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Jan 26, 2021


No classes today. Catching up on assignments and lecture notes. Later in the evening I’m meeting with my advisor. Our first meeting went terribly bad. Hoping I could change that this meeting.

And the book I ordered has arrived!

(Also my pet plant isn’t doing well. Any tips?)

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26/1/21, 15:16

I’ve officially finished all my biology homework, hooray! I’ll still have to do questions and stuff, but nothing that’s assigned. Today I also managed to finish off my notes for specialist. Later today I am catching a train up to the closest city to hang out with a friend, so I’m hoping I can do some maths questions on the train.

Also made buckwheat crepes for breakfast today, that was nice.

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why do I feel hungover if I didn’t drink and went to bed at 10pm last night. I fucking hate getting old

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I have a sunrise alarm clock that progressively gets brighter in the hour before my alarm so usually that.


Send me an ask and I’ll check out your studyblr

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Oof. The first week of the semester is already over and this is all I have to show for it :,)

Using this studyblr as motivation, I was really hoping to “stay ahead of things” this semester. Unfortunately however, the only assignments I have besides tests are lab reports, presentations and seminar reports. And I can’t actually get ahead on any of them because I have to actually go to a lab/seminar or pick a presentation topic to even be able to start them. I guess for now I’ll just focus on prelabs, rewriting notes and grad school applications.

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Monday, 25th January 2021: Today was my first day of classes for the semester! So far all of my courses seem like they’ll be good, and I especially like my chem prof. He spent half of our first lecture talking about how much he loves his wife and kids and he just seems like a really sweet guy. These notes are from the review of FToC we went over in calc.

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January 25, 2021

Oh boy, I found out yesterday that two of the classes I need for next quarter, pchem and quantum mechanics (pchem is required, quantum mechanics is an upper division elective I don’t have to take but really would like to), are only offered at the same time slot 🙃 I’m meeting with my advisor to see what I can do because it seems like my only options are: 1: pretty much give up on my physics plans (I would have to take E&M or analytical mechanics instead bc thermo and solid state physics require quantum mechanics) 2: push finishing the pchem series until next winter (it isn’t offered again until then) or 3: talk to the professors and see if I can take one asynchronously given that everything is online anyway. I’m opting towards 2 because the finals are also at the same time and I feel like that would be problematic, also it allows me to finish the inorg series (which I don’t have to do but really want to so…).

Needless to say I am very very stressed out right now ah ha.

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Thank you so much! To answer your question, I honestly don’t have a concrete answer. I don’t think I really gave myself much of a choice to explore anything else since the start of high school. We are told to follow our passions, but I never had any calling that was desperate for my attention. However, I was always good at using technology and when it came time to choose a major, it was pretty much the most logical choice. I’m sure there were subconscious reasons for my decision - monetary incentives, familial pressure, the desire to feel “smart” etc. But none of these really matter to me anymore and so now it’s less about why I decided to be an engineer, but more to do with what I plan to do with my being an engineer in the future. I hope that makes sense! (doubtful, but my head is a mess, sorry!) 

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Hi loves! @spell-studies made a study challenge that starts today, it looks really cool and I’ve never done one before so I’m going to try it out!


What are your goals?

1. Become a morning person! I’m actually beginning week 3 of a new sleep schedule/morning routine that I’m *hoping* will help me sleep better and be more productive- so far it’s working!

2. Avoid cramming as much as possible. I have a pretty intense schedule this semester so I’m really trying to do a little bit of everything every day instead of cramming right before an exam or deadline. We’ll see if I can keep this up when the first round of exams comes along.

3. Journal every night. It’s a habit I’ve always meant to get into, and I do enjoy it- I just get lazy with it pretty quickly. Here’s to picking it back up!

What are some of your goals this semester? And how are y’all doing so far?

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[Jan 25, 2021]

D.O.P #3

*science teacher voice*: “Now remember, I’m not an artist, so don’t judge me…”

[However, I do run a studyblr, so feel free to judge my intentional matching of my pen ink color to my tea cup hshs]

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mon, 2501

day 1

organic nomenclature + transpiration for botany

25 days late, it’s very obvious how productive i’ve been since the new year. but my final exams are near, and ya boy’s gotta cram.

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january 25, 2021

first day of spring semester! I had two classes today and I’m very excited about both of them. My professors both seem very funny and chill, definitely a good start to the semester!

I just finished writing out due dates in my wall calendar and now I’m looking for textbook pdfs. I actually had to buy some things from my bookstore for the first time - not excited about having to pay for the ability to do my chem homework

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my first music and film essay of the semester, we love to see it. do you guys have a favorite film score or soundtrack? send it to my asks :)

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25th of january ¦ instagram link

Here are the books I’ve been reading!

Breasts & Eggs by Mieko Kawakami ✔️
J'Adore Mon Chat by Alberto Montt
Le Vie il Homme et son Chat by Nekomaki

As an attempt to get better at french, I’ve been reading out the french books to my fluent partner & I can already feel a slight improvement on my accent! What have you all been enjoying recently? 🤍☕

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Currently watching the film/documentary “picture of a scientist” in preparation for this workshop that I’m attending for the rest of this week and I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard. I’ve been lucky enough as a woman in STEM to not really have dealt with much bullshit but I know my mom did, and it just hurts me that other people have gone through this, and that I’m not out of the woods yet either, being still early on in my academic career…

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I was starting to relax tonight, because tomorrow’s a holiday. But as it turns out, we’ll be away the whole day tomorrow hiking. So imma suck it up and revise half a Physics module tonight.

How is your evening/day going so far?

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I finally decided to give the pomodoro technique a try, let’s see how it works for me

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25.01.21 // 14.52

Honestly a little scared of how much I’m enjoying thermodynamics. It’s so much fun??? Except kinetic theory tho, not fun.

Bonus points if you can spot the error in my differential.

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