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Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer
(The Twilight Saga #3)
As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob - knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death. But which is which?
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marvelsumbrellawitch · 6 days ago
Story time. New memory unlocked.
I was 7 years old whenever my mom let me watch Twilight, so like late 2009. Naturally I became obsessed with it pretty fast and that was the only thing I cared to watch. I talked about it with my friends, collected all the Mattel dolls, and pretended to be Bella all the time- I even remember my little southern accent changed because I wanted to be from Forks. A couple years pass to mid 2011 and I was so excited for Breaking Dawn Part 1. My mom read all the books so she already knew there were going to be a few seggs scenes in it- so she told me months in advanced that she wasn’t going to let me watch it- because obvs I was 9 and hadn’t yet been told about the birds and the bees. So naturally, 9 year old me was PISSED. I was so angry but I didn’t throw a tantrum like most kids did. I cried for a few days and then I suddenly just decided I hated Twilight. Absolutely hated. I spent a whole two years mocking it and making my dolls the villains against my Monster High dolls. My Edward doll went through hell. Then when the Hunger Games became my favorite thing I remember getting a Katniss doll for Christmas and making her brutually murder Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Eventually, after having the talk in middle school, I was finally allowed to watch Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2, and regained my enjoyment for the series. But damn, was there something wrong with me.
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caffeinecoifs · 10 days ago
it will never not be funny to me that the cullen’s big introduction to the series takes place as they’re all coming in to eat lunch in a high school cafeteria.
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leregirenga · 11 days ago
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Es algo extraordinario conocer a alguien a quien abrir tu corazón y que te acepta como eres, he esperado lo que parece ser un tiempo muy largo para asumir lo que soy y contigo siento que por fin puedo empezar, el tiempo que quiero pasar junto a ti no se puede medir, empecemos por un para siempre.
Te quiero a ti que sea para siempre. Una sola vida no es bastante.
Amanecer. Stephanie Meyer
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lil-gothica · 15 days ago
i will truly never get over how stephanie meyer character assassinated the absolute fuck out of jacob black
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Every year my local book shop has customers vote on the top 100 books for each year, and then they have a dedicated section in store for said books for the whole year, All I want to know is how in the year of 2021 the undeniable classic "The Twilight Saga" has re-entered the top 100 like who voted for this!
Tumblr media
Like I love this series and it's iconic film adaptations as much as the next female on in the internet in the 2000/10's BUT WHO VOTED THIS ENOUGH TIMES TO GET IT AT SPOT 100!!!
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bellas-strawberryshampoo · 20 days ago
seeing robert pattinson’s batman in an open air cinema on friday,, i’ll be wearing my team edwards shirt again
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d3m0n1c-cl0wn3ry · 20 days ago
Twilight would be 10 times better if i was the one who wrote it
I love being superior to Stephanie Meyer 😊
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cloud-enigma-blog · 22 days ago
I like the Twilight saga. I ordered all 4 through Scholastics. It never bothered me until this round of going through it. I'd never seen the misogyny. The ownership and the abuse. And then she's suddenly very pregnant? Terror. No longer a magical escapist fantasy. Implanting the idea of coming round to a pregnancy when I was in middle school. Even though I have always been against the idea of passing my genes on. And now I'm wondering if the author did this shit on purpose.
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supercool-here · 26 days ago
I truly believe Twilight is just pride and prejudice fanfiction
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zontik · 26 days ago
thinking Big Lesbian Thoughts about twilight
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earlgraytay · a month ago
based on some of your posts I've recently become a bit curious re: SMeyer. if I were to get into her work would you recommend starting w/ The Host or Twilight?
...It depends on why you want to read her stuff and what you want to get out of it.
Twilight is... not a fun read if you're not part of the target audience. Like, I love the characters, in the same way you might fondly remember your high school friends that you haven't spoken to in 10+ years... I love the setting, I love the potential it has as a story... but it was the very first book she ever wrote. Everything about the way it's executed is thus amateurish at best and outright offputting (if you're not a Mormon teenager) at worst.
If you want to understand the phenomenon that was Twilight, or the reasons modern YA is what it is, you should read Twilight. If you don't? I'd skip over it.
The Host, on the other hand, is something I'd recommend, with the reservation that a) I haven't read it in years, and b) one of the two main romantic leads is, like, super creepy. But the plot is actually pretty decent, if a bit meandering, and the worldbuilding? The worldbuilding is great. It does the "Yeerk story from the POV of the Yeerk" thing in a way that makes you root for all of the characters, not just the humans. There's one scene in particular that's going to haunt me for the rest of my life... spoilers, though. The Host showcases 2000s SMeyer's strengths and weaknesses as a writer in a much shorter story than Twilight, with a much stronger plot and a main character who has reasons for being as naiive and passive as she is.
If you want a book for adults that (I've been told) is not half bad on a craft level? I'd pick up her latest book, The Chemist, which is a thriller of all things. It does appear to have a plague plotline, so, y'know, might not be the best read right now? And I haven't read it, so I can't recommend it or offer content warnings. But it genuinely seems like she's grown as a writer in the 10+ years it took to write it, so... y'know... it's on my List.
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caffeinecoifs · 11 days ago
hey what’s up guys! hope your’e having a good evening. oh me? i’m just thinking - i’m just th inking about uh -- bree tanner i’m jus
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mrsimpaler · a month ago
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We all know this book is Edward’s POV of Twilight. But it’s DIFFERENT.
he starts off hating her. Justifying her death without much thought. He analyzes her, begins to stalk her like prey.
It’s only because her personality and reactions surprise him that he pays any actual attention to her as a human. And when he sees a purity in her, he gets caught up in a fantasy about a girl that’s good. Which is all he subconsciously craves is goodness, being the monster he thinks he is.
Speaking of goodness, Edward’s blatant adoration of Carlisle is heartwarming. There’s loyalty and love there. They have full confidence in each other. Though they definitely have a strong father/son dynamic going in the book, I’m also feeling that partnership. Of their early years together alone. Binding them as companions. Confidants.
His relationship with Alice is absolute perfection. I love the use of their abilities being so much apart of how they react and think and live. I love the unsubtleness of Emmett just going crazy having no idea what’s going on.
And then there’s Jasper. Probably one of my fave characters. His influence throughout the book shaped some events in ways you never would have imagined reading the original Twilight story.
Edward is the perfect protagonist being a mind reader. I am so gutted that there will not be more POV books from our Ed Boy. By the end of the book he was resolved to end his love story. Poor thing doesn’t know what’s coming for her.
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midnightblue66 · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 5 of Vengeance
Part 4
Part 3
Part 2
Part 1
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cassidystornfemur · a month ago
sorry but smeyer was really onto something when she chose the covers for the twilight books
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volturilovers · a month ago
I don’t mind a lot of the inconsistencies in your lore Stephanie, but my favorite blonde king is definitely 100% of Roman origin and not Greek. Don’t do him dirty Stephanie. Don’t disrespect Caius
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