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zeddfrost · 25 days ago
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Happy Pride Month y’all!
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bad-comic-art · 8 months ago
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Phoebe decided the hair color wasn’t enough and to further differentiate herself from her sisters she’s gonna be going pussy out
Uncanny X-Men #17 (2014)
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why-i-love-comics · a month ago
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X-Force #28 - "Cerebrax" (2022)
written by Benjamin Percy art by Robert Gill & Guru-eFX
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towritecomicsonherarms · 8 months ago
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X-23 #1
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panelsdump · 6 months ago
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oxymitch · 2 months ago
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In an AU where the majority of the superheroes (and supervillains) were wiped out by the combination of Hulk, the Warbound and the Annihilation Wave; there were remaining young heroes who took shelter in the X-Mansion. The remaining young heroes are Quentin Quire, Wiccan, Speedball, Lightspeed, Stepford Cuckoos (Sophie, Mindee and Esme Cuckoo) and Patriot. Also, in this AU, Quentin Quire isn’t a bratty delinquent, he’s more of a heroic genius. 
- Exiles: Days of Then and Now #1, 2008
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phoenix · a month ago
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Some Frost Sisters shitposting
(Inspired by this post by the D+ Instagram)
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sinistermusings · 18 days ago
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Stepford Cuckoos by Nahuel Grego
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prettymeredith · 25 days ago
~ "Yes Sir!" -by PrettyMeredith ~
The Complete Guide to Becoming The Perfect Submissive Housewife
Tumblr media
The 1950's American Housewife is an icon from decades past where the pinnacle of gold standards of domestic obedience had been born. For any aspiring submissives, she should be reveared as a role model; the example in which they must strive to become in order to achieve desirable success with domestic obedience. Through this guide it will be outlined all in which one must do to becone the 'Perfect Submissive Housewife'; a multiple part series that will go into great detail about adopting the lifestyle.
*Disclaimer* - Domestic obedience is not for everyone. And to be clear, this is a fictional fantasy series which involves adult NSFW themes and fetishes. In other words; SMUT. So before you get your panties in a knot, do understand that none of what you just read or are about to read should be considered as more than anything but. Thank you and Enjoy~
Roles & Responsibilities:
House Keeping - Laundry, Ironing, Bed Making, Mopping, Vacuuming, Dusting, Dishwashing, Bathroom Care, Car Washing, Preventative Maintenance, Garages Basements & Attics, Curb Appeal, Gardening
Culinary Expertise - Table Setting, Breakfast, Lunches, Tea Time, Supper, Baking, Sunday Dinner, Recipies & Cookbooks
Appearances - Hair, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, Skirts & Blouses, Accessories, Pantyhose, Undergarments, Nightwear
Etiquette - Smile, Curtsy, Practice Silence, Be Polite, Language, Laziness
Acceptable Activites - Reading, Sewing, Knitting, Working Out, Bettering Yourself
Household Hierarchy - Domestic Superiors, Relationships, Where do I Rank?, It's a Man's World
Servitude - Obedience, Pampering, Bonding, Home Decor, Body Care & Worship, Sexual Gradification
Discipline - Spanking, Bondage, Chastity, Tickling, Bastinado, Verbal Abuse, Public Humilation
Rewards - Flowers, Gifts, A Night Off, Affection, Orgasms
Social Occasions:
Hosting - Welcoming Guests, House Parties, Holidays
Public Appearances - Shopping, Date Nights, Social Media
Private Employment - Jobs, Office Life, Working from Home Volunteering
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superheroes-or-whatever · 3 months ago
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Inferno (2021) #3
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comicstallion · a month ago
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From X-Force Vol. 6 #028, “Cerebrax”
Art by Robert Gill and GURU-eFX
Written by Benjamin Percy
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morose-maximoff · 6 months ago
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Inferno #3 by Jonathan Hickman (writer), R.B Silva (artist), Stefano Caselli (artist), Valerio Schiti (artist), Adriano Di Benedetto (inker), David Curiel (colorist), and VC’s Joe Sabino (letterer) | Variant cover by Russell Dauterman 
Emma Frost: “At any moment, she could erase everything we’ve made, everything we’ve sacrificed, everything we’ve ever loved... gone. As if it never was. And she gets to keep doing it. Over and over... until she’s satisfied. I suppose -- or Charles and Erik are.”
As this issue is mind blowing and serving as the penultimate end to the Reign of X era and Hickman’s tenure on the books, here are my X thoughts on Inferno: 
I. Moira, Charles, and Erik are not nearly as slick as they thought they were - the entire time, Warlock has been spying on them and relaying the information to Doug and Krakoa. Doug saw Moira ask Erik and Charles to commit murder and is clearly going to do something about it. Plus, because they told Emma, Emma has now sent the rogue chaotic duo of Destiny and Mystique off by passing along the information. I wouldn’t be shocked if the entire island knows about Moira by the time the next issue comes to its close. 
II. We finally get a time travel plot, something missing from Hickman’s era. Omega Sentinel traveled back in time to stop the mutants from winning, her own Days of Future Past. This explains why Karima suddenly hates mutants again, and also explains where Orchis came from. Karima brainwashed its founder into thinking he had time traveled with her, human and machine banding together against the mutant menace. If Marvel ever wanted to get rid of Moira’s mutation, they could potentially retcon it to be that Moira’s memories were also false implants. 
III. Emma is making sure that this entire mess gets handled and isn’t picking a side between the factions, as she is for the children. She doesn’t care who wins, as long as the kids and the project of Krakoa survives. 
IV. Mystique is out to save Destiny, no matter the cost. It’s very sweet. She doesn’t care about the survival of Krakoa, she just cares about keeping what she’s gained - her true love, come back to her. I wish Rogue was here for this, so we could see more of that family dynamic. 
V. Emma is definitely resurrecting Magneto and Professor X in Inferno #1 due to them falling into Mystique and Destiny’s trap in Inferno #3. Will we see the data page about replacing your own brain with a previous backup come into play? Will Emma edit Charles and Erik to be more in line with her own agenda? 
VI. The discussion of whether or not the Cuckoos are individuals is fascinating - and reminds me a lot of the idea of the super evolved societies Hickman mentioned in HoXPoX. Those societies survived, outside of space and time, but were they really living? They were a hive mind, all traces of individuality and uniqueness washed away. That’s a future to be terrified of. The Cuckoos are more or less like that now, so Destiny’s prophecy that that won’t last, that one of them will be changed in Otherworld, three of them find love, and one of them won’t get over what happened in Otherworld - that’s such rich storytelling grounds. 
VII. I love that Magneto just has kids playing in his yard at the House of M, since 1) we get happy Magneto and 2) it makes that house feel less empty, since we know Lorna doesn’t live there, so it’s just... him. And probably Charles at times. 
VIII. Moira’s threat has always been that she knows stuff - she’s lived through this time period ten times now and has vital information about their opponents. By having Karima go back in time, Moira loses that advantage.
IX. We found out how the flowers came about. Krakoa, able to thrive instead of just survive, was able to push their boundaries and do new things no one knew they were capable of. That’s very much in line with the entire idea of the Krakoan project - what can mutants achieve when they aren’t trying to just survive? What might a mutant society look like? If they aren’t always at war, what can they do? Who might they become?
X. Is the event Marvel’s teasing with the Free Comic Book Day advertisement the Human - Mutant - Children of the Vault War?
Overall: X out of X
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mistressvera · 10 months ago
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why-i-love-comics · 5 months ago
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Marauders #27 - "Bon Voyage" (2022)
written by Gerry Duggan art by Matteo Lolli, Phil Noto, & Rain Beredo
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autisticjubilee · 4 months ago
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I love the variety in the blonde Marvel women <3
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funnypages · 2 months ago
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Emma trying to be a wing woman
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oxymitch · 3 months ago
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Nathaniel Carver’s first day in Jean Grey School / Xavier Institute involves in some mishaps. 
On his orientation day, Nathaniel bumps into the telepathic Phoebe Cuckoo and reads the memory from his psychometry by accident. Secondly, he meets Benjamin Deeds the mutant boy who can change the facial appearance. Then, Nathaniel witnesses a chaotic class fight between Bling and Quentin Quire. And lastly, there’s the Purifier attack which makes him lose his trading card collection. 
- Generation X v2 #1, 2017 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th pics)
- Generation X v2 #2, 2017 (8th and 9th pics)
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xiaosdejun · 11 months ago
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my emotional support family of blondes
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jokerforwomen · 9 months ago
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evilhorse · 9 months ago
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Sorry about Iron Man. He’s feral. You know how it is.
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