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One of my favorite moments in all of comics, also I need Bats (the ghost dog) in the MCU please
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crazycookiecrumbles · a day ago
His Sacrifice
Pairings/Characters: Stephen Strange x Stark!Reader, America Chavez, Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: Angst, death, cursing
Summary: Stephen Strange has the nerve to ask for your help after not seeing you since the events of Endgame.
WC: ~2.4k
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff was out of control, and Stephen Strange’s attempts at stopping her were falling short. Conversation fell on deaf ears, as the last left off with Wanda with nothing more than a threat from her. Wanda was still coming. Wanda was going to get America Chavez, and she did not care who she needed to go through to get what she needed. Wanda was every bit as determined to get her powers as Stephen once had been to get full use of his hands again, but at least Stephen wasn’t willing to kill a child in order to do so.
Stephen was running out of options. He knew he couldn’t do this alone, not with how horribly Wanda seemed to be doing, not with the Darkhold in her grasp. Stephen needed a secret weapon in his arsenal, someone that was strong enough to take on Wanda, a person that may not have had any magic under their belt, but was just as strong and powerful as her.
Stephen flew up the side of the massive tower. A building that had been sold by Tony Stark years ago had been re-purchased and stood as an empty relic to the man’s legacy. Stephen landed on the balcony with a soft thud, his gaze turning to the right quickly to see you sitting on a chair, hands folded on your lap as you stared at the horizon while your drink sat on the table in front of you, losing more heat by the second.
You knew Stephen was there, but you were not going to acknowledge his presence, not yet. If he wanted something from you, he could say something. You weren’t going to cater to his ego any more than you had done through your entire relationship with the master of mystic arts.
“Y/N,” Stephen said as he slowly approached you. “Are you — can you hear me?”
“I’m not deaf, Strange,” you snapped, turning over your shoulder to catch a glance at him. The grey seemed to suit him well. His hair was polished and done perfectly. Somehow, this man aged like the finest of wines, and the fact that he wasn’t some grotesque, hideous being by this point angered you so much. “Why are you here?”
Stephen cleared his throat and stood taller as he circled around the table to be on the other side of you. He conjured a chair, identical to yours, to sit across from you, and you responded by waving your hand and causing the chair to shatter just before he could sit. Stephen fell on his butt on the ground, and you smirked to yourself as he looked up at you in exasperation.
“Now you’re being childish.”
“Why don’t you go snitch on my parents to me, then?” You replied as he stood up, dusted himself off, and settled for leaning against the barrier. “You sure you want to stand there?”
“I can fly, Y/N,”
“Only when you have that cloak,” you replied and sat up. “What do you want from me, Stephen? I’m pretty sure I told you to stay out of my life.”
“I need you.”
“Oh, that’s rich. You want something. Of course you want something. It’s always take, take, take with Stephen Strange. He gets what he wants, and he wants what he gets,” you sighed and shook your head as you looked away. “Unbelievable.”
“Look, can you just get off your throne for one damn second and listen to me?”
“Me? On a throne?” You laughed as you stood up, kicking the chair behind you as you circled the table and stood before him. “That’s rich coming from you. I seem to remember you wanting a monument in your name at that hospital for being the greatest neurosurgeon they’d seen.”
“That’s, that’s history, Y/N.”
“Stephen Strange,” you hissed. “You are either incredibly stupid or incredibly brave to come here and ask me for a favor. Well, you’re not getting it. I will not help you.”
“You don’t even know what I’m asking!”
“You’re asking me to help the man who killed my father,” your jaw quivered before you gritted your teeth and glared at him. “You’re as dead to me as he is, Strange. Now get out.”
“No,” Stephen huffed. “I did not kill Tony- -“
“Don’t. Don’t say his name — “
“I didn’t kill him,” he explained to you as you started walking away from him. “God damn it, Y/N, listen to me—“
“No!” You screamed, the glass on the barrier surrounding the balcony shattering into dust as you did so. “I don’t want to listen to you. I don’t have to listen to you!”
“I’m telling you, it was the only way, Y/N, I swear on my life —“
“Your life?” You roared as you stomped towards him, each step you took leaving behind a crack in the ground. “Your life? And what does your life matter, Stephen? Why do you have a life and he doesn’t? Why are you still here and my dad isn’t, Stephen!? 14,000,605 outcomes and the only one that we had a chance of winning was the one where my dad dies?” You shook your head, nostrils flaring in rage. “You killed him. You executed him.”
“You don’t understand, Y/N,” Stephen stepped towards you while you stepped back and a way from him, “You don’t understand—“
“For all I care, Stephen Strange, whatever you’re having problems with? You can die. You’ve been dead to me since that day,” you hissed.
Your words were killing him. If only you knew what Stephen had seen. He’d tried so many times to explain it to you, but every single time you had refused. How could Stephen live in a world without you? In every world he had seen, you were the one to have died, and Stephen made a sacrifice. He may have lost you, but the world didn’t lose you. A secret agreement made with your father to keep you alive, to keep you safe and sound and make sure no harm ever came to you, even if it came at the cost of Tony’s life. You had no idea that, shockingly, for once, Stephen actually upheld his promise to someone, his promise to Tony. Unfortunately, it came at the cost of him losing you.
Stephen took a slow, deep breath to keep himself from losing his own temper as he watched you pace back and forth like a lion being held in a too-small cage. He swallowed the lump in his throat. He wasn’t going to get through to you. He wasn’t going to be able to explain to you about how much he still loved you, how he never wanted you to be in this much pain, but that he needed to save you, to keep you alive, and it was fine if you hated him, but he just wanted you to know he never did it to kill Tony just because they didn’t get along. 
“You may hate me for the rest of your life, Y/N. I’ll deal with it, but right now, there’s a little girl out there that your friend is trying to kill to take her powers, and Wanda doesn’t care that she has to kill a child in order to reach children she’s never even had. You’re going to let a child die because you hate me, Y/N? Is that how far you’ve fallen?”
You turned your back on Stephen. Walking away, you leaned against the railing and stared down at the city streets below, “Go home, Stephen.”
He laughed in disbelief, “You’re unbelievable. You hate me so much you’d let a child die to prove how much you hate me? I’m beginning to think you don’t even hate me at all — “
“There’s that arrogance — “
“You’re clearly just a hurt little girl, Y/N, grieving endlessly and never properly dealing with it. Well, you know what? Fine. I’ll do this without you. I’ll keep the child safe all on my own since your head is too far up your own ass to be bothered to think about anyone except yourself — just like Wanda, and now she’s gone absolutely mad.” Stephen shook his head as he walked towards the edge, eyes watching as you gripped the steel bar and slowly pushed away from the edge, body bending in half as your head sunk down and you took deep breaths.
“You know what, Y/N?” Stephen watched you, “You’re right. I let Tony die, because before we fought Thanos, he made me promise to him that I’d never let anything happen to you, that no matter what happened, you needed to be safe. In every outcome I saw, you died. Whether you were facing Thanos yourself or you stole the gauntlet to hold, you were the one that died. Your father understood that, and that was the sacrifice he was willing to make. Hate me all you want for a father’s sacrifice for his daughter, but an innocent child shouldn’t suffer because of it.”
Stephen never gave you the chance to respond. He flew up and away from the building, leaving  you alone to process this new information. You sunk to your knees, holding onto the bar and letting sobs overtake you as you thought about the selflessness of your father when it came to you, and how Stephen had been holding this in the entire time and letting you just despise his very being.
“I tried to be reasonable, Stephen,” Wanda purred as she stalked towards him menacingly, black fingertips dancing in front of her as she held her spell. Stephen was bound by Wanda’s magic, floating in the air as the ropes tightened and choked him, while America was bound in the same fashion and screaming in pain. “You made me do this.”
“You don’t have to, Wanda,” Stephen shouted. “She’s just a child! You’d sacrifice a child for power?”
“For my children?” Wanda corrected him, “Always.”
Suddenly, landing from the sky with a thud that shattered the ground in a 5-foot radius was you, standing tall, staring at the woman who had quickly become your best friend until the events of the Snap where you both quickly isolated yourselves and cut off everyone you knew.
Wanda looked so different. She gasped when she saw you, and yet the version you saw didn’t look like Wanda at all. Her hair was lighter, her eyes sunken, her fingertips black like necrotic flesh. She tilted her head to the side as she stared at you in surprise, “What are you doing here, Y/N?”
“What are you doing here, Wanda?” You replied. “A kid? Really? Is this what we do now?”
“You know the pain I’ve suffered, Stark,” she said, the emphasis of your last name shooting pain into your heart as you quickly thought about your dad. “You know how I feel.”
“I do.”
“Now add children,” Wanda replied. “My children, my children that were ripped away from me — “
“They never existed!” Stephen shouted.
“Shut up!” She screamed, her fingers dancing and causing the binds around Stephen to tighten even more and make him shout in agony. “You don’t understand my pain, Stephen Strange, you never will, but you,” Wanda turned her head slowly to look at you. “Help me, Y/N.”
Stephen didn’t account for this. The bond between you and your father was strong. You lived for each other, you were always together, thick as thieves, annoying as any duo could possibly be. But Stephen didn’t account for Wanda luring you to her side with the promise of your father’s return.
“Help me, and I’ll send you to a world where Tony’s alive,” Wanda smiled softly, and for a moment, you saw your best friend again as her eyes twinkled at the prospect of you being happy too. “You can be together again. You can build again, invent new, crazy things, keep each other safe. Isn’t that what you want?”
Slowly, you nodded, “More than anything.”
Wanda nodded knowingly. She moved to stand beside you and face America. The girl screamed in pain as Wanda raised her hand and began to siphon her power, “Would you like a world with or without Stephen Strange?”
You looked to Stephen and narrowed your eyes, “Without him.”
“I thought so,” Wanda nodded knowingly.
As she continued to siphon her power, you shut your eyes. A teardrop fell as you realized what you were doing. You had two options. One was a permanent solution, an idea you always advocated for. The other was temporary, it would keep the fight going, but you weren’t sure if you could do what really, truly needed to be done.
A portal opened next to America, and it started to drag everything towards it as the girl was screaming in pain. You look down at the ground and clenched your fist. Suddenly, Wanda gasped, her hand flying to her chest as she looked to you. Her heart was no longer beating, and she raised her hand to strike you.
“I’m sorry, Wanda,” you stepped back and raised your hand before Wanda could do her magic. You sent her flying through the portal with such force that her headpiece broke in half, the armor on her back splintering and cracking.
The portal closed, leaving behind half of Wanda’s headpiece. Stephen and America fell to the ground, Stephen quickly getting his footing and walking over to America to check on her and make sure she was all right. She nodded frantically as she stood up with his help. Stephen kept an arm around her as she walked for her few steps before letting her go. 
The two of them stood before you. You were staring at the ground, unsure of what to do or say. You were at a loss, you were confused, and you had just hurt someone who had meant so much to you at one point in your life.
A hand settled on your forearm. Lifting your head, you looked into the eyes of the young girl that he had begged you to help him save, “Thank you, Ms. Stark, for saving my life.”
You nodded, “Sure, kid.”
Another hand rested on your shoulder this time, looking up, you met Stephen’s eye as he gave you one nod, “Thank you, Y/N, for choosing us.”
You nodded slowly, your eyes closing as you tried to hold back the tears that were forming as your throat started to burn with that familiar feeling. You couldn’t help yourself, you sobbed as your hand came up and held the bridge of your nose, “I just miss him so much.”
“I know, sweetheart,” Stephen said quietly as his arms came around you in a tight embrace. Your head fell into his chest as you sobbed into his robes. “I know."
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clowasheretooyouknow · 2 days ago
You’re my Home
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stephen Strange x Female! Reader
Summary: You attend Christine’s wedding with Stephen by your side, only for your suspicions to be confirmed about the ex-couple. Of course, it leads to a not-so-nice argument between you two. 
Genre: Smutty, Smutty, Smutty, a lil angst, but ultimately fluff towards the end
Warning: Smut (NSFW) - 18+ only please - Unprotected sex, fingering, vaginal sex 
A/N: Happy Saturday loves <3 It’s only been four or five days and I got so much support and people who loved Part 1 of this one-shot. You guys don’t realize how much this made me happy and what it means to me as a writer. So, thank you so much. Writing a sequel is never easy for me, since the first part was so good and could have easily been a stand-alone, but a lot of people did request one. I hope you guys enjoy the reunion between the two, though and the steamy, passionate ending. 
Part 1 posted here
Come home, Y/N. Please. Just come home.
Your spoon clanked roughly against your bowl of cereal as you dropped it and covered your face with your hands.
This was your fifth time listening to the voicemail Stephen had left for you a couple of days ago.
And all you could feel was pure guilt.
You stood up, grabbing ahold of the barely eaten cheerios and walked over to the hotel kitchen sink, pouring the contents down the garbage disposal. You could practically almost hear Stephen's voice in your head as you were doing it, the man frequently switching to his neurosurgeon mode.
"You need to eat. Skipping breakfast may lead to higher risk of cardiovascular disease, sweetheart."
You snorted under your breath out of nowhere, gripping the edge of the counter. Easier said than done, when the guilt that you felt was currently killing your appetite. Running a hand through your strands of hair, you took a moment to glance around at the small hotel room.
The numbness from his insult is what really caused you to suddenly leave the way that you did, both the room and his presence suffocating you. You weren't sure where to go, seeing that the Sanctum had always been your home from the start, spending thirty minutes sobbing uncontrollably in your car. 
Your phone had then vibrated with a text notification, making you groan out loud.
Apart of you really wanted to check to see if it was your boyfriend apologizing and the other didn't at all. The former won. Wiping your cheeks with your palm, you picked up the device.
Sadly, it was just Wong making sure you were ok.
Surprisingly, the week you've been absent, you hadn't heard from Stephen at all, until now, with this damn voicemail.
You never knew he could sound so... defeated.
And the only time you heard him like that was when he first came to the Kamar Taj, desperate to heal his hands by the Ancient one. Which meant that this was killing him as much as it was you.
You sighed heavily, walking over and turning your cell phone on, revealing the background picture of you and Stephen smiling to the camera when he took you sightseeing around New York City.
As much as what he said hurt you... you weren't exactly a saint either. You had called him an asshole and accused him of being in love with a woman he hasn't been with in years, based on him how long he was staring at her down the aisle.
You laughed harshly at how idiotic and jealous your possessiveness made you sometimes.
Stephen said that he didn't want to fail you. That he couldn't fail you.
Stuffing your phone in your back pocket, you hurriedly went over to the abandoned bed, grabbing your purse and stuffing the few things you actually owned inside of it.
It's about time you had the same mindset.
The Sanctum was unusually quiet when you entered the foyer, closing the ancient doors behind you. Your bare feet felt cool against the exotically designed hardwood floor, as you strolled slowly with your heels that you wore at the wedding dangling in your hands. It was weird that none of the students that Stephen spent some of his time teaching or even Wong wasn't roaming the hallways of the sacred building, let alone guarding the entrance.
You probably should have called him back first to let him know you were coming. The man was a sorcerer whose life consisted of saving all of mankind almost twenty-four seven, he wasn't going to be stuck at home all day, waiting on you.
Trailing up the stairs, you muttered lectures, mentally kicking yourself for assuming such things and going over what you were going to say to him repeatedly. Your thoughts were soon interrupted though, the sound of magic forming behind you, the reflection of golden sparks illuminating the bronze railing beside you.
You turned around, just in time to see both Stephen and Wong enter the room in their sorcerer uniforms through a golden portal.
The room got unbelievably quiet once your presence was known, Stephen's teal eyes flickering up to yours, his feet stopping him in his tracks. Nervousness seemed to have crept up the side of your neck, because all you could do was stand there like an idiot, your breath caught in your throat.
Wong seemed to have categorized the both of you in the group of people he thought was filled with stupidity, taking a few seconds to stare in between you before shaking his head and muttering something about "immature teenage lovers" under his breath. You studied your bare toes as Wong walked up the stairs passed you, leaving you and your boyfriend in awkward silence.
"You're still in your dress." His deep voice finally spoke up, the doctor staring at you.
Glancing down at the slip dress you were wearing, you instantly felt self-conscious. "Well, um... I didn't have any clothes when I rushed out, so..."
The words seemed to evaporate in the air, leaving you a stuttering mess before him, as you stepped back down to the floor. But all he did was bore his serious gaze onto you, his handsome facial features unreadable.
God, you hated this. You hated that you had accused him, you hated the screaming match between the both of you, you hated that you left and stayed away for so long.
You hurt him the same way he hurt you. And it shouldn't have ended that way.
That same guilt heightened within the emotions that you were already feeling, causing your eyes to water, while you looked at him.
"I don't love Christine, Y/N. I need you to understand that." He spoke sternly, standing still in his place.
You knew how much he meant what he said when he used that tone. It's the one he used often when doing his work or when there was some sort of important threat that needed to be dealt with.
"Stephen.. I-" You tried, your intrusive thoughts convincing that the man was still angry with you, but he interrupted.
"Tell me that you understand that. Please."
You gnawed at your bottom lip. "I...understand."
Relief flooded in his eyes at your words, the both of you seeming to be on the same page but it still didn't erase the shame you felt. Tears rolled down your cheeks as your lips trembled.
"Stephen, I'm so sorry.... y-you were right. I am insecure and I let my emotions take over and-"
He shook his head, walking towards you, his red cloak trailing behind him. "No. No, you're not, don't say that."
"I left... I left and I should've stayed. And I messed things up-" You whispered, before he took your face in his scarred hands, passionately pressing his lips against yours.
Your mind was reeling from your emotions and Stephen's instant dominance as all you could do was hum in the kiss, despite you trying to find the strength to pull away. His lips clashed with yours, your hands dropping your belongings on the floor in order to reach and place themselves on top of his, gripping them tightly and pulling your head back.
"Stephen." You gasped, but he shushed you, wiping the tears away from your face.
"I was wrong for what I said. I shouldn't have said you were insecure because it's ok to get scared. It's human. You're afraid of losing me the same way I'm afraid of losing you, Y/N." Stephen assured firmly, moving your hair away from your face. "I love you and I'm not going anywhere."
You stared up at his tall frame with a hesitant, watery smile, his eyebrows laced with worry as he looked down at you.
"I'm sorry." He whispered before you gently ran your fingers through his dark and gray hair, pulling him down towards you again.
His goatee scratched your chin as you kissed him, his arms snaking around your waist and pulling you roughly against him. The groans that were erupting from the back of his throat tasted sweet against your tongue, your body on fire from everywhere he touched.
The man broke the kiss, placing wet ones against your jawline and neck instead, both of you stumbling backwards until your back hit the nearest wall. Your mind was clouded as he had your way with you, running his rough hands along your thighs, the end of your dress hitching higher and higher as the cool air brushed against your exposed skin.
"Stephen." You began to moan, but the man placed his hand over your mouth to muffle it, panting against your neck.
Wong would kill the both of you if someone, including himself, walked in on the position you all were in right now.
Somewhere along the way, the active cloak of levitation must have escaped from Stephen’s shoulders once the heated session began because you had noticed your boyfriend in only his blue soft robes in front of you.
It was probably best that the piece of clothing kept it's innocence.
His hand slipped away from your mouth, giving you the opportunity to assert your control, grabbing the back of his neck and kissing him deeply, nipping his bottom lip in the process. Stephen growled in response to the action, dipping his hand underneath your dress and immediately sliding two fingers inside of your wetness.
"No panties? You'll catch a cold." He breathed in your ear, making you let out a whimper against the side of his throat. You were about to beg him to take you up to the bedroom, but he could already read your mind, using one hand to open a portal through the wall while the other quickened it's pace going in and out of you.
The sound of the your wetness sliding against his fingers was absolutely filthy echoing along the ancient walls.
"Oh Stephen!" You moaned arousingly, just as he removed his fingers from you, using both of his hands to cup your ass and lift you up against his hips, walking through the portal that magically led into your bedroom. Wrapping your legs around his waist, you breathed heavily against his lips, letting the doctor set you down on his historian king-sized bed.
You spread your thighs apart as you watched him eye you hungrily, slipping out of his robes and letting them drop to the floor. His cock was hard in his hand, making you ache even more for the man standing in front of you.
You were his and he was yours.
"I'm never letting you out of my sight ever again, you understand me?" He said it forcefully, grabbing the back of your ankles and pulling you roughly towards the edge of the bed. Taking his hands and pushing your dress to your waist, he stared longingly at the wet flesh that was beckoning him.
And to think you couldn't get any wetter.
"I'm never leaving you again." You promised, before letting out a whine, once you felt him press the head of his cock against your drenched folds. He grunted loudly, digging his fingers in the skin of your thighs as he sunk deep inside of you, moving your hips to match his hard thrusts.
"Never again." He sputtered, his voice breathless with his hard gaze watching as you arched your back along the bed, clenching every inch of him. Your hands dug at the white sheets, his name falling from your lips over and over again like a prayer.
His eyes were set on you, the sound of both of your skin slapping against each other, becoming harder and faster.
"Come on Y/N... let go. I need you to cum. I want you to cum." Stephen commanded, throwing his head back in pleasure from how good and tight you felt. It was if his words were a trigger because as they left from his mouth, you felt your body suddenly convulse around him, stars exploding inside of your mind. He whispered muddled thoughts under his breath, as he followed right after you, filling you up with everything that he had.
Despite you being in a daze a few minutes after it was over, Stephen gently grabbed your arm, pulling you in a seated position in front of him, your legs dangling on each side of his body.
"Mmm..." You murmured lovingly, feeling exhausted yet warm from the way he cradled your face in his hands again.
"I missed you."
You admired how fine he looked with his dark strands of hair moving every which way on top of his head, staring down at the woman in his arms with such adoration. "I was just a few blocks away you know."
"Don't tease me," Stephen playfully lectured you, pulling his pants up and running a hand through his hair. "You could have been back ages ago."
You crossed your arms across your chest. "I did come back though. A week didn't kill you."
He was headed towards the bathroom with a towel before he turned around with a small smile.
"Oh, believe me, I was an utter wreck within the first five minutes you were gone."
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rubychocolatechips · 2 days ago
Wanda: I give up. I am so tired. Stephen: Get the emergency supply! Wong: *carries Y/n and places them in front of Wanda* Y/n: *smiles* Wanda: AND I AM BACK BABY, LET’S GOOO
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1. I like to draw hands.
2. The previous drawing should have a happy ending 😂
3. This is the plot we deserve x))
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palmerstrange · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have a very strict rule against dating colleagues. I call it the “Strange Policy.” Oh, well, good, I’m glad something’s named after me.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
﹫ Stephen Strange.
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Tumblr media
I don't feel so good doc
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Stephen Strange x Reader "Annoying"
G/N Reader
Warnings: Mild NSFW towards the end, teasing, arguing
Word Count: ~5.4K
During an argument you let slip that you may have once had a crush on Stephen Strange, but Stephen doesn't reject you and some interesting things are revealed...
(A/N): Guess who finally saw MoM? Also guess who my new hyperfixation is? More Stephen coming soon. Also, let me know if you want some NSFW stuff, I want to write it but I am timid. Feedback is welcome.
Tumblr media
You sit up in your small cot, stretching your arms and legs, shaking the sleep from your body. Rays of early morning sunlight streamed in through the small rectangular window.
Another day of training
Springing to your feet you pad into the tiny bathroom and begin your morning routine of showering and dressing for first practice, repeating different mantras and incantation notes as you go.
Just a few months longer until you finish.
While brushing your teeth images of him flash in your mind, causing you to brush faster and harder, grinding the bristles into your teeth without realizing it. The memories of all the times he stood smirking down at you almost causes you to snap your toothbrush in half.
You would show him you were the best.
Exiting your room, you walked quickly down the silent hallways of stone that led to the inner courtyard of Kamar-Taj. Its mystic halls didn’t have the same wonderous affect on you that they used to, you had forgotten all that in your pursuit to rise to the top of your class. Every hallway and corridor had its own memories associated with them now. Some were memories of embarrassment from getting lost trying to find your room, coming back from the library late at night and barely being able to see, or arguing with him over something trivial that you knew you were right about.
Your feet picked up the pace, spurring you into a power walk.
Reaching the courtyard you slowed, it was empty, just the way you preferred. You started with your breathing exercises to calm your mind and focus your body, moving through different stretches and poses to warm up.
The courtyard was cast in shadow, the sun not high enough to rise over the walls, you could see the faint outline of your breath in the air. This quiet calmness was your favorite part of the day.
“Where’s that book I lent you?”
Then he would get here, purposefully early, to annoy you. Stephen Strange, your goddamn nemesis. He stood in the shadows of the courtyard, waiting for your response. He wore his customary dark blue robes, watching you with a measured expression.
“It’s in my room.” You moved fluidly to the next pose, acting unaffected while you ignored him.
“How much have you gotten through? I need it back.”
Breath billowed out around you as you exhaled too fast, breaking your rhythm. You took a moment to calm yourself, to get back into it before replying.
“I finished it. I’ll set it outside your room later.” You moved into another pose, the last of the set.
“You read it that fast?” He sounded like he didn’t believe you and it made your blood boil.
“Yes.” Your answer was short, somewhat irritated.
He didn’t question you any further than that, which was surprising, usually he would take the opportunity to drill you on every aspect, to test you.
On first arrival to the school, you’d taken one glance at the more experienced sorcerer and immediately developed a crush on him. From afar, he was perfect. Attractive, brilliant, skilled, you had stars in your eyes every time he was within the area.
Very quickly you realized that if you wanted even a chance of getting close to him, you’d have to distinguish yourself from the rest. So, you practiced and studied hard, harder than anyone else. Staying up to read more, getting up early to train, hours before official lessons began. Soon you were being noticed more by the masters and watched by The Sorceress Supreme when she observed your class. Strange was watching you too, but his eyes weren’t like hers, they were calculating, meticulous.
“Widen your stance.”
Your lips thinned but you did as he told while raising your arms into the first of several defense poses. You glanced at him and saw those same eyes staring at you, assessing you.
“Relax your shoulders.”
“I am.”
“No, you’re not. I can see how tense they are. Did you stay up all night reading?” his sarcasm was sharp.
You ground your teeth together holding back a retort and lowered your shoulders, you couldn’t tell him off here, in the open. There could be one of your masters somewhere nearby, or The Sorceress Supreme. Worst of all he knew that, the smugness was evident.
“That’s better. Change stances.”
You did, snapping into the next. A moment after settling, his voice was close behind you, teasing.
You practically growled as you relaxed. Strange circled around in front of you, folding his hands behind his back with a wry smile. If you were to take a guess, you’d say this was his favorite part of the day.
“What did you think of the book?”
Ah, here was the test. He was waiting for you to get irritated.
“I found it to be repetitive.”
“How so?”
“Chapters repeated information on subjects throughout the book. It was more than just the author reinforcing information.”
“Which subjects? Change stances.”
Letting out a breath, you moved into the next pose, paying close attention to your shoulders.
“The Mirror Dimension in particular. At the end of chapter seven there’s a paragraph that was almost copied line for line from the middle of chapter three.”
He was at the edge of your vision, and not particularly addressing you, but you saw the slight nod he gave, just barely visible. The immense satisfaction was immediate.
“What are you smirking at? Attack position.”
You learned quickly that praise was hard fought from Strange, and it was an even harder battle to get him to admit anything. You had been spending more time with Stephen Strange in the last few months at Kamar-Taj. Whether that was a blessing or a curse, you weren’t sure.
At first you were thrilled, this is what you had been working hard for. You could finally be near the gorgeous man, but when you went on your first assignment shadowing Strange, you found him-
“You must have slept wrong last night; your entire upper body doesn’t seem to be able to relax today.”
“Or maybe you’re getting on my nerves early today.” You spoke low with a piercing glare.
His grin was immediate “Excellent. I have bad news for you then. Change stances.”
You switched, moving with a flourish. Now you could feel the warm sunlight hitting your back. Half the courtyard was warming under the rays, the other students would arrive soon and you would get a break.
“No training for you today, you’re coming with me to the library. The Sorceress Supreme wants me to go over a new section that you’ll be focusing on from now on.”
You couldn’t help but groan, dropping your stance immediately. He had purposefully wasted your time; made you think you were going into training. You gave him a harsh look, but Strange only smirked back at you and turned, heading toward the library. You followed behind him, still bristling.
The results didn’t lie though, you and Strange made a good team. Which prompted The Sorceress Supreme to keep assigning you to shadow Strange on assignments, and gave him excuses to act like your superior, even though you both were technically the same rank. Around others, it appeared that you both got along, maintaining professionalism and good manners. But once you were alone…
“Ooh wow, you actually need a chair to reach that shelf?” He couldn’t contain his laughter as you dragged over a chair to rest it against the tall bookshelves.
“Not everyone has your gangling, giraffe legs.”
“Giraffe? I do not-“
“-Yes you do.”
Constant bickering and fighting accompanied you everywhere, to the point that whenever you saw him you would start to grind your teeth together and think of a retort. You were at each other’s throats, constantly, and after a few weeks of this your impression of Stephen Strange had changed completely. Your innocent crush had changed into a burning desire to one-up him on everything. Naturally competitive, you found his constant need to be right, infuriating.
“When you take books off the shelf put them back when you’re done!” he signed looking over the piles that had accumulated on the floor around you.
“I’m saving them to look at later!” you snapped a book shut and purposefully added it to another pile giving him a mocking look.
“All of them?”
“You couldn’t possibly get through that many.”
“Don’t doubt my reading skills!”
“I look forward to witnessing the moment you collapse from exhaustion.”
Looking back at your first impression of Strange, you couldn’t have been more wrong. He was nowhere near perfect and he had a special knack for getting under your skin. Though, he wasn’t hiding how you annoyed him either, long groans and sighs marked when he was irritated with how long you took on something. You enjoyed annoying him, giving him a taste of his own medicine, but it was those times where he wouldn’t admit to something that drove you up a wall and had you tearing your hair out.
“The training regimen doesn’t need an entire lesson on mirror dimension physics!” Strange said tossing a book toward the growing stacks around you. His tone was shaped by an irritated edge. The bickering argument that was escalating between the tow of you bounced off the walls of the empty library. Thank God Wong wasn’t there and you were free to talk to Strange however you wanted.
“Yes it does! It operates differently and it’s useful to know.” You grabbed the book he tossed and placed it neatly on top of the others.
“Half of them won’t ever go to the mirror dimension!”
“They should still be aware!”
Strange threw up his arms, rolling his eyes at you “That would take hours to condense into a lesson, and I don’t know about you, but no one here can teach physics.”
You struggled to contain yourself “It wouldn’t require a physics professor! It’s all in these books!”
“Well, why don’t we start teaching everything then? Throw out the established lessons and start fresh, that won’t take too long.” His voice was dripping sarcasm as he leaned toward you.
You and Strange were standing in a narrow aisle between two tall bookcases. Luckily for him the stacks of books on the floor prevented you from launching yourself and strangling him to death.
“What a good idea.” You matched his sarcasm, leaning toward him “Maybe you can start teaching lessons on how to be an ass, since you’re so good at it.” Picking up one of the books from the pile you flipped through its pages acting as if you weren’t boiling on the inside.
“At least you would do well in that course.”
You scoffed loudly and dropped the book, whirling to look at him. He smirked triumphantly, raising his chin as he turned to leave; You couldn’t let him have the last laugh, and shouted, without thinking.
“I cannot believe I had a crush on you!”
There was heavy silence as the words registered with Strange. He very slowly spun around to look at you. Your eye twitched as his expression settled into a very satisfied smirk. You prepared for the worst.
“So that’s why you were being so weird around me at first…” his tone was almost gleeful, his eyes sparkled from the new teasing opportunities your accidental confession gave him.
“Excuse me? I was not being weird!” You could feel your face heating to a scarlet red.
This was bad, you had to shut this down or you’d never hear the end of it, ever. You adopted a confident, unmoved expression, but Strange wasn’t easily fooled.
“You were. You were so shy and you tripped over your words all the time.” He took a step toward you, savoring every bit of this. You had the sinking feeling that you had already lost.
“You are the bane of my existence.”
“It’s not like I can blame you though, I am very attractive.”
“Sure, but that’s before you open your mouth.” You crossed your arms, smirking back at him. That’s when you realized something.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You’re arrogant and self-absorbed!” Strange wasn’t rejecting you, he wasn’t even acting disgusted.
“It’s part of my charm!”
“Charm? Is that what you’re calling it? Really?”
“You don’t think I’m charming?” He looked and sounded like he already knew what you thought.
“God Damnit Strange…” you shook your head looking away, exasperated.
“That’s not an answer.” His tone made your head snap back to look at him again. He was giving you that wry smile, that stupid teasing look he did when he knew he had you in the palm of his hand.
You decided to play hardball. “I’m not giving you an answer.”
“Then I’m inclined to believe you think I’m charming and just don’t want to admit it.”
Fuck. Time to deflect.
“Or maybe I don’t want to hurt your sensitive ego.”
“My ego isn’t sensitive!”
“Hm, you sound oddly defensive about it. Now I’m inclined to think that it is.” You grinned at him triumphantly, squaring your shoulders.
“Well, I can’t believe that I ever thought you were the smartest in your class!”
You rolled your eyes, completely unaffected “Ha! Is that supposed to be your ‘one-up’ comment? What, so your mind changed as soon as I -let me guess, opened my mouth?”
“How astute of you, I suppose you truly are more beauty than brain.”
That caught your attention, but you were too focused on pointing out his arrogance. “Oh, the great Stephen Strange doesn’t think I’m very smart. Considering how high your opinion of yourself is, you don’t think anyone is very smart!”
“I am considerably smarter than most people! You don’t become an accomplished surgeon otherwise!”
“Ah, there’s that Dr. Strange charm. But don’t think I missed that part where you called me beautiful, now I have something to embarrass you with.”
“It’s not embarrassing, just a plain observation.” He sounded unmoved by his admission, almost smug.
You clicked your tongue “How is it that you can turn a compliment into an insult? That skill must come from a deep place of hatred.”
“I don’t hate you.” His tone suddenly grew serious, as if he worried you actually believed that.
“I wasn’t talking about your feelings for me, I was calling attention to your soulless core and general hatred for everything.”
He resumed his teasing without missing a beat “Well in that case, you might be slightly right, but my feelings for you do not come close to hatred. I think of you more like an annoyance.”
“Oh, I’m positively honored.”
“…Do you hate me?” the pause made him sound almost vulnerable as he asked you.
You gave him a mocking look. “No… I’m equally annoyed by you.”
“So, you think I’m attractive and charming, but you don’t have a crush on me? How does that work?”
You threw up your hands “Ughh, you’re being impossible, would you just drop it?”
“This is why I find you annoying, you never answer my questions.”
You shot him a glare “Your questions are stupid.”
“Still avoiding-g…” he took another step forward; his feet touched the edges of the book piles around you. He was smirking again, as if the fact that you were avoiding his questions gave him all the answers he needed. Fuck they probably did, but you weren’t about to admit anything, one way or another.
“Still not answering-g…” you used his tone back at him, but it came out more annoyed.
“So, you still have feelings for me, I knew it.”
“You have no evidence to back that up.”
“I have evidence, you admitted to it!”
“I said I had a crush on you, past tense.” You took a book in your hand flipping through the pages absently, you refused to let him think he was actually getting to you.
“Well then, it shouldn’t be too hard to admit that you don’t have a crush on me anymore…” he was leaning towards you now, with a cocky look.
“Stephen!” You hissed, thoroughly irritated, “Why are we still discussing this?”
“You brought it up, and if you would just admit-!”
You groaned, cutting him off “It slipped out! It was obviously a mistake. Why is it so important to you?”
“Because I know I’m right, and I know you think I’m charming and attractive.”
“I believe I said you’re only attractive when your mouth is closed.”
Stephen leaned back and crossed his arms, looking down his nose at you.
“...What?” you asked, looking him over with a frown.
“Are you pouting…?”
“You’re starting to unnerve me, what are you doing?”
He uncrossed his arms and looked at you critically “Did you think I was attractive right then?”
“Oh my God.”
“Yes or no? It’s an easy question!”
You placed the book down with a solid thump “Do you enjoy making me angry? It’s as if you want me to explode. It wouldn’t be so bad if you were my actual doctor, so you could at least check if I had some sort of issue with my blood pressure after spending a day in your vicinity, but you’re not!”
“Hold on, let me check-“ He started to move past the books, coming in close to you, less than an arm’s length away.
“No!” you held your arms away from him, but made no attempts at moving.
“If you’re experiencing issues-“
“You are going to be the death of me, Strange.”
“I’ll identify your body, don’t worry.”
“Oh, I can see you just loving that.”
“Maybe. I would also be quite sad…”
You gave him an odd look “Wait, are you-“
“-Sad to lose someone I enjoy pestering and picking on. Who would I be able to do this with, if not you?”
“Ah, there it is. For a moment I thought you were being genuine, how silly of me…” you frowned up at him as he smirked back. At that moment you noticed how close together you were. In the back of your mind, you wondered if he noticed too.
But he continued on, seemingly unaware “Also, to answer your earlier question- and not avoid it, as you’ve proven to be so good at doing- I do enjoy getting you all riled up.”
“Go choke on a tea leaf.”
“It’s fun- your face gets all scrunched up, you turn red, your cheeks puff out like some sort of adorable pufferfish-“
Another compliment?
“Stephen Strange, did you just call me adorable?” you looked at him closely, estimating his reaction
His eyes widened, as if he was caught. He tried to recover “Well, I believe I was calling the pufferfish adorable-“
You gave him a wry, teasing grin this time “-And you think I’m beautiful, you know it almost sounds like you might be the one with feelings!”
“Now hang on just a moment!”
“Go on then, deny it…” you looked up at him confidently, daring him, something told you he wouldn’t.
“You still have feelings for me, I know you do!” He was deflecting.
“Look who’s avoiding questions now!”
“You have to admit to it first, then maybe I’ll answer you!”
“I already admitted to having them in the past!”
“Admit that you have current feelings!”
“If I did, you would never let me live it down in my entire life!”
“So you do!” He sounded as if he had won something challenging, for a moment you were amused by the idea of making him work this hard.
“Believe what you want, Strange!”
“That’s not an answer!” now he was starting to sound exasperated, which only pleased you more.
“I know it isn’t, which is why I’m saying it. It also serves to piss you off, which I enjoy seeing, immensely! This obsession you have for definitive answers gives me so many good opportunities to watch you squirm in frustration.”
“If you just admitted to it we wouldn’t have to argue in circles like this!”
You gave him a scoff “You would love that wouldn’t you? You’d feel so good about yourself, and you’d get to tease me in that smirking, sarcastic way that you always do, for the rest of my life. Ha! Well, I don’t think so!”
“I wouldn’t do it for the rest of your life… I’d probably find other things to tease you about after a few years…” his eyes looked you over, there was a knowing glint in them that made your heart beat faster.
“You just can’t resist seeing my adorable reaction, can you?”
“It’s rewarding getting you to the point where your face turns the shade of a tomato… like right now.”
Your jaw dropped open in frustration “You annoying, puffed-up, arrogant-”
A grin spread across his face “-Handsome, charming-”
“-Overbearing, conceited, opinionated-”
“Careful Y/N, you sound like you’re in love with me…”
Your breathing was getting heavy now as you fought for a retort “You are the only person I know who hears insults and thinks they’re meant to be affectionate!”
“Are they not coming from a place of passion?”
You laughed dryly “Passion? Sure, as in I want to passionately strangle you!”
Something in his eyes flashed “Oh, that’s quite a thought. Is that what you think of while you’re laying in bed at night?”
Your eyes bulged “I don’t- what I do in my bed is none of your business!”
“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about that… Having feelings for me and all, I’m sure you’ve thought about a lot of things.” He was leaning in slightly, obviously enjoying this.
“Don’t get your hopes up, jackass!”
“Wow, you sound pretty defensive right now…” his smirk turned into a grin
“I’m not being defensive!”
“Very convincing.”
You ground your teeth together then decided to play into his game, you wanted to see his reaction when it was turned against him “You want to talk about passion, Strange? How about the way you look at me sometimes? I see the little side eye you give me when you think I’m not looking! It’s enough for me to believe you’re the one thinking about me at night!”
His head reared back in denial “Side eye? I don’t give you “side eyes”!”
“Oh yes you do! You practically drool over me!” you could sense you were getting the upper hand with this, you decided to continue, pressing your luck.
“If there is one thing I don’t do, it’s drool-”
You dropped to a low, dangerous tone “-And I enjoy it.”
His eyes blinked furiously, trying to decide if he heard you correctly “Wh-”
“I absolutely love the way you can’t keep your eyes off of me. I notice it every time, but I allow it, do you know why, Strange?”
He stammered trying to respond “It- it’s because you have-”
You could feel a devilish grin spread across your face “-It’s because with every insult- every joke you make, I know that those little side looks betray how you really feel.” You had him, this was it. A way for you to come out on top.
“Well, please, enlighten me. How do I really feel?” he was narrowing his eyes at you, mouth twitching, daring you to continue.
Which you did with a smirk “You’re head-over-heels for me- you can’t get me off your mind even if you wanted to. It’s why you go out of your way to get my reaction with your sarcastic remarks or how you meticulously position yourself in my field of view when you’re not by my side. You need my attention, you crave it.”
“You’ve figured all this out from a few looks?” his tone was lower now, he wasn’t looking at you with a smirk or any trace of teasing, it was almost tender.
You lowered your tone to match “It’s funny, I thought by now you would be shouting about how it isn’t true, or at the very least your mouth would twist into that little frown it does when you’re thinking of a way to insult me…”
“I have many things to say about this.” Something dark flashed in his eyes and you couldn’t help yourself from glancing at his lips.
He was leaning in really close. Your heart was practically beating out of your chest. “I’m sure you do.”
“But let’s get back to why I believe you still have feelings for me.” And the smirk was back.
You rolled your eyes, the tense moment clearing “Oh, that’s hardly-”
“It’s funny, don’t you think, that every time we work together we’re at each other’s throats, yet you always agree to continue working with me?”
You struggled for a response “Well…that’s simply because-”
“I know you have the option to work with others, yet you turn them down in favor of me. I also know that most of the time when you act sarcastic and difficult you secretly love when we argue.”
“And how would you even know-”
He leaned in again, his eyes looking down at your mouth “Your lips curl up ever so slightly, it took me a while to identify it, but after I did, it’s unmistakable.” 
You narrowed your eyes with a sly grin “Why are you looking at my lips so much, Strange?”
“-It is not.”
“Y/N, let me finish…”
“Fine.” You clenched your jaw and allowed him to continue.
“With all this current evidence, and the way you continue working with me, the way you derive pleasure from teasing and arguing with me, I believe you’re hiding your true feelings.”
You waited for a moment, dead-panning him “… Is that all? Are you finished?”
“There’s one way that I can prove it.”
You barked out a laugh “Really? Do tell, Stephen.”
His eyes searched yours for a heartbeat “May I kiss you?”
You blinked at him, shocked “What? Are you- is this a joke?”
“I’m being very serious.” And he sounded like it too.
You searched his expression, trying to find the hidden tell, the thing to reveal that this was just a ploy. Some sort of cruel trick “Oh, I get it. If I say yes, then your theory is confirmed and-“
“That’s not it.” He leaned his head in toward you asking again, gently “Yes or no, may I kiss you? Say no and I’ll drop this conversation and we can forget it ever happened-“
You interrupt him without thinking “Yes.”
He blinked once, almost as if he didn’t hear you correctly “Yes to-“
“Yes, you may kiss me.”
There was a moment where Stephen didn’t do anything, just stood transfixed, looking down at you. Your heartbeat must have been audible, it was the only thing you could hear. He swallowed before slowly closing the gap between you and him. You felt his nose slide against yours gently and the warmth of his face as you closed your eyes. His beard hair scratched at you, but you hardly noticed, grappling with the reality that this was actually happening. Your thoughts were scattered as he pressed his lips to yours.
They were soft.
The kiss was timid, shy, as if he was afraid that at any moment you might pull away and bolt. Except, that was the last thing on your mind and you found yourself pressing back, moving your lips against his. He gasped very quietly in response and wasted no time in wrapping his arms around your back, pulling you into him as he deepened the kiss. Your hands came up to circle around his neck as you grew more confident, fingers spreading up through his hair. You felt him gasp again at the sensation and you felt the need to hear him gasp like that more. You began to kiss him hungrily, your lips catching his, but then he pulled back, breaking away suddenly. He was wide-eyed and breathing hard.
“You kissed me back.” He sounded like he was in disbelief.
“I-I-“ your mind was still reeling, sentences were hard to form. You started to pull away slightly, untangling your fingers from his hair and moving your hands to his chest, but his arms didn’t move, still firmly pulling you against him.
“That was my theory, if we kissed and you had feelings for me, you would kiss me back.” His eyes searched yours and you were suddenly brought back, your mind snapping to a response that would have you come out on top, never admitting to anything.
You frowned slightly “Let’s examine the fact that you kissed me. People don’t just kiss like that randomly. You have feelings for me too.”
He shook his head and closed his eyes, a new level of frustration you’d never seen “At this rate we’ll be arguing for etern-“
You decided to put his theory to the test by kissing him. However, your kiss wasn’t timid like his first one was, it was needy. Your stomach tightened nervously, waiting for his reaction. Stephen moved his hands to rest on your sides and for a brief moment you were terrified that he was going to pull away again. Instead, he grunted softly and began moving you back, knocking over a few stacks of books as he roughly pushed you into the bookcase. You gasped from the force and he swallowed it, kissing you hungrily, desperately. His hands moved up to grip your sides, pressing his body into yours.
When you felt as if you couldn’t get enough air in your lungs you broke away, panting for breath as your nose still touched his. You chanced a look up to at him and saw his blue eyes watching you intensely.
You swallowed thickly and whispered “By your own theory-“
He growled at you and pressed his forehead to yours “Yes, fine, you’re right- I do have feelings for you.”
Your eyes widened and you were about to say something but he cut you off.
“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you for months. Every time we argue I find myself liking you more, every assignment I have, I pray that you join me. You’re with me in my dreams at night. When I wake up to an empty bed I want to go back to sleep, back to the dreams where you’re mine and I’m yours.” He sighed gently, his breath fanning across your face “It has been torture to be near you, but not have you.”
You couldn’t help yourself as you started to grin “So I was rig-“
Stephen grumbled and smashed his lips to yours quickly to try and silence you. He pulled away with a hiss “Yes, you were right.”
You laughed at his reaction and brought a hand up to hold his face. “I think I might faint hearing you say that…” He suppressed a smile and started to roll his eyes, slightly turning away. You smiled and held his chin, bringing him back to face you “But yes, I have feelings for you too. Continued feelings.”
You could see the glint in his eyes but you continued before he could say anything “At first it was just a school girl crush, I didn’t even know you. You were handsome and charming, dazzling when you wanted to be… but then we got to know one another, and it turned into something else... You turned into my inspiration. You challenge me to do better and constantly improve. You drive me crazy in the best ways possible, ways that make me want more. The idea of training with you gets me out of bed in the morning.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your forehead back to his “Stephen, you don’t have to ask- I’ve been yours since I arrived.”
His light chuckle was mixed with a sigh of relief “I felt as if I was going to lose my mind if I had to go another day without you.” He tenderly kissed you again, taking his time. His hands wrapped around to the small of your back and pulled you close to him. You smiled through the kiss.
The sound of a slamming of a nearby door made you and Stephen jump away from each other abruptly. He stumbled a little over the books and you stifled a giggle as Wong walked up with his usual stern expression.
Wong eyed the books and then you “Put all of those back.”
“Yes, Master Wong!”
And then he walked away toward his desk in the center of the library, hands folded behind his back. Stephen looked at you with wide eyes, but after a moment the tension was broken with stifled laughs.
He began to help you pick up some of the mess, his hands intentionally brushing against yours as he handed you books. There was a smile in his voice “I told you, you’d have too many books to use.”
“Shut up.”
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spearbub · a day ago
dancing with our hands tied ➳ stephen strange
Tumblr media
pairing: stephen strange x reader 
word count: 1.9k
genre/warnings: NO SPOILERS FOR DSMOM IN THIS FIC, 50% angst, 50% fluff but its happy ending, just one 'asshole' there & no more, toxic family & friends, stephen & reader have an age gap maybe 5-10 yrs at best, typical stephen being an ass HAHAHSHS, stephen might be a little ooc
synopsis: after receiving too many comments about you & stephen's relationship, you just had enough of it and burst.
a/n: the synopsis doesn’t really do the fic justice im just really bad at making synopses im so sorry 😭 but anyway, this is my first mcu fic in this blog yay! i’ve been thinking abt it for a long time now & i finally did it! i hope yall enjoy it as much as i super LOOOOOVED writing it hehe ok i’ll stop now happy reading!!
"Y/N, c'mon, he's older than you. You can do better than this."
"Oh, come on, Strange. Really? A kid? She's young, she's still got a lot to see in the world. You could do better."
"You can do better."
You tossed and turned in your bed, trying your very best to drift off to a peaceful slumber without any interruption. You took in a deep breath and let out a big sigh before pushing yourself up to sit up on your bed. Apparently, the words of your family members and their friends had gotten their way to you and you asked for a break with your lover. You felt guilty, of course, who would want to push the love of their life away for a bunch of gossip and hearsay?
Last week, you came to your annual family reunion held at your grandparents' house. You went without Stephen because he didn't want to intrude into your family's traditions. The moment you arrived, you were bombarded with so many questions not even a celebrity surrounded by paparazzi could handle. They took the opportunity of your boyfriend's absence to ask you all about him. Questions that included "Y/N, honey, I don't like that boy", "are you really sure about him?", "is there no way we could change your mind? There are other men out there, my dear", and the one that struck you deep like a knife — "Y/N, sweetie, you could do better than him."
Stephen had been receiving a lot of those comments as well. He recently attended the wedding of Dr. Christine Palmer, who felt ecstatic for the sorcerer because he finally found the happiness he deserved. He can't say the same about the other doctors, though. Every time they approached him, they would ask him — "why her?", "Stephen, she's so young for you", "she could leave you for a younger man for all we know", and that one six-word sentence, "you could do better than her."
Stephen went back to the Sanctum, exhausted and drained, not wanting any more contact with the world outside. You, unsurprisingly, decided to go and stay at the Sanctum as well — wanting to see your lover's face for comfort. He'd always invite you to move in with him for easier access to him but you'd always reply, "c'mon, Stephen, where's the fun of getting married when I've already moved in with you while we're still dating?"
"Honey, I'm home!" You called out to Stephen which erupted a chuckle from the said man. "You always love to do that, don't you?" He made his way to you, arms partially spreading out which you took as an invitation to jump into. "That bad, huh?" He asked, burying his head and hands on your hair. "Oh, God, you wouldn't even wanna know." You groaned. "But, how about you? How was Christine's wedding? You gave her my greetings, didn't you?" You asked continuously. Stephen gave you a small smile in which a sigh followed. "It was okay. Just exhausting. You know, pictures and stuff." He said, shoulders slightly drooping.
"Oh, yes, I forgot. I was dating the most famous sorcerer in the world." You mockingly rolled your eyes with a chuckle. "Haha, funny. C'mon, honey, let's get you to bed." He retorted back before dragging you into his bedroom.
The next week after the wedding and the reunion turned out to be the best and worst week of your almost two-year long relationship. You had decided to stay the week at the Sanctum, mainly because 'you just wanted to' although your boyfriend didn't buy it, he still believed you. What he didn't know was you wanted to stay because your family's words was already getting to you. Multiple messages from your aunts contained them getting you multiple blind dates with other men even if you said you didn't want to, they still tried in case you'd ever change your mind.
You wanted to prove to yourself that this was just one of the few challenges you and Stephen would face. You wanted to prove to yourself that your love for him was stronger in spite of your deep fears that the world would divide you. Every morning, you'd make breakfast — even cook lunch and dinner enough for the both of you and Wong. Every night, you'd have deep late night talks about the most random things — turning the bedroom into a sacred oasis for the both of you. So, yes, you were a mess.
You were able to keep that mess at bay until that fateful Friday evening.
"Auntie, please stop. Please! I don't want any of them. I am more than satisfied with Stephen, I don't need anyone else." Stephen heard you arguing with your aunt on the phone in the kitchen above his office upstairs. He went down to see you and immediately rushed down to your side when he saw you sobbing on the floor with your head buried in your arms and knees.
"Honey, you okay?" He asked gently. "No." You replied, voice muffled. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked again, more carefully than the last one. You finally lifted your head up, revealing your puffy red eyes and tear-streaked face. You let out a shaky sigh, before speaking. "It's just that, my aunt has been forcing me to go on these blind dates with men my age, thinking that you're not good enough for me." You said with a whimper in your tone.
"Well, what did you say?" He asked. "I told her, no. I don't need those. But she kept on insisting and, I don't know, I just burst out, I guess." You cried out. "Oh, I see. Do you need time off then?" Stephen asked out of the blue. Your eyes widened in disbelief and horror, still not processing completely what he said. "W-what? Stephen, what are you saying?" You asked him tearfully. "Y/N, I think you need some time to think about it. Now, I'm giving you the time you need." He said it like it was nothing. Now, the tears had started rolling down again.
"Stephen Strange, how dare you?! I fought for you, now this is the treatment I get?!" You stood up and so did he, shouting at him at the incredulity of the man that stood before you. "Y/N, I'm just saying that maybe you need to think about what your aunt said." He attempted to clarify himself but it was to no good. You had been looking at him a look of hurt and terror in your face, unable to comprehend the words that had just come out of his mouth.
"God, you're such an asshole, Strange! If you want that, then so be it!" He flinched at the use of his last name, you never called him that. You stormed out of the Sanctum and went back to your apartment.
Which is where you are now. At 3AM on a Sunday, facing your phone at the nightstand — wishing it would light up with a text from your lover. Thinking it would be useless to wait for a man with a pride higher than the Burj Khalifa to show up, you faced the other side — hoping to at least get a reasonable amount of sleep.
Just as you were finally about to get a blink of sleep, the doorbell to your apartment unit rang. Muttering a string of curses to the person who rang your doorbell at the wee hours of the night, you got up from your bed and walked over to the buzzer.
"Who is this?" You asked groggily. "Y/N, it's me. Could you buzz me in, please?" A voice you knew all too well replied from the other side. That same baritone voice you grew to love so much that also turned into one that you so deeply despised. Upon hearing his voice, it seemed like all forms of sleepiness was knocked out of your body. You took a deep sigh and closed your eyes, thinking you were dreaming and this would all go away if you opened them again.
"Y/N, are you there?" The voice spoke up again, startling you, causing you to open your eyes and groan loudly because it, in fact, wasn't a dream. "Stephen, what are you doing here? I thought you said you wanted to give me time." You said exasperatedly, just wanting to go back to the comfort of your bed. "Y/N, please, just give me 5 minutes of your time. After that, I'll be gone." Stephen begged one more time and even through the speaker, you could see the look of desperation on his face. Feeling pity for the man on your porch, you decide to buzz him in and sat down on the sofa of your apartment's living room — waiting for the sorcerer to knock on your door.
Not long after, you heard a knock on your door just as you expected. What you didn't expect though, is to see him appear ragged, eyes surrounded by dark circles most likely due to lack of sleep, and even puffy red eyes. His look is almost identical to yours, only difference is you looking more haggard than he is. You stepped aside, signaling him to head inside your apartment. He sat down on your sofa as you shut the door behind you.
"Want anything? Coffee, tea, perhaps maybe beer?" You asked your guest. "No need, Y/N. I'll be gone after a while anyway." He, to your surprise, politely dismissed your offer. "Alright. What's your business here, Stephen?" You asked him straight to the point, sitting across him in one of your beanbags.
"Okay. Firstly, I want to apologize." He started off, pausing for a while to let you speak if you ever have anything to say but is met with your unwavering gaze and crossed arms to your chest. "Y/N, I am so, so, so sorry to have said those things to you. I know it's a very asshole thing for me to say, especially right after you risked your relationship with your relative just for me. I really am truly sorry." He continued.
"Believe it or not, I've been experiencing the same, too. At Christine's wedding, the other doctors there were also telling me to find someone my age and that you were too young for me. It definitely took a toll on me and I took it out on you which was wrong and I shouldn't have done so. This past week without you has been the absolute hell and I know now that you're worth more than what others think and I've lost you to those. So, I understand if you choose not to accept this apology. I'll just be on my way." He finished off, standing up and preparing to leave.
"Stephen, wait." You spoke, stopping him on his tracks. "I'm sorry, too. I should've been there with you and we should've faced this together as one and not divided. This isn't a 'you' nor a 'me' problem, but an 'us' problem. We should've dealt with it that way. So, yes, I accept your apology and I hope that you accept mine, too." You said, standing up to face your lover by the door.
You made your way to him, cupping his face in your hands and pressed your forehead to his before whispering a small "I'm sorry, love." He gave you a small kiss on the lips as he said, "It's alright, honey. I forgive you. Let's go home, yeah?"
He pulled you out of your apartment, holding each others' hands with smiles plastered on your faces.
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brunchable · 2 days ago
All I Ask - Part 1 || Stephen Strange x Reader
Tumblr media
Word count: 2.7K Warning: References to Multiverse of Madness. Angst.  A/N: This is my first time writing, so please take it easy on me. This imagine has been inspired by All I ask by Adele and Arcade by Duncan Laurence (ft. FLETCHER). PART 2
You blankly stared at your reflection as you wore a pair of diamond earrings, it was the very first gift Stephen has given you. There's a lot of things running in your mind; Stephen's unresolved feelings for Christine being the centre of it. It was her wedding day today and you've been invited considering the fact that you're a close friend at work. You straightened yourself up with a sigh, feeling that your beauty is inadequate compared to Christine. 
"You look beautiful." Stephen's silky deep voice whispered against your ear before giving you a tender kiss on your temple. His slender, yet scarred hands rested on the curves of your waist.
Stephen's sudden appearance startled you, the mini heart attack causing you to clutch the centre of your chest, "Damn it, Stephen! Will you stop creeping up on me like that? Dating a wizard should come with a warning." 
Stephen gave you an offended look through your reflections, stepping away to sit on the edge of your bed, "Uh No, correction, you're dating sorcerer, wizards wear hats and use wands, lame."
"Mhm, and I guess the warnings for Doctor Strange come after you've been bagged right?" You chuckled, reaching for your sweet perfume that Stephen goes nuts for and sprayed it on your wrist then dabbing it behind your ears. 
"Are you seriously comparing me with spell books?" His brows raised, feeling a hint of an edginess in your attitude, which he decides to ignore. He was reading this situation as banter. 
You remained quiet, because for you, your question had two meanings; one was about his use of magic and two, you know that he is not over Christine. You didn’t know how you hadn't noticed from the very start when all the signs were clear as day. Stephen still wears that damned busted watch, there is sorrow in his eyes when she becomes the subject of conversation, the way he lights up when he talks to her and the way he looks at her. 
You searched for those behaviors whenever you're together and by the time you realized he was never going to look at you the same way,  you were already in too deep, you didn't have the guts to say anything because you're scared of losing him. You decided that you will wait for him quietly, but it’s been one year and you're close to snapping. You're a ticking time bomb. 
You admired the decorations inside the church while you and Stephen sat waiting for the ceremony to start. Doctor West was chatting with Stephen and you quietly eavesdropped on their conversation. The man seemed consumed by grief as he talked about his brother and cats, asking Stephen if there had been another way, "... and still you didn't get the girl." Doctor West said.
Ouch. Was it really necessary to be so brutal? You thought and grimaced.
Stephen adjusted his tie on Doctor West's comment, you could feel that he was hurt by it even though his face remained expressionless. He wasn't the only one who got emotionally damaged though. You clutched onto your dress looking elsewhere but Stephen.
Music began and all the guests stood up as Christine prepared to walk herself down the aisle. She looked immaculate in her white dress, her eyes focused on her soon-to-be-husband as she graciously made her way to the altar. 
You turned your body slightly to look at Stephen behind you and there it was again, that longing look, it was obvious that he had tunnel vision towards the bride since he didn't even notice you looking at him. Why am I not surprised? You caught Doctor West's gaze for a split second with water welling in your eyes, as Stephen was fixated on Christine who was fixated on the groom. You quickly turned and wiped them away before they fell, only then Stephen came to his senses, "(Y/N) are you alright?" 
You cleared your throat before talking, afraid that your voice might crack,"Yeah I'm fine, weddings y'know? They're a real tear jerker." You lied and laughed it off. You felt his hand cover your smaller ones, his thumb rubbing the back of your hand as consolation. You sat frozen on your seat for the rest of the ceremony, too afraid to look up at Stephen, too afraid that your cup of emotions might overflow. 
"Should anyone present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace." The Pastor asked the guests. Stephen squeezed your hand, his jaw clenched as if prohibiting himself to speak. This man, he is in love with someone else, if this wasn't enough proof then you don't know what is.
You decided to separate from Stephen for a while during the reception, you were feeling a range of negative emotions that you needed to suppress. You hid it well towards your friends and colleagues, you weren’t so sure if you would be able to hide it from Stephen any longer, that's why you needed to remove yourself from his presence. 
Stephen hung out at the bar drinking a martini after another round of failing to find you. Christine cleared her throat as she approached the bar where Stephen stood, "A glass of red please." She smiled at the bartender.
You glanced towards their direction from time to time as you caught up with your colleagues, chugging your cocktail and grabbing another from a server that offered. You watched your lover turn water into wine, a sardonic laugh managed to slip from your lips. 
Juliet, your work bestie, followed the direction you were looking at and gave you a look, "I warned you from the start girl."
"I know, I know, I was too blind to see that he probably just kept me around to fill in that black hole, he calls his heart." As much as you hated to say it, you did, you downed another glass and grabbed a glass of champagne this time, "Jeeze, I'm so pathetic, what was I thinking I got something that Christine doesn't?" You laughed at yourself, watching Stephen stopping Christine from walking away. 
"Don't say that! You are not pathetic. Stupid and blinded? Yes. All you need to do now is to follow your head this time babe." Juliet rubbed the side of your arm, glancing at the other two. 
"I want to know what they're talking about." You darted towards the pair, at the same time you made sure that you weren't spotted. Juliet tried to stop you from causing yourself anymore torment but as much as you hated to admit it, you wanted to feel the pain, just in case if tonight doesn't end well, maybe it would be less painful then.
"Christine— I should’ve, " Stephen took a deep breath, "I wish it would've been different– I never stopped caring about us, but I had to make sacrifices… to protect you, I’m sorry." Stephen lowered his gaze.
Christine shook her head, keeping her eyes on him, "It was never going to work out between us."
Stephen raised his eyes to look at her again, her reply stung a lot, "Why not?"
"Because Stephen… you have to be the one holding the knife, and I've always respected you for it but I couldn’t love you for it." 
Stephen pressed his lips together, avoiding eye contact this time, "Truly, I’m just glad that you're happy."
Christine nodded, smiling and getting teary-eyed, "I am, I really, really am."
"Good." Stephen smiled though it was a pain.
"Are you? Are you Happy?" 
"I'm happy." He said, uncertainty present in his tone. Then the thought of your relationship with him crossed his mind.
"Good, you deserve it. Take care of (Y/N), she's heaven sent." Christine patted his shoulder before walking away from him. Your eyes shut tight while also walking away after hearing Palmer mention you in a positive light. Every noise around you becomes a blurred sound, while all that's been said keeps replaying in your head, you can hear Stephen's words loud and clear. I wished it would've been different– I never stopped caring about us. 
Strange noticed your figure walking towards the elevators in a hurry. After not being able to find you in the time frame of being there, he could feel something was wrong because now you're leaving without a word. He ran after you but he was too slow, your eyes landing on each other as the elevator doors shut. At least he had the decency to run after you. 
You saw a glow of golden light reflecting all around the elevator's metal walls, "You're really leaving without me?" Stephen asked after stepping out of the portal. You chuckled quietly, amused at the fact you forgot that he could easily catch up to you. 
"I could never get used to this sorcery," A cold laugh followed, "And yes I am– was leaving without you, Stephen." You answered his question, your face turning dead-pan. The storm that was brewing inside you was only getting stronger in his presence. Another portal opened in front of you, the other side appeared to be your living room— where you're likely to spend the night alone eating ice cream while you drown yourself with tears. You passed through without hesitation and he followed.
"How much have you heard–" He broke the awful silence between you, the portal closing behind him at will. So he knows. 
"Enough. Enough to wake me up from this dream I've been having." You answered his straightforward question with a straightforward answer. You've beaten around the bush long enough to do it now. You didn’t want to tread carefully anymore, you were ready for what's to come, you've had enough. 
"What dream? What are you talking about?" He asked with a slight impatience in his tone. His hands grabbed you by the shoulders and spun you around to face him.
"I've come to a realisation that I am never going to be good enough for you Stephen. All of this– this– this is one sided, and I was stupid and naive to gaslight myself to believe that one day you will look at me like how you look at Christine." You looked anywhere but his blue eyes, afraid that you would melt and give in your false bravery right now. 
"I can't believe this— you're jealous of Christine? Where did we just come from? Her wedding! I can’t have her!" His voice slowly got louder. This time you found the courage to look at him in the eyes, your gaze burning into his soul as you pushed him away from you. 
"I am not jealous of Christine, I am everything but jealous. I know you cannot have her and I know she definitely doesn't love you romantically anymore, so why would I be jealous?" You increased your tone as well. Stephen cocked his head back, surprised to get shouted at by you for the first time, "And since you don't have a clue of what I really am feeling– then I will gladly tell you."
"Oh please, enlighten me." Stephen replied through his gritted teeth. His gaze was unwavering.
"I feel unappreciated, unloved, unnoticed–" You began but instantly got cut off by the man.
"So you’re acting like this because of my lack of attention towards you?" He rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, "That's real mature (Y/N)–"
"Oh for fuck's sake Stephen!" You threw your hands in the air, irritated at the fact that he had the nerve to get narcissistic with you, your patience was hanging by a thread, "You just asked me how much I had heard! You wished it would've been different right? If you had the chance for a different outcome, you would choose–" Her. Your throat burned and had to stop yourself from talking before your voice cracked, you bit the inside of your cheek and swallowed the lump you felt inside your throat.
You continued, "I know you're still holding onto her Stephen, I have for awhile– It’s so fucking obvious." 
"If I am then why am I with you?" He asked with his low baritone voice that gave shivers down your spine, he was getting angry and you could tell he didn't want to have this conversation.
"You should ask yourself that– because I. don't. know. Maybe you're lonely, maybe you need someone to make you feel something to mask the fact that you can't get over Christine." 
Stephen scoffed, "And you need to understand, that I was gone for FIVE YEARS and when I came back the love of my life was engaged and now married to someone else!" He finally snapped, his angry eyes telling you that his brain is in a different mode, he was incapable of seeing your side of the story at this point. 
You flinched at his passion, "I understand how you feel—" 
"Oh please, how would you understand exactly how I feel?" 
"For the past year Stephen I have watched you love someone else from afar. I've spent my time trying to please you even though it is not enough to make you genuinely happy– I have been very understanding that you prefer wearing that watch or eating dinner at her favourite places over mine, I do the things that remind you of her with you— all because I had hoped that maybe someday you would come to realise the weight of my feelings for you. 
And I really thought I could do it forever, because I love you— little did I know that I was self-sabotaging myself in the process. I’ve gained nothing and it’s all at my expense, I have spent all the love I’ve saved and you received  all that love and I got nothing in return, what the heck am I supposed to do with that?” You poured your heart out, shouting the words when necessary. You felt free after letting it go, you weren’t able to fight back your tears this time, they burned your cheeks as they dripped down your face. They came as a full acceptance of your emotional pain.
Stephen stayed silent, his eyes flickering as he took the time to let all your pent up feelings sink in. He’s never seen you cry hysterically like that and knowing that he was the cause of it dealt him great heartache and his expression softened. Stephen took a step towards you, his hand reaching for your wrist to pull you into a hug but you pulled away, “(Y/N), I’m sorry. I—”
“Don’t touch me! I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear your pity when I already feel pathetic.” You took a deep breath before drowning in yourself. You wanted him to say that you’re wrong, that you’re overthinking it; you wanted him to pull you in and kiss you like it’s your last day on earth, but you didn’t need honesty to come out from him in a form of speech, it was already in his eyes that he accepted the fact that he made the mistake, “Do you love me or am I just a rebound?” You broke the deafening silence.
Stephen lifted his blue orbs and locked themselves into yours, approaching you slowly as if he was walking on glass, afraid that you might push him away again, “No of course not (Y/N). I love you.” His scarred hands slightly tremble as they cupped your cheeks, his thumbs wiping away your tears. His eyes flickering between your eyes, allowing himself to get lost in it. Your hands clutching onto his blazer until your knuckles turn white. 
“But you’re not in love with me. I have to let you go.” It came out as a whisper, it was probably one  of the most difficult things you’ve had to say. Panic took over Stephen after hearing your request, he forced a smile while trying to find the words to say.
“No, don't say that, (Y/N), we can work this out, I can’t lose you too.” He rested his forehead against yours, “Please.” He whispered. 
You shook your head, “I’ve got nothing left to offer you Stephen, I had a hunch it would end like this but I still carried on because I was selfish and wanted you for myself, but I can’t— I can’t do this anymore. All I ask of you now is to figure yourself out and find something that truly makes you happy.” You gently pushed him away, “Please leave.” Before I change my mind. You bit your swollen lip and looked down on the floor. "Is this really what you want?" He asked quietly, like he's also preparing to let go. You nodded bracing yourself as this maybe the last time that you'll be with him, "I'm sorry (Y/N), I truly am." And you felt the warmth of his hands slip away as he disappeared without another word. Once you didn’t feel his presence anymore, your knees gave in and you dropped on the floor, holding your broken heart in your hands.
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Stephen: This is why I don't want kids.
Also Stephen whenever a teenager is within view: *sighs* I suppose I'm responsible for this now.
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geeky-politics-46 · a day ago
You Belong To Me
Smut - Explicit content - NSFW - 18+ only!
Pairing: Sinister Stephen Strange x Reader, Stephen Strange x Reader
Summary: Awoken from sleep by the teasing kisses of your sorcerer, but one look in his eyes tells you something is off. Is he really your Stephen Strange? Or is he something more sinister?
Warnings: Smut (NSFW) - 18+ ONLY - fingering, dubious consent, deception, breeding kink, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, pet names, jealousy, language, kinda cheating?
Spoiler free as I haven't seen MoM yet. I was waiting until I finished this. Spelling & grammar errors will be fixed as I find them.
Tumblr media
Stephen was supposed to have the day off. That was the plan anyway, but when your boyfriend was a Master of the Mystic Arts things never really seem to go as planned. 
He had been working around the clock on learning as much as he could about the multiverse. Not that there was much that was known. So he kept reading & re-reading, studying & re-studying, the same things over & over. Almost as if he expected new information to magically reveal itself on the pages. Which to be fair, in this case is something that could maybe actually happen with the texts at the Sanctum & Kamar-Taj.  
So after several threats, from both Wong & yourself, that you would slip him a sleeping pill if he didn't relent & take a day off to catch up on sleep, with maybe some extra-curricular activities with you, you finally managed to pry him away from his books. 
It's not that he has been neglecting your relationship or anything. If anything he'd been a little more clingy. Sneaking up behind you for hugs & little reassuring kisses on your neck. Bringing his books to wherever you were sitting just to be in the same room as you. Leaving a hand touching you at night. It didn't matter where, so long as he could feel your warm skin under his palm. It was like he was scared you were gonna disappear if he wasn't right there. 
However your sex life had suffered a bit. He wasn't as playful or spontaneous, which he was never that spontaneous to begin with, nor as adventurous as he used to be in the bedroom. You were still having sex on a regular basis, & he still made sure you were both satisfied. 
You would usually get down & dirty at least a few times a week, but lately he seemed to be forcing himself to make love to you. It wasn't that he was saying no or anything like that, of course if that was the case you would stop, but it was like his head was somewhere else completely. Like his body was just going through the motions. The heat & hunger was missing.
So you would be lying if you said you weren't a bit disappointed when Stephen & Wong got called away to deal with something mystical somewhere. Truth be told you weren't really listening when they told you. You were busy hoping your new lingerie you bought to tempt Stephen into spending the day in bed with you wouldn't go to complete waste. Hopefully they could handle this quickly. 
You sent the two of them off with a slightly frisky kiss & a promise to take care of Stephen when he got back. Whispering in his ear that you meant that in more ways than one. 
Wong just gestured at Strange, politely pretending that he didn't hear what you had just said, & mouthed a silent 'sorry' to you. 
You smiled at Wong & waved your hand nonchalantly at him. You knew it wasn't his fault. If anything he had been trying even harder than you to get Stephen to take some time off. Saying it was to get Stephen out of his way, but you knew he was secretly worried about him too. He was worried about the both of you.
He was a great friend, even if he did enjoy driving Stephen up a wall from time to time. His intentions were always good.
Soon the portal closed down & you found yourself alone in the giant old building. After turning in a circle for a moment trying to figure out what to do now, you eventually decided to retire to the bedroom you & Stephen shared. You figured laying down with a book seemed like a good way to pass the time. You had a ton of books that you had every intention to read when you bought them, but just never did. 
Once you had finally settled on something to read you pulled back the covers on the large stupidly comfortable bed & decided to strip down to your new underwear. Both for comfort & so that when Stephen returned you could give him a sexy little surprise. 
Facing the long mirror in the corner of the room you discarded your shirt & jeans. Leaving you standing in just the sheer dark blue lace accented with metallic silver. You let your fingertips slip down the sides of your ribcage down your body & over your hips to the swell of your thighs. Gazing at your own reflection as you did.
You were rather pleased with how the scalloped edge of the bra made your breasts look fuller & the cheeky cut of the panties made your ass look rounder. You hoped that Stephen would feel the same when he got to see you in them. You missed the feel of his hands on your skin. The way he used to touch you. Like the feel of your skin under his fingers, & under his lips, was his reason for waking.
Before you could recede farther into your thoughts you quickly pushed them aside. All relationships had their ups & downs. You were sure that was all this was. You loved him, & he loved you. You were his, & he was yours.
You grabbed the book you had chosen & began to snuggle in under the covers. The blankets & sheets smelled like the both of you, & it immediately soothed any fear or doubt in your mind. 
Until you suddenly heard a small noise from somewhere in the corner of the room & you froze. You scanned the room thoroughly. There was not even a breeze to drift the curtains. It had to be your imagination. Deciding your brain was already getting the best of you for picking a Stephen King novel to read. That seemed about right.
Once you had cocooned yourself in the sheets you grabbed the book & opened it to the first page. Once you started you knew you would settle in & the time would pass quickly.
You have no idea how far you made it into the book or why you were suddenly racked with exhaustion, but you soon felt your eyelids grow unbearably heavy & your grip on the pages loosening. Before long you succumbed to the feeling & fell into a deep sleep. 
Completely unaware of the man who was watching from afar. Who had been watching you & waiting. Planning for this moment.
You were slowly pulled from your sleep by the sensation of a warm body laying down behind yours. Nerve endings firing & pulling you back to your surroundings as you felt his fingertips dance over your skin & through your hair. Feeling the chill of the room around you as the blanket was pulled back from you & your body now exposed to the figure behind you.
You could tell it was Stephen. Everything from the cadence of his breath on your ear, to the textured scars that changed the way his fingers felt told you it was him. 
You must have started to stir. Maybe he noticed your breath pattern change or your eyes moving beneath your eyelids. Either way he knew you were awake now, even if you hadn't yet opened your eyes. Now he could really have his fun with you.
"Hello kitten," Feeling a soft kiss placed on your neck. "Don't you look irresistible." Stephen was purring against the flesh just below your ear. Sending shivers down your spine. 
"Wrapped up all nice & pretty, like a little present. Just for me."
He began peppering your neck with kisses & licks. Adding in little nibbles when he hit a particularly sensitive spot. You could feel his lips curl into a smile with every gasp you made.
You kept your eyes closed & let yourself enjoy the way he was teasing you & trying to seduce you. This was the side of Stephen you had been missing. 
What you couldn't see was the dark glint hidden in his eyes that flashed as you moaned his name when one of those nibbles turned into a full fledged bite.
"Just for you baby. Since you were supposed to have the day off, I took the liberty of planning for us to spend it exactly like this."
A broad proud smile on your face as his fingers started to drag up & down your side. Arching your back & pressing back against him when his fingers slid over the front of your hip bone.
You bit your lower lip & wiggled against him once you felt his hard cock slide against your ass even through the layers of robes he still wore. He growled. His voice low in your ear. He pressed his large palm flat against your low belly holding you still against him. Ceasing your movement but keeping your bodies flush together. 
"Now now, be a good girl. Wouldn't want me to have to punish you, now would we? I have my own plans for us." His voice held a firmness you were unfamiliar with. This was a new little game & it caught you by surprise. Not that you were objecting.
You pulled back from his lips & gazed into his eyes. The eyes of the man you loved. The man who you could read like a book. There was something off about him right now, but you couldn't quite put your finger on it. Suddenly he felt different. There was a warmth missing from his eyes. A mystery now seemed to lay hidden in his icy blue gaze. 
You closed your eyes & let his lips fall to your's again. This time you deepened the kiss. Letting his tongue penetrate your lips & lick against yours. Ignoring the slight trepidation that now tugged at the very back of your mind. There was no reason for you to feel uneasy in Stephen's arms. It was probably just lingering stress & frustration at him being called away.
Even his kiss felt hungrier & more insistent, but to be fair as you were a little frustrated your's probably did too. He kissed you like he wanted to devour your very soul. Pulling a high pitched whimper from you as he bit your lower lip hard. A low chuckle reverberated through his chest & you felt his lips turn up against yours, before his tongue darted out to lick & soothe the now tender spot he had just bitten. 
He began placing small open mouthed kisses along your jaw & neck. The hand he had pressed to your low abdomen massaging the flesh & digging his fingertips into the layers of muscle there. Like he was trying to hold your womb in his hand. It felt possessive & primal.
You crumbled at Stephen's dominance, letting your muscles relax & your body move to melt against him. 
Feeling any resistance leave your form, he took the opportunity to push you back so you were flat on the bed & he could position himself on top of you. His hands placed on either side of your head caging you in.
Your legs immediately spread to let his body sink down & his pelvis press flush to yours. Craving the feel of his skin against yours you started pulling at the robes still against the sides of his hips.
He rolled his hips hard against yours several times roughly as his eyes locked on yours, it was almost a predatory gesture. A show that he could easily overpower you if he wanted too. His intensity knocked the breath from your chest.
Whenever things got dicey during a fight he always got more intense in the bedroom, like he needed your body on his to ground him again. Like he needed to be inside you to feel safe again, & it always drove you wild. 
The want in his eyes made you moan & arch your back to try & grind yourself against him. Needing the friction of him back against your clit. He smirked in delight as he could smell your arousal for him starting to drip from you. Your panties were now soaked for him. 
Stephen leaned back on knees & surveyed you beneath him. Feeling his gaze move up & down your body you started to writhe. Grasping at the straps of your bra, eventually pulling the cups down to expose your breasts. Biting your lower lip, you let your finger start to tease & tug at your nipples. You were enjoying putting on a bit of a show for your lover. Showing him how he made you feel. How bad you wanted him.
He rewarded your eager efforts by starting to rub at his erect cock through his pants. His hips thrusting against his hand when you put your hands under your tits & started to jiggle them up & down for him. 
"That's a good girl. So needy for me to fuck you, hmm? My filthy little plaything. My little slut. Tell me what you want. Beg for it & I might give it to you." His voice now gravelly & almost a growl.
You didn't need to be told twice.
"Yes Stephen, please. Need you to fuck me so bad. Been wanting your cock inside me all day. Missed you being this way with me. Got me so fucking wet. Please baby."
Suddenly with a snap of his fingers you were both naked. The feeling of the cool air against your warm wet pussy making your hips buck. Stephen's cock throbbed at the sight. 
He slowly ran his hands up your thighs before bringing his hands down to your core. Using his thumbs he caressed your pussy lips & spread your cunt open. Licking his lips as he took in the sight of your folds glistening for him.
His lewd gaze & the sight of his leaking cock so close & yet so far from where you needed it causing a new wave heat to flood to your sex. Your hole reflexively clenching at the feeling of your juices dripping down your slit. It looked like your pussy was trying to suck his cock in before it even touched you.
"My my, you do have a hungry little pussy here don't you? She looks awfully tight though, kitten. Good thing she's drooling for me. Wanting to be stretched by my big cock. I dont have the patience right now to open up your pretty little fuck hole first."
His verbal teasing was already doing a number on you, making you even more desperate. When he lined himself up only to start dragging his tip up & down your slit you were on the verge of tears. 
Just as you opened your mouth to start pleading again for him to fuck you he threw your legs over his shoulders & slammed all the way inside you. The shock forced a scream from your lungs.
The pain & pleasure hit you in a wave. A sharp searing pain that soothed into a dull throbbing as Stephen stalled out. Leaving his cock completely buried inside you. He stilled just long enough to let your breath come back to you. 
He looked into your eyes & lowered his forehead to yours as he began to set a slow steady rhythm with deep thrusts. 
You matched moan for moan. The feeling of your body against his felt like it had him hypnotized. It was only once you moaned his name that he was snapped from his stupor. 
"Oh, Stephen! Fuck. That feels so good."
In the moment his fingers began to dig into your hips tighter & he began to fuck into you harder. "You feel even better, kitten. God, you are perfect." 
He sat up slightly & took in all of you below him. The way your hair was scattered on the pillow. The way your jaw was slack. The pebbling of your stiff perky nipples. All so perfect. 
Then his eyes fell to the spot where you joined together. He watched his long hard cock slide in & out of your swollen pussy. His cock soaked in your slick, glistening everytime he pulled his hips back. Occasionally he could see your beautiful cunt contract around his length. 
He slid one hand over your hip onto your pubic bone & let his thumb start to tease your clit. Using your wetness to aid his fingertip in sliding back & forth before switching to circles, then moving back to a stroking motion. Finding just the right angle & touch to make you whimper. 
Slowly he began to pick up the speed of his touches. Pulling more sweet little sounds from you as he did. He was already so addicted to your sounds. 
When you reached out & began to cling to his arms & he could feel you starting to squirm he couldn't help but start whispering little cooing praises to you.
"That's it. So good sweetheart. You take me so perfectly. So perfect for me. All for me. Just for me." 
His praises turned more possessive & demanding as he felt you teetering on the edge, & his own need growing more insistent. Little pleas of yes, just like that, & the sorcerer's name beginning to fall from your own lips in response. 
"All for me. Your pleasure, your body, your love. All of you. Mine. Tell me you are mine. Tell me you belong to me. Tell me as you cum on my cock. Who do you belong to?! Tell me!"
You spasmed below him as he finished pulling you apart. A wail of pleasure racking your body even before you could form a single word. His fingers not relenting as your body rode wave after wave. 
He still wanted his answer. 
His other hand released your hip & came up to wrap around your chin. He pulled you forward & brought you closer to his face while his cock & the fingers of his other hand kept their unyielding pace. His teeth clenched & now growling, he yelled "tell me who you belong to?!"
You were practically sobbing at both the intensity of the orgasm you just had & at Stephen's emotional intensity. The answer came out soft & breathy but swimming in adoration for the man pulling you apart. 
"You, Stephen. I belong to you. I'm yours, Stephen. I'm yours. I belong to you." 
He lunged forward & let you drop to the bed. He kept his hand around your chin & moved his other to the back of one of your thighs. Pressing your legs back to your chest & practically folding you in half. Scooting forward to give himself the most leverage he could to chase his own orgasm. To get as deep inside of you as he could. All of his movements stopped in place once he got you in the position he wanted.
"I'm going to fuck a baby into you now kitten. So I never have to let you go. Fill you with my seed & wait for it to take root. Watch you grow with our child. Is that what you want? For me to breed you?" 
He paused with his lips hovering above yours & his clear blue eyes looking into your soul making your brain stop functioning. His grip was tight enough you couldn't move your head to nod, so you whispered a pleading wanton "yes!". 
His lips crashed down to yours as he heard your response. His kiss was needy & feral. His hips suddenly back to crashing against yours hard & fast. He was no longer a man, but an animal in heat. Like his life depended on his need to fill you. 
Before long his thrusts were starting to lose rhythm despite maintaining their jackhammering speed. He clung tight to you & began speaking again. You had no idea if it was more to you or himself. His eyes clamped shut, envisioning in his head the scenario he described in detail.
"You will be even more stunning with your stomach stretched taut & your breasts heavy with milk for our babies. You'll be such a good little wife & mother. I will keep you pregnant, & everyone will know that you are mine. Don't worry. Daddy will take good care of mommy & all our little ones. I won't let anyone or anything touch you. My wife. My children. Mine!"
His orgasm roared over him. The last word, mine, coming through gritted teeth.
The feeling of him spilling inside you felt electric, like you had touched a live wire & couldn't let go. You were caught blindsided by a soul shattering orgasm, triggered by Stephen's. It was like nothing you had ever felt before & it sent you spiraling into an abyss. A high pitched moan ripped from your chest & your body convulsed, frenzied chants of "love you Stephen, love you so much."
You lay mentally suspended between two worlds. Maintaining your grip on Stephen's shoulders as he rolled off of you & pulled you into his arms. Your face immediately slotted into the crook of his neck & you let your eyes close.
Stephen laid staring blankly at the ceiling. For the first time in longer than he could remember he felt a warmth bloom in his chest right under where your hand was placed. It was disarming, but he knew it would only fuel his infatuation with you. 
Having to temper his outward emotion before he spoke, he allowed himself to break for a single moment & confess. "I love you too, y/n. More than you could possibly fathom. Now, rest my love."
Your only response is a contented hum & kiss barely ghosting his collarbone.
Once you had drifted off into a heavy sleep, feeling thoroughly debauched & loved, Stephen made himself leave your arms. Immediately feeling the icy chill return to his heart, it served as the only thing that numbed the pain. For now anyway. 
He redressed with a simple wave of his hand. Except now his normal blue robes were black. His appearance also shifted back to its original state. His hair & goatee slightly longer & more disheveled. His pallor was made more starker by the heavy dark circles under his eyes. The creases on his forehead slightly deeper.
He no longer needed to disguise himself as "your Stephen". Thankfully next time he came to you he would reveal his true self, but for today you had to believe he was the other Stephen. 
He knew you could sense a difference in him, but you had chosen to ignore it anyway. You had willingly given your body to him despite it. You even said you had missed the way he had touched you. Played with you. Ruined you. You had wanted him. Even if you didn't know it was him yet.
He slowly walked around the bed to study your serene figure a few moments longer. You had captivated him at first sight & enchanted him the moment you spoke his name. You were the siren that tormented his thoughts. He knew your song was meant for him & him alone. That other cheap imitation of him didn't deserve you. That Vegas magician couldn't care for you, couldn't love you, couldn't worship you like you should be. 
Like he could. Like he would.
He allowed himself to press one more kiss to your forehead before placing his hand back over your low belly & rubbing his thumb back & forth. Focusing on the mental image of your belly growing  swollen & round under his touch. A subtle shimmer sparking from his fingertips as his lips curled up into a dark smile & the ominous flash returned to his eyes.
"I'll see you again soon my love. I meant everything I said. You'll belong to me soon enough. Both of you will. I've made quite sure of that now, & there will be nothing your sweet Doctor can do to stop me." 
He reluctantly pulled away from you & opened a portal back to his own universe. He had been watching you for so long & now that he has had all of you once he was even more determined to complete his plans & bring you home. To be with him. Where you belonged & where he would make his perfect little family with you. This time he would get what he wanted. Even if he had to kill for it.
Across the city, a portal opened in an alley between abandoned buildings. Your Stephen & Wong both came tumbling from the sky landing amongst the scattered refuse. The Cloak of Levitation grabbing at both of them to slow their descent & soften their impact. Something, or someone, had tricked them & then left them trapped in a mirror dimension neither of them could control. With it choosing only to release them now. 
A heavy silence between them as they exchanged glances. Something bad was coming. It had already been there. The closer they got to the Sanctum the clearer it became, & the more they could feel the lingering malevolent presence that hung heavy in the air. 
Stephen's chest began to ache as the realization hit them both. The thought neither of them had dared vocalize until that moment.
They had been lured away not just from the Sanctum, which appeared to be completely untouched & clearly not the intended target of the unknown foe. No. They could both now feel that whatever it was, whoever it was, it wanted you.
Stephen Strange taglist: @shackleschains, @glitterylokislut
Let me know if you want to be tagged in stories for everything or for a specific charector. It's currently a lot of Strange & Bucky ❤
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𝔒𝔫𝔠𝔢 𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔢 𝔴𝔞𝔰 𝔶𝔬𝔲, 𝔪𝔢, 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔲𝔰 || 𝔖𝔦𝔫𝔦𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯 𝔖𝔱𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔤𝔢 𝔵 𝔣𝔢𝔪!𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔢𝔯||
Tumblr media
𝔖𝔲𝔪𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔶: It is Stephen's turn to search the library for spells to return to their universe, leaving (Y/N) alone with the Sinister Strange. They end up having a conversation about "old times."
𝔗𝔞𝔤𝔰/𝔚𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰: Cursing
𝔗𝔞𝔤𝔩𝔦𝔰𝔱: (Comment/Reblog/Use my inbox if you wish to be tagged!) @jimin-sii @ghost-lantern @dopeqff @dragonqueen89 @weirdhorrorenthusiast @justsomecreaturewandering @fadedeuphoria @yuugenmomo @slut-for-matt-murdock @sonnensplitter @isasv @catherinewind05 @thewestcoasts @sanctumsanctorumshenanigans @nancy-thompsons @kuboshu1 @mylovelyreblogs @uncle-eggy @sweet0pia-uwu @severuined @dishwasher666 @andrewswifes-blog
ɑ/ɳ: I must let you all know that I have been reading every single comment and I appreciate you guys SO MUCH!!! It's a wonderful feeling waking up in the morning to read the walls of comments under the chapters ❤ A huge thank you <3 P.S: I feel like this chapter is all over the place and I'm not proud of it, I'm very sorry!
Tumblr media
"Alright Stephen," (Y/N) cracked her fingers and neck in an attempted to release the discomfort in her muscles. "You're up."
Doctor Strange was sitting in the couch meditating while Sinister Strange was by one of the windows, gazing outside - in (Y/N)'s mind they looked like two territorial cats on the edge of attacking each other. Stephen opened his eyes, first looking at the other Strange - as if to check if he was still there - and then back to her.
He quirked his eyebrow. "Are you sure?" The sorceress nodded, "Maybe you should search harder. "
Dumbfounded, (Y/N) stared at him in silence before crossing her arms. She knew the reason for his strange - no pun intended - behaviour, Stephen had made it clear he did not want her alone with his dark counter-part. But (Y/N) was a grown woman who had spent the rest of the day studying and she had more than enough with his paranoia.
"Stephen, I spent the last 7 hours in the library. You better move your ass from that couch before I kick it." The heroic sorcerer raised his eyebrows as if challenging her. Sinister Strange's shoulders shook lightly. "The only thing close enough were some books about time manipulation and time travel."
While the two sorcerers discussed it - more like Stephen trying to convince (Y/N) to keep searching, they missed Sinister Strange's slight head turn after the young sorcereress mentioned the books she found.
"Be careful, please." Their eyes met. It had been so long since Stephen's eyes carried vulnerable emotions in their reflection - once, (Y/N) used to drown herself in the warm waters of his gaze -, emotions that he had swore to hide away from the universe.
(Y/N) winked, a comforting smile spreading on her features. "You know me."
Stephen sighed and made his way to the library with great hesitance, "That's why I'm worried."
The atmosphere was lifted once the two sorcerers weren't in each other's presence. (Y/N) aspired loudly and dramatically fell onto the couch - the dust hovered in the air but that didn't matter, she was thankful she finally had a place to rest.
Once settled, (Y/N) let her mind wander. So much had changed in the last six years, ever since The Blip, and ever since she...was gone for five years. Still, of course, it felt like it happened yesterday - she remembered her disappointment in Stephen after he gave the stone to Thanos, and the disturbing peace she felt when she was 'dying' - at least she wouldn't be here to see the aftermath.
"Stephen?" The sorcerer turned around to look at (Y/N). In this reality, it was not him who was snapped, it was his companion-in-magic. "What did you do?"
"I'm sorry." He wished he could disappear as well, the haunted yet grave look on her face was enough to make his stomach twirl in regret. "There was no other way."
The sorceress hissed at the memory - She believed in putting the greater good above others lives, but in her mind, there was a limit not to crossed. Even if they got everyone back, tried to bring normality to the world, it had a cost. Of course, everything had a cost.
And that cost was heavy on her shoulders.
"Those books I found," Strange remained stoic by the window, "We don't have them back in our universe. Where did you get them?"
"In a library." Now, the sorcerer turned to her with a cryptic smirk playing on his lips. (Y/N) quirked her eyebrow and crossed her arms.
"Why are you studying about time manipulation and time travel...Strange?" A sting of fear made her second-guess her choice of conversation when the sinister sorcerer stood tall in front of her - she didn't even see him coming!
Sinister Strange slowly lifted her chin up to look at him - he had been so eager to feel her, to know that this wasn't another hallucination of his fractured mind. The sorcerer bored his gaze on hers, that trademark look that he has with his piercing blue eyes, and immediately followed by a crooked smile.
"It is not polite to interrogate the host, now is it?" (Y/N) could almost see the amusement behind his eyes, and his actions made her heart beat faster that she could feel it on her head - but defiant, she got up to level up with him as best as she could. This was not the time to let her feelings get in the way, he was still Stephen Strange after all.
"We're not your enemies."
Strange hummed and shook his head, "No, you are not." He cut her short before (Y/N) could reply, "My apologies." Strange took a step back, allowing her some space, "It has been a long time since I had...proper interactions with someone."
The sorceress could understand the feeling, somewhat, or at least she tried to. It had not been easy adjusting to normal life after being gone for five years. "I get it, I really do." She laughed to ease off the tension, "You try being gone for five years and adapt to life afterwards."
Now it was Sinister Strange's turn to feel confused - and of course, (Y/N) could tell by the curious yet surprised look on his (often emotionless) face that the Blip had not occurred here.
"What...What happened?" His voice, too, sounded softener. "Did you..." Strange couldn't even bring himself to finish the sentence. Did she die and her Stephen brought her back? Without any consequences? How?!
"Well, technically, yes, but then Bruce brought everyone back." A saddened look befell on her eyes, "But sadly that did not affect those who died during those five years."
There was silence, but a comforting one. It was like he was giving her time, and space, to feel her emotions and let them all out for him to see.
"Thanos used the Infinity Stones to kill half of the universe, all thanks to Stephen who gave him the last stone." (Y/N) sighed. "I'm sorry, you would've probably done the same thing."
"I would not." Strange narrowed his eyes as if he took offense to that.
Despite being the same person, having the same genes, Strange was proving himself to be...a different man than her Stephen was. (Y/N) did not know if she should be frightened or not.
She couldn't help but look outside.
"So is this what happened...?" It was more of a loud thought than a question, "You didn't give Thanos the time stone and...this was the result."
The sorceress did not expect an answer this time - Her theory was making perfect sense in her mind. The fog surrounding the distorted buildings in the distance gave her a sensation of deja vu, or maybe an impeding doom? She could no longer tell the difference.
Strange remained silent as he watched her.
"There is a..." Stumbling on his words, the sorcerer cleared his throat. "You can use your bedroom upstairs. You clearly need a shower and a change of clothes." (Y/N) stared back at him with widen eyes, "And try to get some sleep."
"Thank you," Gods, she could hug him right then if she didn't feel like it'd be evading his bubble, "Thank you so much!" Even if she couldn't hug him, she sure as hell could run upstairs like there was no tomorrow.
With her scene done, there came another character to the stage that was the Sanctum.
Hidden in the shadows, the heroic Doctor Strange was witness to his sinister counter-part interaction with his protégé - He was ready to defend them both if Sinister Strange attacked, but that was not the case, just yet - and once the protagonist was no longer in sight, all facade was put aside. The sinister doctor locked eyes with Stephen and unlike (Y/N), he saw a reflection of death and destruction behind his mirror.
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Stephen: I'm THIS close to smacking you.
Tony: Your fingers are touching.
Stephen: Exactly.
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La douleur exquise - (n.) the heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainable
Sinister! Doctor Stephen Strange x Reader
!MoM Spoilers Ahead!
In exchange for the Darkhold, Strange has to give his evil counterpart something that holds a way more emotional value.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Not Proofread, Mental Illness, Mentions of past Death and Murder, Self-Loathing, Hurt/Comfort, just me casually defending a Mass murderer Words: ~2000 A/N: Obviously you're replacing Christine in this Storyline, being a Researcher of the Multiversum and having been dragged into Stephen's mess.
"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." - Master Yoda from Star Wars
"What did he say?"
You spoke before your mind could catch up on what you saw, however the strained expression on Stephen's face told you that the bargain did not went well.
The sorcerer hurried out of the ruins that once pridefully called themselves the Sanctum Sanctorum, his sentient cloak frantically moving with the all-surrounding mist of this forsaken universe.
"There's no other way but to fight him" he declares hastily and without further explanation. "Y/N, you need to leave. Hurry!"
"Just go!" the doc snapped at you, uttering some curses only for him to hear in between gritted teeth. After everything that had happened it might be just natural for him to behave this way, but something told you that a different reason was causing this internal struggle.
"Stephen..." you cooed with your most balming voice, knowing very well he'd be unable to resist it. You might not be the Y/N of his universe, but you did have an effect on the man that perfectly resembled your deceased husband nevertheless.
"Please, be honest with me. If this Dr. Strange has the Darkhold, he has the upper hand anyway. It's too dangerous to fight him alone. We can work this out together!"
"...what he wants is you. Are you happy now?!"
There was a long break of silence between his question and your response, but the answer was a clear and firm "Yes."
Strange blinked heavily, shook his head in confusion but your decision remained unfaltering. You took a deep breath before sighing deeply, and when you looked up into his eyes again he knew what this was about.
"An arrogant, egoistical cynic once told me that if it is to preserve stability of the Multiverse, our sacrifices mean way more than our survival." Oh, Strange knew this philosophy all too well - and right now he regretted every single syllable of it.
"Under no circumstances I'll leave you here with this monster" Stephen now growled, sending a menacing glare to the figure observing you from afar. "God knows what he'll do to you!"
"It's still you Stephen, and I'll always trust you to be a good person at the end of the day."
"Yes, but if my Y/N had never stopped forgiving me everything, I never would've changed for the better, if only a little! I wouldn't be the man I am now!"
"And I am proud of you for that, Stephen." You cracked a pained smile, taking a hold of his hands when out of a whim, you felt his forehead against yours, a sudden sensation of wetness in your hair.
"We can never exist in the same universe together without causing an inversion" you reminded him harshly, to make the goodbye easier.
"And anyways: I bet the Y/N in your universe is waiting for you to finally dare and conquer her once again. I must know, after all" you smiled widely, presenting your wedding ring to him.
"I-I've been nothing but terrible to her" Strange now sobbed against the fabric of your shirt, with you reassuringly putting your palms on his shoulder, squeezing them ever so slightly. "She's happy with someone else now. I-I don't deserve her, I-"
"Don't you ever dare thinking like that" you whispered with sheer certainty as you saw a silhouette lurking behind of the scattered window. "If you do, you'll end up just like him."
There was neither time, nor options - both of you had to accept this fact. So it was no wonder that slowly but steadily, the embrace would loosen and firm steps led you towards the entrance of the building.
You wouldn't dare turning back to face him one last time, fearing you might lose courage if you did. But when his last words reached your ear you froze, lower lip trembling in a desperate attempt not to be overwhelmed by those long lost feelings.
"Thank you, Y/N - for always saving me."
Countless stairs led up from impossible formations towards the second floor, a red half moon on the horizon serving as the only light source was perfectly accenturating this most bizarre scene.
Amazing, how you vividly remembered this part of the Sanctuarum from your visits, fingers running across ancient tombs and relics that resembled the ones in your universe.
"Still as naive as always I see."
This cold yet familiar voice made you jump a little, eyes needing a while to adjust to the darkness as the Strange from this universe revealed itself from beneath the shadows.
"Good that you didn't hold on to him any longer" the man hissed, starting the conversation due to your lack of reaction, staring outisde to the still waiting Stephen. "I was already thinking about killing this one, too."
"Too?" you dared prying, even though you were sure to not want an answer for hearing it would break you.
"Yes, indeed." Your blood ran cold when his unreadable expression turned into one of sheer malice, almost as if proud even. "I've killed many versions of myself in cold blood, and after some time my original remorse got replaced by pure joy."
"W-Why would you do this?"
"Because they didn't deserve living my dream of having you, it's that easy!" Strange now screamed at you, the walls of the Sanctum shaking at his raw power.
"I'm human, not something one can possess." You wouldn't give him the satisfaction to see you cry, desperately suppressing the tears prickling in the rim of your eyes.
But it was so damn hard to not give in to your emotions while seeing someone wearing the same face as your lover, even though you know that this person is long gone...
...and it made you sympathetic with the man right in front of you.
Knowing that over and over again, someone else had the luck that the two of you were not granted must be torture - and also the most greatest temptation.
To just leave your universe behind and replace it with one of happiness and bliss, where you could have everything you wanted, even shall it be reuniting with the one you cared about most.
How hard must this soulcrushing guilt have weighted on his soul when he realized that his innocent wish to be with the one he loved damned billion lives to imminent demise? That a solution was so close, but the natural calculus of the Multiverse would not allow it?
But right now, did it really matter as long as you stayed in a universe that had already been destroyed beyond repair?
"Give him-"
"The Darkhold?" he took the words right out of your mouth, grapping the heavy chain that was connecting the book to it's holder. "It exacts a heavy toll, you know?"
"I believe in Doctor Strange." Every word hit the other Stephen's heart like sharp knives, knowing that he himself failed to resist it's temptation.
Without knowing the consequences, he had started using the Darkhold a long time ago with the simply wish of finding a Y/N to spend the rest of his life with...
...but when he realized what chaos he had unfolded, he continued searching for answers in the forbidden magic to undo his actions. He secluded himself in the Sanctum, his failures only made him more mad and vulnerable to the corruption of the Darkhold.
Unable to redeem himself, knowing that abducting a Y/N wouldn't fill the hole in his heart for she could never love the abomination he became, in a universe without any hope, he had accepted his fate - having found salvation in cruelty.
"Prove to me that you're really Y/N, and not just a trick by the other me." You raised a suspecting eybrow at the man, aware that his powers surpassed these of a 'normal' Dr. Strange by far.
His eyes widened in panic and disbelief when you hesistantly approached the man until you were but inches away from each other. Strange was towering over you, his calm outer demeanour unable to deceive you.
There was a beast raging on the inside, having taken over his mind to make the rest of his consciousness helplessly watch his rampage. He was erratic, constantly on edge and not held back by any morals or reason anymore.
However, if there was anything of the man you once knew left in him, there was no way you'd be afraid.
"Stephen..." You dared cupping his face in your hands, feeling that his whole body was shaking. "My Strange died shortly after our marriage - no happily ever after. I feel your pain."
 "You are just like her." Even his voice was quivering in sheer exasperation, unable to keep quiet sobs from exiting his mouth as his hands ghosted over your form.
The sorcerer inhaled sharply, visibly surprised when you took one of his hands and led it to the side of your face. You closed your eyes as you leaned into his touch, savouring the warmth his blackened fingertips still provided. "I missed you so, so painfully much, Stephen!"
"Not me, my love. The man you knew is long dead." This was the most sane line of though he had strung together in a long time now.
"But our love for each other preserves, even through the whole Multiverse."
Intertwining your fingers with his, you moved closer until his nose brushed yours, two hearts beating so loud as if to call out for one another...
...but then, his gentle touch turned into something else, making you buckle over in pain as he harshly grabbed your wrists.
"...even with this?" he spat bitterly, pulling you as close as possible for you to witness this disgusting third eye on the center of his forehead.
Just for the fraction of a second astonishment was visible on your features...
...but what actually caused Strange to back off was the genuine smile you showed him afterwards.
It was almost comical - how one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Multiverse seemed frightened by a woman he was crossing all laws for just to be with.
"You know what?" you chuckled as you gently poked his chest, making him wonder if you didn't understand the threat he was proposing, or maybe have turned just as insane as he was.
However, against all odds and logic, the affection in your eyes was all prevailing. "For someone always acting so tough and cruel, you're in constant need of care. You have the most pure, fragile heart, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange!"
"I-I'm a menace, Y/N. I'm not in control of my own mind, I-" the man whined as you stubbornly wrapped your arms around him, your hug a naive attempt to press all the scattered pieces of him back together.
"It's alright, Stephen" you cooed as he held onto you for dear life, fearing that you were in fact just a conjuration of his twisted mind - disappearing if he was ever to let go again.
"You would never intentionally hurt someone. The Darkhold is no excuse for your sins, but it was the reason things went out of control. Punishing yourself with eternal suffering won't make up for all the misery you caused. But at least I can forgive you."
What an obscure thing fate was, he caught himself thinking as you softly grabbed the fabric of his coat, placing one hand on his heart as you made him lean to your height once again.
This was your magic, he could feel it surging through him as soon as your lips enclosed with his, breathing new life into this broken shell of a man.
"I love you, Stephen Strange. So free yourself and come back to me."
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oreosmilkshakes · 2 days ago
Only Love Can Hurt Like This
Summary: Relive your last moments with Stephen Pairing: Supreme!Stephen Strange x fem!Reader
Word Count: 3,496
Warnings: (Slight, I think) Spoilers for DSMoM! Sadness, Angst, no happy ending
A/N: Well, whew. This was another ride to write. Hope y'all enjoy! Comments/feedback well appreciated! (also, I had this idea listening to Vegas (I wanna ride) and not the song title-) Tho I kinda feel like the ending was rushed?? Idk ;-;
Taglist: NIL
Tumblr media
(Gif credited to TikTok user: @ randomlangme)
Only love can hurt like this
[Name] sobbed into her pillow, the feeling of a broken heart plagued her chest. Her never-ending tears stained her cheeks as she cried every single day and night. What did she do to deserve this? All of this? All she felt was pain, misery and sadness every day. Even forcing herself to eat just to keep her and her baby alive. She tried telling herself to be strong everyday but nothing worse. Not even the words of Charles Xavier could save her from this torment.
She felt the ground shake and she knew exactly who was causing the problem. Her husband and resident Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Strange. There was a war between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Thanos’s army. Even if the battle was far away, she could hear the aftermath of the fight. Everyone could.
[Name] gave one final sob into her pillow before wiping her tears with a handkerchief that once belonged to Stephen. The beeping of the heart monitor was the only thing that was capable of calming her. An irony, right?
The door swung open and Christine stepped in. She wore a soft but sad smile upon seeing the visible tears decorating prettily on [Name]’s cheeks. In her hand was a pad.
“How are you doing, [Name]?” Her voice soft, careful to not cause any agitation to the pregnant woman.
[Name] sniffled, dapping her cheeks. She forced a sad smile and it broke Christine’s heart.
“I’m alright, Chris..Tired but alright,”
Christine obviously didn’t believe her. How could see when the cause of all her misery was her former lover. She set her pad down on the table, moving over to take [Name]’s hand. She took it and the grip was enough to tell Christine that nothing about her friend was ‘alright’. The doctor stayed still as the soon-to-be mother sought comfort in her touch.
“Doctor Palmer to ward 23,” Came a voice over the PA and [Name] let go of Christine’s hand. It broke her even more.
“I’m sorry, [Name]..I have to go,”
She smiled, shaking her head.
“You’re needed, Christine. Go, I’ll be alright,”
Christine pursed her lips in a thin line, fetching her pad from the table and nodded.
“I’ll be back,” She turned, leaving [Name] alone once more.
[Name]’s eyes fluttered close as a wave of exhaustion took over her body. As she fell asleep, she found herself reminiscing about the good times she had spent with Stephen. Before it all went down.
[Name] met Stephen Strange seven years ago when she was a trainee nurse at the hospital he worked at. Occasionally, she was paired up with Stephen to watch as he did procedures, watching and learning his technique and style. Eventually, her feelings for the Doctor grew past trainer-trainee and the explosive happiness she felt when Stephen reciprocated the feeling was something she could not forget. Shortly after that, Stephen had brought her out for dinner and  a calming walk in the park.
Even after his accident, [Name] stayed with Stephen. He pushed her away, yes but she was not going to give up on him just as he had given up on himself. She watched him meet this supposed being called The Ancient One. He trained himself, fought hard to become the man he wanted to be- a Sorcerer to protect the world and existing realms.
Stephen proposed to [Name] atop the Empire State, where it overlooked the gorgeous city they called home. Of course, she said yes. She loved Stephen and Stephen loved her very much. Their wedding was a small one with close friends and family invited, Wong and members of the  Illuminati too.
Since then, [Name] couldn't stop staring at her wedding ring.
"Vibranium. I had to call T'Challa in for a favour," Stephen said, taking her hand in his. He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to her hand.
“It’s beautiful, Stephen. I can’t stop staring at it,” [Name] giggled, moving her hands to cup Stephen’s smooth jaw. Her thumb gently caress his cheek. His hands found her hips, pulling her as close as he impossibly could.
“I love you so much,”
“I love you too, in this universe and every,”
Their next step in their journey was their honeymoon. Stephen had planned everything out much to [Name]’s delight. Of course he was worried about leaving Manhattan unprotected but Charles was there to assure him. “The world can live one month without the Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen. Go spend some time with your wife,” Charles said and that was enough for Stephen
Whatever problem [Name] in her life seemingly had disappeared during their honeymoon and Stephen never stopped pampering her, even spending each night in the throes of pleasure. She was finally feeling all of Stephen, mind, soul and body and that made her fall for him even more.
She found herself to be sick on the fourth and last week of their honeymoon and Stephen knew it was good news. She did at least seven tests and when the last one finalised her pregnancy, the couple shared a tight hug with tears in their eyes.
All was going well. [Name] had finally found the man she loved and her life was the best she ever had.
Until Stephen started having nightmares shortly after their return from their honeymoon. He would wake up screaming and covered in cold sweat, going on and on about a Mad Titan who was coming to invade the world.
“It’s just a nightmare, Stephen. Go back to sleep,”
“No, no, no, you don’t understand, [Name]! It’s real. He’s coming!” Stephen ran a hand through his hair, bare chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath.
“Who’s coming, Stephen?”
Stephen turned to her, looking right at her dead in the eyes and with an expression she has never seen before.
Stephen’s well being deteriorated every single day. He was becoming mad and driven to find ways to stop his supposed nightmare from happening. He spent sleepless nights for months going through books within the Sanctorum.
He grew further from [Name], pushing her away as if she didn’t exist to him.
As months passed, her belly was growing bigger and by the fifth month of her pregnancy, she had had enough.
“Stephen!” She screamed, her voice travelled through the vast halls of the Sanctorum. It was quiet, almost too quiet. She swallowed, a hand on her belly and another on the railing as she made her way up the flight of stairs.
“Stephen!” She screamed out again and once again, silence responded.
[Name] made her way to an intersection within the Sanctorum, bright red light emitted through the door from the room at the end of the hall. She felt a trickle of sweat on her temple and wiped it off, creeping towards it.
“Stephen? Baby? Come on..,” She licked her lips, touching the door. She felt a soft heat coming from the door. Her hand moved down to the knob, opening it slowly. It creaked quietly and as the scene revealed before her, she felt her heart break.
Stephen was afloat, red orbs with strings looking akin to veins surrounded her husband. Before him was a book, one she has never seen  before but she recognised the corrupted magic. [Name] covered her mouth, tears pricked her eyes as she watched her husband succumb himself to such darkness.
Stephen opened his eyes, to find his wife in horror staring at him. He waved his hand, the magic disappearing and he brought himself back down on his two feet.
“Honey..Hey..come here..,” He held his arms out.
[Name] was frozen.
“S-Stephen..are you using…Chaos Magic? Stephen, please..stop this. Stop all of this! It’s just a nightmare, Stephen! Everyday, I don’t see you! Everynight, the bed is cold! All you do is..is..,” Her voice cracked, a hand moved to her belly again as her legs gave way. She was just so tired of everything.
“[Name]!” Stephen ran to her, dropping to his knees and held his crying wife.
“Oh, baby..Shh..Shh..,” He had his arms tightly around her, bringing her head to his chest as she cried.
[Name] felt her husband on her again and she couldn’t help but melt into his touch, gripping Stephen’s blue robes tightly as she sobbed. She pulled away first, wiping her tears with the back of her sleeves. Her hands cupped his cheeks, the same way she would always do.
“Stephen..please..stop all this..Please, I’m begging you..I need you, Stephen. I need you..Our baby needs you..Stop doing this magic, Stephen..The consequences..God, I can’t even think about it,” She sobbed out. Stephen swallowed, holding his gaze into [Name]’s brown eyes. He was doing all of this for her. To save her from this impending doom. He wanted what’s best for his wife and their baby and he would do anything to get it.
Stephen’s lips spread into a small smile, leaning in to rest his forehead against [Name]’s.
“I’ll do it..I’ll stop for you..I love you so much, in this universe and every,”
“I love you too,”
The couple shared a deep kiss, one filled with so much love yet sadness and pain lingered.
Must have been a deadly kiss
Humans are natural born liars and [Name] knew Stephen wouldn’t be able to keep true to his words. Sure, sweet kisses were shared and he was finally being the husband he was supposed to be five months ago but the longer he kept this up, the more lies she saw.
“I’m going for a walk, [Name]. Be right back!”
“There’s an emergency and the others need me. I’m sorry, I love you,” became very common excuses for the next three months. [Name] was surprised no one questioned Stephen’s usage of gloves when he has never worn them. Eventually, she has had enough. [Name] told the truth to the members of the Illuminati, Mordo included and Mordo confirmed her words, claiming there was a drastic shift in Stephen in general. He had to be stopped. He was becoming a slave to the Darkhold.
So, when they went to confront Stephen in the Sanctorum, he felt betrayed knowing his wife was the one who confided in his own team. But he loved her too much to feel completely betrayed. A part of him thought it was a good idea she did it but his darker part objected.
Christine kept [Name] safe with the Ultron bots as her guards. They didn’t hear word from Professor X for hours and [Name] had to see for herself.
Imagine the horror she felt upon returning home. Black Bolt, Richard, Maria, Peggy and Charles were all incapacitated and Stephen was no where to be found. Karl Mordo was the first to recover, a hand to his hurting abdomen. [Name] felt tears flow as she approached Karl.
“What happened?”
He coughed.
“He’s succumbed to the book, [Name]. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,”
[Name] heard several heavy footsteps approaching, Christine and the bots had arrived on time to assist with the members of the Illuminati.
“Where is he? Karl, where is he?”
Mordo straightened up, a gentle hand on [Name]’s shoulder.
“I don’t know, I’m sor-,”
The ground shook violently and almost sent [Name] tumbling to the floor.
Charles and the others slowly came to be, all seemingly unharmed.
“Charles? Are you okay?” [Name] rushed over to the professor, a hand on his chair as she examined the cut on his forehead. He raised a hand up, shaking his head slightly.
“I’m alright, dear. He is more powerful that I had expected,”
“Where is he, Charles? Please, I need to know where-,”
Another violent shake, [Name] braced herself on Charles’s chair.
“What's going on?” Peggy asked and Christine was furiously scrolling through her pad.
“It’s as we feared. Remember our theory about Incursions? I think it’s not just a theory. It’s very much true and it’s happening,”
[Name] was confused, turning to Christine.
“What’s an Incursion?”
Mordo stepped forward, healing himself with a simple wave of his hand.
“An Incursion is when two realities are in a collision race. Stephen has been using the Darkhold for so long, using them to Dreamwalk between realities. He told you about the Mad Titan Thanos’ arrival, yes? It’s all true, [Name]. Strange used the Darkhold to Dreamwalk through multiple realities just to see if there was a possible way to kill Thanos. It’s only a matter of time until he arrives with his army,”
It was a lot to take in. [Name] was approaching her ninth month. She stumbled forward, Peggy caught her just in time. Her breathing was shortening, head growing more and more dizzy the more she forced herself to stay awake. She passed out in Peggy’s arms.
She couldn’t process everything. The world was at war, along with the Incursion happening. She felt so sick and shaken to the core.
It was never supposed to be this way.
Their love was never supposed to be this way.
But it’s the sweetest pain
Burning hot through my veins
Love is torture
Makes me more sure
[Name]’s eyes fluttered open, back to her painful reality. She held her abdomen, squeezing her eyes shut at the sharp pain. Water ran down her legs and she knew it was time.
She screamed in pain as another wave of pain washed over her. Nurses ran into her room, doing immediate checks on the woman.
Christine ran in shortly after.
“It’s time, Doctor Palmer,”
“Alright, people. Let’s prep the room!”
[Name] screamed again. It hurts everywhere. She wished Stephen was here for her, to be there for her while she brought their beautiful baby into this messed up world.
It felt like forever but when the wailings of a baby filled the room, [Name] felt more tears running down her cheeks, both of happiness and of sorrow. The doctor held up her crying baby, giving her a good clean before wrapping her up with a soft, white blanket. [Name] sniffled, reaching out for her baby and when she felt her little girl in her arms, more and more tears flowed. She looked up, Christine’s eyes were glossy as well.
“What’s her name?” Christine asked.
“Stefanie…Stefanie Faye Strange,” [Name] smiled, leaning down to plant a kiss on Stefanie's head. Her mind drifted to a distant memory.
“If we had a boy, we would name him after you. Vincent Alexander Strange. If we had a girl, Stefanie Faye Strange,”
Stephan laughed, leaning in. His lips brushed [Name]’s forehead in a light kiss.
“I like it. Anything for my dear, pregnant wife,”
She gave him a playful shove on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her torso, resting his forehead on her head as they watched the distant sun set from the roof of the Santorum.
Hours turned to days and days turned into a month and [Name] felt happiness with Stefanie. She reminded her so much of Stephan. From her eyes to her nose, everything.
The war was over.. The Incursion had killed billions now and it took a lot of strength and power to just bring it to a stop. When it did, trillions had died and their deaths were on Stephan’s shoulders.
Christine burst into [Name]’s room, panting.
“It’s over..It’s over,”
[Name] gasped, eyes wide as she felt hope. Hope in which she could see Stephen again.
“I want to see him,”
Christine frowned.
“[Name], I’m not sure-,”
“Christine..please.. I want to see him,”
The Doctor inhaled deeply, sighing before nodding. She could not do this to her friend.
After all, it would be the last time she would see Stephen.
Christine had brought Karl in as fast as she could..
[Name] held Stefanie in her arms, the baby was soundly asleep. She turned to Karl, swallowing.
“[Name], I strongly go against your decision-,”
Christine gave him a look and he closed his mouth. He sighed heavily, swallowing. With both hands raised in, he moved a hand in a circular motion to open a portal.
As it widened, [Name] could see the aftermath of everything. Bodies of alien beings strewn around, lifeless along with heroes that had died in the middle of battle. She stepped through, looking back to see Karl and Christine with saddened looks on their faces.
Why were they sad? [Name] didn’t understand why. The war had stopped, the Incursion had stopped and Stephen was hopefully out of the Book’s hold. Shouldn’t it be a happy occasion despite their losses?
[Name] turned ahead, seeing four figures and Charles in the distance. There was a figure on his knees and she knew who it was.
[Name] gasped, tears pooled in the corner of her eyes again as she rushed over to the group.
“Stephen!” She yelled.
Four heads turned in her direction and Stephen was staring at her.
“[Name]..[Name]!” He stood, running towards her. Maria stepped forward to try and stop Stephen but was stopped by Charles.
Stephen stopped short of her, his expression broken and face bloodied. That’s when he noticed a little wrapped bundle in her arms. His eyes heated up, tears flowed as he fell to his knees. [Name] kneeled in front of him, careful of little Stefanie as she pulled Stephen in for a hug. She cried on his shoulder and so did he, pain and sorrow released as they cried together.
When Stephen pulled away, his shaking hands gently cradled Stefanie’s head.
“I’m sorry..I’m so, so sorry..I cannot take back what I did, [Name]. I’m so, so sorry,” Stephen’s voice cracked as he looked back up, capturing [Name]’s lips in a deep kiss. She returned in and it felt like home once again.
“Meet our baby girl, Stephen. Meet Stefanie Faye Strange,”
[Name] tilted her arms slightly, showing the baby to her husband and she heard him audibly gasp.
“She looks so much like you, Stephen..I-I..God, I miss you so much,”
Stephen cracked a small smile.
“I miss you too, honey. So, so much,”
Stefanie wriggled lightly, opening her eyes to reveal the exact same blue as his own. He felt his heart crack as the baby studied her father.
“Stefanie, say hi to daddy,” [Name] cooed softly. Stephen brought a black finger to the baby, she grabbed it almost immediately. He let out a soft sob, leaning into plant a soft kiss to Stefanie’s forehead.
“I love you two so much.. What I did, I thought it was the right thing to do. I wanted to save you, to save our baby from danger. I went too far and the deaths of many rest on my shoulders. I have to pay the price, baby,” Stephen swallowed the lump in his throat. [Name] shook her head.
“You’ve already paid it. Just come home to me, to Stefanie. Please.. I can’t live without you. Stephen, please..,” [Name] pleaded, cupping Stephen’s cheek with a hand. He leaned into it, turning his head to kiss her palm.
“I love you so much. I love you and Stefanie so much. I love you and Stefanie in this universe and every..I’m sorry,”
Stephen pulled away, standing up. She stood as well, a hand held her elbow.
“Take care of her, Mordo. Watch over her and Stefanie. Please, old friend?”
Karl pursed his lips, nodding slowly as he too was filled with sadness.
“Take her back..She doesn’t need to see this,” Stephen smiled, taking [Name]’s hand in his.
“Wait, wait, no. Where are you- What are you going to do to him? No! Wait! Wait!!” [Name] wailed. Stefanie sensed her mother’s distress and cried aloud as Karl slowly tugged her struggling form back. Stephen slowly let go of her hand, turning away and returning to the group.
He kneeled down before the five, breath shaking and heart heavy as the sound of his wife and baby’s wailing slowly disappeared. Everyone sympathised with the family but Stephen had to pay. Even if it meant killing him so no one would know what he had done.
“I shall miss you, old friend,” Charles spoke with a heavy heart. He didn’t want to do any of this. None of them did.
Stephen lifted his head to see his wife trying to get away from Karl as Christine held his baby. She dropped to her knees just short of the portal, screaming for Stephen’s name and begging for him.
Stephen squeezed his eyes shut and nodded.
This was it.
This was the end.
“I’m ready,”
The last thing [Name] saw just before the portal closed was Blackagar’s soundwave striking her husband and she felt so very numb, endless tears flowed till no end.
Her heart could never be mended.
Tears will always fall.
For she will never see her husband ever again.
Only love can hurt like this
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theatricdawn · 2 days ago
Dr. Stephen "I'm not like the other Stephens" Strange
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doctorofmagic · a day ago
nothing against Charlize she is top tier actress but I feel like she is a little too old to play a new character? like she was JUST introduced and we probably will have to wait like 4 to 6 years before she gets a proper arc and both Charlize and Ben won't get younger, but at least his character already got a lot of screentime before
Literally do not know why it should be a problem for actors and actresses to look older than people around their 20-30s, especially women who are constantly under pressure to look younger than their actual age (also kinda misogynist if you ask me).
People age and it's perfectly fine. And if the issue is accuracy, both Clea and Stephen are ancient (Stephen was born in the 30s and was granted extended life by the Ancient One, whereas Clea is half-faltine, plus time passes differenly in the Dark Dimension).
Tumblr media
Anyways, support actors, especially older women in Hollywood 💜
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shiyalovesironstrange · 2 days ago
Tony: Come on, I wasn’t that drunk last night.
Aunt May: You were flirting with Stephen.
Tony: So what? He’s my boyfriend.
Aunt May: You asked him if he was single.
Aunt May: And then you cried when he said he wasn’t.
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