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#stephen strange/tony stark

How about an AU where Stephen is a famous classical guitar player rather than a surgeon. At least he is until the accident…

Afterwards, even when he has sold everything else he owns to pay for his hand surgeries, he can’t let go of his Martin OM-45 Deluxe acoustic guitar.

Unfortunately, that means it is with him in the back alley in Kathmandu, and that it is damaged when the local thugs try to steal it.

For a long time, he can’t even look at the piece, any more than he can throw them away. It isn’t until after the fight with Dormammu, when he has accepted his new life and his new role as the Master of the New York Sanctuary that Stephen finds the strength to bring the broken guitar to the finest luthier in the world: Tony Stark.

But, Tony, for all his tart humor and gentle heart, harbors a sad past of his own.

Can Tony mend more than Stephen’s broken guitar?

Can Stephen help Tony find the magic in life once again?

And, together can they learn to make beautiful music once more?

…and I’d call it, Unchained Melody.

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95 for Ironstrange

Don’t ask me why, but sick fic uu

95. “Come cuddle”

There were few things that Stephen wasn’t going to admit. He was stubborn, that was true, and he would have denied of needing help and he was the kind of man who submerged himself in his world, knowing it was the best way he could do things. But, again, he wasn’t one to hide behind excuses most of the times.

But when he was ill and he couldn’t let other people do his work. Like that day. He had no idea from which dimension he caught the bug that was actually bothering him so much. On top of everything, Tony decided to check on him exactly today. 

Strange knew that Wong was to be considered responsible for that. He could feel his fever forcing his eyes shut closed, and felt the Cloak wrapping him tighter when he started to be crossed by shivers of cold, but he decided not to pay attention to that, focusing at the best he could on the words that stopped having meaning a long time before. 

“Hi babe,” Tony said when he walked into the room. His dark eyes found his boyfriend immediately and he stepped closer, lips resting against Stephen’s while his hand reached for his forehead. Stephen knew that the genius was checking his temperature. And he also knew that it wasn’t lower than the day before. “You are burning - he whispered, instead, looking at the book. - What about you take a break?”

“I can’t,” Stephen answered, immediately and almost mechanically. “I need to understand from which dimension that creature came from. And if there are more of them.”

Stark didn’t reply. He just nodded and walked into the kitchen of the Sanctum, which was weird. Tony never took nos as an answer, especially when it came from the people he cared about. Stephen decided to count it as a winning and then went back to his book, knowing that it was very likely pointless. 

It didn’t pass long until he heard again Stark’s voice The man was lying on the sofa, a cup in each of his hand and a soft smirk on his lips. “I have tea, and you won’t have it until you come here.”

Stephen shook his head. The fact of not being able to smell the tea was annoying, but so it was the idea of Tony blackmailing him, which was why he decided to ignore the other man going back at staring blankly in front of him. 

“Come cuddle,” Stark whined a moment later, and Stephen wasn’t that strong to refuse his boyfriend that much. Rolling his eyes at the ceiling, he joined Tony on the couch and let the man’s arm wrapping around his middle, his head searching the comfort of his boyfriend’s chest. 

“Thank you,” He whispered. Tony smiled, helping him to take a sip of hot tea. “I love you.”

“I love you too, and I really hope I won’t catch this demonic bug, but it was worth it.”

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Prompt: Movie night! Stephen finds most horror movies comical because of what he does, but Tony's too proud to admit he's afraid of scary movies.

As far as the bad guy in the horror movie is a real person, someone in flesh and blood, someone you can pinpoint and who has a face, horror movies are not a problem for Tony either. If he can see them, he knows the main characters are going to save the day because that’s how movies work, that’s the message they want to give you. He quite enjoys those enough to watch them. It’s not his favourite genre, but he can go through the movie without jumping on the sofa every time. 

Tony’s problem, though, with the movies in which there’s a case of possession, of demonic entities. Stephen isn’t bothered at all, about those, quite the opposite: he’s always there calling bullshit on whatever isn’t similar and/or credible in exorcisms and in the creatures’ anatomy. 

Tony is too proud to voice the fact that he doesn’t like this kind of horror movies, let alone that those freak him out. That’s until they watch Insidious, the first one. Everything is perfect (actually Tony is trying not to watch at the screen, but still) until he sees Dalton. It takes half a second to Tony to make the connection - that is half of the reason why Stephen chose that movie in the first place - but when he does he takes the remote and switched the thing off looking straight at his wizard. “You are not making me see my perfect snarky baby being possessed! No, that’s where I draw the line!”

Stephen and Harley tease him about Insidious forever throwing comments to each other and/or quoting the movie every now and then. 

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As I have not not posted a lot of my more recent stories on Tumblr, and I know that there are quite some ironstrange shippers among my followers, here’s a short list if any of you would like to read some longer ironstrange stories. Subscribe to my ao3 for upcoming stories, because there are far more ironstrange fics on the way!

  • When It Comes To You (17k, complete): College AU. Stephen and Tony hate each other, until they start a bet about which one of them is better at dating. To keep it fair, they have to take each other out. Things get complicated when they start falling in love.
  • I Guess That’s Love (8,5k, complete): Stephen accidentally casts a love spell, but it’s not exactly on who he thought he did. Lots of pining, angst, and a happy ending.
  • Something Magic (9,5k, complete): Stephen is a sorcerer, Tony is a scientist. Which wouldn’t be a problem, hadn’t sorcerers and scientists been at war for centuries. Stephen goes undercover to a university to become a doctor, and starts falling for his enemy.
  • If I Say I Love You (12k, complete): Soulmate AU. Tony and Stephen meet when they’re both in a relationship with someone else and decide to become platonic soulmates. However, things shift over the years and they fall in love after all.
  • Citizen Erased (73k, WIP (will be 176k when complete)): Tony is cursed to be forgotten by everyone who ever knows him, and goes to Stephen Strange for help. Enter a complicated plot, mysterious villains, and a lot of slow burn. This fic is being updated twice a week and writing has been finished, so there is no danger of it being abandoned. 
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Can also be read under the title “With You” under my AO3 account Swankyturnip76.

Description: Twelve years before the events of Infinity War, Stephen Strange and Tony Stark blow each other in a closet at a charity event for the Maria Stark Foundation. As the years pass, Stephen watches him from afar and realizes that Tony Stark is no longer the same man he thought he knew. When Dr. Banner shows up at the Sanctum, Stephen realizes that this might be the opportunity he’d been unconsciously looking for to try and grow closer to the billionaire. Too bad he gets snapped out of existence before he can solidify the deal.
The first chapter focuses on events leading up to Infinity War and the movie’s end. The second chapter will take place during and after Endgame. There will be a happy ending for these losers.

The first chapter is posted and can be read below.

Keep reading

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Title: Please, say yes!
Rating: T
Relationships: Tony/Rhodey
Summary: Stephen figures there is never going to be the perfect timing… he just has to ask.

Note: This is door 6 of my advent calendar. Some fluffy IronStrange <3

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Sadly, Halloween is over…

Thank you to everyone who liked and shared our posts and supported the works behind them, and all our love to all the wonderful people who contributed!

But now it is November, and that can only mean one thing…


That’s right! We’re going to do it all again, hopefully just a little more smoothly this time.

All submissions are welcome!

Stories! Art! Anything you can think of!

We only ask that it be IronStrange and somewhat winter/Christmas themed.

No length requirements or restrictions.

If you think you’d be interested in contributing please send us a message letting us know if you’ll be doing art or words or both and we’ll add you to the list. If you’ve previously signed up, please message us to confirm your participation.

Submission deadline will be on December 11th. You post it and we’ll promote it!

If you have any questions or would like to sign up, feel free to message us here @ironstrange-advent-calendar or, for a quicker reply, at @merelypassingtime or @grandraconteur

Thanks and please Signal Boost!

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When Stephen starts dating Tony he knows that it will be until death does them part. He also knows that since wielding the Time Stone has all but stopped him from aging, it’s likely that Tony will be the one dying.

He tries not to think about it much so maybe he can be forgiven for taking almost two decades to notice that Tony isn’t aging either.

In fact, none of the Avengers are, not even the unpowered one who definitely should be.

He doesn’t understand why, but, as an unsurprised Thor explains, once a certain number of people worship you, no matter what form that worship takes, you become a god.

… and I’d call it The Layman’s Guide to Being Deified.

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