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IME3D Kit comimg soon - An Infinite Toy
Come on and open it, with 3D printing technology, the possibility is endless.

#studio #objects #3dprinting #colors #3dprints #3dmodels
#3deducation #3dtoys #kids #fun #technology #play #STEM #children #toys #learning #stem #programming #scratch #3dclass #preschool #K-12 (在 Shanghai, China)

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IME3D Kit 🐲🔥
Coming soon…
#studio #objects #3dprinting #colors #3dprints #3dmodels
#3deducation #3dtoys #kids #fun #technology #play #STEM #children #toys #learning #stem #programming #scratch #3dclass #preschool #K-12 (在 Shanghai, China)

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UNIVAC 1219; one of the many early digital computers used by the Navy in the process of retiring analog computers. During a period of rapid technological development, the Navy created a diverse computing network to handle the rapidly expanding number of tasks that could be reliably and quickly performed digitally. Standardization of computers became problematic leading to the development of systems like the AN/UYK-7 mainframe and the AN/UYK-20 minicomputer.

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November 26th, 2020

Today was a lecture free day and I decided to do something fun with a friend in the morning. In the afternoon I had an appointment with my psychologist which went fine.

Just now I finished doing some actual studying. In preparation for my materials class, I decided to read the chapter that will be discussed in class. I also finally made a mobius account which allows me to do some math quizzes to test my knowledge. Those are graded in a way that you do see your score, but you don’t get actual credits for completing them, so it really is mainly so you know if you understood everything correctly.

Now we have one more day until the weekend and I can’t wait for that day to be over!

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2020.11.25. 64/100 days of productivity

I’m writing these posts soooooo late these days, I just don’t have the energy to sit here at 1-2am after studying to write these…

Yesterday I got up in the morning to go through my lectures again, I had an exam at 3pm, I think I did okay, probably could’ve been better. 

I still haven’t gotten any exam results back which is a bit annoying. When I got home last night I started studying for my next exam, I wasn’t really motivated to study, it was my 5th exam, 3rd one this week. In the end I did feel bad about not studying for it sooner because it’s really not that difficult and I could’ve learnt a lot more if I had another day in between the exams. 

I do have one more exam left and then I’m finished with my “midterms”. We’re also about to go into another lockdown which means I’ll probably go back home and I don’t feel like that’s gonna be great for my mental health. I got into a really good routine in the past two months and now it’s all gonna be ruined once again.

I’m gonna try my best to stay motivated and productive, but I find it extremely hard to do that when I’m back home because my brain thinks it’s vacation time and I leave my house once a week, sometimes not even that. I’m gonna set aside some time for meditation because I’ll probably need something to keep my mental health where it is now. Fingers crossed I get through December without many hardships.

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BBC Radio 6’s Top Ten Albums of the year include 2 shot by Stem Agency Photographers,.
RUN THE JEWELS / RTJ4 photographed by Timothy Saccenti and DOVES / Universal Want by Maria Lax. @stemagency @timsaccenti @maria_lax_ #Musicphotography #Albumartwork #Bbcradio6 #bestmusicshots #band #photographer #musicphotography #graphicdesigner #recordcollection #albumcovers #artwork #coverart #albumart #albumcover #stemagency #timsaccenti #marialax #doves #runthejewels #

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November 25th, 2020

It feels like a week has gone by since I woke up this morning! I’ve had three meetings, two lectures, a project session, a mini marathon of one of the shows I was watching on Netflix, and I went swimming. On top of that I decided to take my Christmas tree out of it’s box again and set it up. (Little to no decorations yet.)

Tomorrow I’ll have no lectures at all, but I do have to get up early for a call with one of my project-teammates.


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• 24|11|20 •

I’ve worked a lot on my lab report but it’s still unfinished; I’ve watched two Physics 1 lessons, done german’s homework and had the lesson!

I feel like I’m doing nothing, I should be doing way more than this, but I want to stay positive!!

Any advice on how to deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed?

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