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#stephen strange

by @sobeautifullyobsessed based on roleplay with @doctorstrangeaskblog

part one     part two     part three


Beauty felt like she was melting. Melting where his skin met hers as he tenderly cradled her face in his beautiful, scarred hands. Melting even more beneath the timeless magic of his patient kisses. Oh, how she had longed for this; to have him finally, finally take what she’d been aching to give him since the earliest days of their aquaintance. A part of her had believed all along that this was preordained—though there had been uncertain times when she had doubted herself, or wondered if the subtle signs of attraction which she had read in Stephen’s captivating, mercurial eyes and his quiet, diffident smile had just been products of her own foolish woolgathering. To her delight, he tasted of the wine they had been sharing and of her fondest wishes come true, while he filled her with a sublime bliss and the quickening desire for more. His kisses were her euphoria and the answer to all those things which she had so often contemplated in her darkened room while on the cusp of sleep, pining for a night when Stephen would show her—without leaving room for doubt—that he wanted her too.

Without question, these were the best kisses of her life, in some part because she had waited upon them for so long—but even more so, because of the man bestowing them. Beauty had never known, let alone imagined a man like Stephen Strange—and thus her heart had been wholly unprepared for how swiftly she had fallen under his unintentional spell. 

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Stephen: Open up, Tony

Tony: Once I told my dad he should embrace his mistakes

Tony: And he leaned down and gave me a hug

Tony: but the thing is, and I know it meant nothing to him,

Tony: But that was the only time he ever hugged me

Stephen: …I meant open the bathroom door but Jesus Christ do you need to talk about this?

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A preview of Savage Avengers #13 

Savage Avengers #13

The Savage Avengers assemble! Wolverine, Conan, Dr. Strange, Elektra, Black Widow, Hellstrom, Voodoo, Magik – and more. The heroes draw up a battle plan against Kulan Gath, and you’ll be thrilled as Conan wields a most unexpected weapon in the fight against darkness.

Written by Gerry Duggan
Art by Patch Zircher
Colors by Java Tartaglia
Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover by Valerio Giangiordano
Release Date: October 28, 2020

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Prompt: In this world, you’re one of the “lucky” ones who got a soulmate, but what if the universe gives you more than you bargained for?

(Prompt challenge – You live in a world where your soulmate can write on their skin and you will get the writing on your own and vice versa. Where they can wash away the ink on their own skin, however, the writing is forever scarred onto your skin until you meet face to face)

Word Count: 2462

Warnings: angst and language throughout

Notes: This was supposed to be for @sorryimacrapwriter​​​​  and their challenge like a year ago, I think? I still loved the prompt though and have been working on this story for quite some time. This aesthetic was made by @dontshootmespence​​​​, thank you so much! Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes​​​​, couldn’t have done it without you, as well as @carryonmyswansong​​​​ and @arrow-guy​​​​ and @mrs-dragneel-stark-solo​​​​

Also, I’ve never really liked the whole soulmate AU thing idea, but this felt so right and it was amazing to write. I hope y’all love it too!!



Your morning routine began. You opened all the drapes in the house, got Charles up, got the serum from Hank, gave it to Charles, and started on his breakfast. Today was fruit, yogurt, and granola, with tea. 

As soon as Hank and Charles sat down to eat, you were sipping coffee at the breakfast table. 

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Christine, clearly angry: which was that bitch’s name again?

Stephen: which one?

Christine: your boyfriend’s ex!

Stephen: Pepper, why?

Christine, showing with rage a photoshop pic of her and Pepper where they’re called “potential power couple”: how fucking can they?! Disrespect me, my relationship and generally how much I care for people being treated fairly!

Bruce: hey, it’s ok, let them do whatever they want

Christine: Nope, nope, nope! Me and Nat?! Yes, beautiful, amazing, people can do that. Me and a fucking abuser, nope!

Tony and Nat, entering in that moment: another Twitter pic?!

Stephen: *nods giving up*

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