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Me and my best friend at lunch.

Friends. Work. Corona. Bills. Friends weddings.



Her: yep.

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Khaki Wacky | Steve Rodgers


Originally posted by captainevans

summary: on a mission to save bucky, natasha figures out you were steves first kiss. in the process, you spilled the beans to him how you were oh so khaki wacky for him

genre: fluff(?)

pairing: steve rodgers x reader

date: 5-26-20

word count: 1k-1.3k

warnings: kissing, self-doubt, 40’s slang


You felt awkward. It really shouldnt be the time to feel awkward, since considering, you were currently running away from evil men who were after you, Steve and Natasha. But you just couldn’t help it. After Natasha made the quick decision to make Steve and her act like they were a laughing couple, again, you walked quietly behind them, feeling very, very awkward.

It wasn’t a surprise, really. You had been there with him in the 40’s growing up together. And had been there when the plane crashed.  You weren’t the type to be jealous when Steve was with someone, God no, but you certainly were the type to feel awkward. Feeling like a third wheel and feeling like he may or may not remember about your crush on him.

Before Steve had crashed the plane, you may or may not decided to express how you felt. Well more so showed him how you felt. Which ended up with kissing the poor, scared man as you both crashed to your doom.

You were so distracted that you didn’t realize you were on an escalator now. You, behind Steve, and Natsha in front of him. Natasha noticed the boss man was on the opposite side of them going up, so she turned towards Steve quickly.

“Kiss me” She said. You choked on the water you somehow managed to get while Steve looked confused. Natasha glanced your way before going back to Steve. “Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable”

Steve glanced over his shoulder to you but you werent looking. “Yes, they do” Natasha looked at you once more but with a mischievous look and grabbed Steve by the neck and kissed him. You avoided looking and put your attention somewhere else. You saw the boss man look at them but looking away just as fast.

Glad you weren’t the only one uncomfortable with their kissing.

Natasha let go of his neck and turned back around. “You still uncomfortable?” She said with a smug smirk that neither of you caught. She walked down the rest of the way on the  escalator with you and Steve following behind.

“Not exactly the words I would use”

You were in the backseat of a truck, with Steve as driver and Natasha in the passenger seat. They were bickering about how they got the truck. Steve telling her to take her feet off the dash causing you to chuckle. He was still the same old Steve.

It was quiet in the truck until Natasha got your attention. “Was that your first kiss since 1945?” She was looking at Steve, expecting an answer, and now you were too. You had feared and hoped that he somehow managed to remember that day on the plane.

Steve looked at you in the rear view mirror. Catching you stare at him had your face flush, mimicking the embarrassment on his face. Natasha followed Steve’s gaze and looked back at you. “I knew it! You’re the one that kissed him!” She exclaimed and pointed at you. She laughed as she saw Steve blushing more then ever now.

“We were on the plane and I decided to tell this fat head that I was khaki wacky for him since we were going under but he didnt believe me.” You said frustrated with a huff and sat back, crossing your arms and legs. Natasha looked confused. It didn’t hit you until you remembered she wasnt born in the 40’s, obviously. So she didnt quite understand what you had said.

“Can you say it English?” You laughed and looked at Steve. You raised your eyebrow at him. “Care to translate for me, Stevie?”

The truck came to a stop in the front of the abandoned head quarters. Steve was the one to turn towards you now. “I didn’t know you felt that way. Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

Oh my gosh…

“You are one big idiot, Stevie.” You told him. Natasha sat qiuetly watching the two of you. It felt like she was in the middle of a rom-com.

Steve looked confused. What did you mean by that? Besides the fact that you had just confessed your love for him, he was still confused. How could you like such a scrawny kid like him?

It was like you read his thoughts when you answered…or maybe he said it out loud, he didnt know. He was to busy trying to calm his heart from beating out of his chest.

“Stevie, I was there whenever you got beat up. I was there, defending you, when you told Bucky you wanted to go to the military.” You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. Saying what you really wanted to say at the time when the plane was crashing now had felt like a weight lifting off your shoulders.

Steve went silent and if you weren’t so focused on him you would have noticed Natasha stepping out of the car, leaving you two to talk.

Before he said anything you continued. “Stevie, I joined the military with you. Not because you think I thought you needed protection but because I cared for you. I wanted to be with you”

Steve contorted his body, somehow sitting backwards in the seat now. You wanted to laugh, seeing such a huge man trying to fit in the small space, but you were too caught up in your emotions. He reached down for your hand and grabbed it softly, rubbing his thumb over your knuckles.

This had brought you back down memory lane. Steve always held your hand so softly whenever you two were having deep conversations.

“You liked me even before the serum? Why…” he trailed off and looked down at your hand that was holding his. He cleared his throat before continuing, squeezing your hand. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“Stevie, its kind of hard to change your mind once you’re set on something. And besides, I thought I made it pretty obvious whenever you got stood up on dates. Or when ever I defended you, whether that’d be from Bucky or even those shit heads in alley ways. Or how I-”

Steve covered your mouth with his finger to stop your ranting. “Okay, okay. Maybe I am a bit of a fat head” He smiled, so bright that you thought you were going blind. “I like you too” He took your finger off your mouth, and quickly replaced it with his own. Steve lips were rough but gentle as he pulled you closer by your hand that he was holding. Warming your heart as he rubbed his thumb over your knuckles again. It would have lasted longer if there wasn’t a tap on the trucks window.

You separated swiftly and looked at Natasha, who was now leaning on the truck door with her arms crossed. “C'mon lovebirds. We’ve got work to do” She laughed and closed the door, walking back to the head quarters.

Steve coughed awkwardly and blushed when he heard you laugh. He let go of your hand, twisting back and stepping out of the truck. You following behind him, your laughs turning into quiet giggles.

“Stop laughing, that was embarrassing” He nudged your side playfully but you only smiled and hugged your arms around his. “I’m just happy that you like me back” He looked down at you softly with a smile. You, pecking his cheek as you let go of his arm to catch up with Natasha.

“Me too” he whispered before jogging to catch up with you.


a/n: feels good to post again. im always lacking confidence. please feel free to request and give me constructive criticism so i can improve. also i actually suck at writing summarys

khaki wacky: boy crazy

fat head: idiot

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Pairing: Loki x female reader

Summary: This takes place after the first Avengers movie. You were assigned to watch over Loki. His punishment was to stay on Earth and help the Avengers on missions. Over time you develop feelings for Loki and he too feels something, but just doesn’t know it. It’s quite obvious how you feel, according to the others, but Loki doesn’t realise it.

Warning: Mostly fluff – a whole lot, Loki being Loki – or at least how I think he is (still trying to grasp his character), Features a few of the other avengers – mainly Steve and Nat, a little boob grab – for comedic purposes.


“Y/n where is Loki? there’s going to be a meeting soon and everyone needs to be there.” Steve’s voice brings you out of your thoughts.

You’re currently sitting at the kitchen counter just staring into space.

“Oh, I think he’s in his room. I’ll go and let him know.” You quickly stand up and collect your trail of thought and walk to Loki’s room.

He specifically informed you that he didn’t want to be disturbed today, he needed some time to himself.

Even though you were supposed to watch over him, you did everything he told you to do.

You finally come face to face with his door, you take a deep breath in and knock.

No one answers.

You knock again.

“Can I ever get a moment of peace in this god forsaken hell.” He mutters as he opens the door.

“S-sorry to disturb you. Steve said that there is a meeting and we all need to be there.” You say not looking at him. Too scared of the tone he used before you even opened your mouth.

He doesn’t say anything and just closes his door and walks passed you. As he walks away you take in a deep breath to calm your nerves.

Since when was it so hard to just talk to him normally? The question lingered in your mind, but you already knew the answer.

You had feelings for the God of Mischief.

Without another thought popping into your mind, you follow after him but maintain a distance. That action seems useless when you realise that you’d need to accompany him in the elevator.

Isn’t this just the best day ever?

Ever since you realised that your heart skipped a beat when he was near, or when you’d get butterflies when talking to him, you started to spend less and less time with Loki.

It didn’t go unnoticed by him, in fact everyone noticed it. The only difference was that everyone knew of this little crush you had for Loki, except the God of Mischief himself.

At first Steve couldn’t comprehend how you, a bright and happy-go-lucky person would start liking a person like Loki. Natasha explained how it’s obvious you’d see him differently. You were always around him; it was your job after all.

You and Loki come to a stop at the elevator and the silence is uncanny.

Eventually after some time the elevator arrives, and you walk in the same time that Loki does. Your shoulders briefly brushing against each other.

You’re about to apologise but stop when you see the look in Loki’s eye.

It’s like his reading you like an open book.

You quickly put look back down and stand in the back of the elevator showing that you wanted distance between you two.

Loki’s brows furrow at this action, usually you’d stand right next to him. Never having a moment of silence between you two since you always had questions for him.

The door close and you two are once again engulfed in silence.

Although one thing you don’t know is that Loki noticed the sudden pick up in your heartbeat.

This has happened quite a few times when you were near him, or is he said something to you. You’d blush beat red and respond by looking away.

He was slowly starting to realise, but just not completely. Not yet at least.

The elevator doors open and you walk out and go to the room that is usually used for these meetings that Steve holds.

Everyone is already there and are chatting amongst themselves.

“Good, everyone is finally here.” Steve begins.

He goes on to explain a new mission that everyone part takes in, everyone but you and Loki.

“Okay, and Sam and Bucky would be the ones to gather the hostages, while Thor and Tony take down the main quarters.” He finished it off with a nodded and glance at everyone.

“Steve… everyone is going on this mission. Everyone besides Loki and I?” You ask unsure of how to word your question.

“You and Loki will remain here; we’ll need the two of you to keep confirm the transfer of the files that Nat will send. ” He simply states.

“But that makes no sense, Loki would be a great help to Sam and Bucky. I could help Nat get the files faster.” You start rambling.

The last thing you wanted was to be left alone in the compound with Loki. You maintained a good distance with him while everyone was here, how would you do that by staying at his side just waiting for a transfer confirmation?

“I’m doing this for one of two reasons. It’s dangerous for you to be there. I’m not saying it’s something you can’t handle, but it’s something that would work better with you staying here. As for Loki, I don’t want to be rude, but his skills aren’t needed that much on this mission.” Steve explained with a simple shrug.

You looked to Nat for help, but she was already looking at Steve with a smile. You narrowed your eyes at her, she looked to you and gave a small smile.

They’re up to something, you know it.

There’s no use arguing, if this is what Steve thinks is the best plan then so be it.

“Okay, I’ll be here then.” You say sadly.

“C'mon y/n it can’t be that bad being with Loki for a few hours. You two already spend so much time together.” Tony teases.

You send a sarcastic smile his way and look to Loki who already has his eyes on you.

“Okay then if no one else has anything to say. I suggest everyone gets suited up and ready. We leave in 30 minutes.” Steve announces and walks off.

Everyone follows after him. You stay behind since you don’t have to suit up.

“Does it repulse you that much to be in my presence?” Comes the voice that always appears in your dreams.

You turn around and Loki is still where he was previously.

“Wha- no, no. It’s not like that.” You insist.

“Then what is it like?” He questions taking a step closer to you.

“I just haven’t been on a mission… in a while.” You stumble to find the right words as he gets closer and closer to you.

“You were just on one last week darling. I doubt it’s been a while.” He smiles at you.

Loki never smiles, smirks yes, but never smiles.

“I consider that to be a while.” You mutter in a hushed tone.

Loki is about to say something else when Nat comes back into the room.

“Y/n I need to quickly show you how to transfer and backup the files.” She trails off as she looks from Loki to you.

You look to Loki and realise that he is much closer to you. All in your personal bubble.

You don’t answer as your eyes keep nervously moving from Loki to Nat.

“Okay.” You squeak out and walk towards Nat, trying not to stumble.

What you don’t see is the smile on Loki’s face as he looks at your retreating figure.

Nat looks to him with a knowing smile.

“Have you finally realised it?” She teased.

“Took me a while, but I think I just did.” Loki admits.


“It’s that simple. You just need to wait here for my signal and transfer them. Friday will do the rest.” Nat finishes explaining what you need to do.

“You basically just need me to press a button?” You ask with a pointed brow.

“Pretty much yeah, but it helps us a lot.” Nat assures you.

“Hmm, I’m sure.”

“Okay, I’ll be taking your leave now. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do while we’re all gone.” She winks and walks away.

You don’t fully understand her words until you hear the clearing of a voice behind you.

You turn around and low and behold, the man of your literal dreams stands before you.

“What do we need to do?” He asked leaning against the desk behind him.

“Well, uh… we just need to wait for a signal and press a button.” You explain drily.

“What fun.” He concludes.

“You don’t have to be here you know. I can just wait here on my own.” You insist.

“I’d much rather keep you company. We both know you can never be alone and not get bored.” He wakes up from leaning on the table and makes his way to you.

“I don’t get that bored. There’s just nothing to do sometimes.” You exclaim annoyed.

“Not from what I’ve noticed.” Loki mumbles as he stops in front of you against like earlier.

“And what did you notice?” You challenge him.

“Lots of things. Like how your heart picks up in speed when I’m near you, or how nervous you get when I look in your eyes. How your breath hitches when we come into brief contact with one another… shall I continue?” By the time he finishes his words he has both hands settled on the table behind you, you’re trapped between him and the desk.

“I- you, you’re wrong.”

“Am I? because…” He leans down till he is at my height, “your body tells me otherwise darling.”

You’re at a loss for words, is he just being like this because he’s lonely, or has he picked up on your little crush for him?

“Look, Loki this is-”

You’re cut off by Loki’s voice, “You don’t think I noticed your little crush on me?” He teased.

He knows, and now he is just doing this to tease you.

“Stop, I don’t need you to rub it in my face that you don’t feel the same way. It’s just a stupid crush.” You try pushing against his chest so that you can escape the embarrassment.

“Oh, but it’s not just a stupid crush. It’s more than that.” He stands firmly against you so that his whole front is pressed against yours, stopping you from moving.

“What?” You asked confused.

“Don’t look so confused darling. I thought it was obvious. Just not as obvious as you.” He laughs.

“What do you mean?” Now you’re just even more confused by his words.

“Of course, you wouldn’t understand.” He rolls his eyes; at this little action you grow a bit concerned.

“I. Feel. The. Same.” He mutters each word slowly, as if for you to understand better.

You’re about to tell him not to talk to you like you’re stupid, but quickly stop once you realise what he said.

“You- what? No.” You don’t really know what to say.

“Have I rendered you speechless darling? That’s a first.” He says in amusement.

“You better not just be saying this to embarrass me.” You warn.

“I would never.” Something about the way he said it and look in his eyes convinced you that he was telling the truth.

“Okay, I believe you.” You say with a smile.

It still hasn’t fully registered to you Loki; the God of Mischief feels the same about you as you do to him.

“You do?” He asked with a smile.

“I do.” You nod happily.

“What do we do now?” Loki asked confused as to what happens next.

He hasn’t done this before and it’s all new to him.

“Well, we get to know each other and see whether we’d still feel the same afterwards I guess.” You say unsure of whether that came out the way you intended it to.

“I already know everything about you darling. What else is there to know?” He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer to him if that is possible.

“You know me from work, you don’t know me outside of work.” You said giggling.

You settle your hands onto his chest and can feel how fast his heart is beating. You look up at him surprised,

“You feel that? That’s how I always when you’re around me.” He admits.

You don’t say anything as you take his hand and mistakenly settle it on your left breast.

“Oh no.” You say embarrassed as he laughs at you.

“I didn’t mean… “ You trial off.

“I know, you just wanted me to…” He takes his hand and settle it at your neck, where he can feel your heartbeat, “feel your heartbeat.”

You feel goosebumps rise on your skin as his cold hands settle on your neck. You close your eyes and embrace his touch.

You’re both quickly brought out of your little trance once you hear the beeping sound coming from behind you.

That’s the signal.

You push away from Loki and turn to press the button that Nat showed you before she left. That was quick of them.

“Friday, are you doing the transfer?” You ask as you look at the screen.

“Yes Ms. y/n, agent Romanoff instructed me to do it.” Friday responds.

You nod and carry looking at the screen just to make sure everything goes smoothly.

You feel arms wrap around you and pull you towards a familiar chest.

“I never knew you’d be this touchy.” You chuckle.

“Only for you.” He mutters burying his face in your neck.

“You lovebirds finally admitted how you felt?” A modulated voice calls out.

You both jump apart and look around trying to look for the source of the voice.

“The desk.” The voice calls out again.

You and Loki look to the desk and see the device that Tony made for communication during missions.

“Natasha?” You ask confused.

“The one and only. Along with the rest of the team.” She laughed.

“How much did y’all hear?” You asked panicked.

“Enough to know that y’all finally admitted your feelings?” She explained.

“Oh god.” You mutter.

“Brother I’m happy for you and Lady y/n. Perhaps you will finally be a little less… sad all the time.” Comes Thors voice.

“Oh god indeed.” Loki muttered well.

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Ok so this idea has been eating up at me for so long, would anyone be interested in a multi-fic series crossover of Fast and Furious, Transformers, and the Avengers? Please let me know!

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You Again P.3

Steve(AU) x Reader

Summary: It’s been awhile since high school  and awhile since you’ve seen your brother’s best friend, Steve. A wedding is just the excuse to bring you together.

Word Count:

Warnings: None I think.

A/N: So it continues!

Part 1 Part 2


“You know he’s not with her right?” Sam glanced over at you from the driver’s seat.

You were daydreaming - more like day-nightmaring - off into the California hills. “Hm?” You mumbled half-heartedly.

“Steve. He’s not with Sharon.” He put that out there bluntly and softly. It may not have sounded like it, but Sam knew Sharon’s ploy. “ If it makes you feel any better, it makes me sick thinking of them together. ”

A smile played at the edge of your lips. Was Sam always this forthcoming before? He was usually so kind and accepting. Although, Sharon did know how to rub people the wrong way. 

“It wasn’t Sharon and Steve. I just think that wine got to me, mixed with the seafood, and yeah…” you mused nonchalantly. 

Sam laughed, “Sure. And it’s Sharon OR Steve. He doesn’t associate with her. But he’s just too nice to say anything.”

“Yeah. He’s too nice.” You took to agreeing to stop the conversation. You weren’t in the mood to excuse Steve’s silence. 

Sam pulled into the drive and helped you out. He got you looming in the doorway while he looked for the light switch.

“Up. Up, Sam! Just guide your hands on the wall. ” You laughed as he tripped and cursed under his breath.

Once the house was properly lit, he helped you up the stairs. At the top, Sam put his hand on your shoulder,“ Just have faith. ”

You smiled at him,“ Sam, I’m fine. Honestly. I’m going to take some anti- nausea, but I’ll be okay.” You played off the heaviness looming over your heart. 

He nodded and began his descend to the guest house. “Alrighty then, goodnight,  (Y/N). If you need anything, give me a ring.”

You smiled after him,“what do you mean? If you need anything, you give me a ring. On my left hand!” You beamed after he gave you a cheeky smile over his shoulder.

Marrying Sam? It hadn’t crossed her mind before, but it wasn’t a bad idea. You had history. You had experiences. You were connected. And you were just trying to distract yourself from the pity that was Sharon and Steve.

You hobbled to bed after washing up and tucked yourself in. Against your better judgement, you prowled social media to figure out the history between Sharon and Steve.. You were good at hurting your own feelings. 

An hour or so later, the rest of the pack shuffled in. Everyone drifted in different directions. 

Steve could hear the ladies coming back from the kitchen and snuck upstairs with his to-go bag.

He crept quietly to your door and knocked softly. He waited patiently until he heard the girls coming upstairs. He slipped in and sighed in relief. He wasn’t trying to spend anymore time with Sharon.

He squinted through the darkness. Adjusting to the dim light, he called out, “Hey, (Y/N/N), you awake? I know you weren’t feeling too good, but I brought you dessert. It’s your favorite.. chocolate lava cake.”

He came upon your bed and realized how peacefully you were sleeping. His heart quivered. He smiled admiringly at your face and reached to tuck some hair behind your ear,“ Sleep tight, beautiful. I’ll put it in the fridge for you tomorrow.”

He took your dessert back downstairs only  to run smack dab into Sharon.

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  Steve’s fingers entangle with yours slowly, easily, as you sit beside him in the movie theater. There’s an old black and white movie from his own time period playing loudly on a big screen and the two of you are practically the only people who selected to see this tonight. You’re alone, except for one or two older couples, and Steve is all too aware of how close you’re sitting together. His shoulder will brush yours when he’s reaching for some more popcorn or you’ll accidentally graze your leg against his as you shuffle your position in your seat. 

  Steve had decided it was fine to hold hands- that it wouldn’t cross any of the old fashioned boundaries that he still liked to stick to, but his entire body was on fire and he wanted to feel much more than he thought was proper for a second date.

  He clears his throat as a dramatic scene lights up on the movie screen. When he feels you lean your head onto his shoulder, he glances down, only to find you peering up at him. For a second, he gets lost in your eyes, tracing all the colors he can see swirling around in your irises. He thinks to move closer for a kiss, but another round of dramatic music causes him to jump and heat races up onto his cheeks. You both chuckle at the interrupted moment and Steve gives your hand another squeeze as he rests his own head gently atop yours.

authors note:: This was supposed to be part of an Avengers imagine that I’m working on, but it got way too long and short story-ish, so I decided to publish it on it’s own. I have a Bruce Banner snippet coming up too.

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warnings :  sexual assault - this is your TRIGGER WARNING. (it’s a very brief encounter)

summary : something happens to reader and peter finds out

word count : 1700

peter and reader are both +21 !! (implied developed relationship)

a/n : im sorry, i dont have ‘writers block’ but im a little short on ideas, bare with me.

i feel like everyone thinks peter would be so protective if something happened to his girl. but he’s a complete softie here

You were an early graduate; a genius that Tony practically raised with the rest of the Avengers. And then, they got Peter. Of course, at the time, the whole feud with Steve and Tony had just erupted and you weren’t taking anyones sides no matter what, but Peter was just a kid doing what he was told. You were a kid too, and when things settled down, Tony introduced you to him.

Peter was taking classes at NYU for college, and you were doing online classes for fun (even though you already had three degrees). Both of you lived in the Avengers tower, finding it easier to maintain and work when you were already there.

It was Friday night, and your best friends had invited you to go clubbing for the night, wanting to celebrate somebody’s birthday. You agreed, informing Peter where’d you be before showering and picking out a skin tight outfit.

Walking out of your room, you headed to the elevator, reading the time. It was barely 8:30, but your friends were waiting downstairs in the lobby. Passing the kitchen, Peter was drinking a glass of water.


You turned around, eyes softening. “Oh, hi Petey.”

“You look … uhm,” he was choking on his words. “R-really good.”

You blushed, reaching for his hand, “Thank you, Pete.” You leaned to kiss him on the cheek, “I’ll see you when I get back, yeah?”

He smiled wide, nodding. “Please text me when you get there and call me when you’re leaving. Tell Kylie I said 'happy birthday.’”

“Will do, love you,” you replied, stepping into the elevator.

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Hey guys! Here’s an update! 

Warning: Mentions/aftermath of self harm 

Stay safe, you beautiful people! ❤

Tony hadn’t slept since the last time he had managed to get a hold of Steve. Ever since he had misspoken in front of Peter he had a hard time doing anything. Pepper once came in to try and make him eat something, but he could barely keep it down. His beard was coming in patchy. Whenever someone tried to tell him to rest or even suggested to stop his search for a little bit, Vision would have to restrain him. 

He should have been more cautious around Steve. He knew that Peter was on the ship, but Bucky had egged him on and he was not having it. The look on Peter’s face broke him. Seeing the tears stream down, and his eyes puff out made him want to vomit. He wanted to let Peter know that he cared for him; that everything he was doing was for him, but Bucky had cut the stream so fast, and now his team was having a hard time relocating it. 

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I’m not a Marvel person, but a hustle is a hustle.

Knit with Knit Picks Brava Bulky in intarsia.


Really happy about how it turned out!

I’m still furloughed from work and the Florida unemployment system is a joke so getting commissions is really awesome!

(yes that is a stuffed Toothless in the corner)

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The team couples: *excessively arguing*

Steve: Why are you guys arguing about it? I’d honestly take the top or bottom of the bunk bed and be grateful for it! *crosses arms*

Clint: ….

Natasha: ….

Sam: …..

Bucky: I’m telling him…

Tony: Don’t.

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