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#step on a lego

It’s not acceptable to tell someone that you hope they step on a lego. Especially when all they do is try to make you laugh by tickling you. I feel like my oldest youngest brother would do something like that. I think he did once… 

follow me if you want to see more comics. They’re usually funny. But don’t follow me in real life because that’s creepy.


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are you … are u fucking kidding me

I’m pearl clutching for wanting to avoid talking about something that makes me incredibly uncomfortable and upset? are you fucking serious? I’m trying to appear “morally pure” for wanting my boundaries respected?

you’re a real piece of work. have fun being blocked. I hope that someday you take a look at yourself and maybe grow some compassion.

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Originally posted by catastrofe

What you will need:
 - A Poppet
 - 2 Legos
 - Something heavy or 2 pairs magnets
 - String or thread

Identify the poppet as the target, even if it’s just a “Hi, My Name is ___” sticker.   Place the legos under the poppet’s feet, prong side up.  Tie them to the feet.  If you’re using magnets, have them sandwich the feet. If using something heavy, place on top of the feet.  Keep the poppet in a safe place until you wish to undo the jinx.

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Oh fucking please, no one in the world is "fetishizing" grown men in dresses. You people are disgusting and dirty and I sure as hell wouldn't want you in the bathroom with me or my daughter.

I think you’re pretty safe there hun, I don’t imagine anyone wants to be in the same place as you or your family. I certainly don’t; my rabies shot isnt up to date.

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