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#stephen strange
funkylittlebidiot · 2 days ago
Steve, after finding out Stephen's a villain: so funny story... YOU'RE SLEEPING WITH A MURDERER
Tony: *gasp*
Tony: why am I gasping I already knew that
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frankopop · 2 days ago
Sam: So, what is Y/N to you?
Stephen: The reason I wake up every morning.
Bucky: ...That’s adorable.
Y/N earlier that morning, barging into Stephen′s room, smacking pans together: WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!
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atypical-snowman · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marvel Action Avengers #3
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descaladumidera · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My wonderful friends @amethyst-noir, @atypical-snowman, @kiki-shortsnout, @turtleoftheabyss, @jeromesankaraao3, and @why-the-face​ commissioned me with this cute as fuck piece and I’m still crying. 🥺
Thank you so much, guys, I love you!
‏‏‎ ‎
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stark-strange-love2 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Two pretty merboys based on an rp I did with @puppybaby15 back in April featuring whaleshark Prince stephen and octopus Tony!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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d0ct0rstrangewife · 3 days ago
Stephen: I’m in love with you.
Y/N: We called off the prank war last night at midnight, dork.
Stephen: I know.
Y/N: Ah. Okay. Um. Cool. Neat. Very cool. Cool. Cool. Coolcoolcool-
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why-i-love-comics · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Death of Doctor Strange #2 (2021)
written by Jed MacKay art by Lee Garbett & Antonio Fabela
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doctorofmagic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“My WHAT?”
The Death of Doctor Strange #2 (2021)
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ironfam-wizard · 2 days ago
Peter: *sad* I want Mcnuggets.
Harley: ………Our father is a billionaire.
Peter: ohhh……I'll ask him to get me Mcnug-
Harley: -donald, just ask him to buy you the fucking Mcdonald, We can get anything we want if we-
Stephen: Harley……
Harley: I'm not talking about you, pa
Stephen: ………………Father that you're talking about is my fucking billionaire husband, you ungrateful brat, NO MCDONALD FOR YOU FROM NOW ON
Harley: wait, NO!! I'M SORRY!!
Tumblr media
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Characters that (to me) give off Bisexual Vibes:
Stephen Strange (I don't know why? Maybe it's the goatee. But he just radiates them vibes) Natasha Romanoff (She is a leather jacket bi) Tony Stark (come on. He is a bisexual disaster) Steve Rogers (this one needs no explaining) Carol Danvers (bi as fuck) (~to be honest, I could add almost all the mcu characters~) Ginny Weasley (big bi energy) Luna Lovegood (come on people. Practically a bisexual godess) Harry Potter (don't know what it is, but the bi vibes are strong with this one) Jake Peralta (bi coded, in fact he's just an entire bi software) Gina Linetti (she just is bi) Gregory House (It just makes sense....) Diego Hargreeves (not sure what he has going on, but it sure ain't straight) Jade West (she is bi. No changing my mind about it)
Feel free to add :)
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vi-trying-to-survive · 2 days ago
hey there!! i’m a huge fan of your stephen fics. i was possibly wondering if you could do an angsty one? perhaps one where stephen and the reader used to date, but got into a fight a broke up. they weren’t on good terms. years later, they see eachother again and maybe the somehow resolve their conflict and it ends in something cute and fluffy? idk lol. i’m not very good at requesting
Maybe I Still Love You
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange x f! Reader
Warnings: this is pretty angsty but it has a supper fluffy ending :)
Summary: Stephen pushes (Y/N) away, yet 7 months later he finds himself on her doorstep.
A/N: I hope you guys liked this one :) 💖💖💖 Please let me know if you did or if you have any ideas on how to improve my writing :) 💖💖💖 Also I hope you have a good day 💖💖💖
"You can do this", he insisted to himself, pacing back and forth on the rust-colored, brick steps leading up to her apartment, rubbing the nape of his neck, his footsteps masked by the sounds of traffic a few streets away, "You've graduated med school and mastered the mystic arts, ... you can definitely do this".
Yet, Stephen still found himself hesitating at the dull, metal doorbell eying the little tag with her name on it, written in perfect, thick, curved letters, intricate and stunning just like her. Part of him still wanted to run away, a hand in his pocket, twirling the cool, metal Sling Ring, some form of defensive mechanism, not like she was the one that hurt him in the first place, in fact it was the other way round. Sighing, he lowered himself to sit on the dusty steps, that familiar nauseous feeling start to grow in the put of his stomach, the memories of that sickening night playing through his mind once again. ---
He stood in the corner, watching the night-life of the city come alive below him, as the sun set, the streets filling with people, some more dressed up than others, as the orange and red flashes of car headlights filled the cracked concrete roads, so oblivious to the horror and demise around them, but he supposed he was once one of them too, so who was he to judge.
The bitter taste in his mouth only grew worse, turning back towards the bare space around him, little to no furniture left, making the apartment appear eerily large. He fixated his gaze on the few things that remained, only because they could not be sold, worth nothing but priceless to his pride, now mocked him severely, glinting viciously in the light, the trembling of his fingers becoming more vigorous and jagged. Picking up one of them, he struggled to read the inscription on the reflective, gold plate at the bottom, not that he needed to, having memorized it the night he received it, 'Dr Stephen Strange, Neurosurgical Award of the Neurological Society', sat on the side of his hospital bedside table, sneering at him, like a teasing joke had been played on him. His lips curved down into a furious scowl the longer he looked at it, the rage bubbling and boiling in him, steaming out, spilling over the sides, as he swung his hand around, letting the heavy, glass prize slip from his hold, hitting the wall, watching as it shattered into multiple jagged pieces, still taunting him, refracting light into rainbows on the surface of his clean walls, now chipped at the spot it hit.
Sighing defeatedly, he lowered himself down to the ground, throwing his face into his palms, a futile attempt to hide from the shame and disappointment that radiated from him, the sharp-edged pieces sitting a few meters in front of him. He began to rub at his eyes desperately, hot, salty tears pouring freely from them, streaming down his face and dripping onto the stained shirt that he wore, no longer bothering to try anymore, because what was the point ?
(Y/N) dug around in her pockets, reaching for the cool, silvery key, now dull from use, sliding it into the key slot, unlocking the heavy door with a resonating click, using her back to push it open, hands full with boxes of takeout, from a specific steakhouse on the edge of New York, hoping that it would cheer Stephen up. She was ready to drop everything for him, having only eyes for him, even in this state, wanting to do anything that she possibly could to make him feel better, seeing him like this making her heart ache and sink deeper and deeper into a pit at the bottom of her chest.
Forcing a cheerful smile onto her face, she called out into the vast room, "Stephen ?", her voice sounding small in comparison to the space before her, the plastic crinkling as she set the bags down on the counters, raising a cloud of dust into the air, her nose wrinkling to stop herself from sneezing. Glancing around the room, she made her way to the living room, in search of the man in question, having received no response, her heels clacking against the solid floors with each step, quick to rush to his side, when she saw him crouched on the ground, his knees curled into himself, broken glass thrown haphazardly opposite him.
The soft sobs that escaped his lips promptly went silent when the sounds of her footsteps drifted past his ears, not wanting to lose that last sliver of dignity that he had left. Lifting his head from where they were nestled in his knees, he blinked rapidly to stop the tears that fell from his face, not really succeeding seeing as a few more large drops rolled down his skin when he saw the expression on her face, palms clasped over her gaping mouth, before kneeling down next to him, eyes full of worry, concern and pity. The word alone could make him sneer, pity, he hated it, it only reminded him of the accident, the changes it brought to his life, once so decadent and luxurious, now bare and broken. He felt white, hot rage at himself when she looked at him like that, how could he have let her see him like this ? So vulnerable and damaged, it made him wonder why she was still dating him, because why would someone date somebody like him ? If someone had asked him the same question a month ago, he would have had an endless list of answers prepared, but now so many were crossed off and slashed with crimson ink, leaving only one, pity.
The soft touch of her skin against his, snapped him out of his daze, noticing that she had taken his hand in hers, was enough to send him spiraling down his fit of self-fueled fury and hate, snatching it away from her, burying it in the fluffy, fleece pockets of his jacket.
She found that her lips turned down into a confused frown, voice soft and hurt, as she continued to reach out, carefully inching her palm closer to his, "Darling, What's wrong ?".
His eyebrows furrowed together at the question, "What's wrong ? What's wrong ?", he exclaimed, raising his hands in the air exasperatedly, "In case you haven't noticed (Y/N), everything is wrong". Fuming he pushed himself to stand, unable to meet the wounded expression on her face, as her eyes became glassy, knowing the look well, but new to the thought of being the cause.
Pushing down her own emotions, she ignored his words, convinced that he was just having a bad day, moving so that she stood in front of him, "Stephen ...", she began.
Much to her dismay, she was quickly cut off by him, "Don't do that, don't feel pity for me", he leered at her, a hand in her face, "Why are you even still here ? What do you get out of this relationship ?"
Biting down hard on her lip to distract her from the stabbing pain in her chest, she tried to reason with him, "What do you mean ? I'm here because I love you and I want to help you", the cloudy look in his crystal blue eyes causing her heart to crack.
He laughed darkly to himself, the salty streams on his cheeks now dry, "Tell me, does helping my charity case make you sleep better at night, huh ?", sending her an accusatory look.
She looked taken aback for a few seconds, before her face contorted into anger, "I am the only person left in your life, everyone else left", snapping as she pointed an accusatory finger at him, "Not because of the accident, don't you dare blame the accident for this one thing, they left because you pushed them away".
Pressing his lips together tightly, he did nothing but glower at her, surprisingly at a loss for words, as he watched her continue to yell, "I am the only one who stayed, because I love you", voice slowly beginning to shake unsteadily, becoming softer, "How- I- I don't And now you want me to leave too".
She paused for a moment, features becoming cold and indifferent, like she was looking at a stranger, because maybe that's what he had become, So I will", she sighed, walking away from him, without sparing so much as a second glance, scared that her strong persona would fracture.
Collecting her things in her arms, thoughts of a nice dinner long forgotten, she soundlessly left the apartment, allowing the dam of wild, hot tears to pour down her face, sending upsetting chills along her body as they wet her cheeks and neck.
Stephen couldn't help but watch after her as she left, the sounds of her footsteps growing more and more muffled, until the only thing he could hear was the ringing of the silence. Hearing the door click and lock, he found himself padding after her, suddenly overcome by strong sense of shame and regret, yet he ignored the pull to chase after her, figuring that it was better for her this way. A flash of reflected light caught his eye, fixating his gaze on it, he soon realized it was her key to his apartment.
Sinking to the ground, he clutched the small piece of metal tightly to his chest, feeling a new trail of tears stream down his face, letting them fall freely, having lost the energy to wipe them away, running his fingers across the inscription on the key, which was ridiculously expensive, but he had insisted despite her protest at the time: Forever. The irony of it all, causing the stream of tears to grow stronger.
--- Handing the cab driver the right change, she sent him a grateful smile, sliding out of the seat, stretching her arms in the air a little, almost fluttering her eyes shut from exhaustion, feet already aching with each step on the cracked sidewalk. All she could think about was the warmth of her comforter, snuggling closer into her soft, fluffy pillows as the sounds of the television filled the background, lulling her to sleep.
What she didn't expect to see was Stephen Strange sat at the bottom of her uneven stairs, head in his arms, which were balanced on the tops of his knees, giving him a child-like look. Staring at him for a few seconds, she felt her cheeks grow warm, a light crimson tint forming across his, as he lifted his gaze finally noticing her frame, causing her to edge behind the small oak tree in her front yard, doing little to hide her from him.
Raising an eyebrow, he couldn't help but chuckle softly at her antics, quickly quieting down as she made her way towards him, stopping when she stood face to face, eyes flickering to everything except his, nervously picking at a jagged edge of her nail, causing her heart sinking a little, but he figured he deserved that.
He stayed silent, finding that the speech he had been practicing for the past hour seemed to disappear, captivated by her, the way some strand of hair had come loose from the bun that sat at the top of her head, framing her face, the light from the evening sun, giving her an ethereal glow. He reached a hand out to tuck a lock of her hair behind her ear, trailing his fingers down her face to cup her cheek, making her sigh, "Stephen, what do you want ?", removing his touch from her skin, to bring his hand back down to his side.
Her indifference sent his mind into a wild panic, stuttering, the words coming out broken and frantic, "I- We- I thought- I just-", left at a loss for words, the sound of the autumns breeze howling in the background, as more auburn colored leaves swirled around in the air.
The edges of her lips curled down into a frown, shaking her head she attempted to push past him, only to be caught by the arm, turning her attention to where his hands scarred hands were interlocked with hers, giving him a pointed look, "Stephen, you need to-"
"I- I'm sorry", he began, cutting her off, taking her other hand in his, gently rubbing circles into her smooth skin, occasionally glancing from her eyes to the pristine, white door in the back, "I shouldn't have said what I said, I was an angry, upset and most of all I was an ass and you never deserved that". Rubbing the nape of his neck nervously, he continued, "I know I can't change the past, but I was hoping, you would let me take you out to dinner", mentally crossing his fingers, as he watched her study him, her calculative mind trying to note any hints of insincerity.
She would be lying to herself if she said she didn't miss the man, even after 7 months, and to have him standing outside her doorstep like this, waiting after her, it wasn't something the old Stephen would have done. Her heart yearned for him, as she breathed in his familiar scent of books and spices, chewing her lip as she considered the possible outcomes in her mind, still vary of being hurt.
Letting out a breath, she tilted her head up to meet his clear eyes, so worried and full of hope, and in that moment something, call it instinct or plain stupidity, tipped her decision over to one side, whispering, "Alright".
Making her way up the stairs, she slid her key into the lock, turning to give him a perplexed look, as he stood observing her unmoving, "Aren't you coming in ?", giggling a little as his mouth formed an 'O', promptly chasing after her like a lost puppy. Tossing her bags on the couch with a soft thump, she hung her coat by the door, as he took a seat at her island counter, pondering out loud, "So, Where have you been this whole time ? You kind of just disappeared". Chuckling softly as he shook his head, he tilted his head up to meet her eyes, relishing in the way they glittered as they gazed at him again, "You are in for a long story".
Snuggling in closer to his side, she adjusted her grip on him, tangling their legs together as she attempted to steal some warmth from the sorcerer, making his lips curl up into a tender smile, as she rested her head in the crook of his neck, placing a gentle kiss on the sensitive skin, their heads cushioned by the fluffy, silky pillows. Pulling the blanket up closer to their bodies, Stephen snaked an arm around her waist, tugging her as close to him as possible, which wasn't that much further, considering the fact that she had already made it her mission to close the offending gap between their frames earlier. Kissing the side of her face sweetly, he laced his fingers with hers, playfully thumbing at them, making her giggle softly in his head, as he thought back to a year ago, when he could vouch on the fact that he would never end up curled next to her ever again, whispering out in the darkness, "Thank you for the second chance darling, I love you". Feeling a light slap against his arm, he chuckled, sensing the loving eyeroll on her face as she responded, "You don't need to keep saying thank you, so like shut up and go to sleep", before pausing for a moment, twisting her body around to face him, connecting their lips, as he reacted instantly, moving in-sync with hers, his grip on her tightening. Pulling away, she smiled, leaning her head up to peck his cheek tenderly, "and I love you too", letting her eyes flutter shut, as they drifted off to sleep, glad that she managed to make the right decision, unsure how she would've survived without this.
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the-chickenshit-oddity · 16 hours ago
IronStrange 101+ Peter:
Peter screwed up somehow and Tony's lecturing him. It's been like twenty minutes and he's basically just pacing and talking so Peter seizes his chance to jump out the window. Unfortunately, Stephen's also there and portals him right back into the penthouse. And then Peter jumps again, Stephen portals him back. And again. And again. Until finally Tony lifts up his head just in time to see Peter jump out the window like a maniac and reappear in the penthouse like nothing happened.
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professional-benaddict · 23 hours ago
currently stuck in bed with a fever of 103 and i got thinking about little peter getting sick and being overwhelmed bc daddies are panicking over the fact it might be covid ?
hi darling!!🌸🌸 im so sorry to hear you are sick🥺🥺 i hope its not covid, and that you get better soon💓💓 maybe in the meantime this might cheer you up?🌸
Daddies Stephen and Tony, +18 Little Peter, pandemic, Covid-19, Covid-19 scares (?), Covid-19 rapid test, sickness, fluff, comfort, a little angst
Tumblr media
“What was his temp?”
“Yeah, I know. We have two rapid tests downstairs...”
The rest of Daddy’s words fade as he walks down the stairs along with Dada. Peter listens closely to the familiar creaks in the stairs as Daddies walk down. He tries to follow them to the bathroom, but it is on the other side of the house. All Peter can hear is his heart beating frantically in his chest.
Peter’s mind races with each thought being more doomsday-like than the one before. What if he’s positive? Will Daddies get sick too? Will Peter have to isolate alone? He’s heard of people being locked away in the rooms for 10 days, and Peter can hardly be away from Daddies for more than half a day.
But, what if Daddies don’t wanna be with him if he is sick with the virus?
All the anxious and fearful thoughts in Peter’s head make him a little dizzy, or it’s the fact that he is coughing so much that he barely gets a breath in for a minute.
The coughing fit passes just as Daddies return to Peter’s room.
“Dad-dies, don’ come in! You’ll get sick too!” Peter cries out, his voice shaky. He has to stay brave, to protect his Daddies.
“Oh, sweet babe, it’s okay. We can’t leave you alone, bud. Besides, Dada and I think we should use one of the rapid tests on you.” Stephen says, sitting down on Peter’s bedside. The boy shrinks back and pulls his blanket up to cover his nose and mouth.
“Don’ wan’ you to get sick…” He mumbles.
Tony and Stephen both coo at him.
“Baby, we’ve been with you ever since you got sick. If you have the virus, so do we probably. We might as well continue cuddling now, okay?” Tony says, crouching down by Peter’s bedside table and lifts a hand to stroke the boy’s cheek.
“But, what if I don’t have it?” Peter asks, pulling back the blanket and sniffles loudly. His nose has now switched from being stuffy to runny. Stephen grabs a tissue from his bedside table to wipe his nose.
“Then you have something else. Even if there is Covid out there, that doesn’t mean the cold or the flu went away. But, the test will show us what it is you have. You ready?”
Peter guesses he is, and nods a little, and so with that Stephen opens up the little package. Inside, there are four pieces. A swab, a little container, a lid and the device that will analyse the sample.
When Stephen sticks the swab into Peter’s nose, it tickles and scratches in a weird way. Four little turns, and the swab is out. Peter sneezes wetly into a tissue afterwards, making both Daddies coo. Then, Stephen puts the swab in the container with a liquid. After a few good swirls, he drips the liquid onto the device for analysis.
“What it say?” Peter asks, almost a little excited.
“It takes 15 minutes to analyse. We’ll leave it on your nightstand and wait. We brought you some medicine you can take in the meantime.” Stephen says, smiling at the boy. Tony hands him a cup of juice, and two little pills to lower his fever.
After the medicine, Peter lays back down and watches some Youtube videos. Tony sticks by his side, stroking his hair and murmuring comforting things. Stephen returns a while later, showing the time on his phone.
“One or two lines?” He asks. Tony turns to look on the test.
“One line.”
“I have it?” Peter asks, expecting the worst.
“One line means it’s negative.”
“I have it?” The boy asks again, his voice more breathy and urgent. It causes Peter to start another coughing fit, and Tony moves to pat and rub at the boy’s back.
“Oh, sorry, baby. Negative means you don’t have it. You don’t have Covid. You don’t have it.” Stephen explains. “You okay, baby?”
Peter clears his throat and little and swallows thickly. He nods, but then shakes his head.
“I’m still sick…” He says, looking defeated.
“Yeah, we know. At least it’s not Covid, baby. That’s a relief. Yeah?” Tony consoles.
“Can I still have ice cream? Even if I don’t have it?”
Both Daddies chuckle at that.
“Of course, baby. Mint chocolate chip again?”
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atypical-snowman · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marvel Action Avengers #3
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mickis16 · 2 days ago
Loki: I'd like to go the movie theatre this weekend.
Peter: I can't, I got grounded.
Loki: You of all people? How did such a thing happen?
Peter: Dr. dad and I accidentally opened the multiverse, so now iron dad has banished Dr. dad to the couch for a month, and I'm grounded...
Loki: Okay, I'll just go to the movie theatre with MJ instead :)
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stark-strange-love2 · a day ago
Tony: hey, wanna go upstairs baby?
Stephen: sure
Tony: you got protection?
Stephen, pulling a baseball bat wrapped with magical barbed wire from thin air: always. what are we fighting?
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why-i-love-comics · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Death of Doctor Strange #2 (2021)
written by Jed MacKay art by Lee Garbett & Antonio Fabela
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itspengu · 2 days ago
Y/N: You look like an Otter.
Strange: That's... not rude at all.
Y/N: but you're my cute otter.
Strange, inner panicking: cool- nice thanks... I guess?
*Later that day*
Strange: they called me cute. They called me- cute. They said I am-
Wong: you good?
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ironfam-wizard · 18 hours ago
Harley: *injured*
Stephen: We need to get the bleach and clean his wounds.
Peter: I'll go get it!!
Harley: Why bleach??
Stephen: We need to wash away your sins too.
Harley:........ It seems like you've tried it before, but looking at you now, pa, I don't think it's working, Maybe your sins are darker than mine.
Stephen: yeah, It's the cost of having you as my son.
Tony: *looking at stephen and harley laughing at their jokes*
Peter: dad, they’re scaring me *hide the bleach*
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doctorofmagic · 11 hours ago
Death of Doctor Strange #2 Review
In which Jed left me wanting.
I’ll start with the warlords.
Aggamon and Dagoth come from, Strange Tales v1 #119 and Marvel Premiere #7, respectivelly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tiboro was conceived in Strange Tales #129, while mommy, I mean, Umar is well-known among fans.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Except for mommy, I mean, Umar, they’re all b-villains that don’t really matter, but my bingo was right. That was a good Strange Tales reference and it shows Jed did his lesson. One may arguee - and there’s a little bit of drama happening right now because of that - that the continuity is not right. In this case, because 60′s!Stephen was not supposed to know either Dagoth or Tiboro for he already had the Cloak of Levitation at that time. But what if the narrator is regular!Stephen? Then all is fine.
Next, Stephen is a bastard as usual, and we love to see it. He doesn’t remember the banishment because he sent Kaecilius, Adria and Demonicus to the Purple Dimension back in Doctor Strange v2 - Master of the Mystic Arts #56, many many years later.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stephen then explains that he has only seven days to solve his murder, for he sacrificed one week of his life span to be summoned in case he was murdered. It’s all about the story seen on the previous issue.
Tumblr media
Next, Cap is calling Stephen via his Avengers card (which is not surprising but thankfully he’s considered a consultant Avenger now. He deserves better, me thinks). I wanted to zoom in the card to see the signatures but I can’t read them at all lmao. I suppose the President is Coulson, judging from what happened in Heroes Reborn? I’m not sure, I dropped Aaron’s Avengers ngl.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
60′s Stephen: “The Stephen Strange you knew died. I’m from the past to investigate his murder.”
Cap: “Of course... Anyways, we need someone to stop the invasions and--”
BRO, WASN’T HE YOUR FRIEND??? The hell???? This is why I don’t trust the Avengers, you seeing this sh*t, Spider-man?
In any case, the warlords are not actually invading. We’ll learn soon with my favorite part of this issue. SHE’S COMING!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love my wife so much. I love how she says “I need you”. I’m glad to see that Clea doesn’t hate Stephen for what happened after v5. I love how she seeks him when she’s in trouble, which means she still trusts him.
And here’s the drama: how does Clea remember Stephen? It all lies on my theory that Stephen hid his soul on the ring which binds their souls. When regular!Stephen died, most of spells were undone, including the memory spell he cast on Clea. I’m 100% confident the ring is the key. And guys, can we please wait for the next issues? This smells flashback all the way up. We still need to learn how Clea became Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension, thank you. Also, I still think the killer is the demon from v5, so continuity is still working for now.
Okay, so she says that the warlords are actually fleeing, and then the Mothers make their first appearance.
Tumblr media
Something I need to address here:
Tumblr media
Anon left an ask that will take me weeks to reply but since I’m breaking the issue, I guess this a good opportunity, let’s go.
Tumblr media
Here’s a curiosity:
Tumblr media
The reason is not official but I suppose Bl*ck Arts is a pejorative term. I can’t tell for sure if this was addressed in the 60′s or not, but there’s also the possibility that people were biased towards the term because of their beliefs (summing up, the Christian Karens). This is just purely speculation, of course. I cannot offer a proper answer.
Back to the chapter, the Avengers show up and have their asses kicked. I guess this is why the chapter left me wanting. The fight took many pages and nothing happened. The Mothers left and the mystics didn’t even fight properly. A shame, really. We learn that the Mothers are after magic to feed their son, and each one has a different style. The Crawling will have an effect on Iron Man, especifically, as seen in the DODS: Avengers #1 preview (I’ll post it asap).
And this is it.
Tumblr media
Some people also noticed that Zelma has a continuity error in Strange Academy, in which Jericho tells the students that Stephen died and she reacts as if she wasn’t there in the main event. True, it’s an editorial mistake. But there’s no need to take that so seriously. Coming from someone who read all Secret Wars tie-ins, it’s not that important. Tie-ins don’t change a thing in the main event. It may explain a thing or two but it’s not required. It’s not like mega events that demand reading actual titles (like Infinity within Avengers and New Avengers). I promise you, all is fine. As for Clea... let’s wait and see, as I always say.
I don’t have anything left to add, honestly. I was expecting more Cleaphen and this is why I kinda needy right now. But it’s just the second chapter so...
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