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Apparently the original plan for the Brown’s after Batman Eternal was that after Arthur’s death Crystal was supposed to take on the Cluemaster Identity and become some sort of Lady Cluemaster and be Steph’s new nemesis (because god forbid Steph get to fight someone she’s not related to).

Obviously DC didn’t follow through with this plan after it was said that Crystal abandoned Steph at the end of Batman Eternal she was literally never seen again and five years later Arthur was brought back from the dead yet again in the Young Justice 2019 series where he states he faked his death, even though we literally saw his throat get slit, watched him bleed out and then got told his body was literally identified at the morgue.

Though to be fair we’ve watched Arthur die on panel multiple times in comics,  he’s considered a D or C list villain but Arthur might as well be as unkillable as any A lister considering how many times DC has brought him back from the dead just because DC refuses to let Steph have a major villain who is not her father, even though she’s long since outgrown him and DC has to make Arthur capable of things he by all means should not be capable of just to make him worth Steph’s time.

Though Arthur Brown’s near immortality aside, Arthur being brought back to life leaves Crystal in the lurch leaving me to wonder if we will ever see her again.

Online I’ve seen a handful of people discuss the scrapped Lady Cluemaster story, some are upset that it wasn’t used not only because they’re tired of Steph only ever fighting Arthur but also because some liked the idea of an older woman being a villain while others are glad it wasn’t used considering that in preboot Arthur Brown abused his wife and daughter for years and an abuse victim taking on the identity of their abuser is in incredibly poor taste.

But regardless of the scrapped idea I’m wondering if Crystal will ever show up in comics again, in the preboot we watched Crystal Brown struggle with addiction (which did lead to the neglect of her daughter) having gotten addicted to painkillers after dealing with her husbands abuse and eventually she came out the other side, where in Batgirl 2009 she worked to rebuild her fragile relationship with Steph however in the reboot Crystal was made into a criminal just like her husband who sold Steph out to criminals, sent hitmen after her and abandoned her daughter after she believed Arthur had died to protect herself from the fallout of his failed plan.

Obviously the two Crystal’s are very different people but what is the future for the character in general? If DC brings back the character preboot Crystal was and simply pretends like the reboot Crystal never happened that feels as though that would be kind of cheap and several of storylines since the reboot suddenly wouldn’t make sense anymore. I also don’t think DC will be that willing to erase Crystal’s Batman Eternal actions since the fact that Harper and her brother took Steph in when Crystal abandoned her daughter is a point that DC can use to make Harper look more important when they want to give the character a push and DC has shown they have no problems with pushing other characters under the bus to make Harper look better.

But having Crystal reappear as a villain seems like an insult to the person she was in the preboot. Which is why as far as Crystal Brown goes DC has sort of written themselves into a corner, after going so far in Batman Eternal it would make a bad move worse to simply back out of what they did and pretend it never happened but going further would be an insult to the character’s history in general.

The most likely option is that Crystal ends up never seen or heard from again by DC except for Steph alluding to her from time to time and fans will go ‘does Steph know where Crystal is?’ like they did when Steph hoped for some sort of family counselling for her and her parents issue 18 of Young Justice (2019). By not bringing Crystal back they never have to admit they made a mistake with what they did in Batman Eternal. Though honestly the matter of Crystal Brown getting resolved or DC even paying any attention to her character means that they first have to acknowledge and pay attention to Steph and that’s an uphill battle in and of itself

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  • You, Damian, and Stephanie have been at the hero gig for a decade now. 
  • Stephanie’s [Late twenties] been at it the longest, and has returned to being Spoiler. She’s a grown woman, being called Batgirl would be a little insulting. Not that the villains have let go of it, they call her both names interchangeably.
  • Damian [Early twenties] is still Robin, he still hasn’t found a new identity that fits yet. Dick was a robin for over a decade too, so he doesn’t feel pressed to change aliases anytime soon. Maybe give another year or so, he’ll find another name soon.
  • You’re [Mid twenties] the newbie to the hero thing. Fighting? That’s nothing new, you were raised by example with violence. But fighting for good? Now that’s something you’ve never even seen, let alone done.

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Hello I’m doing my comeback with comissions this time!

I know that it had been hard for everyone and harder for independent artist since 2019.

I’m trying too and it’s exhausting but I’m still optimistic that we have a sunny future!

In order to pay my visa and find new opportunities I hope that you can comission me some quick art. It will be great if i can make some money before October ends whoopsie.

I draw your fav character, oc, cat, dog, snake, mom, etc!

We can discuss for some couple fanart too! And if you’re really interested to invest in my art I can do something more elaborate with background, compicated poses, etc (I’m going to post examples later)

I prefer Euro € but I can always take $ too

Simple black and white 3€

Simple color and shadow 5€

Full color 10€

Support your latinx undocumented queer artist to keep doing art and being save from anxiety and panic attacks caused by this capitalist system.

I love you all

Thanks for reblogging!

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Steph : And to think — to think! — you said it couldn’t be done!

Jason: On the contrary, I said I was confident you’d be a good Batgirl. In fact, I’ve been nothing but supportive since you came back.

Steph: Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Thanks to Bruce, I’m conditioned to expect dismissal, mockery, and irrational seeming hatred for me. Usually in the space of thirty seconds.

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Something that’s interesting about reboot characters getting their preboot memories currently is that those memories are sparked by missing bonds of people you cared about in the preboot which is why the Titans were able to remember Wally & Ma and Pa Kent was able to remember Kon & Tim was able to remember YJ ect. The thing that seems to allow someone to restore at least some version of their preboot memories is the knowledge that there’s someone you should know or care about but don’t, this knowledge of a missing bond allows them to regain the memories of their preboot selves.

I wonder if this is why Zattana was able to restore Tim’s preboot memories but not Steph’s because Steph isn’t technically missing any bonds even if they aren’t what they were she still has them. Other than Kara and Wendy (and maybe Nell) everyone who Steph was close to preboot she knows the reboot version of them.

Tim was aware that he was missing memories the Tim of the Titans of Tomorrow universe told him about Conner someone Tim hadn’t met in the preboot yet and Tim’s knowledge of the fact that there are people he should know but doesn’t was the reason that he was able to regain his memories of Young Justice.

I think the reason Zattana’s magic didn’t work on Steph, was because for everyone who remembered something about the preboot they were shown that they were missing something that they should have memories of being close to someone but with Steph everyones already technically there.

Steph has knowledge of the preboot, she knows she was Robin, she knows she was Batgirl but she has no actual memory of those events and that’s because she hasn’t been given a missing bond to spark her preboot memories. Both Steph’s knew a Cass, both Steph’s knew a Tim, a Bruce, a Leslie, a Damian ect Steph isn’t ‘missing’ anyone in the way Tim was missing Kon & Bart or the Titans were missing Wally ect.

If Steph were to have her preboot memories brought back Kara or Wendy (or possibly Nell) are the only ‘missing bonds’ I can think of that could spark it. But no one has seen Wendy since the preboot when she left comics in the middle of Steph’s Batgirl run and though it would be amazing to have back I kind of doubt DC are going to restore Steph and Kara’s friendship.

I suppose if 'missing bond’ doesn’t work for Steph there could be a 'this bond isn’t what it should be’ pertaining to her mother or Damian, like Steph suddenly remembering that she should be a lot closer with Damian for example though if we take their easy partnership with each other in DCeased Steph & Damian might be plenty friendly with each other in the main universe & we just don’t see it because Steph barely gets used anymore. And considering I don’t think DC are going to bother with bringing Crystal back Steph remembering her preboot memories by her realising her relationship with her mother isn’t what it’s supposed to be just seems too sad for Steph

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After a horrendous blizzard falls over Gotham, Tim undergoes a sharp change in character before disappearing. Upon discovering what has become of him, Stephanie sets off on a solo journey in a magic realm to bring him home, meeting some faces who seem awfully familiar along the way. 

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Cassandra could be just as obsessive as her brothers. She may have been a little quieter about it, but an instance where her best friend and closest brother had gone missing two months ago had lent itself very neatly to her sitting by Kane bridge all day every day, watching, waiting for them to arrive back home. Sometimes Duke would join her, when he didn’t have school or some daytime mission to attend to, and the pair would sit in silence, watching the water. The storm and its heavy snowfall had long since gone, nothing more than an interesting memory for most of the residents of the city.

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quick PSA for anyone that is still confused (because I see it every couple weeks):


in simple broadstrokes, as simply and fundamentally I can break it down, Duke Thomas has the power to absorb and redistribute light and/or shadow for a variety of effects.

he typically absorbs light through the eyes and uses it to perform different visual abilities (precognition, recognition, telescopic vision, x-ray vision, etc)….


conversely, he absorbs shadow with his body and uses it to cloak his allies, augment his melee, defend himself, or to terrify and disorient his opponents.


Duke also has a couple important passive abilities that are not fully confirmed or understood. his biological father is an Immortal named Gnomon, who implied that Duke may have similar immortality, and we also know that Duke makes other metahumans more powerful in his presence.

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