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Steps facts people need to come round to:

*Faye was the most underrated member

*Words Are Not Enough deserves more love as a song (please ignore the video)

*Last Thing On My Mind is just iconic and those ABBA vibes are just fab

*Say You’ll Be Mine music video is a perfect time capsule

*Finally Steps was/is superior to SC7

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sitting with my friend on the stairs next to the subway station, clad in jeans shorts and t-shirts, milkshakes in hand, while a woman by the entrance plays the guitar and sings a love song. we’re not the only ones on the stairs, there are young people sitting everywhere, having conversations like ours. my white sneakers and her black sandles look out of place on the dirty steps, yet they also seem to fit perfectly. my black backpack rests by my feet and a green messanger bag to her left. a slight breeze blows our hair and we talk about love and heartbreak.

and, once again, we feel like the main characters in a teen rom-com.

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