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Tony: there should be feeling hookers. Like you hire one to come to your house and they sit there for an hour and listen to you cry about your life then afterwards you pay them 100 bucks and you never see each other again. How perfect would that be?

Stephen: that’s a therapist. That’s the thing you just described.

Harley: feeling hookers

Peter: it is official. The new name for therapists is “feeling hookers”

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Hello everyone!!

Yesterday marked the end of IronStrange Week 2020! Like previous IronStrange Week events, I have created a master list for it divided into the days and types of fanwork. I have also updated the IronStrange Events Master List, and both master lists will be linked below. 

Hope you guys have fun going through the fanworks!!

IronStrange Week 2020 Master List

IronStrange Events Master List

*side note: If you missed posting during the two weeks of this event, you can still post your works to the AO3 Collection and here on Tumblr. Please mention us when posting so we can reblog it.

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*when Stephen was a teenager, before he becomes a sorcerer and lets be real probably fucks a demon*

Teen Stephen: Why I would fuck a demon? Simple: the status. Imagine you and your friends arriving at the gates of hell, they’re all crying, scared to death and you just calmly walk into the arms of your sugar demon. Legendary. Use the ultimate big dick energy move to escape eternal damnation

Beverly Strange: That’s- thats nice sweetie

Eugene: For fucks sake this is a good Christian household I SWEAR TO GOD STEPHEN VINCENT STRANGE IF YOU KEEP GOING ON WITH THIS SHIT-


Donna: Victor what’s big dick energy

Victor: it’s something our brother is incapable of. Like subtlety. Or staying in the closet.

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Christine: Lets play two truths and a lie!

Stephen: Ok I’ll start. My name is Stephen, my eyes are brown, and I was stuck in a time loop for something like 3,000+ years where I died over and over and over again in countless horrible and painful ways as a demon literally tried to beat me into submission and it was only after I lost almost all of my sanity that I won and was able to escape and I haven’t had the courage to bring it up until now because I’m afraid my problems will become a burden for you

Pepper, chuckling: That seems a little easy-

Tony, suddenly very concerned: his eyes are blue-green-

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I’m pretty sure my Mama Bear AU is a parasite at this point. I’ve seen things where the kids call Stephen “Mom” (that wasn’t originally part of a story or anything), and there’s no mama bear tag of any kind.

So now I’m curious to know whose mind automatically thinks “Mom” or “Mama Bear” when they see Stephen (Doctor Strange).

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Request: Would you write for Dr. Strange & Reader? If yes, reader is his wife & before the accident he never respected her, even though she is a Dr like him, he belittles her, doesn’t talk to her, feels ashamed. Later becoming the master, he sees her through portal that how dedicated she is & how dearly she loves him. All fluffy & maybe a passionate love making?

Pairing: Dr. Strange x Reader

Characters: Christine Palmer, Ofc

Warnings: angst, abandonment, Stephen being a douche, accidents, arranged marriage, smut, unprotected sex, comforting, fluff, remorse

A/N: Okay, this is my first-time writing smut for Dr. Strange.


“Why weren’t you at the gala with Stephen?” Christine, your best friend asks. “We were all wondering why you did not attend.” Blinking a few times, you must process what your friend just said.

“Gala, oh-yes. I had a terrible migraine and told Stephen to go alone, you know  I didn’t want to ruin his night with my stupid problems,” you lie, not meeting your friend’s eyes.

“Sorry to hear,” Christine stiffens a smile, knowing you lied again to hide Stephen did not tell you about the gala last night. “How about we have a girl’s night next weekend?”

“I don’t think you should waste your precious time, Christine. Don’t you want to become the second-best?” Your husband smirks, not sparing you a glance. Anytime you talk to one of his colleagues he acts as if you do not exist.

Stephen always gives you the feeling that he belittles you, not taking your career seriously as you are only a pediatrist to him. You love working with children, saving their life’s but to Stephen, it is not the job his wife should have chosen. 

Even though you are a doctor, had the best grades he acts as if you are not smart enough to talk to one of the neurosurgeons.

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Tony: You’re at the end of the road, Strange! We’ve got you now!

Villain Stephen, starting to pull the hem of his robe up: Well… I bet you weren’t expecting-

Steve: *screams*

Tony: *leans forwards in anticipation*

Villain Stephen, pulling aside his robes to reveal a dagger strapped to his thigh: THIS!!!

Steve: Oh thank god I thought he was gonna flash us

Tony: Awww…

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Stephen, walking down a line of the avengers: Let’s see…

Stephen, at Bucky: Hate your hair

Stephen, at Bruce: kinda cute in a worm sorta way

Stephen, at Natasha: No way

Stephen, at Clint: Yikes

Stephen, at Thor: Yikes

Stephen, at Wanda: Y i k e s

Stephen, stopping at Steve: And let me guess, you have a *great* personality?

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