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#steve rodgers x reader
lipstickstainedred · 2 days ago
Champagne Masterlist
Tumblr media
Dark!Steve x Reader
Warnings: angst, DUB-CON/NON-CON (eventual), smut (eventual) NSFW (eventual), violence (eventual), kidnapping (eventual)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
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imaginesforhotguys · 2 days ago
Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count:1139
Thinking of making a part 2 of this so if you guys like this and want more let me know!
Tumblr media
Today was just like any other day. Wake up at 5 for job you didn’t really love. Out the door by 5:15 for the 3 mile run you take even though you don’t want to. Then it’s back home to shower, change, and eat breakfast before your out the door at 7 for the metro ride to work. You would have left the house at 7:30 but today was Wednesday and Wednesday meant that you made a stop before work.
You actually take the metro 3 stops past your work every Wednesday so you can walk another half mile up a hill that is covered in small flowers and 7ft tall square marble pillars. Each pillar has the names of those lost during the blip. Many cities across the country have parks and monuments like this dedicated to those who simply vanished in those cities. But this one in DC has every single name.
Every single Wednesday for the past 2 years you climbed this hill before work to stare at the names of your brother and your mom. For the first month after the pillar was built, you came everyday but somehow you convinced yourself that every Wednesday was enough. You would stare at their names and pray to whoever would listen to bring them back. To bring all of them back.
So there you sat on the metro, waiting for the train to pull into your station. “Next stop Remembrance Park.” The voice over the louder speaker chimes. At this you throw your bag over your shoulder and head towards the train doors. The doors chime, “Doors opening. Please stand back to allow people enter.” You quietly slide out of the doors and up the escalator to the outside of the station.
The warm sun greets you at the entrance as you bring the climb up to the top of the hill. The pillar with your brother’s and mother’s name is up the hill to the left. You actually liked where it was located because it was right next to a small pond that had one park bench. You felt as if the bench was a sign from them. That they were here with you. You notice that a man was already sitting on the bench reading a book which you found odd. You were often alone in this section of the park in the morning so a new face was different.
You reach the pillar a small bead of sweat falls down your forehead. Even though it was 7:30 in the morning the DC heat was already starting. You debated on even coming knowing how hot it would be but you never missed a Wednesday, and especially not this one.
You lay your hand on the cool marble pillar. “Happy birthday mom.” Is all you can manage in a small whisper of a voice. You slug back to the bench letting your body fall beside the man sitting.
A tear rolls down your cheek as the sniffles begin. “Ya know they all say that it gets easier,” you say wiping the tear from your face. You don’t even know if the man next to you is listening but for some reason you feel comfortable talking about things you usually only talk about in your weekly group grief meetings.
“But it hasn’t. Nothing about this is easy. How does anyone expect us to just move on?”
The tears really start falling now. You quickly begin to dig through your purse for the small package of tissues you have on hand. Before you can find it you feel a small nudge on your side and a tissue being placed on your lap.
“Here you go.” The man says in a low voice. “And if it makes you feel any better it’s ok not be ok.”
You turn your head to see who this stranger is who is giving you such sympathy at 7:30 in the morning. The identity of the mystery man shocks you.
“Oh my,” you say all of sudden shy. “I didn’t mean to bother you Captain.”
“Please call me Steve. And you certainly are not bothering me.” You can feel his eyes on you so you turn back to meet his gaze. Wow he sure was pretty. You mentally slapped yourself for crying in front of him and most definitely ruining the makeup you applied earlier this morning.
“I usually don’t cry when I come here but it’s actually my mom’s birthday so it’s been a rough one. I lost her and my brother in the blip.”
Steve puts a gentle arm on your shoulder. “I’m sorry to hear that miss. I understand how rough that must have been on you and your father.”
“My dad passed away 3 months after the blip. He was perfectly healthy and one night he just passed. Doctors said he died of a broken heart. Losing my mom destroyed him. Now it’s just me” You continue to blot you eyes with tissue Steve gave you. Never in 1 million years did you think you would be venting your problems to Steve Rogers on the bench in Remembrance Park.
“I’m sorry for bothering you with all of this. You probably think I’m crazy. I’m (Y/n) by the way. Now you know the crazy girl’s name.” You say with a slight chuckle as Steve hand you another tissue.
“Hi (Y/n). I’m Steve and no I don’t think you’re crazy. I think your grieving and that’s ok to do. I promise you it will get better.”
“Oh you can promise that?”
Steve holds up one pinky waiting until you ahoy interlock yours with his. “I promise.”
The amount of time you had your pinky interlocked with his was probably to long but when you touched his skin you felt the best you have felt in 2 years. You never wanted this feeling to end but it was disrupted when Steve’s phone rings and he rushes his hand into his pocket to see who it is.
Steve sighs loudly and pushes the phone back into his pocket. “That’s work so I have to get going.”
“Of course,” you say pushing yourself back up off the bench. “I should head out to or I’ll be late for work. It was really nice talking to you Steve.”
“I enjoyed myself too (Y/n). Listen I go to this group thing in Friday nights. It’s just a place where we can all talk about what we are feeling. You should come and maybe after we can get coffee or something? It’s at the International Hotel at 6.”
“You know what? That actually sounds really nice I’ll be there.”
“You promise?”
For the first time in what feels like a long time a genuine smile creeps across your face. “Promise.”
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two-hearts-one-love · a day ago
Even on the darkest of days
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doctor Steve Rogers
Somethings are not always as they seem... Everyone thinks Dr. Rogers is a good well respected man.... But you know the truth.
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agentofbarnes · a month ago
★·.·´¯`·.·★ 𝘽𝙐𝙍𝙉𝙄𝙉𝙂 ★·.·´¯`·.·★
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 ; steve rogers x cam girl!reader
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 ; the newest avenger has quite the secret
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 ; smut, minors DNI, age gap [reader is early 20s], porn, sexual themes, onlyfans, size kink [steve is 6’7], male masturbation, female masturbation, use of toys, fucking with inanimate objects, teasing, one single mention of daddy in username (no daddy kink tho), hair pulling, minor degradation, dirty talk, creampie, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒 & 𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐂𝐋𝐀𝐈𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐒 ; this fic is for my divine baby‘s( aka @my-divine-death​) motel 666 challenge! i had so much fun writing this and i’m so excited to share it with you guys! 
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers remembered the day you arrived to the compound. You were so bright eyed, spinning around with a big grin spread across face as admired the facility in amazement. Tony had chuckled at your reaction, watching how you jumped from one thing to another like an excitable child.
He was on the upper level, peering over the ledge of railing as Tony showed you around the facility before bringing you to meet the team in the conference room.
Steve had stepped out of the room. He was on edge today. Winter always put him in a mood. As soon as the air brought the chills, Steve turned a little more irritated. He hated the cold, no, he despised it. He blamed his mood on the first snow of the season, and how Thor had tracked the wet, soggy liquid into the compound after he had insisted he and Wanda make “these snowmen the tv talks about.”
So, he maybe was in a bad mood, and maybe he had snapped at his friends when they called him out on it.
“Don’t listen to him, Thor, he’s just grumpy because he hasn’t gotten laid in three months,”Sam joked, leaning back in the rolling chair next to Bucky.
“Oh, is that how long it’s been since Sharon visited?”
“Can you two ever shut the fuck up?”Steve had snapped,”You chose now to finally get along?” He had taken a deep breath, rose from his seat and removed himself from the situation.
In his defense, it had been a long week. No, his sour mood wasn’t because his friend with benefits hadn’t visited. It was because his last mission had gone poorly. The team was off-game, and he was stressed. How were they supposed to bring in this new member when their current members were barely working together?
Steve sighed out, his gaze following you below as you spun around. You looked so young. No older than twenty. You radiated warmth and beauty, and he was captivated by you. 
“Kid, you gotta calm down before you meet team,”Tony told you, making you turn on your heels towards him.
“Right, fuck—oh shit, I shouldn’t curse, should I?”You blurted out nervously, hands flying over your mouth.
Steve cracked a smile, already knowing what was coming next.
“Well, it’s Cap that you should watch your language around,” Tony joked. 
“Never gonna live that one down, am I?” Steve made himself known, commanding voice echoing through the large room. He watched as your head snapped up to find him, eyes wide in excitement and nervousness. 
“Oh my god, you’re--”
“Steve Rogers,”He said, his smile growing wider as you looked at him with so much wonder. It made his heart pound against his rib cage and for a minute, he thinks his heart condition might have returned. His stomach flips and twists with butterflies when you smiled up at him.
“You’re my favorite,” You admitted without thinking, eyes widening at your confession,”I mean, I always thought you were so cool when I was kid, I grandad was veteran in the war...I have your comics from back in the day, near mint condition...I’m gonna stop talking...”
“I think that might be a good idea, kid,”Tony chuckled, patting your back,”Here, I thought I was your favorite.”
“You aren’t even top three.”
“As much as I would love to see you break Tony’s ever growing ego, this meeting was supposed to start ten minutes ago and I have a meeting with Secretary Ross in half an hour,”Steve admitted with a frown, glancing you over one last time before moving away from the railing to head back into the conference room. 
When you stepped into the room, everyone turned towards you. Steve’s eyes darted from each person to examine their reactions to you. The team had grown a lot since New York. It was no longer the original six. Since then, Wanda and Pietro had joined. Of course, Vision had been created. Rhodey and Sam joined the ranks shortly after that. Bucky Barnes had been recruited once Steve had come clean about Hydra’s involvement in the Starks’ deaths and Tony had helped him find his friend in order to find his own answers to why his parents had been targeted. Of course, there were temporary members that appeared when they needed helped, but were the newest full fledged member.
Tony had found you about you through the internet, a vigilante fighting to protect girls on the streets in Boston. You had fire...literally. Not to mention you were trained in combat from extensive self-defense lessons as a child. The internet had dubbed you Firefly. 
“Hi,”You waved shyly, sliding into the chair at the front of the table right in front of where Steve sat at the head of it.”’m late, this place is huge, I kept getting distracted.”
“Pretty sure the only one who minds is Cappy,” Pietro commented, spinning in his chair with a bored expression on his face. Wanda waved her hand, the red magic stilling the chair in place. 
“It’s fine, you’re new,” Steve assured you, shooting the white-haired avenger a warning look.”This is where we meet, we meet every other day at 10am, team training is every day in the afternoon, you are expected to attend, you will have one-on-one training with everyone eventually. We’ll work it all out, right now, this week, we just want to get to know you. We do have a chore chart, it’s a wheel we spin every week, breakfast is at 8am unless you want to sleep in on days we don’t have meetings.”
“Right, I should have brought a notebook...”You mumbled, trying to remember all the information given to you.
“We’ll keep you on track, don’t worry,”Sam offered with a soft smile,”Trust me, he’s not as strict as he seems. He’s really a teddy bear.”
“You’ll get the hang of it,”Steve added,”We’re a team, we’ll help you.”
In the following weeks, you became quite close with the team and Steve had grown even more fond of you. You got along with just about everyone. You were a little awkward around Vision, as of the Android knew something everyone didn’t. He wasn’t sure. You had been a great addition to the team.
You were a hell of a fighter, and you partnered amazingly with Bucky. For one, you didn’t annoy the hell out of him, so you had been spending a lot of time with him. You had also been having lunch with Wanda and Pietro every day, talking about their home country of Sokovia, It was nice to see you fit in with the team. 
Steve was glad that you didn’t isolate yourself much like Bucky had in first few weeks. Though, you did sometimes skip some of the nightly activities and you were often on your phone, but he accounted that your age. You were the youngest one of them all. He figured that’’s why you spent a lot of your time with the twins. 
Not that he was offended that you rarely came around him, though, he wished you would. Time did not diminish his growing feelings for you at all. No, the more he learned about you, the more he wanted to know. 
During game night, you had been his partner in charades and you had been quite the team, winning the night. But he had made you laugh...that was the true victory. It had been so free and warm, you were so gorgeous in every way and you had way of consuming without even knowing.
Today was no different. Steve’s hungry gaze scanned over you as your rolled over the mat with Natasha. He stepped into the training room and cleared his throat,”Ladies, times up. Firefly, you ready for our sparring?”
Steve wasn’t sure if he was looking forward to this or dreading it. Maybe both.
You bounced up on your feet, sweat glistening off you skin as the smile appeared on your face. He noticed how your eyes scanned over his bare chest and it made smirk just a little. Steve held his head a little higher, joining you on the mat.
“What, no shield?”
“Thought I’d go easy on you,” Steve taunted teasingly, putting his fists up in a defensive position.”Just don’t set me on fire.”
“And here I thought you didn’t like being cold,”You smirked, mimicking his defense position,”Don’t want me to warm you, Cap?”
That...shouldn’t make me him hard. Steve shook the thought off, lunging at you and swiped at you feet and knocked on the ground. He watched as you bounced back up with a flip. You went in for a hit, he dodged. He did the same and you dodged until it seemed like you were doing a dance.
You threw a punch and Steve caught you punch, drew you into his chest to put into a hold but you flipped it on him, twisting his arm and sliding out of his grasp. You swiped his leg out from under him, and he stumbled. 
When he staggered, you took the change to perform one of Natasha’s move as he stood up, running and wrapping your thighs around your head while he tried to fight it off,”That all you got, Cap? Where’s the super soldier?”
“Cute birthmark,”He commented where your shirt had ridden up to reveal the mark on your hip you’ve had forever, breathing hard with your thighs wrapped around his head. Steve then slammed you down, twisted out of you grasp and used his strength to pin you to down to the mat. He had his hands over your wrists, watching your chest rise and fall under him.
“It’s a scar, actually,”You whispered, his face just inches from yours. He was so close with his heavy body pressed against yours, hips straddling yours to the ground.”Burned myself when I got my powers, before I was immune....I like it, though. It’s a reminder. That’s the thing about fire, it’s enticing, beautiful, but uncontrollable. You think you have it figure it out, but you don’t. You never know what it will do.”
“You’re good, you know?”Steve whispered, nose grazing against yours before he removes himself from you and disappears from the room. He leaves you panting on the training room without another word, feeling confused.You don’t see him till the next day.
Later that night, Steve still can’t stop thinking about how it felt to have you under him, his cock heavy in his sweats as he laid back in the large bed of his silent room. The digital clock read one in the morning. It was taunting him, the darkness looming over him as his throbbing length ached for you. Fuck it.
He grabbed his phone from the bedside table, unlocking the device with his pass code and clicking on his twitter. Steve pulled himself up slightly, leaning his back against the head board. He logged into the secret twitter account he has, the one where he just likes little porn videos and sees what people are saying about him. Steve also might keep up with what people are saying about you. He isn’t even on the app for five minutes when he realizes that something is going on.
avengers_whore14 : guys if you havent seen this firefly cosplay onlyfans you have to check it out, its literal fire (pun intended) best cosplay ive ever seen her most recent vid is wild its so worth it here’s the link to her acc 
Steve debated on clicking on the link. Is it crossing a line? His thumb hovered over the link before deciding maybe he should investigate know being the leader of the team and all....He created an account starspangleddaddy04 and input his billing information to access to videos. 
What he found was impressive. The photographs had him throbbing in his sweats even more, his hand going to palm at his erection as he clicked on the most recently upload video. It was from the night before.
Steve furrowed his brow at the girl with the crimson mask much like yours dressed in navy blue lingerie doing a little tease with a Captain America shield...his shield. 
“Holy shit,”He uttered, going to grab his headphones when he noticed the little mark on the girl’s hip. A burn mark that he had only just seen recently. His eyes widen in realization. 
This was no cosplay. This was you, and that was his shield.
Steve plugged his headphones in and your voice filled his ears as you laid the shield on the floor, pulling a big dildo out of the draw to suction cup to the shield before you began to lube it up.
“Do you guys wanna see me fuck myself on Captain’s shield? Yeah? Just don’t tell him. There’s not telling what he’d do....he’s kinda the boss...and I’d hate to disappoint him...he’s my favorite...the things I’d do for him..”You admitted, licking your lips.
It wasn’t until you were hovering over the shield, thick dildo prodding at your entrance that Steve reached into his pants to free his cock. He was painfully hard, thick cock leaking pre-cum down his long shaft. He spit over his cock, slicking it up before he slowly ran his fingers over it while you sank down on the silicone cock. He desperately wished it was his cock your tight pussy was clenching around, but at least it was his name you were moaning.
“Fuck, Captain...”You whimpered, hands splayed out on the vibranium with your thighs spread wide as you looked at the camera with a fucked out look.”‘s so big, feels so fucking good.”
Steve stroked himself to the sound of your moans, fist twisting around the girth and pumping faster as you fuck back on the fake cock with gasps. He’s lost in your whines, thinking about how he could bury his cock into your tight heat and how you’d squirm under him. 
“Cum with me....please, need it, I need your cum, fuck, please...” You mewled, fucking your pussy on the cock and back against the shield like a greedy whore. Steve groaned out, ropes of white spurting out all over his chest as you fall apart of his small screen soaking his shield.
How the hell was he supposed to bring this up?
Tumblr media
It had started with a photograph. It wasn’t supposed to be anything more than a couple teases in your uniform when you were really feeling yourself in the new suit Tony had made for you. It accentuated all the parts of your body you liked, it pushed your breasts up and made them pop, and the mask was hid your identity from the world. 
It was a simple mirror selfie, posed out with your thighs spread out on the floor and front zipper undone to showcase your breasts on this fake twitter account that blew up after a couple weeks. The comments were overwhelming, asking for an OnlyFans and complimenting your cosplay.
You should have stopped there, but you didn’t. You figured as long as they thought it was a cosplay you were in the clear, and what was the chance any of your team would find the page? 
It was only pictures at first, little teases of you in costumes with little captions like “after a hard mission, i really just need a big cock to fuck me dumb” and as the days turned to the weeks, you got bolder. They were paying you after all, you might as well give them a little show.
The first video was thirty seconds and all it showed was you unzipping your uniform slowly, biting your lower lip as your breast pop out fully. You let out a little giggle, massage them with your hands and bounce a little before stopping the recording. The caption reads,”Don’t you think I’d look pretty covered in cum?” 
It was then that the comments started to roll in. Like, bet firefly gets fucked by all the avengers...
yeah, she’s such tight piece of ass, i bet thor fucks that little throat all the time
she’s sugarbaby material, stark’s totally hitting that
captain america would love to breed that pussy i bet
such a realistic cosplay, would love to see you fuck yourself
You were flustered by the comments, and while you had thought about posting a video of you pleasuring yourself, you were nervous. It wasn’t until the perfect opportunity presented itself. Just the thought of it made you feel ashamed of yourself, but fuck, you were so hot thinking about it.
 It happened by chance. Thor had tendency to come into your room and talk, he liked talking to you about Jane. You liked listening to him, he sounded so in love and you never made fun of him like the others. He shared his troubles with you and per your suggestion, he was taking the weekend off. Thor was taking Jane on a weekend getaway, no powers, no avengers, and no hammer. 
It wasn’t until he was gone that you realized he left Mjolnir sitting beside the chair in your room. The dirty thought didn’t cross your mind until late that night, but once it did, you couldn’t help yourself.
You rearranged your room, pushing your chair out of the way so you could have plenty of room. The camera set up perfectly to display you in the pretty red lingerie set that matched the crimson mask you always wore.
You smirked to yourself, drizzling a little lube on the handle before going to press play on the camera. You sat beside the hammer on your knees shyly,”Hi, everyone, um, guys have been so good to me...and you make me feel so good...”You licked your lips,”I thought I’d finally give you a little show...I might have borrowed Thor’s hammer...I can’t lift it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it.” You winked at them before standing up.
You pulled the thin red thong down your legs, tossed them to the side before lining yourself up at the handle. With your hand, you spread your folds, gasping with the handle breached your tight hole.”Oh fuck,” You whined, biting your lip as your walls clenched around the thick handle.
With labored breathing, you sank down on the hammer as you grabbed at your breasts,”Fuck, this, wish it was your cock, but oh my god, it feels good.” You whined, leaning your head back with parted lips as you felt yourself up teasingly.”If Thor knew what I was doing....shit, I don’t know if he’d be ha-hard or mad....or both...” 
You moaned out, eyes rolling back as you bounced on the hammer. The handle was long and thick, the ridges of the leather wrapping gliding against your walls hitting you in just the right way. You ran a hand through your hair, sweat starting to glisten off your body as you fuck yourself eagerly on the hammer. 
“Oh!” You gasped out, pinching at your nipples through the lace bralette you wore as your other hand fell to your cunt to rub circles around your clit,”‘m gonna cum, fuck, cum with me, please, wanna make you feel good... oh, yes, yesyesyes, ah!” 
You threw your head back with your lips parted as your rode your orgasm out with trembling thighs. You blew the camera a little kiss before turning it off and dismounting the hammer. 
You swear you’ve never cleaned something so well in your life, but it was so worth it because the video was a fucking hit. The cosplay theme was popular and you played into it. 
The next video was after you order a huge green dildo and attached it to the mirror before fucking yourself eagerly on it like a bitch in heat, moaning about how full you feel and you wish you could always be stuffed full of cock. 
You started to collect a variety of toys to take teasing photographs, plugs with symbols such as the black widow plug you showcase the week before your most recent video. The plug had been snug in your ass, the symbol proudly shown in the photo with the caption saying “wish i had a sexy assassin to teach me a lesson...”
But your most recent video was the one that got you in trouble. The one you had gotten the attention Steve Rogers. You liked having his attention, but one was ever supposed to find out, but him...this was worst case scenario because you liked him. 
Yet, you had known the risk when you had snagged his shield that night. You really thought you get away with it. 
Tumblr media
Steve had no idea how to act around you, but he knew that every time he saw you now his mind thought of how you on his shield, how your breasts bounced, and how you came begging for his cum. His cock would get uncomfortably hard and his face would flush. He avoided you at all costs, just until  his mind cleared. He could get through one day, right?
Apparently not.
You showed up everywhere. Breakfast, you were with Bucky and Sam joking about how you needed to get laid so bad. They offered to take you to the bars this weekends and Steve had bolted. 
The gyms weren’t safe because you ended up doing yoga when he went to go to his punching back, and you in yoga pants ended with him in a cold shower. The lounge seemed like a good place until you sought him out.
“Are you running from me?”
“What?”Steve asked, swallowing thickly.
“Oh my god, you are. Is this about yesterday? If I made you uncomfortable--”
“It’s not.”
“Then what is it?”
“I know you took my shield,”He blurted out, watching how your eyes widened at that.”And I know why.”
“You do?”You asked quietly, looking down shyly.
“I found your account...last night. I paid...”His cheeks turned red as he admitted his own shame.”I’ve been avoiding you because I can’t look at you without wanting to throw you down and...”
You looked up at him slowly, a small smirk forming on your lips as you realized you were in trouble at all.”And what, Captain?”
“And take me? Teach me a lesson? Spank me?” You whispered teasingly, stepping forward. His breath hitched as you closed in on him. You stood in front of him, your hand just barely touching his abdomen.”Show me who I belong to?”
Steve grabbed you by the waist, pressing you against the wall with a harsh thud as his lips crashed into yours. The kiss was electrifying, he was pure electricity pouring through you. You never felt so on fire, never burned so bright and hot until he touched you. He tore your shirt in half, the rip of the fabric echoing in the air. His large hands run over your warm bare skin, unhooking your bra and letting it fall to the ground before he’s moving you from the wall toward the door.
You leave a trail of clothing behind. His shirt, your pants, his pants, shoes, and socks until your falling on top of him in his bed. You pull away from him, straddling him with a smirk.”Oh, Captain, you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this.”
Your touch ignited something inside him, something infernal and carnal. He was intoxicated by your fiery touch. Soft lips against his chest burned with passion, each kiss intensifying the desire burning in him. His large hands find the flesh of your ass, fingers digging into the fat before lands two hard blows to watch it jiggle under his force.
Steve growled at you, flipping over so he was on top of you and kissing you feverishly and you whined into him happily.”Naughty girl, it’s time for a lesson about taking things that don’t belong to you...”Steve teased, manhandling you as he tossed you over so that you were on your tummy and yanked your panties down your thighs and off of you completely. He spanked at your ass a couple times, pulling a string of whimpers from you before bringing to your knees. 
His fingers dip between your folds teasingly, diving into the sopping wet hole with no warning.”Oh so wet, already, sugar, all for me?”Steve taunted, his other hand rubbing over your cheek. You dig your hands into the sheets while you crane your neck to look at him.
You gasp when you inserted a third finger,”Steve!” You cried out, pushing back against him, clenching around his fingers. He carefully curled them, brows furrowed as he fucked his fingers in and out of your wet pussy.
“Gotta get you ready, doll, don’t want to hurt you, though...from the looks of you page, seems like you’ve been training for me...”Steve smirked, kissing at you ass cheek and rubbed his thumb over the little hole of your ass.”Eventually, I’ll have to this ass too, bet you’d like that.”
You moaned out in response, eyes rolling back as he massaged at the sweet spot inside you and pulled an orgasm from you before he removed his fingers from you. Steve landed two more blows to your ass, the flesh raw and tender to the point you could feel the heat coming off your skin. 
Steve rubbed his large cock over your ass, making you whine at sight. He pushed the bulbous head into the entrance of your cunt, groaning at how you stretched to accommodate his girth. Your back arched as you pushed back against him eagerly, which surprised him. You moaned out loudly, throwing your head back as he easily buried his cock inside your tight cunt with you push back onto him with desperation.
“Eager little thing, aren’t you?” Steve teased, his hand rubbing down your lower back before pressing down on it to arch your back. He leaned into you, reeling back before he slammed into you.”Tell me, baby, when’s the last time when you were actually fucked?”
“It’s been so long...”You admitted in a whined, clawing at the bed in a choked out sob as he started to rail into. His hand came to entangle in your hair. The air in your lung caught in your throat at how good it felt to have Steve fuck you as hard as he could. The sound of his heavy balls and thighs slapping against you echoed. The squelch of your weeping pussy being pummeled by his fat cock was music to his ears, and oh the way you sang for him. His name was your symphony. 
“That’s it, fuck, such a good girl, so much better than those fake dicks, so much better than a stupid hammer, isn’t it?”Steve grunted, tugging on your hair a little harder for an answer.
“Y-yes, so--so much..fuck, Captain, please, can I cum, wanna cum with you?”
“You want my cum, sugar? Do you need it? Isn’t that what you say?”
“Yes! I need it! I need you, Steve! Fill me up, fill me with your cum, fuck--” 
Steve can’t hold back when you squeeze him like a fucking vice, cumming on his cock with your eyes rolled back and moaning his name like it’s all you’ve ever known. He spilled inside you, falling over you. He turned your head, smashing his lips over yours sweetly and when he’s done, he doesn’t stop. He gently pulls out and turns you over so he can keep kissing you. 
Steve kisses all over your face, making you smile ridiculously,”Steve, what..what are you doing?”
“’m showing you love, god, do you know how long I’ve been holding back from you?”
“You actually like me?”
Steve raised his head, tilting it at that,”Of course I do, why wouldn’t I?”
“You don’t little hobby is weird?”
“I got off to your little hobby, I don’t think I can judge,”Steve whispered, kissing your lips sweetly.”Besides, you had me from day one.”
“I have?”
“What can I say? The’s enticing, I don’t care if it burns, it’s worth it.”
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just-iimagine · 2 months ago
Birth control
Chris Evans x reader
Word count: 1k
Tumblr media
"So what's the plan for this week?" Chris asked as he tidied up the breakfast dishes. Being home for a week off was a lovely surprise for the both of you. A co-star had an injury on set, meaning production had to stop. Everyone was ok, thankfully but it was still lovely to have him home for the week.
"I have stuff written on the calendar, check that and we can work around it" you replied as you fed Dodger. Chris picked up his coffee cup. Drinking it as he read through the week, everything was normal enough. Groomers for Dodger, food shop. He stopped his scanning as he read 'doctor'.
"Doctor, babe?" he wondered, looking over at you. Mild concern in his voice. "Yeah, need to refill my script for the pill" you replied as you washed your hands. Chuckling as you saw his face.
"Unless you'd like to start using condoms instead" you teased a bit, coming over and hugging his waist. Knowing your husband hated using them and avoided them if he could.
The clogs in his brain were working overtime. You could see that clearly, as you rested your chin against his chest. "What's going on in that head of yours?" you asked softly after a few minutes of him staring off distantly.
"Nothing" he mumbled after a moment. Flashing a smile before suggesting bringing Dodger to the dog park. You agreed with the idea and took his coffee cup from him so he could go and get the lead. Humming a bit to yourself as you sipped on the remaining coffee in the cup.
Something was definitely going on in that head of his. But if he was unwilling to share, you'd have to wait until he was ready.
You left him to stew for a few days. He didn't say anything else on the subject and life continued as normal. Though at times, you kept catching him staring at the calendar. Whether he was cooking in the kitchen and caught a glimpse at it. Or was just leaning against the counter and thinking.
Each time you brought it up, he shrugged and walked away. Not until three days later, was the subject brought up again. When you were out shopping in the mall did the subject come up again.
You had both decided to browse through the clothes. Not that you needed anything, in particular, just a look as the Boston weather had turned nasty outside and looking at clothes in the mall seemed like a good option.
You had found a nice top and was searching for the right size when your husband appeared beside you.
"So I've been thinking" Chris's voice rang out, breaking your attention from the clothes. "A dangerous concept, my dear" you teased a bit. Feeling his eyes rolling, you chuckled and asked, "what is it?"
He sighed, taking a deep breath before saying, "cancel the doctor's appointment." This caught your attention. Forgetting the top in front of you, you looked up. "Why?" you asked
Slowly, he held up a white baby grow. A tiny little thing, you felt like joking that he won't fit in that but felt it wasn't appropriate. Eyes moving from the grow to his eyes, you saw them wide and pleading. Puppy dog eyes.
"A baby?" you asked, laughing a bit. "is that why you have been moody?" you wondered, earning a shrug from him. He didn't consider himself moody. Just thoughtful. Slowly putting the baby clothes back, he turned back to you.
"Think how good you'd look, how sexy" he mumbled, coming close to you and hugging your body. Whispering in your ear, "what a good mom you'd be."
You sighed, kids had always been a part of the plan. You had married 6 months ago, and the plan was the wait for a while. Apparently, Chris wanted the plan sped up.
You agreed with a nod, "you'd be a fantastic father" you whispered. Thinking to all the times he had proven that exact point. When kids were on set with him or working with him.
"I'll take a career break too, finish up on this movie and then when you're 6 months, stop working. Not go back till your ok with it" he promised, smiling down at you. "So you and I can both do the first few months together. Or year. Years, however long."
You hummed. Thinking, as you looked at the baby grow he had placed down back in the clothes rack. You sighed and pulled back from the hug. Taking out your phone you scrolled through the contacts until you found the doctor and hit 'call'.
Chris watched you closely, keeping eye contact with you as you spoke to the doctor. "Yes, can I cancel the script for my pill" you confirmed with her. "But if you can order me some prenatal vitamins to start taking" you hummed. "Yes, everything I need to make sure a baby can be as healthy as possible. Yes, I'll see you Friday" you agreed happily and hung up the phone.
Throughout the phone call, Chris's breathing became a little deeper. Listening to you ordering the medicine to care for your child before they are even born.
"I think we should get home" Chris suggested in a hushed voice. Eyes darkening as he licked his lips. "I like that idea" you whispered, as he took your hand. Holding you close as you left the store to drive back home.
He wasn't leaving for another three days. Plenty of time to get started on making a baby.
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americasass91 · 4 months ago
Baby Fever
Tumblr media
Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is well! This little fic is for the amazingly talented @buckyownsmylife​ 2k/Birthday Challenge! Which the theme for it was breeding kink. Which how could I not participate in that? Breeding kink just happens to be one of the biggest kinks I have(and i don’t even want kids, go figure) So I looked through my Masterlist and realized I didn’t have a breeding kink fic with Steve. Well, I can’t say that anymore!
Thank you for hosting this challenge you lovely, beautiful human! And congrats on the 2k!! You deserve that and so much more! I hope everyone enjoys!
Rating: Explicit (duh, it’s a breeding kink fic)
Words: 2.8k
Warnings: breeding kink(again, duh), Professor!Steve(I feel like he’s a warning all by himself, language, age gap, unprotected sex(I mean, it’s kind of implied but I’ll put the warning anyway)
“How long do we have to stay at this thing?”
You help can’t but roll your eyes at your husband of 4 months. “I told you I’m not sure. It’s my niece’s 1st birthday party. You could’ve stayed home you know.”
Steve pulls up to your sister’s house and parks among the other vehicles in the front yard. “Yeah and give them even more reasons to hate me? No thanks.”
See, Steve wasn’t your family’s favorite person. It all has to do with the fact that he’s 10 years older than you and how you guys met, which was during your freshman year of college. You were the innocent student and he was your history professor.
The attraction was instant and very mutual between you two. But dating students at this particular university was frowned upon and Steve could have lost his job. So, you admired each other from afar….that is until the semester was over. You went to visit him in his office after your last class and he eagerly bent you over his desk and ruined you for any other future man you may have.
Well, that was 6 years ago now. Your family of course didn’t approve and thought he was just taking advantage of a young, naive student. Your mom was the first to come around when she noticed a change in your demeanor and how happy he made you. She talked some sense into your dad and he eventually backed off as well.  
It took until Steve put a ring on your finger for your sister to accept him. Although you know her and her friends still judged you two. You could tell by the looks you guys always got whenever around them. You learned to not let it bother you. Steve was amazing. He was attentive, caring, and he loved you with everything he had. The only flaw he had was that he didn’t want kids.
It almost made you consider not marrying him. You had always wanted kids. But, in the end you realized you wanted Steve for the rest of your life more than a baby. But he did adopt a kitten with you. So it’s a win, win.
He gets out of the car and grabs the gift out of the trunk. You had gotten her an outfit that says ‘My aunt is cooler than your aunt’ and various toys that she would enjoy. Plus, being the book editor you were, you couldn’t not get her a book. So, you got her the very first Harry Potter book. When Steve saw you wrapping it with a questioning look, you told him it was never too early to start a child’s transition into being a Potterhead.
You skipped excitedly next to Steve as you made your way to the front door. He couldn’t help but chuckle at your enthusiasm. “You excited or something, sweetheart?”
After ringing the doorbell, you turn towards him. “Of course I am! I love my little niece!”
Truth was, you knew you were never going to have a baby of your own. So you poured all of your love and joy for a baby into your niece.
You’re pulled from your thoughts when your brother-in-law, Matt, answers the door.
“Mr. and Mrs. Rogers! Glad you made it! Come on in!” He ushers you 2 inside, helping you both hang your coats up in the hall closet. He then points to the obvious gift table. “You can just set that down there, Steve. And if you’d like, me and a bunch of the other husbands are downstairs in the basement watching the game. You’re more than welcome to join us.”
Steve looks at you, silently asking for permission. You give him a quick pecking the lips. “Go have fun. Just make sure to come back up for food and presents.”
As Steve heads downstairs with Matt, you can’t help but take in all the decorations. Little Miss Lindsey just happens to currently be obsessed with The Little Mermaid. So of course the theme is under the sea. Your sister really went all out. Streamers, balloons, and even mermaid figurines were everywhere. There’s even mermaid confetti on the tables.
You head in search of your sister and the birthday girl, one of which you find in the kitchen. “Hey sis! Need any help?”
Your sister, Rachel, turns from the hot dog sauce she’s stirring on the stove and gives you a big hug. “Oh, thank god you’re here! Can you grab the vegetable tray and potato salad out of the fridge and put them on that table over there?”
“Sure! Where’s Linds?” You ask as you grab the requested items out of the fridge.
Your sister returns to the sauce on the stove. “She’s still napping. I should be getting her up soon. Where’s Steve? He stay home? I know this isn’t really his thing.”
You take the plastic wrap off the potato salad and sit it amongst the smorgasbord of other food on the table. “Of course he’s here. He’s down in the basement with the other men.”
You sister lets out a sigh. “Yeah, I told Matt they could only watch until everybody got here. Ah, shit. I think I hear Lindsey crying.”
“I’ll get her!” Quickly jumping at the chance to see her.
“You sure? That would be great! The outfit I want her to wear is on the changing table. And can you do her hair up in the bow, too?”
“You got it!” You make your way down the hall towards Lindsey’s room, her crying getting louder. You open the door and see her sitting up in her crib. Her crying quiets the moment she sees you. She gets a big ole smile on her face and reaches out for you. “Hi, sweet girl! How is the birthday girl today?” You pick her up and give her a big hug. “How about we get you changed into your party outfit?” She just coos back at you in response.
You push her outfit aside and lay her down on the changing table. Quickly realizing she’s wet, you give her a fresh diaper. She attempts to ‘help’ as you try to change her into her party outfit. Which after it’s on her, she looks like a little mermaid. You quickly brush her hair and pull as much of it as you can into a ponytail on the top of her head and add the matching bow. You stand back a little from her and clap your hands. “What a pretty girl! Are you ready to join your party?” You pick her up and turn around to head out of the room. You’re surprised to see your husband standing in the doorway.
“Hey, I thought you were watching the game?” He shrugs his shoulders and walks towards you two. “I missed you.” He tickles Lindsey’s side, causing her to giggle. “Happy Birthday, little one.” You can’t help but feel your heart warm. That always happens anytime your husband interacts with a baby.
“I was just helping Rachel out by getting her ready. She seemed a little frazzled in the kitchen.” You turn your attention back to Lindsey. “Come on, sweet girl. Let’s go join your mommy in the kitchen!”
The next hour goes by in a blur. You weren’t really paying attention to anyone else. All of yours on Lindsey. The only food she seemed to want was what was on your plate. You didn’t mind sharing. Then she got to ‘smash’ her cake. Which for Lindsey it meant taking delicate little bites from said cake, mostly of the icing. She did still manage to get it all down the front of her though. But that’s okay, Rachel of course had a back up outfit ready.
You had just polished off your hot dog when Rachel walked back into the room with a now clean Lindsey. Steve grabbed yours and his plates to go dispose of.
Rachel sat on the floor with Lindsey who immediately started crawling towards you. “I think you’re gonna have to join us, sis.”
You can tell it’s hurting Rachel’s feelings a little that Lindsey is so attached to you today. Nevertheless, you join them on the floor, placing Lindsey in your lap. “Ready to open presents, sweet girl?”
Rachel turns to Matt. “Honey, could you start handing out the presents please?”
He nods and goes to grab the first of many presents. He sits it down in front of Lindsey who immediately goes for the tissue paper. She doesn’t even seem to care about the present in the bag. You laugh and try to get her attention on the gift inside.
You look up and see everyone laughing at the birthday girl who only wants the tissue paper. You notice Steve towards the back of the crowd, only he’s not laughing. He’s giving you a look. You’ve seen that look before. It instantly sends a shiver down your spine and makes your panties wet. He wants you.
You try to give him a stern look. He shouldn’t be looking at you like that in the middle of your niece’s party. He puts his hands up in surrender.
After taking almost 2 hours to open the rest of the gifts, Lindsey was a sleepy girl. You were sitting on the couch with Lindsey cuddled up into your chest. You were gently rocking her back and forth. You look over at your sister who was cleaning up the mess from the presents.
“I can go put her down for a nap, Rach. I don’t mind.”
“Thanks, sis. You seem to be her favorite person today so she’d probably scream if I tried to do it. Matt! Could you get a bottle ready for Lindsey so my sister can put her down for her nap?”
A few minutes later he comes out with the bottle and hands it to you.
You stand up and look over at Steve. “I shouldn’t be too long. Did you want to head out of here after I put her down? I know you still have those papers to grade.”
He nods. “Yeah, if you don’t mind. Thanks, sweetheart.”
You squeeze his bicep as you pass by him. “Of course not. Like I said, this shouldn’t take too long.” You glance at Lindsey and notice she’s having trouble keeping her eyes open.
Just like you predicted, it only took Lindsey about 15 minutes to fall asleep. You take one last glance at her, your heart tugging a little, knowing you’ll never have one of your own.
You quietly close the door and don’t even take 2 steps before the door across the hall opens to reveal Steve. You look at him in confusion. “Babe? Why are you in the laundry room?”
He doesn’t respond. Instead, he grabs your arm and pulls you into the room with him. He makes sure to shut the door behind him.
“Steve, what are you doing? I thought we were leaving?”
He pushes you to the front of the washing machine and presses himself up against you, immediately making you feel how hard he is. “Need you, baby.” He reaches around and starts undoing your jeans.
You start pushing his hands away and try to turn around. His hold on your waist tightens, stopping you.
“Steve, we are not doing this here. You can wait until we get home.”
You are suddenly pushed until your front is resting on the top of the washing machine, Steve covering his body with yours. He lets out a low growl in your ear. “This” he presses his bulge more firmly against your ass “is your fault. So, you’re going to help me with it.”
You turn your head to the side as he pushes your jeans over the curve of your ass. “Me? What the fuck did I do? I haven’t even really talked to you today. Been with Lindsey all day.”
He fastens his pace in removing his own jeans, only lowering them enough to free his aching cock. He lands a smack to your panty covered ass. “Exactly. Made me so hard watching you with the baby. Made me think what it’d be like if we had one. What you’d look like swelled with my kid. Knew I had to have you.”
You managed to push him back far enough to stand up straight and turn around to face him. “Steve, I’m not going to let you fuck me in my sister’s laundry room.” He launches at you, trapping your body between his and the washing machine. “It’s cute that you think you’re in charge. Now, I’m going to fuck a baby into you. And I can either do that here or I’ll take you out in the living room where everyone is and bend you over there.”
Fuck. These panties are officially fucked. Still, you have questions. “I thought you didn’t want kids, Steve? Plus I’m on the pill.”
His face turns soft for a second. He cups your cheek in his left hand. “I didn’t think I did. But seeing you with her today? Now that’s all I want, all I can think about. You with our baby. You’d be the best mother. And you’ll just stop taking your pill. Starting today. We’ll keep trying until it takes. Is this something you’re even still wanting?”
You grab onto his wrist and push your cheek against his palm. “Of course it is.” You turn back around and bend over the washer. You lower your panties to your knees and shake your ass in his direction. “Well? What are you waiting for? Fuck a baby into me, Steve.”
He growls and closes the distance between you. He grabs the base of his cock and rubs the tip through your dripping folds. “Don’t have time to stretch you out first, sweetheart. And I’m really worked up, so this will probably be quick.”
You push back against him, eager to get him inside you already. “Don’t care. Just please, fuck me Professor Rogers.” You knew that’d get him.
“Fuck.” Is the only warning you get before he buries himself in you to the hilt. He just gets his hand over your mouth before your moan escapes your throat.
He only gives you a second to adjust to his size before he starts a bruising pace. After a few thrusts, he removes his hand from your mouth and smacks your ass. He feels you clench around him. “Yeah? You like when your professor fucks you?”
You quickly nod your head. “Yeah. You fuck me so good. Need your cum. Need you to fill me up.”
Steve quickens his pace even more if that’s possible. He moves his left hand off your hip and moves it around you to find your clit. He presses quick circles against it. “Need you to cum first, sweetheart. Need to feel you squeeze me.”
You start pushing back to meet his thrusts. You can feel the coil inside you ready to snap. You just need a little something more.
Steve leans over you and starts pressing kisses up your spine, his pace never faltering. Once he reaches your shoulder, he bites down lightly. He moves his mouth next to your ear. “Come on, sweetheart. Cum for your professor. Then I’ll fill you up nice and full, get you pregnant. Cum for me, Y/N.”
You press your face into the crook of your elbow to muffle your scream as you cum undone on his cock. Your orgasm triggers his. He cums with a quiet shout as he fills you full of his spend, some of it leaking out around him. He gives a few more shallow thrusts before stopping and catching his breath.
He rubs his hands up and down your back. “You okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?”
You turn your head so you can look at him. “Mmm, i’m great.” You can’t help but let out a little giggle, feeling drunk on sex.
Steve smiles down at you and moves his hand until it’s resting on your lower stomach. “I hope it worked.” He slowly pulls out and watches as his cum starts leaking out of your pussy. He quickly scoops it up and pushes it back inside, causing a whimper to escape your lips. “Sorry, sweetheart. Can’t let any of it go to waste.”
Once he’s sure he’s got it all, he quickly pulls your panties back into place. He stands you up and turns you around to press a sweet kiss to your lips. “I love you so much, thank you for being mine.”
You give him a big smile. “I love you, too. And thank you for picking me.” You bend down to pull up your jeans, Steve mirroring your actions. Once you’re both redressed, you wrap your arms around his neck and press a firm kiss to his lips.
“Now, let’s hurry up and get home. Want you to fill me up again.” You give him a wink and turn to head out the door. “You coming?”
He smirks as he starts following you out. “Oh, I will be.”
Taglist: @stargazingfangirl18​ @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ @harrysthiccthighss​ @lllols @patzammit​ @quxxnxfhxll​ @bluemusickid​ @wanderinglunarnights​ 
Steve Taglist: @donutloverxo
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bonky-n-steeb · 3 months ago
𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬: Steve is angry on you for behaving recklessly and you decide to let him take his anger out on you in a very unprofessional way...
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦: Unprotected sex, spanking, shower sex, rough sex, hair pulling, handjob, choking, PWP (porn with a very little plot... wait who am I lying to? It’s porn.) 𝙈𝙄𝙉𝙊𝙍𝙎 𝙋𝙇𝙀𝘼𝙎𝙀 𝘿𝙉𝙄!
For my sake, your sake, your mom’s sake and for the betterment of the entire world, if you are a minor, please do not read this!🔞
Beta’d by the wonderful @lex-the-flex But all mistakes are mine
This is my first time writing smut, so please be kind 🥺 It’s filth... absolutely filth, even I can’t believe I’ve written this 🤦🏽‍♀️ I hope to god my mom never finds this and Marvel is probably gonna sue me for writing this.
Tumblr media
You exclaimed as he shut the door right in front of your face. Closing your eyes, you pressed your face to the door and sighed. You wanted to bang the door until he opened and explain Steve that all you did was your job. But you didn’t, instead you went to your own room next door and sulked.
You and Steve were on a mission to take down a hydra base. For the first few days, all you both did was map out the building. Once sure enough of your plans, you had finally breached it this morning.
In the beginning everything was just as expected. But then during the fight, you had spotted a man aiming his gun at an unaware Steve and like the love crazed woman you were, you shielded Steve with your own body.
Gladly Steve realised it before the damage was done and quickly held the shield in front of your both, deflecting the bullet. At your stunt, he had clenched his jaw and given an angry glare to you and had resumed fighting.
You had thought that was the extent of his anger at your carelessness, but apparently you were wrong. Steve hadn’t spoken a word to you after that. He had been silent throughout the entire ride to the hotel.
As he kept on fuming with unspoken anger, you tried your best to mend the situation by repeatedly calling out his name and talking about random things to yourself.
You actually didn’t know why he was angry. Agreed it was a stupid decision to be standing in front of a bullet, but you did it to save your teammate, at least that’s what you justified it with.
The truth was you were hopelessly in love with Steve Rogers. Soon after you had joined the avengers, you and Steve had become best friends. You hadn’t even planned on befriending him, forget about falling in love.
But with all his charm and naivety it was impossible not to fall for him. Not to mention his godly body. With the way he sometimes got flustered in front of you, you thought he felt something for you too, but you canceled it down by calling it wishful thinking.
While you both shared all your problems and worries with each other, you kept your emotions under wraps.
When you had seen the man aim his gun at Steve, your heart had literally stopped beating. The thought of living in a world without Steve in it was much more harrowing than your own death. So you did what you had to.
But now his silence was speaking louder than his words. It wouldn’t have felt this bad if he had scolded you or given you one of his long boring lectures, but this tactic of not talking with you was hurting you much worse.
The entire time you stripped out of your Kevlar suit and bathed, your mind was occupied by Steve’s silence. No matter how much you thought, you still couldn’t understand what had made him so mad.
After all, signing up with the avengers meant you would get into fights and get injured. The mantle of being an avenger came with a few broken bones.
And you weren’t the first to make such risky decisions during a mission, there had been many before you and there would be many after. So what was all this fuss about?
As you were pacing around your room, chewing your bottom lip, you stopped suddenly and took in a sharp breath. You couldn’t go back with this mess. Whatever it was, you had to sort it out and for that you needed to talk.
Deciding that it was now or never, you stepped out of your room and stood in front of Steve’s. You placed your ear on the door to check for any activity but there was none. You hoped to god he hadn’t fallen asleep.
Gathering all the strength you had, you knocked on the door, once, twice... thrice. But there was still no response. This had your mental alarms ringing. Steve sure wouldn’t ignore you this much, what if he was in danger?
Thinking of the worst case scenario, you crouched down and started picking the lock with your hair pin. As you opened the door and entered the room, you finally heard the noise of cascading water.
You huffed out a breath of relief. All this time he was just taking a shower and you thought about the possibilities of him getting murdered; you sure were an over thinker.
You didn’t know why but your feet weren’t retreating from the room. The sane part of your brain was telling you to go and come back later. And yet you stood awkwardly straight in the middle of his room.
You didn’t know how it happened, you swear to god didn’t realise. But all of a sudden you were standing in front of the bathroom door. You were burning with warmth from head to toe and you could listen to your heart beat in your ear.
Placing one hand on the door and the other on the knob, you tried to think for a moment. But somehow, your brain couldn’t process anything, except Steve. You slowly turned the knob and the door creaked open.
If Steve asked you what you were doing, which he definitely was going to, you would answer that you were sleepwalking or maybe you were possessed by a horny ghost. You wondered which one was more plausible.
The sight which greeted you was better than any you had ever seen. Steve was standing with his broad back facing you, glistening under the trickling water droplets.
His muscled expanse was stretched out magnificently under the shower, the water making rivulets into the grooves of his chiseled back. He straightened visibly under your watchful eye as he became aware of your entrance.
You waited for his scolding as you nibbled your bottom lip. You waited for him to tell you how immoral and indecent this was. You waited for him to fire you on the spot.
But nothing came from his side except strained breaths. It was as if he was doing some physical exertion by standing ramrod straight. As he tensed, his back muscles flexed even more and you wanted nothing more than to lick up the water drops.
Your mouth had fallen open and you were already panting and his body wasn’t the only thing wet. Seeing that he was neither bursting with anger nor reprimanding you for your actions, you decided to let your eyes wander further.
Your body lit itself on fire the moment you eyed his sculpted glutes. It was definitely, undoubtedly America’s ass. God, the things you wanted to do to him and the things you’d let him do to you.
You looked up to see Steve had turned his head a little and was staring at you through the corner of his eye. Taking that as a hint, you walked further until you were inside the shower.
The water seeped through your clothes as you stood right behind Steve. You were so close that the only thing in front of your eyes was his broad back. Yet he didn’t turn to face you.
Your hand shivered despite the warm water as you touched his back. That simple contact passed an electric current through Steve and you could hear his audible gasp.
Keeping one hand on his back, you moved your dominant hand further onto his chest. After palming his abs for sometime, you snaked your hand further down.
But before you could reach your destination, a strong hand curled around your wrist, limiting your movements. “Don’t.” It was the first word he had said to you after the mission.
His voice was hoarse and deep and you wondered if it was possible for you to come just with his voice. “But what if I want to?” You really were possessed, because you definitely didn’t have this much confidence.
Unexpectedly, your defiance worked and he loosened his hold, though he didn’t remove his hand. When you finally touched his warm cock, which was standing hard proudly, you moaned and buried your face into his back.
“Fuck.” Steve cursed as you rubbed him. You had heard him cursing a few times before, but listening to it now just melted you into a puddle. You pressed your face further into his back as you kept palming him, his hand was still on your wrist as a reminder, though he wasn’t guiding your movements.
You wondered how he would fit inside you, as you were barely able to curl your hand around his massive length. One second you were jerking him off and the next you were pinned to the wall, facing him. You blinked rapidly to steady your senses.
The hand he had used to pull you forward was now held against the wall and you had placed the other on his chest. His entire body was blushing hard and his face was just as flustered as yours.
Steve placed his hand gently on your cheek, a stark contrast to his previous actions. He bent down and pressed a soft kiss to your lips as first but he didn’t go any further.
Looking up at him through hooded eyes, you stared at him in confusion. Noticing the question on his face, you realised he was asking for permission. Nodding your head rapidly, you replied with a breathy yes.
That’s all it took for him to smash his face into yours. His kiss wasn’t a perfect or a practiced one, but what he lacked in experience, he made it up with his passion and edge.
You were actually tongue fucking each other and you didn’t regret a moment. You were close to eating each other’s faces off when you finally parted.
You panted and arched your back, exposing your neck as he sucked down your jaw to your neck. Without giving you a moment to gather yourself, he tore your tank top right through the middle.
And the only thing your mushy brain capable of saying was, “Holy shit.” It was the hottest thing you had ever seen. The way his arms flexed as he tore the fabric made you gush.
He discarded the now useless tank top carelessly on the floor and bent down to suck your nipples. You were about to go to sleep and thus weren’t wearing any bra. You let out an unholy moan at the sensation and the sight of him suckling you.
You carded your hands through his hair only for him to take your hands and pin them back to the wall. “Oh Steve.” As you moaned his name, he looked up at you through his lustrous blue eyes.
All of a sudden he let go of your hands and nipple and as you whimpered in dissatisfaction, he quickly tugged your pants down. He practically growled at the sight of you naked in front of him.
He placed his hands on your ass as he knead it while simultaneously kissing you stupid. He shifted his hands from your ass to your thighs and in one swift motion picked you up.
You hadn’t ever been picked up by anyone before and for once you were glad that Steve had taken the serum. He carried you out of the shower and into the room.
You were going to complain about how you were going to ruin the carpet with water when he all but gently threw you into the bed, face down.
You gathered yourself on your hands and knees just as he positioned himself behind you. Steve didn’t know what got into him when he saw your ass perched up in the air, but he went absolutely feral.
He wanted to talk and tell you things, but currently he was incapable of doing anything but devour you. He placed his huge palms on your ass and started kneading, but the thing he did next, took you by absolute surprise.
He spanked your ass, hard. At the contact you let out a loud surprised shriek. You had no idea captain America was a kinky little shit, not that you were complaining.
While you were turned on beyond your senses, Steve mistook your surprise for pain. He snapped out of whatever haze had taken over him, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
You looked back at Steve with confusion. “God. No. Steve, you didn’t hurt me. I liked it.” You said with such shyness as if you hadn’t just given him a handjob moments ago.
“Do more.” You asked and he delivered. Steve understood that you wanted it rough, and who was he to deny. He spanked your ass thrice more, alternating the cheek, in quick succession, only to rub it gently later.
He kept up with the contrast of quick spanks and gentle kneads until you sobbed with wrecked pleasure and delightful pain.
When you came back from your blissful high, you realised Steve was pressing soft kisses to your back. You strained your neck at an odd angle and pulled Steve in for a kiss.
It was gentle and filled with adoration and love, a great disparity to what just happened. Steve was rutting against your ass as he deepened the kiss.
Parting from the kiss, he took hold of his cock and jerked it a few times before rubbing himself against your drenched folds. You were already so dripping that you didn’t need any extra stimulation.
Finally he pushed in the tip and you moaned like in heat at the sweet pressure. Gladly he gave you a moment before pushing slowly further, inch by inch.
No matter how wet, or in a sex haze you were, you both knew he wasn’t easy to take. All the while, Steve was muttering praises and soft words to you.
When he finally bottomed out, you both moaned out with pleasure. After giving you some time to adjust, he pulled back only to push back in with a measured but powerful thrust.
“Oh fuck!” Overcome with pleasure, you slapped a hand on the headboard to hold yourself steady while you clutched Steve’s ass with the other to hold him as close to you as possible.
He began with slow yet hard thrusts but soon he changed rhythm and started fucking you in earnest. The headboard rattled against the wall as Steve held your shoulder with one hand and supported you both with another placed firmly on the bed.
You had got a hundred dreams about Steve railing the shit out of you. But nothing matched the actual thing.
Steve experimentally wove his fingers through your hair and when you let out something between a moan and a demand for more, he clutched and pulled it tightly making your eyes roll back with euphoria.
“Stevveee, I... Stevie, I’m close,,... oh fuck!” The only thing you could do was moan wantonly and take everything Steve gave you.
Just as Steve felt your walls quivering, he pulled out. He groaned with frustration as you were so so close. But before you could formate any words, he flipped you around.
“I want to watch you as you come for me.” He said bending down to press a kiss. This time, he entered you in one swift motion.
Curling a hand around his neck, you held the head board with other as you arched into his touch. He was grunting loudly and his voice was having more effect than it should have on you.
You were close, so very close, but you needed more, something more. “Steve, choke me.” You whimpered. Steve faltered for a moment before realising what you had said.
When Steve placed his hand delicately on your throat, which you had exposed to him, you knew you were going to have the best orgasm of your life.
Steve squeezed your throat, and at that very second, you orgasmed like never before. Your toes curled and legs shook uncontrollably as you babbled nonsense.
You felt as if you saw the deepest crevices of the universe and snorted the most powerful drug as white pleasure enveloped you.
Steve, in spite of his super soldier stamina, gave in to pleasure as your walls hugged him tight. With a shout, he came deep within you.
After the pleasure faded and the fatigue had set in, you both laid limply within a tangle of limbs and in each other’s embrace.
“Steve.” You croaked as he kept on prepping you with kisses. He only hummed in response. “I love you.” At that the kisses stopped.
You worried if this was the end of everything, but when you looked up in his eyes, you knew it was just the beginning. His eyes were filled with love.
“I love you too.” He smashed your lips once again and you responded just as enthusiastically. “I can’t think of living without you. You mean everything to me.
When I saw you in front of the gun, I was so scared. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to save you.” You caressed his face as you said, “But you did. And I know you always will Steve.”
“That I will.” You knew that Steve would keep you safe. You knew that in his warm embrace, nothing in this world would touch you.
“Steve, if you ever get mad at me, talk to me, scold me, give me on of your boring lectures if you want, but please don’t stop talking to me.”
“If ignoring you is going to lead to this, then I’ll probably give you the silent treatment.” He chuckled as you punched him playfully.
You couldn’t believe you were in love with this goof, or that he was just as in love with you.
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Champagne 2 🥂
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Steve x Reader
Word Count: 2098
Warnings: angst, DUB-CON/NON-CON (eventual), smut (eventual) NSFW (eventual), violence (eventual), kidnapping (eventual)
Champagne Masterlist
Previous Chapter
On your first day, under the Stark Industries employment contract, you ended up being late. What a great way to make a first impression, you thought. The bus commute was unusually crowded because some subway lines were down throughout the city. That wasn’t unusual but it had never made you late before. Having never been late to work a day in your life, you were nervous you’d get in trouble.
Fortunately for you, Phil was kind enough about the mistake over the phone. He just told you that you’d miss the tour of the facilities. He assured you not to worry, they’d have someone give you a quick tour after your check in with the HR department. Apparently the tour was mandatory due to some safety and security features in the building.
You had almost forgotten how extensive the security was at Stark Industries when you had come for the pitch. There were metal detectors and guards with large german shepherds, which you presumed to be some type of working dog. You even had to have your bags searched before you were granted access to the building.
Once you went through security you made your way to the elevator to head to the human resources floor. As you stepped up to the elevator and instantly saw a familiar face. Steve Rogers.
Your breath hitched upon seeing him casually leaned against the back wall of the elevator. His strong muscles clearly defined, in the button up shirt he was wearing. His stature was even more intimidating than you remembered. The super serum made him more than just strong, he looked absolutely massive. A stark comparison to your smaller frame.
You centered yourself as you entered the enclosed space and tried to keep your distance. Watching your feet, you tried not to make the mistake of tripping in your heels. You didn’t want to draw his attention to you, not like how you had when you tripped in the pitch meeting.
You were unsure why you felt so nervous around the first avenger. Perhaps your nerves made sense during your initial meeting as his eyes were on you then. Your nerves weren’t justified this time. He hadn’t even given you a glance, too entranced with the file full of papers he held in his hand.
All too quickly, the elevator began to fill with more people causing the distance you had purposefully placed between the Captain and you to dissipate. As more people entered the elevator you were forced to shift closer and closer to the large man that had you on edge.
Once the elevator was packed to the brim, oddly resembling what you’d imagine a can of sardines looked like, you were far too close to the super soldier. All of a sudden you felt claustrophobic. With Steve behind you, the wall to your right, and people surrounding your front and left side, you felt incredibly small.
The elevator doors closed and you felt an ounce of relief. At least no more people were going to cram into the already overstuffed elevator. The elevator started gliding upward toward it’s first destination and you sighed, the HR department was on the 6th floor. You hoped some of these people would get off on the next few floors. You did not enjoy being so crammed together.
As you approached the 1st floor you were disappointed when no one got off. Your disappointment slowly melted away and turned into something else as you smelt the musky cologne of the man behind you as he shifted his stance. His scent slowly drifted closer until you could sense his presence right behind you.
You froze. Completely stunned as you felt him draw closer to you. He didn’t stop his slight shifting and movement until his front was barely pressed up against your backside. He was so close that you could feel the heat radiating off of him.
The heat of his breath lingered on the back of your neck causing you to shudder involuntarily. Time stood still, you couldn’t focus on anything else. As his nose ghosted across the nape of your neck, you choked on the breath you didn’t realize you were holding.
You tried to lean forward to remove yourself from his engulfing presence, but for every millimeter you shifted forward he seemed to follow. Your meager attempts to shift away from him seemed to do nothing. You had nowhere to go.
The ding of the elevator snapped you out of your trance. The little number displayed at the top of the doors said 5 but you couldn’t bear to stay in there another minute. You would take the stairs the rest of the way.
You pushed through what remained of the crowd of people, eager to have personal space once more. Finding the stairway, you started the trek up the steps. Each step you took had you contemplating the events that just took place. The more you thought about it, the less it made sense.
What transpired in the elevator made you question your sanity. You must have imagined the warm feel of his breath against your neck. Captain America had been a bit too close to you, but the elevator was packed. Everyone was too close to each other. Yet, you couldn’t shake the feeling that his closeness was somehow deliberate.
You reached the 6th floor and walked down the hallway until you reached the front desk of the HR department. After announcing your name to the receptionist, she seemed to understand why you were there, having been informed by someone that you’d be arriving late.
“I’m sorry dear. All HR personnel just got called into a mandatory meeting with the higher ups.” She chirped at you.
“Will I have to wait long?” you asked.
You were already late and didn’t want to leave your boss without his assistant for half of the day. You couldn’t lose this job, not when you fought tooth and nail to get it.
“I’m not sure. I can get you started on some of the paperwork but you have to go through the official tour to go over security details before you can start.” She sympathetically told you. You sighed in defeat before grabbing the paperwork she offered you.
After a while, you heard boisterous laughter and chatter down the hallway as you sat by the entrance of the office and waited. Eventually the noise stopped as footsteps made their way toward you. You didn’t bother looking up, too tired of waiting to care.
“How are you doing today, Lin?” the man asked as he popped his head in the door beside you.
“Ehhh Mondays.” The HR receptionist teased back. Your eyes slowly slid up the figure beside you as you realized the man was wearing the same outfit as Steve in the elevator.
“Aren’t you supposed to be in Marketing?” Steve directed at you, his arms crossed over his chest. You weren’t sure if he was being condescending or not, but the way his cool blue eyes stared down at you sure made you feel like he was.
“Uh.. yeah. I got caught up on the bus this morning and now I’m waiting for someone to give me a tour.” You stumbled a bit through your words, your nerves again getting the best of you.
Back in school, you had learned about the first avenger. You had always loved history and learning about Captain America was no different. Reading about Steve Rogers’ life was an interesting chapter in your history book. How he overcame hardships had always been inspiring to you. Especially since you had grown up in less than desirable circumstances.
The Avenger was also commonly featured in the media. Like all of the Avengers, Captain America was shown saving the world countless times. Perhaps all of your nerves were simply because he was famous, a hero.
That was a logical explanation for your discomfort around him. You had never met anyone famous before, you tried to justify the way your stomach turned whenever you were close to him. You were just nervous.
He glanced down at his watch before directing his eyes back down at you.
“I have some time. I’m more than willing to give you a tour…” He slowed the end of his statement in search of your name.
As your eyes scanned his face, you had a feeling he already knew your name, but wanted you to give it to him. You mumbled your name to him, the same unease falling over you.
“Well, Y/N, What do you say?” He asked.
“I don’t want to be a bother. I’m sure Captain America has much more important things to do than give me a tour of the facilities.” You rationalized.
You hated the way your voice sounded so weak speaking to him. What you said was true, but you also felt unsure of being around him, especially after the elevator incident. If you could even call it an incident. You were still trying to wrap your head around whether you had imagined the whole thing.
“Please, Call me Steve.” He insisted.
“Steve.” You tasted the name on your tongue, a slight shiver coming over you as you saw the way his face changed when you said it. You weren’t sure what flickered across his face but the pit in your stomach only grew.
“Come on, sweetheart. Let me show you around.” He chuckled, outstretching his hand toward you. The use of the nickname had the hairs on the back of your neck prick up.
You were so confused. His smile seemed genuine but your gut had you reeling every time you were around him. You had to get over whatever was causing your nerves. You were working in the same building as this man, you’d have to be around him occasionally.
With a sigh you took his hand and let him help you from your seat. His eyes beamed with what looked like pride and another emotion you couldn’t quite place as your hand touched his. Your soft hand felt small in comparison to his large calloused one.
He casually walked you through the hallways and offices, telling you about anything or anyone of importance. He pointed out all the security features that you had to be aware of, even showing you how to swipe your access card.
He would make the occasional joke and you’d laugh at his corny and playful humor. Only a few times did he ever make physical contact, his hand on the small of your back to lead you one way or another. Occasionally his hand would fall on your arm as he told a joke, but it didn’t bother you. It was casual and didn’t feel forced.
It felt like the heavy fog of dread had been lifted. Despite the overall discomfort you had with your previous interactions with Steve, this one was quite pleasant. Dare you say, amiable. You still tensed a bit when he would touch you, but there didn’t seem to be any malice or ill-intent in his contact. You just chalked it up to not being used to physical contact.
He even gave you the VIP tour, showing you the upstairs levels that only the avengers had access to. It seemed the more time you spent on the tour with Steve, the more of your guard you let down.
As the tour came to an end, you felt the tiny bubbles of anxiety and doubt melt away.
He dropped you off on level 8, the marketing department, your new work home for the foreseeable future. Steve wished you a good first day as he left.
As soon as you arrived at your desk, your boss barked his usual coffee order at you, even though you already memorized it. While you made the coffee you got to thinking about the Avenger that had been plaguing your thoughts since you first met him.
With a slight chuckle, you sighed to yourself. It must have just been your nerves and imagination playing tricks on you in the elevator. You had no reason to be afraid of him, he had never actually said or done anything wrong to you. The tiny glances and touches that had your stomach turning, were probably all in your head.
You were just nervous because he was famous, you convinced yourself. He was the man frozen in time. A real life story from your history book. He had saved the world time and time again and asked for nothing in return. He was a hero, after all.
shout outs to the following people who either helped me edit or helped me work through ideas for this series.
@darkficsyouneveraskedfor @plaid-shirtsandvibranium-arms @stargazingfangirl18 @christowhore
@basementwiveswritingchallenge @blithecapricorn @marvelfansworld @violetmoon74 @eralen
@ashpeace888 @stargazingfangirl18
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stfu-princess · 15 hours ago
Scrolling through tumblr, trying to decide if I want to read angst or smut. Difficult decision.
Tumblr media
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arandomdump · 10 months ago
Fic Recs
(obviously, none of the listed below are written by me. this is just a complied list of all my favourite fics that i just love too much. if you particularly like any of the fics below, please let the amazing writers and creators know because they are simply just that amazing 😊)
* - Angst (prepare your hearts)
♡ - Personal Favourites.
Last Updated: 13/03/21
(this is still uncompleted and unedited, so some warnings may not be there yet. and apologies if i get any tags wrong! xx)
Harry Potter
Sirius Black
Countless Nights - by @thewinchestergirl1208
Never Been Kissed  ♡ - by @wizardwritings 
The Not-So-Perfect Sister - by @wreckofawriter
We’re Not Friends - by @wizardwritings
Summer Revelations - by @marauders--mischief
It’s Been Too Long - by @weasleypogues
Owl You Need Is Love - by @wizardwritings
Amortentia - by @waytooinlovewithharrypotter
Summer lies and jealous types - by @futurewriter2000
How to Fall in Love: For Dummies  ♡ - by @wizardwritings
Baby, It’s Cold Outside - by @wizardwritings
She - by @roonilwazlibimagines
A Dangerous Bet  ♡ - by @harrytpotter
So cold - by @weasleydream
Home is a Person  ♡* - by @approved-by-dentists
How could I mind when it’s you?  ♡ - by @approved-by-dentists
By your side  ♡* - by @approved-by-dentists
Truth Under Moonlight ** - by @approved-by-dentists
don’t flatter yourself - by @marveliskindacool
The Worst Wingman - by @theweasleysredhair
Just A Natural Fact - by @iliveiloveiwrite
Drunk - by @theweasleysredhair
I Always Was - by @theweasleysredhair
A glass too much…- by @pregnant-piggy
The Way You Look At Her  ♡ - by @theweasleysredhair
Bad idea! (or maybe not) - by @bl597
golden snitch - by @firewhisky-kisses
secrets and fears - by @firewhisky-kisses
found family  ♡* - by @firewhisky-kisses
Our little secret - by @pregnant-piggy
Cursed Series  ♡* - by @pregnant-piggy
Don’t You Think? - by @harrytpotter
“For a moment, listen silently, what does your heart say?” ​ “I love you more than the sky and the ground but I can’t do this anymore.” “No, it’s over. She ended it.” “Sirius loves all the attention,”
♡ ** all by @hello-everyfandom
The First Time - by @inkinflux
Broken Hearts and Fire Whiskey Part 2 Part 3 * - by @mrsssiriusblack
Like I Loved You Part 2 Part 3 * - by @mrsssiriusblack
Remus Lupin
starry night - by @ yourssuccubus
Wicked Charm ♡ - by @unfortunatelysirius
I love you, but I’m scared - by @unfortunatelysirius
Say No More - by @ardentmuse
Mama ♡ - by @myboipotterimagines
The Answer - by @writingmanaged
Stay- by @obsessedwithrandomthings
if it wasn’t for you meddling kids - by @writesowhatnext
Is that an offer? - by @approved-by-dentists
My Man - by @obsessedwithrandomthings
Bravest person you knew ♡ - by @stupxfy
It’s Friday, I’m In Love - by @inkinflux
We Should Run Away Together - by @protect-remus
“I’m not very good at flirting, am I?” ♡ - by @hello-everyfandom
James Potter
April Fool’s - by @theweasleysredhair
What’s Happening To Me? ♡ - by @harrytpotter
Right Place, Wrong Time ♡ - by @harrytpotter
Never Just A Friend ♡ - by @theweasleysredhair
Certainty ♡ - by @prongsies
“I’ll say it every second of every day if need be, I love you.“ “James, you’re a right knob head sometimes. She loves you.” “No, please. Don’t say that. You love her, not me.”  ♡** all by @hello-everyfandom
The Marauders
The marauders being friends with a reader suffering from depression would include...
A day on ice ♡ - by @pregnant-piggy
George Weasley
Right Here - by @lunalovecroft
Fred Weasley 
“Looking like that could make me fall in love all over again,” - by @hello-everyfandom
Draco Malfoy
Unsafe - by @myboipotterimagines
Secrets ♡ - by @iliveiloveiwrite
home is wherever I’m with you - by @iliveiloveiwrite
breathe - by @wondernimbus
breaking point - by @wondernimbus  
a bad day - by @wondernimbus
battleground - by @wondernimbus
Steve Rodgers
The End of the War - by @redgillan
Not Afraid Anymore  ♡ - by @shotsbyshae
Cannonball ♡ - by @shotsbyshae
Heads Will Roll - by @shotsbyshae
Stark’s Girl - by @avengersassemble-fics
One More Chance of A Lifetime - by @heyiamthatbitch
Fall into Love - by @mrslilyrogers
Bucky Barnes
Right there - by @bitsandbobsandstuff
chambers - by @trillian-anders
Die From A Broken Heart Pt. Two - by @allaboutthebooz
Untouchable Series ♡ - by @dreamwritesimagines
Caught In The Fire Series ♡ - by @dreamwritesimagines
Peter Parker 
The Fight Of Our Lives - by @theonewiththefanfics
Wait For Me - by @waitimcomingtoo
Tony Stark 
Sunshine  ♡ ** - by @bigballofstress
Dean Winchester
Cannonball ♡ - by @shotsbyshae
Random Loves
Harry Styles
changes ♡ - by @sunflowervolvimp3
Chris Evans
It’s You - by @wintrcaptn
Cherry Chapstick Masterlist ♡ - by @speechlessxx
Happy together? ♡ - by @fluffymisha97
Kylo Ren
Untouchable - by @thefasstasticvoyage
Ransom Drysdale
In the Dark ♡ - by @shotsbyshae
Spencer Reid
Twisted ♡ - by @dreamwritesimagines
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sunset-curve-fantom · 4 months ago
Captain's Girl- Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
“A new recruit is starting today… Remember to play nice Steve” Tony told Steve in a teasing matter, as Steve ducked out of the boxing ring.
Steve couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Tony’s teasing behavior, as sweat began rolling down his forehead.
“What’s his name again?” Steve said, taking a swig out of his water bottle, the cold liquid helping cool him down. He worked out a lot, mostly on the days when you were most busy with your administrative duties as well as your training.
“It’s James… Top of his class, the only one who showed some true Avenger material.” Tony said, the snarky tone clinging onto his words. He was never one for training or dealing with the new recruits. The last recruit accidentally burned down Tony’s lab because he was messing with some experiments instead of just listening.
Steve just smiled at Tony before heading out of the gym for a quick shower, he was always one for meeting the new kids and making sure they felt at home. But he didn’t like the ego that came along with the new recruits, as they think they already know everything.
He was drawn from his overwhelming thoughts by the sound of your laugh, he caught your gaze as you were walking towards him with Bucky close to your side.
The three of you were inseparable, you always had been since the moment they came into your world.
“Hey baby” you giggled, watching as his face lit up at the sound of your voice.
He couldn’t help but smile and tried to wrap his arms tightly around you, but you pushed him away causing an echoing laugh from Buck.
“No- you stink” you said to him, as you dodged his grasp once again. Your laugh echoing through the halls as you used Bucky as a shield between you and your boyfriend.
“I thought you loved me” Steve said, a frown crossing his features. Which only caused a small smile to cross your features as he pouted.
“I do love you… but I don’t wanna stink” you said, placing your hand on his cheek. Making a small smile appear on his face before he wrapped his arms around you.
Your protesting was bouncing off the walls as Steve continued to laugh as your loud protests. It was clear your small frame was no match for the super solider serum.
He gently placed you down, you swiftly punched him in the chest.
“I. don’t. like. to. be. picked. up. And now I stink…” you protested, the playful stomp of your foot making Steve and Bucky laugh.
He placed a swift kiss to your forehead, before beginning to walk away from you.
“Hey Solider” you said, loud enough that he would be able to hear.
He turned towards you, taking in your appearance. Your long hair flowing down your soldiers, your pants clinging to every curve, but your loose shirt leaving some to the imagination. But to him, you looked flawless.
“Take a shower” you said, scrunching your nose up as if to show that he smells.
“Yes Ma’am” he said, sending a swift wink in your direction before taking off down the hallway in a swift jog.
You stood patiently in the hanger, listening to Sam and Buck fight about dinner, but also hearing Wanda and Nat gossip about the new recruit and how cute he apparently is.
Your thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of someone standing behind you, you knew it was Steve.
“Hi baby” you whispered, carefully leaning back into his chest and feeling his gently chuckle.
“You smell stinky, you know?” he said, causing a gasp to erupt from your throat as you turned to face him.
“Steven Rogers” you threatened, trying to sniff yourself. But all you could catch was the scent of your lavender vanilla shampoo. There were no remnants of Steve’s body odor from his early morning workout.
All Steve could do was laugh at your behavior, but you were glaring knives into his soul.
Your comeback was cut off when Fury’s booming voice overtook the training room, drawing everyone’s attention from their gossip.
“Well, it’s nice to have everyone’s attention… I’ll make this quick” Fury started as him and Hill entered the room with a young recruit hot on their heels.
You leaned into Steve, as you all lined up to welcome the new recruit.
The new recruit was definitely cute, but not your type. He was on the shorter side of things, with dark almost black hair, with a leaner body.
You tended to go for the scruffier kind, and you definitely had a thing for blondes. But your type was definitely Steve and no one else.
You leaned over to Nat’s ear, “He’s definitely your type girl.” Which only caused the both of you to fall into a fit of laughter.
“So, this is the team” Fury’s voice boomed again, sending an unapproving look to Nat and you.
“Mr. Stark and Captain Rogers here are going to get you started and introduce you to everyone before your first training here at the compound.” Fury said, sticking his hand out to shake the new recruits.
“Thank you, Mr. Fury, Ms. Hill” The new recruit said, before turning to Steve and Tony. You could almost see him quiver in excitement over this new position.
“Hi, I’m James… It’s a pleasure” He said before sticking his hand out to Tony, and then to Steve.
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the welcoming, “it’s a pleasure” – the recruits literally never say anything different.
“They always say that” Bucky said, a smirk playing on his lips as he watches you roll your eyes once again.
You stifled a laugh as the new recruit approached Buck, the clear nervousness was being to cross his features even more.
“This is Sargent Barnes” Steve said as he gestured to Buck, the smirk on his face was clearer as James shook his hand with what seemed like a decent grip.
You weren’t completely paying attention because you were watching Steve as he kept clenching his jaw every time James opened his mouth to speak.
Seeing as you were too busy watching Steve, you missed that James had moved to right in front of you.
Nat carefully nudged you, drawing you from your trance which only caused a blush to erupt onto your features.
“Oh hi… I’m sorry. I’m Agent L/N” you said carefully extending your hand.
He took in a deep breath before taking your hand, shaking it gently. He continued to shake you hand for a few seconds too long.
Pulling your hand away, you wiped your palm on your pants, “Pleasure to meet you.”
“The pleasure is all mine” James said, sending you a quick wink before being shoved by Steve to move on.
Focusing on Steve once again, you could see that his jaw was clenched worse than before. His eyes were a darkened color instead of his normal baby blues. You could see the shift in his appearance in a heartbeat.
But Steve could see the shift in you too, the way the blush crossed your cheeks when James stood in front of you. The way your leggings gripped your thighs, accentuating all of your best features, the way that he knew that James was watching how your body moved. James was looking at you in the way that Steve looked at you the first time and still continues too. The idea of James dreaming about you, was something that he couldn’t stand. Steve couldn’t stand that James was being introduced to an entire team and all this recruit kept doing was looking back at you as you smiled and laughed. So, he kept quiet, just trying to push his thoughts out of his mind.
But he knew deep down that you had an overwhelming effect on people and that was a huge part of who you are. It was the one thing that he loved the most about you, how real you were with everyone.
You were so caught up in talking to Nat and Wanda, you had no idea of the attraction that James was beginning to feel towards you. You never looked at anyone the way you looked at Steve, and that was never going to change but it was more than clear that James didn’t catch the obvious relationship in the room.
“Okay let’s start with some training exercises, we wanna see what you are capable of here.” Tony said as he looked around the room for a participant, but no one was listening.
“Are you ready to start?” Steve said, watching James’ gaze fall onto you once again. Your head was thrown back laughing as you talked with Wanda.
Steve stepped in his eye line with his gaze hard and cold, “I asked you a question, recruit.”
James took a deep gulp, “I’m sorry Captain, yes I’m ready.”
“So, here’s the plan, we are going to do some basic sparring exercises just to see where your training will take you. The whole point is to see what your skill base is and where we can expand your combat training for future missions” Tony said, drawing James’ gaze from your figure.
“Okay, sounds good sir” James said, taking a deep gulp.
“L/N” Tony barked catching your attention from Nat’s excessive gossiping about Buck and the girl from the third floor.
Your eyes went wide as you turned your frame, “Yes Mr. Stark.”
“You are gonna be up first for the training since you have some other things to do before our welcoming dinner tonight” He said, you quickly nodded your head before stepping into the ring with James. He sent you a quick wink, but of course you thought nothing of it.
“Ready?” you teased as James took a deep gulp before nodding towards you.
A smile erupted on your face before running towards him attempting to strike him with your fist. He quickly blocked before attempting to throw his own punch.
You smiled as you quickly dodged his punch, you both continuously threw punching and kicks to throw each other off your game. It was clear that his training was well rounded, but you were trained by Nat and Steve, so you had just as much training as well as in depth skills.
Catching Steve’s eye off the mat, you winked before sweeping your leg under James’ feet sending him down to the mat. The sound of him hitting the mat echoed through the training area.
That’s my girl, Steve thought as he glared hard at James.
He smiled up at you as he laid there, you reached your hand out to help him up.
He placed a swift kiss to your cheek as you backed away from him. You were flattered but you knew Steve was going to mad at the interaction. He loved you so deeply, and the idea of losing you was the hardest idea to face and that was vice versa for you.
Turning off the mat, you caught Steve’s gaze and his jaw was clenched causing the vein in his neck to bulge. You could see the anger and frustration crossing over his features.
You smiled at him as you returned to your spot between Nat and Bucky.
“Oh, someone is jealous” Nat said, nudging your shoulder.
“No, he’s not, he’s fine” You insisted, trying to figure out the true reason that Steve looked so angry.
“Yeah okay… James is flirting with you. Of course, he’s angry” she said, watching your lips form a frown as you tried to think about the last hour.
“No, he’s not, it is more than clear than I’m with Steve” you said, insisting that what Nat is seeing is clearly just a misunderstanding.
“Yeah okay… you say so” she said, a soft laugh coming off her words.
You began to think about the last hour, the wink, the overly kind words, the way he wanted to impress you… No, he had to have just been being nice since it’s his first day.
“Cap, you are up next” Tony barked, the clear annoyance crossing his features. New recruits were something that he always hated especially since we are so close together.
You watched as Steve stepped onto the mat, the clear jealously falling onto his features as he watched James.
His eyes caught yours, you sent him a quick wink before he turned back to James.
You watched carefully as James took a step towards Steve, sending a solid punch towards his upper body. Steve smiled as he carefully dodged the punch before sending his own punch at James. His fist connecting with his jaw, the sound of James’ body hitting the mat echoed through the room.
Steve went and stepped over James, as he clenched his jaw.
“Steve, off the mat” Tony said, approaching the recruit.
He couldn’t help but send a smile towards you as he made his way off the mat. The clear amusement was dancing off his features.
“Oh, you know that felt good” Bucky said next to you, laughing at James still laying on the mat.
“Don’t encourage it” you hissed, knowing good and well this recruit was in need of some improvement hands down.
The rest of the day seemed to rush by with the busyness of training as well as your double duties as administrator for Stark.
The welcoming dinner Stark planned was closer than you had wished, James sadly beat Steve to the dinner table making sure that he took the spot right next to you. You gave Steve a weak smile, knowing this was going to be a conversation for the both of you tonight.
The dinner table was filled with chattering between the team as James kept trying to catch your attention.
You rolled your eyes before turning to him, “so how was the first day?”
“It was amazing” he started, “thank to you.”
You shifted in your seat uncomfortably knowing that Steve was glaring from across the table. Your suspicions were confirmed with you felt his thick leg sliding in between your leg as a sense of comfort. Steve’s heart fluttered as you smiled at him, you saw him for him not the man he has become due to the serum.
“So how long have you been with SHIELD” James said, trying to draw your attention from Steve.
‘Why don’t you ask Steve, I feel very old answering that question” You said, shooting a look at Steve for backup as you were getting uncomfortable.
The conversations continued on into the night, filled with laughter and never-ending jokes. Steve wasn’t the only one watching you, James had a hard time taking his eyes off you and it was clear.
You were telling the story about the time you and Natasha went on a mission, and she accidentally sprayed herself in the face with one of those fancy Japanese toilets. Instead of helping on that mission, you laughed the entire time and could barely focus on what Stark had wanted done.
Steve couldn’t help but smile at your overwhelming laughter as you and Nat continued to tell funny stories about the team.
The laughter ceased though when James very kindly dumped his full glass of wine in your laugh, covering your white satin dress.
“Oh my god” you stood up quickly, trying to escape the dark liquid.
“I am so so sorry, shit” James said, just staring at the mess he had made, while Nat was running back to the table with tons of napkins.
You quickly tried to clean the mess that had been created, but with that happening your cleavage was on full display not only to your lover but to James who could not or would not stop staring at you.
Steve couldn’t help but bit his lip yet tighten his fists as he watched this pathetic excuse of a recruit who insisted on checking out his love.
“Well, I am just going to shower” You laughed gently as you stepped away from the table. The dark stain not only on your dress but surrounding your chair on Tony’s white carpet. “This just isn’t going to come out.”
James stood up as you backed away from the table, “Do you need help?”
Your eyes went wide, as gasps filled the dining room, “Excuse me?” you said, shocked.
“WITH SHOWERING?!?” Steve yelled, his chair quickly clattering to the floor. The anger clearly crossing his features.
“Cap, take a walk” Tony said, his tone stern but the amusement was clear on his face.
Steve quickly walked out of the dining room, hastily walking to your shared living quarters in the compound.
The door slid open, and he could see your white dress thrown to the side with the stain more than clear against the light fabric.
He couldn’t help but sigh at the mess.
He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, laying in on the bed before he heard your soft voice coming from the shower. You were singing along to your phone,
You'll know him when you see him
By the way he looks at me
You'd say he hung the moon
I'd say he hung the galaxy
Nobody does it better
Oh, the way he pulls me in
I've known a couple bad ones
But they all led me to him
He's one of the good ones
He smiled as your voice led him to the shower, he could see your dancing as the suds covered your body.
The shower curtain flung open, causing you to jump at the sight of him, “Jesus Steve, you trying to scare me to death?”
He just chuckled as he stepped closer to you, bringing your back into his chest.
“Can I help you?” you chuckled as you turned around to face him, causing a smile to appear onto your face when you made eye contact with him.
He didn’t answer you instead grabbing the back of you neck, bringing your lips to his causing a soft moan to fall from your lips.
“You are mine” he gritted through his teeth as he pushed you into the wall, you body shuttering from the cold tile.
His free hand ran over your thighs, coming closer to your soaking, pulsating heat. Carefully pushing your thighs apart finding your sensitive nub.
You shuttered as he carefully pushed on your nub, the pleasure starting to overcome your senses. You loved that he wanted to be all over you, that he wanted to be in control.
His lips came into contact with your neck, quickly finding your sweet spot causing you to melt into him. His fingers moved from your sensitive nub, pulling you closer to him causing soft moans to fall from your lips.
He smiled down at you before moving his fingers into your pussy, quickening the speed causing your eyes to roll back into your head. The pleasure becoming overwhelming as you squirmed in his grasp. You felt your orgasm coming over your senses, with Steve’s name falling off your lips you let yourself go.
“Fuck doll” he said, pressing a kiss to your earlobe before picking you up in his arms, the cold against your back once again causing you to shutter.
You felt his tip at your entrance, teasing you gently. You moaned at the contact before he entered you in one quick move, your moans echoing off the walls. Steve pulled you close as you wrapped your legs tight around his waist.
Steve’s lips fell onto your mouth, as he slammed into you repeatedly. The mixture of the cold tile, and Steve inside of you sent your body into overdrive. He quickly picked up his pace, causing your eyes to roll back into your head.
Your climax was fast approaching, and Steve could feel you beginning to tighten around him.
“Are you mine? Tell me baby” He groaned out as he continued to slam into you.
“Y-Y-Yo-Yours” you moaned loudly, as your climax overcame you. Steve could feel you pulsating around him which only caused him to lose it. He moaned as he filled you up with his hot seed, causing you to moan at the contact.
He gently placed you down, your legs wobbling at the contact as you leaned back into Steve’s chest causing him to chuckle at your actions.
“Let me get you cleaned up, and we can go back down” he said, picking up the washcloth and gently washing your bruised back.
The two of you walked into the living room, you were clad in Steve’s clothing and he was holding you close. It was more than clear that you were Steve’s, even though most of the team knew that already.
Steve led you over to an empty seat, pulling you gently into his lap which made a laugh slip past your lips. You leaned your head back into the crook of his neck, taking in his sweet scent that made your world spin.
You could feel Steve playing with your damp hair that fell down your back, which sent a smile onto your cheeks.
“Can we talk?” A weary voice said, causing the both of you to look up, seeing James and his terrified expression.
You carefully nodded, pulling Steve behind you into the hallway. You could see James trying to find his words even though he was focused on your body, but Steve found the right words first.
"I’m hoping you are going to apologize to her, and hope to god she is more forgiving than I'm going to be" Steve sneered at the new recruit, who had barely taken five seconds to not look at your ass.
The new recruit was trembling, you could see his face change as he shrunk into the shadow of one, Captain America. He was terrified of what this man was going to do to him.
"Yes Mr. Rogers" he trembled, releasing a deep breath.
Steve rolled his eyes, bending down to meet the new recruit's terrified eyes.
"That's Captain to you, recruit."
Your soft laugh echoed through the hallway as you watched the young boy cower away from your Captain. You knew you were solid in your relationship, so the flirting was nothing new, but it was great to see him jealous.
"Steve, you don't have to be so tough on him... he's new" you said, the humor in your voice was more than evident.
He stalked towards you, forgetting about the frightening recruit.
"No one messes with my girl" he said, as he wrapped his arms around your smaller frame.
"My girl.... I like the sound of that" you teased, a smile playing on your features. You held him close as you headed back into the living room to enjoy the rest of your night with your man.
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daddyissuesmademe · 26 days ago
“O Captain, My Captain ”
Tumblr media
Pairing : Steve Rogers[Captain America] x fem! Reader
Word Count : 3k+ [3367]
Summary : Don't fuck with Captain when he's busy but we don't care, do we?
Warning : MINORS DNI, 18+ Porn without plot, degradation, daddy kink, name calling (sweetheart, doll etc), punishment, Captain kink, Size Kink, Breath play, Face Fucking, Exhibition, Teasing, Fingering, Penetrative Sex, Unprotected Sex (wrap it before you tap it y'all), Dirty Talking, Cum play?, Angry Sex, Avengers Tower Sex, S&M.
A/N : 200 followers? For me? How? Here's this work of. . . Art? for that. I'M STILL WORKING ON THE WARNINGS AND KINKS SO IF I MISSED SOMETHING, DO LET ME KNOW.                                                                     no beta we die like robin. Wrong fandom oops.
If you believe in god or any superior power, you might wanna hit a pause on that till the end of this fuckfest. 
“What the fuck was that?”
You heard him loud and clear as his footsteps approached you. Resting against a secluded fire escape you thought that maybe taunting him in front of the new batch of recruits wasn’t the best idea for his reputation but watching him put on his Captain facade made you clench your thighs. 
His voice was demanding, commanding. Taut like the soldier he was. Shoulders broad and straight. It turned you on to the point where you realized, new kink ? unlocked. 
All you could think of were the flashbacks of nights where Steve pounded into you relentlessly, His upkept body offering stamina to keep going all night long and a pre breakfast treat. Those were the best kind of nights. Your body always ends up being sore and marked up by him. 
“ . . hm?” 
You questioned him with faux innocence, pretending you never heard his question. He could look right through you, his eyes boring into yours. He stepped closer to you, his jaw tensed and eyebrows drawn together. His tall big frame leaning into your personal space.  Oh he was mad and you loved it. 
“Did I upset you, Captain? ” you purred at him, pushing off the wall you were leaning against, stretching your neck up right into his face.  He wasn’t playing around and neither were you. You gasped when you felt his hand around your throat squeezing with enough pressure to make your breath you hitch. Pushing you up against the same wall he leaned in dangerously close to your face, your lips longing for him. If you were turned on before, now you were wet. God, the things this man could do to you. 
“You think this is funny, huh?” his voice dropped down almost like a growl. That was enough to make you moan like a bitch in heat but you were on a mission here. Taking a deep breath against his grip you smirked at him and moved your lips to the corner of his, “Gonna put me in my place Captain?” you spoke against his lips and sealed your question with a peck. That set him off. 
“Fucking brat” 
He pushed you up against the wall and let go of your throat only to tug your head to the other side. His head dipped into your collarbone kissing and nipping at every bit of visible skin. His hands grabbed your ass, pulling and spanking it, marking it as his. You squirmed against him,whined even, wanting more friction. That caused him to pull away slightly and start kissing under your jaw and up to your ear. You felt his hands go down your ass and squeeze roughly, “Shut the fuck up” he growled  His hand trailed down to undo your pants and pulling you out of them. 
“You’re such a brat, always wanting to be stuffed by daddy’s cock, yeah? You have no common sense do you?” You bit your lips trying not to moan at his words. You felt his hand roughly push your legs apart and go straight to your pussy. You both groaned feeling how wet you had gotten by the mere thoughts and words of him. Not wasting another moment, he slipped 2 fingers in        
“ You're dripping like a filthy cum whore, Doll. See how easily my fingers slipped in? Yeah? All you have is hole that needs to be used, don’t you?” His pace increased with every word. You could feel the way your walls cleansed against his fingers every time he thrusted in, you were close, so close to cumming. 
“ . . . Fuck I’m-” His fingers left your dripping pussy as soon as you uttered those words denying you an orgasm. You whined at the loss of contact and tried thrusting your hips at him to feel something. You could see his cock strained against the kevlar suit, dying to break free. Why wasn’t he doing anything? 
He chuckled darkly at your desperation. His eyes flickered from your lips to your collarbone and throat, likely admiring the marks he had left. His hand once again had found your throat, “ You wanted a game, didn’t you? Well guess what Sweetheart,. . “ his hand trailed from your throat to your face, cupping it “. .’m gonna give you a game and maybe then you’ll learn not to play with me again” he finished as he slapped you and dragged his hand into your hair tugging it harshly to bring you down to you knees. 
“Get to work whore”
Your eyes glistened from lack of air supply but your dick controlled mind didn’t give a shit. All you wanted was to be fucked by his cock, oh how you loved his cock. It was massive, bigger than anything you’ve had before. You loved how it never fit in any of your holes, how it felt like to be spilt open every time you had him. As soon as you found some stability on your knees. Your hands moved like they had a mind of their own. Reaching up to unzip his pants and pull them down, you moaned at the sight in front of you. His boxers had a wet spot. You know his tip was already leaking. As you raised your hand to feel his cock, he slapped them away. 
“Not like this” he smirked and grabbed your throat, His strength was more than enough to turn both your bodies into a new position. “ . . just like this”  You realized what he had done. His back was toward the cell door making your naked, swollen ass visible to anyone who walks down the hallway. 
“You’re such a fucking exhibitionist” you groaned ,eyes trained on his cock, not caring as much as you should have. He chuckled lowly at your comment and cupped your face, dragging his thumb down your lips to push your mouth open. Your eyes darted to his face, wanting to hear more of his filthy words.
“And you’re a fucking cock hungry whore but you don’t see me complaining, now do you, sweetheart? ”
 He took advantage of your cockdrunk trance, how could he not? Leaning in slightly he grabbed you by your collar, his hands bunched up with the fabric and in one swift motion he had ripped it off your body. He had ripped kevlar off your body.  Fuck, he was strong. You had felt the straps of your bra snap against your back and there you were completely naked, cunt out and tits out just wanting to be used by him. 
Was it even possible to be as wet as you were at that moment? You wanted, no needed his cock. He had teased you enough, edged you even and all you wanted was to feel his length hit the deeper back of your throat and watch him enjoy messing up your breathing pattern. 
Moving swiftly, you pulled down his boxers and let out a moan as his cock sprung free. There it was, like some holy grail. Tip, swollen and leaking pre cum. The vein popped and pumped. He 
was huge. Usually, you would spend time on his cock, kissing, licking, teasing it but not now. It took you a total of 7 seconds to stop marveling at the sight and start taking him in. There was no way his cock would fit in but fuck it, You’re going to take it all. 
You rolled your eyes as soon as you felt him in your mouth, his pre cum already sliding down your throat.  You could feel the bulging vein against the top of your mouth. You couldn’t help yourself as you swirled your tongue around his tip, moaning at the sensory overload. You wanted to savor the moment, but the Captain had different plans. With his hands in your hair, he pulled you against his cock, making you gag around his length. Your choking sound and tears turned him on to the max. 
“You look so good on your knees, darling maybe I should have you promoted to that position permanently”
His words would have made sense to you if he was not busying fucking your face with his massive cock. Your gag reflex was no match to his speed or size. ALl you could do was be a good cock sucker for him, a warm hole for his cock and you were determined to be that. Regaining your balance, you go to work. Your hands went to his balls, fondling and pulling at them, making Steve let out those pretty pretty grunts. Your hand moved towards the base of his cock, pumping the length that couldn't fit inside your throat, that’s how big he was.
“You know what makes you a whore baby? You struggle to take my cock but won’t back down”
His grunts and snaps were like music to your ears. You would have enjoyed your music if he hadn’t decided to grab your face in his massive hands and thrust his hips against your face, the skin to skin contact was for sure going to leave marks but he didn’t care. Holding your face in place, he went at it. Snapping his hips against your face, wanting a release but only it was that easy. You, on the other hand, were now facing the consequences of low oxygen. Your brain wanted to give out, but your cunt? Oh your cunt wanted to be filled, to be used and you’d do anything to get that.
So you struggled against his grip. Was it useless? Yes. Did it buy you 5 seconds of air? Fuck yes. You sucked in a breath, struggling to gain stability but it was enough for now. You cleansed your throat around his cock, making him let out a moan and throw his head back. You got to work. Holding onto his base, your fingers not long enough to go around his dick, you started moving faster on his cock, the choking and gagging sounds filled up the empty hallway. Bobbing on his dick, you managed to fit most of his length in your throat. Opening and closing around his cock, you felt him twitch inside your mouth. His grunts turned into moans, it was a sign that he was close. HIs cum already dripping down your chin and all over your face. Oh how good his load would feel down your throat. The thought itself made you lose your mind. Your sole focus was to make the supersoldier cum, but he had other intentions. He was not going to let you get the upper hand, no more slip ups. He grabs your hair and tugs harshly, making sure your nose hits his crotch every time his rams inside your mouth. Pushing your head down and thrusting upwards, he lets his cock make a mess on you. You stay there, cockdrunk. Trying to swallow whatever you could. Your hands and face, all covered in his load. 
You were still painting  from being face fucked by a super soldier but that didn’t mean he was done. He gripped your upper arm and pulled you up, not giving you much of a choice. This man was treating you like a ragdoll and you were letting him. The thought itself made you feel dirty, but the Captain had different plans. 
“You thought you could just get away with pulling a stunt like that?”  DO NOT ANSWER. You were at the point where all you could think was how good his wet cock would feel inside you. Your lack of answer had slightly agitated him, he gripped your jaw and pulled your face closer to his “Maybe this will teach you to behave” his eyes went dark for a moment, his face now held a smile. It wasn’t a reassuring one by any means. Sadistic, that what it was. Letting go of your jaw, he eyed your chest for a moment and admired his work. He loved seeing you covered in his cum. HIs eyes traveled back from his chest to meet yours, that sadistic smile still evident on his face. 
“You look like a painted whore, my painted whore” he chuckled, stepping closer to you. You stepped back, element of surprise with Steve often ended up being one hell of an adventure, 
“Captain please - ” your sobs fell deaf on his ears. You squired underneath him, it was a mix of arousal and impatience. You were frustrated not knowing what he was planning 
“You are a piece of art aren't you babygirl? Art like yourself should be put out for the world to see and admire, don’t you think so?” 
It clicked instantly, oh this man was trouble. “ . .. Steve” you gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was his super strength or maybe it was his need to fuck your brains out, he was pushing you back in the hallway and there you were, standing in your naked glory where anyone could see your cum cover tits and swollen ass. 
“Since you like putting on a show so much, you wouldn’t mind this, would you?” he growled in your ear as his hands greedily pulled at your flesh, bending you over in the middle of the hallway. 
He gripped your hand and pinned them behind your back. His hand firm against your own, pushing down on your lower back, making you arch your back. His other hand moved swiftly to smack your ass, making you jolt forward. 
“Fuck. . Steve-” 
Another smack right down your other cheek  , “What did you call me, Sweetheart?” he growled, pulling at your ass. You could feel his shorts nails digging in your skin. You whined at his touch, his hands felt so close to your dripping holes yet he didn’t touch you. All you wanted was his fingers in you, how good they felt filling you up, and oh his big cock, the vein popping, making it look bigger and girthier. The thought of being filled itself was making your thighs squirm. 
“Mhm sweetheart, what do we have here?” he mocked moving his thumb closer to your cunt, merely swiping over your folds “Look at this pretty little thing, doll, all pretty and tight for me to fill huh? You want Captain’s cock Doll? You want Captain till you this whore hole? Mhm? ” His words had you humping air like a dog, you struggled in his grip trying to push back against anything, his hand, his finger but it was useless. 
Without warning he pushed his thumb in your hole, the way you purred made his cock twitch, hitting your inner thigh. You could feel your walls clench around his thumb, taking whatever you can to feel some friction. It wasn’t for your pleasure, no. It was all for him. You were all for him. He thrusted in his thumb in and out at a lightning pace, making sure to not give you the pleasure you wanted. 
“I am gonna fill up this hole now, yeah ? Isn’t that what you want, baby? Captain’s cock?”
You nodded furiously, tears already streaming down your face. “Ple-ase” came out a broken sob out of your fucked out throat and that was all he needed to grip his cock and push in in your clenching hole, only 3 inches in and you were already a mess. 
The way both of you moaned when it slipped in so easily was feral. You threw your head back, feeling how big he was and oh, how good he filled you up. You immediately thrusted back on his cock, wanting all of him. 
“Fuck Doll, your pretty pussy was made for me, wasn’t it?” he moaned, spreading your ass apart and pushing his cock in, he was going to split you in two and you so wanted it. You were a mess, crying and moaning under him, ready to spasm from the edge he had kept you on. 
He grabbed your jaw and pulled you against his broad chest, only then you realized he was fully clothed unlike you, with your naked body that was now littered in hickies and slap marks. He kissed behind your ear, his rough beard against your skin, added to the euphoria. 
“Gonna fuck you till your forget your name, doll”
With that he slammed his cock into you,  the sound of skin slapping against skin echoed in the empty hallway. He gripped your hips tightly, enough to leave prints and began to thrust in and out of your sloppy cunt. He moaned out at the sight in front of him. 
“Just like that baby.”
“So good for your captain.”
“Take up my cock like a good little slut”
With every thrust he pushed in all the way, hitting your spot every time. You were a mess. You couldn’t think straight. The only thing on your mind was how big he was and good it made you feel. You didn’t even know how many times you had cum, but you did know that the moment he let you go, your legs would give out. Your moans went straight to his cock and you felt him twitch inside you, ready to shoot his load and fill you up. 
“Gonna fill you up, you want it don’t you? Fucking cumsleeve aren’t ya? “ 
Unable to stop your squirming, you pushed your hips back against his, letting him split you open on his cock. You wish you could look at yourself in a mirror, hands tied tears down your face and your cunt dripping down on the floor.  You were being used as his cumsleve and you fucking loved it. 
“Please Captain, I need you please” you begged for him to fill you up, you sobbed with his dick in your cunt like a little bitch wanting his seed.
Your whinny beginning was the last straw.  He grunted as he pushed you down grabbing your hips and pulling your ass apart, slamming in his cock with his supersoldier strength. He chuckled at how pathetic you were, taking on his cock knowing his strength was much more than that of a common man. Each thrust was him getting closer to his high. Fastening his pace his bottomed out in you, clearly not giving a fuck if it tore you apart. 
Your begging is now turning into screams as the pressure and pain spread all across your body. You could feel your vision go blurry and the only sound you could hear was his grunts above you. 
“TAke it” came out a gruntled scream and you felt hot inside your cunt. Oh he had cum, inside you. Filling you up just like you wanted and just like he had promised You felt his sloppy thrusts inside you, the squelching sound it made inside your pussy. Your head hung down and your blurry vision could make out the cum dripping down your hole but he had to have it his way. He was not slowing down, oh no. One load was not going to wear him down. Just as greedily he fucked his cum back inside your swollen, sensitive hole. 
The world wasn’t making any sense. All that you could make sense of was his cock in you. He could feel you giving out, you weighing down on him. With one last thrust, he let go of your body.. Sudden loss of support made you fall down on your side on the cum covered filthy floor, you knew your conscience was about to give out. 
A figure crouched down in front of your eyes, a big man. It was him, Captain. He fucked you in a hallway like a slut. He brushed the strand of hair that was covering your face and tucked it behind your ear. 
“Come find me when you wake up and I won’t punish you as bad”
A command. 
Even though you were thoroughly fucked and on the brink of unconsciousness, your walls clenched at his words. 
Your vision was going black but your focus was only on the figure walking away from you. 
. . . . had you met god? 
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just-iimagine · 27 days ago
The Bump
Chris Evans x reader
(Birth control part 2)
Note: has this become a mini series? Maybe, yes
Tumblr media
True to his word, after Chris finished his latest project, he took some time off. And while you both wanted children, you knew it would happen when it would happen.
So life continued with you both together. Dodger included, of course. Just before your first anniversary as a married couple, those two blue lines appeared on your stick.
"Chris" you whispered, walking back out to the bedroom from your shared bathroom. He hummed from the bed, leaning against the headboard. Dodger's head on his lap as he lay beside his best mate. Chris reading over a few scripts. Deciding on projects to take on.
His hum wasn't a satisfactory answer to your call to him. "Christopher!" you called a bit louder. Catching your husband's attention, his eyes moving up. Pen in his mouth as he smiled at you. Eyes glancing down to your hands, seeing the stick. His smile dropped slowly.
As his dropped, yours grew. Trying to find the words to say the news. He got himself off the bed slowly, walking over to you. Handing him the stick, he saw the lines. Gasping slightly, he felt tears coming to his eyes. The biggest grin growing on his face as he took you into his arms.
Dancing around the room with you as he cheered. Landing on the bed together, he kissed you. The kiss telling you all the love in the world he had for you. Moving down then, he kissed your stomach. "Hi baby" he whispered, causing you to laugh.
The months flew from there. Chris trying to complete as many projects as possible so that he could take at least a year off to be with you once the baby came. Spending his free time coming back home and build cribs, painting the babies room, baby clothes shopping.
All the things he loved to do. But out of all the things to do with this baby. He couldn't wait for your baby bump to pop! For some reason, while the baby was growing well. The doctors were happy with everything, but your bump refused to show.
The video call rang as you fed Dodger. Wearing Chris's hoodie to keep you warm and happy while you missed him. "There is my beautiful baby mama" Chris called out as he answered. Sitting in his trailer on the movie set.
"Hi, darling" you smiled at him. "I have good news," you said after popping Dodgers bowl down. Leaning against the counter and grinning. "Oh and what would that be?" he wondered, leaning back in his chair, giving you his full attention.
"I am officially 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant today" you informed him and he laughed, nodding. "And, I've popped!" you whispered, watching the excitement grow on his face. "Show me!" he demanded which such excitement.
"Nope," you said with a pop of the P. "Saving it for the baby shower the weekend when you come home" you informed him. Laughing at his disappointment.
"Just give me a little peak," he asked, holding his thumb and pointer finger up together to show a small space. Clearly, he was dying to see his child growing.
He'd only have to wait another 4 days after all. As you were having a little gathering of your families to celebrate the baby. You were also going to be doing a gender reveal too and you couldn't wait.
For you the next few days flew by, getting everything ready for the small party. For Chris, however, they dragged. Shooting on set, doing retakes and an interview was on his schedule. When all he wanted to do was get home to you, Dodger and the baby.
Scott picked him up from the airport, explaining you wanted it all left as a surprise for him. But reassuring that the bump was worth the wait.
Running into the house, he dropped his bags before running up the stairs to see you. Ignoring the warnings of his mother about running in the house. Dodger running up the stairs after him. Jumping all around him in delight that Chris was home after almost a month.
"Babe?" he called out as he entered the bedroom. "I'm in the toilet, just wait there" you called out. Fixing your hair and smoothening the dress you were wearing before opening the door ajar to talk to him.
"Ready?" you asked, popping just your head out with a smile. "More than ready" he replied, sitting on the bed with Dodger by his side. "You look so handsome," you told him. "And I'll tell you how gorgeously stunning you look as soon as you come out here to me" he replied.
"Stop teasing woman!" his comment made you laugh as you closed the door before fully opening it. Stepping out to him in your grey form-fitting dress. Picked especially for today to show off the ever-growing bump. Once it popped during the week, it just seemed to keep growing.
Chris took a moment to take you all in, you looked absolutely stunning. Hand holding your bump as you stood before him. His baby was in there. His baby!
"Wow," he whispered, standing and walking over to you. Hands going on either side of the bump and feeling it. Leaning down, he kissed your lips softly. Taking in the shape of your lips, the taste of you. Wanting it all to be refreshed after the month away.
He stopped kissing you suddenly as he felt a jolt against his hands. "Guess someone else wants attention too" you whispered, watching Chris come to the realisation that his baby had just kicked him.
Kneeling down in front of you, he smiled. "Hi, there baby. Sorry, I should have said hello to you first. It's just that your mama looks so damn gorgeous!" he explained, earning another kick. He chuckled, loving the sensation, "it doesn't hurt you?" he asked. Never wanting you to be in pain.
"No, bit uncomfortable at times but right now I'm just enjoying the view" you replied, helping him up, slipping your hand in his. Squeezing it softly as you left the room together.
"Ok, I spent ages making this cake!" Scott announced as everyone gathered in your garden. He placed the cake in front of you both, the gender of your baby would be the frosting inside. "So I personally think cutting it is a bit basic," he said, lips pursed as he tried to convince you of his idea.
"You should push Chris's face into it" he said to you, making you laugh and nod with enthusiasm. Others laughing too at the idea. It was a perfect way to describe the relationship the brothers shared.
"And while you do that, I'll film it for Instagram" Scott high fived you before pulling out his phone. "Ah no, that's not fair on me" Chris argued. "Well I have to push this watermelon out!" you said to your husband. Kissing his lips before whispering, "so you can sacrifice your hair."
Chris sighed and nodded, bracing himself in front of the cake.
"Ok ladies and gentlemen, are we ready to find out what our new Evans baby is gonna be!" Scott called out as he recorded you both. Your friends and family cheering as you and Chris laughed.
You bit your lip as you pushed your husband down into the cake. Making sure to really get his face in there. Pulling up quickly, he yelled, "what colour is it!" Wanting to know badly.
Clearly some frosting from his eyes, you laughed as you said, "blue!"
His whole face lighting up, "Blue! It's a boy" he jumped up and down. Rubbing some frosting from his face onto his hand. Bringing said hand to your face and dragging it across. Laughing at you as you gasped. He picked up then, spinning you around as everyone cheered.
Both of you delighted for your new baby boy on the way. Though you both knew the reaction would be the same for a girl. But right now, it was blue. Maybe the next would be pink?
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Author’s Note: Hello, my lovely followers! Thanks for all your interaction with this story. I've enjoyed your replies, messages, and re-blogs. The GIF re-blogs always make my day. I went over board on the length for this chapter, but there was a lot to cover.
And we finally get to see Andy!
Word Count: 8,620
Warnings: Erotica level explicit writing. Smut, double penetration, anal sex, overstimulation and sub drop, NSFW, 18+
Previous Chapters:
Restitution - Chapter One
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Restitution - Chapter Three
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Tumblr media
Smut 18+, minors do not interact
Chapter Six
Ari coated your tight ring of muscle with more lube as his fingers continued to explore. Steve flicked his tongue against yours, stroking his hands up and down your sides. He slanted his head and deepened the kiss, taking control. He teased until you were limp. You’d continued to straddle him while kissing, with his thickness still inside of you, even when he went soft. His cock had only gone down for a few seconds. As he kissed you, the organ swelled, stiffening to full size.
Ari’s fingers breached your ass and he groaned.
“That’s it, sweetheart. Let me in. Soon I’m going to make you feel so good that you‘ll wonder why you ever tried to keep me out.”
The bottle uncapped with a click and more gel let him ease in a second finger. Steve nibbled at your lower lip, then licked along the upper one. He thrust his tongue into you and rubbed his hands over your thighs.
“Keep her loose for me,” Ari said. “The plug isn’t very big, honey, you can take it.”
Something hard and rubbery touched your ass and nerves flared. You curled closer to Steve.
“What’s your color?” Steve asked.
Ari pulled away, his hand pressing to the small of your back. He waited.
“Yellow…uh, green.”
Steve smiled. “What’s your color, doll? Only use one.”
“Are you sure?“ Ari asked.
“Yeah, I was just nervous.“
“It shouldn’t hurt. If you feel anything uncomfortable let me know. Steve, why don’t you help her open up?“
Steve grasped your waist, a wicked gleam in his eyes.
“Sure thing.”
He rocked his hips and the head of his cock rubbed exquisitely against the very back of your channel. The feeling of it made you whimper.
“That’s it. Just like that,” Ari praised.
The plug eased its way inside and your hole snapped closed around it.
“Fuck, that’s a good girl,” Ari hissed.
He caressed your lower back and you felt him staring down at the plug nestled in your ass. Ari’s beard tickled when he kissed your shoulder.
“Such a good girl. You did so well.”
Steve groaned and rutted up, his jaw clenched tight. You whined as he grazed your sensitive clit with his pelvis, clenching helplessly.
“Oh…” your eyes squeezed shut as he set a rhythm, moving in and out.
“You’re so tight like this,” Steve said.
“How does it feel?” Ari asked.
“More pressure,” Steve grunted.
He wasn’t moving hard, just steadily, in smooth movements that unleashed slow waves of pleasure up and down your spine.
You clutched Steve’s shoulders as the feelings intensified. Ari tugged on the base of the plug, rotating it. You gasped and moaned, then trembled as Steve jerked, hitting your cervix. A kiss of pain and an intense pleasure made you groan.
“Fuck, I can feel that,” Steve said.
“She’s spread so far out around your girth you’re feeling everything, aren’t you?”
You whimpered as Ari tugged the plug out a bit, opening your hole, then buried it to the hilt. Your pussy clenched.
“She likes it,” Steve said. “Don’t you?”
All you could do was moan.
“We need a bigger plug,” Ari said. “You took that one too easy.”
“Color?” Steve murmured.
“Green… very green.”
Ari chuckled. He freed the plug and spread you open. Something else was pressed into you. Steve thrust and you moved with him, allowing the second plug to slide into place.
“Fuck that’s hot,” Ari said, stroking a hand over your left cheek, then giving it a swat. “You’re a natural, honey.”
You jerked as pleasure rippled through you.
“Give her a spanking, Ari. She’s loving those swats. I feel you, doll. You squeezed the life out of me when he smacked you.”
You made a noise of agreement, lost in pleasure as Ari delivered stinging blows and Steve ground slowly into you. He shifted his hips and then you felt him on your front wall, hitting that deep spot again.
The plug made you feel so full. Ari’s plam cracked down with a harsh sting, then stroked to soothe. The blend of stimulus, both painful and pleasing, awakened every nerve ending. Steve’s cock pushed into your sensitive spot and you fell apart. The orgasm hit you out of the blue like an ambush. Your pleasured daze was ripped away by searing ecstasy.
Your vision went white. Your body clenched, desire exploding, fire racing through your spine, making your muscles go stiff, as you thrashed from the intense climax. It went on and on, as Steve fucked you through it.
When it finished, you were limp in Steve’s arms, struggling to stay alert as aftershocks ripped through you.
“Color?” Ari asked.
“Y-yellow…” you were shivering, gasping for air, your head swimming.
“Talk to me,” Steve said softly, running his hand through your hair.
“Need a second… to catch my breath…”
Your lungs burned with the exertion of the climax and your body felt weak. It was like you’d stumbled over the finish line of a race you hadn’t prepared for.
“I think you’re ready,” Ari said.
His fingers stroked over the curve of your spine, then lower to the plug. He pushed your cheeks apart and gripped your ass.
“Hang on,” Steve said.
He had you in a snug hold, which you were grateful for. Without it, you’d have melted into a puddle on the sofa. Your eyes blinked slowly, each beat they closed lasting a bit too long. It felt like you were about to fall asleep on Steve’s chest.
“It’s better to do it while she’s still fucked out and limp,” Ari said.
He was teasing the plug and it felt nice, but you were so gone your body wouldn’t react.
“Are you ready for this, baby?” Steve sounded worried.
“That’s the spirit, sweetheart,” Ari praised.
You heard his belt unclasp and fall.
“Wait,” Steve said. He cupped your chin. Holding your head up, he frowned. “Are you okay? Do you want to keep going? We’re still on yellow, right?”
“Dude, you’re not going to double penetrate her?! What the fuck! One night with my girlfriend was not permission for a fucking gangbang!”
Steve flashed an irritated look at Jackson. Ari snickered. He bent to your ear.
“What do you think, honey? Ready to have me in your ass?”
Heat flared in your belly.
“Steve, slip out.”
The blond moved and you grabbed at him. He paused.
“What is it? What’s wrong?”
“Stay. I want it like this. Both of you.”
Ari grunted. “Honey, we’re not going to fit. Not on your first time.”
“But you’re still hard,” you said to Steve.
“Seriously, man? Still?”
“They gave me super stamina, what did you expect?”
“I can take it,” you said.
“Not your first time, okay?” Steve was careful as he lifted you up and slid out.
A gush of wetness leaked out, his release oozing as he settled you lower on his thighs. His cock was pressed to your belly as you straddled him.
“Babe, this is so not cool!” Jackson was talking again and the sound was like nails on a chalkboard.
Steve sighed. “I swear, if I have to go shut him up again…”
“You’re treating her like a whore!”
You turned, levering up on Steve’s broad chest and glaring at Jackson.
“You’re just jealous I’m letting Ari take my virginity.”
“You’re insane! This morning you wouldn’t fuck my loan shark and now you’re about to let him rail you in the ass? You fucking whore!”
Steve’s muscles bunched underneath you but flattened your hand on his chest, a warning to keep quiet. He’d defended you before, but you had claws of your own. If you were Jackson’s punishment, you were determined to be a good one.
“Listen, you dipshit…” Ari spoke, but you cut him off.
“A whore gets paid, Jackson. I’m volunteering, which would make me a slut. That’s what you tried to talk me into, isn’t it? Now you’re pissed because I’m enjoying myself? Pick a reaction, buddy, you’re all over the place.”
“You told me no, but he gets your ass? You uptight little cunt!”
“Oh, my cunt isn’t feeling so tight anymore. Steve really worked it loose.”
Ari choked on a laugh. Steve snickered.
You sat up straight, gathering your sweaty hair off your neck. You raised your arms, stretching, making your breasts sway. Jackson’s eyes dropped. You saw the flash of desire and smirked. Then you slid off Steve’s lap and turned to Ari. He grasped your waist and pressed his forehead to yours. His expression was smug, his eyes lit with humor.
“Enjoying yourself?”
“Very much. Now take off your clothes. All of them.”
He blinked. You took advantage of his surprise and opened the buttons of his shirt.
You’d gotten his shirt halfway off before he recovered and shoved out of his pants. He’d kept himself mostly dressed so far, but you wanted to feel his skin. As you explored his body, you realized he had no tan lines. The discovery was impressive and intriguing. You stroked and kissed his chest, enjoying the feeling of his body. Ari was lean compared to Steve, but the swell of muscles in his shoulders and his tight hips were graceful and athletic. You licked at the trail of hair that led down to his abdomen. He groaned when you sucked on his nipple.
“Fuck, honey, that’s good.”
“Mmmhh…” you gave a little purr and looked at Jackson.
He had his arms crossed, scowling. You locked eyes with Jackson and sank to your knees. His glare slipped and his jaw dropped. You grinned, turning your attention to Ari. His sapphire eyes burned with lust. If anyone ever looked at you with this much need again, you’d commit to daily blow jobs. Gently, you licked across the head, steadying his thick erection with your hand around the base. His breath sped up.
“He likes it slow and wet,” Steve said.
“Don’t tell her that, I won’t last.”
“Don’t worry about lasting. We have all night. I just need to get my mouth on you. It’s been too long since I’ve sucked a cock…”
Jackson swore. You let the words wash over you, even when he cursed at you. Ari had your full attention. He was all but drooling in anticipation, and Jackson’s tirade faded into the background like white noise.
Ari’s features twisted as you took him into your mouth, sinking down as far as you could. Then you wrapped one hand around his base, twisting as you sucked. Like Steve suggested, you kept it wet and your pace languid. Ari moaned when you cupped his balls. You felt him twitch and looked up, meeting his gaze and then sank down as far as you could, gagging as he hit the back of your throat.
He swore and pulled back.
“Damn it, I want to come in your mouth, but not right now. Come here.”
Ari took two steps towards Jackson and sat on the edge of the coffee table. The table was a sturdy platform style piece, situated in the center of the room. Ari leaned back, resting his weight on his arms, spreading his thighs.
“Over my lap, sweetheart.”
You went to him and Ari took a hold of your waist, moving you so your chest was pressed against the wood. Your hips were over his knees, lifting your bottom to him. Steve passed him the bottle of lube and shifted over to the middle seat of the sofa for a better view. Ari ran his hand over you.
“So pretty. I’d spank you hard, but getting you open is going to be rough enough for one night.”
He popped the cap, took a dab of gel on his fingers and slipped a finger into your tight hole, pushing past your plug. You wiggled and felt him ease farther into you. He pulled out and removed the plug, sliding it free with no pain. His fingers delved in, two digits this time. Your breath caught. Ari purred.
“Sweet girl, are you ready for me?”
Ari worked his fingers inside of you, creating an incredible sense of fullness you’d never experienced before. You moaned as he probed, pressing harder when you relaxed.
“I can tell you never played with her ass, she's never felt anything so deep before, have you?”
Jackson truly had a front row seat now. He was close enough that if he reached out, he’d be able to touch you. Ari kissed along your spine, over your shoulder, and across your neck. His beard rubbed your skin as he turned to look at your boyfriend.
“She’s going to look at you while I fill her ass for the first time. You hear me, honey? Stare him right in the eye.”
He pressed his lips to your ear, but spoke to Jackson.
“When it starts to feel really good, whimper all sweet and desperate. Those delicate little sounds would give anyone a hard on.”
Ari pushed you flat on your stomach on the table. He swung astride you, settling his weight over your thighs. He spread your cheeks open with his free hand and slid his fingers out. Then he was pressing the tip of his cock against your opening. His fingers had already spread you out, allowing him to push inside. You gasped. It burned as he stretched you. Another gasp, not of pleasure, slipped past your lips as the burning intensified. Gritting your teeth, you steeled yourself for the next thrust. You were trying not to tense up, but the forigen feeling made your muscles clench.
“Easy, honey. Relax for me.”
Ari stroked your back, soothing you. With the tip of his cock spreading you open, he slipped his hand around and sank two fingers into your pussy. It was still pulsing. He teased you with soft curls of his fingers, brushing your g-spot, but leaving you wanting. Then he thrust and you fought to hold still at the painful stretch. The powerful ring of muscle protested his invasion and you cried out.
“Hang on,” Ari murmured. “I’m sorry, it’s okay, it hurts a little at first. I’ve got you.”
He managed to seat himself, pushing the head of his cock all the way inside. Ari held still, his breath ragged. Your pussy trembled around his fingers as he teased. Then he removed his fingers and carefully thrust into your ass. You pushed back, trying to take more.
Ari hissed. “Fuck!”
He gripped your hips, forcing you still. He was panting hard and gasping for breath.
“Give me a second. You need… to adjust… just take a minute.”
You whined. “More, please.”
“Damn it, sweetheart.”
“She’s doing good, Ari. She’s taking it like a champ,” Steve said.
His praise made you tremble. You turned and saw he’d put his boxers back on. The bulge of his erection tented the silk. Fuck, you needed to take care of that for him. The man was an angel for not splitting your pussy in half, he should have a limp dick for his heroism.
“Holy shit,” Ari gasped as you rocked back again.
His fingers flexed and feeling his tight grip, you knew he was hanging on to control by a thread.
“It feels better.”
Steve grinned. He moved off the couch and knelt next to your head. A big hand smoothed over your back. His eyes were hot as he studied your face.
“Does it feel better, doll? Or is it getting good?”
“I can feel everything, it’s so tight.”
Ari shuddered. His hips jerked. Even when he lost control, he was gentle. The flare of pain you’d felt at first was a distant memory as he sank into your ass inch by inch.
You really could feel everything. As he probed his way into your tightest hole, the sensation was mind blowing. You could feel each ridge and vein of his dick. He filled you, provoking a sensation of fullness the likes of which you’d never imagined. There was no extra space. It wasn’t like being jammed full, but an oddly pleasant resistance as he thrust, and then acceptance when your body eased around him before pulling tight to draw him in. By the time you felt his hips settle against your ass, the intensity of the fullness had a wave of fresh tears running down your face.
“Fuck. There it is, honey. You’re such a good girl, takin’ all of me like this.”
“She deserves a treat for being so good, don’t you think?” Steve cooed.
He’d stayed kneeling beside you as Ari had taken your ass. You blinked away tears and met his gaze. The pale blue was lit with a feverish lust. You licked your lips, anticipating his cock in your mouth. Steve took you by surprise when he reached into the drawer of the end table beside Jackson. Your boyfriend’s eyes were dilated, his pants straining over his erection, and his chest heaved. Deliberately, you licked your lips, teasing him.
Jackson groaned and reached down to palm himself.
“Don’t even think about it,” Steve said.
He took a small purple item from the drawer and sent Jackson a vicious look.
“This isn’t a porn show, you don’t get to stroke yourself off. If you put your hand down there again, I’ll castrate you.”
“You can’t be serious! You’re fucking her ass and I’m supposed to, what? Ignore it?”
Ari rolled his hips into you, making you groan at the pressure.
Jackson groaned too. Steve snickered. He held the small purple object out to you, letting you see the egg shaped bulb with a string dangling from it. A vibrator.
“Hands on the arms of the chair, Jack. If you touch your dick it’ll be the last time you have one,” Steve said.
“You’re a sick freak,” Jackson said. “Both of you, fucking psychopaths.”
“Freaks, yet you were happy to take our money. You couldn’t even win it back. I told Ari you’d be a bad customer. And look where we are now.”
Ari chuckled. He thrust deep and held still, letting you adjust. Steve smirked and took out a remote control, palming the vibrator.
“Ari, get on your back and hold her legs open. I wanna give our guest a show. Let’s find out If I can make him give me a reason to do a little surgery.”
Jackson shifted in his seat, moaning. Steve chuckled.
Ari wrapped his arm around you and rolled onto his back. He grasped your knees and pulled them up. With his forearms around your legs, you were wide open and immobilized. Steve, purple egg in one hand and the remote control in the other, knelt between your legs.
“Okay, baby girl. You lie there, nice and still, and keep Ari’s cock warm. Let me treat you real good, alright?”
The playful gleam in his eyes suggested you wouldn’t be able to hold still for long.
Ari’s cock was impossibly thick in your ass. Just the stretch and pressure of him had you quivering. The tightness must have been intense for him as well because he bucked his hips, his hands gripping your legs.
You whimpered.
“Honey, please. Tell me I can move…”
Steve grinned.
“Nope, not yet. Let me give our girl a treat first.”
The instruction fell on deaf ears. Ari pulled back, sliding out. The new sensation sent a wave of pleasure rippling through you. Your head fell back and you moaned, helpless at the intense pleasure. It was like relief, and then when he pushed back in you met his thrust, eager to feel the deep pressure again.
Your voice was gargled with desire, each syllable dripping with need.
“Fuck,” Ari gasped.
His self control was legendary- even at your plea, he didn’t start pounding. Instead, he rocked into you, cautious.
“Steve, lube…” Ari growled.
The blonde sighed, palming the vibrator. He reached for the bottle and smeared cool gel on your ass. Steve’s expression as he watched you sent shivers up your spine. High color painted his cheek bones and his jaw was clenched. Ari thrust again and your eyes shut on a wave of ecstasy. When you opened them, his blue eyes were burning even brighter. You moaned and Steve’s hand clenched around the purple vibrator. Ari thrust and you grabbed Steve’s shoulders as heat scorched your nerve endings. He pulled back, causing that exquisite relief and your nails dug into Steve’s skin.
“Ari, buddy, she’s not going to need a vibrator. Keep going, you’ve got her eyes rolling back.”
“Can I move faster?” Ari asked.
"Please, please…”
The man under you made a raw noise of desire, rutted his hips hard, then withdrew. A wail escaped as he drove back in, spreading you wide, making your eyes roll just like Steve had described. You heard the soldier groan as Ari started fucking you, the pace rough, wilder than you’d imagined you could have handled. High pitched noises fell constantly from your lips. It was as if your capacity to feel had expanded. Each time Ari moved, the powerful ripples of heat intensified. Whimpers turned breathless as you panted, lost in an ocean of pleasure.
“Sweetheart, you’re so good, you feel so good, yes…honey, just like that…”
Ari praised as your body thrashed, gripped by a desire that turned you mindless. You needed to get off, the orgasm building was desperate and you needed it. You needed it so bad.
“More, please, Ari… more!”
“Sweetheart, it’s okay, I’ve got you. Hang on to her, Steve.”
You were trembling, drowning in sensation, unaware of anything else. Steve held you down as you struggled and twisted. Ari tightened his arm around your waist, gripping as tight as he dared.
“Fuck, her pussy is dripping down my balls,” Ari groaned.
Steve looked down and hissed.
“Damn, baby doll. You love Ari fucking your ass, don’t you?”
“Please, please!”
You could only cry out and hope they’d give you more. Your mind was firmly in the grasp of desire and a fog settled in, distorting everything as Ari went from wild to brutal.
The heat, the intense ripples of pleasure through your muscles, that was all you could remember later. Your memory blurred as you sank into a mental place where only pleasure existed. As if he recognized the switch, Ari pounded faster and deeper, creating a whirlwind of pleasure. Tension coiled in your belly, and farther inside of your body too, in your muscles, but no relief came. Your need just kept ratcheting higher until you began to cry. It was incredible, overwhelming, and more passionate than anything you’d ever felt. But it didn’t give you the relief you needed.
“She can’t come like this, rub her clit,” Ari said.
His words broke through the rush of blood in your ears. There was humming noise, the sound of a motorized device. Steve pressed the vibrating egg to your clit and you screamed. It was on the lowest setting, but when everything was so heightened it felt like more.
Steve pushed you flat to Ari’s chest with a firm hand on your sternum.
“Come on, doll. Let that orgasm out for us.”
Ari rocked his hips deep and you began to shake. You felt full, achingly full, almost uncomfortably full, until he pulled out and you craved the feeling again, and again, and again.
Steve rubbed the vibrator, teasing your clit. You felt the rush of wetness, your pussy soaking itself, and sobbed. All the sensations blended together and your body seized. Your lungs burned for air as each thrust left you gasping. The realization of your release was punctuated by the kick of a motor as Steve switched the vibratior to a setting higher. He pushed harder, grinding on the bundle of nerves and you shrieked, your thighs quivering, the muscles clenching so tight you felt like they were tearing apart.
“Cumming…” you whispered, so faintly you weren’t sure either of them heard.
Then you gave a sharp cry as the climax rushed over you. You sobbed, then wailed as Steve rubbed your clit, working the orgasm into a frenzy. Breath was sucked back into your lungs and you screamed, jerking. Ari’s hands gripped your thighs and held your legs open so Steve could torment your vulnerable clit. He bumped up the setting and your body bowed against Ari’s hold. Tears fell as the pinnacle was prolonged, Steve controlling the orgasm, drawing it out. Ari kept your legs open even as they fought to close, and fucked you through it. Light and dark kept flashing behind your eyelids. You wondered if this was death and if it was, why did it feel so good? Then Ari moaned, and you simpered out a pathetic cry as you felt him spill his seed inside of you. Steve took the vibrator away and you trembled with the last wave of your orgasm.
You felt heavy in the aftermath. Your muscles were limp, as was everything else, except for your fluttering pussy. Ari turned onto his slide. He curled around you and kissed your shoulder. You struggled to catch a full breath, still feeling pulses of heat rippling out from your core.
“I bet she’s ready for that double penetration now,” Ari said.
Steve’s eyes flashed. He set the vibrator aside and dipped two fingers into your pussy. You were so wet they slipped in without resistance. At the touch you stiffened, the aftershock of your orgasm flaring into full pleasure. A strangled cry flew from your lips as your body quivered.
“Fuck, you’re right. She’s so turned on her pussy is like a fountain. Do you like that idea? You want both of us?”
The suggestion made you whimper.
“Use your words,” Steve murmured.
“Please. Yes, I want it.”
“Good girl. I’m going to make your pussy full. Ari’s going to get hard again in a little while. It’s going to be so good, having you between us. Roll back more, Ari. Give our guest a good view.”
“You might need lube, she’s going to be tight even when I’m not hard,” Ari said.
He positioned you on your side, leaning against him. The support and warmth of his hold made you relax. Post orgasm bliss kept you languid even as Steve shucked off his boxers and lay down in front of you. He uncapped the lube and rubbed it over his length.
“Are you sure you can take both of us, doll?”
“Please, I want to…”
Ari nuzzled your shoulder. “Backing out, brother? She’s going to be tighter than anything once I get hard. And in the meantime you can have a whole round with her. Use that egg on her clit again. I’ll hold her in place when she loses it.”
You shivered. Steve grinned and set the lube next to the vibrating egg.
“Don’t worry, baby girl. Ari’s a monster. I’m the nice one. We’re going slow and easy while you come back down from the stratosphere.”
Ari levered himself up on his elbow and turned your face to him. “Fuck, are you still coming?”
“Huge aftershocks, though. Her pussy is quivering. You should have seen her face, it was almost like an exorcism.”
“I felt that,” Ari said. He ran his thumb over your cheek and kissed the corner of your mouth. His lips brushed yours, gentle as he stroked his fingers down to cradle your chin.
“You did good, sweetheart. Absolutely perfect. Do you hear me, angel? You’re a fucking goddess.”
Steve shifted closer, and you felt him line up with your entrance. His skin pressed pleasantly against yours and you sighed against the soft brush of Ari’s lips. This felt good, warm and relaxed. It wasn’t how you’d imagined a double penetration - you’d thought filthy lustful emotions would be gripping you. Instead, you felt content, drifting on your post orgasm high like it was a cloud.
When Steve pushed into you, his girth didn’t burn. You were so relaxed that he seated half his length in a single thrust. He groaned.
“Is she tight?” Ari asked.
“She’s wet. Her pussy is practically sucking me in.”
“Damn, honey. Roll your hips and let him get in there.”
Ari took control, moving your right leg over Steve’s hip. You were still boneless. If you’d tried to move, you doubted you could. Your muscles were dead. Steve groaned, pushing forward again, and you felt his hips meet yours. He shut his eyes, his big body shuddering.
“Fuck, baby, I’m so deep, where’d your cervix go? You’re taking me so good. Am I hurting you?”
“No, it’s good! I feel so full.”
“When I get hard again you’ll feel really full,” Ari said.
Steve pumped his hips, groaning.
“Aw, shit, damn it…” a litany of swearing came from Steve as he thrust.
It felt good, pleasant, to have him inside of you. But you were so exhausted from the orgasm, you only shivered lightly as he stroked in and out. It was a much easier fit than your last round with him.
He moaned and the warmth of his release triggered a soft orgasm that washed over your senses. You cooed with pleasure and sprawled back against Ari as Steve gripped your leg, pushing it higher, opening you more. He kept thrusting even through his orgasm, his cock still firm, as if the release did nothing for him.
“You see that, Jackson? See how she takes me all the way now? That’s what foreplay gets you. You’re so fucking tight, baby girl. I love the feel of your pussy quivering. Keep going for me.”
Ari groaned and you felt him stir. Steve grinned. When Ari’s length swelled, you whimpered. Then, against your expectations, Ari’s cock seemed to grow even thicker. Had you forgotten how wide his girth was? Or was it Steve, spreading your pussy, that made Ari feel bigger? It wasn’t unpleasant, just unexpected. You’d felt full, but now it was like being stretched to the maximum. When Steve thrust again, the added pressure from Ari made your breath catch.
Your spine curved, arching as pleasure sizzled through you. Steve moved again, at the same time Ari pulled back. The erotic feeling of anal penetration was every bit as potent as before. With Steve deep inside of you, rolling his hips in a slow, steady rhythm, Ari started to move. You snapped. A minute before, you’d enjoyed a gentle climax, but now a stronger sensation rose. You grabbed Steve’s shoulders, arching and moaning as they found a pace. Everything was intense. Having them lodged inside of you at the same time was indescribable. The push and pull as Steve moved into you while Ari was pulling back, sent shockwaves through you. Soon you were trembling and sobbing, whimpers pouring from your lips.
“That’s a good girl. Steady,” Ari coached as he grasped your hips when you surged, thrashing.
Steve’s left hand was on your waist and the other arm was stretched out, supporting his weight as he lay on his side. The feeling of multiple hands on your body, trapped between the heat of two men, with their thrusts making you cry out at each stroke, was like being caught in a heatwave. You’d move back, and push into Ari, sinking his cock deep. The heat in your belly would knot up as pleasure became so intense you bucked forward. Then Steve surged, slamming into the hypersensitive place he’d claimed for his own. You wailed. Your leg shook violently as Steve held it in the air, out of the way. Ari rocked against you and you cried out, then keened as Steve matched his thrust and triggered another wave of pleasure.
“Fuck,” Ari bit out the word as he surged, quickening the pace.
Steve rutted up, the head of his cock seemingly drawn to a spot that made you groan. It felt as if he’d been made to hit that sweet spot just right so you’d see stars.
Ari growled. “Watch her leg shake, Jackson. You like this, honey? You like us filling you up, spreading your pussy and your ass?”
All you could do was hold on and whine. Your breath came in gasps. They were wicked and ruthless. You couldn’t answer as reality was reduced to the feel of the two men.
Steve slapped your ass and you shrieked at the flash of pain.
“Answer him, doll. Tell your boyfriend how it feels.”
You opened your mouth, trying to form words and Steve thrust hard. Your jaw went slack as Ari rolled his body at the same time and they set off another riptide, making you shake.
You made a sound that wasn’t a moan or a scream, but closer to something an animal would make. Steve brushed his lips over yours.
“Oh yeah, baby girl, tell him all about it.”
They changed rhythm and began to move in tandem. You were being taken apart by each thrust. Steve was hitting the deep spot at the very back and rubbing across your g-spot. When Ari went deep, he put pressure on your g-spot as well, making your muscles clench. You jerked, struggling against the intense pleasure, but Ari held your hips tight. When your torso surged, you collided with Steve, an immobile weight.
“Okay, sweetheart. Let’s make it really good for you.”
Ari’s words carried no meaning while you were lost in sensation, your head thrown back against his shoulder. His words were lost to you as Steve thrust hard. You heard the vibrator switch on and screamed even before Ari pressed it to your clit. The expectation of pleasure triggered your climax before the vibrator found its target. You screamed your release, loud and raw. Your shakes intensified and you wailed as Ari spilled in your ass. Steve was rough in the heat of passion, his hips swirling. His brow furrowed in ecstasy as he groaned, then threw back his head, rooting himself so hard into your pussy that you keened. Steve seemed to continue pulsing inside of you for a full minute, spilling more seed than you’d thought possible for a man. It began to slide out of you the moment he started to soften, dripping down your thigh.
Steve shivered and gasped. “Son of a bitch…”
“That looked like it felt good,” Ari said.
Steve grunted in response. He rubbed his palm over your ribs and blinked. Your own eyes were struggling to focus, even though his face was inches away. He looked as dazed as you felt. If his release was any indication, he’d needed tonight desperately. When he moved to pull out, you squeezed his arm, shaking your head.
“Come here,” Steve murmured, shifting you so he could wrap both arms around you.
You let him move you, too tired to do anything else. Ari slid out and his warmth disappeared, much to your regret. You felt the table shift as he stood up. Then he returned and draped a blanket over you. Steve slid free of your pussy, slow and gentle. He sat up and settled you in his lap. He drew the edges of the blanket closed and pressed his cheek to your hair.
The whirlwind of your orgasm had left you physically weak. You swayed, feeling as if you were in motion, swinging around the curve of a roller coaster at top speed. You trembled and Steve tightened his arms.
“Take her to the master bedroom,” Ari said, his voice low. “She needs a minute to recover.”
Steve’s slurred reply suggested he needed to recover too, but when he slid his arm under your knees and stood, his movements were sure.
You let him lift you without protest, feeling as if you’d been melted. Your body was no longer solid -they’d liquified you. The soldier supported you against his broad chest as he carried you, bridal style, down the hall. Steve sat down and then you were laying flat again, still cradled to his chest.
You sighed. “Mmmhhh… warm.”
“Too warm? If the blanket is too much, we can get under the sheets.”
With great effort, you opened your eyes. The master bedroom was dimly lit with a bedside lamp. You were wrapped in a gray blanket, laying with Steve in a king size bed.
“Doll, are you still with me?”
Steve stroked back a lock of hair that had fallen over your forehead and tilted your chin up. He studied your face, his eyebrows pulling together.
“Talk to me.”
Your tongue was thick and you struggled for words. The connection between thoughts was fuzzy as you tried to formulate a response.
I’m alright, that’s what you needed to say. When you tried to speak, words didn’t come out.
You groaned. It felt like the room was tilting and suddenly your head was throbbing. You pressed a hand to your temple, rubbing at the ache. What was with the head rush? You felt like you were flying, and it wasn’t stopping. It wasn’t stopping. You felt a shiver of alarm and your breathing turned shallow. It was too much, your languid body was out of sync with the whirling in your head. You wanted to move, but your muscles refused. Even as panic crawled up your throat and churned in your gut, your body stayed pliant, refusing to address your brain’s hysterics. Your muscles remained as relaxed as they’d ever been. That was the final straw, the betrayal as your body betrayed you, rejecting your decision, leaving you helpless. Tears spilled down your cheeks and a lump swelled in your throat.
Steve cursed. He cupped your shoulders and drew you closer.
“Hey, it’s okay. I’m right here.”
He tucked your head into his shoulder and tugged the blanket around you so it was as snug as a cocoon.
“How’s that?”
You managed a weak noise of approval as you sobbed. You were scared by your reaction and the lack of control over your own body.
Steve rubbed your back, kissed your hair and massaged your neck. When you continued to cry, he murmured reassurances into your ear.
“It’s okay, baby girl. I’m right here. Come on, doll, please. Tell me what’s wrong. Talk to me, what should I do?”
He was watching, fear written across his features as you slipped farther into hysteria. There was no chance of communicating as the tears filled your throat. The nagging ache in your voice box was painful as you cried into his chest. He pulled a box of Kleenex from the nightstand and you took them gratefully. Ten minutes later your mind was empty and your head was pounding from the aftermath of tears. Steve was rigid with alarm as he held you, trying desperately to soothe you. When you slumped against him and shut your eyes, Steve sighed.
“Are you okay? Did that help?”
“Yes.” The rough sound of your voice made you wince.
Steve kissed your temple and sank into the pillows, turning on his side and rolling you to the middle of the bed. His hands clasped your cheeks.
“Okay, now talk. What are you feeling? Is anything hurting?”
“No, I’m fine. Nothing hurts. I don’t know what just happened. I was dizzy and then over emotional and I felt really weak. Then I was crying and there was no off button.”
He nodded, searching your face. “And now?”
“I’m exhausted.”
And sticky, you realized.
An icky gloss of sweat coated your skin and other places were even stickier. You could feel the lingering wetness between your legs and down your thighs. Your face twisted in disgust.
“What’s wrong?” Steve asked.
“Uh… I’m really filthy.”
You raised your hand and wiped your damp brow.
“Let’s go shower,” Steve said.
He carried you to the bathroom. There were two sinks in a long vanity, and an oval bathtub larger than most hot tubs. Steve took you to the glass shower and set you down on the tiled seat. The ledge was designed like a chaise lounge, curving under your back and swelling under your knees. With the detached shower head, Steve rinsed you off. Then he caressed your skin, taking his time rubbing you down with soap. After he rinsed you, he dipped a hand between your legs to clean your sex. Color rose on his cheeks.
“Can I…?”
You parted your legs and let him wash off the evidence of your coupling.
Steve turned away to wash himself, raising his arms as he reached for his back, his biceps flexing. He could have been a model with his physique. He was huge with thick legs and long straight feet. Every inch of him was beautiful.
“Here,” he returned the shower head to its mount and helped you stand.
Steve had you hold onto his shoulders as he washed your back and neck. When he knelt to rinse your legs, you remembered Ari crouching to kiss your ankles earlier and flushed.
Steve shut off the tap. He handed you a towel and took another for himself. When you’d dried off he took a bottle of dry shampoo from the medicine cabinet. The brand was one you’d preferred in the past. Suspicion flickered but you dismissed it. The brand was popular - you were reading too much into a small detail. Maybe Steve or Ari used dry shampoo? Why were you getting suspicious over a hair product?
Steve shook the can and sprayed the hair at the back of your neck. His fingers sank in, working product into your roots. You groaned.
“That’s amazing. Keep going.”
He did, working your neck and scalp, getting rid of the excess oil.
The cotton nightgown and panties in your size didn’t surprise you after all their previous preparation. Steve dressed you and then slipped on fresh boxers. He guided you back to the bed and opened the covers. You settled and he curled around you, bending so his forehead pressed against yours.
“How are you doing, doll?”
You sealed your lips to his in a brief kiss. He smiled and kissed you back. There was no heat, no bubbling desire, just sweet, almost innocent, happiness.
“You scared me for a minute.”
“Who scared you?” Ari asked. You looked over to see him standing in the doorway. He frowned at the sight of you, immediately noticing the lingering evidence of your tears. Even after the shower, faint red marks stained your cheeks. The whites of your eyes were bloodshot and your irises too bright.
Ari moved like a panther, his body flowing across the room before he climbed onto the bed on top of the covers. He dragged you from Steve’s arms and settled around you as the big spoon. He drew you flush against him and pushed his knees into the backs of yours.
“What happened?” His question was directed at Steve, an edge of accusation in his tone.
“Overstimulation and a bit of a sub drop.“
“Shit. I didn’t realize we’d pushed you that far, honey. Sorry.“
“It's not your fault.”
Ari squeezed you gently. “Yes, it is. Most definitely. Stevie took good care of you, right?”
“Very good care,” you said, smiling up at the worried man.
“She definitely had a hormone rush or something, but it’s passed.”
“Mmmhhh.” Ari pulled you closer. “Tell me about it.”
Before you could answer, Steve was explaining.
“It looked like she had a headache and then the shakes started. She got goosebumps, her words slurred, and her eyes were glazed. Then she started crying and couldn’t stop.”
Ari swore. “I didn’t even realize. It was the blended orgasm, wasn’t it? The vibrator pushed you too far?”
“No, it was amazing I just wasn’t prepared for it to feel that good. I didn’t mean to…”
“Don’t apologize,” Steve said.
“It’s a physical reaction you’re not supposed to control it. No one can but usually sub space is pretty clear when someone goes limp. You did, and I didn’t realize it was more than post orgasm bliss. I should have checked you out before I had Steve take you.”
Ari kissed your temple and rubbed his palm over your stomach.
“You have nothing to apologize for.”
“I take it you didn’t panic,” Ari said. He grinned at Steve and he stroked his hands up your torso, finding the under curves of your breasts and fondling the soft flesh.
“No, I didn’t panic. Stop groping her, she’s overstimulated and needs rest.”
You laughed when Steve grabbed Ari’s hand and shoved it away. The blond pulled you out of his brother’s arms and folded you into his. Your breasts were safely pressed into his chest, away from Ari’s wandering hands.
“You’re a leach, Ari,” Steve said.
“No bra. She needs support.”
“She needs to sleep comfortably.”
“You’re right, you’re right,“ Ari said, chuckling.
The bearded man slid closer and snuggled in, this time keeping his arm at your waist.
“Get your pants, Steve. Our guest is meeting with the boss. He wants you there.”
Your eyes opened and you stirred, pushing back the blanket.
“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Steve asked.
He gently pushed you down. Ari moved underneath the covers and sighed contentedly, leaning back into the pillows.
“Come on, honey. Let’s take a nap.”
“You want me to go to sleep?!”
“Why not?” Steve asked.
“That’s exactly what I want,” Ari said.
He stretched out and shifted you against him. He guided your head to his chest and kissed the crown of your hair.
“You need a break, doll,” Steve said. “And it looks like Ari is going to be taking it with you. I’ll go see the boss.”
“Shouldn’t I go meet him?”
Steve answered. “Nah. He’s giving your boyfriend a scare, he’s busy.”
“What? Why?”
“He wanted to.” Steve’s light reply made your eyes narrow.
Something was up. The clothes at the spa, ordering the right food in the hotel room, the same brand of dry shampoo you’d previously used… Whoever the boss was, you suspected there was some kind of relationship.
Steve grabbed fresh pants from a folded pile on top of the dresser and headed out. You strained to listen but only caught faint murmurs of male voices.
Ari nuzzled you. “Just relax, honey.”
“Who’s your boss?”
He sighed, rubbing his bearded cheek against your shoulder. “You’ll meet him in a little while. I’m sure it will all make sense.”
“Can’t you give me a name?”
“He wouldn’t be thrilled with me if I did. Just meet him after your nap, please. He wants time alone with Jackson. And you need rest.”
Ari began to hum softly in your ear, a soft musical tone. The soothing melody worked. Exhaustion tugged at you and your eyes closed.
“That’s it, sweetheart. Go to sleep.”
The quiet humming continued and you felt your heartbeat slowing. Then you were out like a light.
When you woke up, you were immediately aware that Ari was gone. Your eyes opened and at first all of the room was dark. The green numbers of the bedside clock read seven minutes past midnight. You’d been asleep for about two hours.
A lamp switched on from the corner of the room and your head whirled. Partly hidden in shadow, a man sat in one of the corner armchairs. Between the dim light and your sleep blurred eyes you couldn’t make out the man’s face. You sat up and rubbed your face with a weary groan.
“Still tired? You can go back to sleep, duchess.”
Your blood curdled. Duchess. Only one man had ever called you that.
“Are you okay?”
You’d frozen with your hand covering your eyes. Footsteps echoed and you jolted upright, then gasped at the sight of the man standing at the foot of your bed.
He was older, with a neatly groomed beard, but you’d have known him anywhere. He was the only man you’d ever loved, the one who’d ripped apart your heart so deep it had fractured your soul.
“Yeah. It’s me.”
The beard suited his face. The bastard looked better now than he had at twenty-six when he’d walked out of your life. He’d been nearly finished with law school, mature in comparison to you, an undergraduate.
Your question spilled out, but it was all you could say as your heart hammered in triple time. What were you even asking him? Why had he broken your heart? Or why had he brought you here tonight?
Oh shit. He’d watched you on live stream. He’d seen everything you’d done with Ari and Steve. You felt nauseous. Had this been his plan? To humiliate you with his brothers?
Andy came closer, and sat on the edge of the bed near your feet.
“I wanted a chance to explain. Look at me, duchess,” Andy said, pleading.
You were staring blankly at his chest, unable to meet his eyes. When you met his gaze you saw your anxiety mirrored in him, but it didn’t make you feel any better.
“I don’t understand. Why did you bring me here? Was this some kind of sick game? I didn’t think you had it in you to be that mean. But you’ve surprised me before.”
Andy stiffened. Then he sighed and braced his elbows on his knees, bowing his head.
“I didn’t know you were still in town until last week. Ari and Steve were fighting over a girl, someone they both wanted. I was playing referee, as usual. While trying to settle them down, I figured out who the woman was. It was you, duchess.”
You drew your knees up to your chest, glad for the layers of blankets covering you.
It stung that Andy had planned this out, working you around, forcing you into a corner.
“So put me in the position where I had to listen? Where telling you to go jump in a lake wasn’t an option?”
“I need to explain. Please. You must wonder why I did what I did.”
“You moved out, broke up with me, and dropped off the face of the earth. I found you taking the last of your boxes to your car. Then broke up with me without a word of explanation. Three years together and you walked out like we’d had a weekend affair. I loved you!”
The final statement was thrown at him, dripping with pain.
“Please, let me explain. I won’t force you to stay and I’m not trying to corner you. This was the easiest way to get you in private. Ari and Steve don’t know about our break up, just that we dated in college.”
“They don’t?”
Relief eased the bands of panic around your lungs. You breathed a sigh of relief when Andy shook his head.
“If you want, Ari will take you home. I’m asking you to hear me out. I’m begging. I want to tell you what made me leave like that.”
“Made you?”
His features twisted in pain. You hated the look and hated your reaction to it more. You wanted to reach out and soothe him but your hands stayed clasped in the comforter, gripping fistfuls of material. Your eyes flicked towards the door then back to Andy.
Run? Or stay?
You licked your lips. “Okay. Let’s hear it.”
Andy moved to face you. You clutched the comforter to your chest, kneading the material in your hands.
“First, of all, I’m sorry. If I could have avoided hurting you, I would have.”
“Excuse me, can I interject? You could have avoided hurting me by not leaving me!”
Andy winced and squeezed his eyes shut.
“Duchess, if I hadn’t left, you’d be dead.”
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