cap off the lens. “Don’t move.” You mumbled as you brought the device up to your face, squinting to see him through the lens, centering the shot so you see the sharpness of his jawline and the dip of his nose.
While you were admiring him and taking his picture, you didn’t realize how far he had taken you. The dock and buzzing italian plaza seemed like a distant dream, nothing around you but blue oceans.
There was a reason for it.
He stops the engine as you lean down to put the camera back in the bag, zipping it up and nestling it by the corner so it doesn't move much.
When you come back up, his glasses are tangled in his locks, his eyes no longer holding a sense of calmness, but a sense of lust.
You eyed him curiously. “What?” You asked nervously, a breathy chuckle leaving your lips.
“C’mere” He sultry whispered, his arm reaching for you, his middle and ring finger bending, telling you to come closer.
You smiled innocently, though your eyes said the opposite as you shuffled closer to him, your fingers delicately plucking at the button of his shirt.
His eyes roam your face and down to your chest. His tongue glides over his teeth under his closed lips as his eyes stay locked on your cleavage that your dress showed.
“Eyes up here, buddy.” You teased, your arms going to lay over his shoulders, one hand playing with the end of his hair as his arms went around you, keeping you tight against him, feeling a small tent on your thigh.
“Nah” He teased back before slowly leaning down and kissing neck, luring a small moan from you.
He continues to kiss down your neck to the exposed part of your breasts, your breath shallowing the closer he comes to the hem of your dress. But he never gets there. Instead, he comes back up to kiss your lips hungrily, a loud groan coming from him as lips closed on yours.
Your hands move up to the top of his head to tangle your fingers in his hair, the sunglasses falling to the ground. His arms keep you close, lowering down close to your ass as he bends down slightly.
It’s messy and loud. Teeth clashing, tongues dancing and loud moans and guttural groans. Harry bunches up your dress to feel your skin, grabbing a handful of your ass and squeezing, making you detach from his lips and gasp.
“Harry…please.” You whimpered as his hands explored your body, his lips leaving yours to nip at your earlobe and neck.
“Please what, baby?” He breathed into your neck. “Want me to fuck you on this boat?” His voice seemed to get impossibly deeper, his hands stopping at the zipper of your dress.
You nod impatiently, your words betraying you as your mouth dries up.
“Words, baby. Need to hear you say it.”
“Please fuck me on this boat.”
In a split second he’s turning you around so you look out into the water, your fingers gripping the glass in front of you to keep you up. You whimper at the loss of his touch, but you hear the rattling of a belt and his rapid movements to push down his shorts before he moves your dress to expose your ass.
His hands move up to the waistband of your underwear agonizingly slowly, you were almost ready to stomp your foot like a child in frustration. He was taking his sweet time.
He curls his slender fingers around the band and drags it down, leaving wet kisses to the new skin exposed to him.
You feel the flimsy material fall slack between your legs, but you don’t have time to step out of them before Harry is touching you.
“God, baby,” he moans, his face pressed against your plump backside as he teases your entrance with his middle finger. “So wet f’’me, I’ve barely touched you, love. You’re gonna feel so warm around me.” You swear you could’ve come right there from just his words.
“Harry!” You whined, moving your hips back and forth to relieve yourself.
“I got you, baby,” His finger moves down to your swollen clit, flicking it back and forth, making you moan. “Wish I could taste ya, but I just want to feel you around my cock.” He backs away from you. You hear him slide his fingers into his mouth, moaning at the taste of you before popping his finger out of his mouth.
You start to whine again, but it turns into a gasp as you feel his length tease your entrance, gathering your arousal.
You forgot how to breathe when he slowly inched inside you, sliding in all the way, his head falling down to rest on your back as he bottoms out.
You bite your lip to try and keep quiet and he notices. “No, no, no. Wanna hear you, baby. Only us out here.”
He doesn’t let you adjust. his hips move in an animalistic pace against your backside, the sounds of skin slapping, loud moaning and water splashing the only things on your mind.
Your breath fogs up the glass in front of you, a mewl leaving your lips every time he hits right there. “Feels so good.” You choke out, his movements never slowing, bringing you closer to the edge.
His hands press down on your hips, surely leaving aching bruises for you to admire later. Then one hand moves in front of you, shuffling under your bunched up dress, dragging down your pelvic bone and connecting to your swollen clit, massaging it steadily. You let out a loud groan, the knot in your stomach tightening as pounds into you hastily. “Har-I’m” You can barely get any words out before you scream, your legs violently shaking as you release around him, your jaw slacking, your eyesight clouding with stars.
He continues to play with your clit as you cum, “Fuck yes, baby. Cum around my cock.” He twitches inside of you, making your thighs flinch around his hand.
You were catching your breath when Harry pulled out of you, your face scrunching up at the sudden absence.
Both of his hands come up to cup your covered chest, bringing your back against his front , his hot breath hitting your ear when he says, “Wanna ride me, love?”
You nod lazily, your head feeling much heavier on your shoulders.
“C’mon.” He huskily whispered, grabbing your hand and bringing you down to the shaded area of the boat, slouching down onto the cream cushioned bench. You wobbly walk behind him, lifting up one leg to straddle him but he pushes you down beside him on the bench.
“I have to taste you.” He breathed out, holding onto your knees to speed your legs, his mouth immediately diving down to your center, lapping at your juices.
You arch your back, your head leaning back, looking at the clear sky in front of you as your fingers tangle in his hair, keeping him in place.
He licks at your folds and shakes his head, rubbing his nose against your clit rapidly, making you scream. “Harry!”
Your toes curl and your stomach tightens again. Your mouth formed into an O as he sucked on your clit. Then he moved down to dive his tongue inside of you.
Your fingers tighten around his hair as you cum again, your legs wrapping around his back to keep him in place.
He comes back up, face red and slick with your arousal as you try to regain your breath.
He backs away from you and sits back on the seat, his tanned skin flexing under the butterfly tattoo on his chest. His hair is disheveled, strands falling down into his face as he spreads his legs and pats his thigh. “C’mon, love. Wanna see you ride my cock.”
With all of your strength you get up, grabbing onto his shoulder for leverage as you swing your leg to the farthest side of him, your chest in front of his face, his dick shadowing your entrance.
His large hands come down to your ass, holding firmly as he guides you on top of him, feeling his reddening tip glide against you.
You both let out a breath of relief as you sink down onto him, his hair tickling your chest, your fingers digging into his shoulders, making him hiss.
“Oh my god.” You mutter, slowly moving up and down to adjust to the new position, looking down as he disappeared inside of you.
“Taking my cock so well, feels so good.” His hands smooth up your side as and your arms, resting on your shoulders to curl his fingers into the straps of your dress, tugging it down your arms to expose your breasts. He cranes his neck to wrap his lips around your nipple, sucking it into his mouth and pinching in between his teeth.
You throw your head back at his action, bringing your hands up to grip at his short brown locks, your pace on top of him steadying.
“Christ, look at you.” He growled from under you, both of his hands move to your breasts and he tightly squeezes them, making a moan leave your plump lips, your hips moving faster. “That’s it, keep going, love. Can feel you clenching around m-oh!” A choked moan falls from his lips as you change your angle, grinding on him instead of going up and down, your clit massaging against the skin between his two fern tattoos.
“Harry, I’m so close-” you chew on your bottom lip and furrow your eyebrows, your legs becoming weak from the previous pleasure Harry had given you and there’s an ache just behind your thighs.
He watches your face change and takes matters into his own hands, holding onto your hips to stop them from moving and sliding down the couch, planting his feet firmly on the wooden floor and thrusts up into you, his hips meeting yours at a ruthless pace.
You arch your back again as you scream his name and numerous profanities, lust and pleasure hitting you like a wave. His lips attach to one of your nipples, stimulating your orgasm to hit you even harder, if that was even possible.
You fall limply on top of him, his arms coming to wrap around your back, keeping you close. Your cheek is pressed against his shoulders, your arms fallen to the sides as he continues to thrust into you, bringing himself to the brink.
He whimpers in your ear as his thrusts falter, his fingers digging into your sides roughly and fast, short, shaky breaths come out his nose, his release following.
Your arms come up around his neck as he releases into you, your chests rising as you pant, tired from your activities under the bright italian sun and over the clear blue water.
Harry leaves a ginger kiss on your sweaty hairline once you’ve calmed down, his fingers now soothingly scratching the damp skin. “Should probably,” he said hoarsely. He clears his throat and licks his lips before continuing, “should probably get back.”
It takes you a couple seconds to register what he said, but you limply nod your head against his shoulder. You both make no effort to move.
“How was it, H?” Someone asked as they reached out to help the couple off the boat.
“Uh,” Harry dragged out as he set the camera bag down, a playful smirk playing on his lips. “It was good.” He breathily chucked, his eyes trained on you through the sunglasses as he spoke. “Real good.”
lmk what you think!!! this my first attempt at smut in a long while so please lmk if i did okay! also lmk if you’d like to be added or taken off taglist
@chillingonlife @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @/letsgoparty-ah-ah-ah-yeah @tom-hollands-wife @acciosiriusblack
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taesinferno · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-> a/n: lil bonus in honor of bts day <3 and me losing my sanity over muster nd its only day one 🙂🙂🙂
-> pairing: ot7 x reader
-> warnings: 18+, age gap (aged up bangtan), infidelity, threesome, unprotected penetrative sex, oral m!receiving, drinking/drunk sex, slight coercion, degradation, uhhh dilfs <3 idk + SERIES M.LIST
main m.list
Tumblr media
The weekend brought you plenty of things: leisure time, all the men lounging on the deck where the boat was parked near a private cove, and lots of alcohol. The music was blasting, conversation intermittent, and glasses of alcohol from every direction being passed your way.
"Try this, yn. I guarantee you've never had something like it."
"Bought this yesterday from a guy off the coast, and a warning was attached to it. Who wants some?"
"I know sangria is your favorite. Have a taste."
You gently accepted everything they gave you, perched in Hoseok's lap as he tipped a bottle of D'usse into your mouth. Didn't even hesitate when Jimin offered his hand out to you, leading you away from the rest of the group to show you "the captain's quarters."
The small room you found yourself in gave you a view above the entire yacht. You looked out the high window excitedly, in your drunken state, tipping the large decorative wheel in front of you as if you were steering. A parked boat.
You didn't hear Jungkook come in, but felt him press against you, engulfing your tiny figure in his large one, 'showing you how to drive.' The jangle of his belt didn't faze you as you enjoyed being fake captain. Pants dropping down, your skirt lifted up, hands smoothing over the swell of your ass.
"Let's have some fun, yeah?" Jimin cooed in your ear, smooth voice talking you out of protesting that the ship would crash without me, Jimin! and instead guiding your mouth over Jungkook's pretty (and I mean pretty) cock, Jimin lining up behind you.
"Fuck, she really is a little slut, isn't she?" Jungkook grunts above you, running his tattoed hand through your hair as he tried to stuff his entire cock into your mouth, mouth turning up into a smirk when he sees you can't take it all.
The men down on the deck below didn't really pay attention to the steamed up windows of the bridge. Or the way you were currently sandwiched in between their two colleagues, getting your brains fucked out. Or how raw and mesy you looked when you got back, the two men behind you put together as always.
They'd assumed you'd beeline straight for Hoseok's lap, where you'd feel the most comfortable. A suprised amusement fell over the deck as you collapsed into their quiet, silver-striped-haired colleague's lap. If Yoongi was startled, he didn't show it. Wrapping his arm around you as you tucked yourself into him, sending a wink at Hoseok's loud teasing.
"They always love Yoongi," Namjoon’s amused voice came through louder than any other ragging comments being thrown at the nonchalant man you were gripping with your tiny fists. "Something about that gray hair that just pulls the young ones to him."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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doinmybesthere · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: fisherman!bakugou x selkie!reader
wc: 3K
a/n: this is pt 1, daddy kink, smut, plot and p*rn, alcohol mention, bondage, spitting and light impact play. Reader and Bakugou in their mid twenties
for @buttershouse  collab - i can’t wait to read my way through the masterlist, def check everyone out. 
summary: when bakugou went fishing, he hardly expected to find you tangled in his net. but once he’s caught you, you belong to him. 
The sky is dark and churning above the inky sea. Bakugou Katsuki tosses his mechanized net back into the salty waters, freezing and mysterious as his boat rocks. There’s a storm coming, he can see it sweeping over the horizon, but he wants to bring back more. Water sprays in his face, tendrils of his straw hair sticking to his creased forehead, mouth pressed in a firm line of determination. The ship groans reeling in the net, it must be a heavy load of fish, good, Bakugou thinks, worth staying out in the storm. However, his heart stops when the net finally lifts over the edge of the boat, flopping a mess of fish onto the deck of the boat. The heavens open, it’s starts to pour, and there you are. 
You’re struggling in the net, chirping softly. Bakugou’s eyes rake over your naked body, mouth open in shock, he was, what, fifteen, twenty miles from the coast? And it’s true that visibility wasn’t great but he couldn’t see a single other vessel on the horizon. You lift your head, looking at him, pleading, singing a soft melody with words he didn’t understand. Fuck. You were, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Your hair clings to your body, water darkened locks clean and untangled. Your eyes are deep and mournful, and he can’t keep his eyes of the soft curves of your body, your breasts, your waist, the tuft of hair between your legs. He can’t tell if you’re crying, because of how hard it’s raining, but he knows he wants to taste your tears. You let out a loud cry, still struggling in the net and it sends him crashing back down to reality as a huge wave rocks the boat and he nearly loses his balance, rubber boots sliding on the slick deck. He doesn’t have much time. He pulls a huge knife out from his belt and squats next to you. 
“Hold fuckin’ still.” He growls, but when you see the metal flash in the grey light you squeal and scramble away from him. He cuts you loose anyway and you immediately jump away from him, snatching something soft and brown from underneath yourself and running to a corner of the ship while he pushes the fish into the storage unit below deck. 
He moves quickly, steps sure and steady, he’s not about to lose you to the sea. He approaches you, wrapping a huge calloused hand around your wrist, but it turns out he didn’t need to worry, you whimper at his touch and hold up the brown thing, as the rain gets heavier. It’s a seal skin, he realizes, and against his free hand, it feels like the most luxurious leather. You look devastated, however, and you start to tremble in the cold as he sees the huge hole in it. It runs right down the middle, large enough to fit a leg through. His eyes flick to the water, he’d heard fisherman tell stories of women from the deep, of mermaids and monsters and sirens. Of selkies. You may not speak the same language, but your expressions are almost theatrically animated. You leap for him when the boat rocks again, wrapping your arms around him as seawater coats the deck. 
Bakugou grunts and drags you into the little cabin, peeling you off of him and depositing you in the folding chair he keeps next to the wheel. You curl into a ball, whimpering lightly, but he focuses on the ocean, navigating the swirling waters with a deft hand while you cry softly in the corner. Sheets of rain pound the sides of the little boat, as it’s tossed around in the waves. A particularly strong one unseats you, and you stumble, barefoot across the cabin floor, completely unaware or unashamed of your nakedness, reaching out and grabbing him, wrapping your arms around him, and locking your hands together. 
“C’mon.” He says, “I’m trying to fuckin’ steer this shit.” If you understand, you don’t respond, tightening your grip. He wriggles your arms down so that he has full movement again and you rest your chin on his shoulder, burying your face in his neck. It’s like someone stuffed snow down the back of his shirt. “Jesus Christ,” he says, trying to push you off of him, “You’re fucking freezing-” he’s cut off when you take a fistful of his jacket and push your way underneath it, slipping your cold hands under his wet wool sweater, teeth chattering, and he wonders if you’ve ever seen, ever smelled a man, as your hands press against his abdomen, so cold they almost sting on his skin. He doesn’t push you off this time, letting you nuzzle him and warm up.
He parks the boat carefully at his dock, removing your arms from his body with strong hands, shoving you back into the chair, and slamming the cabin door. 
“Stay.” He shouts into the wind as he hops up on the dock, tying the boat down carefully. 
He doubles the knots, then jumps back onto the deck, walking quickly into the cabin. You launch yourself at him. “Easy, easy,” he says, slipping out of his jacket and wrapping it around your shoulders. “C’mon.” You snuggle into it, and he takes your hand, leading you outside, and almost immediately you start to slip and slide, like you’d hardly walked before, let alone walked on something as slick and dangerous as a boat in a thunderstorm. He knocks you off your feet, cradling you like a child, leaping off of the boat onto the dock. You don’t fight him at all, your skin is still so cold to the touch. He walks up the dock, head bowed against the wind, hair soaked through, up the hill to his little house. He opens the red door with his elbow, and the wind slams it behind him. He puts you down, and tugs his light blue fair isle sweater over his head, kicking off his squelching boots. You wrap his coat around yourself, teeth still chattering, as he kneels, shirtless, in front of a wood-burning stove, starting it up and shoving a few dry logs in. He stands, turning to face you, dripping wet, basically naked, in his home. Your eyes are wide and full of fear. 
“Can you understand me?” He asks gruffly, and you nod. “Alright.” He says, “Then get your ass over here and warm up.” You dive for him, sitting immediately cross-legged on the wood floor in front of the stove. He goes to get some dry clothes, but when he opens the door to his bedroom, you whimper. “Chill out.” He says, and you blink, you don’t seem to understand. “I’m comin’ back.” You look nervous, but you nod. He digs in his dresser, throwing on a pair of dry sweatpants and a t-shirt, grabbing you the softest flannel he owns. 
He comes back in finds you huddled in a ball, the fire in the stove starting to catch. He sits on the ground next to you, prying each of your fingers off his soaked coat and handing you the flannel, helping you get your arms in the holes. You fumble with the buttons and he sighs, pushing your hands away and buttoning it for you. You hum happily, the fabric is thick and comfortable, and to his relief, your skin finally doesn’t feel like ice. He goes to the kitchen and digs through the drawers for the hair tie Kirishima had left there after a long night of drinking. He finds it and he sits behind you, carefully gathering your soaking locks in rough hands, keeping them from dripping down your back and intensifying the chill. His little bun is rough, but effective. He stands, going to his cabinet and taking a glass out, setting it on the counter. He takes a bottle from the counter and pours himself a glass of the amber liquid, running his hands through his hair. He looks down at you, at the thing he caught that he had no plan for, you were half woman, half beast, half wild, and yet so so tame. Would you still want to touch him, he wondered, now that you were warm? He takes his drink and settles in an armchair, exhausted, and his question is answered when you let out a little whine. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. 
“What’s wrong?” He asks, half a smirk already painted on his face. You frown, struggling to use vocal chords you barely understood. 
“Want.” You explain, gesturing towards him. He shrugs,  your voice is soft and sweet,  but clearly lowered from disuse. 
“You want? You want me? What’s your fuckin’ deal?” You think about it, eyes pensive, sucking your lower lip for a moment before gesturing to all of him. 
“To touch.” You explain, having found the words you were looking for. He keeps his face neutral, but pats his thighs. 
“C’mere then.” You scramble to your feet and he bites back a laugh, you move like a newborn colt on your legs. You lower yourself carefully into his lap, like you’re afraid of hurting him. He takes his free hand and wraps it around you, settling in the chair. He takes a sip of his whiskey then speaks. 
“Since I caught ya, you’re mine.” You look as if you understand, but you don’t react. “Not like you could make it on your own with your seal skin all ripped like that though, huh.” You look up at him, eyes wide, soft lips parted. “You ever seen someone like me?” You shake your head. He can’t help himself, you’re so fucking beautiful in the flickering firelight, there’s something primordial about your innocence that makes him want to touch you, to bruise your soft skin, to hear you cry out his name in your soft unused voice. “I’m Katsuki.” He says, skipping the formalities, he’d already seen you naked. 
“Katsuki?” You croak, putting the emphasis on all the wrong syllables. He nods though, good enough for now. 
“Katsuki.” He rumbles and you nod, listening, before relaxing into his chest. He tucks your head underneath his chin, and his hand wanders to your bare thigh. Your skin is so soft to the touch, and you let a soft hum out when he starts to massage it. He presses his lips to your forehead. “Mine.” He says, and you look up at him, something soft in your eyes. 
“Yes.” You respond. He watches, as you reach for his drink. 
“You’re not gonna like it.” You take the glass in both hands, nose wrinkling at the acrid scent of the alcohol. You take a tiny sip and then frown, looking at him in pain as the liquid burns your throat. You scrunch your whole face up and he chuckles, downing the rest of his drink after he takes the glass back, setting it on a little side table. You’re still looking at him as his hands slide up and down your body. He reaches them under the flannel, watching your reaction as they find your breasts, cupping them before flicking his thumbs experimentally over your nipples, watching you gasp, gulping for air. He goes to withdraw his hands at your dramatic reaction and you grab his wrists and hold them there, he smirks, roughly massaging your chest, pinching and pulling at your nipples, watching your writhe on his lap, feeling your ass rubbing on his hardening cock. You whimper, the waves of pleasure you’re getting from his huge hands on your chest is like nothing you’ve ever felt. 
“K-katsuki,” you get out, and he smirks. 
“Yeah,” he says, “You’re fucking mine, get used to it.” You nod emphatically, blood pooling in your cheeks as he moves one hand lower, parting your folds with gentle fingers, delighting in the sharp intake of breath that you give when he lightly brushes your clit. You look to him, terrified, but he takes his free hand and wraps it around you. “Mine.” He says again and you nod, slowly this time, trusting him. He starts rubbing your clit gently, and immediately every muscle in your body seizes, you squirm in his hold, he locks the arm he’s got around your shoulders, muscles swelling. Your mouth drops open, your eyes water, and his grin gets wider, he’s playing with you like a little doll. You moan loudly when he grinds his thumb against you, you buck in his hands like he shocked you. 
“C’mon,” he says, “You’ve touched yourself before.” You nod. 
“F-feels better,” you choke out as he slips a finger inside of you, “With you, f-feels s-s-so much better, Katsuki!” He feels your juices slipping down his fingers. He presses a hot kiss to your cheek. 
“Good girl,” He praises and feels your cunt clench around his fingers, “Oh, does she like that, does she like behaving for me?” You nod emphatically. “Good girls make their owners feel good.” You blink up at him, tears dripping down your cheeks, he slips a second finger inside you, whiskey leading him forward, and when he curls his fingers you gasp, hard, doubling over and crying out. 
“Katsuki!” You cry out, tears fully spilling from your eyes as he fucks you with his fingers, pressing against the muscled velvety walls of your pussy. He kisses your face again. 
“Gotta get you ready for me.” His cock is straining against his boxers, he’s so hard, your soft little reactions to his every touch are driving him insane. 
“Want,” you say, ‘Want you,” Your eyes are wide and open, as he brings his mouth to yours, you kiss him sloppily, letting him take the lead, you mimic his movements. 
“You’re fucking mine,” He says again,  you nod. “And you’ll do as I say?” 
“Yes,” you breathe. “You saved me.” Your voice still lilts unnaturally but he can hear the truth in your tone. “Without my skin, I would have frozen.” He kisses you again, standing and lifting you with him, your legs wrapped around his waist, he carries you to his bedroom and throws you down, diving on top of you. He buries his face in your neck, you feel his tongue, his teeth, his lips. 
“Mmmmmh,” he growls, ripping his flannel open, a few of the buttons popping off and landing on the floor with clicks. He grabs at your chest, then rips his sweatpants off, kicking them onto the floor. He pulls his cock out, it’s perfect, your eyes widening at it, long and thick, lilting slightly upwards and to the left, “Say you’re mine.” Bakugou groans, pumping himself. “Tell me who owns you.” You nod quickly. 
“You Katsuki,’ you beg, “M yours, I’m yours, please.” He grins and sheaths his cock in you with one snap of his hips. He watches your pupils dilate as you gasp desperately, feeling how he’s filling you up, how tight and warm you are against him. It takes his whole willpower not to move for a moment, to give you time to adjust to his size. He grunts, and rolls his hips against you once, watching you react like he’s just delivered a million volts of electricity to your body, with your cunt sucking him in like this the only thing he can focus on is you, and your animalistic unmuted reactions to his every touch. He rakes his nails down your side and you cry out like you’ve never been touched before. He thrusts into you, you’re so warm and wet, everything he’s ever wanted. 
“Good fucking girl,” He praises, running his fingers through your hair, as you mewl beneath him. Every part of your body bounces when he slams into you, he takes your face in his hand, crushing your jaw between his fingers until you open your mouth, crying wantonly. He spits between your perfect lips. “Swallow.” He orders, and you do, tears beginning to spill from your eyes even as you get close, toes curling and nails digging into Bakugou’s biceps as he fucks you into oblivion. 
“Need it.” You choke out, “Need to.” 
“Does baby need to cum,” he growls, “Does she need it?”  You nod, whimpering at his words. “Beg.” He orders and the words spill from your lips exactly as they form in your brain. 
“Please, Katsuki, please, need to, need to let go.” 
“Cum for me.” He snarls, face cruel as you lose control and he feels your cunt flutter and clench around him, following shortly after, you can feel him explode inside of you, painting your walls white. “Gonna fill you the fuck up,” he growls, “Show everyone who this fucking pussy belongs to.” You whine a little and he slaps you lightly across the face. “Look at me while you cum, bitch.” Your jaw clenches and your eyes don’t leave his. Your back arching and she’s screwing shut as pleasure rips through your body. He fucks you carefully through his high, withdrawing reluctantly from your warmth, noticing just now how dark the sky is. He pulls out, then climbs into bed, patting the spot next to him. You drag yourself up the bed, nestling against him. You yawn softly. 
“Yours.” You say softly and he nods, tucking your head underneath his chin. 
“Mine.” He says in his deep gravel. You spend the night pressed to him, when he moves you move, and vice versa, like you’d freeze if he wasn’t right next to you. You smell like salt and the ocean to him, and he can’t help but lock his arms around your soft body. 
When the buttery sunlight spills through his bedroom window, he stirs. You’ve moved away from him during the night and he pulls you back to him, to his delight you sigh happily. You spend the morning in bed together, limbs entwined, soft deep kisses and light touches. He swallows though, soon it’ll be time for him to drive into town. His jaw sets and he makes a decision. He motions for you to stay, leaving the bedroom and coming back with some soft rope. 
“Stay still.” He growls, and takes each of your wrists in one hand, fastening them to his headboard. You mewl, confused. “You gotta stay here, okay?” You look up at him, eyes full of pain. “We’ll figure shit out but I gotta work, and I can’t have you hurting yourself or running away.”  You nod your understanding. “Good girl.” He praises. “Daddy will come back okay?” You nod, and when you speak again, his hand closed on the doorknob, the weight of it nearly knocks him over. 
“Because I’m yours.” He swallows. 
“Because you’re mine.” He doesn’t look back before exiting his little house and walking down to the boat. On the deck, the remnants of your seal skin remains, drying in the sun, destroyed. He realizes, if he wanted to have you forever he could just toss it overboard, but he doesn’t, locking it in a chest under a seat. It was unusable. For now. 
Up the hill, in his bed you stir, straining against the restraints, rubbing your wrists raw,  hoping he’ll come back. He has to. You’re his. 
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the-iceni-bitch · 6 months ago
The Pleasure and the Certainty
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader (OTP)
Words: ~2.3k
Summary: Ransom finally convinces you to go sailing with him, but he’s got an ulterior motive.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (f receiving oral sex, fingering, unprotected vaginal sex), soft fluffy Ransom, vomiting, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: My second entry for @stargazingfangirl18’s soft!dark 5k challenge, and we’re going massively soft with the Ransom OTP (or as soft as these two assholes can get). Another use of the two idiots in love trope with a little sweater kink sprinkled in, and a dialogue prompt in bold. I love you Siri!!!
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!
Tumblr media
“Honey, are you sure you’re ok?”
You’d been bent over the railing for almost the entire trip since you left the harbor in Richard’s boat, emptying your stomach into the sea over and over again. Ransom grinned when you flipped him off over your shoulder, trying to straighten up before groaning and doubling over again.
He had been trying to get you to go sailing with him for months, chalking your refusal up to your typical stubbornness. But watching you puke your guts out for the past hour was making him see you in a whole new light. It must have been killing you to be this vulnerable in front of him.
God, he hated how much he loved it. He just wanted to wrap you in a blanket and feed you soup like your fucking house husband while you snuggled into his chest. Maybe fall asleep under a pile of soft blankets after burying himself in your pretty pussy to keep you warm all night (c’mon, it’s Ransom).
“I blame those oysters you made me eat, Hugh. I’ve never been seasick before in my life.”
“I didn’t make you eat them, sweetheart. I think we just finally found something you’re not naturally good at.”
It was hard not to smile at how pissed off you looked, wrapping yourself in your jacket and scowling at him. Of course he looked fucking perfect, his hair tousled by the wind and his cheeks flushed with the sleeves of his sweater pushed up around his elbows as he steered the boat.
God, you hated him and that stupid smile. How dare he look that good when you were so miserable.
“Y/N, just put on the damn patch.” He tied off the wheel and started to drop the anchor before moving towards you with a look of concern.
“No, I’m fine.” You swore in your mind when your stomach heaved at the end of your sentence, making him shake his head at you.
“Baby, you look like shit.” He sank to his knees in front of you, reaching out to cup your cheek and smiling warmly when you grumbled at him. “Please put the patch on before you need to get put on an IV.”
“Fine.” You took the patch from him grudgingly and slapped it on your neck, not wanting to admit that you were already starting to feel better.
“That’s a good girl.” He cooed, standing up and moving to grab you a Gatorade from the cooler.
“Fuck you, Hugh.” You snarled, still taking the drink when he offered and chugging it.
“God, the mouth on you.” All you wanted was to smack the smirk off his damn face when he leaned against the railing and watched you, his tongue running over his bottom lip.
“Are you kidding me, Drysdale? I just spent the last hour vomiting.” That smug bastard had no right to look at you that way.
“So, you feel better now right?” He pulled the blanket off you and cupped your cheek. “Let’s go to the cabin.”
If your eye roll bothered him, he didn’t show it, drawing you to your feet and pulling you towards the cabin by your wrists. Fuck that perfect asshole and how good he looked, like a damn J. Crew campaign.
“I thought I looked like shit, Hugh.” Teasing him was like a reflex, you couldn’t help yourself.
“Like microwaved shit.” Oh, fuck him. “But still adorable.” You scrunched up your face in distaste when he pulled you into him and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Luckily, I look good enough for the both of us.”
“God, you are such an asshole.” The two of you fell back on the bed with a pair of huffs and your buried your face in the soft wool that covered his chest. “I’m tired Hugh, I just puked up everything I ate in the past week.”
“C’mon, baby, don’t you wanna do it in the middle of the ocean? This far out, no one will hear you scream.”
He gave you that cocky smirk when you lifted your face to scowl at him, resting your chin on his sweater.
“Ransom, I’m too exhausted for this, as much as I’d love to fuck the shit out of you.”
“Sweetie, you don’t have to do anything.” You sighed when he rolled over until he was pinning you to the mattress, his lips brushing softly over yours. “Just lay back and let me take care of you.”
“Yeah? You’re gonna take care of me, babe?” His mouth started trailing down the column of your throat, and you felt him grin against your skin when you arched into him. “Just leave the sweater on.”
“Ooh, kinky.” He teased, popping the buttons of your shirt open one by one at an agonizing pace. Each time he slid open a new one, he pressed his lips to every inch of your newly exposed skin, his tongue occasionally flicking out to taste you and sending jolts through your core.
When he had undone the final button, he crawled back up to your chest and nuzzled himself into your tits. Still taking his sweet time, he slid your blouse down your shoulders before reaching behind you and unclasping your bra then removing that too.
“Fuck, Ransom.” You were turning into a hot mess while he worked you over, your breath coming in needy pants as he touched every inch of you except the places you needed him most. “You drive me fucking crazy.”
“Sorry, sweetheart.” He cooed before finally, finally wrapping his lips around your nipple and swirling his tongue over it, grinning at your sigh of relief. “It’s just so much better when I take my time.”
Your hands wound in his hair when he moved to the opposite breast, laving his tongue over your sensitive bud slowly as you let out a series of pathetic mewls. It didn’t take long for him to get you to the state he wanted you in, your hips writhing underneath his waist as slick flooded your panties.
“Shit, you are soaked, baby.” His fingers dove under the waist of your jeans, running through your folds slowly before skirting over your clit as he moaned into your chest. “You must really be feeling better.”
“You know what would make me feel even better? If you would make me come so I can take a fucking nap.”
“You’re ruining the moment.” His lips moved down your stomach until he reached the waist of your jeans, gazing up at you through his lashes as he worked to undo your fly. “I just wanna make you feel good, honey.”
“You are being so sweet. Why?” You narrowed your eyes at him until he broke your gaze with an eye roll.
“Cause I love you, even though you’re an unbelievably stubborn bitch.”
“No, I think you want something. I’m gonna get it out of... Jesus, fuck!”
He had slid your jeans off and dove between your thighs, wrapping his arms around your thighs as he lapped up your arousal with a greedy moan.
“God, you always taste so fucking good.” You could hear the damn smirk in his voice, but fuck he was good at this. “What was that you were saying?”
The only thing you had to say was “hngh” as he ran his tongue over you in a heavy stripe before shoving it inside you and curling it against that spot that made your vision go blurry. He moaned into your cunt when he felt you clench around him, your thighs trying suffocate him when he brushed his nose over your clit.
A shiver traveled up your spine when he latched on, sucking onto your tiny bundle of nerves until you were screaming for him. You arched into his face, your release soaking his chin and flowing into his mouth as he groaned at the taste of you.
That grin was still splitting his face when he stood up to gaze at you, his fingers running over your sides lazily. He curled over you and carded his hands through your hair, his soft lips pressing against yours while you just sighed happily.
“You’re so fucking perfect, baby.” It only took him a second to take off his jeans and then he was crawling into the bed and curling his body behind yours. “You want me to fuck you to sleep?”
Your snort was only half hearted when he buried his face in your hair, his legs tangling with yours as he started grinding against you.
“I know you’re trying to be a dick but that actually sounds amazing.” Maybe it was the Dramamine but you were feeling pleasantly drowsy, your body sinking into the soft mattress as you fought to keep your eyes open.
“Please, you love it when I’m a dick.” He teased, sliding a hand between the two of you to slip out of his boxer briefs.
“Yeah, I do.” You turned your head to beam at him over your shoulder, biting your lip when you felt his cock slide between your puffy folds. “I was serious about you keeping that sweater on, though.”
“You are into some weird shit.” One of his hands crept underneath you to cup your jaw, running his thumb over your bottom lip gently while his other hand moved to hook your knee over his thigh.
“I haven’t heard you complaining.” The tip of his cock brushed against your clit and you gasped, giving him the chance to slip his thumb into your mouth.
“Never.” He murmured against your cheek before sliding into you slowly. “Fuck.”
Every time he was inside you was like the first time, your tight heat quivering around his girth once he was fully seated in you as you adjusted to him. Your tongue swirled around his thumb when he finally started moving, his hips retreating and pushing in slow strokes that dragged over every inch of you.
He was holding you to him so tightly it was like you were a part of him, your limbs tangled together haphazardly while he moved his face forward to mold his lips to yours. His tongue slipped into your mouth until it could stroke against yours, curling and massaging it until you felt breathless.
You whined when he pulled away from you, his hips starting to move a little faster until he felt you start to flutter and your eyes rolled back in your head.
“Now that I’ve got you in a compromising position,” he twisted himself slightly and you gasped when the thick vein that ran over the underside of his cock nudged against your clit. “You were right, I do want something.”
“Shit, oh god right there!” You could barely pay attention to him, every nerve in your body was lighting up with electricity as a warm coil gathered in your core.
“Yeah, like that?” He did it again and you keened, winding your fingers through his to try to anchor yourself. “You close sweetheart?”
“So close, I’m so close Ran!” Your breath was hitching in your chest as slow shocks started traveling through your body.
“Mmhm, I think we should move in together.” He gave a final push and you lost it.
“Yes fuck!”
Your body tried to curl back on itself as you screamed, your cunt clamping down on him hard and triggering his own release. Warmth flooded you when he filled you with his cum, groaning into your neck and pulling you into his chest while you waited for your brain to reset.
“Wait, what?!” Every muscle in your body was trying to relax as you fought to stay awake and process what was happening, snarling when you heard him chuckle into your neck.
“I was kinda hoping you would be asleep by now but fine. You need to move in with me.”
“I need to move in with you? You don’t tell me what to do, Hugh. I...”
He moved his hand to cover your mouth with an eye roll, making you hiss with fury.
“We’re spending every night at one of our places. I own my house outright, while you’re still paying off your condo, so it makes more sense financially for you to move in there. It’s still close enough to the city that you won’t add too much to your commute and also give you better access to the rural work you do. And I have plenty of land for the furry idiot to run around in.” He pressed a soft kiss to the side of your head before removing his hand from your mouth. “Now, what’s your counterpoint?”
Damn it, the asshole had really thought about this. You were struggling to come up with any good arguments when you turned to scowl at him, giving a deep sigh when you were met with that cocky smirk.
“Your grandfather owns your house, Hugh.” This time you pressed a finger to his lips when he tried to protest. “It’s true, don’t fucking argue with me. I’ll consider this if he signs the deed over to us so I can at least cover property taxes, but I’d prefer to make payments towards owning it outright.”
“God, you’re gonna make me get a job aren’t you?” It was your turn to smirk now.
“No, you can be my little housewife. Just have dinner on the table and a drink ready when I get home every night.”
“We’re doing this then?” There was that grin again, and this time you returned it.
“Fuck, I guess we are.” You sank into his chest with a defeated huff. “We need a sex room or something though, I feel like we’re getting too soft.”
A/N: God this was some mushy stuff, I’m so soft guys!!
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live-the-fangirl-life · 27 days ago
Drug-Induced Declarations
Aelin Galathynius x Rowan Whitethorn - Wisdom Teeth Oneshot
After getting her wisdom teeth out, Aelin makes a profound realization.
Tumblr media
Written for Rowaelin Month 2021. Day 1: “I just realized I'm desperately in love with you.” @rowaelinscourt
Masterlist | Read on Ao3 | Rowaelin Month Masterlist
Warnings: Language
1123 words
“Hey, Rowan?” Aelin crooned from the passenger seat. Her head was lolling to the side, occasionally hitting the window, and causing her to glare at it each time.
Rowan held back a smile at her loopy grin. He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and looked over as Aelin pulled on her seatbelt because apparently, it was trying to strangle her like a cobra.
When she opened her mouth, he could just see the large cotton swabs the dentist placed in there after she'd had her wisdom teeth removed.
Normally, Aelin was very put together. Sometimes cocky, usually cool, and always the wittiest person in the room. Her confidence and composure were some of the things Rowan loved about her. But right now, she was hyped up on the medication and the leftover effects of the anesthesia, and she had just tried to prove that she could sing the alphabet backward. She couldn’t.
“Rowan?” she slurred again.
“Yes, Fireheart?” He was really trying not to laugh but seeing his normally composed wife act like she’d just tried smoking pot for the first time, made him desperately wish he’d brought along one of their friends to record her.
Rowan loved Aelin and would do anything for her, but he also would’ve loved to have a video of her now to use as blackmail material.
“Rowan. Rowan, Ro…row, row your boat, gently down the stream.” She started humming to a melody only she could hear.
When she finished her song, she asked again, “Rowan?”
He couldn’t stop his chuckling, “Yes? Aelin, what is it?”
“Rowan.” She twisted in her seat to face him, tangling herself more with her seatbelt and wrestling it away before turning to him with an expression way too serious for the moment. “Rowan. I just realized something.”
He watched the light ahead turn red and slowed to a stop before turning towards her with a barely suppressed grin.
“What did you just realize?”
When she took a deep breath, readying herself to share whatever revelation she made, it was almost too difficult to keep a straight face.
“I just realized,” She said slowly, leaning closer to him over the middle console, “that I am desperately in love with you.”
Her eyes bore into his with such a fierce intensity that in any other situation he may have gone to his knees. But right now, sitting in the car with Aelin half-perched on the console, her seatbelt wrapped around her arm like a sling, and drugged-up with medication, all he could do was throw his head back and laugh.
Rowan smiled broadly and his booming laugh filled the car as he began driving again.
However, his smile faltered when he looked back at Aelin who had slipped back to rest against the car door. She was pouting, her lip wobbling, and her eyes glistened with silver.
“Aelin,” He tried to console her through his amusement. “Fireheart, why are you crying?”
Her watery sniff cracked his heart and he lost all of his former laughter.
“I—” she hiccupped through sniffles, “I told you—” hiccup, “I told you that I just—” hiccup, “I just realized—” hiccup, “that I’m in love with you—“, hiccup, sniffle, “and you laughed.”
Fresh tears began to roll down her cheeks and Rowan reached across to grip her shaking hand in his steady, larger one. He interwove their fingers and brought their joined hands to his mouth to kiss her knuckles.
“Aelin,” He smiled and waited until she looked up at him. “I wasn’t laughing at the sentiment.”
She sniffed again and brought her other hand up to rub her face only to remember that hand was still caught in her twisted seatbelt. She huffed and momentarily forgot she was sad as she tried again to free her arm.
“You weren’t? Then why did you laugh?” She didn’t look weepy anymore, but she still pouted and Rowan dragged his attention from her full lower lip.
Rowan kept an eye on the road as he teased, “I laughed because you said you just realized that. Which I really hope isn’t the case, Fireheart,” he paused to smile cheekily at her, “because we’ve been married for almost a year.”
Still holding her hand, Rowan watched as her face transformed from sullenness to confusion to excitement. She beamed, showing off her bright smile supported by bloody cotton balls.
“We’re married!”
He chuckled and kissed her hand again, “We are, and I’m really glad that was your reaction and not something worse.”
Aelin scoffed as if that was the most insane thing she’d ever heard. “Are you kidding me? You’re a very fine piece of ass, why would I be upset?”
This time, he laughed unrestrained and Aelin kept smiling as she settled back into her seat.
He finally pulled into their driveway when he asked, “Yes?”
“I feel good. Like, really good. I feel like I could fly. Can you fly? It’d be so cool if you could fly.” She stared dreamily out the window and he watched fondly as she traced patterns on the glass.
“Come on, Aelin let’s go inside.”
Rowan got out and walked around the car to open her door and help her out.
“Yes, Fireheart?” he managed to get her standing, albeit wobblily, and shut the door behind her.
“I want to take a bite out of that ass.” She made grabby hands towards his butt and he gripped her wrists to stop her from reaching around him. “It looks so good. Like a peach.”
Smirking, he pulled her close, “I think you should take a nap.”
When she just stood there and wiggled her eyebrows at him, he huffed a laugh and threw an arm around her waist.
“Let’s go druggie. You’ll thank me tomorrow.”
She stumbled as they started to walk so Rowan used an arm around her back and under her knees to lift her up into his arms. She squealed but it sounded more like a gurgle with the cotton still in her mouth.
“Okay,” Aelin leaned her head against his chest, “but, tomorrow can I get that ass?”
His chest shook with laughter and jostled her enough to make her grumble.
“Tomorrow, if you’re off the medications, I might even take a bite out of your ass.” He mocked as he walked them into the house.
“You better.” She insisted and rested her head back against his chest
By the time he got to the bedroom, Aelin was already asleep in his arms. She mumbled something he couldn’t make out, but as he tucked her into bed he smiled at his hilarious, exasperating wife.
“It’s a good thing I’m desperately in love with you, too.”
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bewaretheblackdog · 11 months ago
things from my road-trip through the midwest that just (don’t) make sense
Tumblr media
within the frigid apathy of minnesota, a gas station parking lot, lined with rusty pumps and cars with windshields freckled by the greasy stains of splattered bugs. the cashier inside refused to meet your eyes, only looking up from the counter to glance at the empty space behind you. his hands shook. you asked if he was okay, but he only flinched. when he handed you your receipt, the print was blocked by thick, black sharpie. ‘WATCH YOUR BACK.’
amidst the forgotten cornfields of iowa, an old boat discarded in a garden, the cold steel overrun with weeds and wildflowers and other rooted, unwanted things. there was no water nearby, but you could’ve sworn it was swaying on gentle waves. if you were to roll down your window, you would have heard the sharp whirr of a fishing reel and the voice of your long-dead grandfather– foggy, distanced, and stuck between somewhere and nowhere. 
in a ghost town waiting to happen, crumbling apartment buildings, sagging against concrete stairs and fire escapes. their shadows shifted and spilled into each other out of the corner of your eye, piling and folding and swelling on the cobblestone until the darkness had a depth that took up physical space in the alleyways. with time, those bundles of black shade would grow difficult to differentiate from the dull husks of the residents.
in the vast nothing of wisconsin, decrepit barns collapsed at the spine, dotting the side of the highway like corpses. as you drove by them, you could’ve sworn the a/c began to smell like spoiled meat. you flipped on the recirculation and continued on, trying in vain to ignore the swarms of black flies eating away at the wood.
among the sunken eyes of illinois, an overcrowded intersection, cars upon cars piled on top of one another at high noon. the midday sun bore down on you all, heating the field of metal until your fans were useless against the stifling heat. somewhere in the fever, you were reminded of ants under a magnifying glass, the way their legs would spark and smoke and splinter. you blinked, then opened your eyes to empty streets and a black sky. not that it shocked you. time never seemed to tick right in illinois. you kept driving.
in the heart of chicago, sloppy red graffiti under a bridge reading ‘punish the evil.’ you wished you could agree, but as you mulled over your own wrongdoings, your knuckles went white. you thought about things shameful enough to be left out confessional, ugly enough to let rot in the deep caverns of your ribcage. were you evil? did you deserve to be punished?
in the dry monotony of indiana, long stretches of prairie flattened into the dirt as if someone suffocated the land under their boot, the hills like deflated lungs. the longer you drove, the more the rushing wind sounded like wheezing.
on the horizon, a fiery explosion that only you saw, the sound inaudible over the race of cars on the highway. the smoke thinned in the breeze so rapidly your first thought was not ‘what happened?’, it was ‘did that happen at all?’ you stared mindlessly at the blank space where screams should’ve been, frozen. yet, the radio continued to blare, your mother continued her phone call, and the corn stalks continued to sway. the world sped by in your periphery and you just sat there, silent, cradling a secret known solely by you and the horizon, teetering on the divide between imagination and reality.
under the damp mold of michigan, a stray shopping cart blocking your way on a backroad, thoroughly abandoned in a puddle. it was completely empty but appeared heavier than it should have, its wheels sinking into the graveled earth beneath. it took all your weight to leverage the rusting frame into a ditch. the crash was deafening. 
in the dead plains of ohio, two barns with the words ‘PRAISE GOD. LOVE JESUS.’ scarring their faces. they felt like eyes. you hadn’t seen another building for miles, and you wouldn’t see any others for miles more, but that building saw you. 
amidst the blurry familiarity of lake erie, the horrible irony of a highway cross adorned with rotten forget-me-nots. you realized you die twice, and the second death always hurts worse than the first. you grieved at the steering wheel for a woman you’ve never met, then forgot about her an hour down the road. 
at a stoplight in pennsylvania, an eagle digging into a deer carcass. the smell lingered, sticking to your chest and to your hair and to your hands before you managed to roll up the window. the doe’s eyes melted into you, its jaw twitching as a strange bleating noise poured from your radio. ‘what if i were you and you were me?’ it asked. ‘would you be content with this end? have you led a fulfilling life?’ you fled without waiting for the light to turn green.
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spookysquish13 · a month ago
First time knife play with JJ Maybank
First time knife play with JJ Maybank
*Author note: I got locked out of my old account (spookysquishsworld) and am reposting all of my old writings
This morning there was a tiktok video going around where Rudy was playing with a knife. It brought something out of me, and i know everyone wants more JJ smut. So here yall go. I hope you like it.
ALSO if anyone has tips on how to format more easily, i write on a different app and then paste it into the text box… ??
JJ was sitting in the little cabin of the steering wheel of the boat, groaning that he was bored, leaning his head back against the wall. He takes out one of the fishing blades packed on the boat. He takes the blade out of its canvas sleeve, in a place that you could have sworn was slow motion. You are watching him through the back window of the cabin. Watching him take out the knife, you feel your eyes grow in size. Gulping quietly so you could continue enjoing the show started feeling your core grow hotter. JJ starts tossing the blade up into the air trying to catch it. The danger of him potentially getting hurt grew an excitement deep inside of you. You didnt know what this was. Why the sight of the blade excited you to your core. What would it feel like? Would it be cold? What would it feel like to give JJ all of that control. You knew he would never do a thing to hurt someone else unless provoked. You swallow hard trying to keep your hand out of your shorts. The others close by. Now JJ is starting to twirl the blade between his fingers. His face twisting with concentration, making his dimples come out. You could see one of his brows furrow. With the rings on his fingers, and the knife moving swiftly could have made you cum from the sight. JJ felt someone watching. He looked over his shoulder, still twisting the blade. You both made eye contact. JJ giving you a sexy smirk, his eyes growing a deep blue. You moved away quickly from the window and plastered your back to the wall aside the window. Trying to catch your breath from the sight of the sun kissed blonde with a shiny knife. —————– All of you have now returned from the boating adventure and you excused yourself into the bathroom of John Bs house. You splash cold water onto your face trying to collect yourself. You all were still hanging out but your heat never faded. As you unlock the door, you find JJ standing in the doorway across from the bathroom, his arms crossed. You started getting worked up again just from the sight of his muscles. “Hey, y/n, can I talk with you?” JJ asks. Motioning to his bedroom. “Where are the others? ” you ask JJ, your heart beat raises, feeling like you just ran. “I shooed them off” JJ says giving you a wink as he looks back behind him to make sure you are still following. As soon as both of you enter into his bedroom he closes the gap between you and backs you into the door, closing it behind you with a force that made you stop breathing. This is it, this could be the moment you were waiting for. JJ kisses you with such a force you could not keep the moan down that was escaping your mouth. His hands were on your hips, pulling you closer. Your head was spinning from his touch, you waited all day for this. JJ kisses from your mouth down your jaw, hitting all the right spots. Against your neck he says “Y/N, we need to talk about something.” You take a deep breath trying to focus on what he was saying. You try to untangle both of you, so you weren’t distracted. “Ok” you say sighing that he broke up something you were waiting for. “ I saw you watching me playing with the knife….” He trails off, you nodding you head, hoping that he could put two and two together. He was a smart boy. “…. I think I want to try something with you.” You heart jumps and your eyes fill with the same lust that he looked at you with multiple times before. “Im not sure how or why but watching you play with that knife did something in me that I didn’t know could happen….” You confess, letting all guard down, looking at your hands because you didn’t want to look him in the eye, you would have just died from embarrassment. JJ comes swiftly to your side and gently puts his hands on both sides of your face, bringing you to look at him.“Baby, there is nothing to be ashamed of, I know these thoughts can be scary and intimidating, but as long as we are honest with each other and talk about things before And after, we can do this. Honestly, it what I was thinking about while playing with it.” He kisses your nose, resting his forehead against yours. “I
was curious how you would take it, we already have been dabbling into some kinky things in the bedroom…” he continues talking as he wraps his hands around your waist. Closing your eyes with the feeling of him wrapping you into him, you laid your head against his chest. You were trying to memorize his smell around you. How his arms felt wrapped around you. “You know my rule, you can tell me anything and I wont judge. As long as you are honest and remember the safe word, we are golden. You remember the word right, babygirl?” How could you have forgotten, you sat in bed with him late at night, laughing and forgetting the world around you. You were trying to come up with a word that would completely pull both of you out of anything you were doing. Toilet. Toilet was the word you settled on. You talked about golden showers and both of you agreed that, that wasn’t something you’d be into. JJ spoke up, pulling you out of your memory. “Do you want to try? The gang wont be back for hours. The house is ours. We can be as loud as we want….” He kisses you hard and chokes you a little, the coldness of his rings makes you gasp against his mouth. “we all know you have trouble being quiet, princess” JJ says against your mouth smugly, knowing full well the power he has over you, to make you into a crumbling screaming soaking mess. He picks you up and tosses you onto the bed. He makes contact with your mouth and you moaned at the touch, kissing you so you wouldn’t notice, he blind folds you with the bandana from his back pocket. Kissing down your neck, sucking hickies into your collarbone, he slowly pulls out the knife from his pocket, the one you saw earlier, he lifted from the boat. The first contact was your shoulder, you gasped shockingly from how cold the metal was. Colder than you imagined, ice like.JJ drags the knife softly against your delicate skin, never picking up the blade off of you. He cuts one of your straps from your shirt, which makes you scream quietly from excitement. He continues to drag the blade up against your neck, against the sweet spot near your ear, and down your cheek. Your heart is racing and you are practically panting, drool tipping out of the corner of your mouth. JJ sees you drooling under him, a soaking and panting mess. He becomes hard and grinds his hips into you so you could feel what you do to him. “Open your mouth stick your tongue out.” JJ orders with a deep sexiness to his voice. This tone of his is one you love, one where he is taken over by lust and cant get enough of you. You close your mouth tight, being the brat you are, knowing there would be a fun punishment for this act of disobedience. JJ stopped grinding into you and lifted himself up off of you. He turned your hip to the side, your back still on the bed but your left hip in the air. He dragged his hand across your underwear, making brief contact with where you wanted him the most. All of the sudden you feel a smack and a sting. He spanked you, leaving a red hand print on your bare ass. The noise that escaped your mouth earned a growl from him. Your chest raising and falling rapidly from all of your excitement. “Open your mouth. Stick your tongue out. I will not repeat myself.” JJ says as you feel his hand around your throat. You stick your tongue out, letting all juices free flow. You feel the cold metal pressed flat against your tongue. You couldn’t stop drooling. You only ever could drool that much while you were sucking him off. When you feel the cold leave your mouth you start begging. “JJ please, I need you. Now, please.”“Tell me what you want, brat” He spat back at you, tightening his grip around your neck. Your head falls back and you beg him “Please touch my pussy, I want your fingers, your tongue, the knife, your dick. Please anything. I just need something. Please” The need you had for him almost brought you to tears. JJ drags the knife down your bare stomach, your shirt was long gone. You arch your back and JJ could see all the goosebumps forming. He starts biting your hips, sometimes too hard and there was blood popping out
of some of the teeth marks. He dragged the knife down to your panties and with one quick motion he cut off both sides around your hips. Tugging on the cloth he ripped them from the front so there was friction against your clit. You gasped so loud and was so shocked you gripped the sheets around you. Knowing if you reached for him there could be bad consequences. Biting and sucking at your hips again, he pushes your legs aside and finally gives you what you begged for With out any warning he pushes two fingers into you. Still feeling the blade, over a hip and down one leg tracing your ankle and then coming back up. “Baby, you are a dripping mess. I never knew you could get so wet and wanting. All for me.” JJ practically growled against you “Yes baby you are doing so well. I love seeing you like this.” You bucked your hips against his fingers, still inside of you. This Was all you needed to just about cum. He immediately removed his fingers and you whined so loudly you startled yourself. Edging you once before letting you get any closer. “OPEN"He demanded once again and you obliged you needing him more then a punishment He stuck his fingers in your mouth "Taste yourself, baby girl taste how wet you are for me.” You start sucking on the fingers in your mouth, tongue dancing around them like you were sucking them off. This earned a deep growl from JJ in your ear. A “please” escaped your mouth without even thinking. He starts to drag his fingers, softly barely touching your skin, down to your wet hot core he pushes you back over so you are laying flat on your back, legs wide open his for the taking. He flicks your clit just to tease a little bit more before giving you what you want. You were now open mouth panting and whining, some noises you didn’t even recognize. He put two fingers into you going at a pace you didn’t think was humanly possible, again things were slow motion you didn’t think he could go any slower. “Stay very still, do not move a muscle or I will stop he orders” JJ places the cold blade onto your clit and you move your hands deeper into the blankets bracing yourself so you didn’t move. He curled his fingers to hit your g spot and you almost cried. You needed him more than you ever needed him before. “p…..please JJ… please make me cum….. please baby….. I’ll do anything just make me cum……” you plead knowing you couldn’t stay still for much longer he removes the blade and you start to protest “Please…” as quickly as he removes the blade he replaces it with his mouth sucking and twirling his tongue so skillfully he starts pumping his fingers rough and hard, a pinky grazing your other hole his hand is now dripping from your juices “baby cum for me you are doing so well, you are almost there….” pounding your g spot over and over with his hand you feel the rings slipping close and close to your entrance, his fingers deep inside of you. your back raises from the bed as you feel the knife flat against your belly just enough to feel the coldness you release and scream like you were on a rollercoaster you were on one of your own high JJ had to use his arm to keep your legs open, holding you down still pounding you with his fingers making sure he gets everything out of you as you let go of the sheets coming down from your high he moves to place the knife on the bed and to slip the bandana off of your face kissing you everywhere on your face and finally your lips you lay there limp tears escaping your eyes you breathing so heavy you weren’t sure if you’d ever catch your breath He lays down next to you in awe and kisses you gently against the mouth you laugh against his lips unbelieving that you just came that hard “wow” escapes your lips as you run your hands through his hair his hand laying lazily on your hip “I didn’t know you could scream that loud Y/N” still laying there euphoric blinking to try to make sure this was reality, nodding slowly “you really liked that didn’t you y/n”“yes I had no idea…. i .. it… wow…. more ….” JJ giggled that he had you speechless “ I will be right back baby okay? Just stay here, Im so
proud of you” he put away the knife and brought you some water and covered you up with your favorite blanket you could make sense of words now…. “Wow JJ fuck, that was awesome. I had no idea” He came up behind you cuddling into you under the blanket kissing the side of your face “Im glad you liked it I can say its one of my favorite things now.” “Me too, i thought it would be different” “how so” JJ looks down at you making sure you were okay “that it would be more dangerous i guess” he feels you shrug against his arms around you “as long as you don’t jerk and move too much i have all of the control. I wont ever hurt you baby, I’m so proud of you. you did so well” “ JJ I’m glad we can trust each-other this much. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this if it wasn’t with you.” He kissed you softly against the mouth and your hunger reappeared How could it not with a sun kissed blonde god next to you “Your turn for me to make you cum JJ” You say climbing on top of him feeling his dick hard against your bare clit. Shuddering at the feeling since you were still sensitive, smiling. you both melted into the blanket, not coming up for air until the sun rose again
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romecries · 4 months ago
Quartermaster Sapnap (C!DSMP Pirate AU)
It fucking here folks lets gooooo -rome (lemme know if yall like it 👉👈) under the fucking cut cuz this like 2k words
content warning: its actual pretty fucking fluffy and cute which is unusual for me so YALL BETTER LIKE IT, mentions of bondage, hair pulling, slight voyeurism? ✨gender neutral ✨
Ship Name: The Red Veil
Crew: Captain Dream, Quartermaster Sapnap, Sailing Master George
Brief Overview: You join The Red Veil after the merchant ship you had been traveling on got taken over, it was either you stay on the merchant ship and return to England where you had nothing or join their ship and hope to get rich by robbing other ships. Perhaps the pirate life is not as bad as it seems.
Sapnap smirks as Dream finishes up the end of his speech, heading across the plank back to their ship. He tugs on a couple ropes, tapping his feet on various barrels and posts. He sits on top a barrel, looking up to see people lining up before him, hesitantly approaching him to ask what to do. He gives out all the basic tasks, securing ropes and sails, cleaning the deck, keeping inventory on supplies, but when you step before him he pauses.
Looking up his eyes meet yours, “you uh, you will be my assistant.”
Your head tilts to the side, an eyebrow raised as you open your mouth, “your assistant?”
“Yes. Is there a problem with that?” He challenges, Dream chuckling as he walks past the both of you, sharing a glance with Sapnap.
“No, of course not.”
“Good.” Sapnap muses, a grin spreading across his face, a light blush dusting his cheeks.
You end up following Sapnap around most of the day, not particularly doing anything besides handing him tools or assisting him in pulling ropes. As night begins to fall the crew returns to their quarters, Dream leaves Sapnap to steer the ship, unintentionally forcing you to stay up with him as well. You sit quietly, listening to the waves splash as they hit the side of the boat. Sapnap hums lightly as he guides the boat to stay on a straight path.
Taking a step away from the wheel he gently taps your thigh, signaling you to move off the crate you’re sitting on. He pulls out a couple blankets, laying a large black one on the ground and sitting on top of it, handing you the less tattered red one and keeping the other for himself,
“It gets a bit cold at night,” his voice is soft, much softer than the commanding one you heard earlier. You sit down beside him, pulling the blanket he gave you over your shoulders.
“Do you stay awake all night?” Your voice is barely a whisper, but the night is so peaceful and quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
“Dream will come in an hour or so and take over, somebody has to steer the ship so we take turns.” He lays back looking towards the stars, sighing contently, “I’m sorry to keep you up though, you’re welcome to retire to your quarters.”
“No,” you say, maybe a little too fast. Your eyes meet Sapnap’s, his orange ones are burning at the idea that maybe you want to stay up with him that maybe, “I want to keep you company.”
He smiles, scoffing as if he doesn’t believe you.
“Oh yeah, it also my job to assist you.” You taunt, “what if you fall down the stairs and need my help so as to not embarrass yourself.”
His laugh brings butterflies to your stomach, “that would never happen, because I don’t fall.” The way he says it is so overconfident, yet you can tell that something darker lies below his playful persona.
“You don’t fall huh?”
“Nope,” he sits up, leaning close to your face, “Though I could make an exception.”
He’s so close his breath fans across your skin, leaving a blush burning on your face. You open your mouth to reply but before you get the chance you both snap apart as you hear boots hitting the ground of the main deck. It’s George climbing his way down from the Crow’s Nest. He gives Sapnap a knowing glance before making his way to the cabin to turn in for the night.
Sapnap lets out a small sigh, standing up to continue steering the ship and you lay back on the blanket he set out. Listening to him hum some sea shanty, you end up quickly drifting off to sleep, feeling him place his blanket on top of you to ensure you wouldn’t be cold.
When Dream comes up to switch with him, he pick you up and carries you to the Captain’s quarters with him, allowing you to sleep on the bed while he takes the floor next to you.
After your initial meeting you got used to following Sapnap around all day since he insisted he needed your help even though you knew there was plenty of other people that could help him
But he had to have you
It was like everyone else knew that you two were in love but you two
The lingering touches, the soft smiles, the way Sapnap would zone out starring at you
Even Dream was becoming annoyed at the soft lovey-dovey shit y’all got going on so one night he just didn’t show up to swap shifts with Sapnap
Tension was drifting in the air between you two as Sapnap kept glancing over to the main deck, waiting for Dream to come
Standing up you move closer to him, wrapping a blanket around his shoulders and leaning on the helm of the boat
“Don’t think he’s coming Sap, he’s an hour late,” you yawn, pulling your blanket on further
“I guess he has been pushing himself lately, it’s probably best he gets his rest.” Sapnap muses, stepping closer to you.
His feet catch on the bottom of his blanket causing him to fall toward you, his hands grabbing the wood on either side of you, caging you in between him and the rails
He slowly brings his head up to look you in the eyes, his face flushed a deep red from the closeness, his raven hair framing the sides of his face perfectly, neither of you move as you both lightly breathe
“Seems like you were right, I did fall,” He leans closer to you, noses brushing as his lips just barely touch yours, “Tell me you fell too.”
You bring a hand up to cradle his cheek as you connect your lips together, the kiss is short, hesitantly pulling apart and pressing your foreheads together as you gasp for breath, before smashing your lips together again
You moan into Sapnap’s mouth as his fingers find their way up your neck and wrap into your hair, tugging you back sharply as he continues kissing down your jaw and neck
He tugs at your shirt, breaking away from you for a brief moment so you can pull it off before latching back onto your collar bones, sucking and biting harshly
You reach for the buttons fumbling to undo them as Sapnap softly chuckles in between kisses because of your struggles
Pausing his assault on your neck he pulls back, throwing his head back in laughter when he sees your annoyed face still tugging at the buttons
“There seriously shouldn’t be this many!” You laugh, letting your arms drop as he pulls his shirt apart, sending buttons flying every which way causing you to gasp and cover your mouth.
“And now,” he kisses you lightly pulling away to give you several small kisses on your nose and cheeks “there’s no buttons at all.”
Pulling off your both your pants he taps your hips lightly, signaling you to jump up and wrap your legs around his waist.
He leans you against the wheel, bringing his fingers up to your lips to suck on while he continues kissing and lapping at your chest
He groans, nipping and tugging the bottom of your ear between his teeth as you suck on his fingers, his hardening dick pressing against your thigh causing you to whine around his fingers.
Removing his fingers from your mouth he makes quick work of spreading you open, making sure you can easily take three fingers before lining his cock up with your entrance and pushing in
You both moan at the sensation, he’s a decent length but considerably thick, filling you up completely. He leans you further against the wheel, his fingers digging into your hips as he thrusts into you and you reach your hands back to grip the handles of the wheel. The cool night air caresses your skin as lewd moans drip out of your mouth, fingers finding their way to you mouth and plunging inside causing you to whimper as you drool all over them.
“You look so pretty for me darling, drooling all over my fingers and my cock.” Sapnap’s voice is low and raspy as he nears his climax, your walls clenching around him as you cum from his praises. “My voice could get you off alone, couldn’t it?” He smirks, fucking you through your orgasm as drool drips onto your chest, the overstimulation has you whimpering his name over and over as if it’s the only word you know.
His thrusts become sloppy as he pulls out of you, pulling you close as he comes on your stomach, his moans are a mix of high pitched whines and low growls, kissing your neck and pressing his forehead into your shoulder as he comes down from your high
Bonus! Headcanons
Sapnap is quick to declare that he loves you, he’s never meet someone he cares so deeply about and wants to keep safe more than anything in the world. And he really tried to not say it so quickly but he just couldn’t hold back it was like his entire body was screaming to tell you
Dream stops sleeping in the Captain’s Quarters out of fear. Initially the only reason he was allowing Sapnap to sleep in them was because he had helped Dream pay for the boat, but after he realized you two had probably fucked on every surface he decided to just straight up move out of the room.
Look me in the eyes and tell me Quartermaster Sapnap doesn’t have a master kink, oh what’s that? You can’t, that’s right ITS BECAUSE THIS BITCH HAS THE BIGGEST MASTER KINK
He loves just dominating and controlling you and hearing you BEG for him to do literally anything to you
That being said this man is also a sub, he’s so soft for you he will do anything you want
Loves to have you ride him and tie him up, gets so hard when you praise him, you could practically make him cum with your words
He likes to fuck in more risky places where you probably won’t run into anyone but there is always that slim chance that Dream or someone might find you
For example one time at night before switching shifts with Dream he tied you to the mast and he’s pretty sure he saw Dream come out from the lower deck and then promptly turn around but Dream denies it ever happening
The giggly soft sex where your both just having fun is his main go to
Loves gagging you as well, mostly because it causes you to drool all over your chin and he loves seeing your blissed out face covered in his cum, only able to uncontrollably moan around whatever is gagging you whether it be his dick, fingers, or even your own underwear.
Also completely unrelated but this man wears lots of jewelry and rings and so he gives you a necklace with his favourite ring on it
When taking over other ships, he definitely does some stupid shit to protect you and often times ends up getting hurt. You always tell him that you can take care of yourself he’s just overprotective
Speaking of overprotective he’s 100% the jealous type. If anyone is getting to close and comfortable with you he won’t hesitate to pull a sword against their neck and kindly tell them that you are taken
And then just some photos that give me pirate sapnap vibes
BRUH JNFNSBHFHESBFKS im so dumb forgot to put the photos we good now my bad LMAOOO
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Fantasy Guide to Ships, Boats and Nautical Lingo
Tumblr media
Of all the ways to travel in fantasy and historical novels, there are two favoured ones: horses and ships. But I covered the horses already so here we have some ship terminology and kinds of ships.
Common Boat Terms
Tumblr media
Aft/Stern - The back of a ship.
Bow - The bow is the front part of the ship, the pointy part or the place where Kate Winslet stood on in Titanic.
Port - The left side of the ship
Starboard - The right side of the ship
Windward - The wind the direction is blowing.
Hull- outside of the ship
Leeward - Or sometimes called the lee. This is the opposite direction of the wind is blowing
Boom - A horizontal pole extending from the base of the main mast. It adjusted toward the wind direction in order to harness the wind for the sails.
Rudder - The rudder is a flat piece of wood below the ship, used to steer the ship. It is connected to the wheel of the ship.
Tacking - A common sailing maneuver that involves turning the bow through the wind, to change the wind direction from one side of the ship to the other, making the boom move.
Underway- This is when the ship is moving
Astern- The ship is moving backwards
Amidships- Middle of the boat
Topside- when you move from the lower decks to the upper deck
Compartments of the ship
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Most ships would have compartments inside the hull and underneath the deck.
Cabins- most war ships and merchant ships would only have one or two main cabin occupied by the captain and higher crew.
Galley- The kitchen on board the ship. The galley would be fitted with tables and cabinets. Galleys were built in such a way that they were more resistant to the heaving of the ship. Most galleys were built with special stoves to stop people from colliding with them and things from spilling out of pots and pans.
Wardroom- some ships are built with a common room for the crew. The wardroom acted as a common room as well as a dining room. It would usually be conjoined with the galley.
Sick Bay- is the compartment of the ship that is given over to the injured and sick. The sick bay would hold the medicines and medical devices and would often be under lock and key.
Hold- This will be the largest compartment in the ship were the cargo or the ship's weapons.
Crew and Positions aboard the Ship
Tumblr media
When we think of captains we imagine them as blackhearted slave drivers (something akin to managers in the customer service industry) but on further research you will find that is not true. There are two kinds of Captains you find in history. Pirate captains and Legitimate Captains. Pirate captains were elected by their merit in battle and dedication to the crew. They were considered equal to the crew, only taking full charge during raids and battles. In the Navy or any legal-bound ship, captains were selected by rank and wealth. There was no equality between captain and crew as in pirate ships. Legal ships were Capitalists and the Pirates were Democratic.
First Mate
First Mate is the captain's deputy. They act as captain when the captain cannot. This was mainly seen in Navies and merchant ships as Pirates usually placed their quartermaster as their deputies.
The Quartermaster was in charge of ensuring that the ship ran smoothly, rather like the ship's HR manager. The Quartermaster was in charge of supplies and had certain powers such as being able to punish the crew for minor infractions.
Sailing Master
These were officers in charge of piloting the ship. They would have to be educated enough to read a map and was a much desired position because it was a fair paying job. Pirates usually kidnapped sailing masters from ships they attacked to use aboard their own ships.
Gunners were the overseers of any many qualified to load and fire guns. They were in charge of aiming cannons and making sure the crew were safely using guns. Most the guns were loaded by young boys called powder monkeys.
Boatswains or junior officers would act as supervisors, watching over the crew as they did their duties. If things were not going well they reported to the captain or quartermaster to punish the crew.
Surgeons handled any diseases and wounds. Since being at sea limited the amount of medicine available. Most ship's surgeons were forced to cut off limbs to avoid infection pike gangrene. Surgeons may not always be found on ships. Cooks or carpenters were often pressed to do amputations: meat was meat and cutting was cutting.
All ships needed somebody to cook. Navies and merchant ships would often have trained cooks while on pirate ships it was just a crewmember who was handy in the kitchen.
Kinds of Ship
Tumblr media
(Not a complete list, may post more later.)
Brig- A brig is the ship that one most thinks of when you think of a ship. The brig is a large vessel, set with a pair of square-rigged masts. Brigs were fast ships and highly maneuverable. They were used as merchant ships and warships.
Galley- The galley is propelled via oars. The hull is long and slender and most of them featured larger sails. Galleys often were rowed by slaves and used in war.
Galleon- Galleons were large ships, built with multiple decks, carrying three or more masts with square raised stern. The Galleon was usually rigged with square sails on the fore-mast and main-masts.
Caravel- The caravel was a small ship with triangular sails, famed for its manoeuvrability and speed.
Longship- The longships were the ships of the Vikings. They were slender ships, narrow. They were able to keep afloat in shallow waters as well as the deep sea. Longships were able to reverse quickly, a very important skill. The longship was a warship, a raider's ship propelled by oars.
Carrack- the carrack was a large ship, often built with mass cargo holds making the most popular ship to go on long voyages on. The carrack had three or four masts.
Cog- This ship was a large vessel, the hull wide and large. The ship is propelled by a great single sail flown from a tall mast.
Junk- The junk or Chinese junk was a kind of coastal or river ship used as merchant ships, pleasure ships and sometimes houseboats. They are small ships and made with battened sails rather resembling wings.
Trireme- the trireme was a slender ship set with three banks of oars pulled by one man each. The trireme had a concave hull and usually had an underwater ram at the prow of the ship.
For @viola-cola
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Earlier on yeah, I was messing about with the steering wheel and the boat was moving in the direction I was messing about with it. I didn't know that I was actually driving the boat, and the captain told Niall to come and tell me to stop fucking around with the steering wheel.
aka Zayn being a little shit. :)
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