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#stephanie brown
mxrvelled · 26 minutes ago
+ @goddamnmuses​ I Continued from here ( X )
Tumblr media
+ [ Text: Tim ]: Of course. I miss you too <3 
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charleswaterloo · 3 hours ago
the batfam as memes i have on my laptop part 8
(this time a mix of clipart memes and images that make me cry laughing)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7  young justice core four
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fandomsandmorefandoms · 4 hours ago
Aro or ace characters
Rey Palpatine (aro ace)
Han solo (gray romantic pansexual)
Duke Thomas (demiromantic bisexual)
Damian Wayne (Aro Gay)
Jason Todd (Aro Omnisexual)
Diana Prince (Biromantic demisexual)
Cass Cain (Aro ace lesbian)
Stephanie Brown ( ace lesbian)
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endmyshitalready · 4 hours ago
Batfam Headcanons #30
Jason once had to go undercover on Themyscira as he’s the only one that looks strong enough to be an Amazon ( Lazarus Pit Side effects ) , Babs Steph and Alfred helped him with makeup . Dick was a little bit Jealous
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skyeonline · 5 hours ago
So some batfam prces I've done in the last few days...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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junkoandthediamonds · 5 hours ago
I wonder if anyone in Gotham has just. . . Cropped a photo of Spoiler's upper face, and cropped a photo of Steph-Robin's lower face, put it together and went "Oh."
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greyeyedathena14044 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I painted this in about 50 minutes because I put too much purple paint on my palette for my still life.
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athenstorm · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
i feel like we don't talk about this power couple as much as we should
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jamcat-22 · 6 hours ago
Chapter 11: Push Up, Not Away of The Batfam watch The LEGO Batman Movie
Fic Summary:  It's movie night and the whole family is present. Somehow they have managed to acquire a copy of 'The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)' from an alternate universe, and plan to make fun of Bruce with it.
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buttterknifeee · 6 hours ago
Writing Requests!!!
Ok so im gonna open writing requests just because Im bored here are the guidelines
first of all I’ve been writing almost all of my posts at midnight or past midnight, so do with that info what you will
No romantic ships or NSFW
exceptions: tim x reader, Harley x ivy, um ill add more if I can thing of it
Still no NSFW tho
Can do platonic/friendships
Doesn’t have to be just for fics, can be just ideas you have and i can talk about it!
Yeah so i will accept AU’s, headcanons, etc
Currently posting about batfam, but I am somewhat well versed in Marvel, DC, Genshin Impact, Percy jackson, Harry Potter (will add more if i can think of them)
Yeah thats it happy requesting!!!
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nightwingvixen23 · 7 hours ago
Stephanie : friends with benefits is a fucking SCAM it turns out the benifit is sex (????) and not dental I have been MISLED
Dick : ...
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apleye · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Steph’s the only one with the courage to say it 😔😔
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Steph hears something odd while on patrol, so naturally she goes to investigate. 
Finally getting around to posting the fic I wrote for @holycoloringzine! I was so honored to have been chosen for this for this project & loved being a part of it! Also, I got to work with @awkwardalphajay who is SUPER rad and INSANELY talented and did the lineart for this fic! 
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our-happygirl500-fan · 9 hours ago
Beryl being Knight instead of Squire still feels a little weird to me sometimes even though I know she's been in the Knight mantle since Flashpoint.
I think it is because my very first encounter with Beryl in comics was when she teamed up with Steph in Batgirl (2009) & Beryl being Knight means she was allowed to age & grow up & progress as a hero even getting her own sidekick, while Steph was pushed back to square one as Spoiler & is only just getting back the things she lost though right now Steph is still more Spoiler than Batgirl since she doesn't have her Batgirl suit back (& even if you considered her Batgirl she currently has to share the mantle with Cass & Babs)
I guess Beryl being Knight now throws me through a loop because I once considered her the same age/level as Steph but Beryl has been allowed to grow into an adult & progress as a hero while Steph has actually aged downwards (she was 18 in the preboot & her last given age was 17) & is stuck back in the mantle that was the start of her hero journey it is just this weird sort of dissonance where some characters evolve & move forwards while others move backwards or are stuck in place
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melennui · 9 hours ago
it's so painfully obvious that tim just isn't into ariana. he straight up kisses steph in costume before getting near this girl who i believe he's know longer
Tumblr media
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dcepic · 11 hours ago
Fallen of a Robin:
Family Business
part two
• Beginning > (part one)
Summary: The bat family gets involved in searching for Damian in hopes of reasoning with him. While they do so, they take a moment of a break for a while.
Warning: mentioned Depression
Tumblr media
In the Batcave, the area is where they held meetings for discussions, projects, and emergencies. Where they can talk about something all together as a family or a mission of sorts. Bruce had to call a meeting after meeting face to face Damian’s incident. In the meeting, he called for those who showed up Jason, Tim, Stephanie, Barbara, and Cassandra.
“By now, you all are aware of Damian’s incident,” Bruce says calmly, sinking in his chair while his hands on his chin. Staring at all of them, he can tell they were aware.
It was a moment of pause. “Right now… Ric won’t be with us for this meeting.” He added.
“He isn’t a part of our family Bruce,” Jason spoke up first out of all of them taking this discussion somewhere.
“Jason, even if he doesn’t recognize us, he’s still family.” Barbara glared at him, already annoyed. Always Jason being Jason.
“That’s what you think.” He disagreed back without creating eye contact.
“Dick is still family. Right?” Tim asks Bruce to clarify.
“It’s a Ric. Correct yourself, ‘Drake.’”
“What the hell is your problem right now?”
“I’ll like to clarify right now. Your identity is ‘Drake.’ That’s a problem. Second, you guys finally realized that Damian was hurting inside? You all thought he could move on quickly?” Jason says, looking at everybody back and forth with a stern look.
Of course, Jason was baffled. He had every right to be confused. In his perspective, he was disappointed how they are all shocked that Damian himself quit being Robin, ran off, and now is doing his way of fighting criminals. Occasionally he wonders if they're human at all. They forget how Damian is thirteen but is still a boy with feelings deep down. Now he’s done with everyone’s bullshit.
“Oh, and Bruce, don’t act dumb. You’re a damn detective, but you can’t even pay attention to what your son is feeling? It’s like all over again where you failed me, Barbara, Dick, and now Damian.”
“Jason!” Barbara shouted
“You know I’m fucking right.”
“Hell, even Steph died like all of us nowadays, right?”
“Oh.” That was all Stephanie had to say. It was taking a quick turn.
“He’s right.” Bruce let out, shutting his eyes in the moment of pause
“No, it’s not true.” Barbara declared
“Barbara, he's right. I blame myself every day, knowing I neglected you all and nearly lost you all. I keep making mistakes and those mistakes I could’ve prevented.”
“But this time, I’m not going to make the exact mistake. I will talk to Damian. As a father, I’ll deal with this alone. For now, you all will leave this alone.” Bruce added, still closing his eyes.
All he could feel was his pain, and what’s worst was his son. His son is now blinded with hate and anger. Does he think it’s his fault because of Alfred? This entire time has Damian blamed himself? He’s a fool for not even understanding how his whole son felt. He tends to forget and not realize that Damian is not like him. He’s only still a boy.
“Yeah. Of course.” Jason said, eventually calming down, settling his arms together. As for others, they nodded.
Cassandra was quiet this entire time. As usual, she doesn’t talk much or doesn’t even bother to. But she can sense people’s emotions and feelings.
And right now, she’s sensing so many from all of them. Different emotions. Sad, anger, frustration, tension, distress, and everything. They all look mentally tired. Jason is blowing all over the place as he can’t control himself. Stephanie is also quiet, but Cassandra can sense that she’s filled with worry by the way she’s silently moving her hands. Distraction. Barbara is even breathing heavily. Anxiety. Tim is worried by the way she looks in his eyes. His eyebrows are moving. And then there’s Bruce.
Bruce was a man who doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him. Cassandra never saw Bruce cry or any other type of feelings that a man never wants to show. However, even she can’t detect Bruce’s emotions correctly. All you could see was his straight face with thoughts in his mind but unable to read them. His eyes cold, yet he’s caring, but he doesn’t show that. She gets a little frustrated when she can’t tell what he’s exactly feeling. He certainly is a man with no emotions that he doesn’t tempt to show.
“What if… Damian’s in trouble?” Stephanie asks while stopping the silence they all were doing.
“He’ll be fine,” Bruce answered her question.
Jason looked at Stephanie, “Don’t worry, Steph. He’s right. Damian is tough for a kid his age. He’s headstrong.” He lets out as he uses his fist to knock his head softly, finally making a joke.
Stephanie eventually smiled and was relieved calmly. “That’s true.”
After there was another moment of silence again, they all finally decided to head upstairs to eat dinner prepared an hour ago. Although it’s cold, they all are willing to eat since they are all hungry either way. The only one up there already was Ric.
“I’m sorry. He sounds like a good kid.” Ric said while chewing down the meat all at the same time.
Jason gave him a death stare. “He is a good kid.” Barbara immediately kicks him under the table which Jason responds with “ow” and frowns at Barbara.
“Yeah, when you were Dick… You had a good bond with Damian.” Tim explained while attempting to stab his fork into the cold steak.
“Really? That’s cool.” Ric replied.
“It was more than cool. He trusted you. You were like a brother to him.” Jason mumbled, still giving him a glare, which Barbara sighs.
“I’m sorry, Ric. It’s just back when you were a different person, and you had a different personality. We don’t expect you to remember us.” Barbara explained, defending him.
Ric looks up at Barbara and Jason. And stops chewing. “I’m… Sorry, I just really don’t remember… Damian? Tell me more about him.”
Tim smiles, “You were the one that convinced me that Damian was a good person. Back then, he even tried to kill me at first, and we had some type of rival.” He chuckles.
Tim liked explaining some parts to Ric. It just reminds him of the good old days they had when Tim discovered who Batman was and Robin. Him remembering back then it was just Ric, Barbara, and him. They had amazing adventures and worked all together until, of course, Jason, Stephanie, and Cassandra joined in, and then Damian came on board and then Duke.
Stephanie giggled, “It’s even better when I used to be a batgirl and worked with Barbara at first when I started working, and I accidentally froze Damian. Boy, you were mad at me.” She said, waving her fork.
“What’s funny was when he and I were running on top of trains, I told him you were pregnant, and he almost slipped!” Tim laughed
“He almost slipped? Oh my god, I wish I was there to see that.” Stephanie said, grinning widely; they had some type of competition, which was the best memory to tell Ric.
Ric grinned, looking both at Tim and then at Stephanie, and then finally looked at Cassandra, who was next to him, eating silently. “What about you? Did we have memories?” He asks where she yet looks up and makes contact.
She nods, “You were like a mentor. Good person.” She explains slowly. “Good brother.”
“Wow, I must’ve been a good one.” Ric then turned his head at Barbara. “And you?”
Barbara stiffened a bit and pushed her glasses up close. “We had good moments. Special ones. We knew each other from the very start. We shared a lot of stuff. Our adventure was a long way.”
Ric nods again and then turns his head quickly to Jason with curious looks, “You?”
Jason took a moment of silence staring at him and a flash of hurt in his eyes that Ric only saw for a second that he didn’t understand.
Jason sighs and rubs his eyes. “You were the first Robin until you grew up with some freaky mullet, and you supported me taking over your place. Then after I got killed, I came back, and you instantly became all brother mode with me.”
Barbara instantly choked on her meat after she heard of getting killed. “I-“ until she was interrupted
Ric looks up, confused, “Wait, you died?”
Jason shakes his head a bit, bouncing, “Sorta. It’s a long story, and it involves some crazy shit. Like really crazy shit. Involving with the League and all that.” He then finally chewed his last bit on his plate.
“Can you tell me that story? I’m pretty interested to hear it.” Ric asks him, curious with eyes.
Jason stops chewing for a second and looks at Ric. After a moment, he swallows, “Wait. You actually wanna hear what happened?”
Ric nodded.
Okay, maybe this isn’t that bad. Ric wants to hear his story on what happened in the past of his life growing up. Jason finally smiled and clapped his hands, rubbing together, which Barbara rolls her eyes, knowing it’s going to be way more dramatic than it is.
Jason coughs. “Okay. So Damian has a mom who’s like a badass, but she’s that type of crazy chick that killed Damian because her love was wild with Bruce, and then he came back to life again. Then he has a grandfather who’s like totally a douchebag named Ra’s. Then I came back by her basically kidnapping me and then put me in Lazarus pit.” Jason explains with a hint voice of pride.
Ric’s eyes widened, “Holy crap. And Damian also died? Why is everyone dying?”
“Get ready for another crazy shit happening for Damian.” Then Jason whispers at Barbara, “he’s not that bad at all, huh?”
Barbara groans and mutters, “Oh God,” while closing her eyes, shaking her head. One of those crazy stories that Jason goes on and on that won’t stop until Jason gets tired, which is like an hour later.
Bruce looks barely at everybody. They were all starting to enjoy themselves. Tim and Stephanie were talking while Jason was smiling and finally talking with Ric and Barbara. He notices Cassandra gave a crazy look at Jason. He ignored what Jason said, but he didn’t bother as he was observing everyone closely. He was relieved that they can all enjoy a meal and start a conversation going.
He knows that this was the first dinner that Alfred didn’t make. Instead, he had help from Ric, who is surprisingly a better cooker than Bruce himself. But then again, Bruce can’t cook properly with anything but a sandwich. Realizing Alfred would always take care of him during a cold season, sick, preparing dinner, breakfast, and such. He was still relying on Alfred, who is now not here. He now needs to do things on his own.
While he starts rethinking everything, it comes back to thinking Damian. He's not here with him or his family right now where he could be eating, being annoyed easily makes his usual sound, and using everyone’s last name. He needs to make a plan to confront Damian although he’s hidden somewhere, it has to be a prepared plan.
A plan to speak to Damian as a father to son talk. He only hopes that Damian comes to understand and comes back to only also give him help and support after everything they've been through since Alfred's death.
He needs to let Damian know it wasn’t his fault.
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our-happygirl500-fan · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
This goes for the reverse as well, you can support Steph without being rude to Cass but I've seen a lot of people say rude things about Steph lately so I felt the need to make this
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