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likeshestoleit · 28 days ago
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the best room in the coffee shop is EMPTY today is going to be a good day
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modern-austen · a year ago
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some of my favourite microscope images I’ve taken
please don’t repost without credit
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fishystudies · a year ago
fuck hiding your femininity in stem. your sharp eyeliner is a taste of how steady your hands are in lab. your fire outfit demonstrates your attention to detail. normalize being hot and smart
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goghstudyy · 4 months ago
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somehow he’s acting like he’s more tired than i am
i’m doing some last minute studying for an anatomy exam later today, wish me luck that it goes well!
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virtuosicstudyblr · a month ago
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cannot wait for this semester to be over
best of luck to everyone studying for their exams ✨
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alejandrosdesk · 3 months ago
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carnations, baby’s breath, and roses in a jar 🌷💐🌸🌼
preserved my graduation corsages as a remembrance of the event. cheers to more years in academia, and a brighter (pinker) future ahead!
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maths practice paper!
guys i'm leaving studyblr :((( sike! happy april fool's day everybody :)
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nightfalldeepness · 6 months ago
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Lots of coffee, books, catching sunlight and trains. That's all that February was and I loved it totally.
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doyouseethisshitmyliege · 10 months ago
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hopebooks · 23 days ago
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i went to this café i’ve been meaning to go since 2 months and it’s so prettyy and calm. the rain made it better <3 planning to study more this week. also started learning a bit of german!
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midnight-cosmonaut · 10 months ago
I'm a little upset at the lack of stem in dark academia, so here's my list of aesthetic science things, STEM ACADEMIA (dark edition)
• relating a little too much to the mad scientist trope (and telling everyone "no, no I would never do anything like that, I just want to help people" but like imagine if we could resurrect people)
• rereading Frankenstein every year, specifically in the month of october
• "why is STEAM a thing?? Art? who that?"
• minoring in classics because you still like mythology and history and reading
• finding the science in art (why things make you feel a certain way, how they do that, what effect they've had on health and medicine) and finding the art in science (isn't it incredible that dna knows how to tell plant cells to break down chlorophyll and this makes the gorgeous fall colors)
• reading every book that mentions at all a scientist or has a character who is interested in stem (they are few and far between)
• enjoying the structure of math and engineering but thriving off the chaos that is science
• where are the mad scientist women? I need this
• people being surprised when you tell them you're majoring in something "really science-y" after being an absolute bookworm and musician all throughout your childhood and having to defend what your heart desires (no? just me?)
• CARDIGANS are peak stem culture
• "why aren't you a doctor? why aren't you going to med school? why are you doing insert reasonable science degree here and not becoming a doctor? don't you want to help people?"
• wanting to go into genetics but wanting to go into botany but wanting to go into theoretical physics but wanting to go into astronomy but wanting to go into geology but wanting to go into chemical engineering but wanting to go into astrophysics but wanting to go into wildlife biology
• for some reason having a huge obsession with morals, ethics, and philosophy
• watching true crime just for the forensic bits
• watching mythbusters as a kid
• LISTENING TO TCHAIKOVSKY, BEETHOVEN, BACH, AND MOZART those are the stem classical musicians change my mind
• doing all your homework and frying your brain then getting to read a simple book that really refreshes you
• you had the astronomy and archaeology obsession as a kid
• listening to synth wave instrumentals
• when people tell you that one cool science fact they learned and you try your hardest to encourage them but girl that wasn't even close to being correct
• ScienceDirect and PubMed are your go-to databases
• having lots of intrusive, existential thoughts that sometimes suffocate you, because you know better than most how much dark dna there is or how small we really are in the universe or knowing how much math explains and how little room there is for free will or thinking about how we are made up of mostly four types of atoms
• reading science or math textbooks for fun
• reading the fountainhead by ayn rand when you were way too young and didn't understand it but now parts of it emerge from the depths of your memory and you are struck by the power
• watching marvel and x-men and jurassic park just because
• reading sci-fi because it's the closest thing to real science in literature
• knowing a little too much about radiation poisoning and how to really dissolve a body in chemicals
• wearing white to make up for how little your professors make you wear lab coats
(sorry, I don't know that much about technology and I'm a literal grandpa when it comes to using it myself)
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likeshestoleit · 4 months ago
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The flowers are pastel pink and blue so OBVIOUSLY ITS SPRING
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lab-studies · 5 months ago
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05/03/22 - Done!
Ngl this was not an easy exam 😮‍💨 but it’s done! I passed with a great grade, it’s time for a lil self celebration :”)
Fun fact: I filled 40 paper sheets writing molecules as exam prep ^^;
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fishystudies · 4 months ago
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and just like that, no more undergrad classes!
I already submitted two final projects and I still have two exams and a final paper to finish up. Undergrad is really coming to a close and senioritis has never been harder to overcome XD
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goghstudyy · 4 months ago
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lots and lots of animal anatomy !
if you haven’t invested in transparent sticky notes i recommend them so much
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virtuosicstudyblr · 3 months ago
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technology lab - week three + cute kitty 🐈‍⬛
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ar-ithmancy · 7 months ago
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it’s been a while! here are some notes.
i got a starter fountain pen and i have been really enjoying using it on legal pads (the ink doesn’t bleed through!)
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