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Challenge: Be More Quarantine Challenge [Round 1] by @bmc-gift-exchange

Team: Michael

Word Count: 2096

Synopsis: Michael is extremely stressed about having to make several costumes in one night for the next school play and accidentally reveals that he’s still not totally over the way Jeremy treated him when he was being controlled by the Squip.

CW: Michael gets pretty angry and upset, mentions of when he and Jeremy’s friendship went to shit, mentions of self-loathing


To say that Michael was stressed out was an understatement. Sure, maybe he shouldn’t have procrastinated on costumes until the last minute. And maybe he shouldn’t have lied and told the rest of the cast that he was totally done with the costumes and was in the midst of putting the final touches on it. And maybe he shouldn’t have continued the lie that he would totally have them in by next rehearsal. Which just so happened to be tomorrow. Fantastic job, Mr. Mell. 

“Ow,” he muttered as the needle between his thumb and forefinger poked at his skin for what may have been the twentieth time that night. He didn’t mind the pain so much, but he it was also just another frustration added to the growing pile upon his back. When he finished off the stitch, he sighed and held the piece up before him. A red velvet cloak. The cloak was looking pretty good so far, but Michael had a few more pieces to finish that night and it was already getting late. God, what had he gotten himself into? 

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My crush posted a sort of “Describe your crush” thing and IT SOUNDED LIKE SHE WAS DESCRIBING ME so I started freaking out and was about to tell her I like her but then I said “OoOoOoooOOOOooo someone’s got a crush who is it who is it who is it” and she said “oh it was an old crush on this guy named Pittaway who was at my old school”



So I got “The guy that I’d kinda be into”-d basically.

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