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#stephanie brown
TBH I don’t like when people portray Cassandra’s relationships with Bruce, Barbara, Stephanie, etc. as this pure and one-dimensionally bright and positive thing. Like, Cass’s relationships are MESSY AS HELL.
Barbara is a kind and loving maternal figure but her relationship with Cass is complex. She can be condescending, she projects her own desires and nostalgia onto Cass, and she’s even occasionally unthinkingly ableist to her. 
Bruce is also a loving father but like Barbara he projects onto Cassandra, and is too emotionally constipated to have a fully healthy relationship with her. He can be controlling, he doesn’t communicate well, and he can sometimes really hurt her self-esteem with his criticism. 
Steph and Cass love each other deeply but they bicker a LOT. Steph has some built up resentment towards Cass given the very different ways they are treated by Bruce and the envy she feels towards her abilities, and feels like Cass doesn’t fully respect her and her agency. And she’s right. 
The thing is... Cass isn’t an easy person to get along with. She’s stubborn, headstrong, snarky, and often dismissive of other people’s opinions. She can be controlling and overprotective, she’s obsessive and is often prone to lashing out physically when she can’t understand how to get through to someone in another fashion. This isn’t to say that it’s Cass’s fault that her loved ones often have trouble connecting to her and the various problems that pop up between them, but she’s a deeply traumatized, neurodivergent young woman who’s constantly frustrated by the communication barrier she faces and that does lead to conflict. 
And that’s GOOD WRITING. I feel more deeply for Barbara and Cass’s relationship BECAUSE Barbara screws up, and because Cass argues with her. It feels real and powerful and heartwarming and heartwrenching just like the relationships that actual people have, and that’s part of Batgirl (2000)’s magic. I think that to really appreciate Cass as a character we need to appreciate her relationships warts and all instead of trying to make the story an idealized version of itself. 
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waterfire1848 · 2 days ago
Any Batkid ever: Don’t tell Bruce about this?
Any batkid ever: You want me to lie to Bruce?
Any Batkid ever: Is that a problem?
Any batkid ever: No.
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arguablysomaya · 3 days ago
Bruce: And what do we say when life disappoints us?
Duke: Called it.
Jason: As the prophecy foretold...
Cass: Steph did it.
Tim: Time to fist fight a god.
Bruce: *sniffs* I'm so proud.
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theundeadrobinclub · a day ago
Steph: hey, Jason-
Jason: leave me alone. I'm reading.
Steph: but this is really-
Jason: is someone dead?
Steph: ... no
Jason: did the joker escape from Arkham?
Steph: no.
Jason: do you need me to kill someone?
Jason, looking up from his book with a mischievous smile: Steph, do you need me to kill someone?
Steph, sighing: maim, at the very least. I definitely wouldn't stop you from killing him.
Jason, leaning back in his chair: I'm listening.
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stiles-still-stinky · a day ago
batfam as things my friends have said ~ pt. 2
villain of the week, to dick: you have nice skin
votw: where did you get it? walmart?
dick, offended: i’m not that cheap!
steph, whacking them over the head: ITS GUCCI BITCH!
cass: sorry i had to start again my balloon popped
dick: are you cereal?
cass, deadpan: no i’m milk
steph, in the middle of a conversation: is that a cat??
tim: no it’s a chicken. anyway—
jason: dude your arms are really long look at that shit
dick: yeah i’m like an orangutan
talking about tumblr:
damian: that’s where all the cringey people are
tim: THE GAYS??!?
cass: my bread... my bread...
babs: what happened to your bread?
cass: it fell on the ground...
steph: ben barnes — what a man, but i’d bitch slap the darkling in a heartbeat
cass: agreed
cass: i don’t even like men and i can tell he’s hot
steph: exactly you can appreciate the art without wanting to fuck the painting
cass: that is a truly unique expression
steph: thank you :)
tim: i’m getting paid $5 for this
jason: ok but will $5 be enough to pay for your medical bills after i’m done with you?
tim, stopping talking halfway through a sentence: jesus christ what am i even on?
steph: i’m not sure what you’re on but can i have some?
tim: sure i think it’s called perfectionism and sleep deprivation
tim: it’s very addictive so be careful
duke: you are a menace to your own health and safety
tim: yeah i know :(
(credits to @piratejedi8175 quote book)
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batsoffthewalls · 2 days ago
Tim: i think we're missing something
Dick: teamwork?
Stephanie: cohesion?
Jason: a general sense of what we're doing?
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batgirlzine · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🦇 — 3 DAYS REMAIN... so here’s a gift!
The Batgirl legacy is a long, complex one with many exciting adventures. To thank everyone for their support so far, and to help out folks that might be interested in reading about them, but not know where to start, we present: 
Tumblr media
Crafted with love and appreciation for our girls, the guide explores a brief history for each Batgirl, covering pre-reboot, new 52/Rebirth, and Elseworlds, along with reading recommendations!
You can check it out here!
And a reminder that Contributor Applications are open until December 6th!
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incorrectbatfamquotes · 13 hours ago
Stephanie Brown: No one is telling me what I should do. No one. I mean your whole life people are telling you next year you’re gonna go to kindergarten, then you’re gonna go to high school, then you’re gonna go to college. And then bam! People stop telling you what you’re supposed to do and you’re just supposed to figure it out!
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thequeerphoenix · 2 days ago
Batfam as my friends
Steph: hey, do you want to go to the mall?
Damian: demonic screeching
Steph: that’s fair
Duke: hey man, are you okay?
Tim, on his 7th cup of coffee, laying on the floor:
Duke: do you....need anything?
Duke: i think you’ve had enough
Tim, turns and stares at Duke in silence
Duke: yeah, I’m gonna go now
Damian: hello Richard, how are you
Dick: I don’t know, nevermind, how are you Damian
Damian: no. I asked first. How. Are. You. *pointing sword at *
Dick, his hands up between him and the sword: ok, ok, I’m great, how was your test?
Damian: It went acceptably well
Tim, to Bruce: See, I drew a picture of swiss cheese because it has holes in it and sometimes your perspective does too.
Bernard: Remember when I had a crush on Robin?
Tim, panicking: you had a crush on Robin???
Bernard: yeah, that was crazy, not like I’d ever get the chance to date him, I...think it was the third Robin...
Tim, internally: what the fuck what the fuckwhatthefuck.
Roy, drunk with the outlaws: Bro...if you wanted, I would have gay sex with you
Jason, less drunk but thinks it’s funny: you would have gay sex with me? bro, I would have gay sex with you
Roy: bro, I mean I would, but I’m aco bro
Jason: bro!!!! i’m ace too!
Roy: do you wanna marry me without the gay sex part?
Jason: tax benefits?
Roy: tax benefits
Teacher: Hi class, today we’re talking about religion. Would anyone like to share? Tim
Tim: I’m pagan
Teacher: ...thank you Tim, anyone else, no? how about we go around in a circle
Cass: Wiccan
Dick: Hellenistic
Damian: Loki
Stephanie: Athena and Hecate and Hades
Jason: I worship Zendaya
Bernard: I have an altar to Misha in my room
Teacher: ...On to our next subject
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DC gave me a small StephCass meal & it's all I've been eating since 
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What Bruce gets each of the batfamily, for sentimental reasons:
Dick: a copy of his old circus outfit, for obvious reasons
Jason: a bat mobile tire. Jason pretends to be indifferent, but he loves it
Tim: a photo of Bruce with Tim's parents (I imagine there is at least one, with them both being Gotham elites)
Damian: a visit to nanda parbat
Duke: dick makes him a "how to survive the Wayne manor" handbook (its a popup book)
Steph: the og spoiler suit that she made herself (Bruce kept it)
Cass: I couldn't think of anything, but then I remembered that I ship cass and steph, so I imagine it would be a letter or something saying that steph is bi too (and likes her? Idrk)
Barbara: a new wheelchair, but fast (Bruce thinks that barbara didn't have enough time to be a kid, on account of becoming batgirl pretty early on)
Alfred: a vacation (we all know he needs it)
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but-a-humble-goon · a day ago
The best indicator I've found to tell if someone hasn't actually read many comics with Cass in them is how long it takes them to bring up the ballet thing. It's another one of those situations where people saw the panels without context then jumped on it and made into this this huge deal in fanon just like Tim's coffee addiction and Steph's hankering for waffles (to the point where it's slowly working its way into canon). It is oh so exhausting.
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